beach cottage on tour

Sat 12th, Mar, 2011

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G’day lovely Beach Cottagers!  How you cooking?

Oh I am good, very good, and checking in with you from Northern NSW…we are on a short break up here and so far it’s been pretty good….nothing better when the flight, the car, the accommodation, the weather and the beach all turning out to be collectively oh about 9 outta 10.

We have been down to the beach and spent a lovely time down there in the ocean…delightful…oh the sea felt soooooo nice…just warm enough but cool enough if you know what I mean…and the water up here seems to feel differently to the water down where we are…I body boarded with the kids…something about catching a wave with your kiddos laughing beside you..

I thought you might like to see just how beautiful it is here…the light was sooooo bright, everything almost tinged with a white hue…I tried to capture this, but I don’t think anyone can quite capture the Australian light, whatever anyone might tell you..it’s kinda bright and magical and strong..


The place we are staying in marketed itself as ‘beach style’ …this is um a different kinda beachy to my kinda beachy…I find it interesting to see the different influences..

…this has stripes…for sure…loud, strong, statement stripes

…the BC Crew have declared that they want to move into an apartment just like this..all modern, swish and swanky…

…the ocean is down the end of the road…the roaring sound of the waves is lovely…

this is in the bedroom…I am wondering what you think about beachy black???


with this at the end of the road


…the bi-folds are real indoor/outdoor living…these are what every single person who I spoke to advised on doors for our old cottage…here they are lovely but take up just so much room on this balcony that we had to juggle all the furniture to the other side and push the sunbeds up to the wall…

sea views to the left and ahem everything else is very toytown…


just loving the colours in the sky and the pale blues in the water….


cushion plumping…an occupational hazard of mine I think…how come I’m the one tidying up here too?

201103-beach-cottage-on-tour-2-surf-beach-06 201103-beach-cottage-on-tour-2-surf-beach-07

…later…doing coffee Northern NSW style…..and having pictures taken by a young one …that won’t be happening again for a while ;-)  note to self  :  facial.

201103-beach-cottage-on-tour-2-surf-beach-08 201103-beach-cottage-on-tour-2-surf-beach-09

hotel room chic….black and white and red on the bed…and a faux leather screen…yowzas..I didn’t know you could buy faux leather screens in Freedom :-)


the BC Crew are loving this style…I have questions along the lines of ‘mum, do you still really like vintage?’

I preferred not to answer ;-)

Anyway I am so outta here…I have some beach lovin’ to do

See you around


p.s. BC Giveaway on the way baby…get ready to rumble


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31 Responses to “beach cottage on tour”

  1. Annette says:

    Loved having a look at the beach apartment. I’m more of a shabby chic type girl, but I must admit the black, white and red is growing on me, but don’t think it will ever be in the mix for our home. My brother-in-law’s house is very modern and the theme is black/white/silver/red and it looks awesome.

  2. Norell says:

    The beach looks wonderful. The room is great since it opens to the outdoors and is part of vacation, but I’ll stick with your Beach Cottage style – no black & red in my house!!! Bring on the white, green & aqua and a touch of pink for me.

  3. Laura says:

    Love red… but in a vintage cozy way… against the ultra modern black it all looks a little too 80′s (which I know is on a revival), but we all know how badly they ended… Have a great vacation. Lx

  4. Kirsty says:

    Stunning waves! Hope you’re having a blast gorgeous!

  5. Deanne says:

    We have the BEST beaches on the North Coast!
    A couple of years ago when we were holidaying in Sydney and went to some beaches (Bondi, Manly, Maroubra etc.), the kids kept asking why there were so many people on the beaches and where did they all come from!

  6. kerrie says:

    I like a mix of vintage and modern. My young adult/teen children prefer modern so we have added more modern to our coastal cottage these past few years. I like the look of the place you are staying in…black with white can never go wrong. That beach is gorgeous! Have a lovely holiday.

  7. indiansummer says:

    It’s beautiful, Sarah! Glad you’re enjoying it.

    P.S. Tell your kids they’re crazy. :-P

  8. Kim says:

    Looks so Dreamy! Ya the mod style isn’t for myself Enjoy~Cheers Kim

  9. Lyn Taylor says:

    Have to agree with Deanne, we DO have the BEST beaches here on the North Coast :D Hope you’re having a wonderful break but I must admit that I will be looking forward to all the calm whites of your little cottage :D

  10. Claudia says:

    Love your blog.it is always exciting to see you have posted something new ! The images are great.

  11. Neopfyle says:

    Love the apartment .. and the ocean is beautiful .. looks like our beach here in Florida .. Hope you have a wonderful time.. thanks for sharing the pics with us


  12. Katie says:

    Oh, I love it! I’m with you,, I love the different beach cottage styles, shabby chic, modern, victorian (ok, maybe that one less), country. Can you imagine if those stripes instead of straight up stripes were zebra print? Freaking awesome.

  13. marylou says:

    Not a fan of modern but while on vacation WHO cares ((*_*))

    Have a delightful time in those gorgeous waves~~


  14. Rochelle says:

    Have a great time. And no, love your vintage, what do children know anyway. One would grow tired of the modern very soon. Love your style!

  15. Have a great holiday Sarah!! Looks like lots of fun!

    I prefer your vintagey pretty place. Although the room your staying in is nice, it’s definitely not my cup of tea.

    But enjoy your pretty beach! The pics are lovely! My beach is calling me, and I so wanted to go. But they were having a Tsunami yesterday. Maybe tomorrow.


  16. Nancy says:

    Wow, your ocean is way different than ours. Ours is beautiful but I’ve never seen it that color. Sigh. What a lovely getaway you are having!

  17. melinda says:

    Hi Sarah, sounds like a lovely holiday. Lucky you. I love that b&w chair. I wonder if you could share where you are staying with me as love to find places that a nice and within easy reach. We are off to Byron Bay today and I plan to be dipping in that beautiful ocean all things going well , Mel xx

  18. Barefoot Liz says:

    I like a mix of vintage and contemporary. Too contemporary means too cold, in my book.

  19. Lyn Taylor says:

    Actually looking at these pics I think it’s the Beach 5 mins down the road from me :D LOL! That headland/island looks very familiar.

  20. Suzanne says:

    I have this decorating dilemma constantly as my dear husband loves what he terms ‘modern’. I’ll point out a piece of furniture I love love love and he’ll reply that it’s like something his Nanna would have had in her house. My reply ‘And? Your problem is…?’ He loves black, and I’ve just finished staining our bed, and I’ll admit I like the room now, very ‘grown up’. But I’m keeping the black to the bedroom only.

    Hope you’re enjoying your break!

  21. Heather says:

    Looks wonderful and relaxing!!

  22. Antoinette says:

    *sigh* I grew up in So CAL and now I live in the grey pacific north west. These pics make me soooo happpppppyyyyy!! :) thanks for posting. I LOVE black with white. I feel like black grounds the room. Both white and black do that. it gives the room definition. I love it. :) Enjoy the ocean air for me!

  23. Mary Kaeding says:

    Ooohhhh! THANK you for the beautiful pictures of the sea! I can smell the salt and hear the crashing! Just what I need here in snowy, cold, land-locked Minnesota.

    Mary in MN

  24. Michelle says:

    I would call this contemporary modern – not beachy in my mind at all. Much prefer your place :-)
    Enjoy your break. Very envious as I sit here in grey, rainy England…

  25. catherine says:

    it’s lovely but definitely not what i consider ‘beach style’ at least not from the beaches here in florida. different strokes. the beach is phenomenal! enjoy.

  26. m says:

    Although that striped chair is pretty awesome…the abode just simply lacks your
    comfy cottage flair. Your place is the hands down winner!

    m ^..^

  27. Sarah says:

    Wow, Sarah it is so incredibly beautiful…I really stared at those photos – it is still winter here with snow on the ground and only about 43 degrees fahrenheit. So, I would LOVE to be swimming in that ocean! Thanks for sharing and have a great time!! :))

  28. Stephanie says:

    Sarah, I love your pictures! Your house is charming and your life seems so quaint. I read your blog as an escape. Thanks for sharing!

  29. Lovely shots of the warm ocean – a bit envious as our coastal waters are freezing here in Washington state, USA. I actually really like black as an accent (and use it in my beach cottage); however I’m all for everyone using the colors which they love in their cottages. Your home is divine and appears warm & cozy – this place is nice, but lacks a personal touch.

    Glad you’re enjoying your get away :O)

  30. Pearl Maple says:

    Am heading that way later this week
    It really is a beautiful place to live
    love the ‘vibe’ of that part of the coast
    have a fabulous time

  31. Lisa Porter says:

    Dig those toes into the sand a little deeper for me! I miss the beach, can you tell?
    Xo Lisa