beach cottage does prairie chic

Tue 22nd, Mar, 2011

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G’day!  How are you?

Welcome to Prairie Chic in BC Land ;-)…and BC Coastal Prairie

When I was a child I loved Little House on the Prairie…it seemed so far away from the reality that I was living…all rustic and muted, farmhouses, cows and hens…and I would sit in my bedroom and dream about living that sort of life…I schemed how I could turn a tiny box room in the middle of a terraced house in the depths of old Blighty into a homestead… I dreamed that I would one day have wooden floors and thought about ways I could paste cardboard to the walls for a cabin effect…and I certainly had my own Nellie at school…


Years later I still love those Ingalls and all that goes with that, I just can’t quite pull off a smocked prairie dress with my shoulders, so instead I decided to, now in the depths of the beaches of Sydney, all these years later, go for a bit of Prairie Chic in the form of a crochet blanket draped around my Sitting Room.

Do not even ask about what the males said.


OK I will tell you what they said.

After Mr BC blabbered on about how I don’t have a clue about the practicalities of long screws, hmm I beg to differ on that I can do long screws when I want to ;-) he just raised his eyebrows and went to the deck with a beer.

The resident BC Teenager?



Well he was a little bit more vocal.

walking past the new Little Beach House on the Prairie curtain “Mum?!  WHAT on earth is that on the door?  I can’t even walk through it”

me : “crochet”

Teenager “Oh God” (envisaging his friends coming ’round & playing Playstation in there)

“You’ve hung a lacey blanket that goes on the bed on the doorway?”

me : “well that’s what they did in the old days on the prairies” all smug & happy & gleeful

Teenager “really?”


me : “yeah, they didn’t have much money and so used their talents to create beautiful pieces of work and hang them around their houses or put them on their beds”


Teenager :  ”But we don’t live on a prairie”


me :  ”I know, that’s why I put that crochet up”

Teenager “OK so what about the boots?”


me : “boots, what boots?”

Teenager “yeah those new tan boots that are by the door…where’d you get those”

me : “I have no idea what you are talking about, I’ve had those boots years”

eyebrows 201103-Prairie-Lace-09

me : “and Prairie girls wear leather boots with smocked dresses”


Teenager  ”Mum, you have lost it…there is an old blanket hanging in our doorway and you have bought cowboy boots and lined them up in the Sitting Room & are staring at them all weird”

Teenager “I’m going to bed”


and that my friends is what I have to put up with in this cottage for all my creative efforts…can you believe it :-)

I am thinking here that perhaps you could give me your input?


Wanna play Little Beach House on the Prairie with me?

oh and just wait ’til we play Sullivans

blogged for Show & Tell thanks Cindy

p.s. Giveaway ending soon…comment to win a Kindle

oh & the Beach Cottage Saturday Club details coming up soon…I am having the most fun I have had in ages with this

and last but not least get your BC Good Life Wednesday posts ready to rock this cottage…


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125 Responses to “beach cottage does prairie chic”

  1. Janine says:

    I love the crochet blanket and the praire look in your beach house.

  2. Jackie says:

    I adore it!!! It blends so prairie like together!!! Good deal! :)

  3. I, for one, love your Beach cottage Prairie chic look and I also have a teenage boy who sounds exacty like yours, not to mention I would use the exact line you used with your husband about the screw:) Welcome to my world. That crochet piece is gorgeous and fits perfect in your doorway right next to your boots….love em.

    Take care,


  4. Corie says:

    Oh My Goodness Sarah, I so love the little house on the priarie TOO ! lol ….. We really have so much in Common its quite scary, you could be my twin, just I would be the lazy one..hahaha
    I use to dress up as Laura all the time wearing my schoolshoes on the weekend, with very tight plaits in my hair always wanting to wear an apron and use to ask my mum could she please pack my lunch in an old tin,My mum was very embarssed to take me anywhere. I have the set of books of Little House on the priarie if you ever want to borrow maybe Teenager BC would like to read.Hahah
    Love the crotchet curtain so whimsical and romantic. Lovin your Style xox

  5. marylou says:

    Is this the sitting room that had the make over, putty oilcloth desk, etc?? Or do you have another room that I missed, which is possible, lately I have the attention span of a gnat, something about pre-menopausal crappola, UGH!! I digress, I am so digging this look…when I first saw the crochet I thought hmmmmm, what could ms. beach cottage be up to and actually since I saw the oar go up and then the blog that followed had 2 crocheted beauties involved I did wonder….YOU pulled it OFF beautifully;-) AND the boots are just the right touch!!

    **LMAO with male comments, too funny but we all know they will adjust ((*_*))

    Another fabulously fun creation and with all my **hot flashes** I so appreciate your bloggie blog even more!
    Tonight there will be beer involved and I will toast to the lovely lass who dwells down under and who makes us all SMILE~~

  6. Angie says:

    Hah ! What do husbands know ? They are just not on our wave length. As far as the teenager goes…..fix him some muffins he will forget all about it. I do love the curtain and you did an excellent job with the draping….drapeing??? whatever !

  7. Susan says:

    It’s perfect Sarah! I’d suggest making Mr. Teen BC stay in his room til he’s 21…Lord knows I wanted to do that with both of my teen males!

  8. Melody Borghesani says:

    Love it…boys will never understand our ways…I don’t care what they say, I know that they love what we do to make our house their home. It makes them feel comforted, safe and proud…even though they would never admit it! ;)

  9. Felicity says:

    Loving your teenager keeping it ‘real’ but you persisting anyway!

    xx F

  10. Oh, what a great little story… I love the look, and your photos… but I also have an almost teen boy, and one not far behind, so I totally GET it. Love it. LOL.

  11. Oh my, did this post ever make me laugh.

    Boys. They just don’t get it!!

  12. Peta says:

    I had a giggle when I read the ‘oh I’ve had those for years’ comment. Seems all of us girls have used that line before – some of us more regularly than others. xxx

  13. Nel says:

    BC Teenager made me smile :) I love what you’ve done, it looks beautiful and I LOVED Little House on the Prarie. Thanks for the trip down memory lane xo

  14. Robyn says:

    I also grew up with the Ingalls. Gosh, but that’s going back some years! I wouldn’t worry about what Mr Teenage BC has to say – men just don’t “get it” like we do. At least he knows what a prairie is ;)

  15. Tammi says:

    Sarah, I love, love, LOVE it….it looks so perfect and at home in your little beach cottage. Who said crochet was just for the Prairie :)
    Males, well they just don’t get where us females are coming from do they?

  16. Kirsty says:

    I absolutely love it hanging up there! It looks beautiful! And you said it snug!!! That’s it. So beautiful.

  17. Kari says:

    OMGosh!!!! I am dying laughing here!!!! That post is DEFINITELY a keeper…. I flippin’ loved that show, every single day after school…. And to top it off – Laura Ingall’s was from DeSmet, SD (like 75 miles from me)…. Too funny! What a small, small world…

    P.S. Seriously…. People still think we use outhouses and ride horses for transportation here in SD… not so

    • sarah says:

      ooh I would love to come down your way Kari…

      people think Australians wear hats with corks and live on dusty red roads in the outback…

  18. Kari says:

    Oh, and the boots!!!! Ooftah…… I luv them too ♥

  19. tami says:

    This is what you call “marrying the two styles” Sarah. *tisk…Men!

  20. Pam says:

    I get the same looks
    and the rolling eyes are hilarious but I love it
    He is so wonderful and growing up so fast {16}
    Love the down under prairie style
    it looks simply beautiful

  21. Alice says:

    Gorgeous!!! I was thinking this for a window at one stage in my daughters room (minus the oar that would of gone in our room but hubby isn’t keen feels that we live too far away from the beach to justify the oar in the house) – again hubby not keen. I know I could just go ahead and do it but then he would become so annoyed that he would stop doing all sort of projects for me, I’m ‘already pushing it as it is’ he says smiling.

    “Had it for years”… line, I use that one often hee…heee…

  22. Lois G. says:

    I simply lurve your Prairie Chic, and as for the long screws, well, I won’t go there… I love your blog, your writing style, your decorating style, and your pictures. You are just so multi-talented.

  23. Fiona says:

    Way too funny !!! I love it and as for those boots i am sure I have seen you with thembefore – LOL

    Hugs – Fee X

  24. DeAna says:

    Oh I laughed so hard…I don’t know about prairie, but if you want the old west, come see me. :)

  25. joyce tx says:

    Gorgeous! Totally get the Little House style. And the male BC comments? Well, guys just don’t seem to use that decorating sphere of the brain. They’ll adjust!

  26. Katie says:

    I love the lace hanging from the oar. It’s truly inspired! Thanks for relaying the funny conversation between you and your teen. The male species just does not get it.

  27. nicole beltane says:

    love it, have tears streaming down my face, from too much laughter.

  28. Crystal says:

    I love it, it makes me want to wear an apron and refer to “y’all”

  29. Deanne says:

    That sounds just so much like my teenage boys, who think their mother is also very weird!
    Can’t wait for the Sullivans!

  30. bobbie says:

    I always wanted to be Laura… so of course I love the curtain!!

  31. Deb from Maine says:

    We were just watching “Little House on the Prairie” yesterday! Mary was blind and her father was weeping in the eye doctor’s office because Mary’s eye test came out poorly. Still blind, poor girl. But their cabin / prairie cottage sure looked great, and so does yours. Men (i.e. husbands and sons) have no class! They just don’t get it!

  32. Cathy says:

    Thanks for the laugh! Good to hear that teenage boys are pretty much the same…..

    Little House on the Prarie – one of my fav shows. I so loved the show that my mom helped me sew a flannel nightgown, just like Laura’s. LOL!!!! Fun trip down Memory Lane. Thanks!

  33. Mandy Roncali says:

    We love some “Little house on the prairie” around here!!!! I also loooooove your “little house”!!!!

  34. lg says:

    Teenage boy should be grateful you didn’t hang it on his door!
    I loved Little House and my girls love it now too. Life was so simple and Pa knew everything and Ma was perfect. Just like at my house….haha.

    BTW did you mention The Sullivans????? love love They were all very “brown” though – not a lot of beachy white going on there.


  35. Karen says:

    I have to admit I never liked Little House but I do LOVE your oar holding crochet doorway and those boots!

    I get strange looks all the time from my BK’s (bonus kids) who are teenagers and think the things I do are silly. At least they will have something to talk about with their friends on Monday (or therapy later in life).

  36. Janet says:

    Oh The Sullivans. How I miss Dave’s raised eyebrow and the hats!

  37. Lisa says:

    Darling post! Pics and scrip…that teenager will marry a beautiful, creative, artistic woman who will add so much beauty to his life cuz that’s what his mom did and that’s what he loves!

  38. Oh, what do boys know!?!?! You’re genius, my dear – love the lace with boots…simply charming for your little beach cottage (swoon)

  39. Lisa says:

    Oh joy! Now I know what to do with my crochet and stray oar! I hadn’t found a place that I especially love for that oar. I just know that I loved it. Great job Sarah!!

  40. shirl' anderson says:

    You did it again! Love the crochet. I have so many crochet pieces that where my Grandmother’s that she made herself. dear to my heart. You enjoy your prairie look as we all do. My sisters and I grew up with Little House on The Prairie. Who wouldn’t want to look at Michael Landon every week. He! He! Love the boots too! Had a pair of those when I was younger.

  41. shirl' anderson says:

    correction were my grandmother’s

  42. I love it. My 2 year old would like it as a swing, so it would only last 5 seconds around here. It’s funny, I just saw (yesterday) a similar blanket in Adairs that I would like, but the price tag was $175.
    Do you remember the episode on LHP where they did (I think) a halloween special where there was a headless horseman story? I freaked out and my Dad banned me from watching the show ever again!! Funny that I went on to work on haorror films.
    x Marnie {3pickles}

  43. Personally I LOVE it…and since I have a teenage boy, I can feel the eye rolling from here :)

  44. Tiff says:

    Love the curtain rod/oar. Love the way the crochet hangs. Love the boots. Love Little House on the Prairie (my girls and I have spent the last year making our way through the whole series. Ahhh). Love your teen’s concreteness “But we don’t live on a prairie”! But disagree with him – you haven’t “lost it”! You’ve nailed it!!

  45. Good for you to blog this post..it is what real families are like..thankl goodness we have a reative side that let’s us express our dreams from with in. Love the look, your sense of style is refreshing and uniquely your own! Bravo!

  46. deborah says:

    Love it! and those boots. I used to love Little House on the Prairie too x

  47. Ankita says:

    Its beautiful!

    The contracts of the boots and the rods from which it hangs is just so breath taking!!! I can already imagine the magic that will be showered onto it when the added beauty of the monsoons will mingle with this makeover!!!

  48. It looks great!

    And I think it is a good thing that your style is changing a little bit, also for the blog-business…well, I know you are not decorating for your blog, but as a side effect it is nice to get some new/different inspiration than only coastal chic (which you are doing beautifully of course!).

    Really love that crochet! Don’t mind the males. ;-)

  49. melinda says:

    oh my goodness this cracks me up!!! But I think I do have to agree with the teenage boy. I think that bedspread curtain thing is pushin it! I think I would stick with the beach house cottage look, than the beach house prarie look ;) but heck .. what do I know?! haha!

  50. Rochelle Coote says:

    Oh honey, I love it! And the boots *very jealous* are gorgeous. ,)

  51. LOL the old ‘had them for years!’ trick eh!! Great use of the crochet and the oar!

  52. Robynne says:

    Sarah, I used to read ‘Little House on the Prairie” when I was in primary school (long time ago)…never really watched the t.v. show though. Haven’t thought about those books in years. I thought the cowboy (cowgirl) boots were a nice touch…it’s bloody annoying though when some kid pipes up at the top of their voice ‘where did you get those’…sometimes you really need an ‘off’ switch! Robx

  53. Erika says:

    yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay I cannot believe it, I guessed it on your previous post, hahaha. And the conversation with BC junior is just hilarious! Have a great and sunny day Sarah! It looks gorgeous, sometimes it is hard to get men round anything, so hang in there :)

  54. marelle says:

    Oh I love it and I adore those boots!!

  55. lisaroy says:

    Silly boys! They just don’t get it. I loved Little House on the Prairie growing up and always wanted long hair that I could braid (which never happened – my mother insisted on cutting it short like a boy – which wasn’t pleasant when I’d be seen out with my dad and people would ask him “oh, is this your son?”

  56. lol the men in your house definitely contributed to a hilarious post. but i imagined myself in your place… and that would not feel very good. ah, men…

    i love your new project:)

    we have something similar at our summer house. the “curtain” also plays an important role of keeping the flies away:)
    so to me this crochet+oar thing doesn’t seem weird. i’ve seen it in many houses in the country side. although i must say, the oar is something new… and pretty cool!

  57. paula says:

    love love love it Sarah! never you mind those folks you live with, they’ll get it someday~ :)

  58. Katherine says:

    I like it!! I think it works. I must say – it is the most beautiful crochet blanket that you have drapped over your doorway! Very pretty. A nice Autumn touch. There is a book out called Romantic Prairie Style by Fifi O’Neil. I haven’t seen it (yet) but I would love to get my hands on a copy. I have added it to my “to see” list. Maybe…. you could find it on a Kindle??!

    I was a Laura Ingalls fan too! I read all of the books and never missed an episode on TV – nice to remember all of that! Never did like the Sullivans though…….the mind boggles as to what you could get up to there?!! I keep thinking of those Fair Isle vests they used to wear….maybe not very BC…… or maybe on a very windswept, winters day, out on the coast?

    You are a romantic dreamer Sarah! Good for you!

  59. Jim says:

    Prairie? Boots?

    Is that how Mr BC got a gammy leg?

    Love ya work!


  60. I love your BC Prarie look! Can’t wait to see how you spread it around!

  61. Very cute! I must have those boots :)

  62. Elisabeth says:

    The men, they just don’t get it!

  63. Jacqui says:

    Fabulous!! Always love to visit your blog

  64. Maureen says:

    I think it looks very creative, love that you used the oar above the door.

  65. Helen says:

    Thanks Sarah, you’re a genius! (with amazing style) You have just solved my problem with what to do once I remove the door from my pantry (which currently opens out into the busy hallway). I was originally thinking bi-fold door but now I’ll be adding a crochet blanket to my next treasure hunt list. Maybe an oar too.

    Your teenagers comments made me laugh. I also have a teenage son and his latest question was “Mum! How many blackboards do you need?” He just doesn’t get it either :-)

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane. I loved Little House on the Prairie when I was growing up.

  66. i wouldn’t think i would like it, but i do! actually, i love the look. and praire chic is the perfect term.

  67. Priscilla says:

    I love the look! My youngest daughter is moving out on her own next month. I think I may use your idea, and hang something a bit more “fluffy” in her room. She is more comfortable with tailored decorations. My husband passed away years ago, so I’ll be on my own and can decorate any way I want, now. I may go a little OTT.
    I have always loved the Little House books. When my girls were young, we drove to the mid-west and visited most of the sites in the books. We spent 3 weeks making the “pilgrimage”, as my dear husband called it. He even read the whole series, “in self defense” as he put it. It was really a trip to remember.

  68. Zosia says:

    You are heading towards winter in Australia. The blanket makes the look cosier and will keep the draft out ;).

  69. Oh my gosh who cares if it’s hard to get through the door!! It looks amazing!!! I love it!

    I did this same thing going into my library. I found an old tablecloth, gathered it up, put it on a rod. And VIOLA! SO pretty!

    And the boots rock……..I have a fettish for boots. lol

  70. What a great look! And i love those boots!

  71. Shirley says:

    I was randomly surfing blogs when I saw your curtain…I Have One like that!!! and now I have a purpose for it. Thanks! Really I wasn’t sure if it was for the table or the bed but this works ;)

  72. I love it! And as usual, you cracked me up…we ladies certainly do know the practicalities of a long screw ;)

    I have a rusted rod, no clue what it was used for, that I found on our ranch…I figured it would eventually have a curtain on it, thanks for the inspiration!

  73. Lisa says:

    Love the “curtain”, but have to draw the line at having the boots in the living area – don’t get me wrong, I’d love to have one of those rooms that doors open to reveal shelves of Jimmy Choo, Sergio Rossi etc, and some uggs thrown in for good measure, but I am a bit of a neat freak and that would drive me nuts. So do we call you Laura now?

    Lisa x

  74. catherine says:

    i like it, but the first thing that came to my mind is what would the boys think…too funny!

  75. Patti says:

    I think it’s pretty. I played “Little House on the Prairie” when I was a little girl, too. It’s so heartwarming to think little girls did that all over.

  76. Shannon says:

    I LOVE it! I might have to steal your idea in my house (but my husband reads your blog too, so he’d know it wasn’t my idea!). I just have to find the perfect crochet blanket. . . .

  77. Roberta says:

    Too funny Sarah. Why is it that guys can’t walk through lacy doorways or are afraid of banging their heads on our shelving? Well, I love your coastal prairie look!!! Fifi is coming to photograph my beach cottage in June and you know I’ll be sneaking in a little prairie chic.
    I think the curtain, boots and oar are perfect! very cool ~

  78. Cyndia says:

    Wow! Seeing your crochet “curtain” made me remember I have a similar old crochet bedspread. Now to figure out WHERE IT IS! I bought it at a garage sale over 20 years ago, and it was quite old then.
    Even though you and I have considerably different design styles (you would be hard pressed to find ANY white in my home!), I admire your aesthetic very much. I’m sure if I lived on the beach I would enjoy something similar (perhaps with some touches of bold color)!

  79. ::she drools over the computer::

    :;wipes it clean so she can tell you that she is not sure which she loves more…the boots or your beautiful idea::

  80. I love the curtain, very “Little House in the prairie”. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one having “Little House” moments! I do wear the “Laura Ingalls” (a nickname all my pupils give me at one point) dresses (only shorter). Last weekends my neighbours came to help me in the garden. I had one of those dresses on. “You’re not going to garden in that dress?” (their eyes opened real wide!) – well, I did! I wasn’t less efficient than the men and I thought: Laura did run, pump water and feed the chicken with her dress on, I can do it too!!! My neighbours believe I’m crazy, but they would have come to that conclusion anyway one day or an other, so…

  81. Liz says:

    If I had 100 years to crochet, I would make that. Gorgeous!!

  82. You have given me a burning desire to see if I can find “Little House on the Prairie” opening credits, when they run down the hill (and fall over!) on You Tube!

    Loving the lace.

  83. Scribbler says:

    I like it! Teenage boys and husbands notwithstanding, the whole vignette is very pretty. I don’t know how long it will last with a bunch of kids running in and out, but you did something that pleased you, and that’s what counts.

    I noticed that you said you were having trouble with Facebook — I was too this morning.

  84. Heather says:

    I love it! This is the first time I have heard of “Prairie Chic”, and I am in love! I enjoyed reading your teenager’s reaction. My teenagers would be the same way!

  85. kerrie says:

    Little House was my favorite childhood t.v show. I watched it faithfully every Monday night. My children even liked watching re-runs when they were little. I absolutely love the Prairie Chic look and the crocket piece you have hung in the doorway. Though I do think it might look better on a lighter rod rather than the oar…or even just pinned up there with upolstry push pins for a more delicate look.

  86. Michelle S. says:

    Simply Adorable! Men never get it!

  87. jerikay says:

    oh Sarah! love your prairie chic style! so beautiful!
    i also grew up watching little house! teared up every time!

  88. Sue@housepretty says:

    I LOVED Little House on the Prairie. Watched it regularly on TV. And I think your “curtain” is very pretty, very shabby chic. Not sure on the practicality, but sometimes you just have to say oh well, to the practicality, and say yes to the pretty!

  89. Lindsay Jo says:

    Love love love the crochet curtain. gorgeous. and i adore how it is folded at the top and how it pools a little at the bottom. lovely. don’t change it.

  90. Pearl Maple says:

    We all think the lace thing on door looks fab too!
    What would the boys know, it is not like they ever enjoyed the frills of a gunny sacks dress………..

  91. Delcie says:

    Love the lacy effect. Now I wonder if I could rig up something like this in our doorway that has no door? My spare oar is a lot longer than this… might use a wooden pole… will look around and see what I’ve got… and get the neighbour to help… the husband can hardly protest if it’s already done?! right?!

  92. Chas says:

    Love it! So very pretty!

  93. Love the crochet curtain ~ it was the first thing I noticed. Love the boots. I love men, but don’t always understand them. Teens? Well, the hormone thing gets them out of wack. My opinion? Adult women have it all figured out!

    Susan and Bentley

  94. Eileen says:

    Such a cute and funny post, Sarah. My kids would react in the same way. You had me cracking up! Love the crochet piece. Love it hanging from the oar too!

  95. Jana says:

    Gosh, that is just gorgeous.

  96. tammy says:

    Your blog and home are just stunning! I just posted a photo of your bedroom with the white suitcases on one of my posts. Didn’t know it was yours until I a kind friend told me where it originated. I could just hang around here for days drinking in all your gorgeous decor. I’m your newest follower!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  97. Alia says:

    Hahahaha, I was actually laughing out loud reading that conversation! Teenagers, what do they know? I think it looks lovely!

  98. Jo Milbourn says:

    OMG, that’s so bloody funny!! I must admit when I saw the curtain and wiped my mouth after salivating so much. (aparently it’s unsightly) I picked myself up off the floor (I had a hissy fit with jealousy….while screaming “it’s not fair!!!!”) and asked “I wonder what the men folk said?” Who’d have thought you would have posted it. I think we both quite clearly have married and raised heathen men. I knew I should have married that interior designer bloke, I met down the pub in Brighton that time! (if only he wasnt so interested in my friend BOB!) (or as we loving called him….”Bent BOB” lol)

    The cottage is to die for and YES I am completely jealous of your amazing “see it through to the end, white styling”. The boots are amazing and so right for the look!

    It is so good to read a blog written in such an English way. Oh…. English humour/banter nothing like it!! Keep up the good work old sport!!

    JO x

  99. jan marie says:

    I absolutely love it. Great place to feature my great grandmothers hadmade lace work. I agree show it don’t store it! HUGS! U R FABULOUS! Thanks for sharing.

  100. blue fruit says:

    That is so funny that my mascara must surely be smudged from the tears of laughter I have!

    Only another mother with a teenager could howl as loud with mirth and merriment and sympathy!

    Oh, and by the way, it looks fantastic. Laura Ingalls would be tickled pink.

  101. Lassiegirl says:

    Ditto on the dreaming of Little House as a younster as I was in the middle of “Smogville”, aka Los Angeles County. So, here I am in Oklahoma (though not the prairie quite as I’m in the eastern part called green country, the foothills of the Ozark Mts, but close enough to the prairie) dreaming of beach cottage living, ha! I think little touches of Little House are nice.. Yes, I have all boys and one pre-teen who is the nicest of them on comments, so can relate to the conversations. We love ‘um anyway :) My big boy, husband, says it is good to have a woman do these things because they (most males) really like the nicey stuff in the house but without a woman in it, they could not get away with it. And that was my license to express my girl-self in the house decorating (not too girly, though). So, enjoy yourself, Sarah, and keep sharing your pics with us :)

  102. JC says:

    I had to clasp my hand over my mouth when I saw your photos of the crochet curtain! This is the most beautiful set up I have seen in a long time!!! I just can’t express how smitten I am with this whole look!!! To help curb my jealously I’m trying to entertain ideas of how I can replicate my own version in my newly purchased cottage home! Thanks so much for sharing! Your blog is such a joy!

  103. jo says:

    You go girl, I got the same reaction when I painted the door purple.

  104. You’re so talented.
    Crochet is wonderful.
    But I only know the basics…
    Your curtain is gorgeus!
    Your house is gourgeus and so welcoming.

  105. Mel says:

    I think it looks wonderful! I started a blog on blogspot so that I can get the positive feedback I crave and don’t get at home for my (I think great ideas ) hehe Great Job!

  106. Cindy says:

    Hi Sarah, I think it looks wonderful! Did you crochet the curtain? Or find it somewhere? I have the same reaction from my 2 teens when they try to get out the slider that has vintage white chenille spreads hanging over them. I’m always reminding them not to catch the “curtains” in the door and they very snarkily remind me that bedspreads do not count as curtains :)

  107. Sarah..I cant even describe how much I adore this crocheted curtain and what you’ve done with it!!
    I saw it somewhere on the internet so someone must have shared your photo..but anyway when I saw it, my eyes almost popped out of my head!! It is b e a u t i f u l!! and the boots look perfect!
    You are too funny with your little scenerio..it made me laugh..my stepson who is in his early twenties sees my shabby chic style (and prairie) (and coastal) lol and he says it called shabby s _ _ _. I wont say the real thing, but you can imagine. :)
    They cant fathom why anyone would want to paint things all white or put an oar up on the wall, or buy old used items. Its too funny but hey, we all have our own style..and I love yours! If I can find a crocheted piece like that Ill grab it let me tell ya!
    Love, love, love it and your sweet style my dear!
    Go Sarah go!!

    Deborah xoxo

  108. Connie says:

    I love the crochet. But more importantly, I love the conversation with your child. I only have one. And he’s 5 now, and the conversations are so sweet, and because I only have one I have been dreading him growing up too fast. How sweet are the conversations even going to be when he grows up and is no longer interested in hanging out with mommy? But this conversation…it gave me a smile and some joy to look at the future with happy eyes and not just tears of losing the sweet baby years. Beautiful style, really. Even more beautiful conversation. :)

  109. Nancy says:

    Love the crochet blanket! I’m in the middle of adding on an office to our home and am so excited to decorate it with a beachy, vintage, shbby mood. I live in Missouri, the middle of the US on a farm…and while you were dreaming of Laura Ingalls and the praire (I LOVE the books too!),—I was dreaming of living near a beach somewhere. We traveled to the east coast last summer, and plan to leave next week for another beach adventure. I’m hoping to pick up some gems in antique stores while we’re goine. Don’t you love teenagers?? I have two daughtersa nd they have eye rolling down to a science! Love your blog!

  110. i love the crochet work on the door, thank you for sharing these inspirational pictures!

  111. Laura says:

    Love, love, LOVE your little cottage by the sea! And your vintage prairie… To die for! I live in Iowa – in the central United States – on a farm surrounded by cornfields. What I am facing in my new home is exactly what you did with your beautiful little beach cottage! And I’m just getting started. Uggggghhhhhh! Question? How do you have all that lovely white with children??? And how do you not feel overwhelmed by all your ideas when you’re just beginning to turn a home into what you imagine? So glad I ran across your blog. How inspirational!


    Super love your blog! The serenity of well-worn white decor will never go out of style!♥


  113. Leanda says:

    Mothers live to be mocked by their children! I think this is just gorgeous… love the curtain and the boots. You have a wonderful blog which I shall be paying many more visits too :)

  114. Lynnette says:

    My home also has this crochet blanket that I bought at the thrift store this year. I have used it as a curtain but I love the door idea more..well because you can still see through it. When I brought it home my husband just looked at me. Yes Hon, I brought home a really big doily this time! =D

  115. Monica Livas says:

    This curtain is wonderful!

  116. avi says:

    hi! Is a blanket for bed?

  117. Tina says:

    I just found your site on Pinterest and love it! I too loved Little House and I especially love your style. I long to live on the beach and live simply. I will be a regular follower!

  118. Naomi says:

    I just found this post and I am laughing so hard at what your teenage son said about you looking at the crochet and boots all weird. Hilarious. Hands down that is so funny. I can see you admiring your work, loving it, feeling all wonderful and him thinking you are an embarrassing freak! Thanks for the laugh I really needed a laugh.

  119. Marcie says:

    It is really lovely, everything….teenagers are all the same, at a certian stage parents are goofey…gotta love em.
    Wonderful site! I’m a beach person, landlocked at this time however.
    Happy Easter!