Beach Cottage ♥ Saturdays

Sat 19th, Mar, 2011

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Beach Cottage ♥ Saturdays Club


wanna join my club? haha

there’ll be…little things I ♥ from where I live

& stuff I find that I ♥ from around the web…

if you ♥  what I ♥

sit back with a drinkie

& let’s have some BC Fun


…there’ll be vintage things, pretty things, sweet things, white things…

oh & it’ll help if you love all of the following…

ruffles, Frenchy things & bathtub lounging

long socks & vintage china,

ballet flats, clay tags, and old bottles,

reading in old adirondacks

taking photos, fancy deli’s, & summer days

doing the school run in pj’s

Italian coffee, new friends & chandeliers,

treasure hunting & cosy winter things,

flower markets & tea dresses

home boutiques, reading on the beach, flea markets,

hammocks with quilts & making things,

vintage china & white paint

beach scenes, pots of tea, driftwood

embroidered linens

home-cooking & sofa sinking

wedges with ruffles

roses with nautical stripes,

wooden floors & old sash windows…

to join this club you must obsess over all of the above

membership is free

you must be willing to call yourself a BC’er

& you must love white paint

and wellie boots

you must also be willing when required to beachcomb

& if you find a message in a bottle

washed up on the beach


you must read the message

and then to

embarrass your husband


you must follow the instructions inside

which are to sample it

like an old tramp

as mummies from the school walk past


you must always always be prepared for

beer o’ clock


& it is an essential requirement that you love Gelato


you will be required to have a mode of transport

it must be a rusty old bike

you must lean it by the sea


you will certainly be required to eat chocolate cake


you must pledge to consume copious amounts of crusty topped tarts


you must not look like one


you must love getting your husband to take photos of your shoes


you must be able to rise to the challenge of High Time


you will appreciate the might of the ruffled red t-bar


it is a requirement that you dine on macarons

you may not call them macaroons


you must love Australia with all your heart

even when she’s feeling old and grey


and you must love singing in the rain



you in?


I’ll see you soon then with pretty ruffly vintage things.

edited to add**   as at nearly bedtime Down Under

in the

Beach Cottage Saturday Ruffle-Vintage-Lovin’-Macaron-Scoffing-Gals Club

we have

Deborah, Felicity, Katherine, Alice, Carla, Tiff, Jem, Mari, Suzanne, dramaqueen, Tisa, Robynne,  Joanna, Lois, Bridget, Carly, Elke, Tammi, Little Treasures, Fleur, Maureen, classicasualhome, Joyce TX, Susan Cole, Laura,  Kim S, Kim, Jan Mary, Amber, Danyale, AngloinQuebec, Heather, Laura, Marcia, Stephanie, Debbie, Kari, Bev, Angie, LauraD, Marylou, Pam, Liz, Jo-Anna

& the ever-lovely Facebook gals, Rachael GP, Katrina CJ, Alison, Norisah, BridgetW, DonnaLL,JoyceDM, KimS, SusanneH, PamelaBL, MaryK, Izzie, RowenaE

(if you want to join in ;-) just add a comment, if I have missed you out sorry leave me a comment to remind me)

thank you BC Saturday lovers, I am thinking a white ruffly t-shirt may be on the cards ;-)

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291 Responses to “Beach Cottage ♥ Saturdays”

  1. Deborah says:

    What a great post today, gave me a big smile…( a bit an englishman abroad, with the brollie :-) )

    I love everything except the Gelato, I can’t even eat the jelly bit in pork pies.. just give me the chocolate cake x

  2. Felicity says:

    Sign me up for some more BC loving!

    x f

  3. Katherine says:

    I’m In!

    All sounds pretty good to me!

    Love the picture of you with the umbrella – you should frame it and stick it on the wall!!

    Had a great Saturday myself – junking, and came home with THE goods! Spent a small fortune, but oh, what the…..
    & then spent the afternoon painting things white!! Got inspired on this georgous Autumn day. Bliss…..

    Yeah, I like Saturdays too : )

  4. Alice says:

    OHHH Your photos… dreammy! Purple macarooooonss!!!!I had to show my hubby. I thought I already was a BC’er! I have loved your blog for the past year (though I spent most of that time lurking in the shadows)….It’s a constant source of inspiration…Thank you…

    • sarah says:

      well Alice, if you are a lurker consider yourself well and truly in!

      I love it when you come outta the closet tho ;-)

  5. carla says:

    Yup count me in for sure! I’m a BCer through and through, do members get a badge? Or maybe a Tshirt (white of course with ruffles on it lol)? Love the pics and post,great idea. cxx

  6. Jem says:

    Permission to clamber aboard captain? Sounds like sheer bliss to me :-)

    Jem xXx

  7. Mari says:

    I love saturday too and…. laove your blog
    Enjoy your weekend

  8. Suzanne says:

    Oh Sarah, you are so much fun!! Count me in too!!
    Have a great night!!

  9. dramaqueen says:

    I’m in!
    Spent the day driving around looking for stone wall panels and dry stone walling for our fireplace surrounds. Found some lovely things but somehow I feel i may have had more fun walking through Manly in a killer pair of red heels!


    What IS fave shade of white paint? I have been told dulux “beige royal” for a warm white or their “natural white” – whites are soooo hard to chose. Would love some ideas BC’ers


    • Fleur says:

      Dulux Antique white USA quarter strength, x

      • sarah says:

        Dulux Whisper White rocks…I haven’t tried beige royal

        I like the same as Fleur too…1/4 strength is key on this colour

        otherwise cheap and chearful….WHITE!!

        OH AND WELCOME TO THE bc saturday CLUB

        you are officially in


  10. Tisa says:

    I’m in!! A bit dubious about the chocolate though… ba haha NOT!!

  11. Robynne says:

    Amazing post Sarah…I’m pretty sure I’ve never been mistaken for a ‘crusty topped tart’…but ‘storm cloud’…I’m not so sure! Your grey misty day in Aus looks very attractive…however it is FINALLY sunny today…in fact it’s a bloody magnificent day. Am going for a walk around the golf course with hubby (nine holes only)…then I’m going to sneak off to an antique shop around the corner! Robx

  12. Joanna Sturk says:

    Hey love the idea. Im in! all the boxes are ticked .I even went for a opshop today so all my boxes are very ticked ……

  13. Lois says:

    I’m in! Though I don’t want to paint everything in my place white, yours is so beautiful, airy, and fresh! You are so creative in the way you decorate and in the way you write. I just love your blog, and everything about it.

  14. Bridget Soyars says:

    Count me in also. Rusty bike by the seashore….perfection!

  15. Carly says:

    Please consider this comment my application for lifetime membership :-)

  16. Elke T says:

    Oh yessss! Love all of the above!! Call me a BC-groupie!

  17. Tammi says:

    LOVE it!!! You have described me to a tee…yes sirry count me in :)

  18. little treasures says:

    I’m so in x

  19. Fleur says:

    In In In!
    Your Saturday looks divine, a bit different than pushing a trolley around tescos!
    Did a lovely little market today in the Noosa Hinterland whilst it poured with rain outside. Ate homemade cup cakes too xx
    Really looking forwards to going to Zumbo (Do you think you can Zumba in Zumbo?) next time we are in Sydney
    Love Fleur xx

    • sarah says:

      i thought the same zumbaing with zumbo

      • sarah says:

        and Fleur you were already in before this post ;-)

        you know that right ?

        anyone that knows about the differences between pushing a trolley in Tescos and walking in the rain in Australia is one hundred per cent in the BC Saturday Club for like ever


        • Fleur says:

          Thank You! Honored :)
          Off to the farmers market in Noosa this AM that must be on the Sunday Club list? xx Hope you and your family are well :O)

  20. Maureen says:

    Great post for a saturday morning with rain here, thanks Sarah!

  21. I love white paint, rusty bikes, Australia and live in a beach cottage in California. Any chance I could make it into the club?

    • sarah says:


      you’re from Cali????????????

      I reckon I slip you through the ranks…

      c’mon in baby

  22. beachcomber says:

    really beautiful photos! i like all of the above except for having my photo taken…

  23. EDNA SALTER says:


  24. joyce tx says:

    Sounds absolutely lovely! Count me in!

  25. Susan says:


  26. Sarah says:

    ahem top of the list ;-)

  27. Laura says:

    Well, I own wellies = tick
    My place is more cream than white (but has a fair spattering of white) = kind of tick
    Thrifting… I’m off to get an old hutch today, saving it from curbside (almost giddy at the thought of getting my hands on it) = Tick
    I’m a dessert fiend = tick
    I love, love, love the beach… and the ones in Australia make me go weak at the knees… = tick
    I have a beach cruiser bike (to ride to the beach) = tick
    I love your blog… Am I in?

    • sarah says:

      I think that Laura you are almost definitely in :-)

      did you mention too that you like macarons and

      a place for tea? ;-)


  28. Deneen says:

    You’re killing me with all the yummy pastries! I want some!

  29. Melanie says:

    Great post and beautiful photos:) Happy weekend.

  30. The Distressed Mother says:

    Bummer. That counts me out. I look like a crusty topped tart.

    TDM x

  31. Hi Sarah, me to, me to, me to! What gurl wouldn’t want to be in your club! It sounds perfect, dreamy and oh so romantic, love it ♥
    Popping in from facebook, just wanted to say thank you for making Saturday so special!

  32. That post just (again) made my heart go pitterpatter. Oh, to live in a cottage by the sea in Australia! (And thanks for making me starving with all those amazing food teasers!

  33. I’m in.

    Off chocolate for lent (it’s killing me, but my 13 year old daughter is, and we aren’t going to let each other down, I hope!) but I will more than make up for it with Easter Eggs.

    Important question – can you get Cadburys and does it taste the same?

  34. Amber says:

    That sounds like my kind of club, count me in! I have not been done to Aus yet but it is not our list. Have a wonderful weekend lovely. My captain’s home today so doing all the things I should have done already, or not bothering and just trying to look pretty..hehe. axx

  35. Danyale Lewis says:

    I love everything…except the chocolate, can I still join? It sounds like the most perfect of days, and I can always use a few more of those in my life. :)

  36. All of this speaks to me…I even have my ruffled white t-shirt ready to wear.

  37. Heather says:

    Well I have heaps of rusty bikes which will be getting some TLC from me this summer. I just need some friends to ride with.. any of you gals up? LOL One even has a basket so guess I need to go get a puppy or kitty to ride with in case I find myself friendless.. hehe
    Can’t wait to see your inspirations Sarah!

  38. Laura says:

    I’m in, too! Hooray for beach combing (in PJs)!

  39. Marcia says:

    Oh Sarah, This made me tear up. I know sounds ridiculous. My father in law loved all these things, he loved the ocean so very very much. He passed away yesterday morning. This is exactly what I needed today. Life does go on my friend, I have many wonderful memories to cherish especially those that include our annual “Beach Week” held every summer for as long as I can remember. Thanks for reminding me how important it is to have fun in life, Marcia in California

  40. Stephanie says:

    Hi Sarah…. I’ve been following and LOVING your blog for a while now, but this is my first comment… I’ve never tried a macaron, haven’t been to Australia yet and I prefer coffee over tea, but I would love to join your club. I’m way over in British Columbia Canada, but I do have a beach down the road (a cold, wet, stormy one right now) and I LOVE junking! Is there room for me in this fabulous club? ;)

  41. Debbie says:

    Sarah, count me in!!! I live in the US but I check out your site almost every day. I love White, White and more white.

  42. kim says:

    Sarah I am in! all you had to do was mention the beach combing and i would have said yes instantly!!!! definitely love white paint and wellies!!!looking for an old beach cruiser and did someone say they didnt like choc?? who does not like choc??lol i guess this is my perfect excuse to tell hubs i have to go to australia my club is having a meeting there!! and i would be proud to call myself a bc’er any day!!!!

  43. Kari says:

    So, so in!!!! Do you even realize what an ARTIST you are??? ♥

  44. Bev says:

    Sarah, I love it all, the shoes, the bag, bike, GELATO , I am in !!!!

  45. Angie says:

    Oh Sarah what a fabulous post ! I Love the old bike, have one, the red shoes, remind me of my youth, chocloate anything, oh yes , and of course Im your most loyal fan and a “crusty old tart” to boot ! I want to play please add me in !

  46. laura davis says:

    this girl in soggy southern oregon would love to join the club….

  47. marylou says:

    HELLO from California and you know I want to join, I am your number one stalker, I mean fan ((*_*))

    What a fabulous way to wake up on a rainy Saturday morning in sunny Cali;-)

    Thank U Sarah for ALL the smiles~~

    ps…amazing photos!!!!!

  48. Pam says:

    I heart it all and
    would love to join in the fun

  49. Liz Leines says:

    Yes, Sarah please, count me in!


  50. Jo-Anna says:

    I’m living vicariously through you – we are expecting 20cm of snow here in Canada! I want to be in your club!!

  51. sheila says:

    Hi Sarah, Like Stephanie I have been following your blog for awhile, but have never commented. I loved your post this morning and I love all the things you mentioned. I live a block from the beach in So. Cal. in an old house we have been fixing up for the past 17 years. You have given me such great ideas and just last week I picked up my first alley throw away – a little kid’s chair – and it is in the garage waiting for that coat of white paint! I just found out yesterday that I will be having chemotherapy for breast cancer (was sort of hoping I wouldn’t need it – what was I thinking?) and I know that your blog will brighten my day in the months ahead. I am now going for a walk along the ocean and I will be feeling grateful for living here. Maybe you could do a future post on cute hats – I will be needing a few!

  52. sheila says:

    Oh, and I forgot to mention I would love to be a member of the BC club :)

  53. Bibbitybob says:

    I’m definitely in! Sounds like a lovely club :) x

  54. Me!!! I am having a Saturday lounge right now….just me and the pup. Life is good.

  55. Deanna says:

    What a charming post. Loved the dusty effect of the photos. Sounds like a club for me but alas, I don’t live anywhere near a Texas beach..boo hoo hoo! I’ll just admire you all from afar…lol!

    Deanna :D

  56. Count me in….please, please please!!!

  57. vicki p says:

    I’m in! Love the beach and go when time permits…live in an old, creaky house…love chocolate…

  58. Sally says:

    I want to join please oh please!!! Loved everything about your post today Sarah! Thank you my friend!

  59. Can’t pass any of that up! I’m in!

  60. What a lovely fun post, Sarah. It made me wish that Saturdays came more often. Count me in (all the way from Chicago.)


  61. Oh Count Me IN! Happy Saturday!

  62. DonnaV says:

    Count me in too…… Living in Atlanta, GA, there’s not much beach access nearby, but every vacation we plan MUST include sand of some kind. Happy Saturday to everyone!!!

  63. Deb from Maine says:

    COUNT ME IN! My only regret is that I don’t live next door to you. We’d have so much fun! Being in Maine and not to far from the beach, however, will do me just fine. I love your blog.

    Oh, and Sheila…. I had breast cancer in 2007 and I’m doing just fine now. You have my support and you will get through this. Think cheerfully and keep reading Sarah’s BC blog. It certainly brightens my every day! love, deb

    • sheila says:

      Thanks for your support Deb! I know that I will be fine
      and reading Sarah’s blog will cheer me up alot! Life is good.

  64. catherine says:

    sign me up!

  65. Krisztina says:

    Count me in please!

  66. Lyn Taylor says:

    Oooh … me too. Join me up!!

  67. Amy says:

    I love all those things!! I also love your kicks (shoes)! Where did you get them?

  68. Bonza, mate! I’d be a drongo not to! Can you tell I’ve been doing my BC homework and learning some Oz terminology? :)

  69. Mary says:

    This really made me smile. LOVE IT with all my heart! I live in Florida and can relate. I would love to visit Australia some day. You can count me in.

  70. Leisa says:

    Oh please count me in – even though I could never enjoy all of the beautiful things mentioned, they are most definately things I dream of each day!!!

  71. KRISTI ESSMAN says:

    well I don’t physically live by the beach but I am a beach dweller at heart…
    my daughter wanted me to paint some palm trees on her bedroom wall and I just couldn’t stop w/those lonely trees so I painted murals on the walls and ceiling of a topical beach paradise complete w/a tiki hut and lagoon, now that she has married and moved out I plan on making it my own paradise getaway so maybe that can qualify me, I do love everything Australia, and of course chocolate, etc. so I’ll be there w/bells on, plan on it!

  72. Mary K says:

    Well, it’s ;ate Saturday night here (OK, it’s VERY early Sunday) – but I’m just reading this now – had such a fun and busy day with my husband.I am DEFINITELY in your club! But, you left out the Limoncello – which I’m sipping at this moment, based on your recommendation.

    Thanks for all the beautiful thoughts and pictures.

    Mary in MN

  73. Annie Turner says:

    How do you keep thinking up these wonderful posts?!? You are creative in so many ways! Wish you could put a little of that in a bottle and float it my way!!! :) Always watching and lovin it! Annie

  74. nicole beltane says:

    oh i am so a member of the club.
    a beautiful post

  75. Melissa- says:

    Morning from ol’Blighty-
    Every box in you list ticked for me-count me in honey!
    Off to the big local posh private school boot sale/ flea Market now with my gals
    Sunday morning-loooove it!
    Melissa x
    P.S loving your plimsolls!!!!

  76. Cottage Gal says:

    I’m not usually one for clubs . . . but this is one I can handle! Count me in ;)

  77. Susan says:

    Your latest entry makes me smile… I love all those things and my little mini red dachshund Daisy and a good Malbec. I am a 52 year old recently divorced woman who lives on the coast of Massachusetts in New England. I moved here to be close to the sea. I am a nurse by profession and a passionate thrift shop junkie. I also LOVE to cook. I live in a funky contemporary Condo with skylights in all three bedrooms and LOVE hearing about your decorating ideas. Our beaches look similar to yours I believe. One of my favorite things to do is look out at the ocean… a natural way to find tranquility!

  78. jody says:

    Hi Sarah of ABC,( loved that photo with your shoes and initials in the sand and ALL the other snapshots of course) .
    i am in southwest florida, but that should not exclude me from joining i hope! I can personally do about everything required for membership and initiation here, and if not, i can on my pc daily with your blog, as good as going anywhere to me almost!
    Your blog is one of a handful of a few i do check daily. Such a Beautiful blog and a beautiful lady.
    Thanks for the wonderful invite. Peaceful blessings to all, jody

  79. shirl' anderson says:

    I’m definitely in! I don’t know what I would do without your blog and facebooking Sarah! Sheila, God Bless You on your journey!

  80. jen says:

    Yes I relate to everything you like from wooden floors to vintage style shoes and home cooking…
    On the weekend I put a bid in for a teeny tiny little 2 bed walking distance to the beach cottage of my own …in the hope of doing it up in a lovely beachy style on a crazy super tight budget ….please cross your fingers for me and send positive energy my way as we find out tonite! I don’t think we have a very good/realistic chance but I really want to believe it is possible!

    Thanks Sarah for your lovely makeover inspirations :-)

  81. Melody Borghesani says:

    I’m in!! :)

  82. Mary K says:

    Forgot to add how AWESOME those red shoes are – yikes!!

    Mary in MN

  83. Marilyn L. says:

    Love your blog! Where did you get your purse? Love it, too!

  84. Carli says:

    I’m there with bells on (and ruffles). ;-)

  85. Corieg says:

    Wow beautiful post……
    Please count me in! Love the club already

  86. Ankita says:

    Oh!!! Who would let such an opportunity go by!! Do count me in.. Pretty please :)

  87. Lilla says:

    Whatever you are doing it is so cool .
    Thanks Sarah. I will be ruffling as fast as I can and let you know how it goes
    aloha Lilla

  88. jodi p. says:

    Please count me in! I love checking on your blog daily to see what you are up to. I am a flea market, thrift store and yard sale junkie. I just can’t seem to get enough of this fun little life style. Oh… my latest roadside find was a cute little table at 2 am while dropping some kids off. I thought they would die when I got out of the car and put it in my trunk!
    Living by the beach in So Cal makes me appreciate the wonderful ocean, sand, shells and anything beachy. Everything about your “Beach Cottage” blog is such an inspiration! Keep up the great work!

  89. Nowhere near the sea, but I have a bike, (must mount it soon to go to work), big lover of all things chocolate and macaron, adore white paint, hate beer but will substitute with Jilz, have love/hate relationship with shoes, deep abiding love for ruffles and can’t do a vignette without flowers. Am I In?

  90. Jessica I. says:

    I am SO in!

  91. Rachel Saint says:

    Please count me in – my and my boys are still waiting to hear about moving to Aussie from Kent in England. This club will help us feel a bit closer.

  92. Kristin O'Hare-Blumberg says:

    Hi Sarah,

    I love your blog and would love to be part of this group!

    G’Day to you!


  93. Shelly says:

    I’m in!!!!!!

  94. @ the beach says:

    I’m in! Love it all!

  95. Maria says:

    Just the kind of club for which I’ve been waiting – over here by my side of the sea!
    I’m in!

  96. Alima says:

    I LOVE this post. Don’t know how I missed it when it was first posted! I want to be in the club. Please, please, pretty please :)

  97. Sally says:

    Count me in! : )

  98. Lynn says:

    I love your style and blog.

  99. My friends just laughed when I told them about this post. I will be sending links to my close friend in Wagga Wagga. Now……I need to hunt down a white shirt with ruffles….darn, I just hate shopping for pretty white things…:)

  100. Ronda says:

    sounds fun…. I’ll get my white t-shirt ready

  101. sarah says:

    You had me at ruffles…

  102. Teri says:

    I’ve never been to Australia but if I had the money I’d be there on your beaches in my ruffly white t and ruffly red t-strap shoes in a heartbeat! Definitely kindred spirits from afar!

  103. Count me in sista!! What a fun idea!!

  104. HRH Sarah says:

    Okay, Sarah~ I’m in! I was a way at the “Rivah” (think deep south American accent here) this weekend, or I would have been number one on the Saturday lovers list!!!

  105. indiansummer says:

    LOL at you sluggin’ on the bottle as the mummies from the school walk past…

  106. Did I join? I can’t remember, but I want to make sure i do :)

  107. Pomozy says:

    Well you can count me in! I love ALL OF THE ABOVE!!..and Australia most of all! ♥

  108. The Freckled Minx says:

    I’m there – ready and waiting! Bring it on…..

  109. Katherine says:

    I see a Katherine on the list – is that me??! If not, sign me up too!! Why not…heavens knows what I am signing up for (!!) but what the….sounds intriguing, and if I know you, think we might be up for some fun…..but, at this point of time, I don’t have a ruffly white shirt….. : { but I do love your crochet blanket curtain – will that suffice??

    • Katherine says:

      I just realised (the next day) that I am wearing a ruffly mint green cardigan – does that count?? I didn’t even think I had any ruffled clothing – but I do…..!!

  110. kath says:

    OOOOOh! I’m in! Although at the present time, I don’t actually OWN an Adirondak (trying to get my son to build me a couple), but I live NEAR the Adirondaks (the mountains – lol). Does that count?

  111. melissa says:

    I am so in! I may not have everything listed on your above list, but I love them just the same! And I must say that I love Saturdays and I love beachy things, so Saturdays at the beach is just about perfect! I’ll take Saturdays at a beach cottage, too. :)
    Thanks for all the fun lately. As our winter drags on and on, your blog continues to be a breath of fresh, sea air!

  112. I don’t live in Australia, but what I know about it I ♥ …I love ruffles, especially on shoes, mine are a metallic pink…I love Gelato, coconut and pistachio…I am always ready for beer o’clock…I have a 75 Schwinn bicycle…there is more, but is this enough yet to join?

  113. Tracey says:

    Count me IN!!!!!!

  114. Natalie says:

    Am loving it! All those things are awesome. But I’ve never tried a macaroon. Sorry…. Will have to try harder :)

  115. Sonia Lidbury says:

    Just the word “ruffles” was enough to get me in – my husband says I am obsessed with ruffles and that I have become worse since having our 3 little girls!!

  116. Martina says:

    I´m totally in!!

  117. Ashleigh says:

    I have plenty of white ruffles! I’m in!

  118. Susan says:

    I’m in! Now, to find (or make) me a white ruffly t shirt….can I tea stain it…pure white looks yucky on me!

  119. Courtney says:

    I’m in! I own at least one darling white ruffle shirt… and probably gobs more!

  120. Kelly says:

    I love the red t-straps….and of course, all things beach cottage! Count me in, please! I live in St. Augustine Beach and just discovered your blog. Super fab!

  121. Helen T says:

    Oh can I join too! I love me some bright white ruffles anywhere anytime !

  122. Rupa says:

    Can I join in too ! We recently built our own house in the northern beaches …and since then my life has changed !

    I love everything ruffles and i love white ! I love the amazing beaches that we have over here !


  123. Claire says:

    Count me in! Loving your requirements :) x

  124. Jennifer says:

    I love all the vintage china & linen

  125. My life is an eternal summer, my uniform is a bikini, and most of the year home is a grass roof shack on the beach under the shade of coconuts. I’ve found my tribe. White, lace, ruffles, chocolate… I’m so there.

  126. nicole beltane says:

    Count me in.
    looking forward to it

  127. beachcomber says:

    count me in! : )

  128. Danielle says:

    With such a fantabulous list of things to luv, who wouldn’t be in…:-) and it makes me laugh that in amongst your fabulous blogging on ruffles a girl still needs to throw in a comment about big arms…oh we all see the worst in ourselves don’t we :-)

  129. Rebecca says:

    Rebecca from youaretalkingtoomuch.com is in for Saturdays! Love the idea! Love, Me

  130. Sherry says:

    Would love to play along

  131. Brenda Hurst says:

    White and ruffles . . . are you kidding me . . . basic life necessities. I even have a ruffled scarf to sling around my neck. Would love to be a distinguished Club Member!

  132. Cheryl says:

    This is just what I need in my life right now… something to draw me back into how Saturdays used to be. Time to stop and smell the roses for sure. Thank you Sarah for inviting me.

  133. Di Scott says:

    Oooh ! I love those red ruffled shoes…. have done since the first moment I saw them…. Wittner – Right?
    Pity I cant wear them I’m already nearly 6 foot tall…. 5’10″… so its out of the question at my height …and age… I’ll love them from afar.
    Love Saturdays too. Spend them with my girls (my daughter and 2 small granddaughters) we shop, drink coffee, talk, lunch somewhere nice, laugh, solve the problems of the world and I go home happy. By the time another week has gone by I’m hanging out to see them again… added Wednesday tea in there lately.. I’m content….. xx

  134. Gayle Palmer says:

    I/m in! Cheers!

  135. Melody Borghesani says:

    Count me in, too!! Can’t wait…

  136. April says:

    Hello, long-time lurker here, and I love your Saturday club. Please count me in! I’m so glad tomorrow’s assignment doesn’t involve food (this time), as my jaw is currently wired shut from an unfortunate fall! :) Drinks in lovely places I can do, though. I’ll be there.

  137. Silke says:

    Love to join in,
    all the best from Germany,

  138. I think I might have already signed up…if not…making sure..not in Australia but I have everything else taken care of.
    Ruffled t shirt is already waiting to put on…coffee shop figured out…and mon dieu, je suis prêt!!

  139. Susan says:

    Oooh sounds just my kind of Saturday. Mostly I have to dream, though as we live in the UK and not by the sea but I do have some ruffles and the coffee shop is no problem. Is that enough to be alowed in to play?

  140. Susan says:

    Sounds like fun…..although I love white tee shirts! Hope that is ok!

  141. I like to keep my ruffles close to my chest and under my clothes if ya know what I mean…….. ;o)

  142. Christine H says:

    Perfection! Sign me up!…from near the ocean in Southern California…perpetual summer!

  143. Lindsay says:

    Count me in!!

  144. Susan says:

    Ooooo – think I might have asked to be included in the wrong place……….left my comment on the previous Saturday post!!

  145. Stephanie says:

    I’m In!!

  146. Marleen says:

    I’m ready…..
    Love from “basic goods” Holland

  147. Kathleen says:

    Ok Ok! I give up, count me in. Burr from a “Hoosier” in Southern Indiana (it is suppose to be Spring but it is in the 20′s here and we are expecting 1-3 inches of snow tomorrow (Saturday). What’s up with that!!!!!

  148. Nicole says:

    love saturdays, pottering around the house, going for a walk to get the paper, scrambled eggs going to the local school markets, cooking a scrumptious slowcooked dinner, hanging out with the family. count me in xxx

  149. jeri brain says:

    just chillin with the kitties…

  150. Dar says:

    So today I’m watching Oprah’s visit to Australia. It was the episode where she joins a couple at their home for their weekly taco night party. When asked the difference between the U.S. and Australia the one man answered, “People in the U.S. seem to live to work and Aussie’s work to live”. It struck a cord with me! Now I see this post and I’m thinkin’ it’s meant to be…I’M IN!

  151. Kristin says:

    I am in landlocked Colorado, but surrounded by beautiful mountains….but I love everything about the Saturday Club and esp. all your posts about life by the sea in an old tatty cottage…

  152. sharran miles says:

    im so in !!!!…..not a nice day but got my ruffles on with my beige striped coffe cup in hand heading out to the veranda!!! i love it all sarah and love your posts keep up the great work !!!…….. sharran :)

  153. Shari says:

    All items of loveliness – right up my alley, so YES! I would love to be a member of The BC Saturday Club! And I positively will be delighted to follow the rules for our first Saturday mission. I DO CHOOSE TO ACCEPT!
    What a fun idea! Shari

  154. Glenda says:

    Can I join? I love coffee, papers, sunshine and FOOD. I feel happy and contented reading your Saturday post.

  155. Andrea Hartman says:

    I missed this somehow…one of the Facebook gals…please sign me up!
    Andrea Hartman

  156. alison says:

    I’m in.

    Sarah, your lists are all things I like and love…I couldn’t believe it!

    I am a lot older than you and I am really trying to make changes in my life. Recently I got to a point and said “Enough! If I don’t make changes no one is going to do it for me.” And I couldn’t bear the thought of people saying “I could see she wasn’t happy. She should have done… blah blah blah”

    Well BCers this week I have started to feel normal again just by making a few changes in my life. But goodness it’s like breaking an old long term habit. Feeling good actually feels strange!

    So Sarah this is where I tie in with your website. I really admire what you are doing and how you are living authentically. Your energy, ideas and website are a great tonic. THANK YOU

  157. Pearl Maple says:

    it is the little things that make all the difference
    and one of those little things is the right attitude or eye to see all that is beautiful in our lives
    thanks for inspiring and creating the Saturday club…………..oh this is going to be fun!

  158. Little Nan says:

    Oooohhh, I love my Saturdays when hubby plays sport and I can just potter around and dream many dreams! Please count me in!!!

  159. Melissa says:

    And here I was thinking that I love Saturdays with a passion! Count me in!

  160. Tina says:

    G’day…I would love to be a BC.er! We live on the Central Coast in CA…and L.O.V.E. all things coastal~thank you for sharing your Saturday passions! It makes me look forward to Saturday!

  161. Lynn says:

    Usually work on Saturdays…but Saturday can be any day, as long as I am doing all the beautiful things life offers…I am in..

  162. Thought I’d left a comment but haven’t seen it so here I am again!

  163. Andrea Hartman says:

    Well, I completed my mission, ruffles and all…sort of. Does a peasant blouse count? At my age, I feel silly in ruffles…felt silly in the peasant blouse as well but it was comfy! I had such fun enjoying a cup of chocolate raspberry coffee at Cafe’ Chocolat in my old downtown, all by myself, sitting outside, savoring one piece of dark chocolate peanut butter cup (never knew I could make one piece last so long!) I didn’t feel the least bit strange and had the nicest conversation with an older handicapped gentleman that I would have missed otherwise. The traffic whizzed by too quickly due to a traffic light that the state took out..how stupid because the downtown merchants are suffering. There’s a renovation going on, but until they can slow down traffic, I feel it’s to no avail. Anyway, back to the fun stuff! I took a few pics, but don’t know how to post here, so they will be on my profile in a bit under Saturday Club. I must say it was very liberating sitting there, taking a break from what has been a crazy week. Oh, I forgot the best part! I discovered a new Free publication inside the restaurant called CHARM On the Space Coast. It’s a magazine all about women in our area…”their work, families, inspiration, health, style, hearts and souls.” That was worth the price of a cup of coffee and piece of delicious chocolate!
    Thanks, Sarah, for the Saturday Club, it made my day!

  164. I’ve posted a lovely Saturday Club Post. I’m in:)

  165. Sharron Gretton-Watosn says:

    Love to join if it’s not too late. Need some motivation & have white ruffly blouse at the ready(not sure I still fit into it) – its a bit vintage like me.

  166. Sharron Gretton-Watson says:

    Oops that should read Watson

  167. Domestic Goddess says:

    Sign me up, Sister! I”ll be joining your beach parade from the other side of the world – South Georgia in the good ol’ US of A!

  168. Helen says:

    I love everything on your list! I don’t have a white ruffle shirt yet – but I did manage to escape the renovations yesterday for 15 minutes with a cup of coffee in hand, lounging in vintage chair, gazing out at my vintage rose garden… pondering… dreaming… happy days! Count me in!

  169. Di says:

    Ahhh Saturday. My favourite day! I’m in!

  170. Alia says:

    Um, I love all those things!! Definitely count me in. Best club ever.

  171. Woo hoo! Saturdays yee har giddyup!

  172. oops clicked too soon – meant to say, you would have loved my saturday this weekend sarah…you’d have loved the finders keepers market! I blogged about it…it would have been the perfect BC Saturday post if I’d joined your club a day earlier! xo

  173. Love it. Count me in.
    I’ve never been to Australia, but does a slow beach town on the central coast of California count? ;)


  174. Pam says:

    …skidding in late as usual!! I’m IN! – and if I can’t find something ruffly and chocolaty, bier-y and very frenchy here in Very French France then Sacre Bleu! – I need to be kicked right back out! Can’t start till next Saturday though!! :D xx

  175. Lucy says:

    My friend Norisah and I used to read your blog together and dream of life by the sea in Sydney and now she has left England and living that life! She told me about your club and it would be lovely to do something that feels like we are hanging out together…all be it on opposite sides of the world.
    Thank you!

  176. Lee says:

    I love Saturday’s, and all it involves – please add me to the list :)


  177. Kathryn says:

    I moved from one Aussie busy beach suburb to a beach country town and miss my girlfriends; so now I feel that I have found some more mates with the same interests, – from a not so lonely any more – BCer.

  178. Sammy says:

    Would love to join in!!

  179. kathie says:

    I’m in…also awaiting a response to joining you as an fb friend…..haven’t heard back yet!

  180. Paula says:

    I am sooo in ..please add me…Thanks

  181. Maggie Brown says:

    Ohhhh you listed most of my favorite things! Wish I had thought of making a school run in pj’s when my children were young!! Count me in Sarah. I’m here in Seattle where it honestly feels like we’ve had non-stop grey skies for 5 months and your beautiful table with lemons and glass and nautical stripes cheered me up so much. It’s important to do the things that nournish our souls – thanks for your wonderful blog and FB page.

    Maggie in Seattle

  182. Paula says:

    i’m absolutely in! I live in a valley without beach, but with my family we have a holiday house in the beach and we have great and lovely time when we stay there.
    I’m gonna take advantage of this post to tell you I love your blog and it has become an inspiration to me, specially these days when I’m designing a re-make to my room. I even could say it is my favorite blog atm, and I am not exaggeratting.

    Enjoy your weekend, have a great breakfast at bed with a lot of delicious stuff and with the company of your family.
    xoxo, Paula.

    Ps. I would like to keep in touch with you :D

  183. Marelle says:

    Yes please I am INNNNN

  184. Marelle says:

    Sure wish I lived where I could purchase a Zumba macaroon!!!!

  185. Denise says:

    Please count me in…. one of your blog and Facebook gals. ;)

  186. Kathleen says:

    Me tooooo!

  187. Debs & Tracey Anne says:

    Well helloooooo there!!! Thank God we found you :)

    Inspireddotcom!! I’m here with my friend Tracey Anne……..and we can’t wait for Saturdays!…good job our hubbys both work weekends haha

    We’re both originally from the UK and now living with our families on The Gold Coast…but don’t hold that against us lolol
    Only jokin folks!

    Lovin’ Life x

  188. Carly says:

    Please add meto the club! I desperately want in!! :)

  189. clarivel.ann says:

    I’m IN!! I live in a little beach town in Southern California, and would LOVE to embrace Saturdays the BC way! <3

  190. Karen says:

    Hi Sarah,
    I love your style! I look forward to following your blog and thank you for the privilege.

  191. Glenys says:

    I would so love to join your Saturday Club, please!!

    • Kelly Wheeler says:

      I would love to join your Saturday Club…and bring your charming-beach cottage-vintage charm to my lake-side cottage in Maine, USA!

  192. stacie says:

    I’m sooo in!

  193. Merry says:

    I would love to join as well! :D

  194. Candie says:

    Oh yes please may I join? This is exactly what I need to just get a little more inspired to do something nice and enjoy the lovliness around me. :)

  195. Clare Everitt says:

    Ok, after this dear blog has bought me so much joy, I finally got the courage to comment :)

    Just voted for a wonderful blog…yes Sarah, that is you! Now the first comment is official, it is time to out the camera and share some beach cottage love from sunny Queensland, Wellington Point. Hope to share with all the beach lovers, a little bit of joy and join this wonderful community!

    Love Clare x

  196. Nikole Marohn says:

    I am new here and I am so excited to join! Yippeee!! I love white paint now… thanks to you. ;-)

  197. emily says:

    reading your site made me smile and smell the ocean.

  198. Aymee says:

    I’d love to be a part of your Saturday Club! x

  199. Lori-Anne says:

    Okay, it’s taken me way too long to commit to this most excellent idea (mainly because it’s the Saturday Club which means technically the missions should be carried out on, obviously, Saturday, and that day just doesn’t work for me). But if it’s okay to join in on Sunday, I’d love to be an official member, and share the love on my own blog as well!

  200. Monique says:

    I would love to join your Saturday Club!!! All of your photo’s and posts are exactly how I am thinking, dreaming, wishing and hoping for – thank you!

  201. Rachael says:

    I would love to join your Saturday club! It actually seems like the life I already live here in Sydney! My husband and I moved here in January and we are loving our weekends strolling through the markets and down by the harbor grabbing coffees and macaroons from small shops along the way!
    When we return home to the US after a few years here we plan to decorate our home in seaglass and coastal colors, whether they be tropical or Pacific Northwest USA.
    We honeymooned in Tofino, British Columbia Canada and love all things beach.

  202. jane coslick says:

    I am ALL of the above……..and am all in for Saturdays..cant wait until your shop opens.

  203. Lani says:

    Yes. Please.
    Love your photos, your philosophy, and your Beach Cottage.

  204. Joy says:

    Sarah, you are truly a kindred spirit…I love all things ‘beach’ and everything on your list, even though I am located smack dab in the middle of Canada! I am definitely in!

  205. Renee says:

    Sounds delightful – may I please also join your club? Renee

  206. Rebecca says:

    I have just discovered your blog and I am loving it! I would love to join the Saturday club and keep the blogs coming!

  207. Terri says:

    I’ll join, what comes next?

  208. Shari says:

    I think I found a soul mate when I stumbled across your blog! Lovely! Thank you, and please count me in!

  209. Simone says:

    Hi Sarah, love your blog and would like to join your BC Saturday Club. I am located near Melbourne in the burbs, have a beach nearby although not quite the beaches along the Great Ocean Road that I crave.

  210. Kylie says:

    I would love to join – how fun

  211. Miranda says:

    Follow your blog for a while now, just wanna say that I love it!



  212. Hi Sarah!
    THIS is going to be fun!! ]
    Love your blog…and I just took your e-course. It’s awesome. :)

  213. Jane says:

    I LOVE this blog. It’s inspired me to get my own house in order. I would love to join your Saturday Club. My husband and I did the 1st one where we went to an Italian coffee shop and indulged on cappuccino and decadent Italian cakes and then I had a gelato for good measure! Lovely!

  214. Jo Ann says:

    LOVE YOUR BLOG!! Count me in for sure :)

  215. Diana says:

    Hi Sarah! I LOVE your blog… I can’t remmeber if I have responded or not to this, but just to make sure I am included, if indeed a girl who would LOVE to have a BC but alas is stuck in the middle of the USA (Illinois) can be included, then I’m in.. but also, I would have to do the missions after the four letter word (work) on Saturday or Sunday or Monday, which are my days off… o.k.. enough of a run-on sentence… Am looking forward to learning more from your blog! Love your pictures and your writings..

  216. Bonnie says:

    I’m in for the Sat club!!

  217. Julie says:

    Sign me up. I am a lover of beach combing and sweets

  218. Amy C says:

    Add me! I would willing and gladly call myself a BC’er!

  219. Kathy S says:

    I would love to join in with your saturday club ,i am from Canada and heading into a long cold winter, brrr , so ur visuals for saurday
    And looking at ur beautiful australian beach will be a lovely reminder of those warm summer days to come !
    Thank you for a great blog , so enjoy it , ur like a friend

  220. jan says:

    is it to late to join bc saturdays ? i want in on the fun : p

  221. Gayle says:

    just purchased a teeny tiny beach cottage. your blog has alot os great ideas.

  222. Could you consider me for the Sat club Sarah? Summer is my passion and my beach house, a wondrous constant in my every changing life. The only place I go ‘aaah’ as soon as I walk in the door.
    A :)

  223. Ellie says:

    Oh please add me to your BC Saturday Club. What a fantastic idea it is. Sometimes all we need is a little push to indulge ourselves even just a little bit. Sign me up, sign me up!!! ps. I love your cottage – very jealous!! ;-)

  224. Cathy Kennedy says:

    Would luv-luv to be a part of your Saturday BC Club. Count me in,..

  225. I’m freezing here in not so sunny NYC- We’re in xo
    Love Kate and the Pantry team

  226. Tanya says:


    As its Saturday and I’ve done my morning chores, settled my screaming 20 month old son as I’m weaning him off his bottle today, helped my hubby at our surf shop with fresh coffee and brunch, I thought I’ll take a visit to your blog for some well deserved reading time. I’d love to join the saturday club, if you check my blog out you’ll see we are on the same page…..with the love of the beach, all things vintage and finding the time to blog. Your blogging course sounds fab! Im in the process of writing a beach lifestyle book, like you, I just need a couple of hrs more to myself each week and it will be ready for the publishers by the end of this year!
    I look forward to reading more of your inspirational adventures. Your cottage is dreamy, you have such talent in interior design, keep up the good work
    Bye for now
    Tan x

  227. Karlee says:

    Hey Sarah. Love your blog. Love your ideas. Love your enthusiam for life and all things beachy, vintage, cosy, tastey and relaxing! I work shift work so I make the most of all of the above when I can. How good are our aussie beachy wonderlands?! I’d love to join your Saturday Club….I’v been reading your blog for a while now and have got some great ideas from you. Keep up the inspiring fun x

  228. Christy says:

    Hi! I’d love to join your BC club! Thank-you so much!


  229. Flo says:

    I’d love to join your BC club. :)

  230. Shannon says:

    I would love to join!

  231. Narelle says:

    Ohhh it sounds like me to a T!

    Sarah I would LOVE to join your BC club!

    Thanks, Narelle

  232. Tracy Fowler says:

    Best club requirements I have ever read. Count me in.


  233. Catherine says:

    I would love to join the club!!

  234. Lynn says:

    Yes,please and thank you

  235. Helen says:

    Hi Sarah, I just love your blog. I only discovered it a week ago, and it’s just gorgeous and so delightful. I would love also to be part of the Saturday club…on a Sunday!
    Love Helen

  236. Sally says:

    Sarah…Please oh please add me to the list. I thought I had already joined this delightful club of yours at the beginning dear friend. I always have so much fun with the list!!

    Add me please oh add me to the list!!! :) Love….Sally

  237. Janelle says:

    Loving this brilliant idea… I am soooo in …. Look forward to Lovin Saturdays with all the Gals ….xxx

  238. Maryanne says:

    I would love to join your saturday club

  239. Janelle says:

    Loving your idea,,, I am soooo in ….

  240. Motherofluvlies says:

    May I join please….maybe just to enjoy you all enjoying .!

  241. Jenny says:

    Love your blog, love your beautiful home! I am also in Sydney, starting to fix up our newly acquired C1910 cottage. Would love to join in on Beach Cottage Saturdays.

  242. Tamiko says:

    I’d love to become a BCer. Searching for the perfect shade of white paint for all of my cottage’s brown walls!

  243. Liesl says:

    I’m so delighted to have found you…I think i’ve been searching for you for oh so long. About to start renovations on a little fixer upper near the coast in the Byron Bay Hinterland. I lie in bed at night obsessing about what shade of white to choose… I too am from a foreign land, and am transitioning into the Aussie way. Can’t wait for more BC inspiration. L x

  244. Sally J. Yacques says:

    I am not an Aussie, not likely to become one anytime soon, BUT… I do live in a 100 yr. old renovated cottage on the St. Clair River just a stones throw (or a short boat or bike ride) from the lake here in Michigan. So not on the beach, but, on the water. Michigan has a great deal of coastline & we are fortunate to live on the Great Lakes system rather than one of the thousands of smaller inland lakes that are also very common here & quite lovely. We recently downsized to this house from Florida & the nearby towns are loaded with antique & junk shops. Plus I love shoes, boots too & have polka dot wellies & my bikes not rusty but its got a great basket & is white with pink wheels. Lots of my furnishings resemble yours & I can’t wait to see more then attach some pics for you to see too.