BC ♥ Saturdays Club The First Mission

Fri 25th, Mar, 2011

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OK ladies, you said you wanted in to the BC ♥ Saturdays Club?

so here ya go.

Last week on Saturday Mr BC and I went out in the rain and had fun on a wet Saturday morning on the beaches and it got me thinking about Saturdays and how much I love them and how it was about time I started doing a bit more of stuff like this before life passes me right on by.


so I thought righto I’ll have a little club all to myself, I’ll let Mr BC in and maybe lg and I’ll do little things every Saturday that I love to do and I’ll take my camera and I’ll photograph what catches my eye…no pressure…walking in the rain, a long coffee with the paper, a sit on the beach with a book, a stroll in the park, a huge decadent lump of chocolate cake…plus I’ll blog stuff I find online that I just lurve..

..and when I blogged that thought last weekend it seems that there are rather a few of you who too would like to be part of this club..rather a few of you who wanna make the most of the best day of week and get some doing-it-for-you groove going on (and if you would like to sign-up you can add your name to the list here …just comment on the post and I will add you to the list..list going live tomorrow…)

So welcome to the place where there is fun in embracing all the things we love…vintage china, newspapers ruffles, coffee, old things, treasure hunting, pots of tea, old linen…here we’ll share a bond for living the good life in white ruffles and taking time out on Saturdays just for you, albeit 15 mins or all afternoon, to hunt out the good stuff and celebrate life, no matter what it’s like, wherever you are.

and to appreciate the power of Saturdays and the red ruffle t-bar


The BC Saturday Club embraces the value of down-time & finding the good in life…whether that’s discovering a tatty old coffee shop all the locals go to on the wrong side of town, a fancy deli or just sitting in the shade with a beer reading a book…

In the I ♥ Saturdays Club it is a requirement that you love all of the things listed below

and that you call yourself a BC’er

ruffles, Frenchy things & bathtub lounging
long socks & vintage china,
ballet flats, clay tags, and old bottles,
reading in old adirondacks
taking photos, fancy deli’s, & summer days
doing the school run in pj’s
Italian coffee, new friends & chandeliers,
treasure hunting & cosy winter things,
flower markets & tea dresses
home boutiques, reading on the beach, flea markets,
hammocks with quilts & making things,
vintage china & white paint
beach scenes, pots of tea, driftwood
embroidered linens
home-cooking & sofa sinking
wedges with ruffles
roses with nautical stripes,
wooden floors & old sash windows…


I have some great things in the pipeline for this Club but for today your first

BC ♥  Saturdays mission

should you choose to accept it

is this :

(and it is preferable that there will be a ruffle about your person

it would be great if it was a ruffled t-shirt

in white)

go out to a coffee shop

alone or with the one you love

& buy yourself your favourite beverage

take a newspaper

and take a seat

open your paper

sit a bit

relax a bit

read a bit

dream a bit

people watch a bit

imagine a bit

deep breathe a bit

but most of all

just sit and stop

and watch

and be a bit

and if you can’t do that, if you haven’t got the money for a cup of coffee in a shop…make your own, take it outside, look up at the sky & do all of the above, if you can’t be alone, then take your kiddos, give them a treat and try anyway and if you are unable to find the time or have any other excuse, and believe me I know them, find a way, baby.

ok, you in?

ready to rock the BC ♥ Saturday’s Club?


I am tellin’ you I am mega busy with sport tomorrow but BC Saturday Club is taking place in the arvo for me & I will be loving it, I have already earmarked where I am going…nothin’ fancy but boy am I excited and looking forward to it..

and yes I will be wearing a white ruffly t-shirt

even though it makes my arms look big

I’ll be checking in here with what I find on my day tomorrow…I am hoping for nice coffee, good newspapers, vintage things and fab photos!


OK, I’m signing off from Australia

it’s Friday night, the Adirondacks are calling and the Peroni is popped

and I’ll be wanting to know what you’ve been up to and see what you’ve been doing wherever you are on Saturdays…so get snapping and stop by here in the next few days and lemme know…I want photos, evidence and reports!

and don’t forget, whatever you do

…life looks better in wellies


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124 Responses to “BC ♥ Saturdays Club The First Mission”

  1. Tammi says:

    Ooh does a High Tea in the afternoon with friends count? I’ll be wearing a dress with ruffles ;)

  2. nicole beltane says:

    so looking forward to this.

    will there be a special button we can add to our blogs?

  3. Robyn says:

    Oooh, so looking forward to this! What a great start to your club!

  4. Count me in – although the last time I wore ruffles would be in the early 80s, at the youth club disco, during my Adam and the Ants buccaneer phase!

  5. carla says:

    I’m liking the sound of this already! I’m gonna be a coffee sipping paper reading people watcher tomorrow ;o) xx

  6. Alena Prysch says:

    Sounds like fun!! I love Saturdays!! Majority of Saturday mornings we go to our local bakery for coffee and rolls, (hard roll for him, it’s he’s Swiss, and a croissant, or me:)…. a little work around the house, if needed, but it usually consists of walks on our beach or horseback riding. As for ruffles? I love them! I’m contemplating making my own t-shirt with ruffles…thought it would be fun!

  7. HRH Sarah says:

    Yay for Saturday! I seriously need to invest in some ruffles, especially of the white variety…

  8. Kirsten says:

    I’ll be at the waters edge

  9. I am SO IN :) Have a great one everyone!!!!

  10. Amber says:

    OK, not sure I have ruffles as big boobs don’t mix but I have my pink wellies, I accept your challenge but may be a bit behind as on European time. Enjoy your Saturdays. ax

  11. Add me to the list! Can’t wait!

  12. Cottage Gal says:

    Ohhhhh, just perfect! Hubby and I had already decided that our first stop of the day tomorrow is Signe’s Heavenbound Bakery for deep dish blackberry french toast (occasionally featured on The Food Network and is the most absolute tastiest thing you will ever lay eyes on) and coffee. It’s decorated very funky and eclectic inside, so there is a ton of stuff to hold our 2 1/2 year old daughter’s attention so we can take a few minutes for adult conversation and a newspaper. Can’t wait! Enjoy your Saturday!

    • sarah says:

      good lord

      are we allowed to say

      ‘deep dish blackberry french toast’

      around here ?????

      oh yes indeedy I sure think we are



  13. Tiff says:

    I’m in! It might be a cuppa on my patio, but I will take my 15 mins. Thanks for the motivation Sarah.

  14. sue austin says:

    I’m in! However, I have an antiques shop that I keep open on Saturdays, so my goof off days are Sunday and Monday.

  15. I’m in – enjoying a cup at my favorite cafe on a Saturday morning on the first leg of garage saleing is my fave thing to do. I love it so much I do it on Friday too.

    Clinking cups –

  16. Toni Burke says:

    Lovely idea! I’m in!!

  17. IAMSNWFLAKE says:

    I’m loving the idea. Count me in! … Argentine time, though

  18. You bet I’m in! This is so up my ally! Bring on the java, ruffles, and something to read!

  19. Liz says:

    I am drooling over the red shoes. Was something else talked about? I forgot.

  20. No white ruffled T, but I am looking forward to donning ruffles for my hike with the man &heats;

  21. indiansummer says:

    This is so fun! I feel like we need a clubhouse or something. :-)

  22. Carol S says:

    Sounds good!! My Saturday mornings are spent having French lessons with my sister. We’re having lots of fun and laughs, and we’re even starting to remember our French verbs. And I already had my new white ruffled blouse out to wear today…great timing.

  23. keryn says:

    I am sooo in. Will be wearing ruffles, taking wine and listening to Chis Isaak (from the cheap side of the river here in Brisbane)

    • sarah says:

      loving the cheap side Keryn…bring it on

      ..I wont’ even go there with those on the other side…but lemme tell you I have been on the wrong end of there blathering on and on and on and on about cars, how much their cars are worth, what schools their kids go to, what shoes they buy and what ‘profession’ their husbands have…..

      yeah bring on boring as heck


  24. Sharon says:

    my daughter’s new bed is being delivered today!! Does layering it with ruffles count??? *so excited*
    love your stuff btw

  25. Ros Wyatt says:

    I love this idea and it seems timely. I have just come back from a night away in San Francisco with my lovely husband – first time for five years that we have had a day followed by a night followed by a morning alone. It was heaven. We didn’t do much – it was just uninterrupted time together. It feels like I have been away a week. So this club that celebrates lovely moments is definitely the club for me. I would love to join!

  26. Ros Wyatt says:

    P. S. And I was wearing my wellies…

  27. Well I’m busy volunteering this Saturday, all freakin’ day, but just thought I’d let you know that the above-mentioned coffee shop routine is something I started doing each Sat & Sun for the last few months now! It is SO great to get away – from the house, the computer, and responsibilities – with my journal and a magazine for just an hour or so with some good espresso.

  28. marylou says:

    Okay, count me in………have ruffled barkcloth bag, that will have to suffice until I can get my hands on a ruffled tee*hint**

    Pictures?? Don’t have a blog but I will do what I can((*_*))

    Be checking in later ms. Sarah;-)


  29. Carin says:

    Finally someone telling me I need to slow the pace down on a Saturday morning-thank you for giving us permission. I hope I pass the test :)

  30. Deanna says:

    I too, swooned over the red shoes…I must get some wellies too! Will you have a Mr. Linky or something like that?

    Deanna :D

  31. OK..I am in…today one of the crew told me about this amazing bakery near the new house so we stopped on the way home..OMG!! They also have a coffee shop and so I think I have to test their Latte tomorrow…maybe take it to the beach with the pup….and even a ruffle might appear…or not. LOL (I am testing their chocolate cake this evening …)

  32. Kristen says:

    Oh my goodness, I am SO in on this one. My ruffly shirt will be underneath two layers of wool, since it is only 20 F here, but I am doing this, oh yes I am. Thank you very much for the inspiration. :)

    • sarah says:

      do you really mean Kristen 20F not 20C????????????????

      yowzas you are so in on this one just cos of that roflmao

  33. I’m in!

    This is great because a couple weeks ago, I blogged about finding this sort of ‘balance’ in my life. I was going to do this anyway, but not I have a “club” to do it with! Yay!


  34. I’m totally in!! Wonderful way to start the weekend :O)

  35. Kat says:

    Okay, tick me off because (a) I did go and *sit* in a cafe (had my 8 and 2 year old girls with me, but that was lovely special time with Mummy while Daddy had the two boys) with my (b) fav hot chocolate and I did (c) relax and think.
    I was not wearing ruffles, however I did have my *new brown boots* on (early b’day present) so does that count instead of wellies?
    I also did go and look at a lovely white t-shirt with ruffles, although sadly the budget did not stretch to me buying it.
    There was no time to (d) read a paper, but I will now go and sit quietly and read my latest Real Living mag.
    Have I passed the mission?
    Ps Are they your red shoes? I LOVE them!!
    I hope everyone enjoys their bit of time today, great idea Sarah!! :)

    • sarah says:

      new brown boots? yum yum and kudos to you for sitting in a cafe!!!!!!!!!

      you have well & truly passed teh Mission

      bring on next week

      and no they are not my red shoes

      I just spied them and loved


  36. alison says:

    Because of the NSW election voting in the school hall today our aerobics class was transferred to an outdoor boot camp format in our local park. We had great fun but worked hard. The weather was perfect for working out-no extreme temperatures or torrential rain for a change.

    A group of us always do coffee after aerobics on a Saturday morning and it has become a weekly ‘must do’. It’s a great way to herald in the weekend.

    No ruffles or wellies but plenty of sweaty workout gear and joggers. I think we are a big source of fascination for some of the locals when we turn up en masse at the various cafes wearing our logo tshirts and ranging in age from 25-65 years old.

  37. Pearl Maple says:

    too funny Sarah, you can count me in on the Saturday = fun days of finding something nice to share

  38. Pearl Maple says:

    currently swapping thongs (white) for much cuter red heels to a quick trip to see what treasures the vinnies man and lady librarian has found for us this week

  39. Pamela says:

    been with you a long time…so I am going to take this journey also….no wellies, no ruffled t-shirt, or darling red shoes like yours, (not quite the size for said items) but I do fit into the list of must like…. Goldie Hahn…says take at least one minute in your day to sit quietly, close your eyes and breath….then keep adding a minute at a time til you are up to 20 mins…..she says it will improve your health and your sense of being…..and make you a happier person……I just love her…..and you….you are alike in your humor….waiting for the button!

    • sarah says:

      g’day Pamela

      I am so happy that you are taking the journey

      I have been here a long time too!!!

      get theeself some wellies and ruffles

      I am with Goldie, she needs to join our club right? ;-)

  40. Count me in!

    This morning we went apple picking, me, my two darling daughters and on daughters’ BFF!

    They had a ball – I had a styrofoam cup of steaming vanilla latte from the little shop down the road & my camera!

    We had a ball, roamed the rows of apple trees, filled out lungs with the cool misty air of the adelaide hills and ripe apples on the trees – amazing!!!!

    Oh and I had a ruffled scarf on!

    Best Saturday I have had in a while!!!!

    Thanks for the inspiration – hope your Saturday is as much fun!

  41. Gabrielle says:

    Oh count me in!!! Except I’ll take my coffee Hawaiian Style…other than that the list sounds perfect!!

  42. what a cool idea – I will be one of the ones with home made plunger coffee – we don’t live metro …. and I have a sick child … but we will have fresh safron milkcap mushrooms for lunch followed by blackberries – all picked from the forrest by my MR and first born (not the ill one) so while not technically a beachy vibe I think it will work for me – and be in the spirit of it all – best le xox

  43. Susan says:

    I am STILL joining in despite NOT having a white shirt with ruffles….. *hmph
    [I know you said I can't... but I don't actually believe you! you love me too much] ;)

    I will blog about my day……. so you will just have to go to me bloggie and read about it….. when I get it done.
    Gotta get me to a sofa & endure ‘funniest home videos’ with my four & six year olds….. I watch them watching it… they laugh and it’s just so fun to watch your children {or some of them} belly laugh…… and I *might have a frangelico in hand…… because I already had one with my dinner and now I want another…… then I might blog about my Saturday… ’cause it was pretty darn good :)

    Susan :)

  44. Glenda Steel says:

    I have just stumbled across your fabulous blog and had to write to say how brilliant it is! The cottage of course is sublime, but what I love most are the notes on how to achieve the look and shopping tips. I will definitely be a new follower from now on and am so glad that over a morning coffee I wander up to A Beach Cottage!
    Warmest wishes
    The Paper Mulberry

  45. Carly says:

    I DID IT! I sat! After soccer and some shopping and getting children’s lunch… I sewed myself a fab new scarfy thing and then sat proudly wearing it with cuppa and my new Country Style magazine. Didn’t feel guilty at all despite the washing waiting to be folded because I had a mission to complete after all ;-)
    <3 Saturday

  46. marsha says:

    i grew up wearing dresses and ruffles. so i do love those things. i love the coffee shop in b&n. i also gres up in an old house so we had wood floors and sash windows. i love it. have a good day.

  47. Marcia says:

    I mentioned to you last week about my Father-In-Law passing away, so I have taken the past week off from blogging. I am ready now, and this sounds like the perfect way to ease back in. I adore a good ruffle, it’s pouring rain here in Nor-Cal…but it’s OK, I am loving life!

  48. Grace says:

    I love all those things on your BC’er list and would love to be a part of the club…even though, on most Saturdays you can find me washing loads of baby laundry, wiping the snotty nose of my toddler and wading through the toys scattered all over the living room, listening to the cartoons on the tv while I try to run around the house and get things in some sort of order…but you know what, that’s my life right now. Not too much time to just stop and smell the roses, but lots of time to smell the sweaty little heads of my babies when they run up to me for kisses, fresh from outdoors with that yummy outdoor smell that I do so love on my boys, lots of time to run around crazy trying to “get it all done” and really not too much time to lazy around…but those days will come and my busy days will be a sweet memory. I love my life…and I do love Saturdays too! Especially with my coffee, which is a must on every morning! ;)

  49. Robynne says:

    Oh god, I don’t think I’ve got a ruffle in my wardrobe…I’m thinking…yeah there might be something…just a little ruffle. O.k. I’m in but I have to warn you my Saturday usually ends with a few glasses of champs (or usually cheaper proscecco)…so it could get a bit untidy! Robx

  50. Mary says:

    I’m in! Spent the morning taking my corgi on a long walk in the rain and am now back at home, comfy and about make a big hot chocolate. Love your blog, from Oregon, USA.

  51. Mama B says:

    Hey Sara, love this idea, haven’t been in a club since being way big! I adore Saturdays, no getting up for the school run although as fate has it Im up anyway. We had a great Saturday, cleaned the house (couldn’t put it off any longer) but I did it in my pyjama’s with ruffles! Then piled the twins in the car whilst the teens were sleeping and headed off to Emmaus, a huge warehouse full of some gorgeous retro/vintage goodies, roller bladed on the Promenade Des Anglais and then sipped espresso whilst the tweens ate banana split – yep great saturday. Bissou MamaB

    • sarah says:

      espresso and roller blading? Mama B I am thinking you need to be Vice Captain of the Saturday Club


  52. joyce tx says:

    Saturday mission accomplished! Sorry, no ruffles in sight, but so much enjoyed a frappuccino with my Main Man, sharing the week, and sitting in the fat spring raindrops that fell from a fairly blue sky. Gotta love that blue Texas sky! What a great way to spend an hour! Love the BC Club!!!!!!

  53. shirl' anderson says:

    Enjoyed a morning by MYSELF sipping on my tea and reading the newspaper. I did have ruffles on my footies. I have several pairs that I have had for years but actually had stashed in my drawer. So…….glad you started the Saturday Club. They were warm and fuzzy, as it is the second weekend of spring here in the USA. Calling for snow tonight….so I’ll probably have a Sunday with my ruffle footies tomorrow. Can’t wait for warmer weather so I can hit some yard sales on Saturdays!

  54. shirl' anderson says:

    P.S. Hope I made the list!

  55. Stina Sæm says:

    hi I hope I can join your club
    Love the idea of it.
    I have been in and out of your blog to day loking for a button to put on my blogg about the club (it will be the first button on my blogg ;-)


  56. Donna says:

    Don’t any of you ladies have Saturday sport? Me, I’m running between netball, rugby union and rugby league, plus throwing a party for fifteen 12 year olds. Would much rather be reading in an adirondack but…….

  57. @ the beach says:

    A little cloudy here, but a fun day none the less. Started with a stop at my favorite bakery in our area( and my shirt did have a ruffle around the collar). Shared croissants with my hubby and went hunting for a few furniture pieces for my shop. Found a couple of small tables, got them sanded and one of them primed. Then we headed over to an auction where we found a few more furniture pieces.Back home now, all nice and cozy, catching up on my favorite blogs. A great way to spend a rainy Saturday!
    Debbi @ the beach

  58. Fabulous idea. I love blogging because it has made me more aware of living life appreciatively and seeing creativity everywhere. So I hope I can make the list. Today i took time to make merangues to enjoy with my cups of tea. I wlso went for dinner with my Mum to Dome and my 2 young adult kids came too and it was most enjoyable, just enjoying them whilst relaxing over dinner with no effort needed. My cuppas were my time out and I wore a dress from Bali with ruffles down the middle. (Shame about the ruffles round my belly)Fiona

    • sarah says:

      it has made me aware too Fiona

      embrace the ruffles from Bali wth the belly

      I am doing that with my arms!


  59. Alia says:

    So I just saw this now and Saturday is almost over, but by happy coincidence I did something today that would make BCrs proud. I bought a vintage camera!!! Oh it is perfect for a BC Saturday and I just love it. I can’t wait to set up some little vignette to display it. I found it at an estate sale where I also bought a vintage airline brand lighter (still in the box), and a book on the history of carousels. Oh and did I mention lunch at a yummy cafe with the Mister? Quite a successful Saturday indeed, and I hadn’t even signed up for the club yet!

    ps. I ADORE those shoes.
    pps. Now that I think about it, my dress even had ruffles! Although to be fair, a lot of my clothes do.

  60. Martina says:

    I had a lovely saturday, me (had a spring outfit on) and boyfriend went to another town, an hours drive from here. There we strolled down the streets, taking our time, not rushing around as we usully do (of course being pregnant helps with that) sunshades on, went into some interior design shops (and a book shop). Met up with some dear friends, ate lunch at a greek restaurant, and from there we went to a garden shop and of course IKEA (we´re in Sweden so, it´s a given!) Then we went home (did some grocery shopping I admitt, but I actully love it!) and not making dinner – instead we keept it luxurios, and ate a really nice take out. Boyfriend enjoying with a beer and me with some soda (as I said – pregnant!) Sadly no ruffles in sight though… Hope I´m all clear for this mission :D

  61. Pearl Maple says:

    back to report vintage lace ruffles have been found to attach to a likely looking teeshirt perfect for Saturday Club adventures

  62. Robyn says:

    Have had a great weekend. I’ve told you all the essentials here;


    Have a great week!

  63. Jem says:

    Sign me up, Scottie! (please pardon the Star Trek references, I’m a closet Sci-Fi lover!)

    Well as a BC Saturday clubber I was all set to pop out for a delicious lunch (in a ruffled cardigan) and enjoy pottering round the local antiques shops looking for pretty kicks, but the poor fella is under the weather with real flu as opposed to man flu. So we made an indoor tent from vintage sheets and instead of lunching out I nipped to fetch gorgeous pastries from the bakery and some fab coffee to go. Today looks as though he’s even worse so I may get out the white paint and makeover a lampshade between making Lemsips!

    Hope you’ve been having a fabulous time!

    Jem xXx

  64. Deb says:

    Excellent idea. Sign me up scottie!

  65. Lynn says:

    I am so into your blog and since I have gotten my new laptop (her name is Lizzie) I am seeing the world around me with new eyes…thank you Sarah!!! Had to work yesterday , but did manage to paint a canvas with chalk paint and eat strawberrie with bisquicks and cream…and scan the net for a camera….next Saturday I am off and planning an outing…

  66. Bev says:

    Okay Sarah, I only did a couple of things today. No ruffles today but did have coffee brought to me buy a lovely daughter in law. And stared at my vintage gray Rolodex. Does that count ???

  67. JoAnna says:

    Well…….I started out taking photos of “My Saturday” but like you Sarah our Saturdays and Sundays are spent at the arena for Hockey x 3.
    So…..I posted a CAKE – we had friends for dinner Saturday night and we ate cake.
    Can’t wait til next weekend. Oh, plus the snow should be melted by then and I can take photos of the new growth in the garden!
    Happy week.


  68. Susan says:

    A white shirt with small ruffles, a day spent buying plants and new outdoor furniture, dinner and a movie with the girls the topped off the night with a cup of chai made in my Keurig! A beautiful Saturday in Florida!

  69. Beckie says:

    My Saturday morning ritual lately involves waking up early-ish. Taking my coffee back to bed while un-interuptably browsing pinterest and following the trail of links to wonderful wonderful things. No TV, no roommate, no animals. Just coffee and quiet time before I start my Saturday projects which inevitably turn into Sunday projects too. Speaking of I have a table to go finish sanding… In the name of weekend inspiration, Cheers!

  70. Kriszina says:

    I’ve been sick as a dog this weekend but did manage coffee and time to read all your lovely adventures … so, I think that counts as well!
    Looking forward to next weekend Ladies!

  71. I joined in – just about to blog about it …….well, it was a variation on the theme.

    I wore a purple top with a ruffle over a white tshirt. It was never going to be coffee (I don’t do coffee), thought it was going to be a diet coke on the beach, but it was nearly lunchtime, so it turned into a tea and an ulster fry in the harbour cafe in Ballycastle :)

    Any plans to host a linky for this so we can visit each other?

  72. Christie says:

    Ahhh, it all sounds so lovely! I love it when things are relaxed and time just flows around you while you are appreciating pretty things and happy thoughts. It’s the best. Yesterday, was a little gardening , a big lunch at my favorite Mexican restaurant and a little thrifting… ~ christie

  73. pam in oregon says:

    I want to join! Please sign me up, I love that I now have every excuse t enjoy my Saturdays in the name of being a member in good standing of the BC Saturday’s club. I will dream up an ideal way to spend my next Saturday, and it definately won’t include a migraine, like the one that kept me in bed all day and ruined all my plans for yesterday. Argh!

    Loved seeing ehat you were up to, and I think you looked marvelous in ruffles.

  74. Planned a nice Saturday … and carried it out. Pedicure early am, nice lunch with my husband, haircut in the arvo and dinner at close, comfortable “old friends” place ( it’s the friendship that has seen many years, not the people! :-) .

    Read that someone thought they couldn’t do ruffles because they were big-busted. I think the trick is to have the ruffles going in a down direction, rather than an across direction, thereby drawing the eye away rather than adding extra bulk. Just a thought, anyway.
    Love the idea of BC Saturdays, Sarah! I’d like to join.

  75. The Freckled Minx says:

    We sat, we sipped and we people watched. Just love to watch the peps! There were comfy ruffle black flats (thanks Tony Bianco) and I couldn’t get the look right with the ruffled shirt (you know how it is sometimes) so I threw on a ruffled scarf! First mission – Delicious and can’t wait for more!

  76. Anayancy says:

    I’d love to join!!Please add me..too bad i missed this weeks mission.

  77. Jo says:

    I <3 ruffles too, sat in McDonald's playground for seven year old's party… ruffles check, coffee check, Autumn sun shinning check… mission accomplished :)

  78. Completed but in Surrey rather than glamorous Sydney! Blogged here: http://bishtyblog.blogspot.com/ Looking forward to the next one!

  79. sharran miles says:

    Hi Sarah i think i signed in on the wrong blog!!!!…. but im in ruffles /coffee /sunshine!!! even went out n bought my daughter a ruffled t shirt (she’s 5) so she can join me!!!!lookn forward to your nxt 1….. :) sharran

  80. Lindsay S says:

    Oh, I wish I had seen this post before Saturday! I would substitute tea for the coffee, but the rest sounds heavenly! Will there be another challenge next week?

  81. Gorgeous and I would love to
    join you for the next assignment!!
    Last Saturday I was on holiday
    in beautiful Palm Springs, CA,
    haunting thrift shops, hiking along
    a desert oasis, enjoying spring
    strawberries and most of all,
    hanging out with my kids, hubby
    and my parents. Doesn’t get much
    better than that : )
    xx Suzanne

  82. Hi Sarah! I would LOVE to become a part of your Saturday club! I also live on the Northern Beaches, so who knows, I might run into you on a treasure hunt one day soon!

    Talk soon,
    michelle x

  83. Carrie-Ann says:

    I am so happy that I stumbled upon your Beach Cotage blog!
    Your Saturday’s list could be my own. Please add me to your Saturday’s Club.
    Thank you from the west coast of Vancouver, Canada.