There’s a New Girl in Town…Meet Millicent plus a Winner!

Thu 10th, Feb, 2011

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I thought you all might like to meet a new girl to the BC Crew…her name is Millicent and she now lives in the States via the Beach Cottage KitchenAid Giveaway a few weeks ago and was delivered to her new owner Anne recently who has since been baking up a storm!

I got this lovely email from Anne when Milli first hit her new home…

hi sarah!
SHE has arrived!!! i wanted to let you know right away….photos will be coming later!
yes, i call her “she.” i have a history of naming my favorite toys.

Then a couple of days later Anne emailed me lots of pics to show what a wonderful time they are having together..

I must say I think Millicent has found a perfect new home with Anne and it all seems very appropriate to me…I mean there’s lots of white…and chalkboard walls and chocolate…couldn’t be better…

Hi Sarah,
Yesterday I bonded with MILLI as we worked together to make a cake for my husband’s birthday. I was thinking of naming her “Milli Vanilli”– and today I researched the name Millicent and found it means “strong work.” Oh, so very fitting– we had an adventure involving butter, flour, sugar, eggs, unsweetened cocoa-mixed-in-boiling-water when chocolate “flew” onto the floor, my socks, the wall, and my refrigerator!! Her STRENGTH is IMPRESSIVE!!!


But we prevailed and together ended up with a beautiful chocolate layer cake! :)
I’ve included photos of our time together AND included some photos to help you THINK COLD during your heat wave…I hope it helps! :)



Now, time to make the icing….holding my breath this time, as Milli, mixes up the melted chocolate…ahhhh, I’m learning to handle her….gently…very gently.. :)



and this is where Millicent is calling home…baby it’s cold outside ;-)


and all this has made me smile and is exactly why you’ll be seeing plenty more BC Giveaways…I love the interaction, I love to hear all about you, I love to give things away and I love how the internet makes the world smaller…

Be seeing you soon I’ve some vintage china to show you..

and Anthropologie winner is Kim from White Whispers To You

…a little birdie told me she’ll soon have a new beach house to decorate

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24 Responses to “There’s a New Girl in Town…Meet Millicent plus a Winner!”

  1. lg says:

    Great post! I’m so chuffed that Anne loves her blender – and I had nothing to do with it! Good on you Mrs BC – all that good karma is sure to make it’s way back to you soon.

    ps wanna go to Vinnies with me in the morning????

    lg xx

  2. Tricia Rose says:

    I love Anne’s kitchen, so many good ideas packed into one space!

    Millicent. Millicent. What an apt and wonderful name.

  3. I love your blog look! So calming! Love the colors and pictures!

  4. Lisa says:

    Haha Millicent looks right at home, love the pictures. Congratulations Anne. And Kim, I hope this means we get to watch a fantatic do-up of a beach cottage. Congratulations girls.

    Lisa x

  5. Felicity says:

    Mix it Milly, mix it!

    Great to see that your wonderful gift went to an appreciative AND lovely new home Sarah.

    Looking forward to more unwrapping soon,

    Felicity x

  6. Anne says:

    Ahhh yes!!! Australia feels only a hop, skip, and a jump away now for me…AND as for BOTH myself and Millicent :) :) — OUR HEARTS are WARM from all this fun–even if it is only 9 degrees Fahrenheit outside! Thanks again, Sarah!

  7. Kimberly says:

    Wow, I do believe that Millicent has found the perfect home with Anne! In fact, Anne’s kitchen is such a perfect match for Milli that I can honestly say I am glad that Anne won her and I did not — my apartment kitchen is quite blah and just would not do a beauty like Milli any justice at all! So again, congratulations to Anne, and to Milli!

    And congrats to Kim for the Anthro win … good on you!



  8. marylou says:

    Congrats Anne and Kim…….how lovely is this giving thing you got going on?!?!?!

    STUPENDOUSLY lovely((*_*))

    May it return to you 10 fold~~


  9. Kirsty says:

    Congratulations Anne and Kim… you lucky lucky ducks! I’m green.

  10. Katherine says:

    That’s a good story Sarah! Nice.
    Thanks for sharing the “love”! You are a generous soul.
    Katherine X

  11. Nice mixer! Great blog!

  12. Alice says:

    lol! Love it!

  13. Susan says:

    Congratulations to Anne and thanks for sharing her successes with her new found friend. I quite simply adore mine too… I stroke it when ‘she’ is out on the bench and DREAM of the day when she will stay OUT. Anyone who reads that is ummming & ahhhing about getting themselves a kitchenaid…… I would just say yes. an investment but oh the LOVE. Worth every penny….. or cent.

    Sarah, you are so generous…. well done XX

  14. Kim says:

    Miss Sarah~I won I really, really won……..I’m soooo excited! Yes I hope to have a new Beach home but it won’t be as Fab as your’s.We are looking at new and really they are no fun.Going in on it with my parents so I have to get what they all want as well.Sooo sad! But I will have the go ahead to deocorate it myself.I will post pictures for sure.Love all the fun photos with the famous mixer.Thanks so much I will email you my info.~Cheers Kim

  15. Deb says:

    Oh Millicent looks very at home. Congrats to Anne and Kim. Lucky girls indeed.

  16. Kathy says:

    Sounds like it couldn’t have gone to a nicer home…I loved reading her words….beautiful and of course chalkboards and white…definately a good “MIX” (ha ha). Kathy, Enoggera, Brisbane xxxx

  17. Camilla says:

    Sounds like she got a very nice home. Though…snow pictures! I WANT SPRING! ;)

  18. catheine says:

    my kitchenaid stand mixer is my absolute favorite appliance ever. it is so pretty that it actually always stays out on my counter. sounds like you love yours as much as i do.

  19. dramaqueen says:

    I have wanted one of these beauties for years – but alas children, mortgages and associated expenses keep getting in my way. I have a boring yet practical question for you all.
    I have seen Kitchenaids on ebay for half the costs charged here in Australia. If I bought one would I need to have the power cord adapted by an electrician to fit an Aussie power point or would it be sufficient to use a travel style adapter plug???

    If Millie originated down under did Anne have the same conundrum (but in reverse, so to speak)?

    Thanks :-)

    • sarah says:

      no, Millie was ordered from Amazon USA – you would not* be able to use a travel style adapter and yes I want one too…but at c $800 as compared to under $200 in the US, this is a much bigger purchase here…:-)

      • dramaqueen says:

        this is a very sad conundrum :-(

        I have wanted one for years – fantasised about colours. The white would look lovely on my kitchen bench but my brothers gave me a red breville coffee maker a few years ago and now I have a few red accents in the kitchen.

        It’s all fantasy of course, I can’t afford one at this point in time.

        $200 in the US? Maybe i will consult and electrician about the possibility of changing the lead????