Therapy with Flowers Beach Cottage Style

Fri 11th, Feb, 2011

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G’day, Happy Friday. How are you?

Wanna talk about flowers and vintage china?  Well come in, sit down & get comfy.

See that blue china up there…well that is a fave blue dish – one I love to within an inch of it’s life, it is a Grindley Petal (I kinda collect Petal, though the idea of being a collector drums up all sorts of horrid connotations of men in beige anoraks and spreadsheets to me, so I hesitate to call my adventures with the stash in the back of my wardrobe a collection…I prefer to think of myself a little less, how shall we say…regulated than a ‘collector’…especially as there is no more expertise in my dilly-dallying other than what I like the look of, or no more knowledge other than what is stamped on the bottom)


I love this dish though, knowledge or expertise aside, and she has been just about begging to come out of hiding and get a life…

I love her name – Lupin

…it conjures up, for me, pictures of old English cottages deep in the countryside, teaming with Lupins around a creaky old white wooden gate swinging in a summer’s breeze.

Granted that’s a lot to get from a dish oh about 17000kms away from the sweet romantic notions you are giving it, but indulge me here.


Now I have to say that this week I have been erring on the side of melancholy and I thought twice about admitting that, I mean there is not much I have to be melancholy about, but seeing as this blog, by association is of the autobiographical genre…and because this blog post is the result of me doing what I do when woebegone, then here’s the truth…


You see, when feeling rather down in the dumps I do a few bolstering things…though please none of this pulling myself up by the bootstraps, no, I like to wallow around a bit


…look at vintage things, and buy flowers, and read books, and not talk to anyone else and generally mooch around in my familiar place…I have a penchant for this old-fashioned at home pottering, practiced so expertly by our grandmothers…


And so I did precisely that…mooched with flowers and china and before long and just because a shed load of flowers somehow means that you cannot stay blue…as if by magic the gloominess disappeared…

And so that is it ..my vintage-china-table-decorating-lupin-loving therapy session.


At about 8 or so bucks a bunch, I reckon that’s the best deal you’re gonna find on therapy just about anywhere

Mr BC asked why all the flowers…I just raised my eyebrows ;-)

Over and out

p.s this flower therapy inspired by Maria’s oh-so-very-dreamy Valentine post...thank you for the inspiration (if you need some online-therapy visit the Dreamy Whites shop and drool)



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53 Responses to “Therapy with Flowers Beach Cottage Style”

  1. tami says:

    Sarah, this is my kind of therapy. You have a way with flowers in case no one’s told you. And there is a definite talent to it. A skill is required. Believe me, I know. And you certainly have it.
    This is beautiful, and even if one did not spend the 8 bucks, and they’re sitting with their laptop, alone with the blues, they can pop over to your blog, and they’ll wane. Gorgeous as always, xoxo tami

  2. I went to Trader Joes and bought a bunch of ranunclus and a few pink roses and they did indeed lift my spirits. I get it.

  3. white tulips from my son this week for my birthday…definitely lifted my spirits. esp in the middle of winter..and esp from my son ;)

  4. It makes my day to come visit and read all your wonderfully written stories of life and your cottage. I do hope the flowers did the trick and cheered you right up! It’s so cold and dreary here and seems spring will never arrive so I’m constantly buying the prettiest and brightest flowers I can find… for my sanity!

    Hope tomorrow is a cheery and bright one!

  5. Katherine says:

    Hope the flower therapy put a smile back on your face? It did mine : )
    Best wishes,
    Katherine X

  6. shirl' anderson says:

    As always you lift my spirits. The flowers and china are beautiful as are your eloquently written words.

  7. Rupa says:

    this has definitely lifted my spirit ! thanks so much for sharing !

  8. Ros Wyatt says:

    This post definitely lifted my spirits, that is for sure. Such a beautiful blue dish and I love that mug too. The eight bucks was 100 % worth it – now you have cheered yourself and so many others – with such style!

  9. Lark says:

    I have three floor to ceiling windows that face my front yard and have no window coverings as of yet. Sometimes I feel like we are living in a fish bowl. My solution…put an inexpensive bouquet of whatever is available at Trader Joes or the farmers market on the small tea table that sits in front of the center window. Right now I have a big display of mimosas. I paid 5 bucks for them almost two weeks ago and they are still looking good! That sure beats any therapy session. Feeling melancholy is part of life and a great excuse to buy oneself flowers!!!

  10. Funnily enough (probably not a good word to use) but I was having a bit of a “blurk” day today too so took myself off to some of my favourite haunts for a treasure hunt. Then for a long walk around the Rhodedendron gardens with my favourite tunes playing in my ears and now feel as good as new. Havent even unpacked my treasures yet. Love your Lupin, I have been collecting the pastel meakins in the coffee pot and chocolate pots. So far have Rosa, Celeste, Golden Dawn and Jade.

  11. fiberdoodles says:

    Just beautiful! My therapy is quilting and my husband is very understanding when I indulge. He says it is cheaper than seeing a Therapist and I so agree, but how lovely are those flowers ;0) Enjoy your day!!

  12. Courtney says:

    Sorry you’ve been feeling a bit down Sarah : ( I hope the flowers and vintage treasures cheer you up! I do that sort of thing too when I need a pick me up. Everything looks lovely!

  13. Marcia says:

    I think you’re pretty inspiring there yourself Sarah! Those flowers are beautiful. I’m glad the blues are gone, except for the pretty ones in your China :-)
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  14. Lisa says:

    I just bought a cute blue Bessemer jug which matches your “lupin” perfectly. Mine will have white daisies, as soon as I can pinch some – I mean be offered some from someones garden. Glad you are feeling a bit cheered up now. Flowers and lovely china will do it. I went to a currently unttended lavender farm today, and was allowed to take as much as I wanted of the many varieties. Now my home reeks of it. But it’s so pretty.

    Lisa x

  15. elin says:

    So beautifuel…

  16. AnnaM says:

    So happy to see those beautiful flowers mixed in with that always spectacular white cottage of yours. I am personally feeling cheerier because of your photos and your sweet and honest spirit. So nice to have a friend in your beautiful Australia. Here’s to happy days ahead.

  17. I love having fresh flowers in the house! They such a nice touch :)

  18. *Tasiaa says:

    Lovely inspiration on a rainy day in Germany!


  19. HRH Sarah says:

    Melancholy doesn’t need a reason, just a little wallowing! I tend to read Jane Austen and stay up too late when I’m blue. Although I really don’t need a single reason in this world to pick up Jane Austen… I love your dish, too. There really is something special about a beautifully shaped dish in a gorgeous color.

  20. That’s really nice!

    I am a bit jealous of you because of all the flowers. For some reason, the flowers (except for tulips) here are always very expensive so I hardly ever get around buying any.

  21. Joni says:

    Oh, gosh, your ‘pottering’ about is just gorgeous! That background makes those beauties just POP! LOVERLY! We are so longing for spring here in this subzero arctic tundra!

  22. Jean says:

    Hi Sara: Always love your photos and am envious you are in summer while it’s below zero in Minnesota. Question for you. I have several mirrors like yours that I want to attach to a wall and have yet to find a “bracket” to make this happen. Been to my local hardware stores — guess maybe I don’t know what to look for — what did you use? Thanks for the input. Have a great day.

  23. I hope you don’t mind but I’ve used some of your pictures over on my blog, I’ve linked through to you of course. They seem to sum up exaclty what I needed, after a terrible week in grey blighty. I think you made a very good decision in your move to Oz, your posts are always so lovely!

  24. i could jump right into that setting and never leave. lovely.

  25. Laura says:

    Well your flowers just went and cheered me up too, so that is double extra money well spent!! Lx

  26. marylou says:

    No matter what type of budget I am on I make sure there are always coins for flowers;-)

    No, doesn’t solve my problems but sure makes finding a solution a more cheerful project ((*_*))


  27. Flowers are GREAT therapy!!

    This is so pretty Sarah………I really love it!

  28. Brenda Kula says:

    Blooms will definitely perk a gal up, for sure. When I’m a bit blue, I redecorate some little corner and suddenly I’ve forgotten my worries!

  29. Anne says:

    oh, how beautiful…
    your sweet lupin begged (in a whisper of course) that she wanted to come out of hiding;
    you cheered her up giving her front and center on your bc table.
    then pottered some more….with beautiful flowers
    and found yourself all cheered up!
    …smart therapy– almost as good as mowing! ;)

  30. Roberta says:

    Well Sarah, you know ‘they’ say that flowers really induce happiness and I say the more, the merrier! I just placed a little $3 hyacinth,in a pretty glass on my windowsill! Cheery ~:)

  31. Meghan says:

    Oh, why oh why did I go to Dreamy Whites online? Seriously one of the most beautiful decor shopping websites I’ve seen. Of course, your blog is one of the prettier blogs I’ve ever come across, and I want my house to look as clean and peaceful as yours someday, so I’m not surprised that you would link to Dreamy Whites…. just sayin…

  32. Sally says:

    Sarah…..What a fun lovely post to come home to my dear friend! You’ve inpsired me to buy some flowers in the morning. Daises have always been my favorite! Such a “happy” flower! :) I treasure your updates in my inobox each day and thank you for the gift of joy and nspiration you bring to my life!

    Sending love and hugs……..Sally

    PS….sure wish I could wish your rooms all the way to my home in Arizona. You have a beautiful gift for deocratimg!!

  33. Thanks for providing therapy, Sarah, for this winter worn girl.


  34. I love tulips and that red against all that white…lovely!

  35. Rachel says:

    Glad that you’ve cheered up. Registered psychologists charge A$160 per hour. You’ve just saved A$152 for a well deserved thrifting session. Can’t wait to see your next vintage finds ;)

  36. Flower therapy works for me, too. Your room is gorgeous. I love the wall treatment you did with the mirrors and the architectural piece (old door?) and the whiteness of your room is the perfect backdrop for those beautiful flowers. The lovely Lupin looks so special where you have placed her. Thanks for a great post. I look forward to checking out your blog!

  37. Alia says:

    Oh so pretty! Love the flowers and the vintage dish love. Remember for the giveaway when you asked about everyone’s bedding? Well mine was all lame, but not anymore! Inspired by you (and with the help of a gift certificate) I just bought the loveliest all white with pretty chenille pattern and fringe, blanket from Macy’s. Yay! And there will soon be new sheets to go with it, my bed is getting a well deserved makeover. It is hasn’t arrived yet, but I am sure there will be many pictures when it does!

  38. dramaqueen says:

    So many of us on a similar wavelength.
    Only yesterday I was feeling a bit “blah” and took myself off for a little wander through a lovely book shop for half an hour or so, followed by coffee and an $8 bunch of mini gerberas to bring home.

    I surprised myself by picking up yellow flowers – rarely my first choice – and they look a treat in the wire basket of little vases I purchased just before Christmas. That corner of my kitchen looks brighter as does my smile.

    It’s much cheaper than my other favourite form of self help – a touch of dress shopping! ;-)

  39. Viv says:

    very nice, but I was wondering…… what exactly is wrong with men in beige anoraks and spreadsheets ???!!!

  40. Felicity says:

    Sarah, just love the word Lupin also. Kinda like snowdrop and bluebell. Whoever named flowers certainly picked some gorgeous ones. Hope you brought all your china from UK because, as you may have found, beautiful vintage china (I’m talking Limoges, Havilland etc.) is very, very hard to find here in Oz. If anyones notifies you about a good source that’s nicely proced would love you to share it!! By the way I remember reading your hilarious post some time ago about your “crockpot” or slow cooker, whatever you call it I find it often causes people to screw up their faces when you meantion it, but pop by http://www.crockpot365.blogspot.com. She has some great recipes. Have just made her Creme Brulee. To die for !!! Kind regards,Felicity

  41. Kelly Ash says:

    Isn’t is just amazing how adding some flowers can just give you that instant pick-me-up?! They are my go-to fix for when I’m having a sad day!!

    I’m a staunch advocate of “Bloom therapy”! :)


  42. Hey Sarah (oooh, what a lovely name!!),

    This looks completely gorgeous!! I love your photos. They’re so dreamy and inspiring. I’m just about to become your newest follower.


  43. Sue says:

    Sarah, love the name, by the way, it’s my daughter’s middle name, you have so inspired me with the beautiful flowers to continue with the hope that we will someday again see flowers in our yard, considering we are buried under at the moment, with approx. 7 ft of snow on our lawn! And the color combo. is so fitting, considering it’s Valentine’s Day. By the way, Happy Valentine’s Day!

  44. Maureen says:

    Happy Valentines day Sarah!
    Maureen x

  45. Sarah says:

    Such beautiful photos and vignettes – these will cheer anyone up asap!! I love Grindley and have some lovely bowls I bought last year at an antique shop with pink flowers…watch for them soon on my blog!! Happy Valentine’s Day!! :0

  46. Hey Sarah,
    Belated Valentine’s Day wishes to you! I love your flower power therapy. Such beautiful photos….blog therapy perhaps ?
    I always feel better after looking at ABC. Thanks.
    x Marnie from 3 Pickles

  47. EDNA SALTER says:

    so great as always…. tks for sharing with us all

  48. Heather says:

    I did this exact thing last week! And yes so much cheaper than therapist ;) And so thankful that I have the flowers as none arrived on my doorstep this Valentine’s day. It’s ok cause I love chocolate too… and I love your blog. So your $8 flowers cheered ya up and a whole lot of others I’m thinking too :)

    Keepen’ it real on Post Road! Thanks for the inspiration as always :)

  49. Works for me…that and a long walk with a friend.
    Mary Ann

  50. Sibylle says:

    Beautiful pictures Sarah-as always;-)

  51. Sett penis (eller leketøy) bestemt mot åpningen, men ikke press
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