Fri 4th, Feb, 2011

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It is so hot I can only speak in lists*

and seeing as it’s meant to be cool to blog in lists

I thought I’d try anything to get cool

*in fact I can only think in lists

my head is about to explode from the heat

*it was too hot for flowers

so I bought balloons

*there were eyebrows

from the husband

when he saw these in the room

and shaking of head

from teenagers


but gosh in 100 degree heat

**at Pimms-O-Clock

what is a girl to do?


retreat with a jug

and a bunch of balloons

it’s much more interesting

than doing housework in the heat

now if you speak List

and like that white quilt

then guess what?


you could win

** a $100 Anthropologie Gift Card

where you can buy the quilt

and to enter

simply answer the following question in the Comments section of this post

What’s your bed dressed up in right now & what colour is your linen?

….do you sleep under layers of colourful quilts and eiderdowns

or do you only sleep with white cotton & balloons?


The Rules : Ends end of play Tuesday**

extra chances to win just post a link to my site to any of the social networking sites…

leave another comment for each social networking site you posted to

winner selected at random    posted Wednesday

open worldwide

over and out

roasting Down Under

in the hottest cottage in the world



if you don’t sleep in a bed or want a quilt

or need a Gift Card

leave me a comment anyway…

I need them…

am stuck in a very torrid old cottage

with 3 sticky children,

one melting husband,

a jugful of Pimms

and a loada balloons…

and if you love white things?  well pop over to Faded Charm for White Wed…you’ll be a while!



Giveaway Sponsored by abeachcottage.com & in no way affiliated to or sponsored by Anthropologie **Aussie Gals Gift Card of your choice
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723 Responses to “GIVEAWAY ANTHROPOLOGIE Gift Card!”

  1. It’s 2 degrees here, so my bedding is flannel sheets with sheep on them. The matelassé, duvet, Euro shams, and shams are all from Pottery Barn and are in soft, swirly sea tones. VERY restful and helps me to think WARM in the dead of winter.

  2. krystie says:

    I just bought a new shabby chic comforter from target that I LOVE. My boy hates down comforters because he gets too hot, even though it may be 15 degrees at night.

    In the spring/summer, our sheets are always white. In the winter we use flannel ( usually flower or xmas) themed.

    I’m on the hunt for some white ruffle pillow cases!

  3. kerrie says:

    Who doesn’t want to go shopping at Anthro??????????????

    I normally sleep under layers of white…sheets with a bit of seafoam stitching on the edge, white down, white ruffle top sheet…but it is winter and last week I wanted a bit of color…so I am sleeping under pale blue flannet sheets, a beige Rachel Ashwell quilt with deep brown and pale pink stitchery, and a soft fuzzy champagne throw.

    I often buy white heart or star balloons at our local Dollar Tree…for a bit of whimsy.

    Stay cool….

    is your vintage fan on?

  4. Helen T says:

    this summer I have been sleeping under white crochet, as i love the colour contrast against my black bed, and plain white sheets. In winter I love me some quilts and because winter is a bit stark I tend to like my quilts with flowers and colour and my sheets have ticking stripes in shades of red!

  5. Melinda says:

    White white and more white

    Textures, cottons, soft light as a feather quilts

    Cotton blankets, plump pillows, white flowers on the nightstand, summertime reading in stacks.

    Its hot and sticky here this summer but a big pluffly white cloud is heaven now and all year round.

  6. Shelly says:

    Hi Sarah!

    My linen is all crisp white. My duvet is white with a tiny double black border around it. Kind of has a hotel kind of look to it.
    I’m actually thinking it’s about time to change things up. Love your blog Sarah! Thank you so much for sharing!


  7. Kerry says:

    My bed…unmade at the moment (horrors at 5pm!) has hot pink sheets, black euro pillows, snowy white normal pillows and a black and white toile throw with matching pillow shams. Sounds revolting…but looks quite glam against my black wall and white painted indian screen…even though I know self praise is absolutely no recommendation :)

  8. Tiff says:

    The sticky type of heat is just horrible! I have it too, so I’m sleeping under caramel coloured sheets right now and that’s it! Most nights I ditch the top sheet too. In winter I go white, but use a variety of vintage quilts to keep warm.

  9. Valerie says:

    Did some one say Anthro?
    What’s not to love!

    Sleep… I adore.
    I adore my sleep under white, with hints of embroidered sandlewood!
    Cotton, crisp cotton! Lot’s of pillows, a husband and a dog:)

    I love the balloons and I really love that they are white!
    I think they are a dreamy touch and why not?
    I must admit
    I am jealous of the heat … to hot or not.
    I will take heat over cold anyday!

  10. Jen says:

    Just a down comforter (it’s 18 degrees here) and lovely white sheets we got fir Christmas. I LOVE your bedroom…the balloons fit right in :)

  11. Kayla says:

    i sleep under a light grey duvet cover and sheets with a leaf medallion pattern that are a charcoal. & a handmade quilt from my gg. & pillows. lots and lots of soft pillows

  12. I’m sorry you’re so hot down under! I’m freezing here in the Pacific Northwest! But, having no air-conditioning myself, I would rather be cold at night than hot.
    My sheets are white, and I only need a thin quilt, a Ralph Lauren one that I’ve had for years. I have a blue and white striped duvet cover for decoration.
    Stay cool! Thanks for hosting such a lovely giveaway! I LOVE Anthro!!

  13. Marissa says:

    I live in chilly Ontario, Canada! So i am bundled up super tight, under the covers-under warm flannel sheets and a couple more warm blankets and a big grey flower comforter. Also with me is my little bundle of joy, Bella, who is nestled next to my tummy (she should be in her crib-but I love our cuddles). Now it’s time for me to get some rest before baby wants to wake up and eat. Godbless xo

  14. Audrey Crisp says:

    Can U.S. Residents win? If so, we sleep with a duvet cover that’s white! Love it!

  15. Karen Hancock says:

    here it is quite hot (40ish)
    so up i turn the air con
    and dive in under delicious fluffy doonas of white
    with paper pom poms
    floating above my head
    and fairy lights glittering around
    a baby cot to one side
    a pussy cat at my feet
    visitors in the night are aplenty
    four little boys
    of different shapes and sizes
    pop in with me
    hiding from monsters
    or pirates
    or just a wet bed
    maybe for cuddles
    or to yell up you get mum
    its my hide away
    its my happy spot
    oh i feel a snooze coming on

  16. Kayla says:

    & tweet tweet tweeted this gift too! http://twitter.com/kaylabirds

  17. Teresa T. says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Since it is still fairly cold here in North Carolina and we have had some grey days we are sleeping on white flannel, a down blanket and then another down comforter encased in a bright green and rainbow striped duvet cover originally from Pottery Barn. Ah, here is the kicker…bought at the Good Will for $1.39 a pound which equals to about $7.00. Can’t beat that. I would be very thrifty and use the gift card to purchase something sensational. May I say it was a birthday present since Fe. 5th will be my 50th? OOOOOhhhhhh, first time I wrote it down, doesn’t sound like so many years when you say it. Maybe I am due a fluffy white bed cover so I can eat the bon bons in style.
    Stay cool sweetheart, I am thinking about you.

    Always, Teresa T.

  18. Lucy says:

    I’m in Adelaide where it’s been over 34c for days and days and what is worse it’s been that same temperature AT NIGHT…..we are melting.
    So while my bed is dressed 100% cotton quilt cover and white sheets we are sleeping in nothing, on nothing and under nothing.
    But that doesn’t mean in a week or two or three or four that a GORGEOUS white eiderdown wouldn’t look a little bit lovely or feel ever so nice!
    Hope you don’t melt before pulling me from the hat!

  19. Diane Robertson says:

    I love my bedroom and my bed. In the humidity of our summer this year, we are sleeping under just our doona cover, a lovely mushroom colour “Neige” from The Kylie at Home Collection. The bed is always dressed with white linen sheets year round.
    Five European Pillows scattered on the top and adorned with lovley Edwardian Pillowshams, their softness is so cosy to snuggle into at night. Yep I love my bedroom and my bed.

  20. Kim says:

    Miss Sarah~ Your a Hoot! I think the Balloons are fun and mix things up a bit.
    We had sunny skies which is rare for here in the winter.
    I sleep under the best Linen duvet & quilt a girl could buy from my favorite place Restoration Hardware.
    The color is fog a light gray/grey love them.
    I could do some shopping at Anthro though love them too!
    I am very tired slept with my lil grandson last night so my daughter could sleep, he’s up all night teething Ugh!
    I am off to bed.~Cheers Kim

  21. just Martha says:

    I have pale blue sheets and a white Laura Ashley bedspread with accent cushions of blues and spots. I like it all tucked in with the top sheet showing. Fussy I know but it brings me such joy to see a nice, crisp invitingly inviting bed. My hubby is a builder but I won’t let him make it when I change the sheets because he is a bit too slap-happy. His theory is that he is just about to get into it which is very logical but so not the point. Take joy in the simple things in life I say! Bliss!! No doona here as it is a bit too hot!

  22. Lizzie says:

    I sleep in plain white sheets with a white comforter and, when I want extra fluff, a blue one too. My favorite part of all of my bedding is the feather pillows. Man, how I love those feather pillows.

  23. my bed is currently dressed up in taupe organic cotton sheets, a white embroidered cotton quilt cover (minus the quilt and both purchased from Targe’ ha ha) and a tassled creamy white chenille bedspread i found for a tiny $5 from a church garage sale. my mountain of pillows are always wearing a mix of white, natural coloured and floral pillowcases- mostly vintage- i find them softer ;))
    air con in the bedroom means i can snuggle up under a few layers, but the layers are still nice and light :))
    i have never had the privilege of shopping at Anthro, and would SOOOO love to win!!!

  24. it’s the coldest weather that we’ve had in over 20 years, at -9 degrees, so I currently have my regular ‘pretty’ comforter(linen, light blue & white), but on top of it are my down comforter and several throws. THere’s a gas shortage, so there’s a real possibility that when I wake up tomorrow morning, the heat will be off!

  25. cherrie says:

    you need to swim
    at the beach
    in a white one piece
    cream sheets for me
    and lots of quilts
    in whites and softness
    or just one
    when the mood is hot

  26. Currently sleeping under a down comforter in sheets in shades of grey and taupe…bought under pressure when we moved and the new bed arrived and i remembered I had not bought linens yet! Ran to HomeSense..and bought them..and you know what? I love them!! They go really well in our room. Only found one little extra pillow for accent so far…but I will find more. :-) Maybe at Anthro?? That would be sweet! Sorry you have to drink so many Pimms…poor you!

  27. Felicity says:

    Although our bed is dressed, it quickly gets demolished each night as we push away the sheets in preference to the cool air from the fan above.

    I have the loveliest blue-grey sheets topped with a summer weight white waffle weave bedspread [say that after a Pimms or three!]

    Here’s to cooler days and nights,

    Felicity x

  28. Felicity says:

    I’ve spread the word about this deliciousness on FB too,


  29. stayday says:

    I currently have 1000 thread count slate coloured sheets and a light doona in a geometrical pattern.

  30. Kathy M. says:

    My bed is covered in various shades of green. I want to change its look sometime soon, but in the meanwhile, it’s comfy and warm. Thanks so much for the giveaway! I love Anthropologie. :)

  31. Kathy M. says:

    I posted a link to this giveaway on my FB page.

  32. Kathy M. says:

    I also Tweeted about the giveaway. Thanks again!

  33. Carly Black says:

    I challenge you for the title of hottest cottage… and mine is a main road cottage, not the charming beach kind. So hot in here that I sleep under (well only a knee under lately) a lovely summer weight thai silk cream and pink bedspread. It was a gift and I love it (has lasted through a boyfriend or two and now onto my fiance – oooh first time I have used that word!) but it is unfortunately on it’s last legs with a few holes appearing. I love it so much I feel a little sad each year when I have to get my winter weight doona out – even though I am totally a winter person. It’s paired with a pale green sheet because I love the combo of green and pink accents together on a white or cream background.

    Love the blog!

  34. Brismod says:

    At the moment it is white cotton sheets and a vintage red and pink tifaifai (embroidered cotton bedspread) from French Polynesia. It is all we can bear to have on the bed when it is so hot! xx

  35. Kay says:

    I can’t imagine sleeping in anything other than white cotton..never thought of balloons though!

  36. beverley.prentice@bigpond.com says:

    Sleeping under a pale blue sheet….did have a soft striped palest of blue quilt but new puppy decided to wee! just a wee wee! but now its in the wash…..humidity at above 80 percent and fans are blowing a gale as the evaporative coooler just made all the floor beds like a pond!

  37. erin says:

    I’m going to sound like a spoiled brat, coz I do have a lovely room but it just isn’t doing it for me anymore. The walls are purple, the carpet is green, the furniture is brown timber and the bedquilt is floral…sometimes mauve sometime pink. What I really am yearning for is a natural coloured carpet, maybe a taupe/beige shade on the walls, white timber furniture and beautiful white bedding..

  38. sarah says:

    Am all about the bird-fluffy feather duvet covered with the most beautiful bird duvet cover from Liberty of London. Then, on super cold nights, I unfold my tropical bird quilt i made using market found scarves. No flowers or balloons for me-too many books. xx

  39. Alyson says:

    Can you believe after a hot muggy day that made my hair frizz, I’m now running myself a hot bath to warm up my Friday night after getting soaking wet running to my car after work? GAK!

  40. shelley says:

    for the past week
    i’ve been sleeping on a white cotton sheet only
    nothing on top..
    fan going all night..
    convincing myself i can sleep..
    feeling like i’m going to pass out ..
    counting down the days til the heatwave is over….
    but grateful not to be in a cyclone or flood!

  41. Sofie says:

    I love my bed right now. The best part about it, is that I’ve finally upgraded to a queen bed- the first big bed I’ve ever had in my life! (I’m the baby of my family…always been a poor student… you get the picture. Big beds don’t fit in tiny dorms and apartments.)

    My bed now is covered in this beautiful bedspread by pottery barn.

    I searched high and low for it, and I think it is the perfect happy reminder of spring in my bedroom, all the time. :) Underneath I have light turquoise sheets. (Don’t forget the extra white blanket AND heating blanket!!! It’s colllddd!) I love the waffle print of my blanket peaking out from underneath- gives it that cozy, don’t want to get out of bed feel. :)


  42. mrs hojo says:

    My bed is blue! different shades for sheets and duvet cover ( will I ever feel comfortable calling it a doona?) different shades for top pillow case and the one underneath. On the shelf are some glass birds, guess what colour they are


  43. Elsina says:

    I am having a black/grey/beige flower duvet cover set on my bed, a matelassa bed throw over it and on top a cath kidston quilt coverlet that is there to protect my bed from the cats but I left it on as it’s so nice warm :) It’s a bit of a mismatch as soon we are moving to another bedroom which we are renovating right now.

  44. Jennifer says:

    I’m currently sleeping on just a mattress on the floor. Still looking for that perfect bed. In the meantime, I am enjoying my perfect 350 thread count sheets with the most fantastic floral print (it looks like it was hand drawn). I am kind of weird in that I love heavy down comforters. Keeps me nice and warm!

  45. Lisa says:

    Come and stay with us for a few days, 19 degrees celsius tomorrow.

    I’ll have Pimms

    And balloons!

    My bed – queen ensemble – waiting on a headboard

    for the first time in my life – 1000 thread count white sheets – heaven

    plain white quilt cover

    (note to self – add ballons)

    lists are good

    Have twitter will tweet

    and blog………..

    Lisa x

  46. 1. balloons are cool
    2. photos are great
    3. it is so humid here the tiles are sweating on the floor (true)
    4. I want that gift card
    5. I need that gift card
    6. you would love to give me that gift card
    Alicia ;0)))

  47. Lisa says:

    oops Tweeted.

    Lisa x

  48. Lisa says:

    blogged too

    Lisa x

  49. Susan says:

    Freezing up here in Canada. Hot weather sounds delicious right now. Who wouldn’t love an Anthro gift card???? Sign me up!

  50. Victoria says:

    I like white on white for my doona cover and sheets, but I’m also kind of cheap so right now I’ve got a cheapo ikea white doona cover and sheet set. But once it gets colder in Sydney I’ll get out my beautiful white quilted duvet.

  51. little treasures says:

    I just bought a lovely white doona cover yesterday from good old Pillow Talk. It’s very plain but I like that in a doona cover cos I can add pops of colour with cushions. Haven’t done that yet, but I will. Love your balloons btw. Seriously cute x

    • Felicity Smith says:

      On my bed is a simple, white doona cover and green linen. The green is bright but it off-sets the white. The bedroom is plain and beachy and that is the way I like it. Every night my beautiful four-year-old places one of her favourite stuffed animals on my pillow. I really can’t stand toys everywhere but her gesture always makes me smile!

  52. Lesley says:

    White sheets, white downie, thin white quilt and white throw – its cold just now!!!!!

  53. Ali says:

    Dark satiny grey duvet, with white sheets and a purple throw at the end of the bed…. very warm for the winter!

  54. MrsAgatha says:

    We don’t have a cover on the bed, just some linen. Those are black and grey and by Marimekko, the sheets are dark blue.

  55. Leonie -Australia says:

    I have a creamy/white cover with a soft aqua accents. At the moment though it is so HOT I am just sleeping with the fan.

  56. caitlyn says:

    I have a burgundy duvet cover, and at the moment jersey olive green sheets. I love, LOVE your balloon idea- I think it is so fun, yet elegant.

  57. Lesley says:

    I have just bought a new quilt cover. It is single colour latte but is quilted all over. Love it! But don’t quite now what colour to accessorise with?? Maybe white….

  58. Deb says:

    White doona, white cotton waffle blanket, white sheets, hotel quality, nicely worn in and deliciously soft is what we sleep in. I love my bed. In winter I add my Grandma’s old paisley eiderdown. It’s well loved with lots of holes I have lovingly patched with bits and pieces from my fabric stash. It’s old, its shabby, but, when I sleep under it, I feel wrapped in love.

  59. LOL. Very humid here in Melbourne. What a wonderful gift, how do you do it. The white looks lovely and refreshing. My bed has white european covers, white cover on the standard pillows and white sheets and 100%cotton. If cool enough for a doona the summer colours are mauve and plum doona cover. But if too hot for a doona a beautiful plum rosette quilt (inspired by you). No balloons but a beautiful print of Degas ballerina statue on one wall and a photo of Manarola my husband took whilst in Italy, Cinque Terra, with all the beautiful pastel buildings on the cliff top. Charmaine

  60. oh you make me smile sarah…
    although i am packing bags for a london weekend in the cold windy grey weather that is england today..your little tale of sticky kids, melting husbands and lack of housework…absolutely made me giggle out loud….

    & what i wouldn’t do for that lovely gift…i’d even come and fan you all on your balcony for an anthropologie surprise!

    well…we sleep in a big old english room with a white waffle weave *doona* from oz…i bought it for the move to england-a little gift for myself for being brave enough to take the plunge like you & yours, moving across the world…and on top of that…a beautiful white hand stitched blanket from Paxos in Greece- which the kiddos bought me for my 40th….

    Cushions are courtesy of a little homewares in our village…and the bed side tables filled with books and a jar of wonky winter flowers- courtesy of little audrey – are from a car boot sale last summer….

    oh it just makes me want to crawl and snuggle back in bed…it is sooooooooooo gloomy skies and cold!!
    thank god for kids to get you up and out into the elements!!

    have a great weekend…swim for us…

    melissa x

  61. hey – i speak in lists every post. gorgeous pics. xo

  62. Paula says:

    Hello Sarah…forget the giveaway…who could resist leaving a comment on this adorable post? lol:)
    The few hours of sleep I get a night are under a thick and oh so warm toile comforter that I love. I wish it were hot here, I’d take the heat over the cold winters anyday:)

  63. Bev says:

    Sarah, you are so cute. RIght now we are freezing so I have on my bed a down comforter and lots of pillows all in shades of off white and cream and a white wool blanket at the bottom of my bed. A trip to Anthro would be delightful !!!!!!

  64. siggie says:


    the second to last photo

    is bookwothy


    just lovely.

    keep cool!


  65. Paige says:

    This week we have been sleeping under white sheets, cream fleece blanket (extra layer), and a spring green pick stitch quilt. I am looking for new bedding, so I’d love to win the gift card!

  66. Christine Aldinger says:

    cream and back duvet cream flannel sheets and at bottom of bed i have folded a homemade crochet covering not sure to call it a blanket or what my mother in law made it atleast 60 yrs ago and is is heavyyyy but very beautiful i am hoping to change things up in the room with something little more colorful.

  67. Brigid says:

    I think the balloons are charming! It is pretty darn cold here so my bed is dresses in white cotton sheets, down and fleece-you know, proper cold weather layers;-)

  68. La jan says:

    We love white sheets surrounding us topped only with a down comforter stuffed into a creamy white duvet cover and under our heads, soft down pillows to nest into. Don’t need much here in So. Cal! Love your blog, it inspires me!

  69. Lois Gibbs says:

    Sarah, I actually own eleven quilts and comforters, and I love them all. Right now my sheets are burgundy colored, and I have a burgundy, white and forest green quilt on the bed, with a handmade comforter I made from an antique peice of unfinished quilt for my recently deceased sister.

  70. Donna says:

    I almost wet my pants at the end when you said “if you don’t sleep in a bed”.Anywho this is my billionith time entering a contest and I should win cause I covet your comforter. I mean I have a beautiful Shabby Chic duvet (white of course, duh) . Under it is the most delicious down I could find. I love it I do but a girl needs options and after Miss Ashwell got a hold of my checking account well…..enough said! So I’d love to win and live in the luxury of a woman with choices! <3 PS stay cool

  71. Shelly says:

    Oh Sarah…as I sit here in below 0 degrees weather, it is hard to even remember what it feels like to be that hot!! But, I do remember how much I dislike it when I am in that heat…I feel for you girl!!
    Say, I have commented before about this and I don’t know if I am the only one, but I am desperate to see how you decorate beach cottage style for boys. I have an 8 year old boy and am in the middle of redoing his room, but I just have a hard time knowing what to do….would love some info and pics of your boys’ room(s). Thank you Sarah….
    love the balloons!!!

  72. Shelly says:

    P.S. My bedroom linens are cotton…and all white…have been for years. Little bit of pink stitching on a pillow. Used to have a Shabby Chic duvet…it ended up being too hot most of the time….:)

  73. T. Lawson says:

    My bed is dressed in brown sheets, brown and blue pillow cases, and a blue and brown comforter.

  74. My bed is dressed in white. All white. And i love it :)

    I sleep under my duvet, so sheets for me :)

  75. Abby says:

    It’s frigid here on my side of the world so I’ve got winter bedding right now…a crushed velvet duvet cover, underneath that is a down comforter, and under that a flannel sheet…trying to keep warm:)


    P.S. Love your bouquet of balloons!

  76. Margaret Smith says:

    My bed is made up of beige and browns. I sleep with two blankets and a comforter and lots of pillows.
    Thanks so much.

  77. Montee Wellman says:

    My bed is made mostly of white linens with some sage green and browns mixed in. White sheets, white coverlet, taupe duvet, sage bedskirt. Monogrammed pillows of white and some chocolate. The headboard is an old gate I found. I love my bed. I didn’t want to get out of it because while you are melting, we are like popsicles here in Texas. We actually got some snow overnight and everyone is panicking. We used to live in Tennessee where we got much more snow, so I am tickled over the excitement of a dusting.

    I will share this on Facebook and hopefully some of my friends will come visit! Thank you. Lovey Anthropologie!

  78. Adrienne Gordon says:

    We have a blue and white duvet cover and a zillion blankets.

  79. Simple Daisy says:

    What a fun give-away:)

    I sleep with a white crinkly duvet cover and a beachy folded blanket at the end of the bed!!
    And since it’s 0 here….I do sleep under all the covers:)

  80. Pam says:

    My bed is dressed in a white duvet with white flannel sheets …so welcoming and so warm!!

  81. Mary says:

    Right now we have flannel sheets, white covered duvet with a red(with gold dragons) chinese silk throw is keeping us very warm as the winds howl outside. For the spring/fall, we use white or light blue cotton sheets with the duvet covered in either white or blue paisley (I like to change them). In the summer it is sheets, white cotton blanket and a yellow quilt that my grandmother made about 50 years ago. And in every season, there are tons of pillows1

  82. kimj says:

    my bedding is all white..although…my top sheet just ripped..and now I have a sheet with strawberry’s all over it. I really need some new ones..from anthro..

  83. Shelley says:

    What’s your bed dressed up in right now & what colour is your linen?
    ….do you sleep under layers of colourful quilts and eiderdowns
    or do you only sleep with white cotton & balloons?

    My bed is wearing an a tired 10 year old quilt (it’s quite ugly) because my hubby refuses to spend money on one to match the room.
    I sleep under layers…but dream of sleeping only with white cotton…..

    Love your blog! I’ll take your heat and you can have my -5 degrees without wind chill!

  84. HRH Sarah says:

    Maybe if you get enough balloons in ye old cottage, it will float up into a cooler atmosphere… Sorry, that’s the morning coffee talking. My bed is all white right now, with a huge fluffy (overly warm according to hubby) down duvet. I love love love the way it looks, though it’s only practical in winter. In summer, I have a white (ecru, really) quilt on the bed. I keep making over other parts of the house, and our bedroom sadly always ends up at the bottom of the list. Guess I need to get on that, huh? Right after I convert the hall coat closet into a command center, like Melanie at http://mysweetsavannah.blogspot.com/2011/02/makeshift-mudroom.html … Sorry you’re melting, wish you’d blow a little of that heat our way- I’m so sick of cold!!!

  85. joyce tx says:

    Cream linens and pale, pale green quilt grace the bed…. along with an 80 lb yellow lab!

  86. Milica says:

    Right now my bedding is a matchy set of prints that are navy blue, several shades of green, and a bit of white. It isn’t awful, but it’s not what I wanted. I went with something hubs liked and I didn’t hate. I really want to switch it up and lighten up the decor now! (and now we’ve been married long enough that I know how much weight to give hubby’s opinion when it comes to decorating!)

  87. Lori H says:

    White flannel sheets (it’s cold here!) and a big fluffy duvet. It was hard to get out of bed this morning! Sending icy thoughts your way – hope it cools down for you.

  88. susanne says:

    It is frigid in my part of the world right now, so I am sleeping between cream-colored flannel sheets with a creamy white matelasse bedspread. At the end of my bed is a flannel-backed denim blue quilt with cream and dark red floral accents…..warm and comfy for a (rare) afternoon nap. My quilted pillow shams are similar to the quilt in color and design. Thinking of tweaking things a bit for a lighter feel……a breath of springtime would be very welcome right now!

  89. kelly says:

    I sleep in a world of feathers, feather comfoter with duvet, red jersey sheets… its like heaven, but that quilt could really make me dream good dreams… it’s beautiful!

  90. mimi says:

    We are sleeping on old (but comfortable) white Egyptian cotton sheets and a lightweight comforter. During the day we cover it with a ratty old blue comforter to keep off the black doghairs from our labradoodle, Molly! I love Anthropolgie! Was there last week, made no purchases because it’s a little too pricey for this outta work gal!

  91. My cozy bed is dressed in light yellow green and blue paisley sheets with a layer of beige fleece and a bug white duvet on top. With -8 degree wind chill outside it is VERY hard to get out from the warmth to start our day. In summer we have to go really light to keep cool in our muggy hot temps. Chicago is a beast of a city to live in with its changing temps but I wouldn’t have it any other way! :)

  92. carolyn says:

    I have a grey and white duvet cover from Ikea – Alvine Kvist (I think – the picture on the website is terrible if that’s it) on a really fluffy, warm down duvet. My sheets are green, but I wish they were white. My mother in law buys me these incredible fleece sheets for Christmas that I can’t give up, but she always gets them for me in green not white. Can’t complain, they are super warm.

  93. Cris says:

    Right now I have white flannel sheets, a down blanket and two white comforters on my bed. We have had freezing overnight temps!

  94. Connie says:

    Vintage lavender and blue floral sheets and handmade quilts… It is cold here in Michigan.

  95. Gina F. says:

    I am freezing here in NY! More snow headed our way for the weekend. So I will be snuggling under my big white down comforter. All my linens are white. I just love the illusion of sleeping on a cloud. It may not be the most practical since I have two messy little boys, but it makes me happy. I am in dire need of a new quilt though, so a gift card to buy the one you have would totally make my day! Hope you are staying cool!

  96. melissa says:

    Sarah, It is so nice to sit and get a laugh over my morning coffee…sorry, I just can’t sympathize with your hot cottage…it’s frigid here!
    My bed linens are white-white cotton sheets and a cozy, warm down duvet with a white, linen PB cover. Warm and cozy and easy to make the bed in the morning!! :) Wish I could send you all of our snow to cool you off!

  97. Kara Williams says:

    We are under 3 quilts/blankets right now. We woke to -10 temps this morning. My sheets are chocolate brown… but, I’m dreaming of newly laundered, hung out on the line white linens and a fluffy white comforter. We are expecting a new baby in a few days and are building a new room for me and the hubs… new linens… Mmmmmm…..

  98. Joanne says:

    I have a great deal of trouble getting out of my lovely cosy bed on these cold winters mornings. I sleep under a white feather & down duvet on white sheets, with a bead edged comforter on top. Across the bottom of the bed I have a beautiful vintage patchwork quilt, the colours of which pick up the colours of the fabric wallhanging my mother made for me years ago. I love my bedroom and have become deaf to my husband’s moans about having to remove the cushions (made by me & embellished with beads and sequins in colours to match the patchwork) every night. Reading this back I think I may have made it sound a bit garish but it is lovely really, honest!

  99. Melissa says:

    My bed has wal-mart sheets in a small blue print on cream background. I bought extra sheets and made a duvet cover. Quite pretty actually!
    At the foot, I have my Pottery Barn quilt folded and draped. It is squares of patterned browns, blues, reds, greens, etc. And matching shams!
    All rather nice but the quilt is worn and I think next time I will go with neutrals. Thanks and hope to win!

  100. Tracey @7294cottageway.blogspot says:

    I am under a aqua, cream and grey quilt…you can see it on my blog if you are still bored:) I am planning on getting an all white quilt…so the prize would come at the perfect time! It would be my firt win!!! Have a super great coool day!

  101. Donna says:

    Sarah, I love Anthro. We have one a couple of hours away. It is a great place to get inspirations from. We have a blue and white comforter kind of Ralph Lauren inspired. Along with a white matelasse coverlet. It is so cold here! I sneak in a comfy white throw that I love to wrap up in just for a little exta warmth too!

  102. Catherine says:

    Ah, awesome giveaway! I’ve been working on my bedroom, and the bedding has yet to be updated! We bought an antique wooden bedframe and side tables, I refinished a few dressers, I sewed white curtains and painted the room slate blue, and I got some cool Anthropologie knobs (two mis-matched clock faces), but the bedding is still what my boyfriend had before we moved in together! It’s old khaki sheets and a royal/navy blue duvet cover, which looks terrible with the new, gorgeous slate walls. We need something white and fresh! I hope I win!

  103. Cee says:

    Our bedding right now … simple white sheets and pillow cases with handmade quilts (reds and pinks but they actually work quite well together). We still bed-share with our toddler, so our arrangement is fairly utilitarian.

  104. Sarah, I dream in my soft pale creamy butter yellow linens, with lots of pillows here in the freezing cold in Kansas….I hop you cool off Sarah and we get warner….fondly, Julie

  105. julie says:

    Im driving 3 hours into the city today in hopes of finding a spread for my bed where I can lay my head. :).
    I love all the white. It feels fresh and neat and comforting. My husband hates all white but he may just have to love it for my sake.
    Juile Ann

  106. Anne-Marie says:

    Well Sarah it’s stinking hot and humid in Brisbane so all we have on our bed are cool white cotton sheets and pillowcases. The fan is directed at the bed and the top sheet is kicked off after 30 seconds!

  107. LOL how many typos can one have…I am sure you are laughing Sarah (from my above post)..just added you to my FB page….I will add you to Fire Lake Camp next….stay cool my friend….julie

  108. My bed is actually getting a redo. Right now it’s covered in a tapestry comforter, down blanket and floral sheets. Going back to my white matelasse and muted quilt. Great giveaway! and funny post- love it!

  109. laura davis says:

    Oh that looks so dreamy…
    but it is winter here in Oregon and i have a tan and black quilt and flannel sheets……

  110. Alena Prysch says:

    Since it is like an Ice Age here on Long Island, my bed is engulfed in pale blue flannel sheets, a quilted bedspread also in solid blue, a little darker. On top of that, is a crocheted throw in white that hangs beautifully and puddles to the floor (it used to be a very long table cloth), and then a huge down comforter with a duvet from Ikea. It’s the Alvine Kvist line. White background with blue floral. I never tire of going to bed in my fluffy, comfy bed!! It all lends itself (color) to the waterview I have. So peaceful!

  111. I quite love your balloons, but I’m sure my hubs would raise an eyebrow or two as well. My bed is dressed in a white coverlet, and I sleep under a quilt and down comforter. And, of course, a sheet as well. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  112. Sarah Lynne says:

    We use a white comforter and teal cotton sheets. I really hope I win!

  113. Tracie says:

    Love your site…and I would love this card!!!

  114. Beth West says:

    My friends and I would be totally willing to donate some cold air and snow to you if we could just figure out the shipping details :) I’m sorry it’s so hot where you are. When it’s roasting we’ll go to the store just for a reason to drive around in the air-conditioned van. On to bedding. Dusty blues, soft browns, sand colors and whites are my favorite colors these days.
    On the bed:
    Dark blue sheet
    A mixture of brown and blue pillowcases
    A cuddly but worn blue flowered quilt I picked up for $9 at Thrift Town in Austin Texas years ago
    Over that, a beautiful white quilt patterned in cornflower blue (Meridian) from Pottery Barn that I did NOT get for $9
    When it’s really cold I have a fuzzy blanket striped in white and gray that does not match anything in my room that I put over the quilts for added warmth.
    Stay cool!

  115. Sarah,

    Here in Houston we are snuggling under a garnet coverlet topping two taupe silk blankets and some chocolate brown high thread sheets – it’s hard to leave it. So comfy!

    :) Laura

  116. Ellen says:

    The bed has a white, blue and silver slightly damask print. And just fyi, the bed ain’t made. :)
    I do like to sleep under layers….so does my husband, but he likes like 5 quilts so I end up kicking them off. More of a reason for me to make my side of the bed in the am I guess :)

  117. It is hard to imagine being hot, as we are buried with over 20 inches of snow. Want to pop over?

    Our bedding is blue and whie (Laura Ashley duvet that I got 75% off). Linens – olive green organic cotton from Target. Comfy and pretty.

    Good job on the balloons – a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.


  118. Deci Worland says:

    My bed is a mess, plaid flannel sheets, homemade quilt, everything is a different size.

  119. Paula B. says:

    Ohh, was just in my first actual Anthropologie store near Bosron two weeks age, we are soon to get a store right nearby. We are still snuggled under the down comforter that I bought for our first married winter (twenty years ago)! Over that is a lovely patchwork quilt with vibrant reds and blues, so charming against the sea blue walls of the bedroom.

  120. l am at the other end of the temperature spectrum. Earlier in the week we woke up to -30 but today we are fortunate with temperatures hovering around -18. I crawled out this morning from under two down duvets, one which is creamy white colour and the other a chocolate brown and cream damask. The fire was going in the livingroom and my children were already huddled around hoping that the warmth of the fire would soon penetrate the cold air and encourage them to get dressed and head out to meet the school bus. They too crawled out from under down duvets and flannel sheets.
    Cotton sheets….can’t wait….signs of summer!

  121. Susan says:

    Well, it would be easier to have you over so you can see what I sleep under…..I adore Rachael Ashwell sheets, they are the softest cotton I have ever found and they have cute little ruffles on them, so that is the first layer, the second layer is a cotton woven blanket and last but not least is my fav quilt of all times, sky blue and white Irish Chain quilt. Of course I make up my bed every morning, or I should say I did, but the kitty cat doesn’t like all of the pillow party going on, so the bed hasn’t been made unless visitors are showing up at the house. He loves the feather pillows to rest his head and there is nothing cuter than a black and white tiny kitty head laying on a white ruffled pillow. There ya go, the sum and total of my comfy bed, which at this point I think is calling my name for a nap!!!


  122. Amy says:

    It’s COLD here in Virginia, so Hubby and I must do the layers. I love my percale so we start with super soft cream colored sheets, followed by a snowy white quilt, then the fluffiest down comforter I could find. On extra cold nights we top it off with a hand crocheted blanket….Snuggy warm heaven….

  123. Tammi says:

    Gosh it is far too hot here in Perth to even comtemplate sleeping with layers, seriously we are still dozing on top of the only thing that adorns our bed at the moment…….White Egyptian Cotton Sheets….don’t see any point in having it made up with blankets when we would only kick them off ;)

  124. Brandi N. says:

    I sleep under a down comforter that’s white on cream. My linens are taupe in color, and soft from years of washing…

    Brandi N.

  125. Victoria says:

    Sarah, I love the balloons! While it is not hot here now, we get those days is our summer and the humidity just makes you melt into the pavement.Our bed has blue cotton sheets, a cheap white quilt and for our winter a chocolate brown fleece blanket. It is dreaming of things to come.

  126. Jeannie says:

    White surrounds me during summer’s warm light
    Cool colourless cotten ensures I sleep just right

    Green gives me comfort on a cold winter’s night
    Quilted layers under whch I am sure to sleep tight

    Like the seasons, my nest undergoes change
    And nobody here will find this at all strange!

  127. Christine Warren says:

    It is so strange to hear you talk about the heat! It is freezing here in Ohio, USA. It is 18 F and I am looking at a foot of frozen snow!However, I don’t like it when it’s too hot and sticky. Anhow, on my bed is a navy and white paisley comforter by Ralph Lauren and about 7 pillows of various size (all shades of blue an white). I’ve had this look for 8 years now and I’m pretty tired of it! I love your bedroom. Love all the white! Hope you get some relief from the heat soon!

  128. sheila says:

    Well right now my bed is in the middle of the bedroom. I was complaining to my husband that the 17 year old wallpaper was looking a bit shabby and I wanted to just paint the room a nice, soft color. We made a plan to do it this summer. I came home from work the next day and he had moved the bed into the middle of the room and had stripped the wallpaper in preparation for painting. The reason he decided to do it right then is because I am having surgery for breast cancer next Friday and he wants me to have a “new” peaceful room to recover in. So, right now we have a couple of painter’s cloths on the bed, but also there are white cotton sheets and an old down comforter with a faded blue floral cover (I don’t even remember where I got it, it’s that old!). But, I will rest and recover there while being thankful for such a sweet and thoughtful husband. (I have to decide on paint color tonight. Yikes!)

  129. Katie R says:

    I love reading about your summer adventures during our winter! Though, as a resident of California, our *winter* is markedly less wintery than my friends and family in most of the rest of the U.S.! But still… Our queen-sized bed actually currently displays two complete (and contrasting) sets of bedding. I’m 8 months pregnant, and find myself getting much warmer at night than my husband, so I sleep with a sage green, lightweight down comforter from Target. I LOVE this comforter, and may have to buy another, as our kitties have managed to snag some holes in a few of the panels, which has reduced the down inside a bit. But shabbiness aside, it’s a great comforter (and I love the color!). My husband, however, has a navy blue synthetic down comforter that he loves–a leftover from his days as a bachelor–that is decidedly less trendy looking, but is much warmer–too warm for me these days. So on any given night, we’re both wrapped up like mis-matched eskimos in our respective cocoons (how’s that for a mixed metaphor?). Regardless, it works for us. At least for now!

  130. heather says:

    tangeoramandarin. we have a lovely ikea duvet with a white and orange damask print cover, orange sheets with stripey pillowcases. they were never meant to be paired together, but between moves, and flippant paint choices, this is where i lay…

  131. Holly G says:

    Its always a toss-up between being nasty hot or freezing cold. Right now I’m freezing cold…literally ice has frozen over our car so we can’t leave. Wanna switch? I have enjoyed reading your blog for a few months now and your pictures of the beach have been a nice ray of sunshine in my cold/gray winter. Thanks! Currently, my bedspread is white with little blue flowers on it from Ikea. I love it but I wish I had an extra one to switch out so it wouldn’t wear out too quickly. I’d love to have one from Anthroplogie!

  132. McKim says:

    I sleep in a king size bed with comfy cotton sheets, a velour blanket, and a quilt of dark green, cranberry, and brown.
    kimkmc at yahoo.com

  133. Right now we have two duvets on our bed, one a white cotton with a pale green dot embroidered border and the other is a pale blue pin-tucked duvet- under all this there are crisp white sheets.

  134. Elisabeth says:

    Hi! It’s hilarious to me that you’re complaining about the heat! Where I live we have over 3 feet of snow on the ground- probably almost 4 feet, and it is freezing. I have two quilts on my bed and last night I put one more on because I was freezing! I make quilts so one of the quilts on my bed I made and one my aunt made for a wedding present- 19 years ago! Anyway, I’m sure I could find plenty to spend money on at Anthropologie- who couldn’t?!

  135. Pam Keener says:

    I sleep in a waterbed with 2 flat sheets of comfy cotton and a down comforter w/bears and elk on them. Not my first choice but I gotta give into the SO preferences LoL
    Thanks for the giveaway. I love Anthro
    Love & Hugs,

  136. Nik says:

    Oh Sarah! What I would give for some of that sweet, sweet warmth right now. Husband and I are lusting after cheap flights to the Bahamas, but just can’t justify it. We’re trapped in the cold weather pattern of the North East, in the good ol’ USA.

    Our bedding is cotton blankets (the knitted kind, like the ones at hospital. I love them!) and a quilt-top spread. It’s old-lady-ish, I got it from my 60 year old aunt as a wedding gift, I like it, but as it has touches of pink in it I can fairly say Husband doesn’t love it.

    With the Anthro gift card I would move that baby into the guest room! HAH

  137. Amy Deveau says:

    I love green, so I have a green damask duvet with matching shams (from Urban Outfitters, but Anthro makes curtains from the same fabric). I also have green sheets with little white polka dots by Issac Mizrahi – from Target. I love them!

  138. Susan Hahaj says:

    I currently sleep under various quilts piled on top of each other, I love the layered feeling when I sleep! Unforuntately, they don’t all match but they’re warm together! Thanks for a sweet giveaway!

  139. Susan Hahaj says:

    I posted about your giveaway on my Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/suziebutton

  140. Erin R says:

    My bedding is white on white… so it’s all about the white Hotel Collection duvet over my down comforter.. white soft sheets. I save the colorful bedding for the summer time :)

  141. Susan Hahaj says:

    I also posted on Twitter! at http://twitter.com/#!/SuzieButtons

  142. Amber says:

    My bedding right now is lavender, matching the colors of my lilac walls. I do sleep under a layer of quilts, because they are beautiful and handmade and also to keep me warm in the Chicago winter!!

  143. ThereseMarie says:

    Lovely pinks and whites are on my bed right now, with an ivory feather duvet and lace heart and neckroll pillows. I would love to shop at Anthropologie with a gift card. Thank you for sharing!!!

  144. annie says:

    I love the all-white………I love it with beautiful, fluffy roses, too. My husband does not. On our bed right now we have a yellow sheet set with a white duvet set from the Shabby Chic line at Target. Usually, though, we have a different duvet set from the Shabby Chic line at Target that is blue-gray with big pink hydrangea on it. I love that set. Then we also have a quilt folded up at the foot of our bed that is white and blue-gray and green. Love it.

  145. Kristi says:

    I have the white Target comforter that is a copy of your Anthro one. But my sheets are gold, since my quilt kept at the end of the bed (It’s cold here!) is a white and gray striped number with gold piping (from West Elm). I need some new white breezy curtains though to help pull it all together!

  146. Holly E says:

    Right now our bedroom is really lacking. We just moved into our first house. Right now on our bed we have some flannel sheets (we are getting a freak crazy winter storm and it’s cold), a quilt that was hand quilted by my husband’s grandma and a white down comforter. Like I said its cold. I soooo want to win this and complete my all white bedroom with accents of greens!

  147. tami says:

    Because my husband has the flu and is fighting a nasty temerature, we have about 6 different bed coverings on right now- ranging from old quilts to down comforters. Poor baby. And our linen color is a very light blue to help with the nice beachy vibe we have going on here at the Beach Pad :)

  148. Angela says:

    Very charming post and very charming departure from the expected. I like the balloons, esp. in that room. Right now my bed is covered in flannel sheets, two quilts and a giant extra sherpa blanket. We are experiencing the other end of the spectrum – - a sub-zero deep freeze. My linens are definitely winter colors, but I tried to keep the room cheery by putting the latest, greatest BHG designed quilt available for $20 at Wal-mart on top. When I saw it advertised in the fall with pretty fall colors, mixed in with shades of red and pink for $20, I knew it would be perfect through winter. It tied together perfectly my red, white and tan room. So, as soon as we head to the melty, drippy weather you’re experiencing, I’ll be looking for some spring change-up and would love love love the Antro card. But, to be honest, I’d probably use for my daughters’ room as I’ve been promising them when they turn 13 we can change their room. Thanks for the chance to win. Stay cool.

  149. linda says:

    love this!!! I sleep under a black/white toile duvet from IKEA! LOVE It, but love the Anthro one more!!! THanks for the chance!

  150. Meredith says:

    What’s your bed dressed up in right now & what colour is your linen? – i have a pinestrip white/cream duvet cover with dark mocha linen underneath. I did some custom artwork above our bed with framing fabric and then workign on my pillows right now! Love it!

    ….do you sleep under layers of colourful quilts and eiderdowns – yes my bed has 4 layers on it.

  151. Shala says:

    Our bed is brown right now with blue sheets. It’s pretty modern and I’m quickly learning that my style isn’t modern. I’ve actually looked at that comforter at Anthropologie numerous times and love it!!!

  152. kim davis says:

    we have a beautiful white duvet with lime green vines at the foot. i’m a sucker for decorative pillows, so there are many of those…and a vintage green crocheted throw at the end. what a great giveaway!

  153. Joanna says:

    I dream of white and love anthropologie. Would love to kick up the bedding a notch. Great giveaway

  154. Since we are going through record breaking cold right now (ice, snow and it’s been below freezing all week), we have lots of quilts and blankets on our bed right now. I have a soft green chenille blanket, cream and soft green sheets that have a touch of red on them.

    I sympathize with on being stuck in the house. We are too for the opposite reason. The subfreezing temps and ice/snow has virtually shut down the area all week; no school, no work, no nothing. It’s making a bit crazy.

  155. Kara says:

    White sheets
    Chocolate brown silky quilt
    Light blue duvet with a white print

  156. Cortney says:

    I have a lovely new natural colored linen duvet and blue/greenish sheets :) Thanks for the lovely giveaway!

  157. Natalie says:

    This is beautiful! I currently sleep under cream sheets & a cream down comforter, complete with a wonderful fleece throw — I have to stay bundled during these chilly Pennsylvania winters! My neutral bedding is accented with a grouping of brown & pink pillows – it is a perfect shabby chic haven [that would be completed with the gorgeous anthro quilt!]

  158. michele says:

    What a fabulous giveaway! Right now we have a simple white coverlet on my newly painted frenchy bed, but I would love to update with something lush from anthro.

  159. Raelene says:

    Our bed is dressed in light beige cotton sheets, with a burgandy color electric blanket to keep us warm on our cold nights here in the mountains of Central California. We purchased these two years ago along with a dark brown, heavy suede quilt bedspread. Which is great in the winter like right now, but our summers reach up in the 100′s here. So it’s way too hot for summer, now I’m looking for something light and cool to replace it for summer! I’m planning on painting the walls beige, and paint the bedroom furniture set my parents purchased when they were first married in the 1950′s, they let me have a few years ago. I just need to decide what color to paint it, light, medium or dark? Hmmm….any suggestions? And was going to look at Anthro for some new drawer knobs. I’m accenting the brown with blues, pillows and accessories around the room. Don’t want it to be too feminine for my husband, but would love to find a small white chandelier to hang. Oh I could go on and on what I want to do!! But I love looking at your site for inspiration!!
    I’m not too sure about having balloons in our room, they would probably pop and wake me up at night! My husband snores like a big ole bear, and 30 plus years of that waking me up at night is all a woman can handle! LOL

  160. My bed is covered in function not form. It has been cold so we have an old matelasse coverlet, an army blanket from the 40′s (wool) and a microfiber throw. It’s sad and pathetic, but warm. Feel free to bless me with something a little less…utilitarian.

  161. fawn says:

    Dear Sarah,

    I am so embarrassed – nay, ashamed! to answer your question. I am the type of person who reads blogs like BC so that I can be whisked to a realm where everything is so pretty and nice. I am young you see, and eloped instead of having a wedding (with a registry) and so I sleep in a bed with… brightorangejoeboxersheets. They even say “JOE BOXER” on the edge of the pillow cases. UGH! They belong to my husband and are the only set that fit the bed we have. Fortunately, I can hide them to an extent with a large, handmade quilt that features cowgirls ropin’. :) Through this confession I hope I have made a very strong case for needing a gc to anthro, ha ha

  162. Shar Y says:

    Well, it’s a red flowered quilt that is okay but I really want to go light, so a white quilt would be so nice. But, I do always have white linens and even actual linen sheets that I love. Your balloons are really cool, who would have thought?!!

  163. Naphtali says:

    Right now I am transitioning my room from colorful quilts to white linens, white walls and peace. I would love an anthro card to help with this!!!!

  164. Leanne Noble says:

    I sleep between lovely sheets o’ Egyptian cotton, under a warm woolen duvet cover that I handcrafted from upcycled felted wool sweaters. Oh…and of course, under a 70 pound chocolate labrador retriever, ’cause why on earth would she sleep on the floor?!!

  165. Well, since we are not roasting here in Colorado, actually it is a heatwave today; 20! Heatwave in comparison to -10 on Tuesday, anywho…my bed currently is outfitted in cozy pear colored fleece sheets with a down comforter in a brown zebra duvet =)

    Pass the Pimms, love that stuff!

  166. Oops, forgot to mention, the balloons are fab!

  167. indiansummer says:

    Ha, the balloons are so cute! How can you not be happy with balloons in the room. And I like the over-exposed look in the photos; it seems to convey the heat very well. Hope you have a whole bucket of Pimms on ice. :-D

    I’m sorry to say
    my bed does not look so “hot”
    a variety of comforters
    none were my first choice
    and then there’s the cat

    The current one is white with blue flowers
    about a hundred years old
    seen better days
    on its last legs
    and then there’s the cat

    It’s a state of emergency
    a code-red alert
    As far as I can see
    the only prescription is
    white cotton and balloons
    (and then there’s the cat)

    Stay cool, Sarah!

  168. glenda b says:

    Hi, Sarah. While you guys are sweltering, we are freezing- setting record lows. Brrrr! Our bed currently has white linens with a touch of navy trim. We have on our down comforter topped with Pottery Barn’s ocean waves quilt. I could have used a couple of extra blankets yesterday when the electric went off at 5:30 am when it was -8 out side.

  169. Sharon L Smith says:

    We sleep under warm white down comforters (2)…because it is COLD here right now! When made up out bed is dressed in tan and black with lots of pillows…two of which read Romeo and Juliet!!! I am happy with the bed for now, but always get bored and want something new in about a year…..I enjoy your blog!

  170. Lori R. says:

    We use one quilt which is striped in burgandy and green and needs to be replaced. The sheets are satiny to the touch and also green. Anthropologie is my fav! I go to them a lot for things in my home.

  171. I have a chocolate brown/tan/robins egg stripe comf…under is robins egg colored sheets and a tan 100% cotton blanket and I love it. Thanks so much for the GIVEAWAY…it’s so AWESOME!!!


  172. Amy says:

    I would Love 100 degrees right now…in Minnesota (US) it is FRIDGID (below zero)!!! BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

    Our bed is dressed and ready for the freezing temps with plaid flannel sheets (Lumberjack looking), a cozy furry brown throw, a dark brown down quilt with little white feathers uninvitedly poking their heads out, and a beautiful multi-colored hand-made quilt from my amazing Grandmother!

    Our bed is as warm as can be
    and the only place for me
    in this CRAZY weather!

    Thanks for the fun!

  173. I’m posting your GIVEAWAY on my blog:)


  174. Tovah says:

    My bed has a nice cotton blanket covered with a west elm organic pin tucked white duvet comforter. I love that duvet! There are plenty of pillows included two blue accent pillows that have cowboys on them! Tasteful cowboys roping cattle and such because I don’t think the husband would enjoy scandalous cowboys just in chaps:)

    I love anthro and it would be awesome to have some go-crazy money to spend there:)

  175. abby says:

    oh dear me and lordy lordy — i have been so hot my place burned down — which is why i would love agift certificate to buy a loverly quilt from anthropologie. seriously, i did lose everything but am doing so well starting over, little by little. and my colors are white and tiffany blue :-) so pretty. you have inspired me sarah. thank you thank you and best of the best to you in your heat.

  176. Denise Cole says:

    That room is SO pretty!

    I sleep under…

    -Simple white cotton sheets
    -A ruffled white cotton duvet
    -A gold textile from our honeymoon in Thailand
    -A whitewashed headboard made from two old doors

    and, maybe tonight, after seeing your post,

    -A handful of white balloons

    Thanks for the amazing giveaway!


  177. I have blue and white striped (ticking style) flannel sheets

    A dark blue Waverly toile print comforter with ticking trim

    I have king sized pillows in blue ticking

    Standard sized pillows in white cotton with hand crocheted lace

    A beige non-descript blanket

    I am still looking for the perfect dust ruffle

    I have no heat in my room

    And a king sized bed

    I sleep with a very cute husband

    Two dogs

    and one cat

    But before you say “ewwww….”

    They are all indoor animals

    and oh so very clean and tidy

    and I am grateful since I have no heat

    and an auto immune disorder which makes me hurt when I get cold

    That they are there

    and snuggly

    it helps a lot :o)

    Besides…..two of the three animals are only there because there two favorite girls are in college and they are sad.

    But it’s a little crowded

    My hubby’s a patient man….

    God bless!!

  178. marylou says:

    I would LOVE to be sleeping in white cotton and balloons, alas, currently we have a down quilt for warmth and a blue/brown combo bed set that I so want to change to all LINEN, sheets too;-) All neutrals so I can add color with a simple vintage purple bottle which may I add is a fabulous hint I borrowed from a lovely lady who lives down under ((*_*))


  179. Angie says:

    Oh, my poor sad bed. He’s very pitiful and bare at the moment. He wears only an old stained white comforter. I don’t think that the worn, stained, shabby look is quite so adorable on comforters. I have thrown a few colorful pillows on top to distract from the emptiness below, but it doesn’t quite do the trick. I am confident I could find the perfect outfit for him at Anthropology though. My DREAM store. Just not dream prices :)

  180. Angie says:

    I love to lay on our big bed on the hot days of summer, under the big white ceiling fan and gaze out the window at my 50 year old oak trees !

    Our old Iron bed is covered in the sweetest white summer weight Waverly quilt, with tiny soft blue and tan seashells, lots of tan and blue throw pillows and shams, sheets are 800 thread count sateen in the softest ice blue that feel like heaven on a hot night ! Of course we havent been having any of those lately !!!! Was in Anthro the other day ooohing and awwwing and touching the comfortors but what Id really like is a set of those ruffled sheets !

  181. Bonnie says:

    Our bed has always been what I call “Moroccan Royal” if there is such a thing. For years we had this mosquito net type canopy in the richest burgundy (my husband hated that I called it our princess bed) and the the comforter was an elegant sage green/burgundy/gold embroidered thing. It was quite opulent and gorgeous. It worked for a while. Lately, though, the colors have all felt so “heavy” and I’ve been looking at whites/beiges/sand with the thought of just a pop of color, as soon as I decide what that color will be. Can’t wait to pull it all together and get it done. We need sheets as even our sheets are all golds, sage, burgundy in color… beautiful but “heavy.”

  182. I have a brown hotel style quilted bed spread & tan sheets.

  183. my bed is dresser in layers of white… white organic target sheets, a vintage white chenille bedspread, and a duvet with a white organic cotton pintuck cover! i love layers of white, too!
    and i dream of balloons and flying.

  184. Merry Hope Hulsey says:

    It’s so funny to hear you speak of how hot it is. My house is under a huge blanket of ice. My back yard and driveway is like a skating rink! My comforter is a beautiful Ralph Lauren blue and white pattern and our blanket is made to be thin but keep you very warm in winter and cool in summer. My husband works for a bed company so our sheets are very nice! My favorite though ,when I am under the covers, is to get warmed up by my hubby!

  185. priscilla ortiz says:

    my bed covers and sheets are a combination of pink and sage. i love layers. would not mind a change in my bedroom. i like that crisp white clean look it is a great idea.

  186. Amy says:

    I love quilts! I am underneath at least one, but usually three. And two of these are old ones handed down from family. I’d rather use them than let them mildew to death in a closet somewhere. Oh – and of course it is below freezing here in NY state so I also have fleece sheets! Polka-dot, no less. :)

  187. Alex says:

    I love your blogsite!
    My bed is dressed up in black and white damask with white sheets but I don’t believe in flat sheets.
    So i only sleep under one layer of puffy down duvet.

  188. Alex says:

    I posted your blogsite on my FB page!!

  189. Jill says:

    Hello Sarah! My linens are
    one white quilt
    light blue sheets
    two light blue & white striped pillows
    two light blue matelasse pillows
    a lavender sachet hanging on the bedpost
    one grey kitty

    oooh, it sounds way too hot where you are!
    Drink lots of cool drinks!
    xo Jill

  190. Vanessa says:

    Cotton sheets with grey and faded pink flowers a coordinating blanket… an extra pillow to hug and incense beside the bed.

  191. Alia says:

    I love balloons and those ones look super awesome with all the whiteness of your cottage! My bed is rather unattractive at the moment. The reason being I live in Arizona where it is usually warm enough for my light yellow sheets and light blue blanket with a red sort of Indian patterned throw. However, we have been having a crazy cold snap like the rest of the country (only for us it just means the temperature gets below zero, no snow or anything) so on top of what it normally there is a mixture of extra blankets that are not necessarily pretty or go-togethery!

  192. jolene says:

    I have white sheets but colored blankets, right now several different blankets because it’s cold here!

  193. Katie R says:

    My bed is dressed in a gray quilt, cream linens and I’m hunting fir the perfect flat sheets to make into a duvet cover for the down comforter since we are very much in the middle of snuggling weather.

  194. lisaroy says:

    At least the Pimms will help get your mind of the heat!
    My bed is currently wearing white sheets, a white duvet cover and a hit of honeysuckle pink in the form of a vintage blanket I found while out thifting which is folded across the foot of the bed. I think my heart skipped a beat when I read Anthropologie!! :) stay cool

  195. Miranda says:

    Love the quilt! And the balloons! = ) We have a quilt I got from West Elm…. and white linens.

  196. Katja says:

    My bed is always covered in white cotton bedding, because I like the nice clean look and feel of white. The cotton may have some kind of structure or be just plain. I also like to mix and match different duvet covers with pillow shams. No flowers in the bedroom though, because of allergies. I never thought about balloons – prefer candles really, or just some bare branches in a nice glass vase.

  197. Heather S says:

    My bed has a green floral comforter and creme sheets. I usually have two layers sheet/blanket but no more as it gets too hot.

  198. Sally says:

    Winter-time usually finds us pretty mis-matched. We have a lovely light quilt on the bed, with cozy flannel sheets. Rather than have a heavy quilt, we like to add layers w/ other homemade quilts or afghans. I told you…mismatched. Our bedroom is not a designer’s showplace, but it is comfy.

  199. Jennifer M says:

    I have white sheets and a fuchsia and white tiger-striped quilt.

  200. deanna says:

    I have a white lace coverlet and tons and tons of white and navy pillows.

  201. Cindy says:

    Hi Sarah,
    It’s good to know that the heat hasn’t melted your sense of humor!
    What’s your bed dressed up in right now & what colour is your linen? ~ My top quilt is an old ugly brown and white one that my husbands grandma made and painted flowers on.
    ….do you sleep under layers of colourful quilts and eiderdowns, ~I sleep under a very warm, white, fleece sheet and one blanket even when the thermostat is set at 17 deg.
    or do you only sleep with white cotton & balloons? ~I have never slept with balloons and I love to sleep with white cotton, my favorite!!!
    What a great giveaway!
    Hugs, Cindy

  202. deanna says:

    I sent you a friends request on Facebook

  203. deanna says:

    I “liked” you on Facebook

  204. Sally says:

    Just tweeted this: “Do you know about the giveaway at @abeachcottage for an ANTHROPOLOGIE Gift Card?? Check it out: http://tinyurl.com/4mntqlb

  205. deanna says:

    I just subscribed to your BLOG!!! I have coffee with you EVERY morning morning thanks for the smiles!!

  206. Alicia Webster says:

    I go through periods where I am attracted to certain colors and I do everything in that color until I grow sick of it. Up until recently it was avocado green (I am on a 70′s kick), and I had a lovely mosaic quilt (from Anthropologie) with avocado green being the primary color. Now I am all about the mustard yellow, so my bed linens are mustard yellow and white. We have a thick comforter with both colors and a white blanket underneath because it is so stinkin’ cold here. The sheets are mustard yellow. I think I would like to do all white or a mixture of white and ecru next.
    Alicia Webster

  207. I wish I could sleep with balloons and white linen…..very apt for sunny Sydney. My bedroom has orange and brown and two layers of blankets to keep me warm in cold and dreary Seattle!!

    Your cottage is like walking into a fairy tale:-)

  208. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. says:

    I sleep under a big blue fluffy comforter, but have a lovely blue and white tiny print quilt folded at the bottom of the bed to pull up when it gets really chilly.

  209. Sarah Hirsch says:

    My bed has crisp white cotton sheets, a beige knit blanket that can’t really be seen as it’s a middle layer, and a comforter that is sage green, chocolate brown, and beige.

  210. Colleen says:

    We pretty much stick with white bedding – white sheets and duvet cover. I love, love, love that bedding from Anthropologie though!!

  211. Lark says:

    Love the balloons! Been sleeping in stripe sheets with a cream colored quilt and cream colored duvet/shams. It’s been cold in Southern California these days. At least cold for us….and with no insulation it has gotten a bit chilly in the night. Everyday I open my windows to let the sun shine in on the south side of my house to warm up.

  212. My bed is wearing a french blue duvet.

    We don’t usually do layered sleeping in Dallas. Too hot.

    And I’ve never had the pleasure of sleeping with white balloons. I’ll have to try it.

  213. I’ve tweeted about your awesome giveaway!

  214. And I’ve posted to Facebook about your giveaway!

  215. Abbie says:

    My bed has chocolate brown jersey sheets, a solid pea-green quilt with lots of colorful/printed pillows. Great giveaway!

  216. Jenny M says:

    White sheets, black and white toile quilt. Thanks for the giveaway!

  217. Jill says:

    My bed has black and cream Waverly damask-print comforter on it. It currently has flannel plaid black and cream sheets too! I love flannel and I like the contrast between the prints. Great giveaway XO Jill

  218. Pam W says:

    As of this moment, my bed is dressed in white linen, with pale grey sheets. Thank you, Sarah for the chance to win such an amazing giveaway-stay cool!

  219. Christine W says:

    I rest my head in a combination of oatmeal, sage, and creamy white colours. I have a cream coloured Moroccan throw with glints of metal, green and red embroidery to add a burst of excitement!

  220. Rebecca says:

    I sleep in white flannel, topped with my beloved electric blanket – it’s cold up here! But have been pining for some color on the top – the quilts at anthropologie are amazing!!!

  221. Christina says:

    I’d love to win this!!! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  222. Stephanie Czibere says:

    I sleep under very these days, even though it is the dead of winter. Its that 49yrs old thing, can melt snow.
    So a crisp white sheet is about it, but this would look lovely on my white bedroom furniture.
    Love your blog. What is Pimms.

  223. Valerie C. says:

    My daughter told me that my bed looks like a “big puffy cloud”~ It probably does! I have a feather bed, soft white sheets, and a white damask comforter…lol! If I won I might add some light blue to the set . Thanks!

  224. sara says:

    My bed is dressed in Grandmother’s quilts, white linens. I sleep under layers… 2 quilts and then linens. Thanks for the contest!
    poomy_fl at yahoo dot com

  225. Deanne says:

    I only have white sheets on my bed, in winter I have white flannel, at the moment I have a vintage white chenille bedspread on my bed, or rather it is laying on the floor having been kicked off as it is too hot to sleep with anything, even a cotton sheet seems too hot at the mo.

  226. Rebecca says:

    Cream quilt and cream linens! White Shams and throw pillows with a deep burgundy heart pillow (that I gave to my now hubby 2/14/06 – the day we got engaged!) for Valentine’s day!

  227. Andi says:

    I have white cotton linen from The White Company, a blue tartan wool blanket from Scotland and a green/pink/cream quilt from Forever England, which is wonderful because the king size quilt almost reaches the floor from our high brass bed, making it just the thing to snuggle under on these cold winter UK nights. xx

  228. Rebecca says:

    Posted it on FB!

  229. Michelle L says:

    Right now I just have a comforter and Egyptian Cotton sheets on my bed. I usually only sleep under the comforter.

  230. Roberta says:

    Well Sarah, Sounds like we could both use a happy medium at our beach cottages! It’s icy, icy, icy here with snow in the forecast. yikes. I’m sleeping under my toasty Pottery Barn white linen duvet/down comforter. It’s great in summer and winter. The balloons are so whimsical! Love them. xo

  231. tricia says:

    It has not been above freezing in weeks and our bed shows it. We have white sheets, a sea green comforter, and two neutral quilts to keep us warm. No balloons, but maybe we’ll try that!

  232. Marci says:

    My bed is dressed with new green sheets, an old white duvet, and a lazy cat.

  233. Jan says:

    Our bed sports a vintage white chenille spread which serves well, with the addition of a bedskirt. Lots of white pillows, including a couple of RL Euro throws in white trapunto Hope Chest pattern. All topped off with two grey floral barkcloth pillows, also vintage. Hubby dislikes removing them to bench at foot of bed, so I’ve considered hot gluing them into ONE pillow to make bedtime more serene! ;-) This pouffy spread would be PERFECT for our bed! Fingers crossed!

  234. Els Manning says:

    Love it! The white on white… so clean and crisp. Mine (bedding) is pale lavender, with white. I like it a lot.

  235. Dana Breeden says:

    Would be nice to sleep with white cotton and balloons but my 2 year old boy would pop the balloons and that just wouldn’t be cool. My bed is usually dressed in children jumping around and playing while I try to hide under the covers. Momma just needs a couple more minutes of sleep….

  236. Tina Johnson says:

    I sleep in a room decorated in rusrt and cream. I love quilts and we have two on our bed, an for winter we have snuggly flannel sheets. I do want to change it all but I’m not sure about colors ect…. We have had our current bedding for at least 12 years. It really is time for a change!

  237. Sharilyn says:

    I used to sleep on flannel and layers of blankets topped with a patchwork quilt, then I married my hubby who is German and was quickly converted to a more efficient way of making a bed – feather bed topped with crisp white sheets and a feather duvet- I gotta say at the end of a sunny day, after the bedding has been hanging outside in the breeze, there is nothing better than falling into that fluffy, sunshine smelling bed! It is like sleeping in the clouds!

  238. My bed is dressed in white sheets and a down comforter that so desperately needs a duvet cover and a nice Anthro throw to cozy it up a bit in these bitter cold temperatures.

  239. KellieC says:

    This heatwave is shocking isn’t it…. I’ve done very little housework for a week!

    My bed has cream sheets, and a blue/silver/cream doona set which I love. We also have a cream throw across the bottom of the bed, for those nights where it’s cool, but not enough for the doona. Oh how I look forward to that!

  240. I just tweeted about this offer! I would love this gift card – I am living outside of the US and Anthropologie is the first store I go to when I am in the US for visits!

  241. courtney says:

    i love anthropologie my linen is pink and my bed is a total mess, full of kleenex from having the flu

  242. Amy in Austin says:

    Here in central Texas my bed is all bundled up under duvet, cover, and quilt, trying to keep warm until we get our share of triple digit days!

  243. Mer says:

    My comforter is Blue and my sheets are white/blue/navy….some are stripe and some are tattersall!

  244. shay says:

    I’m in the middle of re-doing the bedroom so I’m sleeping under turquoise sheets & white blankets. I need a quilt. I need wonderfully soft sheets. Please.

  245. Joanne says:

    Here in Canada it is still winter so the temperature at night can drop to a whopping 35 degrees below zero! I love all white bed linens and I have a down-filled comforter to keep out winter’s cold. Please send some of that summer heat our way!

  246. Veronica says:

    My bed is happily and cozily dressed in white flannel sheets, topped with a fluffy white down comforter. A heavenly sleep!

  247. Veronica says:

    Following you on twitter! :) Yay!

  248. Veronica says:

    Please be my friend on facebook! =)

  249. Sophie S says:

    I just got the new Twinkle Living bedspread, organic undyed cotton so its kinda khaki colored with threads of purple mixed in. Love it. I didn’t have enough to purchase the sheet set that went along, so I have a deep purple, but am lusting for something more luxurious. Ah.

    chitownchicas at gmail dot com

  250. kari says:

    A nice fluffy down comforter with a faint white-on-white striped duvet. Sheets that match in as high of thread count as I can afford or find ♥

  251. JennMarie says:

    I sleep in gun metal gray supina sheets on a fancy new bed with a light teal blanket. The colors scheme I was going for is gray teal and maybe a brown throw pillow. But since its winter and I’m broke I have a cheap black comforter, a cobalt blue fleece blanket with two smaller fleece blankets. What can I say… I blew my load on the bed. I’d kill for an anthro duvet.

    Oh the wonders!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  252. kari says:

    Following you on FB!!! Your pictures are sooooooo beautiful!!! I really need some pointers ~ I love the soft cool colors in all of them…. FABULOUS!!!

  253. JennMarie says:

    I also added you on google reader!


  254. Anne-Marie Tvete says:

    I have blue sheets and pillow cases and a blue floral cover on my down comforter. Everything has to match!
    I tend to kick the comforter off after a while due to nights sweats and then I am groping around for the comforter later when I am cold. :(

  255. Katie says:

    I am seriously in love with my white hotel striped oversized comforter with pale mint green blanket and hotel style linens. Well, not my flannel sheets, they clash big time in a dark flannel. Its definitely not hot here in Virginia in the States. Cold and wet. Blah. I’m loving the balloons. What we wouldn’t do for the perfect picture. My hubby things I’m a little outside the box too.

  256. Darcy Bishop says:

    I have lived with my husband for 16 years –when we moved in together my Mother gave me her old bedroom set it’s an old Laura Ashley print but it has everything, curtains, shower curtain, bed ruffle, sheets, comforter, shams, throw pillows –the works. Well last summer I was taking care of my Mother after back surgery and she asked me what colors my bedroom was—I had to make something up because I new it would break her heart to know I used the same hand me down set she gave me 16 years ago. For Christmas my sister gave me a giftcard so at the after Christmas sale I bought a new set. It’s from the Martha Stewart collection at Macy’s it was originally $250 marked down to $60 and I used at $10 of $50 coupon to bring it to an even $50. It has a gorgeous light blue comforter, with gold accents, it came with curtains, shams, sheets, pillow cases, throw pillows, bed skirt the works. The quality is amazing –and the sheets are so incredibly soft–I didn’t think anything would get me out of my bamboo sheets but these sure did. The comforter is a nice weight and feels really cozy and warm perfect for our winter nights.

  257. Anne-Marie Tvete says:

    Shared the giveaway on twitter (@amt946)


  258. Callie says:

    My bed is supposed to be white sheets, white duvet cover, white pillow shams, white bed skirt.
    But because right now I have the duvet in the washer (doggie got sick) and have misplaced one pillow case. It’s actually white sheets, no duvet cover, white pillow shams except for the one random one with children’s prints on it from who knows where, white bed skirt.

  259. Christine says:

    my bed is all in white

  260. jan says:

    I always have white sheets on my bed!

  261. Anne-Marie Tvete says:

    I shared the giveaway on Facebook (Anne-Marie T)

  262. Well, I love you enough to leave a comment even when there’s not an Anthro GC involved, but since there is… I’ll do my best to leave a few.
    My bed it seems is always covered in one toile or another (just realized this recently) except when it’s just white linen. Right now, for winter, I have a dusty lilac toile duvet (and the warm down comforter!) and shams. I also have a heat sac that i put in the microwave before bed and take it to bed with me. It’s warmer than my husband! Thx for the great giveaway!

  263. also posting on fb…

  264. meghan says:

    we have 2 down blankets on the bed. it’s winter now in NC, but when spring comes we’ll take one off and just have the one light blanket. they’re white….lurve white!

  265. Beverly says:

    Springmaid Bellis collection from Target. Love it!

  266. Elizabeth (ejay) says:

    At the present moment I have pale blue sheets on my bed – we only sleep with a sheet on us most of the year (I live in Queensland)…..but I do have a doona and several cushions that I pretty it up with during the day…..

  267. Kathy says:

    You’ll be pleased to know that my doona cover is white, my sheets are white and my pillowcases are…white. That’s it. All laid on a lovely black wrought iron bed.

  268. brady says:

    I have a white blue and gray duvet over a down comforter with two matching pillows and a beige sheet set also with two matching pillows. This on a full sized bed with a pretty boring bed frame.

  269. Suzanne says:

    My bed is currently white. With a little aqua thrown in. We sleep under layers of white cotton~a quilt, a knit blanket and a woven cotton bedspread.

    I feel like I just gave out too much information!

  270. Right now I am lounging under a floral~bluebird duvet from PB (with some extra blankets because it is freezing)! Summer brings on the light weight whites!

    Please send us some heat to melt all this snow!

  271. vikki says:

    My bed has a burgandy comfortor on it with a mound of pillows. Sheets and pillows are white cotton and I love to sleep under down comfortors, the more the better.

  272. Sandy Johnson says:

    In Alaska where the temp is frosty, I sleep under flannel sheets-striped blue,white, brown. My comforter is a chocolate brown and I feel all cozy!

  273. Katherine says:

    Hi hot Sarah!

    If you came here the rain might cool you down – it is raining, raining & raining, & not too hot!

    At this very moment, my bed is very messy and unmade. On a weekday, it would (hopefully) be made up in cotton sheets, with a Doona. My colours at the moment are nautical, summery deep blue, sky blue & white stripes – with a small assortment of cushions thrown in for good luck! It says summer to me, & is a cooling combination. I aways mean to go all white – I love dreamy, white bedrooms. Yours looks like heaven.

    I like the balloons. Very festive. Why not?!

    Enjoy your Pimms & stay cool. I have never had Pimms, but I am guessing it must be right up there with a great G&T – with lemon of course!!

  274. lyndsey says:

    Ahhh I am just back from a windy wet late shift on the beat ib the streets of Blighty and I am in my comfy king size , under my 13 year old duvet (which is so well washed that it feels like it is made of cotton spun by angels). My bed clothes are kind of deck chair striped but in muted ice cream pastels of chartreuse green, lilac, seafoam blue and a lemony yellow, teamed with a lovely green herringbone blanket and green ticking stripped cushions to prop my head whilst reading and sneaking a much earned budwiser! Oh and my beautiful cat Ollie is nestled at the foot of the bed on the blanket, snoring.

  275. Peggy says:

    My bed linens are toile-blue and white. Pale blue or white sheets and toile comforter and shams.
    Old set that I need to replace.

  276. Patricia says:

    My comforter has squares of earth tones. My sheets are brown and so is my blanket.

  277. susan varney says:

    white damask quilts mverno@roadrunner.com

  278. Kate says:

    I almost always have plain white, but right now I’ve got some flannel sheets on there with big fluffy white sheep printed on them. I should be kidding, but I’m not.

  279. I need it.
    not want it.
    need it.

  280. janeh says:

    a soft peach print coverlet………..peach shadow striped dust ruffle………lots of peach, mint, pearl gray and white pillows……and the sheets are
    soft peach……….layers and layers…….

  281. Right now as we speak, my duvet and sheets are Pottery Barns Bird Decoupage Organic print…. It was put on my bed at Christmas time because it looked perfect for that time with how I decorated my room for the holiday, and I have been lazy about changing it out to the normal all fluffy white bedding that I normally have…. I LoVe all white on my bed, but like I said for the holidays I changed it up, but now that we are talking about it, maybe this weekend I go back white, and oh yeah I must add me some white balloons on my night stand!!!!!! Brillant idea, thank you!!!!!! And Oh yea, I would be so so HaPpY to win the anthro gift card!!!!!!!! Have a Awesome weekend!!!!!

    Michelle Torres

  282. Sara R. says:

    My bed is dressed in Dwell Studio’s Chinoiserie collection. I coveted it for years and years… My parents finally bought it for me and my husband for our first anniversary. Everytime I walk into my bedroom it makes me happy!

  283. Brenda Kula says:

    Well Sarah, I come over here to see what you’re up to in all the hellish heat, and you’re having a giveaway! Of course I’ve got red linens on the bed. I get hot, so I don’t like lots of bedding. A simple cotton quilt and I’m good. Guess what? We have SNOW on the ground here.

  284. Monice Moffat says:

    I have a patchwork quilt and my linens are a soft beige.
    Have a great day!

  285. Connie says:

    My bed is dressed with a appliqued snowman quilt that I made last year. We love it and will have it on all winter. Today our linens are white.

  286. Christine says:

    I have a beautiful satin-covered embroidered champagne colored comforter that I love and it is so comfortable. My sheet sets are also very comfortable and soft and range in different patterns an colors, mostly floral. Thank you!!

  287. Catalina K says:

    I have a red and gold leaf-patterned comforter and my linens right now are a golden taupe. No, I don’t sleep with white cotton and balloons, although I love the clean, crisp, and playful appearance they may give to a young person’s room.

  288. Christine says:

    I like you on facebook (ChristineFidance)

  289. jennifer b says:

    I have purple linen but my bed is decked out in all sorts of heavy warm winter blankets I would much rather sleep with white balloons at least in the summer

  290. sheila k. says:

    I actually love the duvet cover on my bed. It has a subtle, elegant, shimmery weave and is a taupe or soap stone color. I’ve accented it with a number of colored pillows that carry the softly Asian motif. Right now, I need a quilt and a sheet.

  291. Karen C says:

    My bed is covered with a green and white duvet cover and sage green sheets. An assortment of throw pillows adds a little extra pizzazz.

  292. Kenda says:

    I have a wonderful creme muslin coverlet with a small ruffle around the edge. The muslin falls in pleats all along the sides and puddles on the floor. It is handmade which makes it very special. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway. Your blog is always a treat! Kenda

  293. Shelley says:

    Way too hot for covers in Western Australia at this time of the year. Cream egyptian cotton fitted sheet with a vintage rose covered sheet to throw over if the breeze comes in. Pink ruffled cushions by day.

  294. Shelley says:

    Posted to Facebook also. Keep up the great work Sarah – the balloons are magic!

  295. Lisa says:

    We have a white cotton duvet topped with a blue print mexican blanket. I put the blanket on the foot of the bed for color, but rethinking it spot there. there are also embarrassingly some mismatchy (not in a good way) pillow on top.

  296. LeftCostaMom says:

    My bed is covered in a tangled duvet and down comforter from Crate & Barrel – blue Marimekko print. But I’ve been laid up in the cold for three days so there are pillows everywhere~!!

    leftcostamom at gmail

  297. laura says:

    I would love an anthro gc!

  298. I’m a total linen snob, so this Anthro card would work for me just right! I currently have my “winter bed” made – fawn colored Bella Notte velvet with some ticking stripe flannel tossed in for good measure. But I’ve been obsessed with finding my “summer bed” that I want in whites and aqua, and that white quilt would just fit the ticket, I believe. When I say obsessed, I mean shopping online til I think I’m developing Online Shopper’s Thumb Syndrome. And by the way, I live in Texas, so I know heat. I understand having to speak less so you won’t work up a sweat. Lists work.

  299. caitie says:

    AHHHHHH I love Anthro. I rarely buy clothes from there because they are so expensive, but I love love love their bowls and mugs and house goodies!! I live about half mile away from one so I am constantly lured in yet rarely buy!!

    • caitie says:

      whoops sorry didnt even answer the question. my bed linens are WHITE and make me so happy. It looks so clean. I sleep with a soft fleece blanket, a down comforter, and then another comforter on top with another blanket to snuggle up to my face with haha. I like to be warm :)

  300. Wen die henderson says:

    White lines with white down comforter year round. Simple, but yet boring sometimes. Love anthropolgie items all of it. Thanks!

  301. Traci Colquhoun says:

    THis card would be wonderful for me as I am desperate for new sheets. MY 10 year old cheapy sheets are hanging on by threads!! I’ve always drooled over Anthro linens but could never afford them. Me? I too, prefer ALL white!!

  302. Mel Parnell says:

    I gave my man two choices, either the faded steel blue, white and taupe floral or a more manly bold and beautiful, he chose the former. Sheets are white or a very light blue, topped with esther diamond cushions. Bed is just about my favorite piece of furniture…

  303. Robyn says:

    All bed linen is white. In this heat we are having we are only sleeping with a very thin doona, and most nights that’s not even on us! However I would loooove to win so that I can add a gorgeous quilt I have had my eye on and some decorative cushions. All in white of course.

    Thanks for another great giveaway!

  304. It’s so COLD here that I can only think in lists because I think my brain is frozen….

    *i sleep in a king-size bed because hubby has a tendency to sprawl
    *on a 3″ thick mattress pad that cushions my menopausal bones
    *i curl up beneath crisp cotton sheets because i don’t like high count ones
    *and pull up the ikea down comforter that is wrapped in a white linen duvet cover
    *while my two cats curl up against my chest to keep me warm
    *because my hubby’s snoring scares them

    Thanks for entering me in your giveaway, Sarah! Keep cool over there, girlie! I’d sent you some snow if I could…..there’s plenty of it here! lol!

    xoxo laurie

  305. My frozen fingers also added your giveaway button to my blog!

    brrrrr…….time to go snuggle in my nice warm bed and dream of winning an Anthro gift card…… ♥

    xoxo laurie

  306. Kalyn says:

    Right now, beige comforter with colorful pillows. Love Anthropologie but never can bring myself to splurge!

  307. DebraE says:

    Light brown sheets and a quilt covered in blue, white and brown strips. There are lots of pillows. Very cozy!

  308. Mary Elderton says:

    Winter in Colorado…we have 3 quilts on the bed. The colors are mostly browns, golds, coppers…warm colors.

  309. Kari says:

    I have a fluffy chocolate brown tone on tone striped comforter :)

  310. Tami C. says:

    Right now we sleep under a chocolate brown comforter I bought at Home Goods on a whim. I didn’t pull it out and feel it however, and I should have. It is thick as can be and we live in Southern CA!

  311. Ginger Fox says:

    We sleep under a white quilt that my mother made.

  312. I love the balloons. We rarely get close to 100 here in Naples, but we do spend a fair amount of time hovering around 95. I feel your pain. I love the balloons. They do really feel cool. I sleep under a single flannel sheet. I don’t like to be hot at night!

  313. Meredith says:

    We have 3 sets of sheets for our bed, but only one set that we love (the expensive one). They’re on it right now. Sage green and very soft. Our comforter is a sage, khaki and cream plaid. I have a matching sham on one of my pillows, but I can’t get my husband to keep one on his, so one of his pillows has a plain white pillowcase on it. It’s a lived-in bed.

  314. Emily Ernst says:

    I have a white cotton duvet cover. Dreaming of the Anthropologie Tuxedo Bedding!

  315. jess says:

    beautiful white 1000 count sheets topped with simple black and white.

  316. mistee says:

    We have a furry brown comforter. Tan silk sheets. And wayyyy too many pillows.

    misteedawnw at aol dot com

  317. Courtney S says:

    Right now I have a zebra quilt with black sheets.

  318. white ruffled top sheets with a thin white coverlet on top and a feather down comforter with a floral linen cover in shades of cream- pink- rose and bits of sky blue and one black cat that always leaves a bit of cat dander on my side of the bed!

    love love the images with the balloons- so very dreamy!

  319. Mindie P. says:

    My bed is dressed in a brown and turquoise comforter with a heavy blanket and brown sheets. I also have it decorated with a bunch of throw pillows that drive my husband crazy.

  320. Mindie P. says:

    I posted on Twitter (@mindiepack)

  321. aubrey says:

    Love the pics….my bed is dressed in beige silky comforter and in need of some colorful pillows as I recently hung a gorgeous rug behind my bed that my husband just sent me from afganistan! :)

  322. Lindsay says:

    How can I resist the chance to win this FAB gift!? I would LOVE to sleep under fluffy bedding, however, living in Hawaii is not conducive to warm bedding. My bed is outfitted with sateen chocolate brown sheets, and happens to be my favorite place to be lately…can’t get enough sleep!

  323. Michelle says:

    White , white and more white. Hubby would love a little colour but I just can’t do it I love my white sheets , pillows and doona cover.But with this heat ….oh my ….doona chucked over a chair in the corner , only using the sheet.. would prefer nothing but would get eaten alive by the mozzies! Keep cool BC’s . x Michelle

  324. pamq says:

    Oh dear.

    I don’t think you would want to see my bed.

    I have some dark plaid flannel sheets and two crappy old blankets.

    When it gets really cold, I put my bathrobe on top of that.

    Now don’t you think I really, really, really need that gift card?!?

  325. casey says:

    I sleep in off white sheets with lime flowers and an aqua quilt. I really hate my sheets, and want to just get a white comforter or quilt!! THANKS for everything

  326. chase says:

    i sleep with brown sheets and comforter. i am entering this for my fiance bc she wants this quilt for our guest room. she is so stressed out with all those wedding details so i thought i would suprise her with this quilt, which is not really in the budget.

  327. Elizabeth says:

    Anthropologie giveaway…YES PLEASE! My bedding is white sheets, blue and white ticking striped bedskirt, and blue and white paisley comforter with a white cotton throw at the foot of the bed.

  328. Stephanie V. says:

    garnet duvet with down comforter inside. garnet sheets, organic topper, organic pillows.
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  329. Rebecca McLean says:

    Balloons! Love it! What will you come up with next? Very neutral bed linen, love the hotel-quality stuff. Also love a soft purple cushion or throw.

  330. Wendy says:

    I simply ♥ your blog. What a fabulous giveaway. Our bedroom is all ivory and some white. Shabby Chic oatmeal duvet cover. I love a lot of layers of covers with the window open.

  331. Erin M. says:

    I sleep with a warm white down blanket comforter …But my favorite it the soft white-Leopard Spotted heavy blanket on top that keeps my feet warm while I sleep!

  332. Erin M. says:

    Stumbled this giveaway post!

  333. Amy says:

    Right now it’s in the teens where we live, so our bed is dressed in layers: white cotton sheets, a comforter in a white linen duvet and a matelasse quilt I found thrifting and overdyed to get the perfect “greige” (for pillow cases we have the gray and white floral from IKEA).

  334. pam says:

    My idea of a bed made for sweet dreams is one dressed all in white, and I’m getting close to it. I have the softest of white sheet, and a puffy white goose-down comforter sans duvet cover. With two cats who love to spend the cold winter days curled up on my bed, I really do need to find a duvet cover to preserve my comforter. I have loved the duvet cover you have actually, and I am holding out to get one just like it for my own. Then, I am sure that I will finally have sweet dreams, in my bed of white. And if I win the gift card you know that I’ll be buying myself a bouquet of white balloons as well. Thanks for the chance!

  335. JulieAnn says:

    my sheets are brown..for my boyfriend…brown..Down quilt, white on beige floral duvet. paisley brown spread and so many pillows even I am overwhelmed

  336. Nikki says:

    I sleep on baby blue cotton sheets with three pillows under a coverlet that my mother made and a little purple velvet pillow with gold satin ruffle adorns the bed. Since it’s winter, there is a celery green and also a white blanket on the bed too.

  337. michelle says:

    ooooh, i would love to win…
    i sleep under a duck down duvet with a white linen cover…i love it so much because it’s warm when it needs to be and cool when it needs to be….please send some of that sweltering weather over to vancouver bc…we are in desperate need! xoxo

  338. Jamie says:

    Oh how lovley…I adore that very quilt!
    Right now my bed is loaded with brown and blue snowflake flannel sheets, a down comforter in a deep chocolate duvet. Loads and loads of plump pillows…its cold and rainy here in the great pacific northwest! But at least we aren’t freezing like so many others here!

  339. Mary says:

    Sarah – I have to admit I am a bit obsessed with bed linen – they opened a branch of Wallace Cotton in my local city and the shop assistants, rather embarrassingly, know me by name as I have been in there drooling over the bed linen so often.

    It is summer here, so I have a light blue grey and white floral duvet cover on my summer duvet and matching pillows and a white cotton bedspread at the bottom of the bed. The duvet cover is from Wallace Cotton :) The bedspread was a great find at my local vinnies – it had what looked like mould on it and supposedly the lady who donated it had bought it with her from the UK but could wash the stains out. I put in a hot wash and it came out snowy white and unblemished :)

    I have a cute cushion I bought from a woman who has a beautiful craft studio. It is made from a cream woollen blanket with crochet and buttons on it – it sounds quite frilly but the overall effect is calm and beautiful.

    Oh, the walls are currently taupe.

    Love that anthropologie duvet you have on your bed – it is one of my favourite piccies on your blog



  340. Trisha P. says:

    I have a fabulous handmade wool quilt with a sage green duvet cover on it. Always. And smooth, cool, cotton sheets with a small pillow for my neck. Speaking of beds, that’s right where I’m headed.

  341. Rebekah D. says:

    Our bed currently has my favorite sheets from Crate and Barrel. They are called Diamante and are white with thin pale blue damask stripes. Very crisp! Next is a super fluffy down duvet which has a antique white cotton coverlet with my monogram in the center (found at a great antique mall just before I married and the monogram was the initial of my soon to be married name! A one in a million!) Pillows are plump down. Two king size and two standard. Night, night! :)

  342. bec says:

    Hi Sarah,
    I use white sheets and a lambs wool doona. Love it.
    cool blog.

  343. Lilly says:

    I have a green cover and light pink sheets on my bed. Yeah…I think I really need this GC.
    Thanks a lot for the chance.

  344. Heather says:

    I confess I am sleeping with the ugliest bedding in the world! I sewed it in 10th grade! Yes, I could use that anthro blanket to cover the ugly. I would skip the balloons cause the mr. would think it’s time to paaarty ;)

  345. Heather says:


  346. Jenni says:

    Swealtering as well, so the bed is pretty naked. 2 neutral beige coloured sheets. Too hot for anything else!!!

  347. ferriz says:

    I sleep on an adorable light blue/white comforter set with burnt orange accents. flower print. adorable.

  348. Peta says:

    White white white. Some pops of colour occasionally – I have some spotted citrus pillow slips at the moment and usually love me a little charcoal. Tonight my bed is sporting a whole lot of air conditioning.
    My family and I are camped in the living room….. 40+ deg celcius is no fun, is it???

    Hope you get a cool change soon and thanks for the chance to win!

  349. mary says:

    right now beige and white paisley flannel sheets (we are in the middle of a cold winter in michigan)
    a warm beige micro fiber blanket and a fluffy goose down comforter!
    toasty warm :)

  350. jerikay says:

    love your balloons & anthropologie!
    i dream of white linens & so need to update my bedding! currently sleeping under a combination of sage, pale yellow and creamy white colors.
    thanks for the lovely giveaway!

  351. Anahi says:

    Hove your post and Anthropologie ! I love dream in a white linens…

  352. Marcie says:

    Our weather is just the opposite of yours, cold and snow here in the northern U.S. So currently we have flannel sheets and a quilt on the bed. At night a heavy wool blanket gets thrown over the lot to keep us from freezing in this old house of ours. I’m dreaming of a nice down comforter and duvet cover in white. Kind of like a light warm blanket of snow to snuggle down in. Aaaaahhhh….

  353. catherine says:

    in winter, right now in florida, my bed wears a well worn waverly chitnz comforter. the colors are dark and rather cozy. in the spring the quilt is stored and a white coverlet comes out to lighten things up. it does make the room seem cooler. i love the balloons, but i can just see the look on my husband’s face. he already thinks i’m nuts for taking what my neighbors put out as trash.

  354. Laura says:

    All white sheets… a duvet cover from M&S (my duvet was brought over from the UK… amazing what you can fit in a suitcase) and then duck egg blue cushions… all topped off with lip gloss stains, from when my youngest found my make-up bag and decided to apply it to herself… fortunately the mascara washed off but lipgloss apparently has staying power! Stay cool! Lx

  355. Donna says:

    I love the balloons! Our bedding is white with seashells. We do have blankets piled on in the very cold and snowy NE of the US.

  356. Jules says:

    I have an all white bed too – my bed cover is a thick white cotton throw from BAER & INGRAM – do you remember the company Sarah? It is (was) a lovely English mail order company which sold a lot of toile etc – anyway it’s closed down now – but my cover is still just lovely and so white (bit like The White Company ones) – I have one small pillow on my bed from the absolutely lovely Cabbages & Roses Cerise Hatley range …. PS … Silly questions, but do you have air con?? Jules x

  357. Elaine in Laguna says:

    Good Morning,

    Although it’s winter here, it will be 80 on Sunday….My linens are shabby chic-style with white and pale green and a very light gray stripe….I have a matching comforter, or rather, a coordinating comforter, with pale green and pale blue flowers. The blanket is pale blue…It’s cute and soothing after a long work day. Lots of fluffy pillows to lay one’s head to sleep on, too. The linen set looks quite cozy on my white iron bed. I’ve had these a long time, and would love to update…Thanks for your generous giveaway…So much fun to read you daily and I’ll give balloons a try soon!.

  358. Elizabeth says:

    Oh, YUM, love a comfy white bed! After searching til I nearly went bonkers, I finally decided to just buy some inexpensive bedding to get me through til I could make up my bed of my visions. And don’t you know I found my vision right there in the Shabby Chic aisle at Target!? White sheets with the slightest ruffled edge, soft gray/blue quilt and a white comforter decorated with head to toe ruffles. But with two little boys and one grown one wrestling around on it all the time, I’m afraid it might not last… could use an Anthropologie back up! Got any ideas on good, comfy bed pillows?

  359. Tracy Sharlette says:

    Happy Saturday!

    I sleep in flannel sheets with a heated blanket that had to have been my most favorite useful Christmas gift, a white tufted comforter and lots of pillows….it’s cold here in NY so we have to bundle up like we are sleeping outside :)

  360. Abby says:

    I have chocolate brown sheets, and a quilt homeade by my mom for our wedding present!

  361. Denise B. says:

    I love the flamenco shower curtain.

  362. Rachel says:

    Right now my sheets are a pretty purple and i have a white down comforter on top. For the winter I throw on a grey duvet that has a great texture to it. I like to stick with simple colors and throw more pattern on the pillows and walls!

  363. Frau Mayer says:

    Oh, Sarah, you might very well rename your blog into ‘Beach Giveaways Weekly’ or ‘The Land of Beachy Giveaways if you keep giving away stuff at this speed’. As for me, I’ve been sticking to ‘striped is beautiful’ motto for quite a while. Simple, basic Ikea sheets, blue and white stripes. I’m kind of scared of ruffles and florals, to be honest, don’t want my place to look too shabby chic/girly/Cath Kidston-like.

  364. May says:

    I ALWAYS SLEEP ON WHITE SHEETS…Shabby Chic, Jersey, 1000 Count, Ruffled, Striped…all white. I have “picking” shams from Pottery Barn and a Jersey Duvet from Shabby Chic!

  365. Tina J says:

    My bed is currently dressed in a quilt made by my grandmother, it is royal purple and white. I currently sleep with layers cause I just moved to Seattle from LA and I am COLD!!!

  366. Margo K says:

    My bedding is always white sheets, always always. The quilts on top is where my color comes from, right now its blue. Thanks for sharing!

  367. Kelly says:

    Mine is dressed in a retro-ish black comforter, with gray and white swirls and circles, with matching sheets. I tend to like a bit of color on my bed, and I load it with pillows (and a few stuffed animals). I don’t like white sheets; I much prefer colored sheets, and I MUCH prefer them to be beech jersey-knit. :)

  368. Hi Sarah!
    Wow it is way too hot to be doing housework!! Well right now it’s winter up here so my bed is dressed w/ flannel sheets and 2 quilts….and sometimes even a warm snuggie on top when I go to bed! But come summer it’ll be one thin comforter & cotton sheets!

    Try & stay cool ;)


  369. Allison Whitt says:

    We have white cotton sheets topped with a white quilt and then a warm fluffy duvet. Duvet cover is a turquoise color with floral pattern . Love my bed.

  370. My bed is dressed in crisp white cotton sheets and layers of vintage quilts. Please enter me in your generous giveaway — I’ve got six more bedrooms to get through in this big old Victorian farmhouse.

  371. Dolores says:

    While you are suffocating in the Australian summer I´m at the end of the winter in Oregon (US)… and I live in a small house all painted white… during the summer I sleep under white sheets and white Portuguese cover… Right now our comforter is covered by a toupee cover with cream, gray and toupee cushions…

  372. Camilla says:

    What’s your bed dressed up in right now & what colour is your linen?
    ….do you sleep under layers of colourful quilts and eiderdowns
    or do you only sleep with white cotton & balloons

    My bed is dressed up in the very basics, of a white springbox protector, a white cotton sheet, an IKEA duvet cover in black and white plaid and two pillowcases in similar colouring that were the last that were clean. Since it is winter, I sleep not only under eiderdowns but steal the fleece blanket from my computer chair too, to keep warm.

  373. Anne says:

    I’m afraid that hearing what’s on my bed will make you hotter– blue comforter, flannel sheets, white cotton blanket….and a throw on top! It’s cold and extra wintry in central Indiana! Snowing today…predicted for Monday….then temps fall into single digit in midweek! I hope the photos I emailed help you think COLD thoughts! ;)

  374. Kat says:

    White, white, and white! Although most of the house is lodge style the bedroom linens are white. Guests are sometimes intimidated but I assure them it all can go in the wash. We have white sheets, blankets, bedspread, and now that it’s cold a white duvet. Nice and cozy!

  375. Hope Evarts says:

    My bedcover right now is a 10-yr old, maroon, *microfiber* (gag), coverlet…. it’s terrible and makes me sad to look at. Our linens are white. We have heavy “mink” blankets between the cover and linens. All-in-all, the master bedroom is an after-thought and quite sad.

  376. WHITE high thread count Egyptian sheets, WHITE down comforter, WHITE duvet! I love WHITE!

  377. Barefoot Liz says:

    I’m embarrassed to say that I don’t have a comforter or quilt on my bed. All I have at the moment are a couple of cheap fleece blankets. Actually, one is a blanket and the other is a throw.
    I love Anthropologie!!

  378. Barefoot Liz says:

    I posted your blog link on my facebook page.

  379. Barefoot Liz says:

    I also posted the link to your blog on my twitter page (BarefootLiz).

  380. Rachel says:

    I sleep under a plum velvet quilt that was my mum’s but sadly has a silly hole in it…. ooohhh but that is carefully hidden by a colorful tiny quilt stitched together by my great – grandma … and of course mountains of pillows with colors of robin’s egg blue, more plum, dark teal and light frilly pink… the sheets, well, a bit out of place in yellow, red and sage country flower patterns.

  381. Stacey P says:

    My bed is dressed up in a few quilts of varying blues & creams with light brown sheets…plus a dollar yard sale blanket, white, that looks well loved.


  382. mickeyfan says:

    My sheets are 425 tc old gold sateen, with a fleece blanket and a sage/blue/chocolate/gold comforter that gets thrown to the floor each night. I am of a “certain age” and the night brings flashes of heat!

  383. angela says:

    My bed has white sheets with lilac detailing to go with my comforter, which is a light grey with birds and flower prints. Oh and I have a really comfy back pillow :)

  384. Mary says:

    Rachel Ashwell’s Shabby Chic cream flannel ruffle edge sheets and pillow cases – Belgian linen duvet cover – French grain sack covered bolster………and snugged up to the fabulous Restoration Hardware, cable-knitted cashmere sweatered British hot water bottle – my new best friend this very cold Winter!

    Toss my name in the hat please Sarah – love Anthro’s everything! Thanks.

  385. Valerie says:

    my sheets are purple bamboo :)
    right now I have a colorful flower duvet cover over a down comforter, pretty cozy

  386. susie says:

    Until recently, we had a silver-sage color duvet from Restoration Hardware on our bed. Now we have an Eddie Bauer red and cream damask duvet cover that doesn’t match our bedroom thanks to a four legged friend who decided to chew a hole in the duvet cover. I could really use a gift card to go towards a new comforter.

  387. c says:

    My sheets are various colors, i have a white down comfortor….which i love, love, could not do without it in the winter…colorado has been very cold the last few weeks, not quite as bad as the rest of the nation, but below zero!!!


  388. Maria says:

    I sleep in a bed quite similar to yours, and its only adorned in white.
    Soft cotton sheets, beautiful white quilted throw
    Soft feather cover if there’s a chill at night.

    Would love a new quilt
    or a matelasse spread
    for our temps won’t make make anything wilt.

    But my post for today
    wishes cool breezes your way
    Or a Pimms refill right up to the hilt!

  389. Ashley says:

    Our linen situation is very sad. Our down comforter got old and thin, and we haven’t replaced it yet, so we are currently using a very old comforter for a double bed in its place. Our sheets are beige colored with mismatched pillow cases. Like I said, sad huh?

    ashaldridge (at) gmail (dot) com

  390. Kim says:

    We sleep in a bed of soft chocolate brown , but AM DYING TO CHANGE IT TO THE DREAMY WHITE BLISS IN YOUR PICTURES!

  391. Ashley says:

    I tweeted: http://twitter.com/#!/AggieAshley/status/33997323554140160

    ashaldridge (at) gmail (dot) com

  392. Kim says:

    Added a link on my facebook page for my friends to check out :)

  393. Mim says:

    white sheets, light blue quilt, white duvet cover for down comforter

  394. jessica says:

    My fiance and I ad my 2 yr old (lol) Dads a sucker….sleep on flannel snowflake sheets and dont share a comforter due to the fact that I am 3 weeks from giving birth to our third child so I get to hot. BUT sure would LOVE a new bedding set to cuddle up in after the new lil man arrives~~~ Does it come with a good nights sleep too??

  395. Lisa Wilson says:

    thanks for the chance to win!!
    I have chocolate brown sheets and a white down comforter. I also have Martha Stewart comforter and sham set. I forgot the name of it but is red flowers with greens and blues mixed. Bright and pretty!

  396. Marla says:

    Dog friendly brown cotton comforter cover . . . Could use an update (and less shedding from the dogs).

  397. Lori Hart says:

    Light blue and grey tropical print. Covers up the cat hair!!!

  398. Jolene in NZ says:

    Taupe, taupe and more taupe

  399. Rae says:

    I an only dream of 100* weather right now (though I’m not sure I WANT 100*….but I might take something a little bit toasty to melt the almost 7′ of snow outside!!!!!) So, yes, I am sleeping under piles of quilts, comforters and blankets at the moment! I have white flannel sheets, a yellow comforter with a bird pattern across it, a dark gray coverlet and a blue & beige paisley quilt!! But I love the white quilt from Anthro. I LOVE all of their quilts and bedding!! Thanks for the chance to win this fabulous giveaway and sending you some cool vibes from New England, US! :)

  400. I sleep in white, comfy linen with a small pillow that has pops of color.

  401. Jo says:

    I only ever use white 100% cotton. And it must be from good quality plants – none of that 480000 thread count from Tarjay rubbish.

  402. Doris Keeler says:

    Living in the sunny (most of the time) state of Florida (USA) I don’t layer my bed with too many covers. My comforter is white with a very low warmth rating… The white on my bed compliments the light blue on the walls for my retreat (in my mind at least) by the sea! I would love to add more pillows and a fluffier comforter to add to the look.

  403. Living in the cold Canada we do layer our bed with a lot! I have a white feather cover. Our sheets are beige but I really need white ones.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  404. Mine are all white. Sheets are white with lace edge or monogrammed, quilt is white like silk with little tufts but with our summer weather we hardly use it. i just love froths of white.Fiona

  405. Kelly says:

    We sleep on white sheets that are in desperate need of replacement and a chocolate brown comoforter with a light aqua and gold design on it. Anthropologie is my favorite store on earth & love to get inspired there!

  406. Megan Ann says:

    High thread count white sheets that I splurged on years ago, several layers of quilts (it’s very cold), and my new ruffled cream coverlet

  407. Jessica says:

    I love your balloons and especially the fact that you made them look so chic! Who would’ve thought they’d be as uplifting as flowers?! :) My bedroom is white white white with a dramatic black tufted headboard…

  408. Heidi says:

    My big four poster oak bed is topped with a duvet I made myself of bright yellow with a scattered and weathered looking bright blue print (flowers, prints, and hodge podge) that wraps to the back for when it’s too much and I want an accented yellow bed spread. Complimented with light spring green linens. But unfortunately, it’s not spring here, and the rest of the blanket cupboards have also emptied their contents onto the bed.

  409. Wiah I could botttle and send you some of the cool/cold weather we have had here in Central California. Sun came out today for the first time in a month. In the winter we sleep between chocolate sheets with a blue and chocolate comfoter. In the summer I switch to French Vanilla colored sheets and a creme, pink and green quilt I made years ago. Thinking of going orange or something!

  410. ohkeeka says:

    We have lime green Marimekko bedding — I totally love Marimekko! It makes me happy to go to bed every night.

  411. Mary Ann says:

    Anthropologie Giveaway-Right now,after a month and a half of snow,frigid air,more snow and more frigid air and so on and so on,our bed sits “dressed” in a bottom sheet,top sheet and a pile of 6 assorted heavy blankets(every color imaginable) We’ve been redoing our bedroom (painting walls and furniture :”beach cottage” on the walls(a light gray/blue) and furniture white..No more funds for the bedding yet,but here’s hoping.Maybe you could ship over a little of your hot weather and you most certainly take as much of this cold as you’d like.Have a great day! Mary Ann

  412. Carol says:

    Considering the heat we have been having my poor bed is rather naked. All it is currently wearing are taupe sheets and a fluffy kitty.

  413. Bren says:

    Very tropical queensland – Beaten up old wooden bed, odd wooden side tables, Turquoise Cotton Doona, Lime Green Silk Throw on the end, Stack of bright turquoise and limey green silk and vintage beaded cushions. I really love bright so am totally enthralled and loving your blog being very different from me. No matter what style I love simplicity!………B:)

  414. karli says:

    White ruffled duvet cover and warm fluffy crocheted white blanket because today is cold even though it was 40 degrees last week!!

  415. Trish says:

    We are melting here in the lovely Hunter Valley NSW so our bed gets stripped of a night, but by day I like it to look beautiful. Currently I have white sheets with a cream damask sthyle quilt cover & an assortment of cream & white cushions. I woul really love to go with an all white quilt & perhaps a hint of colour in the form of a bed runner!

  416. Scribbler says:

    Please publish your recipe for Pimm’s
    I am as we speak piled up in my bed with all white bedding
    So yes I would love to win the Anthro quilt
    Hope you have AC!


  417. Sylvie W. says:

    I have a pink, burgundy and green patchwork quilt and light green sheets.

  418. Debi Wilson says:

    Hi Sarah!

    I sleep on light blue 100% cotton sheets with a pastel quilt that I made myself. The quilt is 100% cotton too! I love how cotton breathes! Wishing you cooler days! LOVE the balloons. What a fun idea to replace flowers on a hot day.

  419. Catherine says:

    My current winter checklist: cold (Y), gray (Y), snow higher than the mailbox (Y), slowly inching the car around snow banks that are so high you pull halfway into the road before you can see if the road is clear (Y!).

    Blanket checklist: lovely soft white down blankee, for me, (Y), four cotton faded blankets for the man – yep! I know, it is sad, we sleep under seperate blankets because my down is too hot for him, his four cotton blankees are not warm enough for me, even while wearing his cotton socks to bed, with my sweatpants, long sleeve cotton night shirt, and my eye mask to cut down on the glare in the bedroom caused by the moonlight shining on the ice that now covers the snow, thanks to the latest ice storm.

    Even my beloved beer does not taste good in this weather!

  420. Cindy says:

    I love your balloons! My bed has white sheets, a navy blue blanket and a white quilt – all are cotton because I don’t like the feel of anything else. For now I have on top a pink, fluffy, Shabby Chic blanket from Target because we just finished a cold snap here in Texas. I love your Anthropologie comforter and would like to have one also. Thanks for the giveaway and love to read your blog.

  421. Nancy Meyer says:

    I’ve always got comfy white cotton sheets on the bed, with layers of cozy blankets and a black quilt on top.

    nancymeyer1 at gmail dot com

  422. Cat says:

    I sleep on a lambswool mattress pad, cotton damask sheets, down pillows, a Ralph Lauren leopard comforter and a crocheted throw my Mimère made for me.

    I adore Anthropologie. Thanks for the opportunity.

  423. I have white sheets with a white comforter. Folded at the end of the bed is a red and white toile duvet. There are matching toile pillow shams, bedskirt and a pillow made from a vintage grain sack. Yes, my husband sleeps in this girly room and never complains!
    Please enter me in your fabulous giveaway.

  424. Valerie says:

    On a white cotton sheet and under a speeding fan, I do my best to sleep in this heat. I mostly toss and turn though! I do have a white cotton blanket and white quilt but they haven’t been pulled up for awhile as I constantly need to lie down!

  425. Susan says:

    Oh sweet mercy… you got sooo many comments!!!!! that means you have to read them all… so aloha again from Noosa. Where it is oven like ALLLLLLLLL the time. Where by mid February we are all a little cuckoo from the incessant heat. See what it’s done to you after only a few days…… I feel like I’m living in Singapore.

    So.. my bed. Solid timber {brushbox I think, kind size to acommodate all the small children who clambour in it}White sheets. Natural linen doona cover but that is packed away. We have a dark dark grey, light weight quilt from Ikea as our throw right now. and an amazing shock of colour by way of a throw cushion from Douglas & Hope…. bright pink swirly pattern on one side, Bright polka dots on the other. I love it as an accent to my very neutral palette. And a small linen lavender cushion I place directly on my pillow to aid slumber…… :)

  426. Katrina says:

    My sheets and comforter are off-white and my pillows are light blue.

  427. sheri slowey says:

    My comforter is white with white linens – lots of pillows too. Would love to win your gift card. Thanks for the opportunity. Be blessed.

  428. Melissa Wuennenberg says:

    Well, its around 7 degrees here right now and lots of snow on the ground and more to come. I would love 1 day in the middle of this to be 100 then I might appreciate the cold more. Bedding here is a dark brown damask comforter, ivory sheets and at least 10 pillows. :) Your room looks dreamy and makes me long for a vacation.

  429. Stephanie says:

    We have a white and blue duvet right now, inside is a down comforter. We Kay on blue flannel sheets for now. Love your blog!!

  430. Lou Ann says:

    My bedroom is painted a watery blue. Linens are white sheets, dark red PB pickstitch quilt & offwhite quilt with a crocheted throw my late grandfather made after my grandmother taught him to crochet granny squares one winter!! :)

  431. Anne Taylor says:

    I live in Victoria BC Canada and right now its quite mild and I don’t have anything on me when I fall asleep, but I do pull a beautiful soft bamboo blanket onto myself if I get chilly during the night!

    seaform green bamboo sheets, green and cream fleur de lis print bamboo comforter and a ton o pillows makes the bed beautiful


    nancyrobster at gmail dot com

  432. Anne Taylor says:

    Shared on Google Buzz


    nancyrobster at gmail dot com

  433. br says:

    black, white and gray with different patterns and textures! i love anthropologie for those exact reasons. nothing they have is basic one tone or texture. anazing!

  434. Debbie says:

    My bedspread at the moment is a off white antique chenille one and my bedlinen is cream but I do prefer white cotton and crisp and fresh :0)

  435. Chris says:

    My doona is a lovely shade of lemon with a floral so Shabby Chic but the white looks inviting & COOL & inviting after such a hot, hot day again today & the Pimms would just finish off the day – got hooked on Pimms while living in the UK …. delish

  436. Shaz says:

    Hi Sarah, I am loving my new pure linen doona (natural colour) cover and matching pillow cases, but also have my tailored white king size pillows/cases (2 deep) under the linen ones. Although this is double folded at the bottom of my bed, because it has been so darn hot and sticky here (Melbourne) too, but also usually have a white fine cotton blanket on top of the sheets. Loving your doona. Hope you get some cool respite soon.

  437. Beth says:

    My sheet is striped “toffee” color, pillowcases are a mix of white, “almond” and blue and white striped (more functional than visual). The covers are quilts covered with white patterned duvets, two on a king-sized bed. On a trip to Europe a couple of years ago we discovered this is primarily what’s used over there, and we loved it. Now I can stick my feet out *both* sides of my cover!

  438. Annie T says:

    I sleep under layers and layers of off white sateen. There’s one main duvet that’s keeping me warm in this winter that is as cold as your summer sounds hot, and then two additional light, fluffy duvets that just make me feel good. My bed looks like a italian dessert when I’m sleeping.

  439. Nancy Sloan says:

    I sleep under colorful florals right now but am redoing my bedroom and would love to go to the whites.

  440. Hachi says:

    I sleep under purple paisley!

  441. Judith says:

    Right now, there’s a quilt on my bed, inside a flannel quilt cover, and a matching fitted flannel sheet and pillow cases.

  442. Lily says:

    My bed currently has a blue and white flowery comforter on it, and lots of pillows!

  443. Appletree says:

    You are clever and your bedroom beautiful. Why didn’t I know about you before? Found you from Sarah at La Masion Boheme.
    My bed has a pottery barn set on it. Yawn. It is brown and white sheets with a funky pattern and a duvet with turquoise orange and brown. I also added 2 extra blankets because it is 2 degrees Farenheit this morning. Be careful what you wish for!
    I always wanted an all white bed, but have a husband who sweats (a lot) think yellow stains and a black dog. ugh

  444. Dar says:

    The colors of the beach…watery blues, crisp whites, and sandy tans with a touch of black for contrast. Just laying there dreaming of a warm sunny day on the beach! If only I was there now : )

  445. Grace says:

    What’s your bed dressed up in right now & what colour is your linen?…..Mine is dressed in all White! White cotton paisley quilt, white cotton sheets.
    ….do you sleep under layers of colourful quilts and eiderdowns?……No….and what are “eiderdowns”?….Usually just sleep with just the sheet on
    or do you only sleep with white cotton & balloons?….Definitely with white cotton…the balloons, not so much, haha! ;)


  446. Alice C says:

    my covers are a rich purple and i love sleeping with a nice down comforter. baloons not so much :0)

  447. Theresa says:

    A comforter topped by a cover featuring Hawaiian scenes like palm trees and the oceans. Takes me away from our cold, wet winter:)

  448. Cate says:

    I have a couple patchwork quilts (bought…not made) on my bed for the winter. So cozy to sleep under!

  449. Diane says:

    My bed is dressed in the softest cotton you could ever experience in the brightest of bright beautiful floral colors a la Kerry Cassill. I can never go back to anything else after experiencing her duvets. Oh, color? Currently a grey with the slightest blush of purple with peach and white floral design.

  450. michelle says:

    the fluffiest white cotton duvett from IKEA and a little chandelier hanging from my canopy. love the white and sparkel of crystal together. we are under lots of wraps cause its 20 degrees here in Utah USA so enjoy the warm or should I say Hot!

  451. Katelyn says:

    Paisley sheets, a white quilt with pink paisleys on it, a goose down feather comforter. On top of my duvett I have a “sweet dreams” pillow and a grey poodle named Chanel. Thanks for the chance!

  452. Karin says:

    Beige and white quilt, matching sheets and blankets… Beige throw on top of that. Boring! I need a change! I need more color! Thanks for the chance to win!

  453. Ruth Churchill says:

    What’s your bed dressed up in right now & what colour is your linen? White and Blue. White linens.

    ….do you sleep under layers of colourful quilts and eiderdowns
    We sleep under a layer of eiderdowns. Winter or Summer! :)

    …or do you only sleep with white cotton & balloons?
    I wish!! :)

  454. Ruth Churchill says:

    I shared on facebook!! Love your blog! Thank you, Sarah, for giving us this opportunity to win! How fun!!

  455. hj says:

    We sleep with totally random color and fabric- right now a green and blue paisley sheet with lime green blanket and blue striped pillowcases.

  456. Nancy says:

    I sleep under white egyptian cotton sheets and a linen color duvet cover. I like getting into my bed at night since it feels so comfortable. Thanks for the giveaway!

  457. Noemi says:

    My bed is dressed in orange and red. Colorful and cheerful :)

    Have nice day! And thanks for the chance!

  458. i sleep with a cozy comforter from anthoplogy (<3 that store) in lime greens/yellow print. green sheets are underneath.
    i ABSOLUTELY love that white scrunched comforter of yours!
    THANKS! you are SO generous! BLESS YOU!

  459. simply sipping iced water
    and various other drinks
    lying on nothing but
    a pale pink sheet
    wool doona dry
    in record time
    summer is
    doors open
    at night now
    bugs and all *ew*
    fans doing over time
    stove not used at all by me
    bedding rolled up in pink
    and pale green clouds
    floating on top of a
    restored classic
    50′s wardrobe
    Your white
    on white
    looks so
    cool & comfy
    and ready for the
    cool change that came
    through last night *Yah*

  460. Maryse says:

    Well now that all our children have moved away…we’ve paused on many of their favorites for their new housing .What’s let for us…? non matching sheets,uncompleted quilts and warm blankets with patches…Yes it’s time for new stuff!Thx for this opprotunity!

  461. Hi there it has been extremely hot and muggy here in nz as well so know how you feel……at present i am sleeping under white cotton sheets only too hot for anything else……but i have a marcella quilt in cream that is usually on the bed with antique lace cushions…..

  462. AEKZ2 says:

    My bed has 4 pillows, brown sheets, a tan blanket, and a cozy off-white comforter.

  463. allison says:

    i love your cottage!
    i come to your blog for white inspiration.:)
    i have a white bedroom…in progress :)
    a white ikea bed frame
    dressed with delicate pink and white striped cotton sheets
    a white down comforter from target
    two pillows in white pillowcases. . .
    simple and cozy :)

  464. MK says:

    Right now my bed is half-made with the coral silk quilt, pink blanket, and ivory sheets I sleep under.

  465. Jeanne says:

    It’s been cold and dreary here in Boston, so I’ve dressed my bed in an apricot down comforter, yellow sheets and green pillows! Ha! Nothing like a little color and comfort!

  466. Lisa Kisch says:

    I sleep with a lovely floral duvet on me every night. My dog loves to burrow under the duvet during the day so I often come home to a bed that looks like it was never made and a lump in the bottom of the bed. (I have a small jack russell). So I have a lumpy duvet!
    Love your blog

  467. Charmaine says:

    I sleep under a lovely roses quilt (soft baby pink – mulberry) coloured roses…..I would love a new quilt though…..Wonderful idea…I would love a white bedroom…..(trying to convince the hubby)

  468. Rose says:

    I have a cozy chocolate quilt with deep red sheets and a white handmade throw at the foot. Cozy…comforting…ahhh…

  469. Jamie says:

    I sleep under Tommy Hilfigers Dharma collection with pretty purple sheets. :-)

  470. Meli says:

    I sleep under soft mint =-green sheets, under a white duvet cover. I’d be really happy sleeping under that quilt as well! :)

  471. Cherilyn says:

    After my divorce I decided to upgrade from a queen to a king size bed along with that came better linens. My sheets are usually nice and crisp but hidden under a fleece blush colored blanket, turquoise quilt and a fluffy white comforter that gets stuffed inside of one of my many duvets. I have about 6 pillows/shams but I really only use one. The final touch to my bedding? Dog hair! I have two big doggies that must have the most comfortable bed ever!

  472. karen h. says:

    Navy on top with tan to accent, creme & blue paisley linens underneath! I love it!

  473. Christy says:

    Love your cottage Sarah!
    Our bed is normally all white cotton linens with white duvet covering out down comforter. Lately it has been so cold here we have resorted to red flannel sheets and an electric blanket! Cheers to you

  474. Sandie says:

    Right now I sleep under linen in both bleached and natural colors and blues the color of sea glass all very subtle. With a little extra chill in the air right now I toss on the prettiest quilt made of old Saris in colors that only happen on silk fabrics.

  475. Mary Kaeding says:

    I don’t need a gift certificate and don’t need awuilte – but I love reading (and looking at) your blog!

    It’s be fun to share the Pimm’s with you!

    Mary in MN

  476. Stephanie J says:

    Our linens are a plaid green and coral…I am hoping to get something more grown up when we move in about a month.

    I think I have an old quilt on top of the comforter too because it’s so chilly.

  477. Jennifer G says:

    Currently sleeping under a blue patchwork quilt and lots of soft and fuzzy blankets. I adore your Anthro bedding and would love to have some like it for my very own!!

  478. Debbie C says:

    My bed is not “dressed up” at the moment since I need a new comforter or bedspread which is why I would love to win, of course. The linens are pale pink and of a very nice thread count. I sleep under a soft, plush blanket.

    dchrisg3 @ gmail . com

  479. Di says:

    White, white and more white. My bedding is all white which I just love and strangely never tire of. Big news…..now the proud owner of (white) 1200 thread count sheets on sale. 60% off………bang!

  480. anaRy says:

    Aqua & White covers….linen is Aqua too…I have a purple cranky old comforter between a nice vanilla blanket and my aqua top sheet…:)
    Dream of a nicely quilted white cover for my bed…so I can start to build my serene space…..

  481. Jill Myrick says:

    My bed is dressed in a multi colored quilt that was my grandmothers, sage colored sheets, dust ruffle and shams.
    We sleep under all of the covers that are on the bed but do remove the pillows that are in the shams for the night.
    Thank you so much for the giveaway.


  482. Marelle says:

    My poor linen is threadbare, with mismatched sheets, doona cover that has seen better days
    I would adore to win this competition so I could splurge on luxurious WHITE linen!!

  483. kathy h says:

    I have all white (learned from the best). All white sheets, and a white down comforter…although I’m on the hunt for a new one of those.

  484. susy beaty says:

    oh geez. i my dear have looots of white right now and would gladly trade the white i have for a beautiful dreamy quilt such as yours. i have white sheets that were tasty on the corner to my shelty when he was a puppy. still being used of course. a quilt that is too small for de bed. i had to break down and buy a fleece kiki cause the white here is freezing. i was cold… so trade me your white quilt, your white balloons and ya can have my 6′ of 0 degees white. ill even send you some. how much would you like my dear….

  485. Joey says:

    My bed is dressed in soft and cozy off white bamboo sheets…With a floral duvet for us to sleep under…It is mighty cold here so sometimes an extra quilt(or two) is needed!!

  486. Kate says:

    It’s a dark wood w/ beige bedding..I’m not totally happy with it right now, the anthropologie gift card could help!!

  487. Cheryl says:

    Mine is a blue floral quilt with white sheets.

  488. Sandy says:

    Hello dear Sarah, I hope you get to cool off soon!
    Well, my king size bed has crisp white sheets with ruffles at the top edge and on the matching pillowcases. On top of the sheets I have a pastel pink blanket, that’s all. I tried to find you a link for the blanket, but I can’t seem to find one anywhere on the web, but it’s the softest blanket in the world. If I had a white dreamy comforter or quilt then it would be like sleeping on the clouds…..sighs …………..

  489. Hali says:

    Light grey sheets and a white cotton comforter that I got for my dorm room freshman year of college. They’re pretty basic and tattered, but in a way that makes me smile. Not that a pretty quilt from anthro wouldn’t make me smile even more!!

    AND I definitely bought balloons this weekend as well. They looked so pretty in the store floating above some fresh cut daffodils that I bought them impulsively. It’s the simple things….

  490. kathie says:

    My bed is swathed in white with touches of blue. White is always so clean and crisp and I can’t go passed blue, it’s my favourite colour. What does that say about me hmm I wonder. I love lots of bedding and pillows..lots of them on my bed!…..

  491. Tara says:

    I sleep with my big fluffy green comforter! Its suede on one side and satin on the other!

  492. DeLinda Walden says:

    White fluffy runched quilt over cream and sage paisley indian sheets with a cat, italian greyhound and a husband!

  493. getpalmd says:

    It’s not even close to that magical looking cloud in your pictures.. but wish it would look like that! :) White is not the easiest with the dog though, but shouldn’t stop me from buying it, you can always wash them!

    Right now it’s white, beige and grey.. it’s winter here, gloomy moods ;-)

  494. I shared on facebook
    this morning right
    after my other
    Have fun
    reading thru
    all these comments…..
    By the way I like Pimms too!

  495. Mana says:

    My bed is actually not a bed… I sleep on a japanese mattress but it`s dressed up as a bed… the color is, as always, turquoise blue!
    I usually sleep under white or turquoise cotton and a blanket. Don`t like heavy blankets crashing me while sleeping!


  496. Mana says:

    I shared this on FB – Manuela Win

  497. Mana says:

    I shared this on tweet– Manuela Win

  498. Laura F says:

    I sleep with a cotton quilt and cotton sheets.I live in South Florida where it has beeb quite hot also.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  499. kittycardero says:

    My bed linens are tan with lime, pink and brown starbursts.

  500. Melissa D says:

    I like to change things up once or twice a year, but right now, my bed is done in all white with colorful accent pillows. Thanks!

  501. Linda Lansford says:

    I have a pink floral set

  502. Lisa says:

    brown quilted cover. so versatile.

  503. Amy says:

    Red and Tan floral design from pottery barn…have enjoyed it, but it is time for a change.

  504. Jessica says:

    My bed has a white down comforter, cream blankets, and white floral sheets.

  505. Lynn says:

    I love white sheets and Simply Shabby Chic bedding.

  506. Corinna says:

    Your balloons are a fabulous idea! They look lovely. It was weird to read you “talking” about the heat when I’m sitting here freezing with a foot of snow outside my window. YUCK.

    I have a Tommy Hilfige quilt (white with red/yellow flowers) that is now so worn out it’s literally falling apart, and I desperately need a new quilt for the bed, so what a perfect win this would be for me! :)

  507. Maureen says:

    It seems that I’m always somewhere near the number 500-something when it comes to enter your oh so nice give aways! I sleep in a bed, boxspring, nice and high, recently spend 5 days straight in it thanks to a bad, bad flu, always in white cottons, in wintertime I have my Riviera Maison cover on the end (squares of white and squares with stars and brown velvet).
    Do you know this brand btw Sarah? It is so nice, here is the link just in case, http://www.rivieramaison.com
    Enjoy the sun!

  508. Davids says:

    red sheets, red blanket, red everything

  509. Michael says:

    beige bamboo sheets / comforter is mauve & gold

  510. Adrienne Bireley says:

    My linens are a cream color that came free when we bought the mattress. I have a cream quilt under the covers which are off-white and black (actually from Anthropologie).

  511. Jenn S. says:

    My linens are dark blue with a shimmery gray and white comforter with dark blue shams.

  512. Katie S. says:

    Being that its the middle of winter and cold as heck, we have a blue micro-velvet quilt and a white goosedown comforter to keep us warm at night. Winter is all about warmth, summer is when the fashionable colors and decorative pillows come out.

  513. Cheri B. says:

    White iron bed, white sheets, linen colored light quilt, off white wool army blanket, vintage WHITE pillowcases.

    When I saw your balloons my first thought was-I LOVE those!!!!!

  514. Jill L says:

    I sleep with many quilts piled on top of my bed. No white for us. I have a beautiful bed from Pottery Barn but need to actually get some linens that would look good on it. As soon as our master bath is completed, it’s on to the bedroom.

  515. Guerrina says:

    Ahhhh, my favorite sheets are my wearing thin, Ralph Lauren white cotton….so crisp & cool! Then because I’m in the middle of winter in Connecticut, I pile on the down comforter (I have both blue & white duvets) then the quilted bedspread (off white) and sometimes the decorative quilt and burrow underneath until my alarm goes off in the morning! Oh, the pure joy of a white quilt that actually fits my bed!

  516. Rachelle says:

    Right now we have light blue and chocolate brown bedding with non-matching sheets. I could really use this gift card! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  517. Mia J says:

    My bed has cream color jersey sheets and a white with blue floral comforter.

  518. Beautiful white bedroom! My bed has an earthtone paisley comforter with sateen striped sheets in a coordinating-color. I like layers and layers of blankets! I’d love the Anthropologie card!! Thanks for the opportunity to win!!

  519. Linda Jacobs says:

    We sleep with a fan on even in the winter so our waterbed has layers and layers of quilts, comforters, and afghans.

  520. Alice G says:

    My bed has a light weight white down comforter, white linens, Four different colored plaid flannel pillowcases and a paid down throw at the foot. It’s like sleeping in a goose’s wing-pit. COMFY!

  521. Right now white and pink all from IKEA. And a big fluffy down comforter!
    White and pink for Valentines Day!

    I LOVE Anthropologie! A gift card would be awesome!!!

  522. julie says:

    I just went shopping this weekend with no luck to change my very WHITE bed into a colorful space. I LOVE WHITE but just feel its time for change. I think Ikea and anthro are insirational but I just could not decide. so white it is for now. all white

  523. Ceinwyn says:

    My bed matched once upon a time, but now my white duvet cover is paired with cream flannel sheets with doggies. All I can say is…I’m warm.

  524. Ryan says:

    Lovely WHITE

  525. Carla B says:

    At night, I love to jump into clean white :)

  526. La (Lori) says:

    I will trade you half my ice and snow for half your heat. I could deal with 50 degree weather.

    I always sleep under covers, even in the summer. Currently I have dusty rose floral bedding. My bedroom is decorated in a French Rose Garden theme.

    I hope you get relief from the heat soon. La

  527. Aisling says:

    My bed is dressed in blue patterned flannel and yearning for the heat of summer. It’s loaded down with multiple blankets of varying colors and weights, for easy throwing off and pulling back on.

  528. Maggie says:

    right now we are dressed for function. I’ve got two dogs with muddy feet and a new baby so we have a washable green and tan comforter. Not in love with it but we can wash it :)

  529. kait says:

    Awesome giveaway!! My bed is looking pretty sad right now – it’s freezing over here in Chicagoland so I have piles of non-matching blankets and it’s driving me crazy! Typically my linen is deep brown and shades of blue but the cold has forced me to add pink and yellow – it just looks chaotic!
    Hopefully your kids start feeling better and you can enjoy living in the warmth rather than frigid cold!!

  530. Heather Kelterer says:

    My comforter and sheets are a light sage green color that are starting to get pretty worn out. Sad face.

    pickled.punk at yahoo dot com

  531. katie says:

    my bed is dressed like a gypsy in a bright colorful striped quilt and vintage velvet throw pillows…and since it is winter, sage green flannel sheets and a down comforter…right now i wish it was white cotton. sorry you are melting…but thanks for the sun.

  532. KimP says:

    My linens are a white, brown, and a fading blue. I love my bed but it could use some help

  533. Krista B. says:

    We have a green comforter with a white leaf print…but it has seen better days. We have flannel sheets on the bed right now, because it is very chilly where we live. I have a damask print comforter waiting to bring out for spring…!

  534. Barefoot Liz says:

    I also told a bunch of women about your blog and gave them your link this morning (during a meeting. We started chatting about decor.)
    Does that count as an extra chance to win? ;)

  535. Maria Woodruff says:

    I love white since it’s so clean and fresh, but at the moment my linens are champagne with an aqua quilt with gold embellishments.

  536. Kim says:

    Porcelain blue and white for us. It feels summery and fresh even in the dead of winter.

  537. Right now in Chicago we are buried under over 2 feet of snow.
    Wanna see pics?
    3rd largest snowfall on record!

    So, on our bed? FLANNEL!
    Thick dark brown flannel with a light tan blanket on top.
    And, flannel PJ’s, too.

    (Though that might be TMI – lol!)

    Thanks for the opportunity to win a gift card!

  538. MelissaO says:

    Right now we’ve got a down comforter in a bright orange flannel duvet with off white linens. Before I pulled out the down, we slept under piles and piles of blankets.

    wolverina401 at gmail dot com

  539. KayceeT says:

    Right now my quilt duvet cover is a cream color and my lines are a cream color with a floral design on them.

  540. Becky says:

    It’s been such a gloomy winter where I live, I have my bed made in bright florals. This reminds me that spring is right around the corner!

  541. Kristen says:

    Enter me in the Anthropologie giveaway for a gift card!!!!

  542. Jessica says:

    At night I cuddle up
    with my red jersey knit sheets,
    a fluffy white down comforter,
    a cream homemade afghan,
    and lots of soft red and white accent pillows,
    adorned with chandeliers.

    My bed is cozy
    but I’m moving soon
    and this gift card sounds like just the thing
    to make my new house a home!

    Thanks for the giveaway,
    I just stumbled upon your blog yesterday
    and I LOVE it! :)

  543. Leticia says:

    My bed is decked out in a plethora of colors with an india-inspired bedspread. It is then balances out with plain old white cozy flannel sheets.

  544. Trisha Dowling says:

    we use a white down comforter and love it!!!

  545. LauraW says:

    I have super soft red jersey sheets and a fun red comforter!

  546. Hello again!

    I have a thing for fresh white crisp linens. There is nothing better then waking up under freshly washed white linens to natural light streaming in your window. Its one of those few glorious moments.

    Thanks for the give away!

    Liesl Ayers-Southwell from the Little Road Said Go!

  547. just throwing in one more comment for good luck.

  548. there once was a girl who loved to shop…
    but she had to stay home and mop…
    even though she would rather drink pop.
    The girl really needed a new quilt…
    from anthro…
    the end.

  549. Inga says:

    Ah, it’s so wonderful to go to bed and wake up in white linens. It’s such a clean look. I’ve tried to change the colors, but I just keep coming back to white, white, and more white. Oh, the accent “color” pillows are shimmery beige. Ha! :)

  550. Katy Weaver says:

    My sheets are bright green and my comforter is chocolate brown! I love color!!!

  551. Kristy OT says:

    Our sheets and pillowcases are eggplant purple. Right now they’re hiding under fluffy white down duvets.

  552. Viva says:

    I have a green comforter and lavender flannel sheets. Always great to mix up your bed colors, thanks!

  553. katie myers says:

    As of three days ago I got rid of my “ex” husband’s waterbed and I am now in my own beautiful bed, I could use some new quilts though for my smaller bed but the ones on there now are all white.

  554. penny nelson says:

    Well, your bedroom looks cool wrapped in all white. I guess color can be deceiving! We sleep under a down comforter which I love.
    The color of sheets this week is a red, gold, beige pattern by Ralph Lauren. A little regal looking, I would say. Thanks for sharing
    Love, Penny

  555. Tracy says:

    My bed has white flannel sheets and a simple turquoise quilt….
    Hard to imagine hot 100 degree heat out here in cold Ohio!

  556. courtney d says:

    My bedding consists of gold sateen sheets, a white quilt and a white down comforter…it’s still VERY cold here in the midwest!

  557. Claire says:

    My linens are bright green, my comforter purple, and topped off with a quilt my grandmother made in the 70s. As you can see, a bit mismatched!

  558. Kelsey says:

    My bed is my dressed up in golden linens with a fluffy white down comforter. I prefer my bed to be covered in fluffy white cotton, It gives me a sense of calmness –perfect for falling right asleep!

  559. julieh says:

    I sleep under white and navy blue linens, covered by a white down comforter.

  560. Aleksandra N says:

    We sleep under a big, white downy comforter.

  561. Liz M. says:

    My bed is dressed up in a new down comforter, but everything else (sheets, pillows) needs to be replaced!

  562. Audrey M says:

    I have a cream white faded bed linens, very outdated and could really use some help. Thankyou

  563. Joy F says:

    I have a pretty quilt and my sheets are mauroon. Thanks.

  564. kristen says:

    One of my most favorite things is my gray and white flower print coverlet, although I don’t often make my bed I think it does look its best all done up with its matching shams and a burgundy throw pillow. Mr and Mrs bear make their homes in my bed and so it is a place of warmth and comfort.. and depending on the week there are soft green or blue sheets. It’s a lovely place!

  565. Lindsay L says:

    My sheets are white. Comforter is chocolate brown. Pillows are white & spa light blue. Dreaming of that white comforter!

  566. Kat says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Sorry to hear you are sweltering in the heat. We are experiencing a rather cool summer by comparison down here in little o’l Tassie.
    My bed is normally dressed up in blue and white striped doona (with wooden buttons at the bottom), very beachy and which you would approve of ;)
    Atm though I have a brand new white doona cover, with some pintucked detail and matching pillow cases.
    A rare treat on our strict budget.
    Sheets are a pale blue. Must get some new white ones to match.
    Loving the white against my blue bedroom walls :)

  567. Jacob LaFountaine says:

    Linens are a pale blue cotton thing

  568. Erin E says:

    Right now on our bed I have a fluffy down comforter that is a khaki color, and our sheets are pale linen. We typically use a quilt on the bed, but in the winter I use the down. Thank you for the lovely giveaway.
    sewmuchstuff at ymail dot com

  569. gala says:

    My linens are a white

  570. Adrienne says:

    We are in the Up of Michigan so it’s it super cold. We have cream linens and a super thick brown and blue comforter! Lots of pillows!

  571. Ani says:

    I’ve got blues and browns in my bedroom.

  572. Di Nash says:

    I sleep with turquoise. And white. Add beige in the mix in winter. Tip: In the heat, I slept ON the doona, with a sarong over me, it was perfect, lovely and light. No clothes of course, the sarong was just big enough to either cover me, or not, or just my legs or whatever, better than a sheet in a way, and it felt lovely and soft and tactile.
    Thank goodness for southerly changes.!!!
    Thanks for the chance to win.
    Di x

  573. Becky says:

    I have my usual green/blue/brown comforter on the bed (it has cute circular designs on it) and since it’s still super cold, my blue flannel sheets that are beyond comfortable!

  574. Kate Dickson-Battye says:

    Linen, one of my favourite subjects!
    My sheets are always white. Plain, woven dobby check or sateen stripe, so long as they are white. With just a light layer of a white cotton blanket on top. But something happened to me this morning and now I want BRIGHT YELLOW FLORAL SHEETS from ANTHOPOLOGIE, love Katie

  575. Suzanne says:

    We have white sheets on our bed, but at the moment our doona cover (do you say duvet?) is folded back on the trunk of our bed as it’s pointless to put it on each day here in Brisbane at the moment. It’s a aqua/silver/Moraccan design thing that I bought to give the room some colour after we’d painted the walls white. But I have a white pleated thing stashed away too.

    Did I mention our mattress is on the floor? I’m currently Black Japaning the old bed. Sure it would have been a lot easier (and probably almost the same cost when I factor in the stain and the Proofseal and the poly and the French polish) to go buy a new one. But what fun would that be?

  576. My bed has blue plaid flannel sheets (it’s cold!) and an amazing white down comforter on top. I wish I had new linens, though.

  577. Jessica Kaufman says:

    The inspiration of my bed is Mod. The bed is layered with a blue (kinda like the crayola color Cornflower blue) very modern looking fitted sheet that has a print of circles, next layers is a dupioni silk brown cover it has a waffle like texture to it, the final layer is a white throw. There is an endless arrangment of pillows that swallow you up when you jump in bed. When its time for bed, I peel back all the layers and sleep with a feather down comoforter.

  578. Jaque R. says:

    My bed is dressed in snuggly blankets for winter, rare in the desert so it must be enjoyed to it’s fullest. My bedding is sage green, green is my favorite color. I don’t sleep with white cotton and balloons, but with green sheets and a pug. :-) Thank you.

  579. Esther says:

    My bed is dressed in a sand color velour blanket and my linens are white cotton. The room is painted a soft grey/blue. Never had a thing for balloons.

  580. Jennifer R says:

    I sleep in a down comforter in white and a deep red quilt to stay warm this winter.

  581. Sarah K. says:

    I sleep on a non-traditional bed (for Americans). I have a beautiful Thai Roll up mat stuffed with Kapok in Black and Goldenrod. During the winter I cover it in deep red or taupe striped jacquard cotton sheets and duvet cover and sleep under a large goose down duvet. My pillows are filled with buckwheat hulls. It’s very comfortable. During the day, it gets rolled up and the bedding is put away. This frees up lots of space in my tiny house. I love that Anthropologie quilt by the way!
    Not sure what I would do with 3 sticky children. I have one and she’s not too sticky at the moment, thankfully!

  582. Alice says:

    At the momment My bed is dressed with a cotton Quilt and cover cover that has a taupe body with navy stripes (nautical feel). At the foot of the bed I have a white linen table cloth (made overseas by hand so I’m told and given to me as a wedding gift) folded in half to break the stripes.

  583. Nikki says:

    My son sleeps with me, so my bed is dressed up with about 52 stuffed animals, a Star Wars blanket, a very old snoogle body pillow and my blue blanket.

  584. Courtney says:

    Oh Sarah you make me laugh! I think I need to speak in lists too, but because it’s so COLD here! I’m envying the thought of sweating right now… that’s how frigid it is in the land of Oz! Anyway, the bed I currently sleep in, which is actually in my parents’ house because I’m waiting (im)patiently to get married, is covered with a sweet Rachel Ashwell Simply Shabby Chic comforter from Target. It’s a soft white with big pretty pink roses and blue flowers all over it … very Miss Ashwell. The sheets (is that what linens means??) are all white with a ruffle at the end. Also Miss Ashwell’s. When I get married, our bedding looks a lot like yours. It’s the Target version of the Anthro kissing pleat bedding, in white of course, with grey sheets. Love it!
    Stay cool in BC land!

  585. ashley says:

    my bed is dressed in a big fuzzy brown blanket, and a blue and brown damask comforter from target. the sheets are chocolate brown and silky

  586. Erica C. says:

    I have an off white duvet covert with retro multi-colored hearts. However, it does have a hole in it and I’ve been wanting to replace it for awhile.

  587. rebecca says:

    Chocolate sheets, a cocoa chenille bedspread and shams, a few odd pillows 2 chocolate and 1 with leaves (who knows why I have this one). But it is cool, with snow expected tomorrow. Don’t like the snow, but I would hate your heat even more. Here’s to a cool bath, and spraying the sheets before you get in bed, and every time you wake up.

  588. Chrysa says:

    I have white sheets with a white down blanket topped by a pastel patchwork quilt.

  589. Sarah L says:

    Right now my bed is covered in cat
    on top of three quilts
    in peach & blue
    with the wind howling
    and the snow blowing
    I think I will join my cat.
    Thanks for the contest.

  590. Sheila B says:

    My bed is dressed in golden tan cotton sateen sheets with 2 beige blankets and a comforter of teal and tan with 7 decorative pillows on top.

  591. Sharon says:

    My bed is dressed in blue cotton sheets, a white cotton blanket that is very soft, and a dark blue duvet covering a lofty down comforter. No balloons. :)

  592. Sharon says:

    I shared this post on my facebook wall (Rust Hawk). Thanks for the entries!

  593. coateca says:

    somehow lost my great big ramble, suffice to say white sheets and cream bedspread/quilty-type thing… amusing witty anecdotes somehow got lost when I pushed the post comment button, and four children demanding to be fed mean no time to re-type!

  594. MelissaM says:

    I have a plain white down comforter on my bed. It had a pale blue duvet on it at one point but I took it off to wash it and somehow never managed to put it back on. My sheets are white as well (boooring) but I have a lovely creamy pillow case with blue and red-orange stripes along with some red-orange throw pillows (all handmade by me!) which livens things up. A cozy matching throw helps too!
    Unfortunately I’m already a bit bored and looking to find a new way to dress up my bed without redoing my entire room!!!

  595. Nate says:

    A blue stripey bed-in-a-bag set from Costco. So very college.

  596. Mimi says:

    its all so mismatched, i don’t even want to begin describing it.
    now THAT bedroom, thats what i want.

  597. vivian says:

    white sheets red comforter ty

  598. Barbara says:

    White cotton sheet, white cotton duvet cover, sounding summery? Nope I’m in England and it’s cold so add on top of duvet one fleece blanket, one old fashioned wool cell blanket and a cat.

  599. Danica says:

    Seeing your lovely bed makes me dream…of things to one day come! I currently have a black satin bedspread with embellished velvet damask pattern on the bottom, it has matching pillows. For sheets at the moment they are just a deep golden colour cotton. Nothing fancy at all, but it has made do for the time being until we can afford to get a new one!

  600. susan smoaks says:

    it’s winter now and i sleep under 2 comforters and a blanket to cut down on electric bills, they are blue linens

  601. Jennifer gersch says:

    I have a aburgundy quilt and fluffy vurgundy pillows and white linens

  602. Marc says:

    I sleep on a single mattress about 6 inches from the floor. [That's okay, I'm a tough guy.]

  603. I sleep under some fresh white cotton sheets and a light (and white!) cotton duvet.

    Love your blog!

  604. What’s your bed dressed up in right now & what colour is your linen?

    I have gold sheets and pillows on a pink comforter and a white down comforter on top.

    ….do you sleep under layers of colourful quilts and eiderdowns

    I would say so yes. I like heavy things on me when I sleep.

    or do you only sleep with white cotton & balloons?

    No balloons.. But maybe now I will. Why not.

    Would love the card. Thanks. Hope your husband stops melting.

  605. Tracey Byram says:

    My bed has a peach duust ruffle, blue down comforter, peach pillow shams.

  606. Posted on Yahoo Buzz

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    - 22 seconds ago
    - abeachcottage.com

  607. Sara says:

    I sleep under a lavender toile covered duvet with a white quilt on top….nice and cosy!

  608. Karen G. says:

    I went “white” several years ago. I needed a calm and cool space. I have a white blanket and thin, cotton spread but need more for these winter winds we are having. I enjoy your blog. Thanks for the inspiration.

  609. Patti M says:

    My bed is dressed in the colors of the ocean. Blues and tans light and flowy. The bedroom is one of the calmest rooms in the house. With pictures of sea shells and containers filled with sea glass and driftwood.

  610. Diane Baum says:

    ok…it’s tacky but it’s blue satin sheets and the blankets are pale blue and the comforter is pale pink and soft blue

  611. Donna Hunt says:

    It’s been so cold here that my bed is dressed in green and white flannel sheets. We even needed layers of blankets this winter. Thank you for the giveaway!

  612. Caitlin says:

    My bed is in a light gold pintucked satin comforter with chocolate brown cotton sheets. I have to have at least one fluffy blanket to fall asleep, regardless of outside temperature…. I think it’s the weight of it that I like. I sleep with a body pillow, a dog, & occasionally my long distance fiance.

  613. Terry A. says:

    Light gold silk comforter with white cotton sheets and cotton blankets . . . one pillow for the hubs and four for me! Thank you!

  614. Terry Moore says:

    I hope it’s not too late. I have white sheets and a white matelasse on my bed. Love your site.

  615. Mariel says:

    I have a pink chenille (can’t beat the comfort and vintage look) blanket and white sheets- cold here.

  616. kathy pease says:

    i have a rose colored flowered comforter and white sheets and a pink blanket..so on the cold winter nights i can dream of spring..brrrrrrrrrrrr :)

  617. kathy pease says:

    stumbled klp1965

  618. Jennifer J says:

    My bed has on sage green sheets with a mauve paisley duvet cover, and dog hair! Thanks!!

  619. Susan Smith says:

    My comforter is Burgendy with rose colored sheets.

  620. Patty Cole says:

    my bed is dressed in land of nod gingham duvet and simply shabby chic flowered pillowcases.

  621. Heather McDonough says:

    We have a plain flannel sheet and comforter set. It’s super warm!

  622. Laurie P says:

    My bed is dressed up in a yellow and white quilt with a white throw. I have yellow sheets. :-)

  623. Kim Parrott says:

    My bed is currently dressed up in Winter White but that will change when Spring comes in!!

  624. freda says:

    Black and white and cream. I want to win.

  625. Unfortunately I have recently learned that your bed/bedding is the main focus point of a bedroom! (who would have thought?) ;-) My bed currently has a tan/beige ugly brown sheet….and my comforter is a worn down green and reversable beige….for lack of better description due to its boring contrast….I could do better!

  626. john says:

    My comforter is red with white sheets.

  627. Christine says:

    Cozy flannel sheets with snowflakes on them, ultra warm down comforter encased in a gingham duvet and just for fun ~ because it is 5 degrees today ~ a vintage wool blanket! Tell me…why did I got out of bed today?! ;-)

  628. Holly Beach says:

    Its cold in Ohio, so I have cream and sage flannel sheets, a fluffy white comforter and a muted blue bird print target coverlet. It doesn’t look nearly as lovely at the light filled room in the photos, but it is warm and cozy!

  629. tina page says:

    my bed is adorned in orange and maroon sheet set with an orange/maroon heavy afghan…then for bedtie i have a bunch of snuggly blankets that don’t match to keep me warm. i am quite a snuggle bunny!

  630. Marcy says:

    We are going to be painting and redoing our bedroom this spring. But in the meantime, we did buy a new set of sheets. White background with brown and green leaf fronds on it. I just love it!!!

  631. Marcy says:

    I posted this on my FB page

  632. Michelle :o) says:

    My bed is dressed up in a pile of pillows and quilts over ivory linen
    I sleep under a worn but comfy faded blue quilt
    No white cotton or balloons
    But a cute bee pillow pet brought by my little boy when he climbed in to snuggle

  633. susanmeep says:

    it is blue. suelee1998 @ gmail.com

  634. Tomato says:

    My bed has a patchwork duvet on it now. So comfy and cozy!

  635. Pamela S says:

    I currently sleep in pale green bamboo sheets with a patchwork quilt in pastels from Pottery Barn. Nothing fancy, but simple and pretty enough for me!!


  636. Karen says:

    My bed is gray with multicolor shams with white sheets.

  637. wren says:

    I sleep under a light green polka-dotted (the dots are tiny and white) comforter that was a hand-me-down from a friend. Sometimes a sheet and sometimes another blanket but i generally kick them off about 2 minutes into sleep.

  638. wren says:

    I posted this on twitter too

    Anthro Gift Card Giveaway! http://www.abeachcottage.com/2011/02/giveaway-anthropologie-gift-card.html @abeachcottage

  639. Colleen Scott says:

    my comforter is green and blue. I have snowmen flannel sheets

  640. Steph A says:

    My bed is dressed up in chocolate colored sheets and a floral chocolate colored comforter!

  641. Suzanne Lewis says:

    My bed is dressed in turquoise sheets with a black/cream lace comforter with turquoise trim. No other layers for me.

    txhottie_86 at yahoo dot com

  642. Michelle H. says:

    I am using a gold satin quilt with velvet and satin patchwork that has other colors, such as red and purple, intertwined in some of the patches. I love to curl up under the quilts and comforters this time of year.

  643. R Hicks says:

    We have a nice comforter with random designs in dark and light blue. Have baby blue satin sheets
    ardy22 at earthlink dot net

  644. Meg S says:

    My bed used to be a beautiful, fluffy white mess. But it’s been so cold this winter, that the white has been all covered up with a bunch of colorful quilts.

  645. Katherine Dunn says:

    My bed has a light green comforter with flowers on it. Bought it on sale at Target last week. The linens are all white. I has have a white down comforter on it as well….that I use on really cold nights. It’s fluffy :)

    kylie8cake (at) gmail (dot) com

  646. Katherine Dunn says:

    posted to facebook (kate dunn)

    kylie8cake (at) gmail (dot) com

  647. sarah says:

    I currently have a stack of mismatched sheets, blankets and a comforter. The sheets are red, and the comforter is a few shades of tan. Nothing exciting but keeps us warm.

  648. tiffaney says:

    I have actual LINEN linens from Anthropologie on the bed right now. Its a white with green duvet set, stuffed with the fluffiest comforter I have. Chilly here! I got the set on super-duper discount at Anthro last summer in Los Angeles, and it was one of the happiest days of my life ;)

  649. tiffaney says:

    And posted to facebook (evermoreorganics)!

  650. Kirsty says:

    At the moment because it’s hot here in Tassie I’ve been sleeping under my simple white beadspread my guy bought me when I was 17. Usually on top of that however is the quilt my Nanna made for me for my 21st. It’s gorgeous. I’ve done a post about it actually. It was one of my first ever blog posts. http://kirstygirl7.blogspot.com/2010/06/quilting.html

  651. Jacklyn says:

    My bed is dress up for a black tie event. All black cotton with a hint of white sheets.

  652. Angie says:

    I have a cotton linen because I really like cotton. Over the linens I have feather down comforter, covered with a white and light gray cotton duvet cover. It is perfect all year around.

  653. Honey says:

    My bed is dresses in white cotton linens & white down comforter . I have never slept with balloons.

  654. Charlene Kuser says:

    My comforter is a Hunter Green and my linen is green,white, and brown striped

  655. LeAnn Simonelli says:

    My bed is dressed in shabby sheets a white down comforter and lots and lots of shabby chic pillows from target… But have never been able to buy such a great quilt from Anthropolgie…..

  656. LifesGood says:

    My bedsheets are dark mocha, my sheets are off white, and my comforter is dark mocha. I feel like I’m climbing into an oreo every night. :)

  657. Lisa says:


  658. Angela says:

    My comforter is aqua. My sheets are white with aqua and lime polka-dots. Thanks for the chance to win that great gift certificate!!

  659. christine r says:

    My comforter is burgundy and gold, my sheets are gold.

  660. brian e. says:

    Thanks for the giveaway…we have a dark green tartan plaid comforter over dark green flannel sheets !

    senorpiero [at] yahoo [dot] com

  661. Jan says:

    My bed has a big heavy old-school ivory bedspread, topped with two throws stolen from the living room…. and I’m still cold…(I’m trying, I’m really trying to muster up some sympathy for you suffering in the heat right now but ….brrrrrrr! :D


  662. Jan says:

    ,, and I’m tweeting your post to my followers @cobbletweet

  663. Sand says:

    I have pink and purple linens and my sheets are blue with different colors blended in.

  664. Tiffany says:

    i have a tan duvet with black and bronze flowers.

  665. Chris Ann says:

    Today our bed is graced with white sheets mis matched pillow cases two different old floral comforter topped off with a vintage
    dark striped Pendleton Blanket
    Chris Ann

  666. nancy says:

    I sleep on white cotton only – sheets, blankets, comforter. No balloons though

    nblexp ( at ) gmail (dot) com

  667. Amanda says:

    A plain down comforter graces my bed, with white sheets. It’s boring and wonderfully comfortable! :) love your blog!

  668. heather c says:

    Right now, my bed is slumming it with mismatched sheets (have dark brown, light sage and ecru sets) and a red blanket. The duvet we have is suede and not kid or kitty friendly. I’m on the hunt for a pretty and durable something or other for us!

  669. DanV says:

    What’s your bed dressed up in right now & what colour is your linen – a leaf patten, white
    ….do you sleep under layers of colourful quilts and eiderdowns- just a blanket and sheet

  670. Sarah,

    I don’t sleep in a beach cottage, but a beach is always outside my window. I live on a sailboat, and my bed gently rocks me to sleep every night. I sleep on sheets that I have custom tailored to fit the berth. I sleep at night under a soft down comforter, listening to the waves roll past the boat and onto the shore.

    Saltwater is hard on linens, and I could really use an upgrade.

    Fair winds!

    • sue says:

      boy, that would be soo great. dont get sea sick when is stormy?just kidding. that would be graet. i could really handle that and the salt air. yummy

  671. Sarah,

    I don’t live in a beach cottage, but the beach is always outside my door. I live on a sailboat, and my bed gently rocks me to sleep every night. I sleep on sheets that I have customed tailored to fit my berth. On cool nights, I fall asleep under a soft down comforter listening to the waves roll past the boat. Saltwater is really hard on linens, and I could really use some new ones.

    Fair Winds!

  672. Annie Wilkins says:

    I’ve been having horrible luck with linens right now. I have bought 2 sets of white linens from different places and they were both ripped. Mine are currently white and my bedding is an Earthy cream from Crate n Barrel. I don’t have any decorative pillows because I’m too scared to decorate at the moment. It’s such a big commitment.

  673. Evelyn Neal says:

    I have an aubergine velvet comforter, cream ruffled flannel sheets (its cold and snowy outside) and white lace Euro shams I inherited from my German mother (probably over 50 years old). I often mix this with a purple floral duvet and pillow shams I bought on sale at Anthropologie several years ago. I love your blog! I am a blog stalker!

  674. carly says:

    Im all about neutrals right now. We have a west elm duvet that is tan and ivory with geometric shapes, and three pillows each. (we only sleep with two) What i would love is something softer and definitely more pillows :)

  675. Chris G says:

    i sleep beneath a beautiful and happy quilt that has different patches composed of blue and cream! so wonderful!

  676. Jess says:

    I sleep underneath a fluffy white down comforter with bright, vintage 70′s, flowered sheets beneath it!

  677. Jess says:

    I shared you’re new start here post on my facebook because I live in a Michigan beachtown and LOVE the simplicity of white decorating! I am also following your blog now on bloglovin!

  678. Emily T says:

    I have white sheets and a beautiful gray bedspread quilt from West Elm. My husband finally finished school and got a job, so it was one of my first purchases.

    emtaylor98 at yahoo dot com

  679. Anonymous says:

    Does your blog have a contact page? I’m having a tough time locating it but, I’d like to send you an e-mail. I’ve got some suggestions for your blog you might be interested in hearing. Either way, great blog and I look forward to seeing it develop over time.

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