Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays

Wed 9th, Feb, 2011

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G’day!  How you going?

For this week’s BC Good Life Wednesday I thought I’d show you down by the wharf on a summer’s evening in Sydney.

…a wonderful spot to sit as the sun goes down and watch the world go by

…we often go down here…and last week Miss BC and I packed up the picnic basket, threw a couple of chairs in the back of the car, grabbed the swimmers and headed down to set up camp…the boys & Mr BC joining us later..

I love that sitting-there-doing-nothing feeling, simple things, picnic basket, cotton tablecloth, kids splashing in the water, a good book, a cold beer…commuters passing on their way home from the ferry, sweet dogs on boats, dressed up gals on their way out for the night…life passing by…

it’s a BC stop-and-smell-the roses moment

and I want to do it more…

Now let me see what you’ve got going on where you are.

Oh and don’t forget you must link back to abeachcottage.com if you want to take part in this blog-a-hopping…

See you soon


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24 Responses to “Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays”

  1. Brenda Kula says:

    Sarah, great minds must think alike. I mentioned sitting and watching the world go by in my post for this! Well, that’s part of the good life, isn’t it?

  2. Kirsty says:

    Absolutely gorgeous photos Sarah!
    Just thought I’d let you know that after I post the linky and am redirected back to the site, it looks more like an rss reader than your site. I also have a big fat blue line when I scroll down about half the length of the blog too.
    Just thought you’d want to know. I don’t know whether it’s on my end or yours… but I know you like to look into these things :)

  3. Wow a lovely place to sit. One of the very first blogs I visited about 7 months ago. So thrilled to be part of A Beach Cottage linky. Charmaine

  4. Jacqueline says:

    Such art your photos are! I like your good life on the other side (down under).

  5. Simple Daisy says:

    What lovely photographs!! Just what I needed to see on this cold and snowy day:)

  6. Lisa says:

    I love taking photo’s of boats, especially if they have a bit of rust. The photo’s are bonza! (Aus slang for Great! Beaut! A1 etc for those who are unfamiliar). Back later to check out the Good Life Wednesdayers.

    Lisa x

  7. lindy says:

    Thanks a bunch for hosting!

  8. Now that’s a good life indeed! Thanks for sharing your part of the world with us Sarah! And thanks for hosting this fantastic party, it’s a pleasure to be participating.

  9. bj says:

    Thanks for hosting…this is my first time to link.
    xo bj

  10. Thanks for hosting! I so wish it were summer here !

  11. Hmm sitting at the dock of the bay…..
    Such contrast, it is def. still winter here, so beach days seem like a far off reality. But the fact that I have just bought a new bathing suit AND seeing your post, gives me the hope that there will be beach days ahead.
    Thanks for this glimpse into summer, it sure is something to look forward to.

  12. marcia says:

    It seems so strange that its hot where you are! I’m anxious for warmer weather, but am not looking forward to the 100+ temps we Nor-Cal residents have to endure. Thanks for hosting…Marcia

  13. Thank you so much for hosting. Hope you’re enjoying your new linky party. ;-)


  14. Alison says:

    Nothing quite like sitting and watching the world go by. Lovely.
    Alison x

  15. Sibylle says:

    The picture is beautiful! Wish I could be there right now! But we are actually seriously working on that;-)
    good day!

  16. Karen says:

    Your weather there looks so inviting, we are lost in snow here in New England in the States. Your photo is so dreamy. This is my first time joining Good Life Wednesdays.

    So lovely to meet you.


  17. Indrani says:

    Excellent capture. Love the image.

  18. Hi Sarah-

    Lovely summer image – Thanksfor posting it – I am looking out my window to mounds of snow and freezing temps.

    My best – Diane

  19. Sydney is calling me….

  20. Mavrik Lane says:

    You are making me crazy with all those beautiful sailboats…I got cabin fever!

  21. We have a cabin at a lake (45 minutes away)….a very small one room cabin. But the view of the lake is wonderful. I want to go through your photos thoroughly now! Thanks for the blog linky party! Hugs, Heidi

  22. Spectacular view. I can smell the salt air.
    Mary Ann

  23. Dolores says:

    You have no idea how much I miss sailing!!!!!!! feeling the wind on my face…. the wind on my hair… the passing water on my toes…. Oh boy, I really miss sailing…. and looking at your pictures brought all the sensations back to my mind… sweet memories… And I would sing with Chris de Burg “…. sailing away… sailing away…”

    Anyways, thanks for the break… the mind can travel in time and space in amazing ways… now it´s time to go back to house chores, here in Oregon (USA)

    Enjoy your beautiful life by the sea…. you deserve it for the courage to showed making that decision…

  24. Barefoot Liz says:

    I just have to say that looking at your photo’s makes me long for summer. It’s been bitterly cold here!