Beach Cottage Frangipani Polka Dot Oilcloth Deck Table Dressing

Thu 17th, Feb, 2011

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Thanks for the desk makeover love.

But back to today & polka dot frangipani love.

Frangipani’s are the magic of Australia embodied to me….when we first came here one of the things that made my heart sing were the colours and flowers on every single corner…and the frangipani’s that drop a carpet of their beautiful petals all along the pavements in the summer…there is something so very lovely, when you come from the grey skies of old Blighty, about walking along in the sun, coming across a glut of frangipani jewels just fallen to the ground, bending down, taking in the fragrance and sticking one in your hair…

And a close second to that heart-warming experience is stuffing the little fraganced beauties all about your home….and because I love nothing better than a bit of mid-week tablescaping what better than using your own adornments picked from the garden?  A bit like growing your own food really I suppose, just a tad more aesthetically pleasing.


While I don’t think that foofing around with a table is a cure-all, I do believe that quietly busying with thrifted pots and pretty flowers can be so very soothing in the middle of a busy week...

*(find more tables at Susan’s BNOTP, here)


And I think that these little things…popping a bunch of gathered flowers in an old jar and laying a table are vastly underrated…and I’ll come clean here – even if the rest of the cottage looks like a bomb site (which with those 3 rugrats at the moment if definitely does – please Lord can you sms my boys that I no longer want to pick up smelly sports clothes from the Sitting Room floor)…there is room in my life to clear off the table, lay down a tablecloth, especially a putty dotty one, and have one place that makes me smile when I plop down at the end of the day, with a Limoncello or a cup of tea.


Yeah it’s normally a Limoncello…tea comes much later…


Oh and yes that bottle, it is a vintage milk bottle, thrifted of course…it was rather gloomy looking and very scractched so on a whim recently I painted it white…just used regular old paint…it looks much happier now ;-)


Alrighty, hope you liked it…I promise I’ll try to make the next post without flowers or dots or stripes ;-) …though a pink frangipani & a pair of Valentines-treat-myself-ruffle-wedges there may well be…


Until next time then…


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48 Responses to “Beach Cottage Frangipani Polka Dot Oilcloth Deck Table Dressing”

  1. Angie says:

    Wooooooo love the colors in those flowers….so soft and springy ! Id love to have fresh flowers in my house but my cat has a ravenous appetite for them and then leaves me little brough back up piles about the house. Hmmmm maybe I can get them in the kitchen window sill that is one place she never goes..

  2. marylou says:

    Plumeria?? I think so……..oh my goodness, they are so gorgeous! And with the polka dot oil cloth, vintage jars, I am
    swooning;-) The scent must be delicious and the painted jar….well, I could go on and on but I am on a mission
    to buy canvas paint covers and pretend they are linen….HAH….((*_*))


  3. tami says:

    Sarah, I love the flowers. I’ve not seen them here really. There are tons of blossoms in the air right now though, it’s beautiful. Although it rained today, which I didn’t mind. I just got a milk bottle too, I’ll have to post it, it’s adorable. I love that you painted it. I (heart) the oil cloth. I truly do. xoxo tami

  4. Elizabeth (ejay) says:

    Just this morning I went into the garden and picked frangipani, I also gathered lots of fallen blooms…..they are on my dining table and look so pretty – the smell is divine…..Your milk bottle brings back memories of my childhood, I think there was also a smaller one ( half pint) for cream….

  5. Ashleigh says:

    I’ve never seen polka dots look so good. I see many little dots in my future!


  6. Kelly Ash says:

    What a beautiful picture all your pretty flowers make! You just introduced me to the frangipani for the first time and I am in love! I have never seen it before, but I’ll be on the lookout now! And I love your idea of painting the milk bottle – I may have to try that too!

    Loving all your pictures!


  7. HRH Sarah says:

    I love those flowers, and the painted milk bottle, but I want to see those SHOES!!!! Hope your week is looking up- those flowers and a dotty tablescape should definitely do it! xo from VA…

  8. Centsational Girl says:

    Oh, I can smell those plumeria blooms through my screen!!! Gorgeous my friend!

  9. Such a lovely table setting with the most beautiful flowers. I just recently came across your blog and am in love with your style. I’d also love to visit your beautiful country someday. My husband went to New Zealand about 20 years ago when he was in college.

    Enjoy your week!


  10. Laura says:

    I have the same tablecloth… mine appears in way too many pictures… usually because the kitchen is the only room I can escape my little ones to take pictures… so no need to apologise for the spots, stripes and flowers… I love them! Lx

    • Karen says:

      Hello ladies,
      Would you be so kind as to point me in the right direction to source that beautiful tablecloth? I have never seen the like here in NZ, maybe I’m not looking in the right direction but I have family in Australia who may be able to source for me. I hope you don’t mind sharing. Sarah I love your blog, you’re a bright point in my day to be honest.

  11. Nel says:

    Frangipani’s always remind me of Byron Bay holidays. They were everywhere and I loved picking them up off the ground and popping one behind my ear, made you feel instantly summery :)

  12. Katherine says:

    You can never have too many Frangipani’s…..or polka dots!! Very lovely.

  13. Deanne says:

    I love franjipanis too, I just planted one in my pool yard and are getting two cuttings from my SIL to plant.
    My mum when she got married at the end of February (1949) had franjipanis in her bouquet.

  14. Deanne says:

    I kept thinking frangipani looked wrong but should have looked more closely before publishing – bad proofing!

  15. I’d love a limoncello – or a tea! – at your beautiful table! :)

  16. Those are so beautiful, I have never seen them before. Your table looks so pretty with the oil clothe and the flowers, what a wonderful place to spend the day!

  17. Lark says:

    Beautiful! Can’t imagine being able to walk out and pick a scented flower (other than roses) from the yard. What a treat! I have planted an herb garden on our side yard and love being able to run out for a few sprigs of thyme, rosemary, or parsley whenever I need them. There is something special about being able to grab something straight out of the ground rather than a plastic container I picked up at the grocery store.

  18. What beautiful flowers! This whole post just screams SPRING! to me. I actually have a few old milk bottles at my house. My dad was a milk delivery man back in the 1950s. I never thought about painting them though…

  19. Vicki K says:

    Those frangipani are beautiful – they look like would have a white flower scent – like gardenias or lily of the valley??

  20. Shar Y says:

    Please don’t stop the flowers! Love, love them. And, your photography just keeps getting better and better! Love it!

  21. Lovely, simply lovely…

  22. Sarah Lynne says:

    Can’t have too many posts on flowers! Love your photos!

  23. Sherry Hicks says:

    I absolutely love your flower photo’s I have enjoyed reading your post for awhile now, your pictures are so light and refreshing. I visited Sydney Autstralia once, long trip from Texas. Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog!

  24. indiansummer says:

    Love the milk bottle. I was wondering whether it was milk or paint!

  25. As always, your lovely pictures just have a calming effect. I just love to come and see your new posts!

  26. Kristen says:

    I’m not sure whether my favorite part of this post is the beautiful photos or the supah-long lovely title! Gorgeous. :)

  27. I love oil cloth and it is hard to find with such fun prints in the States.


  28. Barefoot Liz says:

    The flowers are so pretty. All your bottles makes me want to start a collection but my tiny apartment would rebel.

  29. Steph says:

    Never fails, you always inspire me.
    My house is so much pretty on account of you!

  30. Steph says:

    oops, prettier!!

  31. Diana says:

    …………Frangipanis are one of the many magic flowers of Australia. Whenever I can grab some time in Sydney I immediately gather a bucket full from the ground and throw them all over my dingy rented apartment….thank you for sharing

  32. Diana says:

    ………….send me some and I will send you snow …the magic of this part of the world

  33. Sue says:

    love it all! where can I get the polka dot oil cloth ??? I can’t seem to find it in the US.
    warmly, english robin

  34. Melinda says:

    We are still experiencing winter around here so your lovely flowers have provided just the hope of springtime that I so needed. Lovely pictures indeed!

  35. Tismemimi says:

    Wishing I had the flowers…………but I do have two large white gardenias one on each side of my doorsteps to the porch. They smell lovely when in bloom, as a matter of fact, we had snow two weeks ago, and the week before, I had 3 blooms on one of the gardenias. Just a perk of the south States. LOL Please tell us where to get the polka dotted oilcloth. Lovin polka dots, just like a child……… Looks great Sarah

  36. Miss Merry says:

    What a breath of fresh air! It is very snowy here in Northern Ohio and no hint of flowers. You have a very pretty way of styling!

  37. bj says:

    Love it and no body but Sarah at a beach cottage would ever think to paint their olden milk bottle white..and have it turn out lookin ‘ sooo good. :)))

  38. Diane says:

    How lovely! I am not familiar with those flowers at all, but from your description I would love to scatter them aroung my house.

    Your table is so inviting! When may I come over? A Limoncello sounds like a great idea!

  39. marlis says:

    Your table is a wonderful retreat. I can just imagine the mess from the 3 boys, having had two myself. I love the putty color tablecloth! It is absolutely divine. Your bottles and flowers are absolutely my favorites!

  40. Such a fun and whimsical table. I love all your mixture of textures, the old and the new. hugs ~lynne~

  41. Oh your images are magic! I love frangipani. I first smelled it’s heavenly scent in Bemuda and was intoxicated!
    I love these sweet flowers in the glass lidded jar! Just Beautiful!

  42. How beautiful the flowers are against the whitness. So sweet in the jars.

  43. Linda says:

    Your images are so pretty and peaceful. I will be on the lookout for a chance to smell those gorgeous flowers! Linda

  44. I had never heard the term “Blighty”, so I Googled it. Very clever!! It’s nice to know someone else is a great admirer of frangipani!!! It IS beautiful! Your table is very pretty, and to paint that milk bottle to appear to have milk in it…genius! Love it! And hooray for Limoncello!!! Have a great week!!!

  45. Jacqueline says:

    Everything comes together so nicely. The jars, the flowers, the colors. And that marvelous photo quality of yours. Just dreamy.

  46. Susan says:

    Sarah…your table is beautiful! Love your photography and those sweet frangipani!

  47. Miss Char says:

    Your whimsical table gives me hope that spring will come. Thanks for sharing.