Beach Cottage Deck WIP

Mon 28th, Feb, 2011

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You know the BC Mall Witch?

Well, this weekend, she changed her clothes…she turned into the BC Painting Witch.

All in this cottage are seriously hoping that she has flown off on her broomstick now…

but you never know ;-)  I might just keep her around for a bit longer just long enough to mean I get those aluminium windows replaced lol


Yep I spent my whole weekend out here on this battered old deck with paintbrush and three males…the door, the husband and the teenage son


furniture was moved off

things were cleaned up and prepped

two new Adirondacks were painted white and initiated into the BC Crew

and the wall down the end got a new coat of white


I am hoping to be able to bring the furniture back on this evening whereupon I shall sit out there on my Adirondacks and look at my new boyfriend from the other side…

my life is so exciting

See you tomorrow with the best of British luck

(paint details etc in the next deck post…)

nail polish winners are Sarah1506 & Brenda Hegelson


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31 Responses to “Beach Cottage Deck WIP”

  1. Simple Daisy says:

    I think your deck looks lovely!!!! Mine is still covered in snow:(

  2. Susan says:

    it’s looking so lovely….. there is nothing like a coat of fresh paint.

    hope you got the furniture back in time to enjoy a refreshing drink….. :):)

  3. Kat says:

    Well done Sarah, you are such an inspiration with your painting.
    I have come to a standstill with mine. (4 young children kinda take up the time required to paint.)
    I did (with help from hubby) get my photo wall put up on our blue feature wall and it looks really good with the white frames. (so thanks for your feedback.)
    Am still unsure about the arrangement though, so may need to work on that one, much to hubby’s annoyance, who says it looks just fine.
    Where do you find your adirondack chairs from?!

  4. dramaqueen says:

    Looks lovely Sarah – where did you get your chairs from?
    What do you think of the Jamie Durey ones at BigW?

    • sarah says:

      I thought they were a bit ‘thin’ looking and after the disappointment with the bench I got from there I kept away :-)

  5. tami says:

    Hmm what did you say to them to get them in gear so quickly? hehe I am certain, the deck, wall, and chairs will look amazing. Hugs, Oh, by the way, between you and I…I got a chance to breath in some salty air this weekend as well, I’m writing you from a few steps to the Pacific Coast. xoxo tami

  6. Your deck looks great! I wish I could find mine…under a foot of snow and melting slowly.

  7. Howdy Sarah…sorry no comment for long time!! I have been one busy lady myself..(i kind of turned into one of your LURKERS!!~~

    all looks fab & i love the colour of the decking..putty/mushroomy/cafe latte kind of colour..

    xx andrea

  8. Deanne says:

    fantastic, can’t wait to see the new look!

  9. Anne-Marie says:

    I’m sending empathy Sarah. Hubs and I are painting a whole house ourselves in Brissy heat and humidity. Oh the joy.
    Nothing beats a coat of paint and your deck will look smashing!!

  10. Stacey says:

    Sarah, what really impresses me is that you have got your teenage son involved!! There are so many kids around these days, that think doing practical DIY is lame, boring and why should they bother. I have observed friends of my son’s sitting back and watching their mothers hump furniture around and mow the lawns without even offering to help!!.You and Mr BC are certainly teaching him to grow into a very capable and practical young man!

  11. You have no idea how much these pictures made me long for summer!

    Oh, the joy of beeing outside, half-naked, paiting with the sun on the shoulders… and then off into the water to get the paint stains off….

    I can’t wait. Seriously.

  12. Fabulous deck and the wall looks great! A feature :)

  13. Sue says:

    Looks beautiful and fresh!


  14. It looks really good! I can’t wait to get all my furniture out, right now my deck is white, but not the good kind! :)

  15. pbtttht, i can’t get my teenager to lift a toothbrush, much less a paintbrush! bravo! looks great.

  16. marylou says:

    Looks lovely and brand new;-) Amazing what some paint and a few good men can do ((*_*))

    AND of course a GREAT gal~~


  17. Barefoot Liz says:

    That’s a whole lot of painting! Well done!

  18. Barefoot Liz says:

    Forgot to say that I love the color of the deck. And I like the white chair with caning.

  19. Kelly Ash says:

    Oh how nice it must be to be painting your deck and being outside! We just got more snow here and today my car got stuck at the end of my driveway (will be posting about that some tomorrow!) so I am just living vicariously through your sun and outdoor activities! Thanks so much for sharing!


  20. The Freckled Minx says:

    Hi Sarah, Love your blog. I’ve noticed Mr BC features quite often and wanted to share a really cute expression that I heard of and now use. When hubby’s help us with projects they are called “Honey-doooes” (i.e. Honey can you please do……) Thought you might like it – Cute eh…..B:)

  21. Dream Mom says:

    Can’t wait to see the end results. Love the new boyfriend! I like that he’s an indoor/outdoor kind of guy:) I think you are smart to check him out from the outside too-it’s very important to check out a boyfriend’s backside you know.

    After all that talk, I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised if Mr. BC spies his eye on a new lady. My guess is that she might be a vessel of sorts-perhaps a little boat of some sort to get him away from the BC and work? Just sayin…

  22. Hi Sarah
    What is the colour of your deck? We currently have a stain but we are wanting to change it.
    I was looking at a similar colour called Dune in the colourbond range.

  23. marylou says:

    Prettiest deck I ever saw…….love the neutral hues, looks so fresh!! Well, IT IS, duh me((*_*))

    Looking forward to the reveal;-)


  24. Mel says:

    Hi, just sent over to your blog via my friend at Timber and Tin. Loving all your makeover images but was hoping you could help me out. I am four sample pots into trying to find the right grey with a hint of brown for painting my deck and there it is on your recent deck makeover post. Was hoping you would be able to share the colour with me so I don’t have to buy shares in Dulux to justify more sample pot purchases. Thanks, Mel.

    • sarah says:


      best thing I have done is find a colour I like and get them to colour match it in the paint shop…it’s actually really easy…you can just take in anything…I did a pebble

      my grey has putty hints…but went on with a purple tinge!

      hope that helps

  25. Mel says:

    Thanks Sarah for your paint tip. Sorry for the very tardy response. I did actually like the last colour I tried once it dried and I looked at it for a few days. It is called Deep Gorge with a hint of green. Hopefully once I have covered 30m2 I will still like it, otherwise I’ll be hunting for the right pebble……