GIVEAWAY! BC Morning Package

Fri 3rd, Dec, 2010

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To say thanks for being part of abeahcottage I am giving away a little BC package today, going out worldwide

included is one espresso coffee maker, a few tins of my new fave coffee Illy and two MarieClaire mugs of which I covet…two packages are up for grabs in the hope that you’ll think of me in my tatty old beach cottage while you sip your morning coffee ;-)   (if you are not in Australia your espresso machine will be a Bialetti)

To Enter

To enter just answer the following question :
“What do you have on your breakfast table in the morning?”


Just leave a comment!

If you would like an extra chance to win & double up then post to any of the social networking sites…

Please leave another comment for each social networking site you posted to

Winner will be selected at random and posted Tuesday.

Good luck BCer’s!



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274 Responses to “GIVEAWAY! BC Morning Package”

  1. Chelsie says:

    Awesome giveaway! Thanks so much for offering the goodies up :)

    • Chelsie says:

      My “answer” never posted. I have a wooden dough bowl full of linen reusable napkins and a breakfast favorite around here is pancakes and muffin toast and eggs :D

  2. Vicki says:

    On my breakfast table every morning is a heart-healthy bowl of oatmeal and a cup of tea. Hubby prefers his breakfast pastry with coffee. :)

  3. Jackie says:

    Hi Sweet Sarah! What an awesome giveaway!!!
    My breakfast table consists of bagel, cream cheese, turkey bacon, fruit, coffee and a doggy biscuit!

  4. Aimee Buxton says:

    I like scrambled eggs and toast with lots of tabasco on top. And an entire carafe of coffee. :-D

    Thanks for offering these~

  5. Jackie says:

    Hi it’s moi again!
    I also posted on FaceBook!
    P.S. doggy biscuit is for my Payne!

  6. Andrea says:

    I’m really going for this one, Sarah! Left a comment on Facebook, but to increase my chances…this really cool package would certanly “perk” up my boring breakfast of oatmeal and a V-8. You’re really so generous with these giveaways!

  7. AnnaM says:

    Black coffee and whole wheat toast with a bit of pumpkin butter!

  8. Julia says:

    On my breakfast table, there’s an almost-flowering cactus, a strawberry lemonade-scented candle, fluffy vegan banana pancakes and syrup, and a mug of creme brulee coffee with soymilk. :) Hubby helps me make the pancakes.

  9. shelley says:

    my morning, afternoon and evening table has a lovely centerpiece upon it. ;0D my desk, on the other hand, regularly sees a cuppa coffee perchance a spot o’ tea, and a cup full of cracklin oat bran cereal. some days i will also eat a handful of walnuts or some fruit bits covered in yogurt, a banana or maybe even a blueberry bar. ♥ and anna, if you please, provide the recipe for pumpkin butter? sounds divine!

  10. Rebecca Tomes says:

    I love freshly squeezed orange juice, fresh coffee and plenty of fruit and croissants on my breakfast table!

  11. Terry says:

    I am just a coffe person. I do a large pot of french pressed Starbucks. I drink 1 cup coffee and have a protein shake that I mix with coffee rather than water.

  12. Patty Belliveau says:

    Every morning I eat those yummy mini Maine blueberries on shreaded wheat. My coffee waits perched in my favorite oversized white and pink mug until my cereal is finished. My white round table currently has a red and white snowflake table cloth on with a crisp round white bowl full of apples set in the middle. I think I smell the illy coffee brewing…..

  13. Suzann says:

    This has been on my wish list for a long long time. : )

  14. Jo Nelson says:

    What a nice giveaway, Sarah. I am a morning person and love the peace and quiet it brings at our house. I always get up early – 5:30 or so. I don’t like eating that early so the first thing i do at my breakfast table is open my computer and have my coffee while I read my blogs. Not very creative – but very restful and relaxing. Thanks for the chance to win!

  15. Leslie says:

    I have a cup of Community Dark Roast coffee (a Louisiana specialty) prepared by the world’s best husband! And usually some whole wheat toast with a little bit of peanut butter! Love your site!

  16. mrs hojo says:

    Another giveaway? oooh get you :o)

    South African Tea, mess from the boys Weetbix (oh how they long to call it Weet a bix ) mess from daughter making herself a salad wrap for brekkie! and a vegemite sandwich for me. If I am lucky, no cat


  17. mrs hojo says:

    and….facebooked it


  18. I usually eat and drink my coffee at the computer every morning…always busy working :-) I enjoy a Spinach, Feta & Egg wrap with my morning Starbucks coffee every day :-)

  19. mrs hojo says:

    hmmmmm blog is detecting a repeat comment when I try to add but original missive is missing! ah well I rattled on about weetbix/weetabix and it was mildy amusing at the time :o)

  20. Tanya says:

    Ooh, this is fun! On our breakfast tablecloth is the Newspaper, and sticky spots of Porridge, Brown Sugar and Rice Milk, made by my sons, and a scattered mess of Wheatgerm flakes and Tea leaves, made by my husband. I try not to spill anything! (smile!)

    Tanya, Queensland.

  21. Lyndsay M says:

    on my breakfast table every morning is a steaming hot cup of coffee plus a bowl of nutritious cereal. homemade granola cereal or Barbara’s Peanut Butter Puffins are my favorites :)

  22. Our kitchen is so small , we don’t have a table and i hate it. I usually have something quick like peanut butter on whole grain, if i have time. I have a very rambunctious 2 year old i chase around.
    Great giveaway! I am having one also…. http://www.redsroost/blogspot.com

  23. Lolo says:

    oh yay! love this :)
    well, besides coffee being on my table (duh!) there is also the morning newspaper, a cat (that I have to shoo off!) crumbs from the nite prior, kids half eaten cereal bowls, my hubby’s empty coffee cup (can you tell everyone leaves their breakfast mess on the table?!) oh and a banana and oatmeal (my daily bowl).
    sounds fun huh?!

  24. chickie says:

    I have a cup of coffee every morning or 3 or more.I drink coffee and since I leave my laptop on the table as well I look at all the blogs on my list. Sometimes I have (sometimes) a piece of chocolate cake or a bowl of Cheerio;s cereal.I watch the little ducks on the lake at the table too ! Have a bright day..Chickie

  25. Most days it’s yogurt with a bit of granola, some blueberries and maybe a few nuts. Great giveaway! Thanks so much.

  26. corie says:

    Gee Sarah you are so genorous…….

    My fav Breakfast is toasted english Muffin with cream cheese, Strawberries sliced (from my strawberry patch) and a Drizzle of maple Syrup Ohhh Yummm and coffee while cleaning up the rice bubbles my little rascals leave everywhere Snap Crackle Pop

  27. Chania Allen says:

    My breakfast table is my lap, and I have my laptop on it, with a coffee at my side and a bowl of granola that I try to hold and eat and not spill milk on my computer while I click click away at all the lovely new blog posts of the morning.

  28. joyce says:

    on my breakfast table?…. just coffee, coffee, and coffee!

  29. Sarah SB says:

    Ohh ummmmm well on our breakfast table this morning I found Jamie’s book – Jamie at Home – left open with a picture of Jamie in front of his pizza oven…..not sure if this is a hint for hubby’s Christmas list?!?! & I am afraid there is nothing as gorgeous as at your home….sigh….I think I need to work on that :)

  30. HRH Sarah says:

    Breakfast? Table? I have coffee in the morning, and that’s usually it. On my way out the door… Could use some espresso, huh?

  31. jane says:

    on my breakfast table is the following: two placemats, cloth napkins, some spindles with candles in them, THE NEWSPAPER, and two mugs of hot black coffee. m a ybe some toast, or if there is leftover pie, just a dish with crumbs. (eaten rapidly between slurps of joe) that’s it.

  32. every morning its a very large cup of coffee. on sunday mornings a BC muffin or Bacon & Eggs or even pancakes depending on the day and who feels like doing the cooking.

    Illy coffee, off to look into it. My very expensive coffee machine has decided that it doesnt want to work….. so needs to go back to the coffee machine hospital. a friend keeps telling me to get one of those coffee pots like you are giving away..

  33. No breakfast table! Usually it is a Carnation Instant Breakfast Shake made with milk on my drive into work. Coffee or Tea once I get to work. BUT I love cooking breakfast on the weekends — oatmeal, eggs, bacon, biscuits, grits…the whole kit and caboodle!

  34. Stephanie says:

    placemats and napkins!!

  35. Natasha says:

    Coffee is first thing, absolutely first thing on the table, then my favorite would be fresh butter croissants and second favorite would be a big bowl of yogurt with homemade granola! PS: I adore your blog!

  36. Sara says:

    On my breakfast table there’s a huge cup of coffee and a yummy bowl of porridge with brown sugar. There’s also a ton of crayons, paint, pencils and paper, but that’s another story! :)

  37. Nicola says:

    Sarah you are on a roll .. first a chair, and now beautiful coffee yummies!

    Our breakfast table is scattered with school newsletters and announcements, cereal bowls and side plates of toast, Twinings Tea – Traditional Afternoon (I know it seems wrong to have in the morning, but hey!) and Beerenberg Rose Petal Jelly! Delicious!

    Before moving to South Australia I didn’t know much about this local producers, but they are a bit of an institution down here – rightly so, their jams, chutneys, sauces and jellies are absolutely amazing! We have now tried almost all and have not had one dud!

    Check it out:

    Hope its OK to put that up there Sarah, just love to share great products when I find them.

    Have a great day!

  38. oh i love that coffee, too! and i need a new coffee maker, so this would be fantastic! the mugs are just the cherry on top. :)

  39. Amy in Austin says:

    Oh to regularly have a breakfast table instead of running out the door late to work with a travel mug of coffee or tea. But I love weekends when I can have a quiche, a bowl of fresh berries, freshly pressed coffee and maybe some breakfast potatoes and bacon to go with.

  40. Stacey says:

    Usually, the kids have their school binder, books, and homework spewed upon the table, sometimes crumbs that were not picked up, and sometimes even left over mail that needs to go to the recylcing. But as of now there is a cute ceramic pair of ice skates with a potted poinsettia inside looking ever so cute!

  41. dramaqueen says:

    Tea! Tea is always on my breakfast table.
    If it’s a week day morning it’s a lovely, bracing cup of Irish Breakfast.
    If it’s the weekend it’s a pot of special Chinese tea given to us by a lovely man my husband works with. We get out the beautiful Wedgewood Country Ware tea pot my grandmother gave us as a wedding present and we linger over the tea while we read the papers.

  42. Emma says:

    I am on a bit of a cheesy scrambled eggs with fresh herbs through it stage at the moment :) I also have either a pot of T2′s morning tea on hand or a plunger of Papua New Guinean highlands coffee we got on a recent trip to visit friends there. I am well overdue for some new pretty mugs though and these Marie Claire ones would sit quite nicely in my kitchen, if I do say so myself.

  43. April says:

    Around my breakfast table are my four children with their toast & jam ,milk moustaches and the odd tussle over who gets talk to mum first after she’s worked a very unglamourous but necessary Night duty. Gosh expresso coffee would fit in soooo well here :)

  44. Kristin A. says:

    Hmm my breakfast table to my office desk and it includes usually a banana and (crappy office) coffee and either steel cut oats or a high protein special K cereal. i love bananas.

    I love illy espresso so i hope i win!

  45. Lisa says:

    Hi there! On the breakfast table — homemade granola, plain yogurt, juice, and espresso.

  46. Candi says:

    Once a month I splurge and set the table out with fresh flowers, cook bacon and eggs, homemade toast and tea and a glass of orange juice. Dad and I sit around gabbing while the doggies run around hoping some crumbs will hit the floor.

  47. Love Love it! You are the BC….beautiful chick! Thank you!

  48. Janet says:

    Well, for me, this is a no-brainer. I must have my cup of espresso each and everyday. No questions asked! Everyone in my family knows that I am not ME without it! That is all I need for the day to keep me going and to get things right. If I don’t have it, I am a mess! Some cereal is always a good accompaniment, but I do love English muffins with some marmalade on occasion!

  49. Alice says:

    Well amongst all the bibs, calendars and an empty glass cake stand at the centre of our table is a huge wicker bowl of fruit (yummy) and depending on the day my husband (the morning person that he is, I just don’t function well in the mornings) will either cook up an egg with cheese and ham omelette which will be wrapped with tomatoes and avocado in a spinach flavoured wrap, lightly toasted. Or he will whip up some yummy porridge served with a healthy dollop of yoghurt, heaps of strawberries and blueberries to boot – YUM! His is accompanied by either cold or hot coffee depending on the day and mine well just plain old water as I have had to give up my morning coffee/tea because of me feeding the baby! Sigh, I miss drinking my earl grey tea/mocha in the morning. Thank goodness it’s only temporary. I would love this give away for my hubby; he loves good coffee but has to go with instant since there is no room for a coffee machine!

  50. Anne says:

    I have a BIG mug of coffee, with eggs and a toasted bagel with cream cheese, mmmmm. Now I want breakfast!!!

  51. Anne says:


  52. Ldom says:

    A huge, strong cup of tea, a digestive biscuit (or five), a whole load of princess dolls (and dresses), chocolate milk, blueberry waffles and two sleepy kids… yes they like to climb on the table… wish it was more sophisticated… but it is what it is… for now anyways ;-) Lx

  53. Siona says:

    Usually there are milk puddles, form the failed attempts of my 10 year old to fill his ceral bowl to the absolute brim!! No use crying though!!

  54. mary says:

    usually a nice bowl of cereal and my laptop!

  55. Trisha D says:

    On my breakfast table every morning is coffee (oh ok…it’s also at the table at lunch and dinner…I drink coffee all day long), whole wheat toast with Apple Butter and sometimes an egg with a piece of cheese :) On the weekend though, we go all out with French Toast, Pancakes, or Waffles with a side of bacon/sausage. YUM! I LOVE breakfast!

  56. Susan says:

    The toaster, eggs or porridge (steel cut oats as oatmeal), coffee, my youngest daughter’s empty milk glass, couple of cell phones, clean dishes from the night before that need to be put away, a pair of reading glasses sometimes my laptop, and often the eyes of my shih tzu peeking over the edge of the bar as he lies on the arm/back of my leather chair….now, if we were talking about the kitchen floor…….

  57. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. says:

    A bowl of cereal, the morning paper and my laptop!

  58. Kim says:

    Cheers Ms. Sarah~Of course I have Illy coffee my fav as well, I use pods though.Also a scone and fruit spread always.Would love to win and think of U! ~Chow Kim

  59. Bev says:

    Glass of water with ice and lemon and weet bix and blueberries……………two teenage monsters draped around me and a mad cockerspaniel waiting for crumbs!

  60. Maureen says:

    Oatmeal, yogurt, hot Irish tea with milk, oj.

  61. Zoe Feast says:

    A laptop…which acts as my “virtual newspaper” and at the moment a fabulous home made advent calendar presented to me by my 12 year old daughter. You can see here http://www.indigoimage.com/wpblog/2010/12/eye-of-the-chicago-web-designer-creativity-is-genetic

  62. samantha says:

    Cereal, dry cereal cause I’m a mean mom, raisins, skim milk, whole milk, soy milk, little puddles of milk, and occasionally if I am being a not-as-mean-mom, frozen waffles. We do hot breakfast on the weekends, but definitely NOT on school days.

  63. carolyn gill says:

    My morning table always has Black Tea with Cream and sugar, and then vanilla yogurt with a delicious granola mixed on top.

  64. Joanne Hall says:

    Hmmmm my morning table is weetbix, toast, vegemite (or honey) & oj…… as much as I try to be interested in setting the table the night before, so that I can get up and be all domestic goddessy and make my kids poached eggs or french toast….. it just doesnt happen for several reasons….the two most important being that the laying of the breakfast table is something I gave up on years ago… about the same time as I realised just getting them to do the dinner dishes was hard enough & 2 it only makes more dishes for me to have to clean before I go to work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…

  65. Chrissy says:

    My morning table on school days is dry cereal, toast, or instant oatmeal. I get the coffee….after the bus has left. I do make hot chocolate for the kids on Fridays to make it a special morning, but they still get cereal. And the table is usually plastered in crumbs from my really messy children. Sometimes I wipe it up.

  66. Extra large mug of coffee. Yum!

  67. Sara says:

    Loooove this! On my breakfast table in the morning is a bowl of cheerios. And it has been probably the last 27 years of my life :) Why change a good thing?

  68. Mystica says:

    I would like to be counted in please. Am in Melbourne right now!

  69. Mystica says:

    I have posted on my Facebook page as well!

  70. Nancy H says:

    My breakfast table has coffee (yummmm), Cheerios(yummm) and fruit!

  71. caitie says:

    I have oatmeal most mornings with nuts, coconut, coconut BUTTER, bananas, brown sugar…any combo of those. love love love oatmeal, especially on cold winter mornings!!!

  72. Noelle says:

    Oatmeal, coffee, and my trusty laptop to do my morning blog perusing! (And tonight I’m making the infamous BC muffins, so those will also make an appearance tomorrow morning.)

  73. m.e (cathie) says:

    the little ones eat first so there is always yummy muesli or hot porridge with honey ♥

  74. Kirsty says:

    Normally I have boring toast. However lately I’ve prefered to have no breakfast instead (not good) so lately I have been trying to experiment with different things. Yesterday I made Thai soup. It was sooo good and I’m using the rest to make curry now. Yuum. Coffee of course is a must have anyday! Sadly for me it’s all cheap instant. Save me Sarah! Hahaha

  75. kristin says:

    my “breakfast table” is usually my lap. i tend to take my coffee & cereal bowl and sit in the living room, check my e-mail etc.

  76. Caz says:

    This morning it was toast and vegemite :) due to oversleep oh why couldn’t it be Saturday!!! but usually i would have porridge with LSA and a mix of raisins, cranberries or whatever is on hand.

  77. Sharilyn says:

    this morning I had a latte, two bows of cereal and three pieces of peanut butter and jam toast- along with several pieces of lego, my laptop and a baby doll!

  78. Caitlin Miller says:

    I love making pancakes for my babies with lots of blueberries and maple syrup! they absolutely love them and that’s why I make them :) to make it even more special for them, some days I make their pancakes in the shape of their initials – just like my mum used to do when we were little! as for myself, nothing beats a warm bowl of oatmeal and a few cups of good coffee!

  79. Maria says:

    Muesli, and coffee! :D

  80. Maria says:

    I’m posting this in tumblr,

  81. Maria says:

    …and facebook! :D

  82. Eliza says:

    Hi – Oatmeal or scrambled eggs or toast or cereal or yogurt/granola… and the consistent bit is always, always coffee.

  83. Good old weetbix and coffee gets my day off to a start…..thank you for such a generous giveaway again!!!

  84. Karin Grow says:

    I am part of the 1% of women who’s husband brings me coffee in bed…….and then breakfast. Usually because he wakes up earlier than me and is always hungry. Breakfast consists of eggs and toast with a side of fruit. I know….life is rough eh?

  85. Teresa T. says:

    Thank you Sarah for another giveaway!
    Ok, let’s be real……Coffee and a strawberry poptart. I have just tried the pumkin poptarts and they do not compare to a toasted poppyseed bagel and pumpkin butter I have once a month. Sooooo, I am laying it on the line and letting the whole world know that I still eat a poptart in the morning.
    Thank you for letting me get that off my chest :)

    I do prefer a “good” coffee and am trying new brands all of the time. My favorite has been and will be “Lion Coffee” Chocolate Macadamia, special roast from Hawaii.

    Always, Teresa T.

    • Victoria says:

      Hubby’s cousin calls poptarts, “The Breakfast of Champions” whenever they are visiting at the beach.

  86. SusieQ says:

    Oh Sarah my sweet is this still open? On my breakfast table in the morning is my home made greek yoghurt and strawberries or blueberries and I am waiting for the gorgeous coffee maker and MY favourite coffee to add to that please………
    ps has the chair giveaway been announced yet chicky?

  87. Cheryl says:

    Lately I’ve been eating whole grain toast with peanut butter and honey… yummy!

  88. Kay says:

    My laptop and some bircher muesli, made with homemade Kefir. That is so healthy I like to believe that it cancels out any junk food I might eat through the day!

  89. Victoria says:

    I have gorgeous brown eggs from my very own hen house and PG Tips Tea. :) I also have homemade granola and sometimes I have Nutella on whole wheat bread. I am not a coffee drinker, but my sweetie is quite the coffe fiend. (He loves me anyway) . If I won this I would gift it to him, as I am the one who makes his coffe anyway.

  90. Jo says:

    hmm on my breakfast table? i’d like to say it is set with crisp white linen, vintage cutlery and pretty crockery, poached eggs, cereal and coffee. but it’s usually covered in a seersucker table cloth, with last nights food stains on it, spilt cereal and milk, the cat on the table trying to get to said spilt milk and hairs from the said cat. a coupla kids that i’m constantly nagging to hurry up and get ready for school are slouched over the table, whining at me cause they don’t like the dodgy cereal they are eating and fighting over who gets to sit in the front seat or use the ipad.

  91. Pam N says:

    Unfortunately, I eat when I get to work. So my breakfast table consists of a desk and a computer. But I always have my coffee and a breakfast bar. One day this week I treated myself to gingerbread pancakes! At least I work in very pleasant surroundings, so it’s not as bad as it sounds! Thanks for the chance!

  92. ann-marie lavers-gtimm says:

    Coffee first, then cereal

  93. Katie says:

    I often make honey whole wheat blueberry muffins for my husband and son (it’s a really quick and easy recipe!), and love my morning coffee, of course! We’d love to add this espresso maker to our morning routine!!

  94. Zsuzsa says:

    Orange juice, coffe latte than chocolate covered muffins with milk!

  95. Leslie M says:

    mandatory: a big cup of coffee, optional: eggs, baggels, or fruits.
    I would love to try your Illy coffee!

  96. Jennifer L says:

    Monday-Saturday, it’s Special K (cereal) and almond milk. On Sunday, my day of pigging out, it’s scrambled eggs with cheese and any veggies I have in my fridge. And hopefully soon, I will be able to include a shot of Illy expresso with the meal. I got totally hooked on Illy during my university exchange to Paris.

  97. Pat says:

    I love making a yogurt parfait with vanilla yogurt, fresh berries or frozen if they are not in season and granola. And of course a big pot of freshly brewed coffee. Sitting at the kitchen table table looking out at the backyard, great if it is snowing, the house is quiet, a wonderful way to start my day.

  98. Jenny M says:

    I love this giveaway!! I have scrambled eggs and coffee, yum!

  99. Kathy M. says:

    Thanks for the giveaway!! Here’s hoping!!

  100. Kathy M. says:

    I tweeted about the giveaway!

  101. Kathy M. says:

    I also shared the link to this giveaway on my FB page. Thanks again!

  102. Donna says:

    I hate to admit it but I rarely sit at the table. I usually grab a bowl of muesli (Carmen’s Deluxe), pour some skim milk on it then sit at my computer and read nlogs!
    Donna from (wet) Brissie

  103. darcy @ m3b says:

    I love illy. It’s my fav espresso brand.

    On my breakfast table: for me? latte.
    for my kids? typically cereal and milk, or yogurt and bagels.

    Great give away!

  104. voula says:

    coffee and laptop.love this giveaway!

  105. yael dranov says:

    I love to have one cup of coffee and another one…then I can start the day..
    coffee and my child smile gives me the Accurate Energy!
    Nice idea for a give away…
    good luck!

  106. Anjani says:

    Amazing Give Away.

    My breakfast table generally reflects my mood. It is often multicultural and sometimes is a delicious haphazard mix of food from different cultures. Some days its pancakes & fruit or a full English breakfast or rotti & sambal (an island specialty) or waffles and chicken curry! But is always topped off with a great cup of coffee.

    Can’t wait to share this give away on Facebook!

  107. sarah says:

    coffee! coffee! and more coffee!

  108. susan says:

    We are BORING.

    Coffee… 2 cups for both of us and cereal. With so many children breakfast is quick and nutritious.

    Dinner is the meal we truly come together…. breakfast.not.so.much :):)

  109. Sarah says:

    For me it is often just a latte once I get to work, but I go all out crazy for my three year old:

    Frog in a hole but with a dinosaur shape cut out,
    Pancakes in different shapes like numbers and letters or in the shape of teddy bear faces.
    Cheese on toast cut into different shapes
    Hard boiled eggs with soldiers(with a super cute horse and castle egg cup.

  110. Hubby wakes me up with a big latte … we sit on the sofa and watch the news and plan our day out..

  111. Kirsten says:

    I eat breakfast alone most mornings & my hubby doesn’t drink coffee so you can imagine how difficult it is trying to justify the amount of illy coffee I buy! Cupboards full of Illy tins – any BC ideas on what to do with them?

  112. Maite says:

    I have coffee, is a must and toast with mermelade and fruit , is simple but is teh best way to start teh morning .. ah and also my newspaper i need to have my coffeee while reading the news headline

  113. Kat Mokus says:

    At my breakfast table there is usually coffee and fruit or bran cereal.

  114. Melissa says:

    Super giveaway especially at this hectic time of year. Breakfast table is our coffee table in the lounge. Comfy couch, bowls of cereal and mugs of coffee. The sun streams in on a sunny day and it is lovely! xx

  115. Lesley says:

    I usually have a slice of home made bread toasted or inthis cold snowy weather – hot porridge with syrup.

  116. deb says:

    Never very much on my table for brekky. I don’t do brekky tablescapes except for weekends. Then it is pancakes and the works. Otherwise it is cereal and a cuppa.

  117. Michelle says:

    we dont tend to sit at the table for breakfast except the weekends…sometimes…

    Each morning I make a huge mug of tea for my husband and I to share (not sure where that habit came from, perhaps cos its easier juggling only 1 cup plus plates etc!!) and then take up to bed for my husband and son. My son has a variety of things for breakfast; pancakes with jam, waffles & syrup, porridge, cereal all depending on his mood. My husband and I have a slice of toast each. the 3 of us eat our breakfast in bed before we dash around like mad things getting ready for school and work :-)

  118. Christine Aldinger says:

    right now my old dough board filled with a candle and 2 huge cardinals are at my table, i made my tea and took to pc to read my blogs!! ty for a great giveaway

  119. Sonya says:

    Hi I am recently divorced so my mornings are now very quiet and peaceful. Each morning I like to start my positive day with my morning meditation, followed by a nice cup of coffee with toast and vegemite without fail. I set my breakfast bench with pretty flowers and light my gratitude candle and hope the law of attraction and the universe are listening…

  120. Kate says:

    Always a vintage tablecloth. You can never have too many (although I do have a lot) and I especially love them if they come from the op shop and I could pay for them in loose change.

  121. Scribbler says:

    Coffe with lots of milk, three cups please!

  122. Oh, this would be such a lovely present for my fiance. Keeping my fingers crossed!

    And since I am commenting, I have to add that I love your blog. The pictures are so inspiring and keep me motivated to learn how to photograph.

    Just started my own “house-blog” as I realized that I have so many pictures from the projects in our home that it would be a shame not to use them.

  123. Forgot the question – on my breakfast table there is usually one or more cats. Both them and me know they are not supposed to be there, but I never have the heart to push them away in the mornings.

  124. Laura Zamore says:

    Laptop and coffee. Home roasted!!

  125. Karen Hancock says:

    Today it was an egg and lettuce sandwich on my lap… road trip style!!
    Mind you flu + 4 kiddies in car + 17 hours driving over two days = maddness!
    usually its lots of vegimite and jam, literally all over the table, smeared and painted
    in many a beautiful way.
    We do have a blue and white table cloth, with a little white thingy with a candle in it
    that gets lit at tea time, three times so every one gets to blow it out and make a wish!

  126. Camila F. says:

    Every morning I have to drink a generous cup of coffee (or a macchiato when I have the extra time to make the foam).
    Thanks for the chance to win this lovely giveaway! ♥

  127. Alena Prysch says:

    The house is quiet now, sometimes too quiet. My hubby at work, my oldest son is deployed overseas, my 2 middle kids are off to work & the last is in college. It is just me & the cats, but I don’t mind. Anymore I have my breakfast at the computer reading your blog & various others, oh and Christmas shopping online:). I fix up a nice tray with a steaming bowl of oatmeal with blueberries, a cup of coffee with vanilla creamer or Mango Green Tea. Since it’s the holiday season I have a wholegrain English Muffin with my daughters most excellent homemade cranberry sauce but is more like cranberry jam!! My computer desk faces the Long Island Sound so I get to relax to an awesome view!!!

  128. DogsMom says:

    The breakfast table is covered with unfinished projects, or should I say future projects? Supplies for a happier life!
    Breakfast is always on the run or on the fly. I do have a few favorite mugs that are always included.

  129. Alexis says:

    I don’t like breakfast but I definitely always have coffee at least once a day, not because I need it to stay awake (in fact, coffee doesn’t affect me at all that way) but because I love the taste of it. :D

  130. Elaine in Laguna says:

    Maybe this is a sign. I just broke my favorite coffee mug this morning. I usally have a steaming cup of coffee while checking my favorite blogs (including yours) before heading off to the shower. Afterward I meander back to the kitchen for a scrambled egg and muffin. What is on the kitchen table right now? Wrapping paper, trims, and lemons and limes in a pretty glass bowl. I hope to finish wrapping gifts this weekend and then set a red and green festive table for the holidays.

  131. kristen says:

    on my breakfast table would be my two kitties…”supervising” the breakfast and lunch that I am packing to go! :-)

  132. Coffee!! A must for breakfast. How else do you wake up?? We usually eat cereal, hot cereal in cold weather, cold in warm weather. One morning a week, it is eggs, bacon/sausage and biscuits.

  133. Becky B says:

    I have oatmeal and hot chocolate ~ while looking out at my backyard ~ or reading blogs :~)

  134. Nikki says:

    In the morning, our breakfast table has a mug and a yogurt with almonds for me, bowls of cereal or oatmeal for the boys, and a plate of whatever we had for dinner the night before for my husband. Right now, since it’s Christmas time, there is an advent wreath with candles on the table too.

  135. Kalyn says:

    A hot cup of coffee, always! I’m trying to get better at eating a balanced breakfast but it’s usually just a granola bar.

  136. Kathy says:

    My breakfast table includes vegie/fruit smoothies in whatever BLUE glassware I’m choosing that day. We have a small farm and I’m a teacher so breakfast needs to be fast but nutritious.

  137. Barefoot Liz says:

    During the week, I typically only have time to drink a cup of tea in the morning. Actually, it’s a mug. Weekends are different. There may be yogurt, cereal, or even pancakes (my son loves the pancakes I make.)
    I must admit that there’s usually a drawing pad on the table (for my son) along with our breakfast. My son usually eats the same kind of cereal every morning.

  138. Debbie says:

    My breakfast table has a big glass of OJ, a big mug of coffee…usually black, but I’m loving cinnamon coffee with some half & half in the winter here in OH…and half of a cinnamon raisin bagel, toasted & with some whipped cream cheese. YUM!

  139. Erin says:

    Oh boy!! Well my breakfast table remains mostly untouched (except perhaps for some stray bills or papers) with centerpiece (flowers and birdy salt&pepper shakers) intact. That’s because breakfast is either hurriedly stuffed in the mouth whilst getting ready or driving to work or sometimes after arriving at work…. at my desk. On weekends, it’s usually in a chair with a good book. Huge cup of coffee is always near me until lunch (or sometimes after).

  140. Erin says:

    I also tweeted this through my personal account @pcmediaerin and through a blog account i’m a part of @monkeysaidbear

  141. marylou says:

    What is on my breakfast table????? Hmmmmmm, usually my head((*_*))

    Another lovely giveaway….WOOHOO, loves me some coffee;-)


  142. Erica says:

    My breakfast table is never quiet. We homeschool so there is always food and books. Lots of reading and looking over maps while eating muffins, cereal, oatmeal, etc. I like it that way!

  143. Tracey says:

    We are beekeepers so the one constant thing is honey! Love it in coffee, tea, on toast or muffins, in cereal, oatmeal, or yogurt … anything really, or right off the spoon! :-) Thanks for another great giveaway … such fun!! XOXO Tracey (gaudette6@wowway.com)

  144. Nan says:

    Just a cup of coffee with my honey every week day morn…on the weekends, we love fresh waffles and eggs from our chickens…yum!

  145. Tricia says:

    fruit bread with coffee

  146. My name is Fiona and I have a coffee addiction. Not afraid to admit it. :o)

    I would love this!! And it looks like my favorite color of aqua inside the cups too! Sign me up missy!

    Fiona, who is off to own this day (since the sun is shining) and do stocking stuffers!! YAY!

  147. Christy says:

    Muffin, laptop, coffee. No better way to start a day :)

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  148. Chris Ann says:

    I had a ham and swiss chesse sandwich on white bread ( I rarely consume white bread) and some organic cranberry and raspberry juice.
    It was a good breakfast and I shared it with my pup.
    Chris Ann

  149. Angela says:

    On my breakfast table… hmm…
    Usually involves a little boy chomping away at cereal or fruit for breakfast and I usually have a cup of coffee there with him or it’s in the bathroom with me while I get ready for the day.
    I rarely get to sit at the breakfast table.
    It does look pretty with a nice table cloth pushed back so my one year old doesn’t spill on it. :) and some either fresh flowers or a cutsie lil centerpiece for whatever holiday is closest.

  150. Patty says:

    on my breakfast table this morning were ginger-pear scones and a pot of hot chocolate.
    a little basket of winter greens and my mix matched plate, cup and saucer.
    would love to win your enticing gifts. thanks for the chance!

  151. Pam Keener says:

    I have a glass of orange juice or cranberry juice. An English muffin or toast with honey butter and a mug of hot oatmeal w/milk.
    A cup of coffee too. I will have either a book or magazine that I am reading next to me. 2 Dogs at my feet waiting for crumbs (as if) although if I have toast they will get the crusts.
    Love & Hugs,

  152. Catherine says:

    Hm…coffee and toast, orange juice, and if I’m lucky on the weekend, some french toast made by my boyfriend. This month, there is also a pine cone candlestick with a candle and my favorite – a reindeer candelabra that was a gift from my mother. Happy December!

  153. Bette I says:

    Hey there!

    Today I splurged with a cinnamon raisin bagel with low fat cream cheese. And don’t forget the coffee. I love my black coffee in the morning. Even better I love the smell of the coffee as it perks away. There is just something about that aroma!

  154. Chrissie says:

    This morning – and the last three- we are cut off from the living world by mega snow – IN SOUTH LONDON!!!!
    So my housebound hubby and me had boiled eggs and dippy soldiers, many cups of tea and a handful of achy bones supplements!!

    Sarah – you don’t know what you’re missing xx

  155. abi says:

    I catch up with family. Our evenings are so busy that we have swapped out ‘family dinner’ with ‘family breakfast’. I hear about what’s on everyone’s agendas for that day, take care of last minuet schedule conflicts, I hear about dreams from the night before, and the occasional thank you for the lovely breakfast I always put on the table.

  156. Carmel says:

    In an ideal world the table has danish pastries on it. In the reality that is my life with boys – the table has sportsbags, laptops, homework and squeezed in there somewhere toast, cereal and juice. Nothing earth shattering or inspiring here!

  157. Julianne says:

    I currently don’t have a breakfast table… my current apartment is too tiny :( Which is why I love love love reading blogs like yours and living vicariously through larger/beautiful spaces. I do however have a breakfast “chest” and it always has dried hydrangeas in a vase, occasionally cutting from other plants soaking in old jars, and a salt pig.

  158. my coffee table in my living room is my breakfast table…and there’s always a cup of coffee on it!

  159. Els says:

    ha ha table? Uhm i try to stand up and inhale a bowl of oat meal or a piece of toast on the run!

  160. Linda says:

    Cofee + toast or eggs on the weekend + my iPad so I can catch up on me emails before the day gets busy. Always love to read a beach cottage first thing :)

  161. sue austin says:

    I don’t drink coffee, but my friends do, and they would be so happy if I served them coffee from Australia! If I win I will have a breakfast party and I will set a beautiful breakfast table with all of my finest.

  162. Annette says:

    ahem…sorry we don’t do breakfast at the table. As it’s just hubby and me, he is off early driving the school bus and I get up, shower and get ready for the day, make a coffee and sit at my computer which is in my office where I work from home. So, I am surrounded by my keyboard, computer, folders, printers etc. But I enjoy my first coffee browsing through my favourite blogs. A nice way to start the day even if the table isn’t set in a traditional way!!!

  163. Nichole says:

    coffee!!! i usually make pancake muffins for my 3 kids. we move in 2 weeks, so this would be a welcome addition to our new home!

  164. Leonie-Australia says:

    On mybreakfast table you will find a bowl of muslie a cup of coffee & of course my laptop to check out blogs.

  165. MhMartin says:

    On my breakfast table, counter or where ever I happen to be – you will always find a LARGE cup of coffee for myself and my hubby. Then we usually have some sort of eggish scramble (veggies, cheese, nits, etc.) perched atop a slice of sprouted grain toast. The mini-men in my home gnosh on waffles, pancky-doos, or “daddy-toast” (ie. sourdough with butter) and eggs. Occasionally they ask for oatmeal or Greek yogurt w/ granola. Getting peckish – must stop now. A shout out to my Auntie in Mandurah, AU from Saint Augustine, FL

  166. Bonnie says:

    My breakfast table is often my desk at work. On it you’ll find a picture of my family, my monitor, a phone, a radio and various file folders I’m working my way through. In addition to that, you’ll find the latte lovingly made by my 10 year old son (who is quite the accomplished barrista with 2 different drinks under his belt), an apple with cottage cheese or a banana (plain). Oh… and often my boss’ elbows as he waits patiently for me to pay attention to the fact that he’s there…

  167. Elsina says:

    I wish I could photograph like you do :)
    I don’t have a breakfast table. I eat in my livingroom everyday the same, a bowl of quaker oats with a banana with a cup of coffee :)

  168. marsha says:

    Wow, what a lovely giveaway~ I enjoy your blog so much.
    My breakfast table usually has some form of bread (love my carbs!) toasted and slathered with honey cinnamon butter. Always start the day with a hot cup of Irish Breakfast tea with cream~

  169. Kate says:

    It’s always a combination of high bran weetbix, Carmen’s fruit and nut muesli’s topped with some whole grain brown rice puffs!

  170. Carole says:

    I usually have yogurt and a slice of cinnamon raisin bread w/ a bit of peanut butter spread on it. If it’s REALLY cold (and we’re getting there), I may have oatmeal in place of the bread.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  171. melanie says:

    A cup of coffee is something I have always…as for breakfast it changes… my favorite is pumpkin bread made by my daughter!! :D

  172. Shay says:

    … my elbows-propping my head up-I am NOT a morning person!!! LOL

  173. My dog Teddy waiting for leftovers if I have eggs. A sad pooch if I have oatmeal.Glass of water and a latte. I am drooling at your coffee picture as it is a favorite.

  174. Alyson says:

    My birthday flowers (looking a little droopy), an empty champagne bottle, the school newsletter with three coffee cup rings on it, a scrap of Christmas wrapping paper and two dead coffee cups…oh, it’s a story alright!

  175. What a great giveaway. My kitchen table is covered in artwork so in the morning I often sit in a chair in our sun room with my cup of tea and watch the sun come up. :0)

  176. Jen says:

    A mess!!!

  177. narelle says:

    Don’t you just love this coffee, I have been addicted for about 2 years now. Go through a tin every week. My morning ritual of a latte, well maybe just not in the morning, like 4 times a day. A tin of Illy sits on the breaky table every day of the week. Glad you found this coffee Sarah, it’s hard to drink any other once you become addicted to this coffee. Have a great Illy week.

  178. Shay says:

    First thing, a cup of coffee. Always. Then maybe a couple of eggs, maybe a fresh muffin. And, a pitcher I’ve been painting. It needs something so I keep looking at it waiting for an idea.
    Thanks for the amazing giveaway.

  179. Lori-Anne says:

    Our weekday breakfasts are usually comprised of porridge (oats) or Cream of Wheat and toast with orange juice, and oatmeal pancakes on Sundays. Whatever day it is, there’s always a cup or two of coffee for the grown-ups in the house. Wouldn’t be morning without it!

  180. meghan says:

    pumpkin muffins for everyone, but me….i had Kashi GoLean cereal w/ soymilk. don’t worry…i had my muffins later. ;)

  181. lisaroy says:

    how lovely of you!
    my breakfasts lately have been all about porridge with added flaxseed, cinnamon, protein powder and Splenda sweetener. I know, it almost sounds healthy and it is, unless I sneak in some brown sugar when no one is looking! oh! and of course coffee – I couldn’t function without it! :)

  182. Well….to tell you the truth, Sarah…..my CAT was on my breakfast table this morning. Yeah……the usual moocher foodie that he is, he was trying to nab a bite of the French toast that hubby made for me this morning (followed by a cup of good strong coffee)!

    And being the softy I am, of course I shared……the French bread, that is! lol!

    xoxo laurie

  183. Lisa Boutell says:

    A mug full of coffee – my grapefruit and protein bar are gobbled up pretty quick – too often the computer – and the oatmeal bowls of the boys – daddy and two little ones as they sit for hours picking at their breakfast. More coffee! Have always wanted one of those little espresso machines!

  184. Cindy says:

    On my table for breakfast, coffee and some kind of gluten free carb, my iphone to check e-mail and whatever book I’m reading. Oh and two dogs begging and waiting for our morning run.
    Love those coffee mugs!

  185. Melinda says:

    Hmmm…usually a black and white polka dot bowl full of a healthy cold cereal and milk in my french milk bottle I purchased with your inspiration of YOUR bottle. On cool mornings the bowl will have otameal and on really cold mornings, forget the cereals hot or cold and fill my mug with hot chocolate! For a treat we love whole wheat waffles topped with homemade strawberry jam and a dollop of whipped cream – heaven!

  186. melissa says:

    Oh! This feel like an early start to Christmas! I love to have my laptop on my table (catching up on blogs-I usually start with yours!)-yes, I know flattery is not going to help me win…
    Along side that is my must-COFFEE and then oatmeal with a variety of toppings: cinnamon, flaxseed, new to me bee pollen-all of the above gets my day going!! Usually 2 children are part of the mix, too, and yes, they are often on the table, too!

  187. Jacquie Hutchison says:

    I would have a crispy bagel with herb cream cheese,fresh fruit and a great Big mug of wonderful coffee. thanks

  188. I usually eat breakfast on the go (on my way to work) but on the weekends I like to make a big warm bowl of oatmeal or a stack of pancakes.

  189. Jody Meza says:

    Coffee first! Then a waffle and orange juice. Lovely giveaway!

  190. Piroska says:

    Coffee, orange juice….toast. How boring…

  191. andrea says:

    I’m a cereal kinda girl….followed by a glass of diet soda….followed by a cup o’ coffee. I’ve heard good things about Illy and would love to try it….thanks so much for the wonderful and generous giveaway! Oh…I also wanted to let you know that I purchased your clay tag tutorial a couple weeks ago…and love it…thanks so much!

  192. My breakfast table always has a dark cup of coffee, a school computer, and a pile of work to grade! I am a teacher and breakfast occurs at my desk! Aloha!

  193. Tami C. says:

    Oh Sarah, I love me some breakfast. It’s usually a nice cup of coffee with soy milk, some greek yogurt with granola and apple. My girls join me with their cereal, banana and toast with jam. We’re always in our jammies when we eat, it’s our way of pretending the day is really not beginning!

  194. Tiago Morena says:

    Just cup(s) of coffee. Black. I really like a big big breakfast, in Brazil we call it Colonial style, with cake, jams, all kinds of bread and cheeses. But who have the strengh to make such breakfast in the morning? If only breakfast was later on, it would be easier to have a great meal.

  195. sandy says:

    … a coffee whilst catching up with blogs…..

  196. Raelene says:

    Well our breakfast table is in shifts (unfortunately- a family of six), not like dinner which is a family affair! But hubby and I discovered loose leaf tea, after many years of tea bags. This was in a way a blast from the past. Mum and Dad had always had a pot thoughout the day not to mention my nan.And so hubby bought me for my birthday a couple of years ago a matching ceramic pot and tea cups with saucers. Though the tea pot chipped and the lid broke, the pot now holds a lovely succulant, and mum and dad gave me their “chrome on copper’ teapot. So, finally back to your question, a pot of tea is always on the table and from that that tea pot I can get as many as three cups of tea. Heaven in a tea cup. Hubby and I love a cup of coffee too, but mornings and evenings the pot is definately on the brew.

  197. Delcie says:

    Our breakfast table on the weekends is usually eggs on toast, on white plates with roses, coffee or Earl Grey tea for me depending on my mood and lately we eat on the back verandah at the red picnic table. Sometimes there is a glass vase, sometimes a tarnished silver coffee pot, with flowers picked from the garden. We use vintage cork placemats with Australian rural scenes laminated on top…. a little tacky maybe… but we like nostalgic casual camping atmosphere it brings.

  198. Amy says:

    Always Coffee!

  199. carol says:

    Strong coffee, usually Starbucks! I’m into pumpkin butter this time of year on an English muffin.

  200. Jenna says:

    Well Ms. Sarah….This morning there really isn’t much of a breakfast table. It’s more of a breakfast in bed day for me as I don’t normally get the opportunity to be lazy in bed. So today I am enjoying my coffee and baileys, wrapped in my duvet, surrounded by a mountain of pillows, while scanning through some of my favorite websites and blogs.

  201. Miss Fanchon says:

    I always have coffee, toasted baguette and butter! It is not the best diet, a dietitian would say, but the smell is irresistible and then I’m ready to tackle the most unrewarding task!

  202. Well, let’s see…I always have my vitamins on the table when I have breakfast without fail.

    Jan @ BellaCasa

  203. Sally says:

    I always light a candle – it’s a great way to start the day – it transforms the lowly breakfast into something special!

  204. pam says:

    I am in love with Greek yogurt right now so that is what I have on my breakfast table every morning, along with my laptop.
    Great and generous giveaway! Thanks for the chance.

  205. Liz says:

    It varies, but my fave and most common, is lightly scrambled eggs with cheddar cheese, sauteed onions, cherry tomatoes, avocado. Sometimes I add some grated carrots and celery too. I love my veggies in the morning! It’s super quick to make and so yummy! Coffee on the side, decaf, so I don’t shake too much when I am working on my art. It does help that my art/photo studio is in my house, so I don’t have to rush off to an office miles away! The kids are a bit tougher. I am lucky if I can get them to eat a small cup of yogurt and small piece of toast before school.

  206. bonjour miss.sarah….

    in the mornings….
    at my big old country kitchen table….
    i have a big bowl of communal porridge that i dish out into little vintage bowls i have gathered from bootsales and oxfam….
    i also have a big old vintage blue & white teapot filled with strong yorkshire tea…
    & if i’m lucky….the hubster will have bobbed down to the village bakery & grabbed some croissants for us all before school….

    snowy hugs to you from your *other* homeland….

    melissa x

  207. Ginny says:

    Fried egg whites & green tea :)

  208. Steel Cut Oatmeal
    toasted almonds
    organic brown sugar
    dried cranberries



  209. stacy says:

    today its muffins and milk :)

  210. Kim says:

    This morning it was toasted egg, cheese and ham sandwiches with a pot of fresh brewed coffee!

  211. Annie says:

    Hello Sarah…a not very interesting breakfast around here today I’m sorry to say! Just whole grain toast with pumpkin butter with a big mug of hot tea. Of course, served with a side of “a beach cottage”!

  212. Sharon Smart says:

    On my breakfast table I have…….3 half asleep children, 3 plastic bowls, weetbix crumbs all over the table, an empty sugar bowl cause all the suger has been tipped over the weetbix and milk slopped everywhere whilst I hide over on the puter reading my favourite blog in peace…..BUT in my dreams, I have crisp white linens, a vase with white flowers, a scattering of seashells, a pot of fresh brewed tea, a serve of Eggs Benedict, a bowl of fresh berries….sighhhhhhhhhhh

  213. Jenny says:

    I always start with a warm glass of water with a slice of lemon and then this morning was a boiled egg, sour dough toast and a coffee.

  214. Jan J. says:

    I made grilled tacos with cheese and ham for my girls and grilled whole wheat with cheese and ham for me with cucumbers, carrots and dip on the side! We eat more of a lunch since I work the night shift and it is afternoon when we get up. And afterwards, just before I opened this email, I made a mocha latte in my little blender. Great giveaway!

  215. Kathy F. says:

    My breakfast table contains a glass of water, a home-made spelt blueberry muffin, vitamins and occasionally a cup of Twinings English Breakfast Tea, or a nice cup of coffee. :) Please enter me!

  216. Anne says:

    My breakfast table had oatmeal with cinnamon, sliced peaches, raspberries, strawberries, and blueberries along with my mug of coffee (made from freshly ground beans) with a splash of half and half. I never tire of my yummy oatmeal and coffee. :) Oh, I would LOVE to win your give away! I enjoy reading your blog– sometimes with breakfast! ;)

  217. Sarah says:

    Hi Sarah: Well, I wish I could say I even sit at a table for breakfast! how pathetic I usually grab a bowl of oatmeal or kashi cereal with my Nescafe Hazelnut coffee then I follow up the coffee with a cuppa of British blend tea – I sit at my computer while I read through blogs very quickly before getting ready for work. Oh how I would love more time in the mornings! I look forward to weekend mornings for this reason. Thank you for the giveaway!! :))

  218. Gayla says:

    My dear husband made me breakfast this morning which was two eggs, over easy, and fried red potatoes with jalapeno jack cheese melted on them. Kind of high calorie but that’s his favorite breakfast.

  219. Cindy says:

    Hi Sarah,
    You do have the best giveaways! I love Illy’s coffee and I would love to have an expresso maker like that.
    I don’t have anything on my breakfast table. I get my freshly ground coffee, put a bit of cream in it and take it to my computer and I sip on it there. I also eat my Fiber cereal there, too. Not very exciting, I know.
    Hugs, Cindy

  220. Katherine says:

    Morning Sarah!

    On my breakfast table, you will nearly always find: home magazines (for the essential morning fix!), a pile of school notes/fundraising items waiting to be tended too, a few pretties, a few “Anakin” items ; ), bowls and/ or plates of breakfast fare – and always an icy cold iced coffee…that could be very easily replaced by a lovely mug of espresso! What a lovely giveaway yet again Sarah! You do spoil us. Sounds great!

    Have a great day : )


  221. Sharin Kim Corbett says:

    g’day Sarah,

    My new cath kidson oil cloth sits on my breakfast table today. ;-)( my dad brought it all the way from uk 2 days ago.).. along with my cup of tea and raison bread ! I usually do my breakfast standing in between running ard after my 3 boys.

    Love your blog ..always been a ” silent reader ” this is the first time i,m leaving any comment on any of the blogs I read ;-]

    Sharin …

  222. Carly says:

    Breakfast table? Now wouldn’t that be a luxury? I usually set the kids up with their Rice Bubbles and then eat my toast or cereal standing in the kitchen whilst packing lunches and bags. However, one day I will have a breakfast table on a wide porch that is loaded with freshly brewed coffee, fruit and danishes! Yummo.

  223. alison says:

    Oh wow – what a treat Sarah!

    Okay, on my breakfast table I always have my favouite duck egg blue cereal bowl with ivory polka dots and a Cath Kidston mug. I often prop a book up against the jug of fresh flowers cut from our garden.

    Thank you for the giveaway opportunity – Alison

  224. Mary says:

    At my dining table overlooking the beach on a peaceful morning – kids all washed and dressed and still half an hour before I have to leave for work – well we can dream :))

  225. My husband is a wizard with eggs. He makes a perfect egg what can I say! My favorite thing to have on the breakfast table is one of his eggs with a side of morning star vegi sausage. Just enough to make the soul happy but not enough to make me want to nap the rest of the day. Perfection!

  226. Kirra says:

    A cup of juice and an omlette or if I’m lazy tea and some fruit.

  227. How fabulous! I have a full breakfast…with eggs, whole grain toast and coffee….and have a beautiful white candle with pine cones around it on my kitchen table right now! Thanks! ♥

  228. coffee with vanilla creamer.

  229. Kristina Metge says:

    a cute hubby. and a delicious breakfast. with the cutest coffee mugs! ; )

  230. Cee says:

    Most everything in our kitchen is on our breakfast table today. My husband is remodeling our kitchen, and so the upper cabinets have been taken down, and all the appliances, dishes, etc., are on the kitchen table.

  231. Lori says:

    Right now I usually have two slices of toast, my cup of coffee with a splash of eggnot and my laptop.

  232. Delcie says:

    I’ve shared this on fb too! :) off the have my morning coffee and buzz around the house to do things and will check back to see your new post at morning tea.

  233. Rachel Wood says:

    I always go the classy route of cereal or poptarts. I am not a morning person so coffee is always a must… so is cream and sugar :)

  234. Karena says:

    Sarah this is wonderful. I would love to win…..Coffee with vanilla Soy Milk. After a bit, oatmeal or raison bread toast, sometimes a fruit smoothie!

    Do come and enter my giveaway from Fifi Flowers $200 value!


    Art by Karena

  235. Jacinta says:

    I have a very cool antique mangle cloth on my table which is covered with school books – gotta love starting a degree with 4 teenagers in the house!!! But the good news is a whole stack more mangle cloths are on their way to me……. whoo hooo, thank you eBay!!!
    I cannot cope without coffee and toast made from ‘good bakery bread’ – I give it a good shake before eating to knock out those pesky ‘not good for you’ calories.
    Love your blog

  236. deb says:

    Oooooh….my favorite time of the day…..morning’s with strong, french pressed French Roast coffee, with a bit of vanilla creamer !! My table sits under a HUGE 50 yr.old oak tree…and there I watch the birds feeding at the feeder and the squirrels scampering around, while my cat stalks them. Aaaaaahhhhh….life is good :=)

  237. Jenn says:

    I am a new follower!
    To answer your question, All that is on my breakfast table is mine and my daughter’s cereal :)

  238. simpledaisy says:

    OOh…I love mornings!! My table usually has fresh flowers….coffee and an egg & veggie frittata:)

  239. Charmaine says:

    Breakfast was fritz on toast this morning, with a cup of black tea, while looking at my sewing machine & my cut material on the other side…..it was winking at me to tell me to hurry up & finsih that quilt that I have started sewing together……..(maybe if I had such lovely coffee i might get it done faster??) Thank u for the giveaway & keep up the inspiring blog…….

  240. Pamela says:

    Breakfast is typically tea or coffee with either toast and eggs, oatmeal, or cereal. Occasionally I might have pancakes!

  241. Julie says:

    Coffee with cream and sugar for me and something smothered in syrup for the kiddos!

  242. lizzy says:

    Well there is the green barley, carrot juice time, the winter porridge and cereal season and now since
    reading ABC there is the ‘about to be tipped in the dumpster lino covered worktable’ transformed into
    a French looking breakfast bar sitting with anticipation on the deck loaded with the grill, toaster, and kettle in between the vintage fan,lavender and homemade jams ready for French toast and coffee…but there is always room for new and improved and some change of course….

  243. Lisa says:

    This morning it had the paper, doughnuts, a rose in a glass that was obtained on a whim, and a leftover spoon that someone never remembers to put in the sink after stirring his coffee.

  244. CMom says:

    Ooh, I love Sally’s candle idea! Though I may have to wait until my 4 yr. old is a bit older before I start lighting tabletop candles! On my breakfast table lately: my laptop (so I can surf blogs and search for daily deals and coupons), a whole-wheat ready made waffle topped with local, organic jelly and walnuts and coffee! All this after I return home from dropping my daughter off at pre-k. :)

  245. Judi R says:

    Coffee hot with italian cream in a fabulous mug. :-)

  246. old cottage on the lake says:

    I have had a cup of tea every day of my life for 52 years. If I was to win this I would change that to a cup of Illy coffee enoying it in my cottage on the lake

  247. ellen@timefortea says:

    lovely giveaway and lovely photos, on my breaky table is a pot of tea, a plate of bagels and some christmas decorations

  248. Amy Wathen says:

    What a fantastic giveaway. I love me some quiet time and my coffee in the morning (or any time of day for that matter). Thanks for the chance to win!

  249. Vicki K says:

    Usually the boys’ homework from the night before! Actually most days it is cereal bowls and coffee cups and juice glasses. But occasionally we do the whole English scones and tea and lemon curd and clotted cream. Thank you for a lovely giveaway!

  250. Babs says:

    my breakfast table needs some class….please help me! It’s usually a boring cup of coffee and a bowl of honey nut cheerios.

  251. My breakfast bowl is usually my mug holder in the car on the way to work…which usually holds an Up ‘n’ Go, or similar! Sad!!

    If I had a special reason (gorgeous coffee maker and mug) I would get up extra early so that I had time to sit to the table and enjoy!

    Thanks for a lovely giveaway :)

  252. What do I have on my breakfast table every morning? My youngest frantically trying to finish her homework that was due that day because her super mum (me!) was too slack to whip her into shape the night before. So you see, nice coffee required for super mum to function to full capacity ;0)

  253. sue austin says:

    My second entry! LOL I really would like to win this. :-)

  254. Kerry says:

    Hmmmm on my breakfast table every morning is my much need cup of coffee to get me through the morning with my very active 2-year old son!

  255. Charmaine says:

    Aussie kids are Weetbix kids!

  256. Melanie says:

    Dried hydrangeas, my favorite coffee cup and the morning paper. That’s all I need.

  257. Melanie says:

    Posted on Facebook

  258. Angela says:

    Coffee in a fabulous cup with a little hazelnut cream!! ohhhh!! laa!! laa !!
    Sarah, pick me!!! ; )

  259. perdita says:

    weetbix, porridge, and vanilla yoghurt!