Beach Cottage Christmas Before/After with Chalkboard Paint

Tue 7th, Dec, 2010

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Good moaning!  Down Under calling.

I don’t know if you’ve seen around lots of places the craze for chalkboards with Christmas messages?  Maybe it’s just the shops that I frequent…I have seen them everywhere and to be honest couldn’t justify with oh at least 3 cans of chalkboard paint stashed in my garage, buying what is little more than a picture frame with the middle bit painted.

Then, I came across a piece of slate in Salvos one morning, browsing for vintage stuff with a coffee.  Score.  Just what I wanted to hang around with a festive note on it or perhaps, more like, a note to oneself to remember what this busy season is really about.


So this is what it looked like when I found it…


…it’s one of those primitive-crafty-doody things and the shape was exactly the same as one I had seen in the beachy boutique with a price tag that was oh about ten times as much as the four dollar one on this one.  When I got it home and turned it over it seems that actually this is a piece of handcut slate from a roofting tile of an old Ohioan barn.  It reads: ‘the uneven surfaces show years exposed to the weather.  No two are alike.  May it be a blessing in your home’.

How nice then that it found its way to this side of the world and rather than buy one that had more than likely been made on a factory floor in china, I upcycled this and saved the planet.


I cannot tell you any tips or secrets here, any DIY/crafty sidesteps cos literally this took all of 30 seconds…have a paintbrush and can of chalkboard paint (or even quicker a spraycan) and you can do it.

and go to the blog party at CENTSATIONAL GIRL, where you’ll find lovely little hearts that are rocking the BC boat (I am going to try and make these too, woohoo!) and if you are into making wreaths, I love this cozy one at Melissa’s, The Inspired Room.

All I need now, is snow.

And it’ll cost me a helluva lot more than four dollars to get me some of that on this side of the world right now.

See you around kiddos.

p.s. giveaway winners announced tomorrow, you can still comment to win some Illy…new giveaway later this week…


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32 Responses to “Beach Cottage Christmas Before/After with Chalkboard Paint”

  1. Char says:

    I recently discovered your site and I am so jealous – in a good way! Ever since visiting my Grandparents house on the coast of Ireland I have dreamed of living by the sea. We spent a week in Hilton Head, South Carolina this summer and that just cemented it for me. I did not want to come home to our house in the suburbs. Now, I have made it part of my 5 year plan to have a home (even if it is a cottage or apartment) on the beach – even if it is just a summer home.

    I love this craft and I am pretty sure I have at least one of those slate plaques in a drawer around here somewhere. Looks like a quick project for later this week.

  2. Tiff says:

    The slate looks great, but when you said it’s from Ohio I coveted it even more. I used to live in Ohio and loved the old barns around the place and the many slate roofs. Funny how little pieces like that end up on the other side of the world.

  3. Deanne says:

    Let the sun shine would be more appropriate this year with the amount of rain we have had this spring / summer!

  4. Jennifer says:

    I just noticed the oar coat rack. I have two oars in our shed and they will be recycled for this purpose very soon. Love the look.

  5. Tricia Rose says:

    That is a find, and a save and an up-cycle, all in one! I have friends snowed in in Dorset and Yorkshire who would disagree with the sentiment right now! but I agree: let it snow – elsewhere~

  6. i adore this. and love the saying on the back of it.

    i have several chalkboards around the home, but im hankering to make one from a shabby door, i have the vision of it in my head, i just have to realise it

    • Nicola says:

      Nicole – me too! I work for a building company and asked the guys in the field to keep an eye out for a suitable door fo me to “attack” with chalkboard/blackboard paint! Well I now have the most adorable old door – weighs at least a tonne!

      Now I just have to wait for the holidays to have a bit of me time to make my door home notice board thingy to go in my kitchen!!!

  7. susan says:

    cute little sign… you have the most amazing thrift shops near by you. I went recently and it was Junk… with a capital “J”. Shame :(

    and I did giggle about your ‘let it snow’ sentiment….. it seems the rain has ceased and I now live in a sauna *sigh
    thank goodness for air conditioning, even living 50m from the water here brings no relief today XX

  8. Alice says:

    That looks great.No snow for me thanks. I have been counting down the days for our hot summer to arrive. Shame about all this rain, but we need it bucket loads and all. I also love your oar coat hanger thingy….. Exceptionally clever. You are so lucky to have a bit of space to hang coats/hats/ bags. At our place we enter straight into our living space (it’s not even a room, more like a wide corridor that allows access to the rest of my tiny home). But it’s ours (or will be once we paid the bank back) and we tend to do most of our living in the tiny kitchen/dining area and our beautiful garden anyway so no biggie :). Susan, I hear you about the whole Junk with a capital J from thrift stores. It’s the same thing for me….sigh…

  9. Ldom says:

    Ooohh what a good idea… I always see stuff like this knocking around at yard sales, but never thought of painting… Betcha I don’t see them anymore though! Lx

  10. Susan Cooke says:

    Good eye! Nicely done, now I’m going to be looking for something like that.

  11. Kathleen says:

    Great idea! I’ve been into chalkboard paint these days as well. Doing some picture turned chalkboards as Christmas gifts.
    Love your blog!

  12. We have some snow/cold we would love to send anyone’s way.

    I was thinking about trying some chalkboard paint. Does it adhere well? Do you always buy the premixed or have you tried a make your own?

    Super cute, and I love how it pops against the white.

  13. Super cute! I have a chalkboard paint addiction – ha! Happy holidays!

  14. Um…I’m still looking at the darling coat rack! Yes, the chalkboard is cute….but the oar! LOVE it!

  15. Nicola says:

    Ho Ho Ho – isn’t that just darling! Love it, simple, elegent and all christmassy!

    Sarah you have done it again – I have just downloaded the PDF from Kate at Centsational Girl – so sweet!

  16. Kathy from Melbourne says:

    Ahh…just gorgeous. I was telling my son the other day how I used to practice my writing on a slate when I was in Preps, which made me feel *very* old.

  17. Hi Sarah,
    we have enough snow over here in Germany to share…….
    It’s lovely, we are on the sleegh every day,
    Have a sunny day,
    all the best from Germany,

  18. Bethan says:

    Lovely Sarah. You have great vision. x

  19. Siggie says:

    The idea for slate plate is great, but what I noticed and liked just as much is the ore used as a coat rack, what a cool idea! I’ve been looking around for ideas for a simple coat rack…now all I have to find me are some ores! But I suppose a thick branch could do the trick too.

    Funny, we used little chalkboards to practice writing in first grade too ( middle age here I come )…my how times have changed!


  20. What a cute sign! I have a growing collection of chalk boards in my house. I need to start adding some christmas messages to them :)

  21. I love that, I have a can of chalkboard spray paint that I haven’t used yet . . . thanks for the inspiration.

  22. I love the way this looks and how you could see think outside the box to come up with it! :)

  23. Amy in Austin says:

    Lovely; the “Let it Snow” in the middle of the southern hemisphere summer makes me giggle. Not only do I wish for that in the middle of our hot, long Texas summers my boyfriend is a native Kiwi and the upsidedown holidays (Easter in the fall, Christmas in the summer, etc.) is something I that I’m presented with much more often now than ever and I still have trouble getting my head quite around it. :) Love the thought of spending Christmas warm at the beach.

    Also, what did you use to hang the ornaments from the hook?

  24. Awwwwww……this is really sweet! The Amish dismantled my grandfather’s century old barn in Ohio, and salvaged it. Who KNOWS!! You could have a piece of my grandfathers barn roof! I love what you did with it!

    Great job Sarah!! It’s beautiful!


  25. Thanks for the mention, Sarah, glad you like my wreath :-)

    …I love your little chalkboard sign. I had a fellow blogger make me little signs kind of like that for my daughter’s wedding a couple of years ago. We used them for the buffet tables. Now I’m thinking I should get them out again and use them for a holiday message!

  26. Kim says:

    Clever!! We love your blog!! Happy Holidays to you!!

  27. Kirsty says:

    Love the redesign! Gorgeous… But Sarah… really? I dooon’t think you’re going to get your wish. Just a hunch I have. Rain? Yes. Snow? No way.

  28. Hi, I live in Australia too!!! Wow..small world. Hot, hot, hot…..I love chalkboards – painting everything I can find lately.

    Nice to meet you.

  29. Cindy says:

    Very sweet, I love it!
    Hugs, Cindy

  30. Amanda Eck says:

    So lovely! I remember stumbling upon your blog this time last year and enjoyed every bit of your holiday decor. Have a very blessed Christmas & New Year!