Vintage Chair, Bedroom & Using Actions

Sat 27th, Nov, 2010

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whoopee-doo on the Adirondack giveaway!  so glad you girls liked it (actually we had a couple of guys too)…don’t forget you can still enter…winner will be announced on Wednesday…just comment and yep all comments til then go in the beach bucket ;-)  oh and if you were one of those who haven’t been able to comment on this blog for the last few months, it’s now working…hopefully…

Righto this is a little bit more on photography due to the large amount of emails I had after the last post I did about taking photos

So here’s an action in…action, (you run actions in Photoshop) using some from Florabella, I bought these ages ago in one of the bundle sets, they are not budget though they are certainly worth it (as ever I only recommend things on this blog that I really like)…they are so very easy to use and so very easy to get lost in processing pictures of your kids in…if there were a downside, and this is far from criticism if you use them on your blog they are just so darn popular you’ll see pictures are enhanced with them everywhere…

Anyway I call this playing in actions vintage processing..not sure if that is the real name for it, and it is exactly what it says on the can…it will foof around with your photo so it looks vintagey…a bit like life really….these work pretty much well on any photo that I have tried them on…I have read lots that the original photo needs to be really good…but although that helps, I think that these babies can turn a paltry photo into something much better…

One of the best things about actions, Florabella or any for that matter, is that if you are on the other side of 30, your arms are a little bit tuck shop, your skin is not quite as peachy as a baby’s bot, you have to iron out the crease in your face in the mornings when you rise and your hair is as big as Texas (thanks Rhoda for that new to me saying), well you my friends, although you may well actually feel Retro Vintage, you can actually simply hit retro vintage and all becomes somewhat of a blurry, vintagey, olde-worlde tinged haze…


And yes, don’t even think about asking, my Hunters do live there, most all of the time.

They remind me of England.

I walk in them around the streets at night with Mr BC so that an Australian snake, if it decideds to slither past me will actually slither over rubber from England and not my feet.

Mr BC likes my boots when we go on our midnight walks when I wear them in the street under my dressing gown.

One day I will take a picture of that.

And vintage process it.

Cos that’ll make me look good in Hunters and a dressing gown. ;-)

Happy Weekend where you are


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25 Responses to “Vintage Chair, Bedroom & Using Actions”

  1. What a gorgeous photo!! I can’t wait to play around in photoshop now :)

    Love the hunter boots! I’m in the market for some myself :)

  2. Tiff says:

    One day I will get myself Photoshop or the like so I can play too!
    Oh, and I’ll need a camera to go along with it.
    Until then I’ll drool over your pictures : )
    And Sarah, those boots should protect you from all but the most determined of snakes! Thankfully we don’t have cobras over here!

  3. Ldom says:

    I could do with vintage processing in my everyday life at the moment… especially after the over indulgences of Thanksgiving… the best word to describe me at the moment is ‘puffy’…. and I’m guessing that is not a good adjective for a wrong side of 30 something women… anyhoo, I too have my Hunters by the backdoor for the same reason as you… Forever England… ophh and they stop the mozzies getting my legs in the Summer! Take care. Lx

  4. Robynne says:

    I have a rather un-flattering photo of myself in the snow one night last year in my uggs and pink dressing gown, but I’m not sharing that with anyone! Robx

  5. sue austin says:

    Hunter boots . Never heard them called that! LOL I love your blog.

  6. kristin says:

    Such gorgeous pictures! I never tire of looking at the beuty in your photo’s!

  7. Barefoot Liz says:

    I need to experiment more with my photo’s. It would help if I had a real digital camera and not the camera on my iphone. I guess I could always take film shots and scan those.

  8. Definitely going to check out Florabella!

    And our boots live by the back door! I put them on probably ten times a day because I’m constantly going to the barn or the back yard. I should send you a picture…there are 5 pairs. lol

    Love the pretty chair and the flower. Flowers…….can’t get enough of them.

    God bless Sarah!

  9. hi sweetie…

    of course i am longing for a BC Adirondack!! ;)

    but …just for the beach record books…i’d take that gorgeous greeny chair in your *vintaged…retroed* photos there!!

    melissa x

  10. alex says:

    Ohhh, I’m in love… I just went to Florabella for the first time and I’ve GOT to get me some of those filters! I’m a graphic designer and I know at some point these filters will come in handy for just the right project!

    Oh, and I would LOVE my very own BC Adirondack so I can sit in the front yard of our very own beach cottage, dreaming of the day our little cabin looks as wonderfully light and airy as yours :)

  11. Jessica Jane says:

    I am going to buy Photoshop! What version do I need (amateur), there seem to be lots?! I have a mac. All very confusing … Help Miss BC!

  12. Melinda says:

    Yay i can comment! and would love to enter as well ! Photography beautiful as ever…

  13. deb says:

    I always wondered how you got that lovely quality to your photos. I will put photoshop on the “One day” list. Have a great rest of the weekend Sarah.

  14. Marnie A says:

    Still lovin’ your photos (and your blog) Sarah.
    If anyone is looking for a FREE photo program that does all that vitagey stuff and more, can I suggest http://www.picnik.com. I use it all the time and it’s sooooooo easy. You can upgrade and get the premium extras like texturing etc (I think Santa may get me this, this year)
    You’ve insipred me to start my own blog of our reno and extention (all in draft atm……still a bit scared to hit “publish”)

  15. marylou says:

    Love your photos but being a nonprofessional photographer I simply am happy to drool over your cottage……mine is a work in progress, small, old but with oodles of charm and most important oodles of love.;-) Borrow many of your clever ideas Sarah, awwwww, heck, I just love your blog, my favorite in ALL of blogland((*_*))


  16. SusieQ says:

    You are sooooo nuts, I have this mental picture of the boots and the the dressing gown.Chicky I would just LOVE the chair it would sit on my new verandah at my new Cedar Cottage in Palm Cove. We move in 7 Jan but there is still a bed for you and Mr BC and it definetly needs a BC make over. Its 1km from the beach oh Sarah its so cute. Praise the Lord I am so excited and the chair would just love it there xxx

  17. Alice says:

    Midnight walks…Love the metal picture.. You just made me think back to the days before our kids and our midnight walks (though not in a night gown) with our dog. I love the software, now to convince hubby that it would be a wonderful and useful tool to have. I have to admit that I looovveee your photos, especially those of the beach(and the one with the horse galloping near the water!My favourite!). They remind me of my long early sunday walks along the coogee shore line.Geeeshh I miss it. Living close to a big river has it’s upsides too, the air is not as refreshing or salty (love the saltiness)but we do get some beautiful sunsets along the board walk. You may not want to believe it but there are sharks in the river! I thought the sign was there as a joke until I read about the attacks during the 1930′s in a history book about the area. No fatalities, just bites. I haven’t read anything recent but that may be because people don’t swim there as often any more. I’m still dreaming about the chair…… Still in disbelief….You are a lucky woman Sarah, and I hope you will always be so…

  18. Hi Sara
    i don’t know if i have missed your post on this but did you ever wallpaper your bedroom i was very interested as i am sure others are what it turned out like…..thanks for sharing

  19. Paige says:

    I love that your Hunter wellies live there. Mine come out of hiding about this time of year. With the liners they make great snow boots!

  20. Great Post Sarah -

    Never thought I could use Hunters living in So California but I wear them all the time!
    Thanks for showing me how good they make home look just sittin around -


  21. lisaroy says:

    Gorgeous pics as usual and I love the black Hunters out on display. I could use some this weekend after all the snow we just got in one day! Hope you’re having a lovely weekend :)

  22. Nicola says:

    Great pics Sarah .. had a good giggle as I tried to imagine you and Mr BC wandering around your beachie suburb in the middle of the night in your “Hunters” and Dressing gown … te he he

    Hope you had a very BC Weekend.

  23. Beth says:

    I have asked for photoshop for Christmas! I played around with a trial version and love it! I have a lot to learn though :)

  24. caitie says:

    Do you find it hard that after being used to Christmas time and cold weather, you now have to do Christmas time during the summer? i feel like it wouldnt feel at all like Christmas!!