Ten Things about The Ballet Flats

Sat 16th, Oct, 2010

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1. I never thought I would stand on a chair
2. in the most beautiful ballet flats in the world
3. instructing a teenager
4. a male teenager at that
5. how to take photos of me in them
6. I never thought I would be a homeschooler but now I am
7. I never thought a pair of the most beautiful ballet flats in the world
8. could cause such excruciating pain
9. that I would decide only to wear them at home
10.  I never thought I would like the language of lists quite as much as I do
Happy Weekend, I am gardening



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 oh & re: all those who have contacted me re: my images…
 yep you can use pics on here for inspiration & blogging with a link
…just don’t use them for your commercial website ;-)




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96 Responses to “Ten Things about The Ballet Flats”

  1. Karen Hancock says:

    1. i shouldnt read this blog
    2. i bought ballet flats last night
    3. they are better than yours! (so school yard!)
    4. they are blue and white striped with a pretty red bow
    5. when i wear them i am going to pretend i am in paris…
    6. and only speak french (i dont know french! so will be lots of oui!)
    8. i doesnt seem right to write 7
    9. the damned aussie dollar makes me want to shop more!
    10. my husband gets home in an hour after being away for two nights….
    and my four kiddies are going to be all his!
    11. i drink my normal boring drinks out of wine glasses to be fancy!

    • sarah says:

      1. they can’t be better than mine
      2. mine are
      3. classic
      4. chic
      5. timeless
      6. plus they kill my feet
      8. the aussie dollar rocks my socks
      9. I can speak a leetle of le frenchie
      10. I don’t like number 7

      • Karen Hancock says:

        1. oh they so are
        2. really truly ruly better
        3. french chic
        4. classic
        5. mine are still in the post dammit!!
        6. ship to companies rock!
        8. ooo la la…
        9. must go to airport or husband will think we dont care!!

        thanks for the fun!

  2. deb says:

    Yep, they are beautiful. After a couple of glasses of red, I even think they would be comfortable. Well done.

  3. Kerri says:

    1.LOVE your ballet flats – they are divine.
    2.The end. K xx

  4. Judy Pemberton says:

    1. I should be finishing my assignment for Uni

    2. I want ballet flats but I’m too short

    3.My in-laws are staying at our house at present for a week

    4. It has only been one day but yet it feels like a lifetime

    5.I drink wine to cope with the above

    6. I like good aussie wine and i live 10 minutes from one of the best wine regions in Australia

    7. I like 7 what’s wrong with 7?

    8. Mary MacKillop is going to be a saint and I will drink good Aussie wine to celebrate this

    9. I can have ballet flats even though I am short can’t I?

    10. Have I mentioned I like wine?

    11. I like to tablescape too

    12. My favourite purchase this week is my vacumm cleaner

    13. It is purple and I named it Mike Dyson

    • sarah says:

      1. my vaccuum cleaner is yellow & grey
      2. it’s name is Mr Teenage BC Dyson
      3. I would like to drink Aussie wine
      4. but it makes me vomit
      5. if I had any in-law near me I would either
      6. drink lots of wine
      8. or vomit
      9. I didn’t know there was higher education
      10. in tablescaping
      11. tip on the in laws
      12. dump ‘em

  5. Linda says:

    Sarah can you tell me where you bought your flats from + why do you you think your feet hurt?

  6. Suzanne says:

    Pretty Pretty Sarah!!

  7. Michelle says:

    Oh so pretty . So pretty infact I would just well….grit my teeth and bare it!

  8. 1. i am in ol’blighty…
    2. having a blog hopping sleep in…
    3. with bare feet…
    4. but if i had those ballet shoes
    5. i’d be outa bed
    6. making the kiddos pancakes
    7. & seriously twirling on the floorboards…
    8. beauty is pain ladies
    9. & those flats are worth it…
    10. so is the vino…

    • sarah says:

      1. if I weren in the depths
      2. of northern blighty
      3. in october
      4. i would have my heating turned up to 30
      5. and be dancing around in bare feet

  9. Edel says:

    I am heading to Wittner in the morning as thoes shoes need to be in my wardrobe.
    Reading these comment just made me laugh very hard after a bad day. xoxox

  10. susan says:

    1. I knew they would be THE ballet flats
    2 I have massive feet
    3. Which is why I would have to get them custom made
    4. If I even buy size 11 they hurt so much moi could cry
    5. I like the idea of pretending to be in France just because of the shoes you might wear.
    6. It’s so warm where I live we all wear Havianas all year round
    7. I still want some of those ballet flats.
    8. I wrote a number 7!!
    9. I went to my new beach shack today hoping like mad that we would still love it.
    10. We totally did
    11 Yay…… just before I hopped over here I was on the Ikea site looking at kitchens……
    12. FUN :):)

    • sarah says:

      1. I wish it was that warm here all around
      2. I thought you would call ‘em thongs ;-)
      3. I thought big feet = a big xxxxx
      4. you have a new beach shack
      5. can i come and decorate it

  11. carla says:

    Lookin’ goood Twinkle Toes! ;o)

  12. Virginia says:

    Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! I want a pair too!!

  13. Jo says:

    With the Aussie dollar doing so well I’m stalking net-a-porter but am nervous about buying shoes. Found The. Best. Ever. Louboutin’s but what if they don’t fit? Suppose they would be pretty fabulous to garden in.

  14. Janelle says:

    Love your ballets… I bought some from witchery a couple of years ago, almost identical and they KILLED my feet at first but then ended up so comfy… persevere if you can :)

  15. Vanessa says:

    They’re fabulous!!!! Yep! They’re the most ballet flats in the world!

  16. Laura says:

    I once brought a pair of beautiful ballet flats from Dune… they killed my feet… I tried to break them in so many times…. they now sit in my wardrobe with a practically un-scuffed sole… Yours look so much softer… so stick with them… someone told me to stretch them out with newspaper??? Lx
    Ps love the jeans…

  17. Paige says:

    I love those flats!

  18. Christine Aldinger says:

    you guys are all nutz!!!! does that count for giveway comment?!?!

  19. Kymmie says:

    They are amazing flats, but so sorry they’re not that comfy. But I’m loving your list. You’re quite funny!

  20. Miss Fanchon says:

    The trouble with ballet flats is that they are… way too flat for me. But I dig the Audrey Hepburn look!
    Would this frangipani candle fly all the way to France? We’ll see…

  21. Erika says:

    Haha Sarah, I love this post. I didn’t think after reading the title in my blog updates that this is as simple as that! Love the shoes, they look fantastic! How exciting, you’re homeschooling now! Good luck with that!
    Smiles and hugs,

  22. Alisa D says:

    1. I own some ballet flats too
    2. Some make my feet hurt too
    3. Does that mean I am old too?

  23. Stephanie says:

    7.1 I like the number 7
    7.2 I have 7 people in my family…its a good perfect number! :)
    7.3 It is cold here in my part of the US
    7.4 Ballet flats are good for going to pumpkin patches and hay mazes!
    7.5 No matter how cute!
    7.6 Would you like five more children to homeschool?
    7.7 I am heading to your favorite swedish store next week! It’s a planned girls day out trip!
    7.8 And if you were here, I would invite you for pizza…
    7.9 and you could decorate my house or table whichever you’d like!

  24. Tonja says:

    I love love love your flats. I bought my first pair a few weeks ago and have yet to wear them because I feel barefoot. But I think I may try wearing them this week to see how they feel. And love your lists!

  25. Renee Weaver says:

    I am on the never ending search for the perfect flats that are comfortable. Sigh

  26. 1. i wore ballet flats for my wedding
    2. more like ballet slippers
    3. so I wouldn’t be taller then my husband
    4. that was 28 years ago
    5. hope to find some just as cute as yours
    6. but hopefully more comfy
    7. and that will cover my oddly long toes
    8. 7 wasn’t so hard
    9. i’ve been called spaghetti toes
    10. i’ve also been called worse

  27. Oh they look so pretty, but I know your pain. The best flat is a soft loafer (Tods style) like a slipper you can wear out, heaven. Great photos, well done to your son.

    Love your blog and your home. Amber xxx

  28. valerie says:

    1- A comment about your love love love ballet flats, with pleasure !
    2 – I am not American, English or Australian, but French…
    3 – oui, I have some French ballet flats in my closet
    4 – I love especially my precious Repetto’s ballet shoes
    5 – http://www.repetto.com/
    6 – your ballet shoes look as beautiful and elegant as Repetto’s ballet shoes
    7 – but a ballet shoes is great only if you have great foot
    8 – and lucky Sarah, you have beautiful feet
    9 – And when you talked about pain,
    10 – think about the French women in Paris
    11 – because they share the same pain as you
    11 – Il faut souffrir pour être belle,
    12 – well, I have the Repetto, I drink good French wine and I speak French
    13 – but I am dreaming of mastering English one day and having a beach cottage in Australia…
    14 – J’adore lire le blog de Sarah

    Bon week-end


  29. Jennifer says:

    Love the flats but I love your pics even more. Thanks for being an inspiration.

  30. JacquiMcR says:

    Hi there from a lovely autumny (not a real word , I know) Scotland. Your ballet flats are lovely! I can’t wear them because they are just too flat and my calves end up hurting like hell. My 14 year old daughter, however, has them in many many colours and different materials from shiny paton to canvas. Depending on where they are hurting and the actual material of the shoe, she has advised rubbing a little vaseline into the part that rubs. Alternatively, you could try insoles or heel grips to keep the offending shoes away from tender parts. Hope you have a lovely weekend gardening, I have half a shed to paint blue ( don’t worry, the other half is already painted). Best wishes Jacqui x P.S – am loving your blog.

  31. marylou says:

    “Funny that a pair of really nice shoes makes us feel good in our heads — at the extreme opposite end of our bodies. …

    Love the shoes but this post thread is the BESTEST evar ((*_*))

  32. Jaimie says:

    Those ballet flats are SO gorgeous! They almost look like actual ballet shoes, but way better!

  33. Liz Grundvig says:

    1. i love that story 2. and I, too, once found myself 3. as a homeschooling mom 4. when I thought never 5 and those ballet shoes should be dancing on my feet! 6 cute!

  34. Sharon Forward says:

    Hi Sarah, long time no comment but I have been busy seeing a dream of 12 years come true! We finally own our own home and have been busy decorating so I thought I would take a peek at your side of the world Love the ballet pumps can’t find a replacement for my beloved ones that I wore to death… anyway see you’ve been busy in the kitchen looks fabx ps would love to be entered for the candleX

  35. LOVE the flats my dear! Gorgeous!

    I took ballet for many years, and the way we would always stretch our ballet shoes was to put wet paper towels in them for a few hours (til the leather gets good and dampish inside-not newpaper though as you don’t want to leave black newsprint on your pretty shoes) and then later in the day we would dance in them for an hour or two. You don’t have to dance……but you can if you want to! ;o) Just be sure to wear them once they are good and damp.

    Pretty pretty shoes……
    God bless!

  36. Sarah,
    Did you buy your ballet flats at the ballet shop behind the Queen Victoria Building?? Thats the place to buy them…they cost a fortune here in Canada from that company but my DIL swears they are the most comfortable shoes ever. They have 100′s of styles…I can get you more deets if you like/need? I will be buying some when I go there next time. Maybe we can go together? I need some flats :-)
    Those are cute !!

  37. Tricia Rose says:

    They will become more comfortable with time – soldier on. So pretty!
    I never enter giveaways but do anything for frangipani. A difficult scent to get right, but Olivina Classic Olive Hand Cream (from Napa) is exactly it – I drove home sniffing my hand all the way to the point that I got a little giddy and was weaving over the road rather, until I identified as indeed frangipani (I had tried the Dean & DeLuca sample, liberally).

  38. marcia says:

    1. this is why
    2. i live in flip-flops
    3. pretty much all year long
    4. and drink lots
    5. (of california wine)

  39. Avey says:

    You look fabulous in your new beautiful flats…but if they’re that uncomfy, I would take them back and change for a pair that feel wonderful. You’re too lovely to suffer :o)

  40. Deanne says:

    1.I love the colour
    2. they are seriously pretty ballet flats
    3.pity about the comfort level!
    4. great photos ( 4 is my favourite number so I will stop there)

  41. Kathy says:

    Very pretty shoes! My (pricey) ballet flats killed my feet for *months*. Persistence, Sarah! They will come good.
    Why, why, must people take other people’s photos??
    I canna write a list, much as I’d like to. It is only 7am.

  42. Relyn says:

    I love, love this post and these wonderful images. WOW!

  43. Urbanstems says:

    Ah the list monster has clearly taken over here.
    P.S. I love the list monster too!

  44. Keri says:

    1. Darling comments
    2. make me smile
    3. instead of writing
    4. this miserable paper
    5. blogs make an excellent distraction
    6. from the rigors of grad school
    7. was one of my favorite ages
    8. I saw the most precious pair
    9. of red ballet flats today
    10. I like yours more.

    • sarah says:

      1. grad papers are rotten
      2. but they are good for your brain
      3. painful ballet flats are rotten
      4. but they are good for your brain

  45. Alessandra says:

    Just love the ‘ballerine’ and the pictures.

  46. colleen says:

    …best pictures ever!…I have a pair of black & Grey ballet flats with a ribbon pearls & chain….I get comments on them every time I wear them…which is daily because…They have good bottoms and are sooo comfy!..I hope your flats start to get comfy!…no matter how much wine I drink sore feet are sore feet…

  47. Jennifer P says:

    1. If you are old, then I am pre-historic
    2. I still wear ballet flats eventhough I am old and prehistoric
    3. I love my pale pink ones the most
    4. I stretch them by wearing thick socks with them for a week and stuffing the toes with wet paper or a pair of wet socks
    5. I never leave home while I am wearing thick socks with my ballet flats
    6. I use leather dressing to soften them further
    7. I wear ballet flats because my husband was not very happy with me for leaving holes in our very old timber floors from wearing stilettos around the place.
    8. I actually love lists, frangipanis, old houses, comfy ballet flats and 8 is my lucky number so I will stop there.

    • sarah says:

      1. I feel older than you
      2. even though I don’t know how old you are
      3. I will be wearing ballet flats
      4. when I am older and more pre-historicer
      5. I will try thick socks with my flats
      6. and try not to forget & wear them to the school
      8. i love the same things as you

  48. Bev says:

    Cute! cute! cute!

    love! love! love!

    Ballet Flats! Ballet! Ballet ! Ballet Flats!

    Go Sarah! Go Sarah! Go Sarah!

  49. Bev says:

    Cute! cute! cute!

    love! love! love!

    Ballet Flats! Ballet! Ballet ! Ballet Flats!

    Go Sarah! Go Sarah! Go Sarah!

  50. Alyson says:

    I MUST get some good shoes for walking in New Orleans when I go there in two weeks, BUT I want them to be pretty like ballet flats. So far this has turned out to be an IMPOSSIBLE quest.

    Have you tried any of those stick on squishy things to help the hurt Sarah?

  51. Angie Smith says:

    Funny ! I have thought to why do they hurt so bad????? They are flats for goodness sakes ! Try them with a very cute pair of thin socks, maybe with a cute little bow on the side like the wee ones wear !


  52. This is one of the funniest comment threads I have ever read . . . just the perfect break for me from packing boxes. Laughter is good medicine . . . now I can carry on to the next box. THANKS


    P.S. I appreciate your generosity with your photos.

  53. nel says:

    Hey Sarah
    Just love the ballet flats, little trick I learnt years ago, and i swear by it. Put vaseline on part of foot that hurts and same spot inside shoe. The vaseline stops blisters and the shoes them shape to your foot and end up so comfy you will never take them off. Tell me if it works for you.

  54. Judy says:

    Gorgeous flats, but tell me why oh why is it that the most beautiful shoes are often the most uncomfortable???????

  55. 1. I love your ballet flats!
    2. I live in ballet flats.
    3. I can’t believe summer is going to make me step out of them up.
    4. I wish I had done ballet.
    5. I grew too tall.
    6. Just like Lady Di.
    7. At least she still got to dance with John Travolta.
    8. My friend calls him John Revolting.
    9. I like him.
    10. I was an enthusiastic participant in the Grease Megamix release in the nineties :)

    • sarah says:

      1. I got stuck in the toilets in a grotty old cinema in the depths of England to see John
      2. I love John more than anyone else in the world
      3. more than ballet flats
      4. even the most beautiful ballet flats
      5. Travolta is the BC Man
      6. when he flies Oprah Down Under
      8. I hope he’ll stop off here with me too
      9. I’d show him the beaches
      10. I’d show him my white bed

  56. Tracey says:

    I love ballet flats. But they always hurt my feet so I never buy them. They look so comfy and girly, I want some but too afraid to try any on because they’ll hurt my feet. I’m going shopping with my husband on Tuesday (for a new car), I think I should try a pair on — just to feel french and special before we get a coffee together. I’m sure he wont mind. Thanks for a great blog, I love reading it and enjoy your decorating style.

  57. donna says:


  58. pam says:

    I love ballet flats {although I can’t wear them}, love your blog {it makes me smile everyday}, love all your photos showing us your beautiful world {and that you generously allow people to share them}, and I love the scent from a fragrant candle in my home {I would love to win a frangipani candle}!

  59. donna says:

    1. I’ve missed you 2. I’ve been busy rekindling an old flame 3. My new old flame loves shabby ( even these ole bones) 4. They will stretch (wear them in the house with socks)5.They look great on you 6. I need a new candle 7. I finally had help figuring out how to leave a comment! 8. Give me the candle 9. Have a great day!!!
    love donna

  60. Sarah Trentacoste says:

    Recently discovered your blog and I love it! I agree about the ballet flats. Sometimes, even if they hurt, you just need beautiful shoes to look at (and wear around the house). :)

    Keep the wonderful blog and beautiful pictures coming!


  61. Allison says:

    1. I always loved the way ballet flats looked
    2. I tried on so many pairs and they would always hurt!
    3. I bought some thinking they would “break in”
    4. They didn’t
    5. They are still sitting in my closet
    6. I went on a trip for work and needed flats because it’s easier to travel with them
    7. I bought another pair. Those hurt too and I was sad
    8. I heard wonderful things about these shoes: http://shop.nordstrom.com/S/3119908?origin=category&resultback=0
    9. They are by Attilio Giusti Leombruni and I thought people were crazy to spend that much money on shoes. But the lady said I could return them if they hurt.
    10. They are the most comfortable pair of shoes I have ever worn and no “break in” process was needed, no blisters.
    11. They are worth 10 times what I paid. Try them. Love them.

    • sarah says:

      1. I am wearing the ballet flats
      2. as I type
      3. they will soon be in my closet
      4. I went to your link
      5. there’s nothing there
      6. I would spend crazy money on shoes
      7. if they didn’t hurt

      • Allison says:

        1. These wonderful shoes were purchased in a department store called Nordstrom in the US
        2. Nordstrom’s site says they ship internationally.
        3. If Nordstrom does not ship, I will get them and ship them to you.
        4. The Nordstrom site is kinda sucky and you have to search by the brand “Attilio” in the search box, (it doesn’t show in the brands list) to see what they have
        5. The ones I purchased are called the Ballerina Flat. They feel like slippers on your feet.
        6. They were $295 US
        7. I threw up a little in my mouth just typing that.
        8. I would buy more of these delicious shoes.
        9. If I had more money

        • sarah says:

          1. I’d love to go to Nordstroms
          2. it sounds like a nice place to shop
          3. i threw up a little in my mouth when I read that
          4. but I spent $300 on a quilt
          5. these shoes by this man?
          6. they must mean I would have to do a lot of Favours
          8. I think it would be worth it

  62. Marcia says:

    Those shoes are cute…and your teenage son took great photos. You’re doing a good job teaching him Sarah.

  63. Marnie A says:

    Love those shoes, how cute? Did you say they are uncomfortable?

  64. Nikki says:

    I totally understand about the love of a perfect shoe (that can only be worn while sitting down). I also understand the language of lists, it’s my favorite way to communicate. Thank you for your blog, I enjoy reading it from my flat overlooking Mission Bay(SanDiego,California).

  65. Your list is fun and really creative :-) And your son did a great job if taking the snap of you in your ballet flats :-)


  66. Sharyn says:

    Love having a teen son to take snaps too – isn’t if fun!! Your flats look so perfect on you and the chair that I thought I might like a pair. That is till your “list” mentioned pain..LOL. Guessing I am going to have to pass. :) Awesome photo – congrats to the teacher and the son/student.

  67. Valerie says:

    Love the flats…too bad you can’t wear them anywhere ;) Love your blog…such fun posts! Love that your son takes pics for you.

  68. Amy @ Journey Mum says:

    Those shoes look just adorable, it’s too bad they don’t feel comfortable. I had the same problem with the cutest shoes I bought. I decided to keep them at work since I’m mostly sitting there but I ended up with sore feet even then! Who tests these products?!

  69. Sarah, I love the list thing and not sure whether you will read this the 87th comment also not sure whether you already know this, but if you have leather shoes that are a bit pinchy, you need to give them a blast with the hairdryer (inside your shoe) and then slip your feet in. It helps the leather to mould to the shape of your foot…give it a go, it does work….
    Kiss Noises Linda

    • sarah says:

      1. g’day Linda
      2. I read all my comments
      3. every day
      4. that’s the whole point for me :-)
      5. I am wearing the flats now
      6. while I do the hoovering
      8. I have socks on
      9. they are killing my feet
      10. I will try the hair dryer
      11. thank you

  70. Kate Dickson-Battye says:

    Did you take the picture of ballet flats + socks in the mirror? You really are quite a good photography, I hope you give yourself credit for that, Katie x

  71. Christine says:

    I love your ballet flats. I wear them as well – mine are pink plaid with a little black bow.

  72. Lori Bernard says:

    I am currently looking for the perfect black pair. I had a cute pair w/ a little bow @ the top, but my daughter stole them away from me and now she can’t find them. Maybe soon I will be feeling your pain! :) ~Lori

  73. I heard somewhere also to wear damp socks…that eases the leather out

  74. Kate says:

    Sweet ballet flats!! Love, love, LOVE them! I shall resign my feet, however, to live vicariously through yours. Sadly, my aged feet are nearly withered from wearing ballet flats to excess in the 80s. {sigh}

    PS Your son took lovely photos! Well done!

  75. Amanda says:

    I love SamBag ballet flats…. recently found I an a ‘sample’ size 38 and bought way too many in the Facebook on-line sample sale… 9 pairs (ssshhhh) plus 2 pairs of high wedges… Lord knows I am so used to flats now I will be lumbering around in those!… LOL

  76. Brian Davis says:

    Cute flats and such a neutral color. But why do some ballet flats have to hurt? I just bought some Tory Burch Reva flats and WOW did they hurt for the first couple weeks. They’re fine now. These are mine