Beach Cottage Kitchen Organization Part I

Tue 12th, Oct, 2010

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G’day chicks.

Welcome, at long last to the very much more organized, improved and definitely decanted Beach Cottage Kitchen!

This has taken much effort in the shopping department on my part, much drilling, battening & screwing in the DIY department on Mr BC’s part and patience on the BC Kiddos part when they’ve had to suffer a mother obsessed by jars & shelves for the past two weeks.

So, before I show you around, last night I was thinking about when why and how I became a decantaholic.  And I believe it all started approximately 14 years ago, back in the Old Country.

You see we had just moved out of our first own home in what we called Toy Town and into a nice big house in a very nice village thank-you-very-much, with two village greens, big old conker trees lining the road, a thatched pub, a tile roof pub, a pub with low eaves and a fire, a pub for the cricketers on the cricket green, a pub for the railway by the train.  You get the picture, there were nice pubs.


It was expensive to buy a place in this village but we wanted out of Toy Town and into pub/green/countryside village.  So to cut a long story short we bought the worst house in the street and set ourselves on a crash-course in DIY.  This house came with the most beautifully manicured gardens, concrete 1970′s ‘wallpaper’ in the lounge, a serving hatch (never in my life do I want to see a serving hatch again) and a long, large and very much built-in kitchen.

Boy was this kitchen organized.  The first morning I came down to feed Honeymoon Baby & got lost in the vastness of the cupboards, I remember looking at the wood cabinets, the brown Franke sink and the hideous integrated chimney extractor thingy & thinking I might suffocate.  It was like some kitchen designer had sat with one of those pieces of software for hours, cutting display shelving at an angle here, shaping the breakfast bar in a kind of u there, slotting the microwave in a built-in hole in the wall there & generally living out his design school ideas right here in this room in the depths of the Kentish countryside.

Oh and the tiles, I nearly forgot the tiles & the window blind.  Matchy matchy…in shades of earth and brown and mottled.  The kinda ones suddenly becoming trendy again now that you see in those magazines with the vintage processed pictures of anaemic girls standing around.

I will never ever buy those tiles.


There were, in this super-duper planned up to its eyeballs kitchen, 65 wall cupboards in which to stash crap and at first I put every single kitchen thing we owned in the cupboards and indeed many other things that we owned.  There was not, apart from the kettle and the teapot, anything at all out on the counters.  I even had a cupboard for vitamins.

Gradually as we began to decorate and I gravitated more and more to what I liked which was not matchy matchy from the Next Catalogue but a kinda white Scandi look with collected finds, I felt the limitations of that kitchen.  I longed for a country style kitchen with open shelving, a huge old Aga and vintage things.

And that’s how, tied up within the boundaries of that kitchen’s oh-so-tight design, I believe I have found myself longing, lusting, positively yearning for the easy yet regimental lining up of supplies in an open-plan kitchen.

But now, here, Down Under, far from that clinical kitchen in our early days I still am far from that country kitchen and surely the Aga is yet to come.  I still don’t know if I’ll ever get it, certainly it won’t be in an old English house with a red door on the green, thinking perhaps I’ve missed the boat on that.

Guessing I’ll settle for open shelving from that boutique we all know and love, Iqkea, in the tiniest kitchen of a ratty old cottage, somewhere in the Southern Hemisphere. 

Mr Beach Cottage is calling this not the kitchen but the library.  I must admit I may have gone a little OTT on the hanging of things around the walls.

But I am happy and I danced in here last night and not a drop of alcohol had passed my lips.

So come on in and lemme show you around.  I think we can fit in here two at a time.

This side looks towards the North, & the window out over the yard and I love how the breeze comes in through the old double sash windows in here…



My inspiration for this, apart from the long hours I spend with my nose in vintage homey books came mostly from this kitchen blog post at Holly’s, where the pics in turn I believe came almost wholly from Living Etc.

I loved how in these pics the open shelving equalled relaxed yet organized.

We started, as you know by re-painting the walls, not one to veer far now from what I know I like, I stuck with Dulux White on White on the walls and Taubmans Door & Trim in plain old white for the woodwork.

Next I started strapping the IKEA catalogue to my body, taking it about everywhere I went.

IKEA, if you like white, the Scandinavian gig, wood, modern touches, and your budget is teeny tiny, is the answer.  I thought Ikea was my friend before.  After much page-turning, web browsing, many physical visits, two hundred and seventy meatballs, sixty-five bottomless cups of coffee and lots of sitting around on empty pallets looking at scribbled measurements wondering what on earth I was doing, is now not just my friend, but lifelong partner in my next life.

Getting our small kitchen to work like the inspirational ones in that blog post though was tricky, even with ingenious design help conveniently self-served and wrapped in cardboard boxes….we had no other option really than to go up with shelving & to use any available wall space to hang & store…


I wanted pasta/rice/noodles in jars to grab


We also used magnetic strips to solve the problem of what to do with small dried stuff


I wanted to be able to hang jugs.  Love me some nice big hanging jugs. ;-)


and mugs…


…space for things on the side



There are now double level of these shelves on both sides…& the drawers where the dry foodstuff was before is soooooo much more free…



OK, now shimmy around, don’t move too fast or you’ll bump yourself on the other side…

This is looking at the other side over the hob and before the microwave came back in from its position on the breakfast room floor…I was wondering if we could live without a microwave…*I said as much to my lovely husband….there were eyebrows.


Here, surprisingly, there are glass jars.  ;-)

Glass jars with nuts.  Glass jars with flour.  Glass jars with icing sugar.  Glass jars with white things that say they are seeds but which are exceedingly salty, but they look good.


Here like the other side, another row of shelving, for jugs & pots and vintage mixing bowls…the shelves are Grundtal


I have a lot of mixing bowls, this is the half of it, funny considering I am probably, no who am I kidding, definitely the world’s worst baker.


I can now gaze at things that tickle my white, Scandi-loving, vintage fancy


I probably have too many utensils and I considered paring the lot right down but I love them


and I couldn’t lose the rustic jug, (it’s from the same garage sale as the Hungarian trunk in the Sitting Room), it was filled with utensils when I found it…gathered by someone who obviously loved to cook…and with not much history here for us in this new life of ours I so like how this sits there, almost stuffed full of a former life in another home…


Stock pots are my weakness, and these my favourites, hence this new smaller one…sometimes I was finding the big one took up just too much room in the dishwasher, the smaller one has already been put to use with chicken stock this arvo.  And don’t even think about lamenting the skills of washing up by hand here.  Haven’t done that since giving birth the first time.


I bought the poppies on the way home from school, funny thing was most of them were in bud only two were just about barely out…I stuck them in the jug on the side in the sun while I was putting things on shelves, looked around and as if by magic more had appeared


I love flowers, after all this kitchen-organization-exhaustion these little babies worked their wonder too, quietly as I got on with the job in hand, as only nature herself can do…

pah! she said to stainless steel, vintage & white, look at me in all my blushing papery glory…


And that is it from me.

I have to tell you I love my new jars, I think I have satisfactorily fulfilled my storage itch.

I have one tiny problem though, as I was doing this, and yes I must hold up my hands & say there may well have been a glimmer of smugness to my fair mug, I suddenly had this quite disconcerting feeling that I may well have a very organized kitchen  but I too will now have to spend the most time of anyone in the Southern Hemisphere cleaning it.


At which point I phoned Mr BC and told him to stay at work to pay the cleaner.

I will see you kitchen rats later.

Let me know what you think & if you have any other clever little storage ideas up your sleeves, that could aid me further, I’d love to know



p.s. the other side Part II coming soon, when I’ve recovered, I may be a while ;-)


oh and p.p.s. stay tuned this week for a BC Giftcard Giveaway…you certainly don’t need to be a rocket scientist to work out where it’s from ;-)


shared at The Shabby Nest, & Cindy’s place thanks!

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73 Responses to “Beach Cottage Kitchen Organization Part I”

  1. Kim says:

    G’day! sharing a mug of hazelnut coffee with you this a.m. looking at your post.. I am lurrrving (as you say) this kitchen redo! i too have a fondness for jars and apothecary ones mainly! i have alot of different glass ones as well as mason jars around here for storage of my dried goods etc..i even have them in my bathroom and just probably about in every other room other then my childrens and shhhhh dont tell
    as i am moving soon to temp housing(apt) and will be storing almost all my treasures while we search for the perfect cottage to buy hopefully by the end of this school yr….
    i am buying more of them and hiding them in boxes as i pack!! its a weakness i have had for about the past 2 yrs
    driving hubs mad with all my treaures hes like uh honey we do not need any more lamps, jars, old suitcases , wicker picnic baskets and purses a few of my weaknesses!!! i wish i lived closer to you i think what fun we could have treasure hunting!!!
    it is looking really great!!! thanks for sharing all the great pics!!! have a great day

  2. Mary says:

    Yep, a far cry from that Kentish village kitchen – love it all and think keeping it clean will be easier than delving into hidden, dark cabinets where nasties sometimes lurk!
    Love your T.E. Green mixing bowls – I have two and am always on the lookout for more of the old ones but they are very expensive here. So dear Sarah, start baking……………….here we’re into Pumpkin bread which is a biggie for the arrival of Fall………….and think how well the color would go with the DIY guys’ sweatshirts!!!!

    Happy hours in the lovely, bright and clean kitchen!!! Hmmm, how could I persuade DH we need to remove our upper cabinets????

  3. Laura says:

    I talk about your blog a lot… to anyone who will listen really… I tell people how I love looking at your home… and then tell everyone to read it too… even though our styles differ, I just love what you do and the home you have created… as always, an inspriring post! Ok… I’ve finished gushing… can you tell I love your kitchen? Lx

  4. Suzanne says:

    Too Funny!! Love your kitchen!! FABULOUS Sarah

  5. do you want the banana muffins, pot of coffee and slab of beer just left on the back verandah hon?

    you did sooooo GOOD!!!

    that looks a BIG, light, organised kitchen to *create* in…you’ll be mixing in those big ol lovely bowls & baking before you know it in this here kitchen!!

    betcha went to bed with a huge exhausted grin on your face didn’t you….and you will love cleaning your jars….’cause you waited so long for them!

    melissa x

  6. Beth West says:

    Looks unbelievably PERFECT!!!! Watch out, keep it spotless because I can see the home decorating magazine teams fighting to get in there and shoot your beautiful kitchen. May you have hours of joyful cooking and may spaghetti sauce never stick to your walls :)

  7. Paige says:

    I love it. It is so neat and everything is right where you need it when you are ready. One day I’ll have a kitchen like this!

  8. Karen says:

    It looks wonderful Sarah. It makes me want to run out to Ikea right now, too bad I have to go to work instead! I love all the decanting, it looks so much better than all the boxes and bags that those items come in.

  9. Dream Mom says:

    Your kitchen turned out very pretty Sarah. Very “you”. Love the casualness of it. I think everyone has to find what works for them in terms of kitchen but you are right, you have to be true to yourself. Lucky for us, you adopted that casual country style which we love:)

    As a Professional Organizer, I too, love pretty jars. Earlier this year, I converted everything to a vintage style glass jar and love it. I am in the middle of a kitchen re-do myself (posted the dream kitchen chalkboard on Friday). As for the microwave, I dumped mine (actually sold it on Craig’s list) and went with a Breville Smart Oven, which is a convection/toaster oven. It’s smaller than my microwave, makes great toast, plus I can cook and bake in it and everything. I’ll never go back. It’s very pricey but luckily, I have a nice sister who bought mine for me as an early Christmas gift. And yes, I think my apartment kitchen is smaller than yours, lol.

  10. Barefoot Liz says:

    I love the hanging trays (and also the mugs on hooks!) My cupboard space is very limited but I do have space on the wall above my sink. Now I can’t wait to go to Ikea! Thanks for all your fabulous ideas!

  11. Urbanstems says:

    Fab work. You got to love IKEA. A place for everything lucky you! Your images are amazing. Thks for sharing. Sinead

  12. Jaimie says:

    That is one of the most organized kitchens I’ve ever seen! I’ve also got a tiny kitchen with open shelving, but mine is not nearly as organized! Especially if you look in the few cupboards that we do have!

  13. Nicolette says:

    Sarah, I’m not sure if it’s a trick of the photography or your open shelves, but the space looks large enough for more than two to fumble around in there! :)

    I have a very similar love of all things storage related. My beach cottage is in a place that is heavy with humidity, so we have to keep everything in tightly sealed jars or it’d all go stale. I have a sweet collection of cream colored containers that I love, but have been looking more to glass for some things that I want to be able to spot from a mile away so I know what I’m grabbing at. I’m thinking for coffee, tea and the like something like those

    I would go somewhat crazy in your kitchen, though. With only the two of us I don’t put my hands on everything in one week, which would mean a lot of dusting for all those pretty glass jar tops, would make me nutty! I do dream of glass-fronted cabinets, though.. someday, with sweet little antique pulls and decorative hinges. Lets you see to everything inside, without having to clean it. I have one antique hutch in my kitchen (that my grandmother painted, no less!) and I just love it.. there’s something dreamy about seeing the everything inside and knowing it’s all clean.

  14. Elaine in Laguna says:

    This turned out sooooooo fabulous! Congrats to you and the BC household!

  15. megs says:

    This looks fantastic! I love the magnetic strip idea.

  16. susan says:

    it’s gorgeous! want to come by my kitchen? it could use you :) hope all is well!! susan

  17. Kristin says:

    It’s gorgeous Sarah! I love all the clear canisters that show off all your pasta’s and sugars, so pretty! All the utencils look wonderful out in the open as well. Great job!

  18. Casa e Cose says:

    Hi! Love to read your posts! And your stories. Such a nice kitchen. Im also a fan och light, white, vintage, and come color…and open shelves but not to many as my husband would to crazy! Hope to see more soon!

  19. marylou says:

    Gorgeous, simply gorgeous!! Am I surprised?? NOPE, I think of Sarah as our version of Rachel Ashwell with a dash of Ikea and Aussie added ((*_*))
    Love your kitch Sarah and your words, your posts are the BEST!!
    ps….regarding extra storage hints…Cost Plus has the most fabu white woven baskets and I add them in my kitch, different sizes to hold everything from waters to bread and of course the best part is their beauty;-)

  20. First time commenting…. Ive been following your nlog for a while now and I ust love your pictures. I am in love with your kitchen also. In fact its tempting to head over to IKEA right now and by a ton of those glass jars! Love it!

  21. cindy says:

    Oh what a heavenly, organized place your kitchen is now, Sarah. I love it, it is just so perfect!
    We still don’t have an IKEA in our fair city, but I have been singing it’s praises to anyone who will listen. It is meant to be
    built by sometime in 2011, so I sure hope they have started on it by now!
    hugs, Cindy

  22. Bravo c’est superbe!!

  23. Suz says:

    FABULOUS…as expected love it all and a totally inspiring post….a trip to Ikea definitely on the cards asap x

  24. Liz says:

    Sarah, Your kitchen redo looks amazing! All that hard work really paid off! So inspiring! I look forward to reading your blog everyday.

  25. Amanda says:

    The kitchen looks fantastic! you must be so happy to have everything so organised and looking so good. God I love Ikea, except can you beleive I made a special trip to Ikea yesterday just to get two of the the big cane chests for my boys rooms to put their ever growing supply of sports gear in and they were all sold out…….arrrrrrrhhhhhhhhh!!!!

  26. Susan says:

    Honestly, I don’t know if it’s the lingo but I laugh out loud when I read your blog, thoroughly enjoy your humour!
    Plus you take fabulous pics.

  27. Deanne says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Nice job! The one thing you need to be totally super organised is to now label all your jars! LOL
    and my question is- why do you have a hack saw in your kitchen?

  28. lisaroy says:

    I love it! I’ve purchased quite a few jars and shelves from IKEA too – you just can’t beat it! I especially love your hanging jugs :)

  29. Angie Smith says:

    B E A U T I F U L as usual! I knew it would be. Love the white bowls on the shelf next to the canisters.. Doesn’t a pretty kitchen just make you want to cook ? My 55 year old countertops are set for demo the end of the month and I can wait !

    By the way coffee filters in route, were mailed today along with a little something sparkly for you and the sweet Beach Cottage girl. So get ready to make some of those beautiful paper roses for that new kitchen !


  30. Hhmmm Sarah… are you sure you just didn’t transport one of the display rooms from IKEA???

    NO… then you should pat yourself ont he back for a magnificent kitchen re-do!!

  31. Karin says:

    I’m exhausted……Fabulous! Any tips on selling the ‘open shelf’ look to a husband who likes everything neatly behind cupboard doors??
    Happy cooking

  32. cheryl says:

    looks brilliant!! i hope iqkea are paying you.. love your entertaining writing skills!

  33. Nicola says:

    Well done Sarah and the rest of the BC crew, all the hard work has certainly paid off! Your new worlds most organised kitchen is sensational and could almost be considered like some sort of altar for those of us addicted to glass jars and decanting.

    Hope you will have yourself a nice little rest now.

    Thanks for sharing.

  34. Sarah – your kitchen now looks like something right out the IKEA catalog, girl! GREAT job! I love how neat it looks. I would love todo something like that in my kitchen….however, with my hubby being “main cook and chef” and not being the neatest chef around….I’d be cleaning all that pretty glass on a daily basis! lol! Luv it, though! :)

    xoxo laurie

  35. Terrific!! It looks lovely!! You said it was a little kitchen….around here we would call it a two butt kitchen! LOL SO pretty though!

    I do really like the open shelving. I used to have that in my old house…….big sigh.

    God bless!

  36. Bev says:

    I would love to cook in that kitchen Sarah . Love the clean look !!!!

  37. Bethan says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Fab kitchen. Oh, how I love reading your blog. I have gone from a country farm pine type kitchen in England with minimal cupboards and things on display in the welsh dresser, to a kitchen where everything (including kettle and toaster) now has it’s place behind a door of some sort. Even though our kitchens are so different I love what you have created. Apart from being a super organised kitchen, another advantage is that your family can’t say “Mum where’s the….?” x

  38. Debbie Wake says:

    Your kitchen looks great, I wish mine was so organized. I do love Ikea, I spotted a blue and white jug, I have one of those too! Did you bring it with you from the old country? I did, mine was my mums that she had as part of a wedding present set over 50 years ago.

  39. Kathy says:

    Hi Sarah, love the open kitchen shelving and all your nic nacks. Would love to know how you did your little ABC tag and I think you used these clay things on your BC round scallop tags as well. Where do you purchase the clay to make them. Would love to hear. Look forward to more posts on the kitchen. Regards Kathy, Brisbane

  40. susan says:

    Sarah….. it’s gorgeous….. I love it all. You are making me neeeeeeed another trip to Ikea…. but it’s a 2.5 hour drive each way for moi!!

    Am waiting very patiently for more info on the clay tags… You’ve been busy, I know. ;)

    Susan {Noosa}

  41. I LOVE your kitchen! It is absolutely gorgeous! I have been greatly inspired and will definitely be paying a visit to my Ikea for ideas as well. Can’t wait to see more!

  42. The kitchen looks lovely!!! I bet I could give you a run for your money on the smallest kitchen in the world LOL . I’ll send you a pic of it.
    Ikea also made it bearable for us LOL.

  43. andrea (pink poodle)!! says:

    HI lovely sarah…hey I am NOT going to go on with some speel..

    IT LOOKS FABBOOOOO!!~~~ wooo hoo…(whatever)..

    you have to read that as fab OHHHH..NOT fab OOOOOO!!~~

    if you get “me” drift…

    whatever…”the old girl is getting tired”…….

    lol…53 on friday…so strugglin….

    xx andrea

  44. Deborah says:

    Wow, it looks great Sarah, you have inspired me to get rid of all my top cupboards and I have finally replaced all my kitchen units this week with freestanding furniture… next the shelves …love the spice/dried herb idea! x

  45. Robynne says:

    Lovely job sarah, there’s nothing like being organised in the kitchen…makes the cooking a lot easier and more enjoyable. The cleaning should be lots of fun!!!

  46. A wonderful kitchen redo with everything at hand!!

  47. Sarah that is a kitchen even Gordon Ramsey would cook in! It’s to die for, honestly! Lovin’ the magnetic strips, and all the pasta displayed in the jars. I think it’s a fine example of what you can do with the space you have. What I love is that you didn’t go out and gut everything and replace with granite or high end appliances. The kitchen looked fab before, but now it’s simply incredible, well done.

  48. aubrey says:

    I love the white, all the textures, and simplicity of your kitchen! Great Job!!! :)

  49. love all of it – but especially love the silverware in the cups

  50. Hi lovely! I have been following your progress… I love your projects! Great job – you are awesome xo

  51. Sarah SB says:

    just gorgeous!!! love it…..& I think you guys should be getting ready to go on the next tv series of ‘The Block’!!! ;)

  52. Chookie says:

    I love the look!


    My range hood is a cheap and nasty one. I didn’t know how cheap and nasty till I saw all the fat droplets all over the ceiling, light fitting and so on (and it’s not that I use a deep-fryer; this is from normal grilling, stir-frying etc — just small quantities of oil per meal). You don’t seem to have a range hood at all, so how on EARTH are you going to keep everything clean? Eat salad at every meal?

    • sarah says:

      of course! that’s all I eat

      I hate extractors and I don’t fry

      • Chookie says:

        I bet your general hatred of extractors doesn’t rival my specific hatred for mine! (Part of the problem might have been that the previous owner never cleaned it…)

        I wouldn’t have thought I fried much either, but plainly it’s *enough*… so I take it that you wouldn’t recommend this style of kitchen to anyone who uses their stove much?

        • sarah says:

          hmm interesting, cos I cook all the time, but then I use my oven a whole lot…most things I do are one pot so maybe that helps clean-up?

          the other night fried some steak, just wiped it all down right away no problem

          oh & with this climate I have the kitchen windows open all around…

        • sarah says:

          oh and ps this kitchen is about 2 yrs old

          let me tell you it is not sparkling clean ;-)

          I feel your pain with that extractor…

  53. hmmm….i am now looking at my vast walls of cabinets with greater disdain. I was already longing for a more “open” feel, where not everything was so closed in…and now I really want it. Can I just whine for a moment though about how I don’t want to do it myself? The thought of all that work is overwhelming right now. You did a fab job and I will definitely be keeping your kitchen in my “inspiration” files. Let us know how the dusting goes!! ;-)

  54. DeniseMarie says:

    wow, does this look terrific. It looks like a magazine or a chef’s kitchen.

  55. sarah says:

    oh my, just found you and love it all…i also adore the beach, white and a good old vintage find. your photos are beautiful! happy sunday sarah.

  56. Ness Lockyer says:

    Love it Sarah! Very Scandi.
    On the topic of the microwave…I hate them on display too, so I hide mine in the cupboard under where it should be and just pull it out when I need it. There will be a powerpoint in there soon, but until then this is the compromise to not have it on my bench.
    I took all of our shelves in the kitchen down – wonder how Mic would feel if I wanted them back up there?!
    Ness xx

  57. Yvonne says:

    Your kitchen is super! I also have open shelving and things in jars and simply ignore people telling me about grease from cooking on them. The truth: There will be grease on them but because you use the things on the open shelves all the time (kitchen is for cooking, right?) but you are daily using it all the time so there is no problem in wiping things evry other time you use it! Have fun and enjoy cooking in this lovely place!

  58. Puff says:

    love how you’ve organized your kitchen :) magnet for the knives…love it! i just hate those wooden knife organizers…i feel like they make the knives dull and rusty

  59. Millie says:

    This net page ‘s in fact not excellent. Too much comments

  60. Tasha says:

    Hi Sarah!!! Could you please please tell me where did you get those large glass gars from – (with glass lids) Not the IKEA once. Thanking you in advance. Tashaxxxx

    • sarah says:

      HI Tasha

      those are IKEA too, however I don’t think it’s a line they stock any longer x

  61. Katie says:

    Sarah I just discovered your blog and an addicted! I live in a beach house on the other side of Sydney. I had given up on our kitchen for like the next ten years bc I thought a new kitchen too expensive. But I am going home to talk to Mr about ripping those built ins out!! Thank you for the inspiration, such a treat to find beach style that is more love and hard work and a clever eye than $$$. But looks so chic!! So clever. Question – I have been in a curtain dilemma here for ages and you have just solved it for me, yes I am going to plagiarise your ikea linen-white curtain layering – do you have two sets of rails, one for linen curtains and one over top for white? Can’t see from photos. Thank you do much!

    • sarah says:

      Hi Katie, thanks for the blog love!

      No you don’t need $$$$ – ours has been done on a major budget!

      the curtain rail is a double rail that IKEA used to make but stopped doing a few years ago now I believe…

      Have you thought about painting the kitchen doors etc or looking for vintage standalone kitchen units…

      Hope that helps, good luck!

  62. Nicky says:

    Wow, oh wow! Just discovered your blog through Pinterest. It was actually your post about jeans that lead me here, and I’m soooo in love with your style! I’m so inspired! Thank you!
    I think I’m gonna go scrub the kitchen then rearrange the whole thing! I should probably make breakfast first though…
    I live in a Nantucket/cape cod style house in Southern California. I have a 4 year old daughter and a cat. My husband is a designer (web, but coukd have a promising carrier in interiors!) and has spent the last year creating an amazing home for us. We are very lucky to be about 2 miles from the beach and the marina with great ocean breezes and fog rolling in ccasionally. Our look is more of a modern costal. And I’m dying to add vintage touches. I think I’m going to start with white washing my broom.
    I’m thrilled to bits that I found your blog.