Beach Cottage Makeover ~ Old Fridge Gets the BC Treatment

Tue 7th, Sep, 2010

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Well, here we have it, the gross fridge makeover…getting some beach decor in this old cottage.

And yep this is truly as exciting as my life gets.



I spend my weekends brandishing chalkboard paint, or for that matter any kind of paint, around looking for my next victim to get this place full of beach decor and ready for some sweet coastal living!


It’s funny.  While I was re-vamping this Miss Beach Cottage had a girlfriend over for a sleepover.

I liked her quite a lot cos I heard her say to my lovely daughter in that beautiful girlie way, that can only come from that age, brimming with enthusiasm, ‘ooooh your house is so pretty!’

I love your nautical cottage look…my mum loves beach decor too!

Score number one.  You can stay sweetie.


Next she said my roast chicken was scrumptious.

Score number two.  I’m beginning to quite like having you around.


Next she turned her eye to the fridge.

She found it rather strange from what I heard that I was taking before photos of an old fridge.  An ugly old fridge.

But once she saw it finished she ooohed at the transformation.

Score.   You can come back.


So, this lovely Beach Cottager’s is it.  Who was I kidding yesterday with that post, that I might have done anything other than zap it with chalkboard paint…chalkboard paint is my go to for beach decor


Whaddya think?

Personally, I am patting my back, long and hard, having saved a few cubic feet of earth from a grotty old fridge.

Mr Beach Cottage reserved judgement, there were definitely eyebrows involved here.

He thinks Tuesday’s are his new lucky day.

I may have to re-think that.

I think chalkboard paint, old vintage things, the odd nautical stripe, white and of course some flowers all add up to beautiful beach decor…don’t you?

Catch ya later beach decor chicks…I am outta here.


p.s.  you can find the step-by-step to how I did this HERE

and I’m sure you’ve all seen the Apt Therapy re-vamp here and find others here and here



oh & for more beach decor & nautical cottage ideas, go here!



fridge  :  free         paint  :  Dulux Blackboard paint
chair : thrifted       china, rug, pitcher :  IKEA
flowers : BC garden
napkins :  BC Store
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40 Responses to “Beach Cottage Makeover ~ Old Fridge Gets the BC Treatment”

  1. Susan says:

    Pity our little fridge died before I could do something like that to it…how fun! And there is no way that I could get away with doing that to our larger fridge….

  2. Janelle says:

    Would never have thought of ‘chalkboarding’ a fridge… what a great idea! I think your daughter’s friends is one very smart little chick :)

  3. Deanne says:

    HMMMM!!! I wonder where you got that idea from!!!!!

  4. Bev says:

    LOVE IT !!! Sarah you are a genius

  5. Alex says:

    I love it! So adorable! :)

  6. She shoots! She scores!!!!!! It’s great! And it serves a wonderful purpose.

    That is really recycling!

  7. Tammi N says:

    WOW Sarah!!! I have a serious case of fridge e n v y going on……I am totally loving the way this turned out.

    I may have to pinch this idea for myself…..look out little grotty bar fridge here comes the blackboard paint :)

    p.s…..I did suspect that you would chalkboard it and it truely does look fantabulous!!!!!!!!!

  8. marylou says:

    Fabulous but that is what I expect from you….
    always wonderful, you have spoiled us!!
    AND I am using so many of your ideas in my cottage, hope you don’t mind;-)

    Now, you gotta tell us what is inside, yes???


  9. Laura says:

    Looks great… and I wasn’t sold on it… More to the point, that’s one hell of a shopping list you’ve got there… I wish mine was as exciting… it would read more like, diapers, bread, milk… Lx

  10. andrea frost says:

    Hi sarah…hey i was gunna leave a message yesterday to say i bet it gets a blackboard job…but was tooo scared as i figured that aint what YUUSE was gunna do…

    well strike me lucky!! i was right for once…& didnt leave a message!!

    oh well..looks fabulous…
    But as another blogger said….whats inside????

    xx andrea

  11. Dore says:

    wonderful idea, I too am chalkboard crazy over what ever I can turn into a blackboard. This is the best fridge I have seen for a mini one, and such cute personality you gave it.
    Love your inspiration!!

  12. Beth West says:

    Super cute! My 19 yo son has a fridge that same size in the basement that’s currently finished in a fake wood looking vinyl. I wonder if he’d let me fix it up for him with chalkboard paint. Hmmm.

  13. Angie Rodeillat Smith says:

    Soooooo cute Sarah ! I must admit I couldnt even imagine it with chalk board paint ! But once again SCORE !

  14. bec says:

    Sarah it looks so cool!
    oH I had to laugh at your comment about your hubby looking forward to Tuesday! Give him lots of love! He seems like a sweetie :)

  15. Cat says:

    JUST BRILLIANT! You are so clever.

  16. Brismod says:

    Ha!I’d love to have a little black fridge full of champagne and strawberries too! Alas, I have champagne taste with a beer budget. Great “new” fridge, Sarah!

  17. Yeah! I thought it would be something like this. Great job. Thank you for saving the earth for us and doing it in such a beautiful way.

  18. Lark says:

    Amazing! I have never seen anything quite like it….and it’s always great to see one’s daughter develop a new relationship with a good friend.

  19. Anne-Marie says:

    Did you have to lay on the floor to write the last bit lol?
    I do love your shopping list Sarah especially the chocolate :)

  20. tracey says:

    Now that is amazing!!! I adore everything you do Sarah…you have such fabulous style!!!

    Hugs ~

    :) T

  21. Vicki K says:

    I love it! Is this an additional fridge for you or does it replace one?

  22. elisabeth says:

    So are you actually using it as a fridge?

  23. HRH Sarah says:

    I especially love your shopping list! Fabulous makeover, lady!

  24. vosgesparis says:

    I like it , especially your menu and the shopping list ;) You can still use it as a cupboard can;t you so what is mister BC’s eye brow raising >

  25. You inspire me. On the weekend I started updating a chest of drawers we have.

  26. I am stealing this to do to the mini fridge I send with my daughter to college next year! She will love it!

  27. Felicity says:

    L.O.V.I.N.G it!
    This is definitely a longweekend job for us to try.
    x Felicity

  28. I adore it, just brilliant!

  29. Sharyn says:

    Awesome job Sarah. Love the blackboard look – and am so excited because I found spray bb paint here, while looking for wallpaper paste of all things. Now just have to choose which project to use it on. Here is a link to my Ikea Napkin pom pom’s. http://lavienchic.blogspot.com/2010/09/pretty-napkin-pom-poms.html

  30. lizzy says:

    cant seem to get the how to link….did you zisser first then two coats?
    It is brilliant, just love it..Never thought chalkboard could have just so much
    appeal in my home…after teaching with them for 20 years andthen going
    whiteboards! Great for encouraging words and humour in a house of
    teenagers and a toddler……This little project and photos are just too good Sarah.
    You never disappoint.

  31. That’s brilliant. Love it. BTW, fancy popping over tomorrow to you know where? x

  32. I think it looks fabulous!! And I love your slideshow header as well. Everything you do (and photograph) is just gorgeous. :) Thanks for linking up.

  33. katia says:

    hi, my name is katia, i write from south italy. i would restyle my fridge but when i go to the link page i cannot see anything..may you explain me the how to’s? thanks very much and happy ney year!

  34. Rukmini Roy says:

    You have no idea what this post did to me. It gave me a tremendous boost and confidence. I was looking for painting my fridge with chalk board paint but I was not too sure.

    I am now.

    Thank you. I wonder how I never saw this.