A Beachy Beach Cottage Table & The Secret Charger Stasher

Thu 16th, Sep, 2010

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Good moaning!

I hope you are not bored with my tables because right now I am feeling life and when that happens, rather than go clothes shopping, or to a beauty spa, in BC Land I drive the BC Crew loopy by scheming about the house, chuck out the chintz and dress up anything that doesn’t move, in particular tables.

I know that some might think I am odd ‘cos I like to play dress up with tables but there’s nothing for it I am hooked and I have to admit I spend an inordinate amount of time looking for things I like to put on them.

Along with wedding dresses under the house, this cottage is full of table mights and maybes that sometimes never end up on one.  I have suitcases full of vintage tablecloths and napkins but at the moment am loving nothing linen-y of the sort.  I have bulging cupboards full of so-called bargains, online finds, op-shop delights, frenchy boutique specials, candles from dollar shops… all of which I covet because they were thrifty and fun and part of me.

And so the other day rushing around in my role as seaside taxi driver I just happened to be able to fit in one of these random shopping trips, where I flick in alone and search…a quick coffee and a browse in a nice little shop that might, by chance, have something for me.


Whereupon, there, staring at me, from a table, so beautifully dressed I gasped, were the chargers of my dreams.

Don’t laugh.  I really do think about things like rattan chargers

Now, I admit, a little jump, a clasp of hands and a sound emanating from one’s mouth something along the lines of “ooohohyeessssssssssssss” in a high pitch may be construed by some as a little OTT, but not for me, as one who spends a whole lot of time thinking not about the welfare of my children but about the prettiness of my tables, these my friends were the piece de resistance, the proverbial icing on the Beach Cottage cake.

And so at the weekend, stressed out from a busy family week, chores that had piled up, simply too much on my mind and gnawing looming deadlines I grabbed a beer, sought out from the back of the wardrobe the chargers and just dressed and pottered and foofed.


I must point out here that no-one was coming over for dinner, in fact, I was not sure what was for dinner, for all I knew a teenager or worse Mr BC would be making dinner and I have to tell you also I wasn’t sure if I would let anyone sit at this table.

But strangely, as is often the way in life, like when you exercise, a bit into this, the levels had dropped, the beer had slipped down, the chargers were rocking my boat and things like what to eat were a little more do-able.


And so, after un-tieing a couple of kids from trees but banishing them to the IKEA table I ended up here, with a book, another drink, a roast chicken in the oven and a much calmer gal.

Mr BC asked me yesterday what I had in the back of the wardrobe for the weekend ;-)

See you all soon

Yours in rattan chargers




shared at Susan’s, thanks!

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36 Responses to “A Beachy Beach Cottage Table & The Secret Charger Stasher”

  1. ooooh la la! Loving this table girlly!

  2. marylou says:

    Fabulous, your chargers AND mercury glass=GREAT combo!!!
    As always a pleasure to visit your site Sarah;-)

  3. Tricia Rose says:

    Because they are perfect, what can a girl do?

  4. Jacqueline says:

    Ooooo! Yes! Such a success! Jolly jolly good!

  5. You, my dear, can teach us all how to set a beautiful table! Stunning, love the neutrals, stripes and the shiny accents. Gorgeous! What’s for dinner?


  6. susan says:

    I was obviously brought up under a rock because when I read your title I thought you were referring to a stash of phone chargers and the like. I have never heard that those under the plate thingys were called Chargers! That’s my lesson learnt today……

    I love that you do this to unwind….. I do things like that too… just not as nicely ;)

  7. lisaroy says:

    You seriously crack me up! Your table looks amazing and I probably would have been doing a little cheer as well if I had stumbled upon those rattan chargers. Good to hear that shopping for pretty tableware is better than drugs! :)

  8. linda says:

    I understand perfectly. Were we separated at birth? The whole tablescaping thing has probably become a bit too consuming for me, but what’s a girl to do when things don’t just speak to you, but scream to come home with you? I could feed a small country with all my dishes, but each one is special and loved. Some are chipped, some are cracked, some are precious and some are just whimsical. They all get their turn to be displayed and oohed over. And the linens? Don’t get me started.

  9. Ldom says:

    I so wish I had the chance to do this… It looks beautiful… I imagine the BC crew, feel like they are dining like kings and queens, if this is the setting that greets them! I’m struggling to convince my kids to eat with forks… so yes, this setting would definitely be wasted! Lx

  10. andrea frost says:

    Hey Sarah…it looks PERFECTO….

    Just remember…ALL the running around with the kids DOES work out in the END!! believe it or not…

    & I STILL have bloomin CHORES piled UP with only my 21 yo HOME…WHAT THA??

    (ps…I think I may make those chores UP to make me feel like when both my boys were home & little??…maybe I am crazy??)..

    anyway…off to have my LONG HAIR rejuvinated at the hairdressers…(hope there is not TOO MUCH INANE talk if you get my drift)..~~~

    xx andrea

  11. Love, love, love your table settings ~ well done!

    Hope you enjoy the rest of your week.

  12. Susan says:

    Sarah…I totally love those chargers…great find! I always love to see what you’ve found recently. Your tablescape is just beautiful! Love all the muted colors with the sparkly finishes. Isn’t it funny how creating a tablescape does make you feel all relaxed and peaceful. :) Have a wonderful weekend!
    P.S. Loved the comment by Mr. BC! :)

  13. Anne-Marie says:

    Have I been under a rock?
    Never before have I heard or seen a ‘charger’.

  14. It’s beautiful Sarah…who cares if theres nobody for dinner.
    Cannot quite picture the home made bugers being munched down at this table setting anyway.
    Never tire of the tables…..keep them coming!!

  15. Bev says:

    Yes indeed I was looking at your photo searching for the edifice that was housing your phone chargers……but then the penny dropped!
    Love Love Love the look of this one, makes me feel that I have seriously been slacking in the table style department. Will have to lift my game as you have inspired me..Great Job:O

  16. La says:

    Another wonderful table setting. Beautiful! La

  17. Beth West says:

    LOL – I had no idea they were called chargers either! Have you thought of working as a stylist for PB? You definitely have the gift for it. Now if I ever created such a lovely table setting I’m not sure I could bring myself to let people eat there :)

  18. Debbie says:

    Very nice Sarah….LOVE the white with the chargers and placemats.

  19. Alessandra says:

    Hi Sarah, I just fell in love with your blog and your style, I would love to post a link to it and some photos on my blog, can I have your permission?
    Best wishes.

  20. Sarah Lynne says:

    Love it – love it all! Love the neutrals and love the contrast of the shiny candle holders and the wicker chargers! Beautiful!

  21. Charo says:

    So fresh and beautiful setting! Looks great!

  22. Debra Howard says:

    Oh mercury glass is one of my favorite things right now! I can’t resist it.

  23. Kelli says:

    I love it! Beautiful!

  24. Sometimes we just need to do something pretty, for us, and it changes our outlook.

    Lovely tablescape! The mercury glass is so cool!

    God bless!

  25. KIm says:

    glad i am not alone i too have a penchant for doing table scapes so much in fact hubs will growl uhhhh we need 2 tables one for decorating and one for eating at! lol!!! we do have 2 tables just no room in this cottage home for them at the moment

  26. Beautiful table…I really like the mercury glass pieces. All components working together in a great way.


  27. IRIS says:

    Keep on going! I love to see all your lovely work! I have tagged you so if you want to pop over to my blog to see what you’re up for :)

  28. Christine says:

    This is so nice and fresh! So pretty!…Christine

  29. HRH Sarah says:

    HI-larious! It’s amazing what we can pull out of our hats, er wardrobes! Your table is fab, and the rattan chargers certainly add greatly to the charm of the whole layout. Loverly, lady!

  30. Alessandra says:

    Done, thank you so much.

  31. The point counterpoint of textures and smooth surfaces…shiny silver and the flat white…the stripe pattern and solids….all work beautifully for a sophisticated tablescape. Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay

  32. Barbara says:

    Sarah, this is so beautiful! I love hearing about your discovery of your chargers. The table is so simple and so perfect. The textures, the stripes, the soothing colors. I love the dash of silver down the center of the table. This is just lovely.

  33. Sarah, I love the table and I totally get it…I set the table for no reason too! It’s just fun! It’s just what we do!

  34. Love your pretty chargers — I’m loving adding that rattan texture to my tables too. This is fun and elegant all at the same time.

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