A Beach Cottages Makes Tags, plus String & Shells

Wed 29th, Sep, 2010

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What’s cooking with you girls?

Well, I’ve been cooking these tags.

A while ago, I received a lovely present from my lovely friend lg, tied with a believe-it-or-not, lovely tag.

So recently having a gift to wrap myself I made some of these tags to tie around a parcel.  But a couple were simply not enough and so I found myself with a few extras.



They are simply made of clay…just cut ‘em out with a cookie cutter, stab them with something to make a hole and wait for them to dry.

Tie them with some string for a bit of rustic pleasure and if you are so inclined stamp with any number of letters, numbers or indeed words that take your fancy.


Obviously I was feeling the pull of the French sea when I made these…not of course that I don’t love the Australian sea, it’s just that, as ever, in French, it all seems just a leetle more chic.

Making these tags was about a million and one times more fun than baking.

Email me if you want more info.

Be seeing ya








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31 Responses to “A Beach Cottages Makes Tags, plus String & Shells”

  1. Angelina says:

    Hi Sarah,

    this table looks so beautiful!

    ♥ Angelina

  2. alikaye says:

    More details please Sarah, I love these!!!

  3. yes please
    i would love to know how to make these, they look adorable.

  4. Jackie says:

    The table looks lovely! I love the tags…..more info pls! and thank you!
    Have a good one!

  5. Melissa says:

    sarah- just too lovely…..

    i’m always looking for things to do with the cookie cutters that don’t involve cookies! ;)

    head over to mine today – if you have a moment – the british gal in sydney was written with you in mind!

    melissa x

  6. vosgesparis says:

    I am making tags for every occasion .. for my sisters birthday some years ago I made little ones with pictures of us as children on it.. if you search for Birthday at my blog you will see them

    Can’i paste a link in here ;(

  7. Bev says:

    Love them..more details

  8. Ldom says:

    I love these… I want to make some labels for my flour and sugar jars, but wanted to be able to switch them around! These will fit the bill nicely! Now I need to see whether I can make them! Lx

  9. Debbie says:

    Good morning Sarah! I’ve made clay tags for my bottles of flavored vinegars…love them! What a great idea to drop a shell in the flower jar.

  10. Sarah Lynne says:

    Love the tags! And love your coffee table and trunk combination! Beautiful!

  11. michelle says:

    heh sarah, would love to know more about the tags….are they heavy? and more fun than baking….really!? very cute……

  12. I’m SOO a sucker for cool ways to wrap up a package in a unique way. I usually use brown mailing paper and some type of jute string type or rafia. This last time I was wrapping something I found a silver blue paper ribbon… that wrapped around the brown paper made me just die.

    Happy Day, Dear. The Lady of the House

  13. Shar Y. says:

    Oh, I would love to make these. How did you do the letters in the clay tags? We would love a tutorial :))

  14. Jaimie says:

    What kind of clay do you use? They look beautiful!!

  15. Deborah says:

    Lovely idea, I’ve been collecting glass jars for my kitchen a while now these will be ideal to use with them… as usual I get all my inspiration from you.. x

  16. Angie Smith says:

    Beautiful hmmmmm…. wondering if I could make a little mini version for a necklace pendant???? Im always thinking about the jewelry end of things.

  17. lizzy says:

    Did you really think we wouldnt all want to know how you made these? come on..fess up!
    They are too cute .

  18. Barefoot Liz says:

    You’ve inspired me to look for jars/bud vases this weekend. I think I’ll line them up on my mantel. Thanks for being such an inspiration!

  19. Kirsty says:

    So wonderfully gorgeous! Mr BC Bear sure does look cozy and happy there! :D

  20. susan says:

    Oh Sarah….. I want your house! I love my house but yours always looks so tidy, mine always looks like I have six children and we are in the midst of school holidays and mummy is exhausted… or that she has just given up {not quite… but my energy levels are low}…. “Morgan, pass me those mint slice biscuits please?”

    I’m remedial about such crafty endeavours… what sort of clay??????? sorry to be so slow on the uptake *wink

  21. Debra says:

    I love those! The possiblities are endless…

  22. Nicolette says:

    I can’t get over that they same “lamer” French or not, lame must be stronger in my vocab because I just kept seeing it being even more lame.

    Chic? Non, mon cherie. Maybe a slightly bigger space between them? Or, better yet, lowercase le with uppercase mer? Your little jars and shells and adorable little daisy are too cute to be even thought of as lamer. ;)

  23. howdy hoo says:

    who’s lamer?

  24. LAME says:

    nevermind…i get it.
    not LAMER…
    but LA MER.

  25. Jolene says:

    …. they would make wonderful little Christmas decorations… Im sure my kids would love to make some of those these holidays!! – you’ll have to post the recipe!

  26. Shaz says:

    So pretty. Often simple is best.

  27. pam says:

    Love these. Please show us how you made them? I enjoy your blog, it always puts a smile on my face and gives me so much inspiration for making my home fun and living more creatively. Thanks for posting almost every day.

  28. {oc cottage} says:

    Way cute!!!

    m ^..^

  29. So lovely! Beautifully wrapped gifts are art. Nicolex

  30. Love those little tags, you’ve styled them beautifully!

  31. Christine says:

    I love your blog, I have read it forever! Your living room is so great, I blogged about it today.
    Hope you have an awesome week!