Bombora! The Duck’s Guts in Beach Cottage Land!

Fri 13th, Aug, 2010

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G’day!  How ya cookin?

So, it seems then that wallpaper makes you gals tick and talk, hmm…trouble is now I have no idea which one, if at all with not only my comments but my inbox full of advice along the lines of ‘don’t DO IT’.


I thought I must just mention here the quilt…which I should have been photographing this morning but was rather pre-occupied after the school run with the eye-candy ’round here….um ya, the quilt people doesn’t need to match the wallpaper, cos yep you guessed it…the quilt is WHITE

But I couldn’t bring myself to talk about quilts this arvo as my morning was just a tad more interesting than a white quilt, even a white quilt from Anthropologie, that my friends will have to wait til next week.

This was nature at its best today…I’m thinking here we don’t need a lot of superlatives


I think you may well be able to make those up for yourselves…


breathtaking perhaps is quite apt?


the bombora not me


I spent the morning down here, making friends with my camera


blown away by the power…the colours




and taking photos for another blogger & getting emotional as I do about this new life I find myself in




and I don’t need to tell you..




do I?



that I love this land




and living by the sea



it rocks my socks yet again



& I’m still not used to that


this place is the duck’s guts


and yep, this is Winter



So long, stop by next week for more Adventures in BC Land ;-)



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60 Responses to “Bombora! The Duck’s Guts in Beach Cottage Land!”

  1. Hmmm…I still don’t know what the tweet meant..LOL
    Stunning photos Sarah!!! Are you enjoying your new camera? Sure looks like it!

  2. Tricia Rose says:

    I still miss all that wonderful living water – all the little bubbles, the way it pulls your legs out from under you, the exhilaration of catching a wave…
    Was it too cold to go in? I suppose the surfers were wearing wetsuits.

  3. Sharyn says:

    Oh boy, these photos bring tears to my eye’s. Seriously! Guess I am more homesick than I thought. Grew up swimming in those waves and I am sooo looking forward to seeing them again soon! Thank you for the beautiful memories! I love this land too!!

  4. KIM says:

    o hubba hubba i wish i was at the beach today such vibrant colors!!! i can almost feel the ocean spray from the photos!!!

  5. To live so close to such awesome beauty… you’re indeed a lucky, lucky girl.
    Stunning shots, Miss Sarah.

  6. Janelle says:

    love, love, love the photos! How much I love going to our aussie beaches. Never get sick of it. My partner lives at Cronulla and we walk around the esplanade all the time. Loving that last shot of you in particular, very nice. Have a great weekend! Hope this nice weather sticks around for it :))

  7. Maureen says:

    Hi Sarah,

    Waking up in rainy Switzerland and seeing that beautiful Aussie view…. you made me smile! Have a good weekend,


  8. Bev says:

    Stunning shots of our great land……………….spent the day at a cross country ski field in Victoria, will post some photos on Facebook.
    The area was burnt out on Black Saturday but a blanket of snow creates an amazing contrast.Australia truly is a diverse land. Would love to be as close to the water as you are Sarah!
    Bev :)

  9. Tammi N says:

    That certainly is a breathtaking view if ever I saw one….and I too feel very blessed to be living in this lucky land close to such a beach….one can never get enough.

    Have a great weekend BC crew :)

  10. Lee C says:

    Your photos are fantastic!!
    I was wondering if you frame n display any of your lovely photos around home?? There very cool.

    ‘ave a great night!

  11. Jules says:

    Fabulous pics Sarah – I know you’ve mentioned it before but was make is your new camera?

    And who takes your fab pics? I’m wondering is it the camera or the photographer that needs to be good, or both?!

    Jules x

  12. carla says:

    Awesome!!!!!!! Will def be swinging by my beach tommorow, coffee in a flask etc…..bliss :o) Have a great weekend xx

  13. Rochelle says:

    Fab photos hun! Will be off to the beach with the wee ones in a minute to take in some of that delicousness myself! Good weekend to ya all.
    hugs from Danmark!

  14. Julie says:

    Lovely pictures – so jealous that this is your winter. Mine (in Boston) is full of snow, which is pretty at first, of course, but then gets dirty and brown and makes it hard to get anywhere!

    I didn’t read all the wallpaper comments, but if people are saying “don’t do it,” what about stenciling a patter on the wall? I’ve seen so many great ones around blog-land lately. And then if you change your mind about it in a year or two, it’s so much easier to change.

  15. alikaye says:

    I too love this lucky country and feel very blessed to call it home! I just really how much you share and appreciate this amazing place we live!

    Things may not be perfect here, or in any of our lives, but I find your gratitude, and how much you appreciate what you have such an inspiration Sarah!

    Thank you!

  16. Dianna says:

    lol I love the sea too winter and all. I am lucky enough to live 2 mins walk away.

  17. Connie says:

    Now I am al homesick.. I miss my home by the sea. Have a wonderful weekend.

  18. To live by the sea…one of my dreams. Do you get to swim or are the waves for surfers only? my son is a kite surfer and would drool over these photos…

  19. suzann says:

    WOW. Just beautiful.

  20. melissa says:

    oh i am in love with todays post- just hung up from one of my manly *besties* and she said they had surf at *fairlight beach* today! that is indeed a rare occur!!

    love it when the big bomboras roll in!

    what a gorgeous day you have had my friend- it works for me- again living vicariously through your lovely pickies!

    love the last photo of you- that how imagine you’d be if we met and sat on the boardwalk together…

    melissa x

  21. Alison Gibbs says:

    We sure do live in a beautiful country

  22. La says:

    I wish I were standing there with you! I adore the ocean and am amazed by its beauty and power. So glad I stopped by this morning. Have a wonderful weekend! La

  23. Ldom says:

    That’s some awesome surf… Oh… how I long to be back there… The hubby may have an opportunity for a job in Sydney when he finishes up his PhD and looking at these pictures really makes me think…. Arghhhh could I really up sticks and move again… Keep posting the Oz eye candy for me. Lx

  24. Bev says:

    Breathtaking Sarah…… who needs the quilt : )

  25. HRH Sarah says:

    Okay, now I want to lay down in the floor and cry like a toddler. I’m an hour from the big water, and it breaks my heart!

  26. Emma Burgess says:

    Hi Sarah,

    That is so gorgeous. Sitting here looking at your photos, remembering the beaches and Stu (my husband) saw the waves, leant over and said, “Ooo, let me see that”… thanks so much. We loved it! Emma. xx

  27. cityfarmer says:

    you’re one blessed chickie …and oh so cute

  28. Lark says:

    What a wonderful place!

  29. Beautiful…I love the ocean. I am headed to the beach this week, and I am so looking forward to it. These pictures just got me even more excited!

  30. Pat Smith says:

    So jealous!! Going to Nags Head North Carolina next week for two weeks before school starts.I’m hoping we have surf as good as you had it the fab pictures..

  31. Elaine in Laguna says:

    Love the energy of these ocean photos this morning….Motivates me to get going over here….Now we also know the quilt is white….Still like the thought of paper in your bedroom, but the possibility of stenciling, too, by your followers! Have a great day!

  32. Tammy S says:

    LOVE the photos! Can’t wait to see the quilt and I will guess that is the same white one that I have been looking at on Anthro’s site:) I would ramble on but apparently I have a STALKER that it literally so desperate that they are reading my comments on blogs to other people. Pretty sad isn’t it? GOD IS STILL GREAT AND SO IS LIFE so I am pressing on. I look forward to seeing your finished project Sarah!

    Tammy Stonebrook

  33. silke says:

    Great pictures, perfekt.
    All the best this time from Italy Sarah,
    back in 4 weeks,
    have a lovely time

  34. Gorgeous pictures Sarah! I’m ready to pack a bag and head down to my own ocean after seeing these!

    But I feel like you do. We had always wanted to move to the country, and after ten years of planning we finally got here. But still after almost 11 years of being here, I feel like I can’t believe I’m here, that I’m on vacation, and they are going to tell me it’s time to go. I get very emotional, and I am so full of gratitude.

    Now off to pick blackberries for my breakfast!! I am in Eden…..

  35. silke says:

    Lovely pictures Sarah, perfekt,
    all the best this time from Italy,
    I am back in 4 weeks yeeph!
    Have a great day,

  36. Holly says:

    Well yet again you have me blown away with pictures! I can’t imagine what this looks like in real life, but I will soon find out! I am telling my husband when he gets home we ARE MOVING to Australia, hey it might not be until he retires in 30 years (yeah thats right 30 years he has to retire at 55) which I am ok with!

    I am sure a vacation will be had too soon!

    But I want to live by the sea! I swear it makes you radiate with happiness!!

  37. Hi Sarah-

    Your photos are breathtaking. How I wish I could live by the sea. Thanks for posting all the great shots of the waves. It looks like you had quite an enjoyable time with your camera.
    How cold does it get in the Winter there?

    My best- Diane

  38. Sarah, Thank you so much for these gorgeous shots of the ocean. I grew up in California, but now live in small town Vermont (running a tearoom and painting) and HOW do I miss the ocean?! Your photos brought the sounds and the smells of the coast rushing back to me. Thank you so much for that. Cheers!

  39. Michele Rice says:

    WOW!!! What gorgeous pictures!!! I love them all, but the fifth one from the bottom particularly grabbed my attention….as in, it took my breath away!!! What a stunning place to live!!!

    Have a great weekend!

    Michele Rice

  40. Angie Smith says:

    GORGEOUS PICS ! I live on the ocean and mine isnt that pretty. Ill have to dig up some pics but not sure how to post them here. I also love anthro ! Bought a white of course ruffly ruffly shower curtain there for my little house and almost had an anxiety attack paying $90.00 ! My only splurge for my old 1950 bathroom ! So worth it…and so worth it to not tell the hubby how much it really cost ! Can you say???? Ripped the tags off before I took it in the house !!!! lol

  41. Laura Newman says:

    OMG!!!! I am (almost!) speechless!! How exhilarating to be there…..right in front of those waves!!! You are soo lucky!! I love big waves and large bodies of water. Perhaps someday I, too, will live beside the pounding surf!! Thank you so much for taking these pics and posting them! They are exquisite!

  42. paige says:

    oh sarah, how amazing!!! just amazing!
    i’m sorta jealous….but am moved by these images none the less
    & your words too

    ps, i LOVE your photo header. the chair in the water…i love that especially

  43. Beautiful wave photos! Love that one of the single crashing wave with all of the mist and spray. Gorgeous! Here in Miami we definitely do not get the crashing waves like that. The beach here is often like a swimming pool – calm and flat and clear as far as the eye can see.

    As for the wall paper…WHAT why are people telling you not to do it?! i LOVE the wallpapers you’ve picked out. My absolute favorite is #4. That beautiful greyish purple…love it. I think you should do it! I would…if I didn’t live in an apartment!

  44. P.S. Have you seen the movie “Point Break” where at the end Patrick Swayze runs into the waves of Australia that are as tall as a building? your photographs remind me of that a little bit!

  45. I’m lovin’ all the photos of you that you’ve been posting lately. It’s always fun to see the lady behind the blog…and since your blog is one of my faves…it makes it all the more fun!

    And the waves….AMAZING. I’d love to live by the sea. I’ve been thinking all day about how much I’d love a beach house, someday, when my boat comes in. ha ha!

  46. Allison says:

    Lovely pictures! You live in a gorgeous area….I would love to live by the water. So peaceful and realxing. The last photo of you is wonderful. Great to put a face to your blog!

  47. Sharon Forward says:

    Beautiful!x Makes me miss the ocean!xx

  48. Marnie A says:

    Really beautiful.
    I grew up on the Gold Coast and looking at these pictures makes me very homesick toady!!

  49. Oh, I sooooo love your photos. Thanks so much. That was good : )

  50. Anne Marie says:

    Vancouver Island looked nice until I saw this post……I would LOVE to live by the sea

  51. Anne Marie says:

    p.s. are you a native of there?

  52. kasey says:

    It sure is gorgeous there in the winter…yes…i would love it also.

  53. I’m so tempted to head to the ocean RIGHT NOW!!! It’s almost 100 degrees here, and these pictures look nice and cool Sarah!!

    The only thing holding me back is that I have to pick up dear daughter #2 from work in a bit.

  54. Jolene says:

    ducks guts……

  55. DeAna says:

    I love these pics so much I want to marry them…

  56. Cindy S says:

    Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!!

  57. megs says:

    Those waves are surreal!

  58. peta says:

    The photos are amazing. I love watching a good ‘bommy’! we have one that works occasionally at the place I holiday each summer. Awesome to watch.

    I also would love to know where you got your striped top from? I NEED one! Thanks!