Beach Cottage Coastal Tables & Decorating Snowdrops

Wed 11th, Aug, 2010

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Well G’day out there in blogland!

Thanks for the comments and the blog love, you girls are just too much ;-)

Righto so now I’m back I thought I’d show you  how when you don’t have a blog to sit and waste time at and how when you cannot stand to be in the vicinity of a computer screen just in case you get pangs of longing for your sad new best friend who rolled up and sat in the corner in a crumpled mess, you get mucho done in your old cottage.


This family area my friends was a bombsite on Monday morning and if you Facebook with me you’ll know I was a woman with a serious mission to get things done …I kick myself for not taking a photo of it as it was when I tackled it, just for all of you who think I wander ’round in this White Palace of Beachy Vintage perfection…..the BC kiddos had left their breakfast remnants all over this table…including squashed up Weetabix in the grooves of the table…(ok I will admit there was about 2 wks worth of mouldy squashed bits in there)….yes they are meant to clean them up before we leave for school and oh yes, funnily enough, they also have on the fastidiously worked out BC Chore List unload dishwasher…and no unless the BC Witch flies around on her broomstick every morning, this rarely gets done…


Their pj’s on the floor, dressing gowns draped on the sofa, lego covered every part of the rug, both kiddos laptops were squeezed in there somewhere, plugged in and not doing much good for the environment.  Some bunting I am slowly working on was half-finished in there somewhere too..and sports gear, stinky and yucky from the weekend was sitting in the corner emitting a rather strange smell and looking pretty grotty too.

Not less than a half hour later, all was cleaned, the floor was hoovered, the choc marks wiped off the sofa, the floor Dettoled to within an inch of it’s life and I’d spritzed lavender room spray, concocted by moi, to banish stinky boys’ sports kit smells.


Big sigh. Take it all in and photograph because in oh about 2 hours the whole cycle will start again.

But hey, this for now is nice lunch time…spend a few minutes to set a pretty table time…time out to kick back in calm and celebrate the everyday.

Happy smell the snowdrops days.


Let me know what you think of my housekeeping skills…and more this arvo set yourself a nice little table…you’re worth it ;-)


OK I gotta split, I am going for a walk by the sea & breakfast with lg…

Catch you Beach Cottage Chicks layta



Cushions by TriciaRose at Rough Linen (they are to die for…tell her I sent you )  
table : side of the road  
plates/cups  IKEA  
napkins :  BC Store soon  
shell sphere : BC store soon
sofa : Freedom  
rug : IKEA  lamp : IKEA


 shared at Susan’s TT & Cindy’s Show & Tell thanks!


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75 Responses to “Beach Cottage Coastal Tables & Decorating Snowdrops”

  1. Jennifer says:

    Love it! I wish I could get my house so neat and tidy. Even if for only 2 hours. Maybe one day…

  2. cityfarmer says:

    I’m needing a beach cottage by the sea, right about now … it’s 90 here!

  3. Norell says:

    Lavender spray always makes everything better!!! Glad you are back to inspire all of us keep moving and creating.

  4. It’s beautiful, Sarah!!! And it’s nice to have you back!!!

  5. carla says:

    Oh you Domestic Goddess you ;o)

    My place looks exactly the same as yours in the morning and I clean it all up after they and hubby have gone and then because the kids arrive home before hubby they mess it all up again before he gets home!!!

    I often joke he must think I sit around and do nothing all day. I love what Joan Rivers said “cleaning up when you have kids is like shovelling snow while its still snowing.” Well thats my excuse and I stand by it ;o)

    Loving the napkins and shell spheres, Ive been trawling the shops for those shell spheres and fishing floats for AGES! Also wondering if you are going to sell cushion covers in the same stripe as those napkins? Cant wait till the shop opens……oh my poor hubby’s card is going to get such a workout!!!!

  6. Such sweet snowdrops! They are so pretty!

    That table is GREAT! I wish we could find furniture at the side of the road. The nearest thing we have to that is a garage sale or yard sale. But it’s not free….sad day.

    I cleaned a lot today too. I think I have almost come to the conclusion that I have to do it first thing, and just get it done and out of the way so I can move on to the fun stuff.

    But my house is happy! And amazingly enough I got a lot of other stuff done that I wanted to, but not that I had to.

    So good to have you back Sarah!

  7. Pearl Maple says:

    Nice table setting to celebrate the changing seasons.
    You have done well with the quick once over.

  8. Denise says:

    It’s so good to have you back Sarah. :) Maybe you could bottle some of that cleaning fairie dust and sell it. You’d be sold out in no time. ;)

    I love the simplicity of your tablescapes such as the clear jar with the single shell and the white snowddrops. For me simplicity invokes a feeling of calm. BTW…I still want one of those shell spheres! ;)

    • Bev says:

      Denise, I don’t know where you live but we found the shell spheres at a little shop in South Carolina for $ 7.00. I couldn’t believe it !!!!

  9. Cindy S says:

    Lovely, lovely, Sarah. You are so good at what you do. I love to read your writing and admire your craftiness and picture taking abilities. Your table looks ready for a nice sit down lunch and your living room look comfy and ready for a curl up.
    Hugs, Cindy S

  10. Bev says:

    Did I really see BC store soon. I’m very excited !

  11. Donna Bettencourt says:

    It is lovely, Sarah! It is so nice to know you actually “live” in your spaces with a family. My DH is out of town these couple of weeks and usually only me here so catching up. One of these days I will put an album on my blog. It was pretty tidy too, but I had a grandchild here this morning so have a basket of toys dumped but will get it ship shape in no time. I have lived my whole live by the sea but this summer is a pain with lots of fog………I like a beach with sun in summer! Oh well that is the price we pay for the beauty of the ocean! Thanks for the peek…….If you scroll down my blog you will see some beach decor and an oak rolltop desk that I did white last summer, now I am eyeing my kitchen table!


  12. LDom says:

    The snow drops are beautiful. I’d never even thought about bringing them indoors and as usual your place looks amazing… I can’t imagine it looking messy… My little ones are here 24/7 and so ‘Pricessess’ and ‘Little People’, are littered around the house all day long… At the end of the day, I clear everything away though and have my grown-up pretty time, just before bed (the hubby say’s it’s a pointless exercise)! I don’t do the whole table thing though, as it’s too late to eat, but I can put my tea on the coffee table without the fear of one of the kids burning themselves… I’ll take that…for now! Lx

  13. m says:

    Tooooo funny! There is nothing so deadly as the smell of a hockey bag! But gazing at those Snowdrops might take me to a happy, smell-free place!

    m ^..^

  14. Everything you do is art, Miss Sarah… everything you touch glows.
    Peaceful day,

  15. Yes..I remember the boys hockey bags. LOL.
    Love your photos Sarah..always…someday i am going to come visit the cottage and see the light..it is always so amazing! :-)
    The shell in the jar is inspirational! I was in Waikiki yesterday and walking along the beach I spied some teens selling some lovely shells…by donation. I bought a few and my little starfish/shell scape in the bathroom is looking good. :-)
    Love the snowdrops…one of my fav flowers.
    Can’t wait for a store!!! WOW!!!
    Welcome back…

  16. cheryl says:

    great to have you back…… love your descriptive writing skills!
    those cushions on your sofa are gorgeous..all looks so peaceful..hard to believe the bc kiddos were there with their squashed weetbix!

  17. Tricia Rose says:

    Each of us is a domestic Sisyphus (say that three time quickly) – but weaving in the flowers and heavenly lavender sort of make it worthwhile.

    I would love to think that kids look back and say, “our house always smelt wonderful, and we were allowed to make a mess but there were flowers and certain kind of light and such a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere” – actually mine have never said that, they tend to mention roast lamb! But then you have a special touch Sarah m’dear…

  18. Tammi N says:

    I’m experiencing a wee bit of trouble with your site Miss Sarah, maybe it’s my haste in trying to get my fill of your blog after being away for what seems like too long, haha.

    I know all about the house being trashed at times and I must admit I love sitting here in the peace and quiet when everything is orderly even if only for a short while before it all starts again.

  19. Judy says:

    Hey Sarah welcome back! Room looks fabulous!

  20. test lots of emails about not being able to comment here so here’s a test

  21. Sharon Forward says:

    Sarah is surely back! and some… the room looks fab and you know what we all think of your housekeeping skills.. fantastic!Loving the coffee table and the snowdropsx

  22. Elsina says:

    Love it!! That’s my dream for the future, to get my house so organized and in those beautiful neutral colors! How am I going to ever get there with 4 kids, a dog and 12 cats? LOL Beautiful inspiring photos!

  23. Alison Gibbs says:

    Sarah it is such fun to set a nice table for yourself. Even if you are only going to have a sandwich or soup and toast.
    Those couple of hours of quiet and a clean room are pure joy.

  24. Love your photos Sarah,
    That table is great!

  25. Anne-Marie says:

    Just catching up here Sarah and feeling sad for you about your computer debarcle.
    I mean, how did we manage without this technology but boy oh boy they can be annoying and difficult sometimes.
    Glad you are back on deck.

  26. Ness Lockyer says:

    Couldnt imagine your house untidy! It is gorgeous!!
    Ness xx

  27. Bristol says:

    Love your blog. I can clean and a half an hour later there are clothes and toys strewn everywhere. There is a certain satisfaction I get when it is spotless and I kick back on my corner of the couch and admire!

  28. HRH Sarah says:

    Gorgeous! I can almost imagine it before, though it’s hard when I see how fabulous and pristine it looks now!

  29. Jeannie says:

    I love those cushions! Think I’ll make some like that!

  30. lisaroy says:

    love it! so beachy casual : )

  31. jane says:

    it looks so welcoming and serene. just perfect! jkj

  32. Vicki K says:

    Details…I love details. That is why I love the shell you put in the vase with the snowdrops. Looks so pretty.

  33. Lark says:

    The snowdrops are absolutely beautiful! I don’t think I have ever seen them here, but maybe I just haven’t looked hard enough. I love the jar too. I recently took the labels off my Bonne Maman jars and have started using them for vases. I love them and they were headed toward the trash can and, therefore, free!

  34. tracey says:

    It all looks so beautiful Sarah!!! Guess what showed up in my mail yesterday??! Yep, your mag and pillow cover!! We’ll try this again and I will put them back in the mail to you today!!! Hopefully they will be there in a week.

    Hugs ~

    :) T

  35. michelle says:

    I have covetted your shell spheres for ohhh so long, I’ve looked in San Deigo, Cancun and the Jersy shore but still can not find the beauties…. where ever did you find it?

  36. Love your colors and table setting with the stripe cloth napkins.

  37. Angie says:

    I have to admit Im a bit addicted to this site ! Checking on every afternoon feels much like sitting down with a bunch of my girlfriends over a glass of wine !

  38. Barbara says:

    This is absolutely lovely! The white and tans are just so relaxing and beautiful. Isn’t it a wonderful feeling to get it all pretty again, even if it won’t last long?

  39. This looks to beautiful and comfortable – all at the same time!

    - The Tablescaper

  40. Thanks for another daily dose of inspiration dahling!

  41. Marnie A says:

    I love your need for dettol! I have three boys, so I know where you’re coming from. I, personally am quite partial to Glen 20 and have also joined the “Pine O Clean Appreciation Society” on Facebook. LOL

  42. NancyC says:

    Just found your blog via MadeByGirl!

  43. Sarah, How on earth did you get into my house? And thanks so much for cleaning up for me! Isn’t funny how the domestic disaster cyclone can blow through your home and leave chaos in its path? Good for you for whipping your house into shape. Your table is so simple and serene, just perfect for a clean and good smelling nest!
    I love the napkin tied up with that rustic twine.
    So nice to visit you tonight.

  44. A BC STORE???!!! Did I read that right??!!! YAY!!!! I can hardly wait, Sarah! I can not believe how busy you stay and all the things on your plate that you’ve got going – and to keep your family happily functioning, too. It’s perfectly okay to have a little grossness and untidiness in your humble abode, girlfriend. We’d never notice….or tell. lol!

    xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

  45. Leslie says:

    Your room is so pretty-I think I’m in love! Love the colors and the whole feel of it. I know the feeling of the mess and keeping it going. Hang in there!

  46. I am so glad to hear there is someone else out there like me!!
    I think you have done a bloody amazing job Sarah, I would never expect that you had a messy home.
    I have (in the past) had to photograph around a very messy room and close-ups were my only option.

    You’re images are just perfect,
    enjoy the the next couple of hours before it starts again.
    It’s so annoying, I know!!!

    x Coty

  47. Andi says:

    Well done. You’re entitled to feel mighty pleased with yourself. Now throw yourself onto that lovely sofa with your favourite mag and relax a while.
    Wanted to tell you that I was up in London yesterday and visited Anthropologie for the very first time. I want to live there!

  48. Artie says:

    These pictures are stunning! STUNNING! Just a reminder – my Friday Vignette’s post is tomorrow, and I’d love it if you’d link up! Even pictures from this post – the vignettes are great! :) Hope you join in! :) Artie

  49. Beautiful! Happy to have found you today at Susan’s BNOTP!

    :D Lynda

  50. Your coffee table is exactly what I am looking for in a dining table – love the look and the texture!

    You are an amazing photographer. Each and every picture made me want to invite myself over for a cup of tea!

  51. It’s so beautiful this decor! I love the pillows, rug, sofa….. everything!! Again, I love your blog, love to see the images.

  52. marlis says:

    lovely. serene. just awaiting the next onslaught!

  53. Cherry Kay says:

    Oh this post still has me giggling….home sweet home and the never ending task of being a mom….and on most days we wouldn’t have it any other way. Those napkins are really great looking…love the point counterpoint of the texture and the smoothness of the white dishes against the weathered table…Great table! Thank you for sharing a slice of your life. Cherry Kay

  54. Great job! and in record time…just lovely…and I can smell that lavender spray now…mmmmm!
    I remember those days of cleaning up after children in a seemingly endless cycle…take heart…it does come to an end!
    Have a beautiful day~
    ;-D Kathleen

  55. Debbie~ says:

    I’m starting to get the idea that the homes I’ve idolized for being so spotless, (especially with children), are
    more like mine than I realized, thank God!!! After having four extra people in our home all weekend, I can
    truly appreciate everything you said about your home before you turned into a cleaning machine! It looks
    fabulous as ever, thanks for the sharing the visual of how it looked before! Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs

  56. Sherry says:

    I am slowing going all white in my home. I was hesitant, but your blog has been an inspiration. I have 4 grandsons ages 10 months to 8 years and thought this is not going to work because they are here a lot. Well it is amazing, they seem to be a lot more careful and appreciative of my home than ever before. And the little mess they do make I gladly fix when they leave. Enjoy your home so much. ~~Sherry~~

  57. Mimi says:

    Beautiful…love the flowers.

  58. Sarah says:

    Your photos are magazine-errific. Stunning!

  59. You can get a lot more done in an hour than I!( LOL) You living room looks amazing! I love the vignette on your coffee table, and that lovely vintage suitcase resting below it… gorgeous!
    Thanks for sharing with us!
    Have a wonderful weekend,
    ~ Jo :)

  60. Bel Samuels says:


    Just love these pics!
    Do you have any amazing ideas for a large square shaped table? my table is very rustic style, wooden on top with off white French painted legs and chair legs and backs. Has flea marketish beachy potential but the immense middle of it overwhelms me! Help!
    Do you think you would ever put out a book? I would buy it! It would sit with pride next to my Rachel Ashwell one.
    yours in beachyness,

  61. Donna says:

    As usual I love all of your white since I am a light bright and white girl too!! For the poster above I have a similar table that is square and eight chairs fit around it perfectly but we can serve 12 too, it is wood on top but the rest and the chairs are white but more cottagey and less French. Right now for fall I have just tossed a light throw in the middle and added a stand up bunch of twigs and three large ceramic gourds I got at Home Goods, that fills the big middle space nicely, it can close to be a smaller rectangle but I like it big since it is different! Enjoy!


  62. Leslie says:

    Hi,I m in LOVE with your lovely coffee table!!!I know you found it on The street but would you have any idea where to find something similar? please help me I leave in the North shore as well just don’t know where to go.Btw amazing website,LOVE your ideas :)