A Beach Cottage, the Vintage Headboard & Decorating with Chalkboard Paint

Tue 24th, Aug, 2010

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Well hello!  How you all going?

I am good, though if you Facebook with me you’ll know, I had an interesting start to the week yesterday re being a mum who forgets Dress-Up Day.  I will say no more.

Sooo, I am mega-busy, the sort of busy where you are not quite sure what to do next so you end up getting not much achieved….You get that too, right?  I am trying to get things for my new shop sorted out and ready to go, attending about a million and one kiddos sporting events, negotiating with new door people (oh yes I said I have a new door coming hooray).


Anyway, in the middle of all that last week I put everything aside and spent some time doing this just for me.

I dunno about you but sometimes I just need to zone-out, I was on information, technology, life, overload and so I decided to go dig in the garden and do some painting.

So this is what I painted….that headboard I found on the side of the road recently, well this is the smaller end of it.


There were soooo many wonderful suggestions for what to do with them on here (you can read more about how and where I found them and see a before pic right here) but in the end with the smaller section I decided on a chalkboard…just because I thought I wouldn’t come across a patina like this easily again and just because, well I guess I am in chalkboard-paint-obsession mode…


So this is yet another use for chalkboard paint and I can’t help feeling that this stuff’s possibilities are somewhat endless…find an old bed end, throw on some chalkboard paint, and instantly a transformation occurs right before your eyes and you can sit back, sigh with self-indulgent pleasure and declare oneself one seriously crafty diva.  It really is a shame one cannot paint this on one’s face ;-)

I love the instant uniqueness this paint drops to pieces…old frames, vintage doors, pieces of old wood…the dark of the paint seems to perfectly offset most anything I’ve tried it on and I love how the silky velvet darkness balances all the white in this old place…


Even if you are not a chalk-board lover, you will, I believe, be bowled over by the power of this paint…this stuff is so persuasive you will find yourself frantically looking around at things that can be re-invented.  You will paint an old door or frame…a few weeks will go by and then you will have another go…just to be certain…


I wanted a leetle bit of French on this…I blame this wholeheartedly on Kasey and her Paris sign.

So I stenciled on some words for the Francophile in me…for when I sit in here eating my breakfast a million miles away from gay Paris.  And dreaming about it with Elizabeth David.


And that my friends is that for now…never underestimate the power of a can of paint.

Or beer.

Or butter.

Or the beach.

See you all next time




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52 Responses to “A Beach Cottage, the Vintage Headboard & Decorating with Chalkboard Paint”

  1. Oh that turned out beautifully! And yes never underestimate the power of beer and butter, althoug I am more of a butter on bread kind a gal, but you have that on your list too!
    Looking forward to your shop and hooray for international shipping!

  2. BWHAHAHA!! That last line make me snort!
    Can’t wait to see all your new treasures!!!
    Bread Butter and Beer…what more could a girl ask for??

  3. Janelle says:

    That looks fantastic Sarah! What a great idea… very creative you are my friend :) xo

  4. I love what you made, but more importantly.. where are your jeans from?!!

  5. Tammi N says:

    Oooh I sure do like the look of your foot-board turned chalk-board….yes. I. do!! It looks right at home there in the Beach Cottage.

    I’m sure my kiddies would paint themselves in this given half the chance ;)

  6. Miss Giny says:

    Très joli ce tableau ! :) … So cute ! ^^

  7. Bev says:

    Ce sembler beaus!

  8. Fiona says:

    Quite clever! I really like the chalkboard idea and hope to do some stickers for re-labelling in my pantry. Fiona

  9. Sharon Smart says:

    hehe you remembered I wanted balls!!!!! yay!!

    headboard looks really cool by the way!

  10. Footboard looks great as a chalkboard Sarah. You continue to be a genius down under.

  11. tara says:

    i’m sorry but what are BC balls? i’m not sure but i’ll probably want some!

    • sarah says:


      BC balls, if you are in the know, are white spheres of shell glory…

      and I love ‘em Tara


  12. Patricia says:

    that looks just fabulous. Sarah what a great idea!!!!

  13. Alison Gibbs says:

    Sarah what a fabulous way to use the old bed end. Looks amazing.

  14. Sharon Forward says:

    Just love that… in the middle of it all you do a “project” but hey Sarah how else would your house look so divine if you did not operate like this ?? lolxx Looks fantastic!

  15. Ldom says:

    Looks great. The hubby and I fell in love with black board paint last year.. We created an outside blackboard on a wall in our garden for the kids to mess about on… It looks great and they love it. Everyone comments on it when they come over… It definitely works better than them using the patio! Lx

    • sarah says:

      wow I hadn’t even thought of going outside with it…hmmm my mind is spinning with it now….thank you! dontchya just lurve the power of sharing via the good old internet?

      • Ldom says:

        Yeah, we painted plant pots, planted them up with herbs and then wrote what they were on the side… Helps the hubby, when I tell him to go and get so, and so from the garden… otherwise he wouldn’t have a clue!

  16. Oh I absolutely LOVE this idea! I have been thinking of painting something with chalkboard paint, but haven’t decided what yet. This is PERFECT! Now, I’ve got to start looking for some ole bed boards on the road side. HA!

  17. Hi Sarah

    I’m catching up with you this morning and lovin’ it! This headboard chalkboard is fabulous. I will add a headboard to my ever growing list!

  18. Love it! It’s very fun! I’ve been looking around for something (or somewhere!) to chalkboard paint. I have a couple of options.

    But I also thought it would be fun to decorate the back patio like an outdoor bistro, and have a little chalkboard with a menu.

    I think it came out great Sarah!!

  19. Shar Y. says:

    I love it! You may have already shared this info, but what kind of chalk board paint do you use? I would like to try it.


  20. Tricia Rose says:

    Yey! Your shop is shaping up! I knew you’d do it!

    I have been contemplating painting my entire office in chalkboard paint. Over the husband’s dead body.

  21. Marcia says:

    Looks great Sarah…I knew you’d come up with something wonderful!!

  22. Lovely ! I love how you tell yourself to go to the beach!

  23. Nikki says:

    I’m going to need that headboard…and that striped shirt ;)

  24. kasey says:

    I love that sign and if you notice it missing in the middle of the night…IT WAS NOT ME!

  25. kasey says:

    p.s. Did you mention BALLS?
    I love balls….

  26. Sarah! I just love it!! It’s so unique…and you know painting a headboard like that with chalkboard paint would actually be really cute in a child’s room (albeit really messy.)


  27. megs says:

    Super cute. (My husband and I have been using the ugliest reindeer notepad for our shopping lists, ha ha.)

  28. Rochelle says:

    Love it, looks fabulous and the jeans too! Good thing you have a very nice behind. :)
    hugs from Danmark

  29. Rochelle says:

    Must be all those 350′s!

  30. Tovah says:

    What a clever idea! It looks fabulous and fits right in even though it isn’t white:)

  31. Oh what a nifty idea! Everytime I read your blog it makes me want to jump up and decorate…something! I started my business in 2006 and I am ashamed to say my home fell to the wayside. I am now focusing on redecorating my home anait is a work in progress. Blogs like yours are so inspiring:)

  32. paige says:

    super duper cute
    & you are too funny :)

    if i lived by the shore
    my chalkboard would totally have GO TO THE BEACH
    probably everyday

  33. Sarah..this is delightful..love it!!

  34. vosgesparis says:

    oui oui tres jolie madame Sarah ;) pour rever en plus … viens me trouver so errr I was saying to come over and dream along in Paris with me once more
    x desiree

  35. Krista says:

    I adore this so much. :-) What a lovely, comfy, marvy thing. :-)

  36. Deanne says:

    Fabulous headboard.
    I’m having a love affair with chalkboard paint at the moment too.
    I repainted my old outdoor fridge in it and also put some labels on my herb pots, unfortunately I can’t seem to copy a link onto here for you to look at.

  37. Denise says:

    I can’t wait to see what beachy, cottagey, vintagey (okay, maybe I’m pushing it with the made up adjectives) treasures you’re selling in your shop. After seeing the chalkboard sign I envision your new virtual shop with an adorable Sarah original chalkboard sign with the day’s featured items for sale. ;)

  38. Jennifer says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Just want to ask and I am sorry if this is a silly sort of question but… when I click on the link to your BC shop it is asking me for a Password? I am not sure how to get a Password or will it all make sense and come together when the actual BC store opens? Sorry if I am missing something. Jennifer

    • sarah says:

      Hi Jennifer

      Sorry if I didn’t make this clear! The shop is not open yet…once it is the password requirement will be gone…



  39. Jennifer says:

    Thanks so much Sarah for your speedy reply , I thought that might have been the go but I am just so excited about the BC shop opening that the suspense is just about killing me! Saving the pennies madly to have a shopping spree very soon!

  40. Sarah SB says:

    love love love!!! I am saving my pennies to go shopping in your store – wooohoooo ;)

  41. You’ve just inspired me to paint a panel on the back of the front door with blackboard paint- for all those things you mustn’t forget when you leave! OH JOY, Oh JOY!

  42. Brilliant Sarah! Looks fantastic, and thrifty too. And saving something from landfill. And being uber-cool. The list goes on…

  43. I love what you’ve done Sarah, I think I may have to have a go around with a can of that paint! I have a great old panel door in my kitchen, I think I’d like to try to paint a bit. I can really use a spot like that for the grocery list. Very inspiring. thanks!

  44. Absolutely Awesome Idea! I can’t help but find myself looking at everything in my house as something I can paint with blackboard paint!

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