A Beach Cottage & Kidspot Top 50 ~ Blog Your Way To Dunk Island

Fri 20th, Aug, 2010

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So apparently, I, along with lots of lovely other Aussie girls I am on the list of Kidspot’s Top 50 Bloggers.

And, as part of this is a chance to win a holiday to Dunk Island.  The island of, and I quote, Peace and Plenty, and sugarbums do I need a bit of that!

So I have absolutely no idea where Dunk Island is though a little birdie told me its in one of the best spots in Australia on the Great Barrier Reef, sigh… but for sure it sounds good does it not?  Perhaps even better with a litte ‘r’ in the Dunk somewhere? ;-) 

Anyhoo all this talk from Kidspot about holidays and sitting here with these fabulous views of a calm and beautifully blue, beautifully Australian ocean this arvo got me thinking about family holidays in this old place. 

When we lived in England a family holiday meant, mostly, a trip overseas to some Spanish island that had lots of sun…holidaying meant toasting oneself once a year in the sun, lasciviously lapping up the UV’s so that one’s skin at the end of the day was warm, burnished and just a little bit tingly. 

And apart from that, in the not-so-sunny-but-oh-so-breathtakingly beautiful days of the British summer we had many a holiday in the English countryside.  Dodging the rain. 

One year with our Honeymoon Baby approaching 10 yrs old and not long before we made the big move to the other side of the world, we asked him what most he would like to do for his birthday…he returned adamently that the thing he would like to do most in the whole world was to go camping in England for a week. 

Now wanting a bit of adventure we found ourselves somehow on the way to the Isle of Wight, a small but the largest, island of England, sitting in the English Channel a short hop across the Solent and a popular holiday destination since Victorian times.

So we packed up the car, loaded up our three kids, four bikes and one baby seat, tent, buckets and spades and headed off down to the ferry with a very happy 10 year old for a week of fun and one of the most memorable holidays we’ve ever had.


It’s known as The Garden Isle and for sure it was pretty, we watched the main land slip away and the holiday began and as we pulled off the ferry we straight away knew this would be a good one..breathtaking English beauty all around, lots to do to keep the BC Kiddos entertained and absolutely steeped in history and brimming with old architecture which kept Mrs BC happy.  And when mummy is happy ain’t everybody happy? 

We spent our days riding our bikes, cooking in the open air, walking along cool beaches, hung out one Saturday morning at the local fleamarket buying handmade jams concocted by 80 yr old biddies with strong local accents to take back home to Kent. 

We strolled along the esplanades, took lunch in Victorian style buildings now turned into cafes and spent hours beach-combing and crabbing. 

According to the literature The Garden Isle is noted for its, ahem, warm climate.  I am saying nothing. 

Apart from the fact that the last few days we were swimming and I mean positively bailing out the tent swimming, in good old, can’t be beaten English mud.  


Think Glastonbury.  

Without the kewl popstars.

But with two kids and a toddler.


But what fun and what memoriesn day two of those rainy days, we decided on an adventure, and what better than, far from London to ride on an old London Underground train, that had been transported from deep below the city to live out its days serving the tourists down by the sea.  So we packed up a picnic, stuck the basket on the front of Mr BC’s bike, wrapped up the toddler, put on our wet weather gear and headed down to the train track.  And had a day packed full of fun.  The boys loving the train-watching-boys thang and the girls loving the getting-to-the-town-doing-some-shopping thang.  And a lovely day was had by all.  Including the picnic on the pier….albeit a slightly damp one.




And you know what, as I’ve written this post, flooded with memories and thinking about our recent wonderful family holiday which now encompasses that Honeymoon Baby who is a teenager where we just hung-out and marveled at our new life Down Under, it just goes to show that vacationing, holidaying, weekending…life…is what you make it….sunshine, muddy fields, or not. 

And that the best holiday we had, and we’ve been to Florida, France, New York, The Whitsundays was in our tent, in a wet and grey field, up to our knees in mud, somewhere on the Isle of Wight.

I’ll catch you guys next week.





p.s. I ordered the wallpaper ;-)

pps.  this shot my lovelies is one of the reasons they call it the lucky country & today looking up from the ocean to this moon…well….I sure counted my lucky stars….



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20 Responses to “A Beach Cottage & Kidspot Top 50 ~ Blog Your Way To Dunk Island”

  1. embow says:

    the thumbs up button has been well and truly clicked!! good luck lady :)

  2. Ldom says:

    I’ll definitely be giving you the thumbs up! Love your story of past holiday’s at the Isle of White. We had a fab holiday at Shanklin once, but my favorite camping holiday was at Lennox Head NSW… waking each morning to perfect waves and sitting on the beach with my thermos and surfing on an empty beach! We’ve yet to go camping here in the states… a combination of fear of bears and camping with toddlers… I don’t know which I fear most ;-) Lx

  3. Tammi N says:

    It goes without saying that you get my thumbs up Sarah…good luck to you!!!

  4. Done..clicked … sending you off to an island !

  5. Kirsten says:

    thumbs up for you Sarah, only because your blog really is the best!

  6. Anne-Marie says:

    Have just given your blog the thumbs up Sarah.
    Good luck!!

  7. It is the best blog I would vote for you a million times if I could. I have just started my blog today and am on a huge learning curve. Have many ideas but one step at a time.

  8. My votes in!!!! Hope you win!

  9. Sarah W. says:

    The best vacations are always the most (whether good or bad) memorable. Like when a storm comes up when we’re out on a boat, driving back against the wind, which causes my mom’s hat to go flying off into the lake. The dog gets sprayed by a skunk, and we have to ride all the way home with the windows down because of the smell. I could go on forever, I’m so ready for vacation.

    Here’s to you going to Dunk Island!

  10. colleen says:

    …Click! Click click click!

  11. I have always wanted to take my kids to Disneyland, but money is an issue. However, I really don’t feel too badly. The things the kids talk about………. their favorite trips, have been our camping trips, our trips to the beach, and our hiking trips. Every year they talk about our camping trip for the “next year”, and start planning.

    You hit the nail on the head Sarah, the biggest most important thing, is that you are together, and making special memories.

    I think that’s one reason I so enjoy you, and Melissa at “Ths Inspired Room”. I feel like we’re kindred spirits in that we all have everyday lives. We have husbands, children and laundry etc…………….but I CHOOSE to live beautifully! I CHOOSE to make everyday moments something special and extraordinary.

    OK, off my soapbox!!!

    Have an awesome day!!! God bless!

  12. Congrats on being nominated/chosen – I have voted and really hope you win :)

  13. I voted for ya chickee! Good luck and I hope you win! Would love to see the photographs you take on this trip if you do get selected. :)

    By the way, I knew I saw the numbered chair somewhere. There are tons of blogs I follow and quite a few have numbered chair projects/photos and when I saw your blog today, it hit me that you too have a numbered chair! (I think…)

    Anyway, I wanted to share with you my chair project. I was really happy with the way it turned out.
    Here it is – http://sofiacensoprano.com/2010/08/19/diy-chair-makeover-4h/

    Take care and have a kick butt day

  14. Pearl Maple says:

    Good luck, think we all need a beach holiday on a regular basis.
    Which wall paper did you decide on?

  15. Alison Gibbs says:

    Thumbs up!!
    Love the way you tell the world what a wonderful country we live in

  16. Claire says:

    You get my vote……LOVE your blog, have clicked for you.

  17. annie says:

    SO TRUE!!!
    Sometimes the best holidays are the simplest as well…
    I gave you a thumbs up—–if I can’t be there, you should

  18. Robyn says:

    I’ve clicked the badge and hit the thumbs up button!! Good luck!

  19. Wishing you all the best! x

  20. Lynn says:

    I am here in the US and you have my Vote…Morning coffee and Aussie Land with You!