The Beach Cottage Decorating with IKEA

Wed 7th, Jul, 2010

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Guess where I’ve been?

My local Swedish boutique Ickea ;-)

Now I know those in the know look down their pretty little noses at this place but I love me a trip over here even more so now we live rather a long way from Europe cos it gives me a taste of home without the trendy pricetag…

I love a little mooch around here for a few hours…from the cafe to the meatballs to the candles and the storage.

If I have the kiddos with me, like I did this time, it involves more time eating and less time perusing, but I can handle that…we normally stop for Morning Tea first and then walk around the top bit with the displays, note down what we fancy and then shop the lower floor after a huge plate of meatballs and fries, a big Euro treat for us now in the land of Down Under.

I have to say I was mightily disappointed at the display rooms this time…have you found that too?  Or is it just the stylists here at the Sydney one…there are usually at least a few of the rooms decorated in the more classic Swedish style that I love…not so this time and in fact I heard a couple of ladies commenting that some of the rooms looked like a local kindergarten rather than a living room in a real home…that coined it for me as I had been thinking the exact same thing…I hope IKEA continues with the more classic Swedish Euro look, I must say without this I was a little put off…

There was still stuff to peruse though and I still love to decorate with bits and pieces for a coastal beach cottage look from here…this fabric I thought would be nice at my place..


I loved this bed and the Alvine quilt and at $79 a great price..I think it would look gorgeous matched with plain linen and layered up on a bed with some vintage popcorn bedding…um paired too with a sweet bedside (perhaps one with a touch of aqua and glass knobs lol)


I love some of the ideas like this one to display artwork and have had one of these wire hanging kits sitting around for oh at least a couple of years now…you know how you do that with IKEA?  all inspired in the shop and two years later have shelving sitting in boxes under the bed??  .must get going on that…


What I went for though was lamps…Mr Beach Cottage finding it all rather bizarre that I should want anymore lamps for this old cottage…perhaps it is because it is winter….at night I like to close all the blinds and curtains and switch on lamps everywhere and perhaps light a few candles run the bath and all is kinda dimly lit and cosy…you know?

dim lighting via lamps has nothing of course whatsoever to do with the fact that dust bunnies and cobweb corners are not quite as visible ;-)


this glass one rocked my boat…


I ummed and ahhed over these for the breakfast room…I’m diggin that industrial feel but in the end came home with something else…


I snagged me some of these wicker type shades…a fabulous IKEA name as usual of ROGSTA if you are interested….I have been after some of these for like ever and have only ever seen them in a boutique where the price was gaspable…

Today I treasure hunted for a lamp base and scored a divine one for a few dollars…so now have myself a Beach Cottage version of the boutique lamp, at a fraction of the price.


I really liked these pale turquoise bowls and the plates were lovely too…I very nearly came home with these…but for sure, of all things, I am a woman with quite enough china lol!


a couple of these always come home with me…normally in white, this time not so…


this light was causing a stir…I actually quite liked it…if you’ve a nice big room and high ceiling, not a tatty old cottage…it’s the updated version of the smaller one in our Family Room…


So that’s it from me, I’ve had my Swedish fix…

Hope you enjoyed the ride?

I will see you all later, I am going to finish that bedside, put my new light fitting together and get all beachy with my lamps this evening and wallowing in dim lights…



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38 Responses to “The Beach Cottage Decorating with IKEA”

  1. Megan Gordon says:

    We have similar Ikea taste…I too loved that glass lamp and those little blue bowls (mine were blue anyway). You really have to be in the right mood for Ikea–and I generally make it a rule never to go alone so you always have someone to lean on if the going gets rough. Looks like you did o.k. :) Nice post.

  2. Deanne says:

    Thanks for a little bit of IKEA in my day.
    We live 4 hrs away from our closest IKEA in Brisbane- it is usually a once a year trip that takes nearly all day- with a mile long list plus all the other little goodies I happen to see on the way! After we pay for it all at the checkout we are glad it is only a once a year trip- I do miss living only 20 minutes from IKEA when it was easy to pop in for a little snack and a wander around!

  3. Melisa says:

    I loved this jaunt around Ikea. I live a good two hours from Ikea here in Brisbane and am planning a trip there this weekend. We are decoration a new (very shabby) house and I am loving all your beachy ideas. I love that glass lamp- I’m hping it’s there this weekend! Thanks for the inspiration!!!

    • sarah says:

      hey thanks Melisa, enjoy, there’s so much in there if you are decorating a shabby old house :-)

  4. kerrie says:

    I always want to go to Ikea after you take us on a visit. I do like those new wicker lamps too. But we opted for the silver desk lamp and industrial hanging one for my art studio. I always buy those chunky cups too..in white, and a few pink, but I always want to get those beige ones too. Can’t ever go wrong with Ikea. I just washed my Ektorp white slipcovers on my sofa because my son v*mited on them…with bleach it all came right out! I tell you…Ikea is the best!

  5. Anne-Marie says:

    Yes I also felt something was amiss on my last IKEA visit several months ago, you may have hit the nail on the head there Sarah.
    Also am a cosy lamp gal, bright overhead lights I find quite agitating :(

    * For Brisbane commenters- I heard a rumour not long ago that IKEA might be opening a store in the North Lakes area?? Lets cross all fingers girls.

    • Shelly says:

      I’ve been saying I need a trip to Ikea for a while now I’m not sure if I will be disappointed. However needs must and my meatball supply is severely depleted.

      Anne-Marie, I’m a northside girl and I heard the rumours too. Apparently Ikea have confirmed they’re looking to have a northside location but won’t confirm that it’s Northlakes.

      • Tammi N says:

        We’re planning on moving back to the Sunshine Coast early next year so an IKEA close by will be ‘right’ up my alley!!

  6. Tammi N says:

    Thanks for taking us along with you….my first experience of IKEA was here in Perth (bout 45mins away), in Brisbane we lived too far….I actually found my first visit pretty overwhelming as there is so much to take in, but I do love it for cheaply accessorising a place.

    I picked up a choc wicker lamp shade on one of my weekly op shop jaunts a while back, not liking the colour but love it’s style, still not too sure whether to white-wash it or paint it.

    Am looking forward to seeing what you decided on with the side table.

  7. Tanya says:

    You’ve got me hanging for a visit to Ikea. Love all the pics, can imagine them in your home. I’ve slowly working on picking up one of their squashy sofa’s and gorgeous fabrics, one day. I’ve heard whispers that they are going to build a new IKEA just around the corner at North Lakes just outside of Brisbane. Will be a 15 min drive rather than a 2 hour drive. Can’t wait!! I loved that bag you are carrying Sarah!! Thanks for the post.

  8. cheryl says:

    thanks for keeping us up to date with ikea stuff!
    i like the same things as you and miss ikea being close by..such a treck now.

  9. Robyn says:

    I was only at our Ikea last week and came home with a soft football for my son and 2 bags of meatballs!

    I have had my eye on the chandelier pictured last for a while now, but at £85 for something made out of paper seems steep! But I do LOVE it, so maybe in my new house when we move Down Under in the spring?

    But I’m with you on the pleasure I get fro a trip to Ikea – sans kids though. I need my time to oooohhh and aaaaahhh over things.

  10. melissa says:

    ooohhhh our holidays in ol’blighty are rapidly approaching- and i have put a day at Ikea {mind you it’s that far away we need a whole day} on our school hols list- along with a castle in scotland -to keep the balance- or rather to make me feel more balanced!!

    love you lamp shade and cottage lamp makeover- but am also in love with that big round flowery cut out lamp you spied….how do i ever flat pack that again to bring home to oz???

    see you can almost talk yourself outa anything!!
    but i do have a question- why if ikea is soo inexpensive & we only get our fix buying a trolley load of little things does it still all add up to more than the bed you had your eye on???

    melissa x

  11. Carol says:

    I had an Ikea fix yesterday. I’m a sucker for the meatballs and some of those white chunky cups followed me home.

  12. Ness Lockyer says:

    Oh, how I wish we had an IKEA in tassie. You have just made me home sick for the store I used to haunt in Sydney at Homebush. Is that where you went? I love that place. I make trips there when I visit Mum and Dad and last time bought that fabric (on our sofa cushions), those latte style cups (the best few dollars I ever spent) and thank you for showing me the photos of the lamps with the glass bases. Mum will have to make a visit there for me to snag some.
    Thanks for the fix!!
    Ness xx

  13. Jill says:

    I have that glass lamp and love it! We also recently bought a Hemnes dresser from IKEA and I still can’t believe the quality, we love it!

  14. Elizabeth says:

    Ooo I love me a trip to Ikea too! Even hubby enjoys a trip there, but I’m sure its only for the meatballs. I love the yellow/blue fabric and the glass lamp. I live way too far from my closest Ikea, but enjoy drooling over the catalogue :)

  15. kasey says:

    I heart Ikea….love it all.

  16. Ldom says:

    I do the exact thing with my kids too. It’s the only house shop my daughter actually gets excited to go to. If you look around you can pick up some pretty cute stuff. I painted my kitchen chairs cream (inspired by your blog) and picked up some seat pads from there that just fitted the bill nicely. I was so impressed with them that I showed them a neighbour and she couldn’t believe that I had a) done such a good job of the chairs and b) found the cushions at Ikea. She even brought her hubby over to show him. Did you see the cute enamel jugs in there too?

  17. ikea coupons says:

    man..they just have sooo much stuff and it’s all good stuff. Last time I was there I spend like 3 hours there!

  18. Stacey says:

    Hi Sarah, I’m glad someone else said they were dissappointed in Ikea. I’ve found that the last few times I’ve been…it’s been a let down and I wonder why I went. I still quite enjoyed the trip with you though….always nice to see things through a different set of eyes. Like that big light at the end…I have a two storey room that is in desperate need of a light fixture…not sure yet, but maybe this could be it! I would have never thought, so thanks. I live only 45 min from my Ikea so hopefully I’ll make it there in the next couple of weeks. I’ll let you know if I end up with it. cheers. Stacey

  19. We just took the baby to Ikea and she loved it – just like her Mommy does : ) I also really love those pale blue bowls, but had to walk away from them in the store because I already have SO many dishes at home.

  20. becca says:

    i love ikea with all my heart. we have the big white ecktorp sleeper corner sofa, lamps, frames, kitchen items, and so many other things. you just can’t beat the prices. i didn’t love the displays as much this last visit. we breezed through and didn’t see much that caught our eye, and headed straight to the market. great find with those wicker lamp shades!

  21. vosgesparis says:

    I have a hate love affair with IKEA I love it loods for small handy stuff (and my kitchen… mmm not really small that LOL) I guess it depends on my mood on how I like the roms.. I sometimes think the swedish rooms look a bit to traditional my taste.. and the again I notice little things I like ;)

    BTW I have bought that greyish keloim kinda rug It has such a good color and it really made my room! ohh and the cords for hanging on articles and stuff are in my work space :)

    sooooo show us next what you got beside of the kotebuller haha.

  22. katie says:

    Right after I moved across the U.S. my old home got an IKEA. Now I live near another one but really its 3 hours so that isn’t very near. If I had a choice IKEA, junk stores, and garage sales…and Target would be where I would get all my home goods. So thanks for taking us on your shopping trip. It was almost like shopping and I didn’t spend a cent. That doesn’t happen very often. ;)

  23. Wicker shades are by far my fave. Industrial style doesn’t float my boat.

  24. Love the wicker shades. And I’m so with you on loving lamps. My hubby doesn’t get it either…but it just creates such a beautiful ambiance.
    XO Piper

  25. Jolene Carroll says:

    We soooooooo need a ikea in New Zealand, we are soooooooo deprived!!!!!

  26. Amanda says:

    How could anyone look down their nose at IKEA, its the best store ever!! I was only thinking the other day that I haven’t been there for a while and and it must be about time for a trip out there and then I saw your post – great minds think alike!

  27. Melissa S. says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE IKEA! Thank you for this post…I could live in that store! I only hope to have a beach cottage one day…that will be the best trip to IKEA ever! Thank goodness we now live with in an hour and a half to a location now! Love all your photos!

  28. Thanks for the IKEA fix Sarah… oh how I miss its Sweedish loveliness.

  29. Well we were there a few weeks ago, five mums straight after school drop off. I bought the linen and put it on our bed and am loving it! http://hilluponhill.blogspot.com/2010/06/birthday-treats.html
    Was very taken by the blue quilt, but restrained myself. We all loved that large light fitting and thought that our cats would as well. The meatballs are divine and lunch of salmon and the most yummy veg cakes brought happy endorphines to us all.

  30. Linda Jenkins says:

    I work near the Richmond Ikea in Melbourne and sometimes drop in after work. Have never tried the meatballs! Are they recommended??? :)

  31. Alison Gibbs says:

    Love the wicker lampshades.
    Can’t beat an Ikea fix

  32. I love Ikea, too. Luckily I’ve never had to live any place where an Ikea was more than an hour away! I like to buy super trendy things there – so I don’t have to spend a lot of money on things I’m going to want to get rid of in the next season or year.

    P.S I LOVE their meatballs, too…also the lingonberry jelly! yum!

  33. I love the glass lamp base, and I do have this hanging kit sitting somewhere, too :) Not so Ikea though, letting you take pictures. It seems there is a picture police. what’s so secret about Ikea? I haven’t been to a Ikea for about a year, so yes, I enjoyed the ride! thanks.

  34. Vanessa says:

    I absolutely love ikea – i have one 10 mins from where i live.. and although i have only been about 5 times in 2 1/2 years… it gets me everytime! i am attempting to redo the bedroom in a beachy cottage feel… and i kea is helping me accomplish it!!! :) I have yet to eat at the restaurant (is that what it called?? or is it more of a cafateria??) anywho.. i love me some cinnamon rolls!!! ;)

  35. Lyn Taylor says:

    OMG I was just in they Rhodes Ikea store this last week on my trip down to Sydney. I actually got a couple of those turquoise blue bowls and the little square dishes that went with them. Spent HEAPS! Now I just have to find a spot for everything. I was amazed at the amount of people walking around with cameras LOL! Will be doing the same on my next visit :D