I NEED ADVICE – Beach Cottage Paints a Bedside Night Table

Mon 5th, Jul, 2010

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G’day my lovelies!

If you are in the States I hope you are enjoying the celebration…we had our very own Beach Cottage version on Saturday night involving  a couple of chickens with lemons shoved up their bottoms with some American friends over for dinner.  And, you’ll be very pleased to know, a pie, not cooked by me, I hasten to add, which slipped down very nicely with the Budweiser.

Now, people, purlease stop right there and initiate yourself today cos this here post I want beach decorating answers… this is what they call interactive blogging (I made that up)…and I expect you here to interact…yep, I know normally I am happy to broadcast to the world as if I were talking to an old friend but today I surely wanna take advantage of that precious commodity we all are using called technology and ask you just what I should do with this bedside?

What colour would you paint it?  I know you know my colour scheme…I know you know my style beachy vintage style…I know you know I am slapdash and cannot entertain thoughts of perfect and so when I was presented with a colour-quandary I  thought why not ask you guys?

So I will give you a little bit of background on this old sidetable first.

It works like this…every few months I inter-change this old bedside table for the pile of vintage suitcases, in between which time I pile suitcases on Mr BC’s side much to his chagrin.

What do I care of that?  Not much.  Happy wife happy life.

So anyway, the last few weeks the bedside has been beside me purely because I bought a few potions to ahem aid the aging process and they are kept right here in this little top drawer and on the old suitcases these little pots of cosmetic promise firstly looked rather untidy and secondly presented with me the evidence every night that ****  I am now actively ensconced in this anti-aging conundrum  …a worrying occurrence for sure.

And as I reached for the potions when I collapsed past this nighstand in a heap I was confronted with not only a grubby old piece I had madeover a few years ago but also a daggy grey that was not doing much for anyone or anything.


And so in my decorating wisdom yesterday afternoon and already with paintbrush in hand, after zapping that side-of-the-road chair with paint, I decided to move onto this old beauty and give her what I am trying to achieve for myself…an instant facelift.

This my lovelies is what she looked like a few years ago before I initiated her in all things Beach Cottage


She was damaged goods…lonely, broken, unloved…and worse…brown.

And while having enjoyed her time here, being moved around, zapped with white, filled with chemicals for younger skin, photographed by mad stylists from trendy magazines…she had got somewhat tired….

…she scuffed her side…

and had tea stains on her top…


and so taking a deep breath I bathed her in a coat of primer


….and boy did she sigh


And so now this is the bit where you come in (I already have benefitted muchly from my lovely Facebooking friends on this topic input on this)……. I want YOU to tell me what you think

zap it with my tried and tested hand-mixed Beach White

paint those drawers in a soft easy colour that is in contrast to the rest

bash it with a few tools to make it shabbier and yummier

smother it in anti-aging cream for a young look ;-)

…the colours I have at my disposal for this (I think Mr BC may well kill me if I purchase any more paint) are any assortment of white paint you might like to peruse…creamy white, blue white, stark white, grey white, yellowy white….but also BLACK, pale aqua blue, silvery grey, bluey grey, vintagey cream, mushroomy putty…

oh and the logistics of commenting for those of you who inhabit Lurkdom?

that button down there on the right at the very bottom of the post..the one marked ‘leave a comment’ hit it and advise

I will be waiting..



oh and p.s. the lamp is toast…I’ve seen one I love & it’ll be here very soon..


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107 Responses to “I NEED ADVICE – Beach Cottage Paints a Bedside Night Table”

  1. bobbie says:

    I vote for mushroomy putty…

  2. mary jo says:

    Hmmm, I’m leaning toward silvery gray for a change. But then I’m biased, my whole house is gray & white…It will look lovely whatever you decide, I’m sure :) Hope you’re enjoying the weekend!

    xo Mary Jo

  3. embow says:

    i’d go silvery grey :) xx

  4. I’m of the pale aqua blue camp, maybe even lighter. You know, a hint of color. I think sometimes a hint will suffice to enhance the beachiness of the white. And a little distressed, not a perfect just done look.

  5. Megan says:

    The very first thing I thought when I saw reading the post was a blue-grey. However- a matte finish black thats very distressed would look nice also. But if I only have one vote- its for blue-grey.

  6. Hi Sarah,
    I think the pale aqua blue is the way to go. Very calming and beachy and fresh, for your aging self.
    (Please…you will really get it when you start seeing your mother in the mirror, like I am. Now, she was a beauty, but she was also very AGED. And I am really starting to look like her – a lot.)


  7. Jacqui says:

    White, any shade of white, it’s gorgeous anyway!! xx

  8. Melissa says:

    I am for TEAM pale aqua blue. I love the color with a room full of White.

  9. Anne says:

    Oh, I vote pale aqua! Spice it up a bit! :) …and oh, so beachy!

  10. Nicki says:

    Black for something completely different from you … but then again not such a great idea as you can never really go back can you?

  11. chrissy says:

    I agree w/Nicki- black would be different.. I’ve seen it used on wooden floors w/white funriture and it looks classy…

  12. Laurie @ Little Blue Chairs says:

    Ohh I would paint her a very pale aqua or the blue gray. Can’t wait to see what you do.

  13. Tonya in England says:

    I came here from Google Reader to say pale aqua, I see lots of others are saying the same. Pale dusky pink, pale grey, duck egg, pale sagey green are all good colours too. x

  14. Deanne says:

    My first thought was a very pale aqua blue- maybe even lighten it with a bit more white to make it really pale with just a hint of colour.
    I think black would be too dramatic in your bedroom.

  15. Tricia Rose says:

    Well. we all know you are going to paint it one of the whites (a hint of aqua v. tempting), but I would be even more tempted if you added glass knobs to the old dear, to bring out the subtleties of the basic aqua tint…
    and paint the inside of the drawers a slightly more-so colour, and maybe a beautiful paper in the bottom – or covered dividers to keep the youthifying face creams away from the pens and the secret stash of chocolates!

    Like a woman, a bedside drawer responds to being cossetted~

  16. grace says:

    i would just change out the knobs. what does the lamp that you want look like? i think these would look good.


    that or maybe just a nice crystal knob.

  17. gina3 says:

    I vote for pale aqua blue or bluey gray. Looking at the paint can you have sitting there and the “dropcloth” its on, I actually think a coat of fresh soft green would look great too but that wasn’t listed in your choices. Can’t wait to see what you choose.

  18. Robyn says:

    I’m thinking white, bashed up and sanded.

  19. Anita says:

    hmmm, just in short: white! maybe a bit distrissed too…
    Can’t wait to see what YOU decide!
    Have fun Sarah.


  20. Sarah says:

    Dare I say what I really want you to paint it…very pale pink. Since you probably wont do that :), I say a very pale green with some gray mixed in – like the seaweed and moss at the beach.

    Can’t wait to see what you do – I know you’re aching to paint it soon!

    Sarah xo

  21. Annie says:

    Sarah, I see Mr BC waking up to flannel grey, pewter-mercury glass undertones! In the morning he’ll smile @ the pale pink rose you have left for him!

  22. I’m thinking white with pale aqua drawer fronts

  23. I would definitely go for a really pale aqua/turqoise/greeny blue shade and then distress it a bit (maybe a lot). So beachy and definitely my favourite colour for a while now. I’m sure it will look great whatever you decided though!

  24. Beth West says:

    Your favorite white all over then change the knobs. I thought glass knobs was a lovely suggestion, but anything to give it a hint of contrast would work. Have fun!

  25. Sherri B. says:

    I think that the mushroomy putty sounds good. I picture that being kind of a dampish sand color that would have a strength but also accept other colors.

  26. Ginger says:

    I’m gonna have to say, seeings it’s my favorite color combo with white, the pale aqua blue would be quite smashing, especially in a beach cottage. Can’t wait to see which you choose.

  27. I vote for pale blue!!!!

  28. I liked the two toned effect so maybe white with a second colour for the drawers. Depending on what sort of lamp you have chosen, I like the glass knob idea too. Looking forward to seeing it completed.
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne

  29. Dianna says:

    Aqua blue would be nice.

  30. Dianna says:

    or maybe white with some really small aqua flowers painted on the knobs. Or some scrolls painted on it.

  31. I would suggest pale blue or a pale green…….just like you see in the shabby chic books……would look fabulous with all that white……

  32. Esther says:

    I was going to say a light sagey green but that wasn’t an option so I think either keep it white or go the pale aqua for something different. DON’T do black. I know it can be a really nice accent but with so much white around it would stand out too much. It wants to feel part of the family, not like a visitor.

  33. m says:

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhh maybe white with aqua in the insert of the drawers…or vice versa…yummy! But all white would be dreamalicious too!

    m ^..^

  34. Jeanna says:

    From the moment I first saw the photo I thought … PALE AQUA BLUE. It would add a lovely bit of contrast to the white, but would still be incredibly fresh and beachy, which I have quickly figured out is very you.

  35. Marthanow says:

    Any of the pale shades are great…especially aqua, but how about covering the top with mirror tiles and adding glass knobs? Maybe mirrors on the drawers as well?

  36. Karen says:

    I love the pale aqua idea, like so many others here, or even a pale green, a bleached out version of the blades on that fan you found some time back.

  37. Jacqueline says:

    Well pale aqua is lovely and oh so PREDICTABLE, no? I don’t want black! I don’t want blue gray either. (Well you did ask!) Why not commit to an all out soft gray. I’m with Annie on this–I’m seein’ flannel and pewter. really makes white, WHITE!

  38. Fleur says:

    How about pale greige, made up from an assortment of your paints and then change the knobs with something yummy from one of your frenchy shops, or making some rustic looking knotted rope pulls through a hole drilled where the knobs where / are?
    Looking forwards to seeing what you decide on.
    Fleur xx

  39. Alyson says:

    I’m leaning to the grey white….or maybe just a soft grey altogether. I’m still working the driftwood thing :)

  40. Siona says:

    Hi Sarah,

    I am a lurker no more!! I think the pale aqua would be a great idea. I am a big colour fan, and I think it would definitely fit your beachy placed cottage.

    I lived on the Northern Beaches for 4 years, and moved back to Melbourne with my family just before Christmas. The lovely pics on your site takes me straight back to the fantastic times we had living up there! So happy and sad at the same time!!!

  41. Anne-Marie says:

    My vote is not going to surprise you at all Sarah….BLACK!
    You know I adore the contrast of B & W, it’s bold and says ‘look at me aren’t I fabulous’.

  42. Karen says:

    I know you don’t want to buy more paint, but what’s one more pot???? Red!
    K x

  43. Ash E says:

    I love keeping up with your gorgeous home & as a fellow American living here in Australia I’ll wish you a late Happy 4th of July!

    I recently saw a look I adored that would work well with your bedside table. Paint the outside your trusty white but paint the inside of the drawers & the sides (basically everything that’s only visible upon opening the drawers) a different colour. The one I saw had hot pink but I think it would look great with a nice grey shade or pretty much anything depending on whether you want a true pop or just a subtle complement.

  44. Tammi N says:

    No surprises here Sarah…..I say go with WHITE!!! I find that I bore very quickly with coloured furniture but never tire of being surrounded with white….some tinted glass knobs or – tassels as I saw suggested on fb would dress this beauty up.

    I picked up a very similar set of bedside tables a few weeks ago at the op shop for a mere $18 and plan on giving them the white treatment…..having said that I think I may wait to see what you do :p

  45. Alison Gibbs says:

    Go Pale Aqua – love it

  46. Christine says:

    Hmmmm… may I suggest something a little different to paint? What about doing a scuffy silver leaf look? It will add just a touch of glamour to it, while the scuffiness still maintains the weathered beachy look. It’s a small piece of furniture so it won’t cost too much effort to do. And then it will take on a life of it’s own – changing colours according to the light and objects placed around it. I would also change the knobs out from those chunky ones to slightly more delicate ones. Maybe crystal or hand-painted porcelain ones.

    Hope that helps!

  47. Olga says:

    Hi Sarah!

    I’m one of those lurkers who loves to read your blog :-) I think, paint her beachy white and change her hardware to brushed silver or black. I think she’ll look great!
    Can’t wait to see what you do.

  48. cheryl says:

    i was thinking aqua…i’m loving jane coslick style lately..but a lighter shade than she uses for your beach cottage…
    or white with chrystally handles would be nice.
    whatever you choose i’m sure it will look great!

  49. Gabby says:

    Ah, another lurker! ^_^ I would choose the pale aqua, perhaps with some distressing or dry-brushing of the beachy white. And, I might go with some crystal (or acrylic, but with a crystal look) knobbies — extra points if they’re colored! ^_^

  50. Patricia says:

    Sarah, I say BLACK.

    In my opinion it will ground the the all-white bedroom.
    Hope I have helped :)

  51. Kathy says:

    I agree with the others who suggested pale aqua but maybe for the knobs instead of the chest for something different? I saw a beachy kitchen online that had white cabinets and aqua glass knobs – so pretty. Nothing was distressed but I know your style (which I love) will be so maybe do your favorite distressed white for the chest and aqua distressed wood knobs or aqua glass knobs?

  52. Quinn says:

    One of the greys.

  53. Cris says:

    I also like white or a very pale aqua but definitely new knobs.

  54. Kirsty says:

    I already love the colour. So I say leave as is… but get some new dark iron handles to make it look even more provincial! That’s what I’d do anyways!

  55. Carmen says:

    I’d paint it white (stark or greyish white), then rub a candle stick on the edges of the top part, and then paint the top part a darker colour, like mushroomy putty. After it’s fully dried, you can easily chip the putty colour layer off of the top part with a piece of sanding paper, so the white underneath shows up. I’d beat the rest of it up too, because it’s already a little bashed up and then it looks more intentional. Annnddd I’d definitely put some new knobs on it, like clear glass or dark coloured metal handles. it’ll look awesome, whatever you do,
    good luck!

    p.s that lamp is so beautiful, where did you get it (and why would you want to get rid of it?)

  56. Karen Cannon says:

    OOOOOH…the pale aqua sounds beautiful to me. nothing sounds like a peaceful sleep to me better than a pale blue or aqua…what do ya think??


  57. Hi Sarah -

    I would go with your favorite white. Seeing something you love first thing in the morning is important to get your day going right. I would add vintage glass knobs, big ones with facets to catch the light. I think I would rough it up just a tad also. What ever you end up doing – I am sure it is going to look great. It is a cute little piece.
    My best-

  58. Karen Davis says:

    I personally would slab some “Robin’s egg blue” on it-because it’s my new color of choice lately.. however, since that wasn’t an option, I think any grey would be awesome! rough it up a bit, and voila, it will be beautiful!

  59. Michelle says:

    Oohhh…I would paint it the same color as your “subscribe” buttom up top. That, and some new glass knobs. Luverly!

  60. Sue says:

    I’d put the potions in a nice basket that would slide and hide under the bed and retrieve the luggage from Mr BC’s side of the bed. But then I hate painting.

  61. Jane Faulkner says:

    If it was in MY house I’d go with the pale aqua. But in yours – I’m with Dianne@InMyOwnStyle – paint it Beach Cottage white and add some sparkly glass knobs.

  62. rebekah says:

    Yeah i agree with whoever said it before me… go the glass knobs!!

  63. Linda says:

    Aqua whitewashed with white and crystal handles – each one different.

  64. jane says:

    is that black and white stripe area rug anywhere near this bedside chest? that would be nice with a blackish bedside chest. and give weight to the room and what not. i say this, and my own bedroom is sand, white and cherry wood. but you could rub off the blk paint so it is aged and genteel and lovely in her/its advancing age… (hahaha)
    but more importantly, are the potions working? can you endorse any of them? concerned on the other side of the pacific, jkj

  65. Skye says:

    Personally I love the grey/blue colours, but I’d do it quite washed out, so predominately white with the grey/blue tinge.

  66. AQUA! I am in love with pale aqua. DO EET.

  67. bonnie says:

    As soon as you asked the question, I thought pale aqua would look pretty against the white. It’s a nice oceany color too.

  68. Color is not the problem. Just paint it white already, shabby it up a bit and then: change those knobs. I would go for some glass knobs if you can get your hands on them. And before I did the final coat of painting I might slab some embossed white wallpaper on those drawers and then paint over that. Just to add some more texture and a bit of girlyness.
    Oh, and could you just send that lamp my way then, I happen to love it.

  69. Alissa H. says:

    Either a grayblue or a robins egg blue

  70. Marcia says:

    I have aqua/teal leather couches, and I’m constantly trying to put things together with those, so when I saw it, I thought “pale turquoise”, if you really want to go with a color. I see others have the same thought as I’ve seen several say pale aqua. I do like it white though :-) But you know what Sarah, I think whatever you do, it’s going to look great, because you’ve got such a good eye and a way of making everything look beautiful. We just sit back and get to glean from your results :-)

  71. Tiff says:

    Like others before me, I thought “glass knobs” the instant I laid eyes on it.
    Colour – Just your beachy white would be beautiful, or use a base coat of pale blue or pale aqua, topped with white and sanded back in the areas that get worn.
    Whatever you do, can’t wait to see what it looks like : )

  72. Michelle says:

    Pale silvery grey gets my vote…

  73. Robynne Heesterman says:

    Sarah, my thoughts are perhaps black with some distressing around the edges. I’m doing a lot of black accents at the moment and on the right pieces the colour can really anchor a room. Then any glass or silver on that surface is really shown off to its best advantage. Good Luck!
    From the aussie english houswife (I think thats getting a bit old)!

  74. Suzanne says:

    Me, I’d go for a pale duck egg blue (surely you can mix that potion up in a cauldron or something, stirring with a broomstick or whatnot). But then, I’m in love with blue in general and have no hesitiation if asked, “what’s your favourite colour?’ Blue, blue, blue.

  75. Lori H says:

    I like pale silvery gray, but right now I am in love with pale aqua for its beachy, watery flavor. I know that whatever you decide will be perfect.

  76. Jo says:

    New knobs would look great and as for colour, if you’re serious about a colour, turquoise – either loud and proud or soft and washed out.

  77. Allie says:

    Pale aqua blue :)

  78. Jen says:

    I can imagine it in a very soft off white, with new knobs. I agree- glass would look lovely, or porcelain if you can find them.

  79. Dream Mom says:

    Paint it beachy white. Next, get yourself a bottle of Now Foods Certified Organic Virgin Coconut Oil (Cold Pressed and Unrefined); it’s around $10 for 12 oz. Put some in a little glass dish with a lid and keep this in the bathroom. This is all of the anti-aging cream you will ever need. It works amazing and better than any bottle of anything you could ever buy. I noticed results after just a few days and fine lines just seem to disappear. I use it as a make up remover first (totally amazing for that as well), wash and dry my face, then put the coconut oil all over my face, neck and decolletage area. By morning, all of the oil is absorbed. By the way, I have very oily skin and this is the only oil I’ve ever been able to use without breaking out (most anti-aging creams give me acne). Then you can move your suitcases back over to your side of the bed.

  80. Julie Johnson says:

    I think you ought to do it in a bluey white. It would be refreshing and it’s the color of the sea.

  81. Stacy says:

    I vote for aqua–in a fun shade. I recently did my daughter’s new tween almost teen (she just turned 12) room a pale aqua and accented with creamy white furniture, the colors mix so well together! I saw some starfish hardware online that would be a cute replacement for the knobs too. I will post pics of what I did on my blog at http://www.pecosriver.blogspot.com so you can see how it looks.

  82. Marccy says:

    Why not tape it off in large 4″ wide stripes from top to bottom and paint it with a few different colors: Light aqua blue, bluey-grey and blue-white for a little whimsy beachy night table?:)

  83. Julia says:

    I think she’s perfectly lovely as is. Me, I’d probably change her accessories… introduce some driftwood, a pale aqua, & something faceted to sparkle in the morning light. Hope your day is a gentle one.

  84. Candice says:

    Bash it… and make it yummier;)

  85. Susan says:

    I say stick with your tried and true Beach Cottage White with some heavy distressing and glass knobs. A little glazing would probably be a nice touch just to make her look a little older. (Older is better in furniture, but not our faces!)

    Lurker Susan from Florida

  86. Sarah – If I were you, I’d do that beautiful gray/white painting technique you did on that awesome pie safe you used to have! THAT technique was just incredible, and would add a little soft driftwood gray color to your bedroom. And YES, definitely glass knobs for sure to give the driftwood a little sparkle! If you wanted more of a sea blue color in there (which I know that you’re leaning that way now… lol!), mix up a pretty aqua with a little gray in it so it’s not too bright. If you can get on line and look at the Benjamin Moore colors, I just painted a vintage wicker chair in “Wyeth Blue”. It’s THE PERFECT ocean blue color. If you visit my blog this Friday, July 9 – you can check out a photo of it. I’ve never seen such a perfect sea glass-ocean blue color in my entire life….I’m in love…. lol!

    xoxol laurie@heavenswalk

  87. Michelle says:

    your special white with maybe a hint of grey. what about a glass top to protect her from knocks and scrapes. a little bit like applying foundation to give that young, dewy complexion….

    Happy painting!
    M x

  88. Barbara says:

    Definitely white. Yes, indeedy. White it is. Then I would add either or all – a small picture frame made of seashells with your favorite quote framed, a couple of strands of pearls or beads draped over something, a teeny tiny glass vase with a couple of non-white flowers. On a side note, I just started my decorating blog and just post my first makeover pictures and would love to have you opinion. Please be kind as this is all new to me and I am still finding the designer inside: http://i-am-is-my-blog.blogspot.com/.

  89. Susan says:

    Oh GOODIE, Love when I am asked for opinions……my very first thought would be a distressed pale aqua. I just love the looks of any kinds of blues in any kinds of shades, they remind me of the ocean in all kinds of temperments. You have already done the real work on the bedside table and now all you have to do is slap the blue on and sand some more….good luck….Susan

  90. Love the white blue or a washed out aqua…quite the face lift it will be for the ole girl! :) happy painting!

  91. Debra says:

    Ok “sista”, I know you’re going to paint it some form of white, so just do it and then go online to your favorite and mine Anthro and pick up some beachy knobs to give it a kick in it’s white pants :).

  92. Renee says:

    I am new to your site…but what about black with flecks of sparkle or a berry color…but more to the grey side and light but not baby nursey pink

  93. Linda Jenkins says:

    I would paint it the soft mushroom putty color and add clear crystal like knobs:)
    We gave done something similar in our ensuite and I love the look.

  94. karen says:

    I am in the mood for pale aqua or blue-grey with white… but will probably love anything you pick! good luck! karen…..

  95. Vickie in Rockaway Beach, OR says:

    So many choices . . .okay, I’d just do it up easy by painting it your hand-mixed BC white, distress, and switch out to simple black or ORB cup pulls or . . .got any handy starfish or shell pulls? If you really think you’re ready for a little color, the pale aqua blue, distressed, would look very beachy, too, and would add a little color to the room. You were kiddin’ ’bout the black paint, weren’t cha? Ha!

  96. geri says:

    I love your style and color sense.
    It is tranquil and speaks of warm beach days on a porch rocker NOT getting older of course.
    I love the sweet little bed side chest.
    I have a similar one that has moved more places than a traveling circus.
    it has also been painted about 8 times.
    Gotta love the immediate gratification of paint. hehe
    I saw a little chest of drawers like yours with vertical unfussy stripes in a light
    aqua blue with white and chippy scratches on top the whole thing.
    Just keep mixing your aqua paint till you get the hint of color that works with a white you have.
    Good Luck. it is so fun to change things without spending any money at all.
    Maybe recycled glass knobs will be the icing on the cupcake. geri.

  97. Ellen says:

    Well, Sarah, I’m lovin grey in my house with whites; but the aqua sounds brave and fun. You try it first, ok?

  98. Kim says:

    I agree a fabulous beachy blue/green would add a lil zest to your cottage.I am one for color though.~Cheers Kim

  99. Lisa says:

    How about a soft touch of seashell pink? with some vintage knobs of course!

  100. Glenda says:

    Lime green ~ you asked:) Glad you got your pie.


  101. Oh my gosh Sarah you kill me…”the logistics of commenting for those off you who inhabit Lurkdom” totally cracked me up! You are too funny. I think that nightstand would look awesome plain white (any of your whites, really, I’m sure) but I also like the slightly darker drawers like you have in the top picture. Maybe with the mushroom putty, or any of the blues or greys.

    P.S. I just reread some of the comments – I agree with Carmen!

  102. I’m going for the pale aqua on the inserts…yummy!

  103. Karen says:

    I think pale aqua would look great!

  104. Rebecca says:

    Hi Sarah – I think plain white and rubbed back to shabby but maybe change the knobs – I think you bought some knobs for your bathroom?? (they were those old style arch knobs) they would look great… Hold that thought – I’ve just read your updated page, and saw that lovely Lamp from Ikea – maybe go the glass knobs instead ! Oh also, I have to send you a photo soon of a project you inspired me with. Its your White Cupboard with the pressed metal panels. I loved it, and needed to spruce up this cupboard I have – but pressed metal was too heavy for the hinges – so I thought how can i get that look without the weight of metal. Haha ! wallpaper. I found this awesome wallpaper that has these cool pressed metal patterns ! so I am halfway through the project & keep referring to your lovely cupboard for inspiration ! I’ll send you a pic once complete !

  105. rukmini says:

    I think pale aqua or a maybe a very very pale rose. Dunno…might be wrong…lol. Im a certain uncertain chick. :)

  106. sue beaty says:

    congrats kim. hope you enjoy. i know i would. anyway sarah. it looked like you had some glass knobs on it before. i could be mistaken. i think a pale blue{think COOL} lol. no really on the drawers and glass knobs. they would look neat a pale blue also. just a thought. cant wait to see what you do…im sure youll have plenty of inspire! yes it does make the world seem smaller. thats a GOOD THING. sure could picture myself all hot instead of SEVENTEEN BELOW YIKEs!!!!!!! enjoy the heat. take care. you r a pleasure. sue

  107. Nicola Hay says:

    I’m loving cream and white together just now :) I’ve just moved from the city to the coolest farm cottage by the beach/cliffs in Scotland, now redecorating and sorting through my far too many belongings to get my look – perusing your site with much interest. best wishes Nicola