Behind the Scenes with Miss Beach Cottage… Bedroom Decorating

Tue 13th, Jul, 2010

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Hey beach bloggers Miss Beach Cottage here back for some more posting.

Me and my mum had some fun the other day in our main bedroom.


here’s my mum messing about, this was taken through the mirror & this is much harder to get right than she makes it look


Today we took pics of the whole scene and then aswell behind the scene close up’s, umm I hope I am allowed to say that it doesn’t always look this tidy ;-)  but it’s allways cosy and cos my mum loves tucking up in bed alot of the time we talk and read and go on the laptops in here


Here we have some paint and paint pots, used to paint the old bedside.


Today’s scene was mostly a white theme but we wanted flowers and because we didn’t want to go to the shop we used these beautiful pink camelias picked from our garden.


I took most of the behind the scene photos and here i am scrolling through and choosing the ones i will use.


What I like doing is looking for things that my mum might have missed, like this paint and stuff, she pushed this to the side to take some photos but I thought it looked good


I wanted to try and get the feeling of being in the room, my mum said that this is not the easiest thing to do and many photographers try to do just that, so here I tried to get some of the cushions looking puffy like they do sometimes when we are reading in here.


Again here i think mum just likes to play with her cam as though it is a toy!! ( hehe ).


Although it is getting a little late, the aussie sun is still beaming through the old sash window.  my mum loves these windows ;-)


Here of course mum took this and i am trying to decide what setting to have the camera on!?


Oh and yes you may have noticed both me and my mum painted our nails matching black! ;-) in the pic above my mum is getting in the perfect position to take the photo, i think she may also be having a bit of a lie down on the cozy soft bed.


Again to add a little of colour we put in a twig of pinky/reddy flowers here on the table side.


And well i think i might aswell have a little bit of a lie down my self.  lol


And as the shoot comes to an end and the sun goes down we both have a bit of a rest, and these are mum being silly cos she loves these velvet slippers and us taking shots of her feet and slippers by the flowers!

Anyway that is it from me

I hope you liked to see how we took all these pics, I enjoyed this and again I am still thinking I would love to be a real photographer when I am older.

Now, my mum again has warned me not to be disappointed if not many comment as in the blog World not many people comment, even if loads read, but last time I did a blog on here I got a heap of you hehe, over a hundred I think, which made us both laugh!@@!!!!  and made me be very happy considering I was a bit nervous and it was my first ever blog

mum said that was beginners’ luck :-))  and you were all just being nice :-)

lots of love & bye

miss beach cottage


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91 Responses to “Behind the Scenes with Miss Beach Cottage… Bedroom Decorating”

  1. Anne-Marie says:

    A truly lovely and enjoyable post Miss BC and I’m not just saying it to be nice. I particularly liked the bit about Mum’s bedroom not always being this tidy LOL! Do you paint each others nails?

    • miss bc says:

      thanks Anne-marie

      sometimes we paint each others, my mum usually paints my right hand cos I am not steady enough for that and this time she painted flowers on my nails on top of the black with white dots, it looked good :-)

  2. Alison Gibbs says:

    Great pics and post little Miss BC. Your photos are great. Nice to know Mums bedroom is just the same as ours.LOL
    We’ll have to show Mum it wasn’t beginners luck.
    make sure you do another behind the scenes real soon cos they are fun

  3. Queen Mommy says:

    Loved your photos! You have an artistic eye for the perfect shot. (And, that bed does look very cozy!)

  4. HRH Sarah says:

    Lovely photos, Miss BC. You are fortunate to have such a beautiful home to practice your photo- craft. I’m sure there is a lot of inspiration there! Nice work on the photos, and the blogging. You gave your readers a taste of life in your home, and showcased your mum’s handiwork beautifully!

  5. I love reading your behind the scene posts Miss BC! Thats because we are all fascinated by your mom and how she does the thing she does with her toy ermm camera. You are doing a righteous job yourself!! Love the black nails too.

  6. Bev says:

    I really like the black slipper photo Miss BC… you are following in the right foot steps .

  7. Mary says:

    Great photos Miss BC. I really like the one of the messy bed – sometimes all the photos on blogs show houses/rooms/beds that are too perfect(and you would be afraid to jump into the bed)so nice to see one that shows just how comfy the bed really is!

  8. Tammi N says:

    Miss BC you certainly have your mum’s knack for both words and pics…..after seeing this space I can understand why you spend so much time in there.
    Another enjoyable post….look forward to more from you :)

  9. Alyson says:

    What cracks me up about you two lovely ladies, is that even when painting you manage to do it with picturesque style…I’m painting my kitchen tiles and a chalkboard cupboard door and instead of neat paint pots and a lovely striped jug, I have paint streaked cloths, freezer bags and grubby drop cloths (sigh)…I’m sure it will be fun when it’s finished but perhaps not as pretty as the way you girls do things. :)

  10. Oh Miss Beach Cottage I love your room!!!! I am going to show my girl your photos and hope she feels the need to re-do her room!!! Keep up the good work…looking forward to reading YOUR blog someday!!

  11. Laura says:

    Nope, not just beginners luck! We all love the behind-the-scenes photos :-) Come back and blog again soon!

  12. Patricia says:

    You do have a lovely little way with you little Miss BC.
    Your writing has a spontaneous feel to it, friendly and nice.
    I like the photo of the slippers with the flowers next to them.
    But they are all nice, because they are all different, good on you
    for deciding to take photos of the paint tins. The real nitty gritty
    stuff :)
    Keep up the good work you do sound a sweetie, bye for now
    until we next hear from you :)

  13. gina f says:

    Lovely photos!! You keep up the good work!!

  14. Dream Mom says:

    Love the photo of the foot of the bed and the dresser with the red flowers. Beautiful!

  15. Shaz says:

    I don’t think it is beginners luck, I think it is a fun post and you will get loads of comments. Well done.

  16. Christine Warren says:

    Well done, Miss BC! I’ve really enjoyed both of your posts and pictures. You were right about the paint “buckets” as we call them in the US. They did make a lovely photo. Looking forward to your next post!

  17. Karen says:

    Good job Miss BC! You and your mum have taken loads of great photos and it was a fun read. Keep up the good work!

  18. Love your posts Miss BC, you have a good eye for choosing photos that tell the story for you with a few apt sentences added in. You could start YOUR OWN blog, love how you both use the cameras, chose great shots, make us want to flop right down on that bed and snuggle up even though it is looking far too Summery in the middle of Winter- by choice I’m sure. I love how you painted the drawer fronts with a touch of aqua – I think I suggested that idea among others who wanted a touch of aqua for the beach cottage. I suggested some paint colours to Jen Thompson for painting furniture too!
    By the way do you need any more oars? or do you have another idea for them? I want to use them as towel rails as only my bathroom is beach cottage (we live in the Blue Mountains- hubby said you can’t do ‘beach’ up here but I did it anyway) I would have to cut them down for towel rails. [the walls are shorter than the oars] My shower curtain is like Melbourne Beach huts and I want to paint my towel cupboard to match. I rave on….

  19. Thea S says:

    I love this post! And I think that the shots of the paint pots are very arty indeed. Goodonyer Miss BC! x

  20. Debra says:

    Miss Beachy Cottage: Lovely images and it’s funny, you speak with such a British twang and your Mum seems to have loosened it a little and embraced more of the Aussie ease. It’s nice though, because it suits you and your photographic eye.

  21. cherie says:

    I like the realism of your photos as well as your the sound of your writing – as if I was listening to you talking. Very natural.

  22. melissa says:

    hey hey clever gal….love how you and your gorgeous mum are together…thats just how i am with my daughter ella- and when we live in sydney we live very close to you guys we think…at the moment we are in your old stomping ground- england…so we love your mums blog- and ella {who is 12} especially likes it when you do a bloggy post of your own!!

    i, personally think becomming a photographer is possibly one of the best careers you could be blessed with…ella is aiming towards being an *interior designer*- you sound like a match made i heaven- you’d be lovely friends…..

    looking forward to your next post….& we LURVE your matching black nails…..sooo cool!!

    take care….melissa & ella x

  23. carla says:

    Wow Miss BC you certainly have a talent!!! I say go for it if you want to be a photographer. I’m not a photographer myself but my husband is and he knows natural talent when he sees it ;o) He insists your mum is a natural photographer as well, and I’m still waiting for the Beach Cottage book!!!! xx

  24. You are such a lovely girl to help your Mum take such lovely photos! It is fun to see behind the scenes… and the best part is that you are your Mum are making wonderful memories together. I love your nails! and your Mum’s slippers!!

    love from America,

  25. Tricia Rose says:

    I agree with Carla – natural photographic talent (and not every beginner has luck, believe me). My favorite is the black slippers and camellias, I am tempted to say iconic! Have you noticed how in a group of photos one begins to shine out at you and you can’t forget it?

  26. Ginger says:

    So sweet that you and your mum get to spend quality time doing something you both enjoy. Her foofing and you capturing it for all the blog world to see. Especially the way she gets those great shots, sometimes lying down. Good job dear and again, I’m sure some day you will be an excellent photographer.

  27. Sandra says:

    I so admire that you both have such fun together, the room looks beautiful and love the little dresser. Just wondering what that gorgeous blue is on the inset of the drawers!

  28. Shar Y. says:

    You have done a fantastic job on this post. It is so charming and I love every word and photo. Keep up the good work, Miss BC, you do have talent!

  29. Sarah W. says:

    The photo above the one of you kneeling, fixing the settings on your camera is lovely! The focus is really great. And the one of just the chest of drawers, very good use of the whole frame. Take it from someone who was not all that great at photography in the beginning, you’ve got a good natural eye for it, and I’m sure your mom is a good teacher!

    And look at you girls, even your painting things are pretty, brushes in a stripped jug, drop cloth also with a strip!

  30. kerrie says:

    Miss Beach Cottage did it again…wonderful shoot! So fun to look at. Aspiring to be a photographer is a good idea. You have an eye for it. How lovely that you and your mum like to gather here in the bed together on your laptops. You are both so beautiful. ox

  31. Miss Beach Cottage, you are too sweet! Loved seeing this behind the scenes post. Also enjoyed the chance to check out the cameras y’all use…. :)

  32. Thanks for sharing. I think my favorite part of your photo shoot is that you and Mum did it together. My daughter is 20 and I make her pose in the aprons I make to sell. She’s always up for being in the photos and she love to take them as well.

  33. Fiona says:

    Dear Miss BC:

    I am a photographer, and I think you have a good eye for it. It’s one of those things either you have it or you don’t, and you definitely do! Must be in the genes! I loved some of the angles you shot, different, but really good.

    If you love it, go for it! I have always told my two girls to pursue what you love.

    And I’m not just being nice. Someone encouraged me when I was young and when I thanked them for helping me, they said, “Don’t forget, and when you see someone interested in photography, and you think they are talented, encourage them. Then remind them to encourage someone else.”

    Good job Miss BC! Good on ya!
    God bless, Fi

  34. Kristin says:

    Look at you following in your mums footsteps! The photo’s are wonderful! You share a special bond, your a lucky girl!!

  35. Bonnie says:

    You have a good eye, Miss BC. I’ve enjoyed reading both of your posts and scrolling through your lovely pictures. Keep it up! I know I, for one, would love to see more of your and your mother’s stuff. I almost feel like I’m in the room with you. It’s fun!

  36. DesignTies says:

    Looks like a very fun photo shoot :-) You’re lucky that you’ve got such a great photography teacher :-)

    Love the touch of light blue on the bed side table, and the fresh flowers are a the perfect little pops of colour.

    I’m sure you sleep well in that super-comfy-looking bed!!


  37. Denise says:

    Another great job Miss BC. :) It’s fun to see the “behind-the-scenes” photos and read your comments about the photo shoot. Do you share your mum’s interest in decorating?

  38. I believe you might just have the talent for a photographer. Come to Alabama in America someday and you can take mine! Great job!

  39. I love your views on photography. I think you have much talent. Thanks for sharing with us.

  40. megs says:

    So, um… Can I come take a nap there? ha ha.

    LOVE the mirrors!

  41. Miss Beach Cottage,

    We were not just being nice, we enjoy your posting. :)

    I liked the pictures, the splash of colour with the white, and your black nail polish. You two are trendy.

    You live on the opposite side of the world from me, so I enjoy looking at your site to see what it is like in Aussie.

    I live in Canada. Also by the beach, the Pacific Ocean. Check out my blog, I have a couple of beach pictures on there too. I live on the west coast in the city called Vancouver (where the Olympics were held this year). It is so beautiful here.

    Thanks for posting, I hope to read more and see more of your pictures!


  42. Vicki K says:

    Does your mum really use such a cute striped jug to hold her paintbrushes? Now that’s high living! :)

  43. Loved it! Love your blog! The messy bed doesn’t look messy – it looks like it’s meant to be that way. Do you have a post about your Mum? Cause wow- she looks like a teen herself! How nice the two of you do this together. I’d love to read about her and her photography etc. More mum!

  44. Well, Miss Beach Cottage….it seems that you have inherited every single ounce of your mum’s talent! You are certainly destined to become a photographer, missy! lol! You have a very artistic eye for sure, and I truly enjoyed seeing your pics today. It must be heaven on earth to live in the wonderful little beach cottage, isn’t it? Keep up the great work! And I look forward to seeing and hearing more from you in the future!

    xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

  45. Miss BC, as far as I am concerned you are a “real photographer” already!!

  46. bec says:

    lovely post.
    THanks miss bc

  47. Karen says:

    I think this room looks amazing. I love what you did to the bedside table. Very inviting. The photography is great too!

  48. Angie C. says:

    Hi, just wanted to let you know that I am featuring your blog along with a few others in my series “Beautiful Blogs I Found”.

  49. Jennifer says:

    A joy to hear from you again, Miss BC! Great pics! I’m so glad to hear your mom’s room isn’t always that tidy! It makes me feel so much better! :-) No, really. The room, and your mom, are amazing! Thanks for the blogging. Keep it up!

  50. toni moya says:

    I loved your blog today! and I really love, love, love, all of this white.
    here in arizona, we have those same red/pinky flowers {I guess they’re flowers!} a lovely bright spot amid all that white.
    very nice!

  51. Michelle says:

    You did such a great job Miss BC . And its obvious from the photos that you and your mum had a great time together doing it .Keep up the good work ….and I’m loving the black nails .

  52. Katherine says:

    Love the photos – great to see both of your perspectives on things. I do this with my boys they love to take pictures and aged 3 and 9, have very different perspectives from me.

  53. Elizabeth says:

    You would make a great professional photographer Miss B.C. Thank you for showing us just how you prepare a ‘shoot” for the blog.
    I particularly love the photo with your Mum’s pretty slippers – very clever photography….I can see you following in your Mum’s footsteps and I can see your Mum being very proud of you.

  54. Linda Jenkins says:

    Well done Miss BC. The room looks great and as a Mum I know that it’s lovely to share a hobby with one of your kids:)

    • Kate B says:

      Yeah – as a someone whose not a Mum, I know that too…gotta love the ‘I’m a Mum and therefore I know’ brain implantation….

  55. Kerri says:

    Your mum might be right about lots of things, but she’s way off the mark if she thinks no-one will comment on your gorgeous photos – way to go, Miss BC! Love your shots, you are seriously talented, and I can forsee a big future in photography for you! Oh, and I’d like to request more guest posts please! K xx

  56. vosgesparis says:

    you are getting more comment then me in my last post little miss BC So I guess you did a good job again.
    I love to see how you and your mum are having fun together Me and my daughter were the same when she was smaller ;)

  57. alaurajane says:

    I agree Well Done Miss BC… I love all the photos,,, your Mum takes them most beautiful photos of just about any thing,,, and I think you are on your was as well,,,, you have a wonderful teacher……. have a great week.


  58. Mary Lemon says:

    Miss BC, I’m soooooooooo impressed. You are already a good photographer and you sound a lot like your “mum”. We say mom here in the good ole USA. I hope you will blog some more as you do add a lot to what your mum already has said about a room. Loved the addition of the red flowers. And I want those velvet slippers. Great job!!!

  59. Glenda says:

    A darling post . . . when are you going to start your own blog?


    P.S. Both of my daughters blog and I love reading their blogs.

  60. lizzy says:

    You are just too good! Love your pics, love your dialogue, love to encourage you and I am a bit of a ‘lurker’ and dont tend to comment but the teacher and mum in me so wants to encourage you..great work..keep having fun ..dont forget to remind your mum we still love her too!

  61. Donna says:

    Miss Beach Cottage, You are absolutely gorgeous! Keep blogging …. perhaps you should start a blog for lovely young girls like yourself, I know my daughter would love it.

  62. Beverly says:

    Grreat job! You have a good eye behind the camera–and a wonderful relationship with your mom. I think you should have your own blog.

  63. andrea frost says:

    dear sarah & miss BC…it all looks totally scrumptious…& Miss BC you have done a fabulous job all round..

    xx andrea (the pink poodle)!!

  64. Jennifer P says:

    Hi Miss Beach Cottage, You are very talented with your camera and I love the photographs. I have only recently found your Mum’s blog when I was looking for inspiration for our home and I am addicted to it already. We too live in a very old house near the sea and I can only dream that one day our home may look a little bit like your gorgeous home . Keep up the great work!

  65. Cindy S. says:

    Hello Miss BC,
    Nice to hear from you again. I love what you have said and the photo’s that you chose to use. You will no doubt be a great photographer, you seem to have the eye for it. You also have a great sense of humor, like your mum. (I am from Canada, where we also say mum, not mom like the Americans do.)
    I love the bedroom furniture, the iron bed is beautiful and the dresser is GoRgEoUs!!! I want one like that. The linens on the bed are also beautiful, I am always on the lookout for white bedding and old crocheted blankets or tablecloths that can be used as a spread.
    Great post!
    Hugs, Cindy S

  66. Anna says:

    Love the photos. I love the pictures of the paint brushes and paint. Great post.

  67. Anna says:

    p.s. I read your blog all the time.

  68. Marnie A says:

    Love behind the scenes.Look forward to more.

  69. I enjoyed the play-by-play commentary and the photos. You have a great way of sharing your personality through your writing. You and your mum are both very talented!!


  70. Sue says:

    Great photos….love the one of your mums slippers and the flowers..and the tray with the paint pots.
    Say..ask your mum what she is doing this Thursday..coffee time?

  71. Susan says:

    No beginners luck, Miss Beach Cottage. The room is awesome and I love your pictures. The camelias were a extra special touch. I can’t believe how nice the bedside table turned out and that bed looks extra cozy. Love the comfy pillow pic.

    Susan from Florida

  72. Tamara says:

    Hello from Austin, Texas. :-) I love looking at your pictures, and they fun you two have together is just adorable!

  73. Judy Perkins says:

    You are wonderful!

    I was sent to work in Sydney and choose to live in Maly. . . In the building right across from the ferry. What a pleasant suprise when I saw your contact information . . . Of course!.

  74. LaPriel says:

    Fun post. Hope you make it past 100! I love the pic at the end of the black slippers and flowers! I think you will make it as a photographer when you grow up.

  75. Paula says:

    Beautiful pics and I love the branch of bougainvillea……that is what those flowers are isn’t it? You are going to be a fab photographer someday my girl

  76. Well Miss Beach Cottage, I’m lucky 75th comment writer so you are well on the way to 100. I love your behind the scenes photos and I think sometimes these are as good or better than the planned shots. Always follow your dreams and passions. When you are a famous photographer we’ll be able to say we knew you when you were still little Miss Beach Cottage.
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne

  77. Rebecca says:

    Definately not just being nice – we want to encourage you to keep blogging and taking photos – can never have to many Beach Cottage Miss or Mrs’s in the world (I don’t think I spelt that correctly!) You take superb photos just like your mum. I hope one day my little girl loves spending time with me the way you do with your mum ! Its great to see you both having so much Decor FUN together !

  78. Sharon Forward says:

    What comes across is the lovely bond you and your mum share that is wonderful to see….
    plus you go girl and become a famous photographer…
    your mum must be a wonderful inspiration to you……xx

  79. You wrote it just lovely my dear! Fabulous pictures and what a stunning room! Looks like interior designing runs in your blood.
    I’m so in love with your (and your mum’s blog) that I added your site to my blogroll!

    : )

  80. Janelle says:

    Love today’s post! You have your mums talent and her eye for photography but with your own unique spin on it :) Hope you’re enjoying the holidays while they last!! Say hi to your mum for me :)

  81. Elisabeth says:

    I hope my daughter and I can have as much fun as you two decorating and “foofing about” when she is older!

  82. Susy says:

    This has bought me out of lurkerdom to say WONDERFUL…

  83. Donna says:

    Not bad for a girl from Sydney!
    If I send you a photo of my bathroom maybe you could give me some ideas on how to pretty it up….or maybe just some ideas on how to photograph it better!
    Your photography skills are coming on well. It’s great that you have started early and that Mum can teach you….and before long you’ll be telling HER how to do it!
    Have a great day.
    Donna from Brissie

  84. Carol says:

    Hiya Miss BC.

    I am loving your behind the scenes posts.


  85. Paddy says:

    So happy to try to crack the 100 again. So much fun Miss Beach Cottage. You two are lucky to be able to share your passions and love of nail polish with each other. And thankyou for sharing that with us too. I think we stalkers should feel v privileged.

  86. Kacey says:

    Gorgeous photos! What a fun “behind the scenes” peek!

  87. Michelle says:

    Aha, you sneaked this post in while I was busy so I’m just catching up today. A great fun post and the photos are looking fab – I liked your paint tin shots! Reminds me of the messing around I do with my girl though she’s quite a bit younger than you and still mastering the skill of getting something in shot. Nice talking to you Miss BC….

  88. Melinda says:

    A lovely job on the blog and the photos!

  89. Roberta says:

    Well Sweet Missy! Beautiful job and so much fun to read. Bravo! Your room looks loverly. xo