ANTHROPOLOGIE GIVEAWAY & A Beach Cottage Sweet Little Chat with Kasey

Tue 20th, Jul, 2010

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G’day Beach Cottagers, guess what (and if you Facebook with me, you’ll already know)?  I’m having an ANTHROPOLOGIE giveaway today to celebrate a little something (well actually it was a large something for me) I recently purchased from the lovely ANTHRO, that I’ll be showing you soon…

Anyway I have a lovely gal over here with us today…thought you might like to come sit with a drink while we chat…her name is Kasey and she blogs right here and after lots of my readers here told me I’d just lurve her blog I never did quite make it over there until a few months ago…and they were right…it’s a funny old world this blogging one is it not?…getting to know people over the oceans in their home towns from the study of a tatty old cottage on the beaches of Sydney

…sit back and enjoy the ride, this girl is right up my alley…shame I can’t go have a drink with her in France…and yep she really does look that good in skirts…


Thank you sarah for inviting me over to chit chat about my little world. Grab yourself a glass of wine…and make yourself at home.
Oops….i forgot that Sarah is allergic to wine….oh dear. Everyone has permission to have an extra glass for her then…and i myself…might have an extra also.Just one though…because anymore then two…i might make hot dogs for dinner….and we don’t want that.

well it is a sad and gloomy world for those of us who get an adult-onset wine allergy, I do not recommend it at all Kasey, though for sure it hasn’t stopped me making hot dogs for dinner

So I am a pretty new reader of your blog, when did you start blogging and why?
I started blogging a few years ago when i had a brick & mortar shop…it was a way to let my customers know what was going on in our little world. ….but then i closed my shop….and started talking more about my family and life…with a bit about my style.

sigh I just love your style….

How do you fit in running a successful blog and being a mum to three?
Oh boy….the whole balance question. I’ve always stated….blog comes first….family comes second.
i mean cooking and cleaning first….blogging second…then family last.
I really believe that if you put family first…then you end up being the mom servant…you end up cooking and cleaning for them…maybe dressing the kids in the morning and making sure hair is brushed.
ugh. who really wants that?
Alright….i’ll come clean….i’ll fess up and tell the truth.
Sometimes my family comes first……actually….somehow they always come first….and the blog comes in a clean last.
I tend to write about my life and kids quite a bit…..so the balance is there…i just write about life…my life.

hmm so you’re telling me that I shouldn’t really have been locking my kids in a cupboard for the last year so that I can blog?  Is that right?


You and I seem to share a love of vintage things, what are some of your favourite pieces in your home?
I love mixing vintage with clean modern look. I love white slip covered sofa’s…but i also love industrial….so mixing
the two is easy.
I just bought an old door that had a beveled mirror on it at the flea market…it has to be one of my favorite pieces right now.I bought it for a steal….and that is one thing i proud myself on…is finding pieces that are very inexpensive.
I don’t believe you have to spend a fortune to make your home beautiful….it might take time….but it doesn’t have to be expensive.

same here, I am loving a bit of industrial at the moment too and yep its always good for the pocketbook to shop from fleamarkets and even better if one steals furniture from outside other people’s houses


How does the white and Frenchy look work with the kiddos?
My kids are not allowed in any of the rooms with furniture…i really try and keep them in their bedrooms
all day if possible. If they are caught touching one of my antique ironstone pitchers…then i tie them to the tree out front and they have to stay there all day. It’s the only thing that works…otherwise they would be jumping all over my white furniture and touching all of my pretty things.

oh wow I thought that was only my dirty little secret, I wonder do you feed them while they are tied up or like me do you throw the odd pack of chips at them while you style your sofa??

Alright….not really…i only tied them to that tree ONE time…..and i promise never to do it again.
pinky promise!
My style is what my kids know…..its all they know. I have white slip covered sofa’s from Ikea….which i think i wash on a semi-weekly basis….and slip covered white really is do able with children..plus white just yells…clean and comfortable.

you said it girlie

I know a girl who has a magazine worthy home….but does not let her children in most of the rooms. I don’t want my children growing up like that….i want my children to remember how their home is pretty…but that they are welcome everywhere…its their home as well.
Some of us might remember growing up and having that one room…the FAMILY ROOM….that was for ADULTS only….and really…it was the only room that only got used a few times a year.
Not here in my house….family room is for family…..all of them…dirty hands and all.
Even though…the next time i find an ant pile because one of the children “accidentally” left a popsicle wrapper under the sofa….i’m sending them to live in Australia.

they’d fit in well Down Under in a tatty old cottage with white sofas that grow chocolate wrappers under pillows…

So how come you ended up where you are now and how’s that different to California?
We moved here to the Chicago area 3 years ago from Colorado due to my husbands job relocation.
That was the toughest move ever….because i really felt settled. { we lived in the San Fran bay area before moving to colorado}.
I love living here….and have made some really fabulous friends. It’s the weather that kills me…i really do
not love the frigid cold of winter.
If the chance come to move again…i think we would move back to the bay area of Cali.
I love the mild winters in which i can still layer my clothes {i have an Anthro shopping problem}..
and we can be near the beach….the wine country {i love my wine….}…and the mountains.

really, I never woulda picked up that you love wine ;-) 

hmm I’m thinking I need to find me some Anthro layering for Sydney winters

tell me again, quite how do you make fabulous friends when re-locating, i haven’t quite cracked that yet??

A strange thing has happened to me since I started reading your blog…I have swapped my jeans & flip flops for skirts and find myself incessantly oggling hair clips, do you have this effect on other people too?
Sarah…..i love your look….don’t change a thing!
I can’t really wear jeans because when i sit down….my belly fat oozes over…so that is why i wear skirts…elastic band around the waste.
I don’t really wear flip flops because of my toe fungus.
My hair clips are only because i have a huge bald spot on my head…so the hair clips always disguise that.

oh wow, you mean if I do skirts I won’t have an oozing muffin top?  

ahh yes, I see now those shoes are good for disguising fungus…


I heard you used to do Fashion Friday, is that coming back anytime soon?
I loved doing fashion friday….and will start back up soon.
Thank you for giving me the OKAY to go out and buy more clothes…because i must have new clothes in order to do fashion friday.
If my husband calls you because i told him you said okay….then just go with it.

ok, no worries…a little birdie I know named Darcy told me husbands on your side of the water and my pommie accent go down quite well, so I might be able to work a little something out with him…

What’s some of your fave places to shop…for shoes and homewares and girly things?
I really do love Ikea…and a place here in the states called Homegoods. I love perusing thru Anthro’s home
department…to get ideas…then finding the things elsewhere for less.
I find a lot of my shoes at T.J.Maxx…but will spend some good dollars on boots when Anthro debut’s their fall line up.
I’m a boot girl…..and i love me some ruffled slip covered furniture.

how very funny…I love IKEA too ;-) and boy-oh-boy have I heard a mint about Homegoods…bring on my trip to the States that’s coming up….rocking Anthro and Homegoods…

Hey did you get the styling call from Anthro yet ;-) ??
Not yet Sarah……why……do you know someone that could hook me up?

oh don’t worry I have connections…it won’t be long…think you may well have to tie the kids up tho ;-)

Do you have plans brewing for your blog and what is coming up next at your place?
I don’t have one single plan brewing at the moment……other then getting thru the summer
with three kids home and a mountain of laundry pilling up in the corner.
This last year has been pretty amazing…i was able to travel to France with a close friend…it was my
first visit there…..and have been writing here and there for some places {like here…thank you sarah}..
but my life is really content right now.
I just take life as it comes…..one day at a time. If something presents itself….then we will see….but so far…
no one has knocked on my door and asked if they could be my personal chef for a year…..so right now…i’ll just keep cooking boxed meals for my family and documenting about it on my blog.

same here Kasey, my doorbell sure ain’t been ringing off with requests for my services so guess I’m right there with you…cooking fish fingers and just bloggin’ along for the ride 

201007-Anthropologie-Giveaway-19 201007-Anthropologie-Giveaway-20
Hope you enjoyed our chat and if you don’t know Kasey, go say G’day!

And just because I fancy it and because I am surely revving up to my trip to the States whereupon the good people at Anthropologie have offered me a couple of nights in one of their Cali shops, this post has an ANTHROPOLOGIE giftcard giveaway attached to it… OPEN WORLDWIDE tho’ if you win and you are in Aus or somewhere tricky for Anthro it’ll be from somewhere very nearly as nice :-)


all you gotta do to win is :-

tell me which homey pic in this post of Kasey’s ya love?

or much more interestingly

and because she pretends she doesn’t have a lot of them

but I think she rather does

let me know 

what you think of her shoes? 

I’ll be seeing you sweeties around…





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388 Responses to “ANTHROPOLOGIE GIVEAWAY & A Beach Cottage Sweet Little Chat with Kasey”

  1. Deborah says:

    Love her yellow w/white polka dot strappy sandals. Beautiful!

    homemakerhoney @ gmail .com

  2. Angie says:

    I love the picture with all the white jugs on that gorgeous trolley and that fabulous mirror and those devine little clocks.

    Kasey could definately make any shoes look great with legs like hers.

  3. Bev says:

    Wow I bookmarked this one for following already…love the Hotel Paris one with the Ballons…hope I win

  4. Kate says:

    I love everything! But I really love the white cork shoes in the old luggage, adorable!

  5. Sarah SB says:

    heavenly…..love the shoes…just divine! I am off to dream…….XO

  6. Janet says:

    Oh my, the gray heels with the ruffles on the front…to die for…

  7. Tovah says:

    Her shoes are amazing! I love peep toes! She really does have great style. My favorites were the yellow ones! So cheerful:)

  8. Jayme says:

    I love the picture of the round travel case lined in sky blue with the pretty shoes and yellow flowers. So cute!

  9. Quinn says:

    Gosh I loved all the pictures! The gorgeous blue wall with the Hotel Paris sign was probably my favorite. And the one with the three distressed white picture frames. I kept coming back to it. This surprised me since I’m not a huge fan of the distressed look. And the picture with all that great ironstone…….

  10. Shirley says:

    I love the cake in the bird cage. And of course, her shoes are to die for.

  11. Redlilocks says:

    Loving the living room pics – wow that bird chandelier is AMAZING. And the ruffled front shoes (they look purple-y in the sunshine) are gorgeous!!

    What a funny interview, really enjoyed it!!

  12. Yeah the bird chandy caught me eye too. So tongue in cheek, I liked the written as much as the pics! I confess I am having a moment where I am thinking of toning down my color lovin living space and calm it with neutrals…argh. I lived the first 20 years with white damask slipcovers and now I have toile of every color everywhere it seems….Kasey has a bit more color than you Sarah..but still calming and lovely to look at..hmm

  13. Hey, Sarah!

    My favorites were the blush pink shoes – so lovely!!!



  14. Lovely Mrs E says:

    Oh, My! I loved everything about your interview – no, your conversation – that I was eavesdropping on. Mostly, I just want to be y’alls bestest friends! If I had known about that tying children to the tree thing I could have had white couches! Kasey – I share your pain in moving as two years ago I moved from San Antonio to Nebraska! Talk about CoLD! Finally, Anthropologie…..sigh…. if there is Heaven on earth (ok, one that doesn’t involved fresh air and tropical breezes) it has to be that amazing store!
    I may spend more actual time and money in Target – but my dreams are all Anthro! Now…with a chance to WIN a gift card – I already have my eye on the cutest little bird knobs. Seriously, they are calling my name!

  15. joAnna says:

    my fav pic is the teal blue lined case with the shoes inside and yellow flower – I’m a sucker for anything teal! Love both your blogs, thanks for the smile.


  16. alikaye says:

    I too have been following Kasey’s blog for awhile and she has just the most amazing style! And those shoes are dream worthy…not really the weather here in Melbourne at the moment to be lusting after peep toe shoes though!

    Love the clock faces on the wall…have not seen this photo before…I assume it is from her blog….will have to search through the archives me thinks…


  17. Tiff says:

    What a great style she has. I love the pic of her relaxing on a daybed on the grass with the gorgeous ruffled-front shoes. I want shoes (& legs) like that!

  18. Renee says:

    Actually…i like the pics of her shoes….

  19. annie says:

    Oh……….Oh, I love all the pictures. I love all the shoes. The picture I think speaks to me the most is the one of the pink chair, the three pictures, and the white curtain tied back. You can just feel the sunshine coming in, the light and airy feeling. And, truly, I love all the shoes. I wish I could wear them as daintily and comfortably as she seems to. The shoes I like best, though, are the yellow t-strap ones and the yellow polka-dotted slingback ones. I love yellow shoes. :) Thanks so much.

  20. Susan says:

    I LOVE the purple/gray shoes with the ruffles on top. Second are the yellow polka dots. SO CUTE!!

  21. Virginia says:

    I’m a shoeaholic…so I love the White shoes in the blue trimmed box with the yellow flowers! It just pops!

  22. Marthanow says:

    I liked all of the pictures actually. So fresh and fun!
    I have to say tho’ the grey platforms with the ruffle down the front were my fav shoes. I think because I have the same pair in black. Even tho’ I am 5’9″ and they make me way over 6 feet tall I feel so awesome in them I wear them all the time.
    Hope I win…pick me , pick me!!

  23. Sherry says:

    Oh my do we have to pick a favorite room. This was a great interview. I love the wall of clock faces. I am out to find me some for a wall in my living room I just have not been able to decide what to do with. Chippy mirror, check, ironstone and other white dodads, check and I have a similar stand check. Now bring on the clock faces. I love all different kinds of shoes, but mostly I am a barefoot kind of gal. Thanks for sharing!!!

  24. Amy Cornwell says:

    I LOVE her shoes! And my favorite pictures (besides her wardrobe/shoe inspiration) is her framed mirrors. They are gorgeous!

  25. Nikki says:

    I had to do a double take on the mirrors. At first glance I thought it was display in a living room then I saw the glass shelf and realized it was a bathroom. I truly love mirrors and clocks and try to find a way to incorporate them anywhere. I loved all the different shapes and colors of the mirrors. It gave me a great idea for my powder bath. Thanks for the great interview. BTW her purple shoes are fantastic.

  26. Kristin says:

    What a great interview! I’ve been reading her blog for about a year and just love it! She is my kind of girl! Love the picture of just her legs and shoes, very sexy and cute :)
    Take care

  27. Shoes are something I love shopping for since my shoe size doesn’t vary quite like my clothes! It could be just me. I think Kasey has some great shoes. I love the ones in the case.

    Also love her wall of mirrors and her wall of clock faces!

  28. Teresa says:

    Love the shoes but then who wouldn’t.

  29. Kelly says:

    I like the picture of Kasey at the flea market. Seeing how she rocks the aviators with a flirty cotton dress is a living example of how industrial and vintage can mix!

  30. DeAna says:

    What a great interview!!! I think I’m going to get some rope and go ahead with sewing those white slip covers.
    Schools out in a week for me and then it’s painting an abundance of furniture white, sewing white slipcovers and having all the time I want to read great blogs…
    Sarah, when you paint furniture, is it sticky for a while? What am I doing wrong? Is it because of the paint choice? Am I not letting it “cure” long enough? I am asking the expert.

  31. Shugee says:

    Sarah, this post had me smiling. “)
    I love the first photo with the white ballons and what she did with her choice of her paint color and all the beautiful contrast in her room and the photo with the white ironstone and wire baskets, it’s a difficult choice. Many beautiful photos, she is a talented lady. The sweet photo of her on the whit iron bench. Her legs are beautiful.
    Thanks to the two of you for this fantastic post. :)

  32. I love the photo with the distressed mirror and the clock faces all around it. The baskets are divine! Thanks for the introduction — and the giveaway! Our city is getting our very own Anthropologie this October and I can’t wait!

  33. Crystal says:

    Hi, I just found your blog yesterday…..so happy now!! I’ve actually been a reader of Kasey’s blog, so this blogging world is really a small one. Anyway, I’ve always loved her dining room, plus her iron stone stash (guessing that’s in the dining room). So glad to have found you!

  34. Pam says:

    What a treat-you and Kasey together! I am loving the little lone french chair with the sun streaming in through the billowy curtain-and oh, please don’t get me started on the shoes, or we’d be here all day…….thanks for the continuing inspiration, Sarah!

  35. Ginger says:

    Wow, I read her blog and love not only her style, but her sense of humor. She kills me. I love the photo shoot of her friend. She has a great eye for photography. Her shoes…there are no words. I LOVE THEM ALL….

  36. Christy says:

    Oh love love the hat boxes!!
    So the shoes in the blue satin lined suitcase/hatbox? Thats my fav!!

  37. Easie Peasie says:

    I totally {heart} the yellow & white polka dot heels. Oh my they are GORG!

  38. zaira says:

    Hi sarah!! I enjoyed so much this chat with Kasey, she’s one of my fav daily readings……
    For what concerns her home I’m crazy in love with Lola’s room, that little pretty corner with the chair under the 3 pictures.
    And I think she has a gift for choosing shoes. After seeing hers I want to throw away mine….the yellow ones are my favourite ever!!!!

    We don’t have Anthro in Italy so it would be a big win!!!
    Thanks for the amazing giveaway!!

    xx Zaira

  39. Arielle says:

    I love the little white slides in the blue hatbox for two reasons. 1)They’re so cute! 2) I actually like them so much that I bought them for my bridesmaids to wear in our wedding a few years ago. So fun to see them in this post!
    Thanks so much for hosting such a great giveaway! Our area recently got an Athropologie, but I haven’t gotten to buy anything there yet- just lots of window shopping and drooling!

  40. Lark says:

    What an inspiration! And, how could I pick just one pair from that lovely collection of shoes…I love them all. I’ll have to make my way to TJ Maxx a bit more. Yesterday afternoon I stopped in at my local Home Goods in Seal Beach, CA and found some pieces to complete my Thanksgiving serving dishes. It is a great place and for $24 (including tax) I got a platter, a serving plate, and a bowl to serve cranberry sauce. I already got my huge turkey platter and another serving bowl there last year for a steal. Love that place! Speaking of your trip to CA, have you heard about the big antique flea market in Pasadena that happens once a month? There is also one nearby in Long Beach that is much smaller.

  41. Suzanne says:

    Oh, I love the bird cage turned cake holder with the lovely hand-lettered “eat me” tag – that made me smile. But all of the photos are so pretty – what a fun blog and the latest addition to my list of reader! Thank you for the sweet giveaway!

  42. Debbie says:

    Wooohooo! no wonder you like this style….hmmmmm…reminds me a little of you…very fun!!
    LOVE the shoes that she’s wearing on the daybed outside.
    Thank you for sharing yet another great blog to follow Sarah.

  43. Shar Y. says:

    I love the photo of the bench for a coffee table with the white slip chair and the folding chair. And, the aqua-ish walls. Love all of the shoes. I already subscribe to her blog and really enjoy her sense of humor.

  44. What’s not to love? Each photos is dreamier than the last! I love clever simplicity of her business cards (I think that’s what those are). The photo of the yellow shoes on the rustic crate also caught my eye. A perfect contradiction of color and elegance with neutral and weathered. Beautiful!

  45. Hi there….how lovely a day to have an Anthro giveaway! I read Kaseys blog aswell, and think she is too funny, and very talented indeed! I love the picture of the dresser with the mirror and 3 hat boxes… As for shoes….I love the opentoed, slip ons in the cicle luggage case, i love that luggage case too! I can see wearing those myself! xo have a great Tuesday!

  46. Sara says:

    Aaaah the yellow polka dot shoes! Adorable! Thanks for the giveaway!

  47. It’s so hard to choose a favorite…the bird chandelier…the mirror and clock faces, the white balloons…

    I have to go redecorate something… :)

  48. michelle says:

    love the white slip cover just did mine and i do have murcury glass better get it out!

  49. Tami C. says:

    How fun is Kasey?! I would love to be sitting at her sunny little table this morning while having my coffee.

  50. I think wearing the skirts is the best idea in a long time!

  51. megs says:

    I think I’m dreaming. I am a longtime reader of both B.C. and Lola B’s and it just so happens that I love Anthro even through I can’t afford to go there, ha ha.

    1) I love the pic of Kasey in France. It was her dream to go there and you can see in her eyes what a magical time she had!

    2) She also has the most amazing collection of shoes (and boots), even though it isn’t that big! And one of her cutest pairs came from TJ Maxx!


  52. Nish says:

    I just found this blog this morning, and I am SO GLAD I did! What an amazing place. My favorite picture is the shot of her looking down at her feet… in the grey shoes (which I LOVE)

  53. melissa says:

    hiya sarah- i am a major kasey visitor….when i look at all those photos above i almost laugh out loud remembering the stories attached to them….in fact some of those shoes were multiple buys- she went for one pair and came back with three…..that gal is just tooo funny….
    i think she could make a cracker of a novel recollecting- or just using her blog enteries- of her travels with simone in france! brilliant!

    so gorgeous giveaway lovely girl….and as i said on f.b i am anxiously awaiting my european anthro catalogue……
    lucky you off to the good ol us of a….

    melissa xx

    • melissa says:

      ooops and i love the pink frilly shoes…oh and the mauve ones with her red toenails….and the bluey purple ones with the frill up the front……
      and the shoes in the travel bag….at the ready!
      m x

  54. Lolo says:

    Who DOESNT just adore Kasey?! Her style is amazing – both on the walls AND on her feet! Love that girl :)
    My fav pair of her shoes are actually a pair of Anthro boots that she has worn and posted about before. So stinkin cute.

    And my fav pic from this post is her collection of ironstone on the industrial rack with all of the clock faces on the wall….or is it the birdcage displaying her daughters birthday cake….no….its the one of her in France – she fits right in, huh?

    Thanks for featuring Kasey and her blog – and for the amazing Anthro giveaway. Im sure that a kitty-cat fight will ensue after the winner is announced ;)


    ps – I will still love coming to your blog even if I dont win. I will be content adding Anthro items to my online cart and never checking out :D

  55. Elsina says:

    I love the interior photos, the livingroom with the two bottles in the tray or the one of the little bistro tableset. All of them are so dreamy and inspirational! As for shoes, I am totally not in shoes LOL I can’t wear heels and just wouldn’t know which one I like.

  56. Nikki says:

    Loving her mismatched mirrors! Great style!

  57. Marcia says:

    Thanks so much for introducing us to Kasey.She is one funny and talented lady. I loved the photo with that turquoise door, although they were all wonderful. When are you coming to Cali and what part of the state will you be in? There are alot of us here that would love to meet you :-)

  58. kasey says:

    now it just wouldn’t be fair if i won that anthro gift card now …would it.
    thank you for the lovely interview my friend…..you are fabulous.
    xo mahalo!

  59. Kathy B. says:

    Ohhhhh! Love the shoes! I have issues with my feet and don’t get to wear cute shoes very often, but I can enjoy when other people do!!

    My fav picture is the one with the little white table set up for tea. Looks like the perfect place to sit and chat with a friend you haven’t seen in a while.

    Thank you both for writing your blogs and continuing to inspire us! K

  60. Becky says:

    Oh, the shoes! I love pics of her shoes! Kasey’s got the best personal and home style, and I want to copy every bit of it. Maybe a free trip to Anthro will help. ;)

  61. burlap+blue says:

    personally, I love the pic of her holding the Flea Market chick tee…oh and the one of the yellow shoes:) Just discovered your blog, so glad I did!

  62. burlap+blue says:


  63. Denise says:

    Shoes, shoes and more shoes. I love Kasey’s shoes, they are so girly and romantic.

  64. Janna says:

    I love Kasey! Her blog is beautiful and hilarious!

    As far as her shoes? They look fantastic on her, but I look silly in peep toe shoes… :(

  65. meeyeehere says:

    The one with the blue door and the lovely white skirt,that is my favorite!!! Her legs look lovely,she looks amazing and really happy!!!! It makes me happy and jealous,all at the same time.

  66. Bethany says:

    Hi LOVE that you introduced me to this blog! Being a SF bay area girl I can now find out what flea markets are the best to go to!! So thank you! I truly adore the chair with the frames and that lush white curtain taking in the afternoon light! I want to sit there and put on those cute pink peep toe shoes!!! And since I cannot afford anything from Anthro but want everything, here’s crossing my fingers I win!!!!

  67. I LOVE Kasey’s style….it’s very much what I love too!

    Great interview….love a gal with a sense of humor!!

  68. Erin says:

    I love her shoes! Truly love them … but I think she has magic feet, because if I put those shoes on I think I would look totally ridiculous.

  69. Michelle H says:

    I love the image of the little round table all set for tea, simply beautiful!

    Those gray shoes she is wearing while kicking back on an outdoor chaise are lovely as well!

    Michelle H

  70. Cheryl Sparks says:

    OK, so I love the shoes with the bow in the hat box…. because I adore the hat box!!! I really love her flats in the first photo….. But I adore her wicked sense of humor….
    Kasey, you are fabulous… and Sarah, I don’t go a day without checking in to visit…

  71. tara says:

    i’ve been crushing on Kasey for a while as she’s an original! funny! inspiring!
    not because she sent me a gorgeous necklace in the mail…nope, not at all.
    i love the tea party pic of Lola’s room & her fabulous ruffled flats she wore in France.
    thank you.

  72. Nickki says:

    I love the pic with the white pitchers, blue wall, clock faces and shabby mirror. I also love he shoes with the ruffle on them in the outdoor pic. I have never seen her blog and now I must visit.

  73. Becky says:

    What a great giveway! Who doesn’t love Anthro?!

  74. Elise says:

    I totally have those gray ruffle shoes! And I love them! I love all of Lola B’s shoes, of course! This is a great interview! :)

  75. Barbara says:

    Oh gosh! All of the pretty shoes… I adore the dove grey peep-toe shoes, especially with the bright red nail polish!

  76. Fiona says:

    I am a chair freak….love them! SOOOO the window pic with the darling chair to the left of it is my fave!!!

    And the shoes are super fun…I like shoes too. I won’t tell you how many pairs I have.

  77. Dawn Stauffer says:

    I love her in the gray, ruffled skirt. I read her blog all the time. She has such a way with words! (And funny things to say about her kids).

  78. Bonnie says:

    Here’s hoping I have a better time posting my comment this time. Last time I kept getting a server error. Probably because so many people say the same thing… who couldn’t love Kasey? I have been reading Lola B’s for about a year now. Adore her photos, drooled over her Paris trip. In this stack of pictures, though, I’d have to say the cake in the birdcage is my favorite. I’ve been coveting that birdcage for a few months now, ever since I first saw it on her blog.

  79. i LOVE the picture of the little breakfast table! great interview and WONDERFUL pictures! :)

  80. Megan says:

    I LOVE the picture of the cake in the birdcage – love, love, love. And if I had the yellow sandals I would where them everyday. I’m thrilled to be able to now be a reader of this blog! I follow Kasey’s and even advertise my small business on there. Great post!

  81. Oh wow! I love Kasey, I love her house and her style. She cracks me up! I keep telling her I am going to need to start buying depends if she keeps on being so funny in her posts! :)

  82. Hi Sarah! Just had to take this chance to leave a comment because my sweet bloggy friend Kasey is just incredible and I love her so (and of course, her style is AMAZING and I adore those pink shoes). Thanks for featuring her here on your just-as-beautiful blog. You are both such an inspiration!!

    (Please don’t enter me for this drawing….even though I’d love to go to Anthro….because I already won an Anthro gift card from you…many thanks for that again, by the way.)


  83. Love the picture of the window and ofcourse love Anthro. I would be ecstatic if I won!!

  84. Julie says:

    Love her mirror wall. I’m trying to do the same thing and just have trouble finding “interesting” mirrors.

  85. Julie says:

    Forgot to add the yellow polka dot shoes, love them!

  86. Sam says:

    I love the photo with all the clock faces – gorgeous!

  87. Rodellee says:

    FAVE: The photo with the table and chairs accented with the bright lemon yellow, that is so sweet and so delicately summer.

    Loved all the photos especially, so much sun bleached photography, j’adore! J’adore!


  88. cassie says:

    my faveotire homey picture is definitely the wall of mirrors- it’s a great mix of modern and vintage style. i also love her shoes- the colors and the fun frills, but i can’t wear heels. can’t…..
    oh and sarah, i had a similar wine experience but it went away. so there’s hope!

  89. Leslie says:

    What is not to love about Kasey and her home! She is so witty! I can’t make up my mind, I love them all!!!

  90. Lynzy says:

    FAVE PHOTO: It is difficult to pick just one. However, I will chose the turquoise bag with the adorable shoes. What a precious picture, it is one that I would frame on my wall!

    xo Lynzy

  91. Holly says:

    Ah how to choose just one photo? I love the mercury glass bottles on the table in the foreground and burlap pillow in the background, on the white slipcovered chair. I love both her blog and yours, thank you for putting two lovely things together!

  92. Melissa says:

    I am green with envy over her home AND her shoes!

  93. Hi Sarah ~
    Oh boy, two of
    my favorite blogs,
    in one : )
    I love the picture
    with the yellow
    tea set, because
    I remember when
    Kasey wrote it ~
    really fun and sweet!
    Crossing my fingers
    as I’m an Anthro-holic
    and need a FIX!!
    xx Suzanne

  94. Courtney says:

    I simply LOVE her home & shoes! How could I possibly choose? I’m loving the lavender looking heels with the ruffle up the center…too cuuuute!

  95. Kay says:

    love those ruffly shoes.. actually I love everything!

  96. kim says:

    I love the little table with the yellow teacups. Thanks for the great post!

  97. Deborah says:

    Great banter..Kasey’s living room is my fav, just love the chandelier with the birds x

  98. mysweetgirlsx2 says:

    I absolutly love everything about Kasey from her home to her blog to her personal style! I have to control myself not to go out and buy everything she buys. My fav pic of her is actually the one she just took of her in the new antique door/mirror, it was very cool so her! I love her Anthro Ruffled Boots they are my fav, I keep checking ebay but have not scored them yet. She is a true inspiration to us in blogland :)

  99. Wendy says:

    That was so fun, Sarah! Are you two fast friends or what? lol I love the last pic of Kasey’s. I always enjoy reading both of your blogs. LOVE, LOVE! Ü

  100. Jessica Skipper says:

    I have fallen in love with the picture of the cake in the birdcage…. not only because I love birdcages but I love her chic french style… I mean who would think to do that? And I covet her blue ruffle heels those are amazing.

  101. Paula says:

    I love the high heel shoes with the ruffle. I would say they were grey, but having a quick look through the replies, they could be lilac or blue! Whatever, they are stunning. Wonder where Kasey bought them……..

  102. Kathleen Kelly says:

    Sarah, I loved the interview and the pic with the dresser (since I am currently painting a similar one) with the hat boxes on top (since I collect them).

    Re the shoes: love them! But those heels….can’t imagine wearing them everyday.

  103. Michelle says:

    I love Kaseys blog its one of my favs ,you must read her blog post from the other day when she is reminiscing about going out with her friend when she was a teenager and ringing up her dad when she missed her curfew …so funny.
    Anyway I love the photo with the silver glass( I think its called mercury glass) bottles on the white bench …so very beautiful. And as for the shoes well they are so lovely …my husband would just go nuts (in a good way) if I wore shoes like that . Sometimes I think us aussie girls are just a tad too casual.

  104. lyndsi says:

    hmmm. the one with the skirt with all the ruffles.
    what? oh that’s not a homey picture…ok. then the one with the mirror and the bazillion clocks surrounding it and the wire basket with jars in it. that’s my fave. :)
    and shoes? i’m gonna have to go with you; she def has a lot. my fave ones are the pair she’s wearing where she’s laying on the bed. the gray heals with ruffles…i dig those.

  105. Angela says:

    ooooh, as soon as I saw her yellow polka dot shoes with the bow, I thought… I have to have those.
    All of her rooms are lovely as well.

  106. Robyn says:

    Love the grey shoes with the ruffle down the front and the last shot of the lounge. Great interview Sarah.

  107. Shannon says:

    How can you pick just one, any picture of her home is absolutely gorgeous!!! I love the white slipcovered furniture as well as the picture of all the white ironstone in those great french baskets!

  108. Gina F. says:

    Sarah this is probably the best interview I have read! So candid and quirky! I love Kasey I have been reading her blog since the beginning and she has the best shoes ever, especially her boot collection from Anthro! I love her dining room, I want that chandelier!!
    Anthro rocks and they should consider hiring her as a stylist!! Thanks for a sweet giveaway!!

  109. Susan says:

    I found her blog a while back, well, not that long ago, but my fav of all time are her cards, don’t you just love the way that she does them?? Why didn’t I think of that?!?!?! Okay honestly who can pick a pic if it has an Anthro feel to it, gotta love every single thing about the style and the store….forget that I have a bit of a shopping problem and can’t stop myself, I want to find places to wear all of those cute things that I get besides the library and the grocery store. HHmmmmmm, well, that would mean more excitement in my life, maybe getting off the computer for a real world experience rather than the fabulous eye candy treats you send us!!!!hehehehe
    tons of hugs from Florida….Susan

  110. Joanie says:

    The shoes in the case…… I LOVE IT!

  111. elz says:

    Theone with the balloons by the chandelier is my favorite because it remnds me of a little girl’s party and that makes me happy. Also, her shoes? I COVET.

  112. Corie says:

    I just love the First picture of Kasey in her skirt , with those Sexy Legs and the rustic aqua door, reminds me of France and the old cobble stone roads…reminise…..
    Also love the table with the Yellow tea set , makes me Happy just looking at it Like serving up some Sunshine…
    And the Yellow shoes with the Bows well I just need to get me some before Summer I love Them
    Love your Blog Only joined Yesterday and checked out all the Blogs on your Blogroll wow , got heaps of inspiration and have been dreaming of shabby chairs and the furniture I Can paint Thanks x

  113. Celeste says:

    The shoes? Amazing. The outfit (yellow & gray ensemble)? Totally “me.” [love] The cake in the birdcage? fabulous.

  114. Jennifer says:

    Kasey’s rooms are comfortable, fresh and fun. It was hard to decide which one I would want to escape to. I loved ALL her shoes, but then I have a shoe fetish too!

  115. Sandie says:

    Lovelovelove those shoes! Especially the ruffled t-straps and the ones in the hatbox. Also that lovely teally-turquosy door she is leaning against all peely and weather is WONDERFUL!
    I feel an urge now to go shoe shopping!

  116. Mallory B says:

    LOVE the shoes!! Especially the ones in the gorgeous hatbox. Great sense of style, TJMaxx is the place to go for some good shoes!

  117. cheryl says:

    love the photo with the linen curtain and fireplace filled with vintage suitcases!

  118. Hi Sarah
    i love the picture with the cake under the old birdcage……its the mix of old and new which is so appealing…..thank you for introducing kasey i will have to go and have a look at her blog…..

  119. Jana says:

    I just love Kasey! I absolutely love the last picture…I don’t think I’ve seen it. I love the suitcases in the mantle! Seriously great idea. I just passed up a suitcase at Goodwill today…it was 22 bucks though….that’s steep, even for vintage and especially for goodwill!

  120. Jana says:

    And the shoes…hmm…yellow polka dot pair for SURE. love those.

  121. Jana says:

    and finally…I facebooked about it. username is Twig :)

  122. Paige says:

    Great interview! Well as far a home photos go, I adore the photo of the three antique picture frames, hung above the french chair, next to the lovely white curtains. Also, I love the white bow tie shoes in the suitcase:) Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  123. Sally says:

    Sarah…thank you so much for introducting us to Kasey.
    Farvorite homey picture has to be the one with the table and 2 charis with the window behind them.
    I could just picture myself enjoy an lovely moment of peace and joy sitting there.
    That picture just invites me in and says stay awhile.
    As for the shoes…Kasey…I gotta tell you I love them!!
    The pair that says “I heart you”…..the white ones in the round suitcase.
    LOVE THEM!!!
    Sarah thanks for the opportnity for such a fab-u-lous giveway.
    You are the best and the sweetest!!!


  124. Suz says:

    Oh, that was hilarious, thank you, really cheered me up. And thanks for introducing me to another great blog to add to the ever growing list.
    My fav pic was the beautiful white chest with the hat boxes and the lovely white framed mirrors. Just my style!

  125. Kimberly says:

    The flea market chick shirt is adorable. I do have to say I love the white pitchers in the metal basket. Everything made me smile.
    Thank you,

  126. Kerri says:

    Ok, love the wall of mirrors, and those lilacs are to die for! And Imelda (oops, I mean Kasey!) has an envious array of gorgeous footwear on display, so somehow I suspect her protestations are completely untrue! Thanks for introducing us to such a lovely blogger, and thanks too for hosting this giveaway – I have all my digits crossed! K xx

  127. Karen Harris says:

    Oh my – I think she has beautiful shoes – love all the ruffles. And her home is beautiful, too.

  128. Carol says:

    Ohhhhh the white pitchers and the milk bottle. I have a thing for pitchers and jugs.

  129. Karen Davis says:

    I’m LOVING the picture right below the question you ask about what she has brewing for her blog in the future… it’s the one with the mirrors and has a basket filled with lovelies!

    Oh, and lets talk about her shoes… LOVE those yellow ones! She pulls them off sooo nicely… although her shoes might help cover up her fungus toes, let me say, that I couldn’t wear those because my toes are too long, and always crunch up in the front! So jealous hahah!

  130. Gale Starnes says:

    I love the birdcage with the cake…so precious!!

  131. Kim Michael says:

    G’day Sarah~Two of my favorite peeps you and kasey together in one fabulous post.Awesome! You Rock………..I read yours as well as kaseys blog always, hate to miss it.You two are both a Hoot!

    Kaseys home is fabulous and my fav is her living room with the sea green/blue on the wall.Her shoes are the “Bomb” and so are her “Boots” I love boots myself.

    So you are coming to the States awesome, if you find your way to portland, oregon look me up! We have an Amazing Anthro and many Homegoods stores…………………….We could have a few beers my fav as well and coffee and tea……………notice beer first!

    Thanks for the fun post.~Cheers Kim

  132. Love the pic with the tea party all set up – lemon squares and all (I bet those are from Trader Joes). And I just love all of Kasey’s shoes and her blog of course!

  133. PursuitofLLT says:

    LOVE the picture of the bathroom and all the mirrors. She did a fabulous job with the different shapes and textures of the mirrors. Very whimsical.

    And ughhhh don’t make me pick one pair of shoes :) but I’ll go with the yellow peep toe. Love yellow shoes, they add the perfect amount of color to an outfit!

    So happy I found your blog, loving it!


  134. cherrie says:

    I’d love the white slip covers but twice a week washing is beyond my humble capabilities. I wonder how an all black clothed 19 year old would fit into an all white home. Must try it some day. Or maybe I’ll just tie my one ‘uns to the Moreton Bay out the back and enjoy my spotless house!

  135. Karen says:

    I love the pic with all the watch faces! It’s cool!!! Pick me..pick me!!!! Loved this post!


  136. mandiegirl says:

    I love the white table with the precious lemons on it! :) SO cute!

  137. Tammi N says:

    So hard to pick a favorite pic…but the little table and chair nook looks so inviting…….and her shoes are to die for…..my absolute fav are the grey ruffle t-straps.
    Great interview Sarah…thoroughly enjoyed it :)

  138. Alisa D says:

    I love the shoes! The yellow polka dot ones are so sweet! And the dark gray heeled sandals??? Ah.Ma.Zing!!! ha ha.

  139. The shoes are lovely but I am in love with her skirts!!!
    I love the picture with the white balloons and streamers.

  140. Lori H says:

    Kasey’s shoes are amazing! And the rest of her clothes too.. The photo I like best is the table with the mirror over it, with the wire baskets…looove!

  141. Anne-Marie says:

    Have I missed something? When are you off to the States Sarah?
    Will be sure to check out Kasey’s lovely blog. The photos I love are the wall of mirrors and for shoes I’ll go with the gorgeous ruffled T-bar heels.
    If I lived nearby Sarah I would be your buddy! Am sure we could wreak havoc on old Sydney town :))

  142. Amber says:

    Love these photos! They have a cutesy little vintage flair to them. I adore her beige shoes, flats, with the photo with the red polished feet. Too cute! I also love the yellow ones.

  143. Amber says:

    My favorite home photo is the little breakfast nook pic, with the vintage table chairs perched by the window. Breakfast must be lovely with a view like that!

  144. Lee says:

    Hey Sarah,
    Great post!!
    I love the sense of humour from you both :)

    Anyhoo, the image I liked the best was the “Eat Me” birdcage – how cutes that!?! so delish… could imagine partaking in a slice for sure!!

    And I so enjoy your blog, have become quite the regular reader!!

  145. Bev says:

    All of them are so good and the interview is so great. If I have to choose the picture of Kacey with the gray ruffle skirt !!!

  146. kimberly says:

    what a fabulously fantastic chat with my world-traveling-chicago bestie! honestly, she is even more fabulous in person~ and while I love her home photos (especially the chair next to the window and the one in lola’s room) my very favorite is of her in her pink dress with the ribbon around her waist. I am patiently waiting for her to send me that for my birthday… I love that dress kasey – you know I do…
    I shall be twittering about your give-away now!
    so lovely to meet you,

  147. Teresa T. says:

    Ah, Mrs. BC,
    What a nice guest you had today. Too bad Kasey didn’t fly a little further and come and visit you! That’s right it is winter in your neck of the woods and Hawaii it is summer! Maybe we will see a picture of her toes in the sand, or will Kasey be sporting close toed sandles? The Homey picture would be “Hotel Paris” Who wouldn’t want to be in Paris, or pretend that you are on your birthday, but I am always a sucker for parties and cupcakes. I have to agree with you that she she has pretty shoes, I love the picture of the shoes in the travel case. What more do you need besides a toothbrush for any trip? The shoes will go with jeans or a flirty skirt.
    I love your blog and have enjoyed your guest blogs from Miss BC. Thank you so much for sharing!!!

  148. Sharon Smart says:

    Love it! Both you girls have such great style and ways with words!

  149. gretchen says:

    it’s always nice to read something that makes me smile…and this did.
    i really like the photo with the balloons and the other one with all the mirrors, because i’m moving in about two weeks and will probably use this idea on an entry wall! so, thanks!

  150. judy says:

    the yellow ones, no wait a minute all of them!

  151. melody says:

    I am in love with all her stuff. Good grief, how shall one girl pick? I am going to say I LOVE the purple shoes she is wearing on the bench…just to die for that is all!

  152. Amy says:

    I love the shoes in the blue lined box. This is absolutely something I would do – buy some new shoes and think of an unusual place to hide them so that my boyfriend doesn’t find out I’ve bought something new! haha

  153. Paula says:

    I love love love LolaB’s. I read her every post. I love the picture with all the hat boxes on the chest. And of course I love her shoes……

  154. imogen says:

    those shoes! le sigh…can i borrow them all?

  155. ameilia says:

    This is such a great post, I really enjoyed reading it, you two girls are funny, I’ve always thought seeing as I read you both that you both have a similar sense of humour! What next? a Sarah/Kasey podcast?? I hope so! Now my fave is the balloons right up high.

  156. Jill says:

    My favourite shoes are the grey, sort of wing shaped ones with ankle straps showing her red toenails peeping out. My favourite home picture has to be the table with the yellow teacups just begging for three friends to sit down to tea and cake. What a lovely post Sarah, thank you.

  157. Jo says:

    Thank you so much for introducing us to this fab blog! My fave image is the one of the outdoor setting, inside, with the yellow tea service. And all her shoes are gorgeous!

  158. amy says:

    Kasey is as nice and as funny in person as she is on her blog – and as stylish. I see her ’round the schoolyard and need her to come decorate for me. Since I only live a couple blocks away that shouldn’t be too hard. Love the cake in the cage. The whole Alice birthday party looked magical.

  159. Caroline says:

    well I am so glad I stopped by here today to meet Kasey – I must have been half blind because I have never come across her blog and I read lots of blogs

    I guess she just found another reader if you are recommending her Sarah, and of course if she posts shoes like that well I have to read

    My fave picture is the one at the end, but then again they are all quite gorgeous

  160. i LOVE the picture of the vintage frames and mirrors and those yellow polka dot shoes are just fabulous!! i will definitely be checking out kasey’s blog now, great interview!!

  161. KerryB says:

    I love the peep toe yellows and I am going shoe shopping right now!

    I have to say I love this post, so much more interesting that you two joke through it, I am so over these blogs that are victims of their own success and seem to take it all so seriously and believe their own PR – we all know Sarah keeps it real but this makes me feel like you girls are just like me, though with much nicer shoes and plus a very nice ocean

    Keep it up I would love to see more, did someone mention a podcast with you girls, now that sounds like my thing, can imagine what you girls would get up to hee hee

  162. jayne says:

    Oh my gosh. I love her style. Pick a favorite????? Love the one with the bird chandelier… and those little yellow with white polka dots are darling. I’ve added her blog to my favorites list. Thank you……..

  163. Jenni says:

    I love the picture of the Lilacs in the milk glass vase/kettle not quite sure what it is, but it’s lovely!

  164. moriah says:

    ugh, how am i supposed to decide between those pictures?! i love them all. i guess my fave would have to be the closeup shot of the mauve colors heals. <3 <3 <3

  165. Jennifer Turner says:

    I adore the photo of the dresser piled high with hat boxes! Great style!

  166. Jennifer Turner says:

    The pink shoes with squiggly patterns on the sides are simply lovely!

  167. nicola says:

    I love the hat box and the shoes, great style, great giveaway, thanks!

  168. shari says:

    G’day Sarah ~

    My fave pic and shoes are the pair that are NOT on Kasey’s feet, and NOT from Anthro…. tho I still luv both Kasey & Anthro! Anywho …. the pic is the one Kasey took for a friend and hubby. Said friend is lying on a daybed in the meadow with some KILLER ruffled, higheels! I actually did see this pair at TJ Maxx! Don’t think I can wear that height….. darn!

  169. KellyO says:

    I love the picture of the Lilacs in the milk glass vases. I can almost smell them from my home :)

  170. KellyO says:

    Did I mention that I love the picture of the hatboxes stacked on the dresser?

    I love the shoes but I am a sucker for flip flops so…

  171. Alison Gibbs says:

    Love the pink shoes with the ruffles on the side.
    Love Kaseys blog

  172. clustres says:

    Well, I have been a follower of hers for awhile! Love her blog and her shoes! I think I especially love the (I think they are grey) ones where she mentions fungus. And for the photos of her home, I love the mirrors above the dresser but I love the last photo best–with the bird chandelier!

  173. gabrielle says:

    I have been following Kasey’s site for awhile and she is on my blog roll too. I love her style and loved her fashion fridays..I have not a lick of fashion. My favorite picture is of the Bedroom with that to die for pink tufted chair. She is a wonderful photographer and has such a witty sense of humor.

  174. Cyndia Montgomery says:

    Thanks for giving me yet another blog to read! There are not enough hours in the day, y’know!
    I was going to say I love the room that’s painted a sort of grayish blue; the one with the mirror and the clock faces on the wall. But then I saw the living room painted green with the white furniture and just signed with happiness. I love color on walls with white upholstery. It warms up a room in such a delightful way. And that floral lampshade that pulls the green down into the room was luscious.
    As for the shoes, well I just love all of them. Kasey obviously has the legs and feet to show them off. Blast her hide. I’m schlepping around her in my Birkenstocks because I’ve had to give up the heels.

  175. Hi Sarah,
    Well, I love Kasey, and I love her photographs and have had her blog on my sidebar for a long time! It’s perfect that you two found each other!
    The pic with the chairs and the bench table with mercury glass bottles – perfect!
    The yellow polka-dotty slingbacks – perfect too!
    I can be at anthro in less than 20 minutes, so I gotta win!!! Perfect!!
    Heidi – Heart and Home

  176. Alex says:

    I love Kasey’s style, these pics, and this AMAZING giveaway! Sarah-a trifecta of perfection! :D

  177. jody says:

    The second to last pic I believe…of the pale blue walls, white pitchers, wire baskets…takes my breath away – soo so very pretty. And the shoes in the shot of her lying back in chair – ruffles on them perhaps? Lovely.

  178. Laura says:

    I am in LOVE with allll of those shoes. esp am obsessed with the gray ones with petal looking shapes around the toes and ankle straps. the cute pink/rose ones with side rouching and detailing are to die as well.

    as for the pictures I am in love with her style. I love repetiton so am especially enamored by the clock faces (minus the clocks/hands) and the picture with the mirror collage. all the white/sparkly/crystally/vintage is fantastic. I could live in these pictures. I also love the wire baskets with the chalkboard labels holding all the white mismatched ceramics. vintage glass bottles with silver details are fab too.

    ah this makes me want to redecorate and go shoe shopping. thanks for the inspiration. :)

  179. Fantastic interview! Loved it.

  180. rita says:

    hey sarah

    great post today, no wonder you and kasey hooked up, she is a hoot, just like you!

    I love the first photo with the skirt myself

    I really hope I win, thanks

  181. Linda says:

    ilove the picture of the caged cake, saying “eat me”. I can totally relate to that. ilove the shoes with peep toe on the bed. Ehat a great blog. I’m afraid i still got lots to learn. Thanks for the inspiration. XX

  182. Jacinta says:

    Love the blog!!! Love ‘visiting’ with you.
    I really love Kasey’s clock face wall pic – clock faces, mirror, ironstone, shelf…..
    The ‘frilly’ pumps are pretty cool!

    Oh and our wonderfully worn style of decorating makes it a little harder to tell just where the intentional ‘distressing’ starts and the ‘kid damage’ finishes! – the yoghurt my (4) boys splashed on my dresser over the years, has added a really interesting finish – hard to replicate – it has to build up in just the right way!

    btw -Anthropologie has an international site for us OS visitors to order from.
    Love your work

  183. Claire says:

    Love, love all that white furniture and the shoes…don;t get me started!

  184. Dianna says:

    Looking forwards to visiting that blog and love her sense of humor.

  185. Jane says:

    Oh my goodness, I love ALL the pics! But I have to say the close-up of the chair that looks like the seat is covered in a coffe bean sack really caught my eye as I have ten of these sacks in the garage that were once used for kids’ beach sack races. Did she really cover the seat in them because it looks cool and has given me one huge idea?!!! The girl in the brick house :)

  186. LouBoo says:

    Hi – this is a great post – very wry and entertaining. I started reading Kasey’s blog about 6-7 months ago and found myself scrolling back to old posts as I loved how she wrote and her pictures. An obvious talent – that house is to die for. Plus Kasey’s kids are same age as mine – I have two though! Missed out that middle child…anyhow. On the shoe front – they all scream Kasey-style – ruffles and muted colours. When I think of her I think lemon – after the lemon tea party posts in Lola’s room…

    Anthro – just opened here in the UK and now (wooop wooop) can get it online without crazy shipping prices, hurrah for the internet.

    Lovely. Right I am off now to wash my slipcovers… ;-)
    Lou x

  187. Jessie C. says:

    I love all the shoes, oh so pretty!

  188. Jessie C. says:

    Facebooked@tcarolinep JessieKatie S.

  189. kerrie says:

    I’m liking the chippy white round garden table by the window set up for tea…and her shoes in the aqua lined hat box. Kasey is a crack up and I luv her blog. When are you coming to the States??? Cali? what part North or South???? Homegoods is my favorite home store…along with IKEA.

  190. Laura says:

    My fave pic is the legs lounging on a day bed outside! The shoes are gorgeous and I’m envious of toned tanned legs!! Another blog for me to follow – thanks for the introduction Sarah :-)

  191. Cat says:

    I think I love both of you! She has amazing shoes indeed and I am green with envy. I am rather partial to the grey (?) t-bar heels with the ruffles. Bew-di-ful as my toddler would say.

  192. icitea says:

    Ah, I was actually rather enamoured of the caramel shoes at first… and then the white ones in the blue shoebox. Lovely post~ Love all those mirrors in that almost monochromatic picture. Hope she gets that call from anthro soon~

  193. Siggie says:

    Love the pictures of Kasey’s home, but my favorite picture has to be the one with the yellow sandals. They remind me of the types of shoes my mom used to wear in the 60′s…she had a pair of red ones just like them. Sunday was our family day and we would put on our Sunday best, go for a walk into town and sit in a “Eisdiele” (ice-cream shop usually always run by Italians)…Mom would drink an iced coffee and I would get a bowl of ice-cream. I was wee-little and wanted to be just like her…Oh what great memories!

    Thanks for introducing Kasey, will visit her blog often!

    Cheers, Siggie

  194. paige says:

    that kasey is such a silly girl
    but she can style a space like nobody’s business!
    its hard for me to choose a favorite room but probably her sunroom. i love her old library cart. i love all her white & chippy things. i love her burlap curtain & yes i love that fact that her mac&cheese out of a box eatin children are allowed in every room

  195. Michele says:

    Love the shoes in the round travel case and I must get that grey ruffled skirt!!

  196. j says:

    continue to love your style for some time now sarah. enjoyed reading and chuckling with your discussion w/Kasey — haha — very tongue in cheek. if she moved from here (colorado) and is now in chicago, i am certain she is not having an easy time of it getting used to the frigid winters in chicago. all the best to you both – two very talented women. thank you.

  197. Abby says:

    One of the best and funniest interviews I’ve ever read! I love all of the photos but my fav is the one with the chair against the wall with 3 frames and flowy curtain. It’s so romantic and soft. Oh and the shoes, love them all but the heals with ruffles are so pretty!Thanks for the chance at an Anthro card:)

  198. alee b. says:

    love Kasey…she is one sweet gal & her home is to die for :).My fav. pic is either the cake w/ the the birdcage or the one of her in the grey {gray :)} ruffled skirt,that outfit is lovely…
    So sweet of you to interview her & i’m excited to check out your blog :)..

  199. beth says:

    Oh well I definiely love the cake that says Eat Me! And I am a new follower, love your blog! And those pink open toed shoes are to die for!

  200. Kathy says:

    I LOOOOOOOVE those grey ruffled shoes. Not sure if they are hers, but I reeeeeeeeally need a pair!
    And I love the picture of the mirror surrounded by the clock faces, with the lovely aged rack beneath. Love.

  201. Alaina says:

    She is such a funny, down to earth person. I love her shoes, I just could not wear them. She does make you want to dress up though. Nice interview.

  202. Rebecca says:

    I love Kasey’s style and she does have the “skirting” effect on me as well. I shop Anthro in the clearance room on rare occasions but I need Kasey to help me put it all together! My favorite pic is the one of the balloons in the dining room because of the story behind it and the simple glamour that is so evident in that photo.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  203. Kristine says:

    I love the picture of Kasey’s dining room….the blue on the walls is to die for. Inspires me to paint my own! The gray ruffle shoes are by far my fave.
    Thanks for a great peek into Kasey’s World!

  204. karen says:

    kasey is a joy to read. Love the cake in a cage pic. Great interview.

  205. maria says:

    Sarah, excellent interview with Kasey. I have been following her blog for 1 and 1/2 years now and have enjoyed every minute of it. My favorite pic of this post is in the sunroom. Looks like a perfect place to read a good book. I agree with you that Kasey has more shoes than she tells us about. That’s ok shoes are a good thing. Love Anthro was just there on my birthday, but could always use a gift card for more clothes. Love your style as well Sarah, looking forward to reading more of your blog.

  206. Mary says:

    I can see you two being best friends – you have so much in common and both write so well!! Kasey’s pic of the French chair with the rustic table and modern yellow china is great – I could enjoy a glass of wine with her right there! Love all the shoes too – Anthro has the best and I now have a store just a 15 mins. drive away, yippee!!!

    Thanks for the fun interview Sarah – I think Kasey will be having a lot of new visitors to her blog!!

    Mary –
    A Breath of Fresh Air

  207. Barefoot Liz says:

    I’m so glad that white is ok with kids around because I think I have found my true love in decor! I love the look of an oceanfront cottage.
    Now to start saving for a new slipcovered sofa from ikea.

  208. Kelly says:

    I’ve been a follower of Kasey’s blog for a while now. This was a fun interview! I like the picture of the room at the end of your post with the fireplace in it. I really like how she has styled that room. Looks like your blog is full of great inspiration too. I will add you to my following!

  209. Terin says:

    I love when Kasey takes pictures of here shoes! My favorite are the gray ones with the red toe polish. Soooo pretty! Hoping to have an excuse to visit anthro in the near future :)

  210. Carrie says:

    I love the one where the curtains are puddled on the floor! I want to do that so bad but I’m not brave enough.

    Kasey’s decorating style is awesome and something I envy! I’m just not good at putting it together. I wish I were.

    And I’ve never even been inside of an Antro…gasp, I know. But I love her clothes so I’m SURE I could find something! lol

  211. Lisa F. says:

    I love the pic with the yellow shoes on top of the wooden crate. I really love all the pix, I would trade houses with her any day…though I love living in South Carolina, and I don’t think I could move back to the North with the cold winters!

  212. Laura says:

    great interview! i love kasey – her writing & sense of humor is wonderful!

  213. trish says:

    love the yellow peep toe sandals shown on Kasey’s feet above. and love the talk of Home Goods. I’m slightly addicted to that store. Can’t go in without going down each and every aisle. :}

  214. Love Kasey’s blog! And so glad to have discovered yours now, too!
    My fav picture is the birdcage from her daughter’s Alice in Wonderland party.

  215. Julie Michalak says:

    Wow what a ” glamorous life ” As Sheila E. Would say . Love it all. I am a new follower on Kasey’s blog but what style she has. I love the mix of french chic meets flea market cast offs, and I mean that in a good way. I love her style. I must say the pink ribbons pull at my heartstrings. They remind me of an old lampshade I own with simple lace, rose ribbons and the works. Lovely. All of her pics are fab. I especially like the pink tufted chair the welcomes you to a morning of tea and perhaps crumpets. Cheers.

  216. Cindy says:

    I love the pic of the table and chairs – the yellow is perfect, so warm and inviting! Great interview!:)

  217. Kat says:

    Blog comes first- LOL!! Great interview. Enjoy reading both of your blogs!!

  218. I love the very first photo of her in front of the blue door I think its perfect!

  219. Peggy Raymer says:

    I love the picture Kasey took for her friends husband. The one with only the girls leg showing.
    I read her blog daily and now I will read yours. Hello from Canada

  220. Teresa says:

    My favorite is the picture of the mercury glass pitchers on the coffee table. Great style! What a funny interview!

  221. Erin D says:

    I love the photo with the dark gray ruffley skirt and yellow and gray sweater. Oh, and about the shoes, we all know she has an entire tool shed of shoes that she switches out with each season. Every time I’m at T.J. Maxx I’m thinking, I bet that blog lady that I read all the time would like those!

  222. Megan says:

    I love all her pictures, but the one that stands out is the tea party. Great interview, now I need a glass of wine….but it is only 8:20 am in Chicago….so I will wait until I finish work :)

  223. Sheila says:

    I love the yellow polka dot shoes!! So summery.

  224. Laura in LA says:

    I love her style…all of it! Makes me want to add more “girly” items to my wardrobe.

  225. erin says:

    i just love the picture of her dining room with all the white balloons and her shoes are to die for!! i love kasey’s blog so much and her sarcasm cracks me up! great interview.

  226. maesha says:

    Oh, so happy to of found your blog! I read Lola B everyday and now I will read yours~
    I love the all the pictures BUT if I must pick a favorite…. let’s go with the one of her lovely legs in the FAB grey shoes lounging on the chaise!

  227. patrice says:

    Hi Sarah, I LOVE the pic with her friend lounging on the old daybed in a field, I’ve seen it on her blog before and think it’s so dreamy/sexy/beautiful. Thanks for doing this interview/giveaway! I just heard Anthro marked a bunch more stuff on sale yesterday (my friend works there and told us Wednesdays are the best day to go, because they get markdown lists on Tuesdays for the week).

  228. What a lovely interview! I love how genuine and real Kasey is :) And you too, of course! You girls are amazing! I just get so much inspiration from both of you.

    I am in love with the tea party picture….the one with the lemons. It’s just so summery and lovely. As for the shoes….I could just die for that grey ruffled pair….worn while lying on a lounge chair. Perfection!

  229. Tonya says:

    I love all of Kasey’s pictures! I wish, wish, wish for her home-style and clothing style….This Anthro gift card would help!!! =-)

  230. Wren says:

    Oh Wowzer!! How can I pick a favorite shoe? I love all of them. But i do think that my very favorite are the off-white peep-toes…with the scalloped, feather/petal-like design on the side. Obviously- i am the universal worst at describing things. Ha! But truly – what a lovely home and lovely person. And very witty. I like it!

  231. my favorite thing about al the pics are her shoes!! gottal love the peep toes. my most fave home pic would be the one that features a chandeleir with birds… thanks for the chance to win!

  232. Pat says:

    I think I’m going to take a picture of my toe nails with the lady bugs on them (in really cute shoes, of courses)

  233. JoAnn says:

    I’ve been reading Casey’s blog for over a year now. Love her style. Very hard to pick a favorite pic of her house. They are all amazing. Love how she uses tons of old mirrors to dress up a wall. And her sun room looks so relaxing. All her room are very inviting. My favorite Casey shoes are her ruffle boots from Anthro. :)

  234. I love the cake in the cage begging to eat it. How Alice and Wonderland! Great idea for a garden tea party!

  235. Rebekah Ray says:

    I love the photo of the old mirror and the clock faces on the wall with the white housewares. I LOVE Kasey’s blog. It’s one of the highlights of my day reading it at work…haha!!

  236. Wren says:

    And tweeted

    @monkeysaidbear Some Darlings to follow along with a give-away that you should ignore so i can win it please http://fb.me/BX2tkxKO

    @monkeysaidbear make sure to check out my favorite imaginary vacation blog for a give-away today! @abeachcottage http://www.abeachcottage.com/

  237. baila says:

    i love love love the photo of her outside lounging on the bench with ruffled heels! it so describes the feeling i always have of wanting to look relaxed and put together without being overdressed. although with three kids that rarely happens, so the blurry edges of the photo also reference the foggy-ness of a dream…

  238. Christie McGetrick says:

    I have been reading Kasey’s Blog for a long time and love it. I love her shoes and one of my favorite pictures is when she had the party for daughter and had the eat me sign on the bird cage with a cake in it – how did she do that.

  239. Maloree says:

    great read! always good to get a fellow blogger insight!

  240. melinda says:

    Great interview !!
    Kasey is missing her calling with the writing and all — someone someday will snatch her up though !!
    Her pictures are great too. See there an author and photographer ,whats the name of the book ???
    I love the picture of the birdcage with the beautiful cake waiting inside. We don’t have an Anthro close by. Our area is campaigning for a Trader Joes right now . But I am a girl willing to travel !! Thanks !

  241. I love the pic with the hatboxes!!! I’ve collected them for years. I really covet all of Kasey’s shoes!!!

  242. I’ve always loved that birthday party scene with all the white balloons up on the ceiling, pink ribbons hanging down, and luscious frenchy-white decor everywhere. ::sigh::

  243. Audrey says:

    I have a thing for birdcages and I really loved Lola’s “Alice in Wonderland” party so I’d have to say the cake/birdcage photo is my fave. Really enjoyed the interview….

  244. Sara says:

    Wow, It is hard to choose!!! I think my favorite is the last photo with the chandelier and bird candles!!!! Love it!!!!!!

  245. Aimee says:

    Oh, how I LOVE Kasey’s blog! I’ve been reading it for years! I am in love with all her ruffly shoes and adorable outfits. So inspiring! As are YOU! :)

  246. Abbie Halberstadt says:

    Love ALL her shoes and am a pretty big fan of the “leg” pic she did for her friend. Beautiful!

  247. Tiffany says:

    The yellow sandals are darling and Kasey is a hoot! Gotta run and take a looksy around here at your cottage, g’day.

  248. Jeri Engen says:

    Love the picture of her taken in Paris, probably because I have heard so much about the trip from the close friend she went with. Every woman should get the opportunity to take one trip like that with a girlfriend in their lifetime.

    nice blog!

  249. Sarah B says:

    I love the picture of Kasey on the bench outdoors…her shoes are fabulous!!!

  250. Tracy says:

    Love the photo of her in the flouncy skirt! Fun blog!

  251. emily says:

    I love Kasey! She is so funny, I follow her blog regulary. She takes amazing pics, my favorite of this bunch is the one she took of a lady lounging on the day bed with the sexy shoes.

  252. kristi says:

    I love all of the pictures. They make me want to decorate and buy shoes! My favorite shoes are the ones she is wearing on the bench (greyish-purple with ruffles).

  253. Shannon Hermann says:

    ALL of the photos are so beautiful- they all show how diverse her decor is- and how fantastic her photography skills are. I just can’t decide!

  254. Beth says:

    Great interview and thanks for the chance to win!!!

  255. Melissa says:

    Love the interview and the pictures that go along with it!
    Her shoes are all amazing, but my favorites are the yellow with polka dots!

  256. Allison West says:

    I love the yellow polka-dot sandals – very cute. I went to high school with Kasey, and I never knew she had such a great sense of humor.

  257. jimaie.marie says:

    I LOVE the photo of the mirrors in the entry way, So cute!! Kasey has the best collection of shoes I’ve ever seen, hands down. I don’t think I’ve seen a pair yet that I don’t want for myself! lol

  258. Maria L. says:

    Fun interview.

    LOVE the little birds in that last picture on top of her chandelier.

    and the SHOES? oh. my. the shoes! The mustard yellow & dark grey ones are my favorite. I hope I look that good when I’m a mom of 3!

    how about you both just come down here to farm town Illinois and give me a good ole’ design consultation!

    You will? Ok great!

    oh how i need it. ;)

  259. Great post! Love the pic with the pitchers…because I collect em. Those flirty yellow shoes with the polka dots are the best!

  260. Pam Howard says:

    Love the shoes! I am a shoe lover, so that was an easy one. I’m especially fond of the yellow ones – sandels + pretty colors = happiness!

  261. Amanda says:

    I am visiting from Kasey’s blog. Oh how I love those ruffle t-straps in the charcoal gray, swoon!

  262. AMY says:

    I love the yellow shoes with the white polka dots. Kasey is an inspiration to stop wearing solid t-shirts and shorts. And my favorite picture is the one of the sunroom with the burlap curtains. Cutie pie! Thanks for the chance, my dear.

  263. Norma says:

    I LOVE Kasey’s shot of the shoes in the round suitcase. LOVE it!

  264. pam says:

    I love your blog! I just found you via Kasey’s blog. I have spent the whole morning at your blog and am now inspired to go thrifting. I would love a chance for the Antro gift card, as it is a favorite place to gather great ideas from, but sooo out of my budget. I am so glad I found your blog and will be making it part of my mornings from now on!

  265. Maureen says:

    Love your blog! Love Kasey’s yellow polka dot shoes! Would love to win Anthro gift card! I’m full of love today!

  266. evelyn says:

    What a pleasant time I had reading your interview with Miss Casey!! Love that girl!!
    Thanks for sharing.

  267. Emilie M. says:

    Kasey is always intertaining and her style is great..I love the pictures of the displays she does outdoors and all her shoes are fancy,what a girl,love her blog it’s one of the firsts I go to everyday….

  268. My favorite ‘Homey’ picture is of the birthday party she threw for her sweet little neighbor girl. Her pretty white room and the fun balloons with pink streaming down…soooo pretty!!! And you can’t miss the gorgeous Chandy & lamps…Lovely style, lovely!!!

    Kasey ALWAYS has great shoes…she inspires me to make the effort to rummage through the shoe racks at TJ Maxx…fun colors, great styles…just fun! I LOVE SHOES!

    Great interview…you all are funny!

  269. sandra says:

    I’ve been reading your for quite some time now and decided to come out of the shadows but not just for an entry to the Give Away either. I Love your blog and your style so much, plus you have a great sense of humor. You have motivated me to start my own Decorating Blog. Although it will never compare to yours lol
    My favorite pic would have to be all of them, but since you said to pick one, I guess the one that stands out to me the most is the one with the antique dresser painted shabby white. Although ALL of the shoe picks are ingenious and so unique.
    Thank you for introducing us to Kasey, what a doll!
    Thank you for the chance to enter this Wonderful Give-Away…… !
    { I have a very small Give-Away on my new blog too. }

  270. erin says:

    something about that blue wall, white dining furniture, and white balloons dancing on the ceiling is calling to me today!

  271. Jess says:

    I love the tea party photo with the lemons and yellow cups! And I like all of the shoes!

  272. Mary Ann says:

    Love the pic with the white balloons on the ceiling and “Hotel Paris” signage.

  273. jessica kujawa says:

    I just found you through Kasey’s blog and I love your style! What a hilarious interview the two of you did! My favorite photo is the one in Kasey’s living room of the chair with the grain sack seat and chippy, distressed frames above it! True Love!

  274. Jen says:

    um…I love her whole house! and her shoes! Great interview.

  275. K says:

    oh I just LOVE those yellow polka dot shoes! How gorgeous!!!

  276. amy says:

    Of course I love the white chest of drawers topped with three beautiful hatboxes. So pretty.

  277. Heather says:

    I love the flirty, ruffle skirt! Every girlie wants to feel pretty and feminine and what better way than such a cute skirt! The vintage bird cage with the cake inside, too cute!!! This gave me an idea for my daughter’s first birthday.

  278. Kelly says:

    I love her shoes – they are darling!

  279. Queen Mommy says:

    I don’t even know if I could tell you which shot I like the best. It would probably be a toss up between the lilacs (one of my favorite flowers), the cake that says “eat me”, the party shot with all the balloons, and the lounging on a cot in the grass photo. All stunning pictures!

  280. elise says:

    OH heavens… i had already decided i was commenting on shoes before you mentioned it- beautiful, lovely, glorious shoes!!!
    if i mysteriously come up with a toe fungus and tell my husband the cure/required treatment is a collection of shoes like such, do you think he will by it??
    honestly i loved the easy breezy beauty of the whole post. :O)

  281. Love love love her bathroom with all the mirrors. I actually passed my phone over to the hubs to show him it. What a great idea to have a whole slew of mirrors around the main one!!

  282. lynda says:

    as always a great post. LOVE her gray ruffles shoes- I have the same ones and got mine at TJ Maxx too! Great giveaway- thank you for givinng us all a chance! Lynda

  283. Anita says:

    Well, I like the pink shoes with the ruffle…and my favorite picture is the one with the clock faces and the white dishes…cause she got the faces from my booth at the flea….Welcome to the States on your trip…

  284. Definitely the pink shoes. But when she comes to flea, she wears great leather boots. My fave house picture is the one with the clock faces and the stacks of white ironstone…because she bought the faces from me at the flea and I love seeing how she used them at home…and I love white ironstone.

  285. Amy R. says:

    I love the grey layered skirt! And I love both of your blogs!

  286. monikaki says:

    I’ve just come from Kasey’s..I love her blog and her way of writing, taking pics, and choosing shoes… I like your humour and blog as well, a great interview!! baci, Monica

  287. lis says:

    Love the pic of the balloons. My three year old is obsessed with balloons these days. Just came over from Kasey’s blog.

  288. Theo says:

    I love the image saved as Jacki Jasker Farm 018. It’s beautiful and intimate without having to show the subject. Moreover, her shoes are divine – the yellow heels are especially fun!

  289. Melinda says:

    Wonderful interview! I just love the photo of the chair with the paris postcard type pictures above – oozes romance as does her gray shoes with the ruffle T-strap (I just happen to have a pair myself!) are wonderful. Thanks for sharing…

  290. Brie Havrilla says:

    I am torn between the picture with the Hotel Paris sign in the background and the one that appears to be of the living room with the white slipcovered chair and the mercury glass bottles on the table. Her home is absolutely beautiful. I follow Kasey’s blog and she leads the most interesting life, and her writing is exquisite. You two seem to have a similar sense of humor, thanks for the interview.


  291. Erin says:

    I love Kasey’s shoes and feel privileged to share the suburbs of Chicago with her. :)

  292. I love the torso shot. That skirt and sweater is just too cute. And the flower necklace which I have one of and I need to wear it!! She always looks adorable:)

  293. Inga says:

    I loved the gray shoes. Very girly, you could wear almost anywhere and they look so comfy. You both have a great sense of humnor.


  294. Kristin James says:

    I absolutely love her dining room! And I am envious of all her wonderful shoes. Great interview!

  295. elena daciuk says:

    what a fabulous post…i am usually smiling when i’m reading kasey’s blog…she just has such a knack for writing…and i had NO idea she at one time was my neighbor here in san francisco bay area…crazy small world…all her pictures are superb…but i tend to gravitate to those with multiple mirrors…fabulous!

  296. Heather R. says:

    Love both your blogs! And “mama needs a new pair of shoes” :)!

  297. cathi says:

    Love the picture of Kasey in France with the white skirt and all the photos of her house especially the bistro table with yellow accessories. Fabulous interview! Have a great day and thanks for the chance to win an Anthro card – i love that place!! xxoo :)

  298. Lara says:

    I love the birthday cake in the birdcage. I think an Alice themed birthday party is pure genius. And with four daughters I am always taking notes on fun girly ideas. Thanks.

  299. CharityMay says:

    i love kasey’s shoes and envy her finds. my tj maxx seems to not be as well stocked as hers!

  300. CharityMay says:

    just shared this with my facebook pals! i may have decreased my odds, but i had to share. love your blog btw.

  301. jaymie says:

    love the birdcage and cake!

  302. margo says:

    love her vintage look alike shoes…. All of them. My Tj’s never has vintage styled shoes, or maybe I’m always to late to the party.

  303. I love the pic of the shoes in the old suitcase. So original. Anthropologie sounds great.

  304. susan says:

    their is actually one of Kasey’s closet that was featured on Houzz and her blog and it’s one of my favorites! Thanks for the chance Sarah your blog looks fab!! susan

  305. I confess I have saved on my desktop the photo with the hatboxes. Very elegant, and I liked how that touch of brown made it a touch warmer. I also loved the one with the yellow shoes and painted nails showing a little through. Very feminine. Please enter my name. thank you for accepting overseas participants, too. Be happy.

  306. Ashley says:

    I love the greyish purple heels with the ruffles! I love all things with ruffles!!

  307. Krista B. says:

    Good interview…Kasey is so funny, and has great taste in shoes….I love them all!

  308. Nicki says:

    I like the mercury glass decanters, and the mustard colored t-strap shoes.

  309. Debbie says:

    Love your pictures, especially the lilacs. We can’t grow them in Southern California

  310. BrendaS says:

    I love the contrast of the paint with the cottagey whites in the room with the balloons on the ceiling. Great shade of blue on the wall!

  311. Ashley Evans says:

    Pick ME! I love Anthro and your blog!

  312. Teri says:

    I adore Kasey’s house and her shoe collection! She has amazing style, both in the home and fashion! I love her blog and her witty humor:)

  313. Ellen says:

    Love those yellow strap shoes!! I think Kasey said in her blog that she got them at Nordstrom’s. Too cute!

  314. shanna says:

    Shoes, shoes, shoes! ‘Nuf said!

  315. Kasey says:

    Kasey has a beautiful home and equally beautiful shoes!

  316. Jennifer says:

    So, I pretty much love everything Kasey has done with her home. I follow her blog daily! As for those amazing shoes, I am trying not to be envious. :) I just drooled over Anthro’s shoes today so a gift card would be pretty nice.

  317. Sarah from Colorado says:

    Hmmm…first i LOVE the picture of the cake in the birdcage…wasn’t that from her daughters birthday party? And for the shoe pics….gotta be the grey t-strap shoes from the shot outside on what looks like a daybed….those shoes are FABULOUS!!!

  318. So I’ve been following Kasey for a while now, and if I could just move into her house, I would. Just sayin’… I LOVE how she’s decorated her house! I love her sitting room and I love Lola’s room! And yes, I love her shoes- I especially love her boots from Anthro.

  319. Retweeted this great give-away!

  320. Michelle says:

    It’s all about the shoes! Love her blog!

  321. LWilder says:

    I love love her yellow shoes, so cute! I also love her round table with the pretty yellow tea cups.

  322. Pearl Maple says:

    Did someone say anthro????
    Love the way they describe themeselves with ‘clever details and fine craftsmanship’
    Everything is just goregous

    Photos……all are lovely
    but the clock wall with white crockery is just darling

  323. Elizabeth says:

    I really like the pic of the round suit case an shoes.. you both have great blogs!

  324. Karen says:

    Love the pink ones with the ruffles!

  325. becca says:

    i’m obsessed with 3 things:
    1) the white washed wooden picture frames
    2) the round wooden slat table
    3) those pink shoes with the ruched ruffles
    oh those shoes…

  326. sarah haslem says:

    I love her blog! Her shoes, her style, everything. She is amazing….

  327. kathy says:

    Loved this interview….I follow her blog but sure got to know her a bit more here…those shoes with the heals and ruffles on top were very cool!

  328. Leanne Mead says:

    I love your blog. I get a lot of great ideas and could spend hours reading it(which I do, no wonder my house is a mess). I am also from Aust. and wish we had such shops as ANTHROPOLOGIE and T.J Max but will have to do with Hot Dollar for now. I love the picture with the old clock faces, look’s fantastic.
    I am new to all these blogs and had no idea there was so much inspiration out there in blog land. I am thinking of starting my own blog because just like you I am a big believer in reinventing furniture and DIY. I hate to see any furniture on a road side curb waiting to go to the tip and can’t help but rescue it and try and use it in my house. Love love love your blog!

  329. tracy bowling says:

    Loooooove the pic of her looking down at her yellow shoes. Neat perspective!!

  330. Alessandra says:

    I adore Kasey’s blog!she’s the sweetest!
    And her shoes and house are so amazing it’s really difficult to pick just one pair or one room!
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