A Beach Cottage Bedroom Before/After….Vintage Decorating with White & Aqua

Mon 12th, Jul, 2010

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G’day my little beauties, how are you all?

Like the bedside?

I believe it turned out rather well seeing as it was a budget makeover on a whim don’t you?

Though I have to tell you looking-for-a new-bedside was not on a whim and I have been searching for a while and though for sure having not exhausted shopping for it, there wasn’t really much that I saw that grabbed me plus everything I looked at seemed so horribly made.


This one however is old and solid and more I like it’s size, it’s not too big or small and the drawers are big enough to hold a shed load of those things we girls seem to gather beside us for our nightly rituals.

 So using my mantra of re-use, re-cycle and re-invent to save this planet for our little ones and with one trusty can of white paint and a whole lotta inspiration I gave this baby some love, zapping her of the grubbiness (see the before here) she had somehow acquired by living with me and whisked away that grey that had become all too daggy for my liking.

 Now, to be honest, I had absolutely no intention whatsoever in digressing from my regular forumla of beachy white, it was only after seeing what other colours were already in my paint cupboard and after posting on here and hearing the affirmation to try aqua that I thought I would give it a go.

And I must say that even as I was dipping that brush in all things pale aqua I thought that it wouldn’t last long, I believed that once it was dry I would decide that no I would go with my regular decorating formula of beachy vintage white…

But once it dried I quite liked it though it was much ‘bluer’ than I thought and still to my mind very DIY.


That day I just so happened ;-) to stop by a boutique near here that doubles as a little cafe and while in there with a newspaper and a coffee I spied a little side dresser very much like my bedside that was very shabby, it had been distressed and bashed and although I could tell it was probably 80′s pine wood at some point in its short life, in fact with its coat of antique creamy paint and a serious attack with the sandpaper it looked all Frenchy boutique (and let me tell you it had a $1700 price tag to match)

And so when I got home I did the same to mine, I softened this old thing up, smoothed the edges and calmed the aqua…I didn’t expect the grey to come through, I’d forgotten about that

to finish her off, as so many of you kindly pointed out, I fixed her up with some bling…not my normal thing but I’m loving all the same.

Now she happily sits beside me filled with things to not make me look quite so vintage (and thanks for the coconut oil recommendation I am so trying that)…if only they did white paint transformations for the wrinkly bits of mums with three kids…


And while I was writing this and doing these photos I got to thinking how a place can change a lot, from dire to not-so-dire and in that hunted out the one and only photo, taken by Mr Beach Cottage on his phone on that fateful day of the Open House of this old place, where quite comically a gaggle of house-hunters were frantically looking around this parody of a cottage.

This is the before shot and phew, this was one of the better rooms…and because along with questions about white paint I often get emails from girls sad about the state of their bedrooms…who tell me they have yucky carpet, revolting things on the walls and not much light, well this sweeties is a shot for all of you…



As you can see dark and grim, tight on space because of a huge built-in that attempted and failed to be a walk-in type thing just viewable on the right of this picture, an old air-conditioning unit that was so fitlhy it felt alive stuck halfway up the wall, horrible never been cleaned carpet, a wardrobe cutting the light to the left of the window and another built-in type thing just to the left of this picture kinda around and over the bed.  Do I need to mention the fan with clothing on it and the mess strewn all around…

But look a bit closer, see those yellow walls, not much to do there other than clean and zap, the floor, underneath years of neglect, good as new wood, the ceilings fairly high and nicely edged and most importantly and now very much what I love all through the day, the beautiful Australian sun desperately trying to peek in.

this is the after as it looks now


So with this the Beach Cottage Crew worked their magic and no not as is often written in those ridiculous home decor books where they talk about how their look is ‘soo achievable’ and on a ‘budget’ in one breath and then a ‘team of tradies’ in the next, or what irritates me even more comments such as ‘my builders’, nope this budget room was true Do It Yourself…that means it was done by us.

It was in dire need of some help and with a hideous amount of dust and grime, this room needed a massive amount of love and thinking power to get it looking better.

So, first of all we ripped out the old walk-in wardrobe which took up most of the room from the right side of the window to just past where this bed is now, opening up the room, improving the light and allowing for much more possibilities….it turned from a small and tight room with a badly-designed space-eating wardrobe in the corner to a good-sized room with much more potential.


Next we pulled down the shelving unit thing that took over the wall on the other side and pulled down some coving type material that hid the top of the window.

Suddenly we had a shell that was filled with light and I actually began to think that maybe I could sleep in here…

Now adjacent to this bedroom was the original family bathroom to the old part of the cottage, accessed not from this bedroom but from the hallway and we wanted to change that into an en-suite bathroom for this bedroom…so we made a new opening for the bathroom (I am standing in front of that door taking the photo above), boarded up the old doorway and re-fitted the bathroom.  This was something we couldn’t do ourselves and used up any non-existent budget with a local handyman who knocked out the door opening, made good and hung a door…

Next  we cleaned, disinfected and prepped the walls and then painted everything in a few coats of simple standard white (though in these pics the walls have been re-painted with Dulux White on White).

Next sanded, filled, varnished and sealed the floors.  So this was a blank canvas to work with.


The windows took quite a lot of work to get back to looking presentable, years of grime and non-opening meant that they were stuck shut and at one point we thought we’d have to replace them which I *really didn’t want to do…I worked on getting the grime off this window for days…while Mr BC was busy on other stuff around the place…I was in here alone with the radio on a hot sunny summer day chipping off dirt and layers of old paint bit by bit with a screwdriver and later once we finally got them open scrubbing them with a toothbrush loaded with bleach…

Once opened we learned that one of the sash ropes was broken and so we had to replace that too, which was a learning curve ;-).

Now I love these windows, nothing special to the casual onlooker, in fact most would probably think old and cronky but for me part of the dream of an old cottage was that sound of lifting up a sash window in the summer and letting the cool air breeze in…


The drapes are the same as everywhere else…natural linen on a double layer pole from IKEA topped with a layer of white heavy ring top and puddled on the floor for an easy casual look…on the window a white wooden blind to filter the light and give that laid-back beach house feeling…


The bed is a very budget one from the local place where when we had first moved to Australia, rented a house and had nothing to sleep on, I rushed in one morning after four beds/matresses and wanted them the same day so had little leeway on what I chose…funny really cos although I would love a real old iron bed and since then I’ve come across a few on my vintage treasure hunting escapades, I love this bed (I splurged on the mattress) and would have to think twice before getting rid…


All of the other bits and pieces have been gathered and for sure have not cost us much in terms of casheroos but hmm a bit in effort…. this is though more than achievable…we did it while Mr Beach Cottage was working 14 hour days in the city, in a new country, with 3 kids, no help and no support…



From the flowers, to the bed, to the mirror to the linens everything you see is either from a discount store or more likely from my treasure hunting searches ’round these beachside suburbs…

This is a real bedroom on a budget by a real girl who dreamt of sleeping on an old white bed, with a coastal breeze, old vintage things all around and living in an old cottage near to the sea…

Let me know what you think, I hope you like it

I’ll be seeing you


p.s. Miss Beach Cottage took some of these (she is rocking that camera) and has a behind the scenes post of us doing this room if you’d like to see it?


old srolly mirror:  junk shop England    bed : discount bed shop   vintage bedspread : Bates Ebay   vintage crochet : vinnies   linen: IKEA    pillow : Coastal Cushions   sheet & shams:  shabby chic    curtains: IKEA   chest of drawers:  Salvos    mirror :  garage sale   vintage door: side of the road    curtain pole:  IKEA    paint:  Dulux White on White   paint on bedside : beach cottage white + Dulux Ice 1/4   bag: Cath Kidston   lamp:  IKEA   camelias:  BC garden   old jug:  thrifted
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90 Responses to “A Beach Cottage Bedroom Before/After….Vintage Decorating with White & Aqua”

  1. cassie says:

    oh sarah! when can i come take a nap there- it is soooo restful, inviting, and yawn, calling me!

  2. Tammi N says:

    Wow Sarah your room looks amazing….what a total transformation. I must say I was a bit dubious of the aqua as I am a white gal through and through, and whilst I did not take to the pics of your bedside up close I really do like how it looks when viewed as a whole in your space….I must admit it looks pretty good infact.

    Love how you keep this here blog real and achievable!!

    Oh and I welcome seeing more of Miss BC’s work

    • Tammi N says:

      p.s….just wanted to add that I mean no offence by saying that up close I did not take to the ‘new look’…..cos as a whole it rocks!!

  3. Becky says:

    Such a beautiful tranquil spot…it makes me want to repaint my walls and paint everything white like yours…only thing…hubby would have a heart attack!!! But I can dream and make my guest bedroom white!!! Thanks for the beautiful inspiration…

  4. Becky says:

    sorry I left out my blog address…

  5. Kerry says:

    That was a really lovely post. Soothing, just like your beautiful room. I’m intrigued by the crochet throw on the end of the bed having just rediscovered the joys of crocheting and knitting…looks like it would take an awfully long time to make though! Would love to see more of your daughter’s work. My lovely daughter did a guest post on my blog and it’s such a wonderful thing to be able to share. I feel so soothed by reading and looking at this post that I would love to take a nap right about now :)

  6. Linden Townhouse says:

    I love a REAL do-it-yourself story! You took that room from college frat house to airy and beachy. Love it all.

  7. Tina says:

    Your bedroom makeover is just stunning Sarah. I can’t believe that before shot – yikes!! I really love your bedside table makeover too, the subtle aqau looks fabulous:) Hope you have a wonderful week , you clever lady! ~ Tina xx

  8. This is why I ♥ you! You wipe it all clean and beautiful… putting your own spin on classic style.

  9. Kelly says:

    This is one of the most stunning Before/Afters I have ever seen. I love the calm, relaxed atmosphere and the way you’ve pulled all the pieces together. LOVE IT~

  10. Tanya says:

    So beautiful Sarah!!! Wish it was my room. I’m working on mine but has a long way to go. Love to your daughters blog.xx

  11. Anitra Sweet says:

    wow! what beautiful transformation! i’m also glad that you added a bit of aqua to that piece. gorgeous!!

  12. Sarah, all of your hard work certainly paid off, your room is lovely in every sense of the word! And your daughter is rockin that camera!!

    Kat :)

  13. Kathy Julian says:

    LOVE the redo – such a wonderful feeling looking at it. You must be very proud! Can you share the color of the aqua? It’s so hard to find the “right” aqua color!

  14. gretchen says:

    I’m pretty sure, I’m not alone when I say I’d much rather see what someone can do with their own hands, talent and time, than someone that calls up the decorator of the moment and just writes a check.
    You did real good, Miss Sarah! this room is beautiful, calm and looks inviting….and I’m loving the touch of aqua.

  15. Ange says:

    This room is so dreamy. What an incredible and inspiring make-over. Just delightful!

  16. Pearl Maple says:

    Well done, nothing like watching a house transform into a home with lots of white paint and gentle touches. As for a behind the scene look at staging, bet there is lots of laughs in there!.

  17. Hi Sarah-

    The bedside table looks perfect. The light aqua gives it it’s own persoanlity in the room. I find that DIY homes are so much more live – able. They are not perfect or stiff looking. Your bedroom transformation is remarkable and justs shows how with a little time, imagination, hard work, and a vision you can create beauty.


  18. Kiri says:

    Wow, your bedroom is beyond gorgeous! I’m in LOVE! That bedside table looks wonderful. Great job with everything! I am definitely saving this for inspiration. Have a great day :)


  19. there are no words to describe the beauty of this room. i thought it was a page out of an old Victoria magazine. just lovely and peaceful. thank you for sharing the pictures.
    all the best,

  20. cheryl says:

    looks fantastic…. wow a bit of aqua looks beautiful and i love the way you made it look beaten up!
    i find myself even admiring your blog while on holidays in byron bay… highly recommend this place for relaxing!!

  21. Alison Gibbs says:

    Sarah so light and refreshing. Reminds me of my bedroom except I have toile curtains that I made but they are way to faded from too much Aussie afternoon sun and will soon be replaced. Hopefully I will be able to reuse some of the toile fabric for a table cloth and napkins or maybe some bunting

  22. Wow….just WOW. Sarah…this room is unbelievable! I don’t think I have ever seen a full picture of your bedroom – and it is breathtaking. I agree with others on here who have said that it is so peaceful and tranquil…I’m so happy for you that you made your dream of a cottage by the sea come true! And all that sweat and labor makes it that much sweeter, right? So beautiful and thanks for these – and ALL of your other! – tips and secrets on how to get things done on a budget, for those of us with limited budgets but unlimited elbow grease! I don’t own a home yet but you can bet your booty i am taking notes for when I do! :)

  23. DeAna says:

    Ok, I have so much to say I don’t know where to start.
    The bedside is gorg! Couldn’t have turned out better.
    Your room is the bomb. Mine just looks like a bomb went off in it. I am so inspired. I hope you feel that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, because I fully intend to imitate in all ways possible the blissful cloud that you call your bedroom.
    I love your life…

  24. Beautiful transformation!!! LOVE IT!!

  25. Anne-Marie says:

    Some people have absolutely no idea how to present a house when it’s for sale, sheeessh !!!
    Now I was all prepared to not like the aqua painted on the drawers but it has turned out really well Sarah. The distressing has made the difference I think, making the aqua very subtle.
    You do know don’t you how much you inspire us? This post is timely for me anyway, today I revamped our bed with a new white quilt cover to match the other bits of white creeping into the room. I feel awash with peace looking at it all, resembles clouds….looovvve it!
    Yes please we need the behind the scenes stuff.

  26. Patricia says:

    Oh Sarah, I suggested black when you were asking for suggestions. What a stupid suggestion
    I gave.
    I realise now how ridiculous that would have looked, after seeing these pictures. Your beautiful wooden
    floor is enough to ground the all white of your room.
    Your bedroom looks so very beautiful, and that touch of acqua, is soooo perfect.
    That spot of faded colour gives a soft gelati feel, honestly the room looks an absolute
    picture in its floaty, elegant drapey look. All of the lovely shapes, (dresser, frames et)
    add so much interest to your white on white look.
    I am so pleased that it turned out as you wanted.
    Isn’t it a shame the pink flowers can’t stay like that for a lot longer than they do.
    Bye for now :)

  27. What a gorgeous & romantic bedroom you have created, with a beautiful story to match. This is a real achievement & I imagine you are extremely proud of yourselves!!! Cheers to the whole BC family & the febulous home & life you are creating on our beautiful Aussie beaches!!!

  28. cherie says:

    what a restful room. Love the unmade look too – my favourite ;) Cherrie

  29. Deanne says:

    Just gorgeous! I love all your white drapey falling off the bed, bed linen.
    I also noticed that I have the same lamp as you- how cool!
    The bedside table came up trumps too!
    When I see your bedroom it makes me think about painting our wooden bedroom set white.

  30. Sarah SB says:

    Yummi!! so delish & dreamy :) of course we would love to see behind the scenes :)

  31. Kerri says:

    Love the room Sarah, almost as much as I love the philosophy behind it. It’s so refreshing to see things done on real budgets by real people, and that’s why I love blogging so much. Oh, and I’m sure I’m not alone in wanting to see the behind the scenes post with Miss BC – bring it on! K xx

  32. Jacqui says:

    Love it! Absolutely beautiful! Good on ya girl.

  33. melissa says:

    morning ….i love this post- as i totally understand how you have *balanced* this gorgeous bedroom {& house} makeover, with the rest of your *moving-my-family-of-3-kids-15,000-miles* away real life story…..
    the love that has been poured into every room in your house- captures how *passionate* you two were for this move for your kids…
    a new life- a constant adventure…..this is also how your house has evolved…..moving our kiddos over here- although not forever- still worked the same way….people said things like ‘don’t spend money on your surroundings- buy EVERYTHING from Ikea’- but our surroundings are completely part of our journey & adventure here- so like you- have have adored creating our life here….
    one of my *favoutite & my best* posts from you….
    sure you don’t want to spill the beans with that little awardy-thingy i linked to you???
    melissa x

  34. Michelle says:

    Fan-bloomin-tastic! I take it back about the white vs aqua. I am to my surprise really liking the aqua bedside. Even more I love your bedroom and how you really transformed it in a real life, real budget way (the whole house too, of course). So good on ya! I am once again inspired.

  35. LuLu says:

    Oh Sara the room is just gorgeous!!!
    Every time I visit my eyes are in for a treat,
    wishing you a wonderful Aussie day,

  36. Shaz says:

    Hi Sarah, it really is a haven. “You done good girl”. I really do love the pale aqua.

    I thought of you the other night. I was “channel surfing on foxtel” and on the documentary channel they had a show called “something like” Ikea megafactory”. It showed the megastructure of a factory and behind the scenes of Ikea – very interesting (and clever). Thanks for the great post.

  37. LOVE it! Very peaceful! The touches of aqua are perfect!

  38. bonnie says:

    Looking at the before pics of your bedroom, I would never have thought the after was possible! It’s just beautiful and took a lot of vision along with all of your hard work.
    I’m loving the reworked bedside table. The aqua accent drawers are subtle and pretty-you were so right to leave the rest of it white.
    Can’t wait to see Miss BC’s behind the scenes photos

  39. Shelly says:

    LOVE the bedroom!!! I truly can’t believe that you did that…how you saw past the ugliness of the room to do what you did…amazing!!
    Would you please-oh-please show your boys’ rooms some day? I have a boy and I just don’t know quite what to do with his room, it is ok…but…please-oh-please!!!

  40. bec says:

    Sarah, how beautiful and inspiring. thank you!
    Your last paragraph brought a tear to my eye. You are so talented. Thank you for sharing all your talents.
    You make the world a more beautiful place… thank you!

  41. sarah i am wowed at your bedroom. i haven’t seen it in its entirety! i advised you to go with the blue..and so glad you did. but the real story here is how breathtaking your bedroom is. the bedding is so yummy and sexy and gentle all at once….the floors are gorgeous…and the details like the twinkle of the handles on the new bedside table against the soft whifty blue~~its all super! you have great taste.
    a while back you tweeted that you had it up to here with folks regurgitating photos from the web and putting it on their blogs. i have been taking all my own since (even tho I responded that some of us aren’t as talented as you in the photography dept!) and really enjoy the process of truly creating original posts. so if miss beach cottage can do it, so can maison decor!!
    thanks for the inspiration!

    • sarah says:

      hey amy, good for you! it’s so much fun to take photos and yep it’s enjoyable to create original posts!

      thanks so much for the feedback, I surely appreciate it!

  42. Debbie says:

    Hi Sarah~~~that’s what I love about coming here. Your projects are actually done by YOU! everything you use is affordable, and all things are achievable by a normal do it yourselfer. We can’t all afford to hire someone to fix our places up the way we want them..so you sharing the things you, yourself have done is encouraging to the rest of us.
    Thank you.
    Your bedroom is so serene. LOVE it.

  43. Ginger says:

    Gorgeous Dear. I love how the aqua so subtly peeks out at ya. Another stunning piece. Your room is dreamy and peaceful. It looks like it could have been around for many many years, but is so fresh and lovely. I adore the bedding and it all just ties in together. Perfect place to rest your head.

  44. Stacey says:

    Oh Sarah it’s more than lovely! Now that you don’t have to dream about your room anymore…I will! That bedside table is amazing! I can’t stop using exclamation points b/c I just am totally in love with your room from top to bottom!!! I know what you mean about finger in throat mags…I just read one last week…the poor couple had to downsize from 3500 sq feet to 2800. Uuuuhhh??? really? and the article went on how they used great ideas for needed storage in this smaller space. eeeeee. Anyway back to your room…I love it love it love it! You and little miss ROCK! Have a great week. Stacey

  45. Fiona says:

    I have some double hung sash windows in this old farmhouse that I love! AND some nasty steel windows form the 60′s that I don’t love! LOL Kudos to you for doing the hard work and saving the windows!

    And I love that you distressed the table a bit! It looks so gorgeous!

    Are you still thinking of tassels? Someone showed me how to make them once, but I haven’t done it in years. It’s not too difficult. But using your imagination in the making of them is so fun. Such unique possibilities…….

    God bless!

  46. Kristin says:

    Hi Sarah-
    Just love your room! It’s beautiful in every way! I love how you have a dream and you make it a reality all on your own, must make you feel so wonderful to know this one done on your own with your own two hands. It has a lot to say about you. Your creations are so wonderful and your picutres are always a dream to look at. Thank you!
    Kristin XO

  47. corinne says:

    superbe !!! did the previous owner see “their” house ???? I’m sure they want it back…. to bad for them !
    Thought of you last night….. i stop long the road and took an old chair which looks superbe :) :) Thanks to give me courage to do that !!!
    Bonjour from Switzerland !!

  48. Shar Yates says:

    Aqua has been my favorite color my whole life. So, I do love it; even more i love the subtle way it works with the white. I recently painted a built in storage bench in a darker grey but now I am going to repaint it white and use the aqua for the inset pieces. Thanks so much for the great inspiration. I would rather have your cottage than any multi million dollar place. You are so blessed!

  49. La says:

    I absolutley love that bed. I am looking for a similar frame for by bedroom makeover. The bedside table turned out lovely. Thanks for some inspiration, Sarah!

    Have a great week! La

  50. gina f says:

    It is breathtakingly beautiful! Well done!

  51. Jill says:

    I love every bit of it! The touch of aqua is perfect, and I adore the lacy linens on the bed. Well done, Sarah!

  52. Nichole says:

    Your bedroom is gorgeous! All the white and the hint of aqua make it so serene! I think I would get a great nights sleep in that room!

  53. I was wrong.
    this is

  54. Jennifer says:

    All I can say is…Wow. And gorgeous. And I want to take a nap in there with the coastal breezes blowing in through the window…
    Everything is amazing, Sarah! You are truly talented. In front of, and behind the camera. Thanks for sharing, and for all the lovely inspiration. I so look forward to your posts. They make me want to get up off the sofa and do something! :-)
    I would love to see Miss BC’s take on this bedroom scene!
    Have a lovely day,

  55. Sarah – you tell the transformation story of your bedroom so wonderfully! It’s amazing what the two of you have done in so few years! Believe me when I tell you that you could hire out as an interior designer, on-line designer, or photographer. You are so talented! The aqua on the side table is just so sweet. Love it! I’m always so afraid to distress anything that I paint for fear I won’t like it – but you have inspired me with this posting. I’m off to grab some sandpaper……chat later, friend!

    xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

    PS And yes! I’d love to see some behind-the-scenes photos!!!

  56. A beautiful story as always! Love the bedside ;)

  57. rachel says:

    Mmmm….lovely! So glad you left the side table aqua. :)


  58. Rosemary says:

    Sarah, I just love it, amazing makeover. Where and what is your wardrobe space?

    Have you moved your clothes to another room?

    Very impressed, keep it up, I am sure you won’t disappoint.

  59. Becky says:

    What a beautiful room . Stunning!

  60. carla says:

    Wow Sarah, what a beautiful post about your bedroom! It looks gorgeous, and a REAL DIY room on a REAL BUDGET that looks like a million dollars to boot! But hey thats why we all keep coming back :o)

    P.S. Love to see Miss Beach Cottage’s post …….. she’s gonna need her own blog soon ;o)

  61. Michelle says:

    Oh its so romantic….I love it!

  62. Carmen says:

    wow, well done, it looks beautiful! the distressing really makes it stand out and i love that aqua color, it’s so fresh.

    all those blankets are beautiful too… did you find those treasure hunting? i can never find any…

    i just wanted to say: you’re SO inspiring to me! :)

    • Nikole Marohn says:

      I would also like to know where you found those lovely blankets… please tell…

  63. rukmini says:

    i desperately need an advice. I have recently taken up an apartment which over looks a beautiful lush green square. That was the whole purpose of taking up that house. But, with the advent of rains, my glee has faded into an undying disappointment. The walls are throwing off colors and it is a pale yellow and dirty. Could you suggest me what can i do about it. I cannot bear that wall.

  64. rukmini says:

    Will wallpapers help?

  65. Julie-Ann says:

    I love the aqua Sarah. A gorgeous makeover:)

  66. The hard work and treasure hunting were so worth it!! It’s bright and airy, plumped and cosy! The touch of aqua and the distressing (&glass knobs) really helps the bedside fit in so perfectly. I wonder about some white, grey and pale aqua plaited or frayed edge rag rugs for the feet to land on during the winter mornings- they could always be tucked under the bed after use, or there is always slippers, or stylish hotel type scuffs.

  67. Robyn says:

    One of my odd quirks is that I will never get into an un-made bed. It’s the first thing I do in the morning when I get up.

    However I would quite willing and easily jump into this so invitingly perfectly un-made bed! It’s a gorgeous bedroom and is so hard to believe that it’s the same room as that disastrous agents listing picture of it!

  68. Shar Y. says:

    One more thing, would you mind sharing the color of that aqua? I would like to get the exact shade. thanks!

  69. kerrie says:

    The new bedside is perfect! The touch of pale sorbet I love. I have several pieces I have painted in that pale sorbet…a color that makes me happy. I also like how you are letting the layers of white drape over the edge of your bed. I do that too. It is so romantic.

  70. Sandra says:

    Hi Sarah,

    So stunning!
    I”ve always wanted a pure white home put long cold winters make it seem unreasonable (at least to DH) so I enjoy living through your beautiful pictures and dreaming!
    I read your list of sources, very nice of you to let us in on it all. Now I’m confused when you listed the paint aqua for the dresser, what is dulux ice, 1/4 ? Do you mean a 1/4 of it with 3/4 white?

  71. Shar Y. says:

    Thanks, just saw the sources. Duh! I am thinking you mean have them mix it 1/4? I have done that before, more in the 50% range.

  72. Dianna says:

    Just wanted to say thanks for showing the before shots, its so easy to think love that look but I’m sure they had way more to start with than me. If anything seeing the befores is so more inspiring and it makes it all achievable. Your blog continues to be my favourite.

  73. Like it? I’d say we love it. I love what you have done with that room. when I bought my little cottage at the shore my husband called it a shack. He only went along cause I wanted it so bad. I had a vision. Now everyone says how gorgeous my little cottage is. I only wish I had more before pics.

  74. Cindy says:

    Absolutely gorgeous!!! Ive painted that colour aqua on one of my livingroom walls…so lovely calming and such a happy and free colour!! Love how the cabinet turned out!!!

  75. stelensmith says:

    The room is so dreamy.Thanks for the beautiful inspiration…

  76. Fiona says:

    Love the bedside colour and the mirror! Floors also look unreal! Another job well done. Fiona

  77. sibylle says:

    I sooo love this bedroom! its just so beautiful!!!

  78. Sarah says:

    Hi Sarah! I love your blog and have added you to my blogroll…but as I take a look around I absolutely love your bedroom transformation…you are right, what a mess it was before. You have turned it into a lovely little sanctuary. How exciting that you picked up and left Ole Blighty for sunnier climes…I lived in Croydon, Surrey for 3 years in the early ’90′s and that is when I fell in love with interior design…London is such an exciting city for design and the creatives…I am so looking forward to visiting Australia one day…I look forward to your posts! :))

  79. jo says:

    Hi Sarah, I love your whole house. The bedroom is beautiful and calm and restful. The before picture of your bedroom was actually a bit depressing looking, and the difference now that you’ve done it is really amazing. It is quite inspiring. I’ve just started getting into all this (now that my kids are getting a bit older) and you’re making me think about our bedroom, which I consider the worst room in our house. You are very inspiring. Keep up the great work. Cheers, Jo

  80. Hello Sarah,
    Your redo is absolutely beautiful! A perfect cottage room! I love the aqua side table! I have posted a link to this on my blog http://cinnamonrosecottage.blogspot.com.
    Thank you again for the beautiful inspiration!

  81. Nikole Marohn says:

    Gorgeous. I love your white, cottage bedroom. I asked my hubby if I can do this same thing to our room. His answer to that was, ” I do not know what the bedroom looks like when I close my eyes at night. I do not care!” GAME ON!

  82. Teresa says:

    Just beautiful!

  83. Cherise says:

    that bedspread is to die for ! does anyone have any idea of where i could get one? much appreciated xx

  84. Erika says:

    Perfect and gorgeous and WOW!

  85. Harley says:

    i love the bed, please can you tell me where it’s from?

    • sarah says:

      hello, I am sorry it’s really old and the shop has now closed down…but I do know that there is a similar one in IKEA…x

  86. Dominique says:

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    here at net, however I know I am getting know-how all the time by reading such nice articles or reviews.