The Beach Cottage Jug

Tue 22nd, Jun, 2010

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G’day my little cherry pies, how are you doing?

I am all good here, been dabbling all day with tradies for the next few things in the cottage to be renovated…first on the list I am telling you, though I feel sure you won’t be surprised is the 80′s sliding aluminium door on the deck….yeehaw..it’s on its way out…boy oh boy will there be a celebration in this here cottage and on this here blog when that old stinker hits the skip…

Anyway lets move on from tradies, though I do have to say I could quite enjoy men with tool belts parading around here a bit more often ya know…yep, we should move on swiftly to all things white and oldie..

Hmm I see a little odd pattern on here though since I moved to my own site…posts about vintage bottles, posts about yoghurt and here I give you a post all about a vintage-style jug or if you are not where I am from a pitcher.

I love these things, it is indeed my mission in life to spend most of the rest of it collecting pitchers or jugs or whatever it is we are calling them.  I love ‘em, as simple as that.

This one is right up there in Beach Cottage Coastal style…a little bit vintagey but with a fresh air, a nice loopy handle, and as I always like a kinda utility feel to it.

I don’t need to tell you how I snatched this up, do I, when I spied this little beauty thinking it would be just perfect for something I am working on behind-the-scenes….and a great little home for a few wooden spoons in the kitchen…

Later on in the Sitting Room though I rather thought lavender might be a nice touch stuffed in it and I thought as I put it in how this is me all over really, and it reminded me of the colours on my website and the feel I was after…a bit beachy and country, a bit of muted colour and of course the oh-so-heavenly scent wafting around in the coastal air ;-)


I love lavender, I just think this small little bunch of eye candy makes a big impact…it really is right up my street you know…beautiful muted greenery, natures own ruffles, easily loaded into a jug…and all the while relaxing the senses…


I often pick a stack from the garden and will more often than not come back from the market with bunches of these to hang here and there. I have pots of them happily stacked on the back steps and incidentally, I must just point out here dear BCer’s that these are two-for one as once dried can use them to stuff into pretty little pouches to cover one’s eyes when one is feeling rather delicate.


So, I have a few of these for sale, but not many, I only have three edit* two left now, all sold thanks!…(but I may have a few smaller ones on the way…)

I loved them so much and thought you might too…(price is $US29 plus shipping size = 15x15cm)


That’s it for now, it’s over and out from Down Under…

Catch you later



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22 Responses to “The Beach Cottage Jug”

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Nice jugs Sarah !! Love the handles. I love lavender too, I sometimes put a bunch near the front door because its nice to come home to the smell of fresh lavender! Have a great week :)

  2. flick says:

    Nice jugs?? That’s a bit forward!
    Crickey it’s cute, I love lavendar too and mine won’t grow as fast as I can pick it… I have been ‘accidentally’ collecting glass jugs lately and I need to stop!!
    Have a great week..
    :) Flick

  3. Debbie says:

    So pretty Sarah! I just cut some lavender yesterday to bring in…LOVE the scent!
    Nice jugs, by the way.

  4. Sarah, What i realize now about your blog changes is that it makes your photography stand out all the more…and I know that is what is very high on your list. Your images communicate the essence of your story of life. Just an observation. Very nice images, btw!

  5. Patricia says:

    I really love your beach cottage jug Sarah!!!!
    Fair dinkum. I mean really.
    Truly. Honestly. Dinky Di.
    I think it would be lovely for me, myself and moi.
    Anyway, here’s hoping.

  6. DeAna says:

    Woke up feeling a little scratchy in the throat department. I feel a bit better after checking your blog. I think that lavender and white jugs have medicinal properties. Thanks Dr. Sarah.
    Would LOVE a jug…

  7. Julie S. says:

    I love your mantle “scapes”. I need to get better and arranging all my junk. Yours always looks so pretty and polished yet not formal. Mine looks contrived, lol! Love the pitcher/jug and I’ve got to plant some lavendar. Not sure it’ll grow here where it’s hot but I’m going to try in a raised bed next year. Here’s hoping….

  8. terri says:

    Hello Sarha,
    Love the little white jug, it would look great here in my little bungalow. Good luck with the home improvements and your” tradies”. Thats funny..here in the states we call them contractors. Have a good one!

  9. Kristin says:

    So pretty Sarah! Just wanted to tell you I love your new look, I know I’ve said it before but it’s a breath of fresh air! Have a great Tuesday!

  10. Sarah W. says:

    I’m picking up glass jars every where I look….and I’m inclined to call them pitchers, I think jugs are more narrow at the top. And the lavender is lovely, just the right amount of colour.

  11. Ginger says:

    Can’t wait to see what replaces that eyesore. I’m sure it will be divine. Oh, I would love to have a visit from a few tradies…never enough time to complete those projects that just keep lingering. The “jug” is adorable and looks perfect with the flowers. BTW, love the new look. I am still amazed at how stunning a picture of a simple chair can be. Unbelievably talented you are!

  12. I have several little jugs aka pitchers around my house, I love them for holding flowers or utensils for a party, or just to sit and look pretty all by themselves! Your is beautiful all filled with lavender!

    Kat :)

  13. Your new blog is so refreshing to look at! I love all the muted blues & greys & your changing photos header.. fabulous! That simple white jug is lovely.. beautiful photography featuring white and lavender. I can’t wait to see your new cottage renovation! ~lara

  14. Sarah – I do believe that we all have noticed how much more beautiful (if that is at all possible) your photos are and how you have developed your photography talent during the past year. They’re always so calm and reflective and inspiring! Your new site is just perfect and I can’t wait to giggle over your stories. You are a doll! :)

    I know what you mean about pitchers. Lately I’ve been obsessed with white enamel ones for some odd reason….? I’m always plunking peonies, hydrangeas or wildflowers form the field out back into them and moving them around the house. Hubby never seems to know where one will show it’s pretty head. :)

    xoxo laurie@heavenswalk

  15. Ms. Pearl says:

    Love the jug AND the vintage bottles!

  16. Sharon Forward says:

    Hi Sarah, Been following your blog from over here for a while and boy it gets better and better the new look is divine and just love the lavender in the jug. I agree with the others. I think we are also following someones journey to being an even more brilliant photographer….. can’t wait to see the renovations. bye for nowx

  17. Sarah i know what you mean i have one of those doors in my home too…..the one thing i hated when we moved into this house and the first thing i was going to change…..but hhhhmmmmmm 25 years later it is still there………why……..as much as i hate the door i do love the huge expanse of glass that allows a great view of the garden especially from the sofa in the little porch area where a cup of coffee allows one to sit and contemplate life and all is beauty…….glad to hear you are getting rid of yours though……..love the new blog look but are you downsizing as well i am thinking i may need glasses as typing these comments the print is so small……

  18. whats this???? when it flicks up to the box it suddenly increases in size!!!! magic!!!!! LOL

  19. Tammi N says:

    I too agree with everyone that your new look is fabulous……love it!!

    I have a love affair with jugs going on at the moment….I have quite a nice collection of them now, they are soooo versatile and I adore the look of them grouped together on my hutch.

  20. bonnie says:

    I’m in love with jugs too. I snap them up whenever I see them and I especially like the white ones. I suppose being from the States I should call them pitchers, but jugs sounds homier.

  21. Molly says:

    Haha- could not figure out what “tradies” were… then read the comments and someone said contractors, Ooooohhh, now I get it! (light bulb moment for someone who should try reading by the context a little more!) Love the photographs, love the pitcher, and love the lavender ; ) Can’t wait to see that new door!

    As always great blog,

  22. Jo says:

    Love your jugs! Sadly, your blog was MIA and I didn’t get to see this post in time :(