DIY Entrance Hallway Makeover with BeadBoard Part I! + A GIVEAWAY

Tue 8th, Jun, 2010

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So hello, here we are again, in my tatty little cottage on Sydney’s beaches talking about all things white, vintagey, beachy, coastal.  I aim to please ;-)

Thanks for all who guessed in the impromptu giveaway  posts today…too funny…yeah I am a wicked old teasing Beach Cottage Witch….I really enjoyed this, that’d be my warped sense of British humour coming through…some great comments, love you gals thank you…

…errrrm BUT what I didn’t expect were the emails protesting that this giveaway was a little bit leaning towards those of us in the Lucky Country cos a lot of you were asleep.  Well, I must just point out here, that Down Under, we often miss out when we are snoozing but I have decided to extend this giveaway to include this Reveal Post…but it won’t last all week like usual, giveaway will close when the next post goes up ;-)

So yep as many of you guessed a nautical inspired coat rack, actually inspired by a shop round here where they wanted $400 for one of these…as is my usual fashion I set about making my own and was hoping to utilize those knobs from last week, alas they weren’t rocking it on the oar at all.

Now, this actually all started though sometime last week, when I happened to get into a conversation


about style and styling, who has it, who doesn’t have it, who wants it and who thinks they have style ‘cos they can head to the nearest trendy homewares store with a big price tag and chuck a few thousand dollars at it.

It got me to thinking alot about it.  A throwaway comment from a wannabe with just a tad too much casheroony on her hands led me on a mission.

So, having been thinking about the state of my hallway and it’s general grubbiness from those pesky BC kiddos coming and going I decided to put myself up for a challenge…a budget makeover for a very small space…it’s amazing what a lack of being able to throw money around can do for ones ‘style’, cough cough.


There is no getting away from it, I have one seriously tiny entrance hall.  Not that I am moaning (as if you would hear such a thing from me).

But no fear fellow beach cottagers, there ain’t nothing white paint, beadboard, vintage things and knobs can’t fix!


This is one of those makeovers that you start on a rainy weekend, when you are already in the midst of a bathroom makeover that is taking the longest time e v e r.  When your cottage is such a tip that you feel a burglar must have ransacked through in the night without your knowing, when your husband is so up to his eyes in business that you have to offer him things to crack his face into a smile, when your teenager has exams and you really should be playing Perfect Beach Cottage Mum, floating about in white linen, dolling out comfort food and aiding revision notes.  When you are suffering a pretty sore head courtesy of a night at lg’s.

Yup when you have all that on your plate, you announce to the family that there is some serious need of some serious hallway kerb appeal…you declare that we are gonna sweep the decks of all the old, paste on some beadboard for a nautical vibe, we will add vintage oars for a coastal twist and slather everything in a pure zap of white for a wash of pure.


The design brief for the Stylist Extraordinaire intiated from, my friends, problems when we enter our little cottage….it was getting um rather packed, was to get rid of some of the furniture and free up some of the precious space.  So this new minimilist me with a vintage twist would mean the Beach Cottage hallway would be free of too much paraphernalia from treasure hunting trips so we will be able to walk in without dodging a vintage cupboard, we will not need to shimmy around various beach baskets hung for decor but with no real purpose in life and we will not need a deft little twist as we walk into the breakfast room to avoid the leaning vintage ladder.


That was the plan…a tiny hallway that we could walk through, a front door that spoke softly in dulcet tones of glossy black, hints of an old house by the sea, a glut of knobs, a dab of Frenchy chic, a dash of laid-back whitewashed beach…


Halfway through the weekend, with a 1970′s amber glass panelled front door halfway through its transformation, a wooden floor splatted with spills of white paint, wallpaper that had come unstuck, no roast dinner to be seen, school uniforms not washed and husband’s mumbling, I had to give myself a stern talking to.  Along the lines of get your act together lady.


Hours of white paint brush in hand later, a cleaned up floor, a whitewashed oar, and freshly painted beadboard walls and I was one very happy beach vintage loving girl.


And we all know what happens in Beach Cottage Land when Mrs BC is happy!

Stop by tomorrow for Part II (what’s on the other side)

Let me know what you think, c’mon Lurker Babes you know you wanna!

comment to win the Beach Cottage Care Package


white treasures, vintage finds and of course a shell decor ball



hooks  :  IKEA Lillholmnet $18 for 2

oar  :  garage sale $5 for 2

white paint : Dulux White on White $50

beadboard wallpaper  :  Graham and Brown (not in Aus) $50

mirror  :  thrifted

white paint on mirror  :  Dulux whisper white sample pot

stylist  :  free

gaffer  :  free

painter & decorator  :  free



shared atShabby Nest and Romantic Home & Miss Mustard Seed


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154 Responses to “DIY Entrance Hallway Makeover with BeadBoard Part I! + A GIVEAWAY”

  1. Laurie @ Little Blue Chairs says:

    As always i love your style. Looks great.

  2. irene b says:

    dear Sarah, every your photo make us dream about your incredible place… every time if I close my eyes I can see the smell of the sea and this has not price,
    thank you dear lady!

  3. Sarah, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your entryway and the view of that gorgeous cabinet. You seem to have the magic touch with every project you do – You have created the perfect beachy, time worn, well loved and thoughtfully thrifted home…with a hint of old French.
    I continuously am inspired by your projects and changes!
    Sarah :)

  4. Tiff says:

    Oooooooo! Love that mirror. And the oar looks fantastic. Now I’m just itching to see the front door!
    And I know what you mean by missing giveaway’s from o/s . . . I’m always just an hour or two late : {

  5. susan says:

    looks fantastic, you amazing girl! love it all and i love how you ended the post so fun! have a super week!! susan

  6. Mary Harper says:

    Thank you for taking me away from my reality for a few minutes…its lovely Sarah. Now back to reality for me.

  7. Jeannie says:

    What a clever use of that oar! Genius! That kind of creativity is the main component of ‘style’. Style, to me, is creating one’s own look, without concern for what other people think, or concern for what is ‘in style’, what is in the stores, what the newest, latest fashion trend is. ‘Style’ has nothing to do with the amount of money one spends. Style has to do with PERSONALITY AND CREATIVITY. Your hallway looks fab, girl!

  8. Erika says:

    Priceless it is, Sarah! What a great way to use things around the house (or someone’s garage) :D
    You have really created a home…I admire you!

  9. K says:

    It’s perfect, Love it! Don’t forget to spoil the men BC’s for all their hard work!!

  10. Esther says:

    a great idea Sarah!
    I like it so well!
    greetings from Germany ;o)

  11. All looking gorgeous as usual! Why can’t I do the whole chic white thing?!?!?!

    Mel xxx

  12. mary jo says:

    Lovely! Love that hanging knot!

    xo Mary Jo

  13. Julienne says:

    What a fabulous way to use that oar! Now what are you going to do with the other one?!

  14. Sarah, your style absolutely SINGS to me. I like beachy & sweet, but also have some minimalist tendencies, probably from my hubby, who grew up with clutter and could never live like a Victorian with stuff on every surface! Your re-do is going to be fabulous ~ it already looks great to me ~ when it is completed. Don’t enter me in the giveaway as the postage would be too great. Just wanted you to know how much your lovely post was appreciated by moi!
    xx Suzanne

  15. Alexis says:

    Oh!! great idea!! I didnt evne realize it was an oar until I saw someone mention it in the comments. :D

  16. Samantha says:

    Fantastic, worth waiting for! You have style in bundles Sarah, you either have it or not and you most certainly do….!! And I hope Mr BC was happy too ;-) Sxx

  17. carrie says:

    Sweet! The whole makeover is so “beachy” which I love. Your whole blog is very inspiring.

  18. Kathleen kelly says:

    Sarah, Thanks for showing us that style has nothing to do with cash. In fact, you prove all of the time that no amount of money can buy it!Love the Ikea hooks on the whitewashed oar!

  19. marietta says:

    Love it! Simple, stylish, elegant and comfortable!

  20. Shar Yates says:

    I love the paddle like you have done it. What a great idea but then you seem to be the Queen of Ideas! Is there no end to your cleverness?

  21. Sarah W. says:

    I feel a little behind….aww well, as long you all had fun! And I hope, for the sake of that long white string of shells, (right?) hanging from the far wall, that you do not have cats….but everything is lovely.

    I’ve never gotten a care package….

  22. Marta says:

    It’s looking lovely in there! You really do have a knack, and it keeps me coming back! ;-) Can’t wait for the rest of the reveal…

  23. donna says:

    I FREAKIN’ LOVE YOU . (period) And I was right! Woo Hoo Looks GORGEOUS!!!!! Knew it would cause you got style up the Kazooooooooo! <3

  24. Vicki K says:

    I love your vision – those hooks are perfect for the oar. They are substantial for holding kidgear but don’t look too heavy because of the color. Well done.

  25. Alisa says:

    That is amazing! I haven’t seen an oar used like that before. It’s so great! Makes me wish I had snagged the set of oars I saw last weekend at a flea market… ah well. Maybe next time. Anyway, thanks for sharing your great ideas time after time!

  26. Bonnie says:

    Oh my gosh! I can’t begin to tell you… every time I see your pictures I want to request you adopt me so I can live in your Cottage. So incredibly beautiful… I love every inch.

  27. Deb says:

    So creative! Lovely and fresh ~ especially like the oar (what a fabulous garage sale find)! The Ikea hooks are perfect.

  28. Morning T says:

    You’re the best Sarah…love this post and LOVE your new hallway. The oar is perfect and that mirror is dreamy!

  29. michelle says:

    Looks gr8 and that mirror rocks!
    now all you need is one of our bus destination blinds saying ‘special’ :-)

    Great job Mr BC and the gang… x

  30. desiree says:

    very beachy style ish!! I wouldn’t want to stand in your shoes painting that wall..!!

  31. Kristin says:

    It’s perfect, simple and lovely! I love that you used the wallpaper, I’ll have to try that sometime :) I do the same, when I’m up to my neck in life i always seem to start something else to get my mind off things…funny! Have a great week, thanks for showing us you can have wonderful creations for very little money!

  32. Kim Buca says:

    i am love love loving that entry way makes me wanna plop on my flip flops and take my straw bag full of beach goodies and head right down to the sand looks smashing

  33. Deborah says:

    lovely, clever idea, I love how your cottage flows seamlessly from one room to another x

  34. I could kick myself! I kept thinking it looked like the oar had hooks, but then I was like… no… it’s not thick enough! Leave it to you to prove me wrong with your awesomeness! I’m glad you finally found something to do with your oars! I have a pair of shutters waiting for me to decide on them!

  35. katie in WA, USA says:

    hi sarah! beautiful! i want to know a few things out of your VERY COOL entryway! mine is super uber small but not a hallway. it’s an entrance/LANDING in a split level home. my walls are white but they are like 20 feet tall. but i can fit NO entry ‘furniture’ there. ah well. i have an OAR. i might copy you! it’s so cool! on to questions: i have that IKEA rug: it curls on corners and doesn’t lay flat. what’s your secret? hang to dry? iron (yuk!)? #2: what is that long shell-looking thing hanging from the nail above your door? a shell string? very cool but my dd and i are trying to guess…you have too many comments for me to read thru them all in case it’s already been asked…sorry!
    YOU INSPIRE ME. my family is so sick of me painting everything white! i white wash some, high gloss some. do you find that high gloss doesn’t mix w/ water as well as flat for the beachy white washed look? but when i do it w/ flat it has a chalky feel when done. versus when i use high gloss it has a glossier, more FINISHED feel to it. i don’t know what the trick is. and i have no patience! =)

    i love your home and you and your ideas, etc!!!

  36. stanna rysdam says:

    LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!! You are great and I so enjoy your bog. Love the makeover too…..shabbyloft@aol.com

  37. lyns says:

    I love the new look, and I am thinking of investing in some beadboard wallpaper for my narrow hallway upstairs in my home which has at least one or two features already inspired by your lovely home. I love the new coat rack, and the knot is grrrreat.

  38. Lori says:

    What a cool project! Love your entryway, so fresh and re-freshing! You are one clever girl!!

  39. Kim michel says:

    G’Day~It all looks fabulous and fresh!Great idea for the oar, I have a few around here that may need a lil pick-me-up!

    I always enjoy my visits, your a Hoot! Keeps me comin back for more………………..~Cheers Kim

  40. Judy says:

    Love the oar and the mirror. I tend to paint everything black, but may have to try white. Just beautiful!

  41. gretchen says:

    I like it. it looks very beachy and fun-ctional – i also totally agree with what you wrote about mucho cash to spend and having the smarts to do it on the cheap…

    it’s like the men that buy a ‘classic’ auto completely redone, fresh paint, don’t touch vs the guy with grease under his nails that did the work, a few dents be damned.

    girl, you have the virtual paint under your nails and did it all yourself with the addition of spousal muscles. Congrats!

  42. Nice job Sarah, as usual! Freeing up space and making a place for stuff – a win, win if you ask me!
    More important, you are enjoying the process! And providing a much needed service in the form of inspiration to the likes of all of us blogger buddies.

  43. *Alex* says:

    I love it! It looks like it fits right in. I also love the little ball of rope-so perfect! :D

  44. Stacy says:

    1. That mirror is absolutely gorgeous!
    2. I wish I could go garage sale-ing with you, you always find the bets treasures!
    3. I completely agree with you that a person who can decorate a house on thrift store and garage sale finds has way more style than a person who can walk into a store and buy everything on the sales floor. It takes a lot more patience and creativity, too!
    4. “But no fear fellow beach cottagers, there ain’t nothing white paint, beadboard, vintage things and knobs can’t fix!” …ain’t that the truth! :)

  45. Deb says:

    It looks wonderful!!! They make beadboard wallpaper??? Who knew? I’m quite impressed…and I just might have to track down some of that wallpaper for my bathroom!

  46. sue in mexico mo says:

    Very nice!

  47. michelle says:

    Heh Sarah, loving the look! The mirror especially! Looks great! Excited to see the door!

  48. Looking great – and love a budget makeover :)

  49. Kathy says:

    You are so funny and your weekend sounds like most of mine – too many irons in the fire!! Love what you’ve done with your hallway. Great design and “priceless” for sure.

  50. Ginger says:

    Love your sense of humor! Glad to hear there are other gals out there, who also spill a bucket of paint! Luv, luv, luv the Entry Room! Looks Fab!

  51. Alia says:

    You definitely have style, and all the right kind if you ask me! All those things in your hallway look wonderful, but to be fair, so does everything else in your adorable cottage!

  52. Frau Mayer says:

    This oar kinda killed me. Absolutely refreshing! And pls pls pls consider posting a tutorial on painting mirrors and other difficult objects :) Thanks!

  53. Corinna says:

    Oh, I love it! Absolutely beautiful! I can’t believe you got two oars for 5 bucks! My living room is decorated in a beach theme and I am so inspired now to start looking for an old oar to mount on the wall under my favorite ocean painting. Thanks for the idea :)


  54. Love it!! I was right and I am so glad! It looks beautiful!

  55. Alisa says:

    So, why does Australia have no beadboard wallpaper? seems odd to me. Glad you were able to get some smuggled in. ;) Looks great!!

  56. Lisa says:

    Mirror was my fist guess, closely followed by clock… maybe it was good that I didn’t guess right away…
    Care packages are always good. :)

  57. Michele Rice says:

    WOW!!! Love the entryway!!! Every single thing about it is awesome!! Love that you made a thrifty oar project, too, and that mirror is beautiful!! Can’t wait to see the other side!

    Thanks so much!!
    Michele R.(CA)
    Luvkittysgiveaways at Gmail dot com
    Butterfly Whispers

  58. lucy says:

    very nice, and perfect in your house!! I would have loved to see a ‘before’ picture:)

  59. Kimmy Findlay says:

    Hey Sarah – your beach cottage is divine! I also live in Australia and the prospect of actually winning a giveaway is super exciting! I love your blog and also live in a little cottage that I’m trying to make ‘home’ on a shoestring budget – Many thanks for sharing your home with us! xx

  60. Susan Page says:

    I just love it…the whole thing that you’ve done…oops..I mean supervised. Fantastic. Those BCs of yours are absolutely amazing. They deserve spoiling. Thank you once again, not just for the decor but the way you entertain us all.

  61. Kim Wayne says:

    I live 30 minutes from the Ocean & 30 Minutes from the White Mountains in NH. I have been so inspired by your ideas. kimberlywayne63@gmail.com Thank you, Kimberly Wayne

  62. barbara@hodge:podge says:

    The entryway is dreamy! I love the mirror, heck, I love the whole space. Divine.

  63. that’s my girl!! I had no idea that was wallpaper until you said it in your tally at the end. AMAZING!!! Please come do the same at my place. Or if not you, I suppose your Care Package will be a close second. ;-)

  64. Alison Gibbs says:

    Life with The BC Family looks fun.
    Such a great makeover. Think that saying on ads on TV about arthritis (I think) that says ‘use it or lose it’ really should apply to everything in our homes too. The Beach Cottage is looking fabulous

  65. Vickie in Rockaway Beach, OR says:

    I am constantly amazed and inspired by your ability to create the beachy cottage decor on a budget. Your British sense of humor makes me laugh out loud! I have a feelin’ that the BC men just aim to please because you are just so darn adorable. Just received my first two rolls of the beadboard wallpaper (it’s awesome!) so it was fun to see what you did with your entry. Am presently eyeing a big ball of rope on my table and planning to learn how to make the monkey’s fist knot; and I love the idea of hanging it on a white painted oar. Thanks for the inspiration you bring to all of us who love the look and feel of cottage living!

  66. Kathy says:

    Dear Sarah, So lovely, as always. I also have that floor rug – we both bought it at a posh northern beaches boutique, right ;)

  67. Rachel says:

    Mmmm….looks amazing! :) Love what you did with the oar…and if you ever want to unload that lovely mirror…please send it my way! ;)


  68. Jenny says:

    LOVE the oar’s, mirror looks great on the opposite side!

  69. Sharon Smart says:

    Awesome….you do realise that I think I need to kidnap you so you can tell me what to do with my 1980′s brick delight lol (at least it’s at the beach..lol!)

  70. Ok I wasn’t totally off, but I guess I didn’t guess right either. But it was worth it. It looks great. Just too bad you didn’t post a proper before foto, just for effect. But I guess that is against Beach Cottage Etiquette “no ugly foto’s on beautiful BC blog”. Tell mr BC and the BC kiddos: they did a great job, and so did you Mrs Style on a budget.

  71. Love the simplicity of the new hall way. Our hall way is small in comparision to “traditional colonial” style homes, stairs going directly up to the second floor, you have to squish up against a doorway to the living room or go up on the stairs when closing the door after company has come in. Also, the outside entrance has no overhang so everyone gets wet when it is raining. We have tile to compensate for the muck that comes in. I am actually working on a transformation for the walls. We have tried benches with arms and storage and benches with no arms and very simple (just be carefull when you sit down since it will tip over on the ends), little tables with cute things that eventually “everyone” runs into and things fly across the floor. We have just picked up a thrifty vintage side bar or “buffet” that may work we will just have to try it. It is amazing how difficult it can be to find the right look to greet your guests and all that enter your home! Thank you for the reveal!

  72. Tammi says:

    Oh my…..now THAT is an entry worth coming home to!!!

    Am totally loving this look, the use of the oar is totally genius and the mirror is just gorgeous.

    You got it going on Sarah that’s for sure, fits in with the rest of the beach cottage beautifully

  73. cheryl says:

    you are clever..looks fab! love the mirror too!

  74. Pearl Maple says:

    Sarah am just loving the coat hooks on the oar idea, now that is the cutest beachy but practical thing!

  75. Mel B says:

    Yay, I guessed the right answer… Your entry looks fantastic.

    My hubby made me a gorgeous coat rack with 7 little black boards for each day of the week. We are very blessed to have hubby’s that can do things like that.

    Love your blog and find it so inspiring. xx

  76. Tina says:

    Absolutely fabulous!!! I love it Sarah! Style is oozing out of that hallway my friend! Very Beach Cottage. Enjoy!! Have a great Wednesday ~ Tina xx

  77. Lark says:

    Love the white on white!!! We just added white beadboard to our tiny master bath and it went from being a dingy old place to a light and airy room I actually can’t wait to spend some time in.

  78. frannie says:

    You are inspirational!!
    We have real T & J at our place which is a beach shack in the making….just need some “Sarah” energy to get things going.
    We are thinking of an outdoor kitchen..all friends are rolling eyes!
    Put my name in the hat!!1

  79. Totally gorgeous ! Loving the oar as a rack, so fantastic !


  80. Kathy Frazier says:

    Okay. I’m a lurker, and can’t even remember if I have commented here before….but I just adore your Beach Cottage style! Your pictures are pure eye-candy. Thanks for adding beauty to this world!
    Kathy F.

  81. Hattie says:

    First of all, I have to say that it makes me sick (in a good way!) that you found not one but two of those beautiful oars for 5 bucks. I dream of that sort of find. It’s up there with the perfect aqua blue vintage fan I’d love to discover in a dusty thirft store for a few dollars.

    Needless to say, I LOVE your new entryway so much!

  82. Vickie says:

    Preeety good idea, girlie. Gotta say I’m lovin’ it….as usual. You never cease to amaze me with your creative ideas. Now if I could only get my child to hang wallpaper. ha ha

  83. kasey says:

    i love this look.

  84. cherrie says:

    It looks great. Just hope the emptines doesn’t become an invitation for the dumping of school bags, etc. teheehee. Decorating on a tinsy-winsy budget can be a lot more effective than a huge one don’t you think and nobody else will ever have one just the same and after all that is why some people need to spend so much on ‘exclusive’ items. I did a complet (doona cover and all) makeover in my oldest daughter’s room for just $120 or so. I would love to see the big magazines use tiny amounts like that for their ‘budget makeovers’. I am sure they simply couldn’t. Cherrie

  85. Michelle says:

    Loving it Sarah ! Good job . I know what you mean re the money side of decorating . I so hope I win!!

  86. Cindy S says:

    It looks so wonderful!!! You are the BEST!!!

  87. Shelly says:

    As I have said before…you ROCK!! I am continually amazed that there is someone else in this world who likes white as much as I do…I am so inspired by you. I have a times been afraid to paint everything white because, you know, that is just not what you do. Most people I know have dark red/green/yellow or some other “Tuscan” color. Yikes!! I always wonder what people think when they come into my house with all my white!! I LOVE your blog, style, and writing…You give me inspiration and motivation!!!

  88. Arielle says:

    Looks beautiful! I just bought a pair of old oars last night, but mine were $11 each. So jealous of your $5 finds!

  89. Elizabeth says:

    What a novel idea….it looks fabulous – what a clever little team the BC’s are…
    I particularly loved the photo of Mr. BC complete with beer in his back pocket, it tells me he has certainly settled in to ‘Aussie Living’….

  90. Deanne says:

    Just Gorgeous!
    I’m inspired to do and declutter my entry!

  91. Kathy says:

    Sarah you are just too clever. It looks perfect.

  92. julie says:

    it turned out wonderful! i love it all! and i would love to win your fab giveaway! thanks for the chance!

  93. Denise says:

    I’ve been missing your DIYs. So glad to see your newest project. :) The entry looks great!

  94. aubrey hall says:

    I love your hallway makeover…been keepin’ an eye out for those oars myself! Love the beadboard wallpaper…..sooooo beachy! :D

  95. Such lovely photos. Thanks for a second chance on the giveaway.

  96. Suzy says:

    Sarah, as usual your makeover is just fabulous. I wish you could come and transform my house!!!

  97. Sarah.. it is absolutely gorgeous!! Love, love, love all that white! A job well done!! How clever of you to add your hooks on the oar!!

  98. Oh Sarah, it is absolutely gorgeous. Just love it!

  99. Amy, Sydney says:

    This is definitely one of my favourite posts and definitely my favourite idea of how to turn old into new and cool. Nice job!

  100. Di Nash says:

    Loving the white Sarah

  101. Melinda says:

    Your hallway looks beach-ingly (okay I know that is not a word) amazing! You have so many wonderful ideas that I am running out of adjectives! Thanks for the continued inspiration.

  102. Rosemary says:

    Hi Sarah, looks fantastic, loving the beadboard effect wallpaper. You have a great catch in Mr BC.

    Can not wait to see the front door. Hallway rocks.

  103. Sarah says:

    Love, love, love it!! Isn’t beadboard wallpaper AMAZING!

  104. Tanya says:

    You won’t miss that dodging, shimmying, and twisting, I’ll bet !!? I’m de-cluttering, too: let’s cheer together !!! Yippee !!!

    _ Tanya, Queensland.

  105. ErinM says:

    Hi Sarah, I have just discovered the blog world and in it your blog and am absolutely LOVING it! I love your vintage/beach/whiteness.

    I am currently trying to decorate my first home and being able to get inspiration from so many different blogs has really changed the way I look at my home….several times!

    I just love the idea of the old oar coat rack, your entry way is just beautiful.

    You’ve really made me want to go out and search for pre-loved items that I can make my own!


  106. all so very pretty- i want to make my house over to look just like yours!

  107. alison says:

    Looking great Sarah…love the mirror!

    Cant believe that people have complained about the timeframe of your giveaway…some appreciation for the giveaway may be a bit better than complaints!

    Anyway, thanks heaps for doing what you are doing…I for one am very grateful and love what you are doing!

  108. gabrielle says:

    I would like to enter…I’m beachifying my li’l place so items will be more than welcome here..

  109. Holly says:

    I really love that mirror and that knot ball!!!!

  110. Lizzy says:

    An entrance for entering..so refreshingly calm and clear yet layered with stylish depth and care. You are the best Sarah because its all real and beautifully honest….now we need to see that front door and the other side and get beadboard paper in Australia…

  111. Paddy says:

    Maaaaate. Inspa-bloody-rational. (This blog was sounding a bit too English for me) ;) PS: I would kill for an entranceway. Well, that’s going a bit extreme. Perhaps slightly maim someone who deserved it, possibly a person who had robbed a little old lady, or something like that.

  112. deb says:

    Mission accomplished! It looks oarsome!

  113. Elizabeth says:

    It is absolutely divine, gorgeous, beautiful and useful. I told you it would definately be something we’d all like and want Sarah! I’ve enjoyed playing along with your little games, I stayed up all night just to see what the end surprise was!!
    Thanks Sarah for providing me with hours and hours of entertainment!!

  114. Elizabeth says:

    Now it makes me wish I had an entryway too!!

  115. Sharon Forward says:

    Sarah you have done it again this was a great post!!! So funny no roast dinner but hey look how great the hallway turned out Couldn’t agree more about being able to splash the cash where would the fun be in that lol It looks great ! x

  116. carla says:

    As usual its amazing and has got my little mind ticking over with ideas for my entry, I don’t have an oar but I’m thinking and thats the main thing! ;o)

    As for the bead board paper…… I really wish we had it over here in OZ, Do you or any of your followers have ANY idea where I can order some that delivers to australia?

    Cant wait to see the door. Mine is dark dark grey and I love it! xx

  117. Kathy says:

    Gorgeous! But then again, so is everything you touch! Can you come to my house???

  118. Anne-Marie says:

    What a very practical and stylish outcome for the oar and hooks and Mr BC is clever. Where did he drill the screws on the oar, their not showing up on the photo. Looks as though the oar is magically hovering. xx

  119. Susan says:

    You nailed it when you totally did your own little number rather than feed into the stress of being mum or wife!!! Sometimes the stress of every day life just bum us out and for that we can reach for white paint and turn our dreary days into sunshine….you go chickie…..love the hallway, sure wish I could figure out the configuration of your house tho, is it a 2 story??? Nothing better in the world than putting on your stinky grubby clothes for painting, have a ball….hugs…susan

  120. Kirstie says:

    Sarah, I was so drawn in to your story of your entrance hall, it left me gaspping for more, you have away with words that draws you into your world like one’s really there, have you written a book at all, if so I would like it, “I want more”. your images are amazing, and you really pulled off your design….breath taking.


  121. Janice says:

    Sarah, I happened upon your blog about 3 weeks ago. I have totally redecorated my house, went through loads of white paint. I have always collected wish pictures of white cottage looks. You inspired me to GO FOR IT!! Last Saturday my daughter and I dove in. It was my birthday present! Thanks for the inspiration…I LOVE IT!!!!I will send in before and after pics.
    Janice, Apopka, Florida

  122. I love love love this entryway…so beautiful! What a peaceful room to greet you as you walk in the door. You must be so proud! (of yourself and the hubby :)

  123. Mrs. Pearl says:

    The oar with the coat hooks? Genius.

  124. Lisa says:

    the oar coat rack is amazing!

  125. Jen says:

    Everything is so purdy :) I’m very inspired, but don’t seem to have the time/energy to do the same here. Now, if only I could get Mr Wagwaan to do some decorating. Hmmmm. I have a cunning plan………

  126. Karen Harris says:

    I thought the bead board was real till I read it was wallpaper! Where did you get the rope knot? Love the re-do!

  127. Nice work woman! Looks awesome – you have so many cool ideas! Count me in on that care package – I want to play!

    Hope it’s not too late!

  128. Love your hallway entrance makeover Sarah. I think I need to borrow Mr BC for abit… I have ‘crownies’ too – LOL

  129. Oarsome!!!(sic)Great use very practical too…

    My goodness where do you get your energy…and your ideas, this looks lovely… the white pushes those walls out giving space you don’t have…

    I have no idea what beadboard is but I will google it and find out!
    You know… whenever I see anything white I find myself thinking Hmmm I wonder what Sarah would do with that!

    Great look… the door will be interesting

  130. Denise says:

    Oh by the way…(and this isn’t to get the package… although I wouldn’t say no… just wanted to tell you)

    …I was on my way back from the op shop on my scooter passing rubbish bins etc… and noticed an old wooden bouncer that had been dumped with a few cardboard boxes.
    We don’t have hard rubbish collections here but it is code that if you put something out on the nature strip it is a ‘free to good home’ item…A scruffy old sofa of ours disappeared in minutes to a neighbour, as did a lovely cupboard you would have liked Sarah!
    So I back up and gave it a good home… very pleased with myself I am… the grandkiddies will enjoy playing with that! It just needs a coat of paint…hmm what colour will I choose lol…Thrifting is fun!

  131. I love your photos! The oar coat hanger is fabulous! I just adore all of your photos!


  132. This beautiful new entrance just says “Come on in!” So inviting, again you’ve transformed trash to treasure in the so chic way only you can do. Love the oar.
    I’ve actually been searching (unsuccessfully) for one of those myself. Great job.

  133. Van says:

    Your home is beautiful, I love the effortlessly beachy cottage :)

  134. Visiting from The Shabby Chic Cottage…
    I love this whole room but especially that oar that you turned into such a great piece! I may have to borrow some of your ideas when I redo my master bathroom in a nautical/beachy look. :) Lookin’ good!!

  135. Annette says:

    I so agree.”there ain’t nothing white paint, bead board,vintage things,and knobs can’t fix.”….and it is sooo much fun!

  136. Sarah says:

    You make everything sparkle! Love you “new” white entry with its fresh paint and beadboard. ~ Sarah

  137. Briohny says:

    Yes I am a lurker and yes I feel compelled to respond! It’s the beadboard wallpaper you see! How did you get your hands on that wallpaper in Australia?! I have searched high and low and no one posts to Oz. It looks divine! Our builder told us that a ceiling lined in authentic tounge and groove will crack the supporting plaster. Thought this would be a great, lightweight alternative!

    I saw an oar similar to yours in an antique shop, couldn’t afford it, regretted not just throwing it on the credit card and went back a few days later to buy it…GONE! Have never got over it! But now, inspired by your creation, I can attempt to make my own.

    thanks for sharing.
    Briohny, (Victoria, Australia)

  138. I am shuddering at the vision of your old amber glass door. So lovely, I would have like to known what the “throwaway” comment was. Oh to visit and be able to breeze through that tiny, serene entryway myself.

  139. Joy says:

    I love it! Great job!

  140. Patti says:

    Love your entryway!!! Fantastic! I love your style…still working on painting, etc. our new “beach house” ..its been 9 months and we’re still not in!! Ugh. I am getting into the white thing…but my white is a bit creamier….can’t get any other now or dh would have a fit! I do have some colors in some of the rooms though. I recently bought 2 oars for $40…you got a steal!! I have no patience to find them for that price and nothing is cheap in CA…not that I have found anyway. I love what you did with the oar…thinking of keeping ours the old wood color though and just have them crossed at a corner of the wall..might look good against the white?
    Anyway, love your style and ideas! Keep ‘em coming!!

  141. Patti says:

    Forgot to ask: you have to paint the wallpaper? Just wondering….I would love to use that one of these days…probably on the hallway wall….its fantastic!!! Your’s looks super!!!


  142. Very sad I have no entry way in this house. In my first home, I had a wooden church pew in my entry. IT IS AWESOME! Now it is in my den-not as much fun and certainly not as fun as yours :)

  143. It looks perfect and I really enjoyed reading about the process. I can relate to that spur of the moment makeover that sends the household into disarray. :)

  144. Laura says:

    I don’t know how I got so lucky to have stumbled upon a great bunch of links and ultimately this site. I live by the beach in Boston and I LOVE all the great eye candy going on here. Thanks for the inspiration!! I may not be able to travel the world but the world of blogging sure makes me feel like I can!!!! Thanks

  145. Jami says:

    Holy beautiful! I love the minimalist-vintage-french-beachy look. I would die for an entry way, even it was itsy bitsy. Happy to have found your blog (via Layla’s site). I’m sure I will find much inspiration from you as I makeover the freckled cottage. LOVE your floors, too.

  146. Yes, I too am interested in doing something with a nonexistent entryway. I have dogs that need leashes by the door, garden boots and gloves that need to be grabbed, an excavator husband who sheds boots…you get the picture, right? The space just unfolds when you open the front door. I have a hankering for trying the wallpaper to go with my hooks and baskets in place that hold the needful, as it may give some country appeal to that back door style (mess) I have goin’ at my front door!
    Hey still tryin’ to work the camera…my latest post was all me behind the lens fiddling with settings and moving moving moving as you told me to do. Thx, I think I am improving!

  147. Sally says:

    I love everything Sarah!! You’re inspiration and joy and rolled up into one!
    Thank you for all your beautiful posts dear friend.
    I am always so excited to see what you have been doing!
    Have a fabulous weekend!
    You’ve got me itching to do something new around my sweet little home.


  148. Hi Sarah, I have just purchased 2 oars at a garage sale, because of your inspiration. Thinking of putting them in my bahroom as towel rails. Will have to cut them down though.

  149. Puff says:

    Fab entrance! so inviting and welcoming like it’s calling me to go inside :)

  150. [...] I had more space in my entrance, I would totally put one of those there and this beautiful mirror {Sarah, are you willing to sell?;-)} and added some more beautiful hooks. Did you see this french [...]

  151. [...] I LOVE the Coastal DIY ideas section – offering nifty projects like ‘makeover a flea market chair‘ (above) or ‘turn an old oar into a coat rack‘. [...]

  152. decoguy says:

    this looks beautiful, i love the details all along the hallway, the wall hook, i see that the paddle is not touching the wall. how was that done?

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  154. [...] decor becomes even more functional with this project by Sarah of A Beach Cottage. If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind piece for your entryway or hallway, this oar coat rack [...]