A Beach Cottage Cafe & Lovely Places

Sat 26th, Jun, 2010

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G’day, how you doin?

Well it’s the beginning of the weekend here and I am hoping to get some serious treasure hunting done for a little venture I’m working on…whether or not my family and real estate commitments will allow that is another matter.

Now I thought I’d show you a cafe I recently found.

I have to tell you ladies, I had very high hopes for this place…ever since I moved to this lovely old seaside town I have wanted to find my place to go sit in the morning with the newspaper, to find a place where I can get my coffee plonked down without having to order, a place that just about manages to combine a little bit of ratty round the edges with clean-enough-to-not-worry-about-one’s-health….a place with a serious lack of trendiness and heaven forbid it must not have chocolate leather sofas, and I can only just about bear to type brushed chrome…

And in this place I thought I had found it.  Yep I admit it, I had visions of Lorelai…and Luke and the diner…


Now I have been passing this place on my walks up the hill to get my legs in better shape for the past 4 years, I have heard people talk about it, I have spied it packed to the rafters at the weekends, I have seen it steamed up when it’s pouring with rain.

So the other morning, having the luxury of the lovely Mr Beach Cottage being home in the mornings nowadays cough cough, we decided to head over to this place for some brekkie.

It was, I have to say looking very very good to start off with, I mean the sign…


It had old non-trendy pine chairs, it had gallons of milk in the window, it was a tad on the grubby side, it had chalkboards with messages, it had men with papers and women with macs…


It was ok.

I have not found my diner.

It had a man with a hat.

But it didn’t have Luke ;-)

Or anything remotely close to that feeling.


And so I am still on a hunt for a Beach Cottage cafe…with mismatched chairs, old silver and vintage china…I guess I might be waiting a long time…

Oh and while  I’m here I thought I’d show you places this week I’ve enjoyed around the web

I am so very inspired by Kasey and her farm post, sigh, here on being who you wanna be and will be carting vintage furniture to the beach this weekend for a shoot…just because that’s what I love doing…

I am loving to have found this girl, right here in Sydney, What Katie Ate ..a girl taking very very nice shots of styled food…I’d like to say I’ll be taking shots like these, if only, I won’t…

I am thinking you might like to win this giveaway…if I win it it’ll be so much better than a meat tray…

And because I am longing for the end of this gruelling Sydney winter lol I’m diggin’ the peonies at Mimi Charmante

oh and go here and vote for the lovely Melanie #3 photo…she’s hoping to win with her living room photos and boy oh boy are they good…you can read about her story here

and that’s it from Down Under, I’ll be seeing you all next time…

don’t be good



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22 Responses to “A Beach Cottage Cafe & Lovely Places”

  1. Sarah W. says:

    That place looks a little trendy, or is it just me? I’m a bit outta the loop with things like this. Though, I do love those ceiling fans, and are the lights in colanders?

    And I know how you feel, I too have often dreamed of having my own ‘Luke’s,’ but that has yet to come true.

  2. Vickie says:

    I had to actually look up Luke’s Diner cause I had no idea what you were referring to…ha..ha! I never watched the Gilmore girls…sorry :o) But Sarah, I think you should open your own little spot. Find a good place and make it your own. You already do an awesome job on the cottage. You could call it….Sarah’s…with the same type, color sign as Lukes. Sigh……..just a thought.

  3. Ginger says:

    Sarah, I know exactly what kind of cafe you are talking about. I have found one of those in my life and it is perfect. The only problem is, it is over an hour away, so I don’t get to visit it often. It is just perfect in it’s vintageness. It is old and crickity and the tables are even mismatched antiques…not stuff antiques, vintagey looking perfection. Every chance I get, I stop by for a cup o’ joe. It’s the best. Don’t give up, eventually you will find one…if not, maybe you could open one?

  4. Alison Gibbs says:

    Good Luck on finding the right Beach Cottage Cafe. maybe you should just open up your own cafe having all of the things you are looking for. I am sure the BC kiddos would love to work there with you.

  5. Pearl Maple says:

    Happy Solstice !
    Magnificent sunrise and full moon about our beach this week.

    Too funny about the café, I miss Lorelai and Luke

  6. carla says:


    Ive gotta say I’m with Vicky! Obviously theres a niche that isn’t being provided for! Although if I were you I’d call it ‘a beach cafe’ All squishy sofas and all that stuff you cant fit in a beach cottage (hey you could even make your own granola and yohurt ;o) now I WOULD GO THERE!!!!! And thats saying something coz I’m in PERTH!!!!!!!

    carla xx

  7. Sharon Forward says:

    Hi Sarah, I used to take all my visitors from Aus to our village tea shop boy if you liked ol vintage stuff to look at while you had your tea of coffee this was the place very English very vintage… but sad to say it closed. But yea it opened again but with a complete new look yes it is lovely and the couple are nice but I will always miss my ol English tea house have a good week…if you did open a coffee shop just think of the fun you would have decorating it in your own lovely beachy style……..x

  8. Emma Angel says:

    Hi Sarah, I’m a huge fan of Luke and Lorelei too! It would be amazing to find a Lukes Diner. I hope that you find one soon, if not follow the advice and open your own.
    Take care x

  9. elizabeth says:

    I really miss Luke and Lorelai and Stars Hollow…sigh…

  10. Carol says:

    Oh, how I always wanted to live in Stars Hollow….Never found it though….

  11. Glenda says:

    I always loved the row of mugs hanging on the blue wall in “Luke’s”. Miss that show.

    Hope your having fun in the search. And hope you find your spot, Sarah.

  12. Annie says:

    A good cafe, like a good man is hard to find…

  13. bonnie says:

    I go to a place like this~ice cream parlor chairs and little marble topped tables in a century old building with wide planked floors and a 4 ft. wide front door. Unfortunately it takes 40 minutes to get there, but the yummy hot chocolate alone makes it worth the drive (I’m not a coffee drinker but they seem to keep everyone happy in that department).
    I agree with Vicki and Carla. I can just see you in your own little coffe shop, decorated in perfect mismatched,beachy style.
    Maybe you could even serve some homemade granola :)

  14. kasey says:

    Carting furniture around huh?!
    I can’t wait to see what you come up with. Do you know i have an antique iron twin bed waiting for
    me to dress her up and put her in a field full of children.
    That coffee shop looks like the perfect place…
    just perfect.

  15. Cindy S. says:

    I thought the place looked kind of nice. I’m always looking for the type of place that you are looking for, too. They are hard to find, I guess, no matter what country you live in.

  16. Laura says:

    I’m with you Sarah! I have been looking for a place to drink my coffee and relax with just the right decor. And sit for ages reading my magazines or books and not feel you have to go as soon as the coffee’s gone. I actually daydream about the right place. Still looking. If you ever decide to open one Sarah, think of us up here in Qld and open one up here too so I can come.

  17. Kirsty says:

    Aww loved this post so sorry you couldn’t find your Luke’s! I love me some Gilmore!

  18. ah yes I hear you girl. We are actually a bit spoilt for choice where we live as we are in a busy tourist area. Good thing mostly is they promote all the local foods wineries etc. Bad thing is it is packed by tourists especially weekends and they perhaps cater for the tourists too much. However, nice and quiet at the time when you drop the kiddies off at school and need a strong caffiene hit to start the day with some buddies. We have our favourites and they aint the ones that look like an English village with fake snow on the roof ;0)

  19. Tammi N says:

    Back in Nz there were a few cafe’s off the beaten track just like you described, great little discoveries on our many jaunts up and down the country side.

    Oh and we have been dining on granola for brekkie over the weekend….I too winged it like I do with everything I cook, but it is delish!!!!!

  20. Shar Y. says:

    Ahhhh! Luke, now he was a keeper. Sure miss the GG’s. Showed us a life we would all like to have. Good luck finding “your place”.