A Visitor from Far Away Lands Comes to Stay at the Beach Cottage!

Thu 27th, May, 2010

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Hallo everyone!

Welcome to the Beach Cottage via me, Desiree…blogger over at Vosges Paris …I’m a lovely guest of Sarah’s today…staying at the Beach Cottage and what a wonderful time I am having here!


Sarah’s blog is all about one of the things I like most … living by the sea!

With white and faded colours, simple live and being happy with the things you find and can transform into something for your place.

And most of all sandy feet on a wooden deck!

 I soooo do admire her and her family about having taken the step into a whole new life down under! And it is great we can follow all her big and little DIY projects about making it into a really great Beach Cottage. Thanks for having me Sarah. 

When Sarah asked me to write something for her blog I really had no clue what to write and waited for something to come on my way that would fit her blog….well it wasn’t long before something came up!

So let’s head back to the city of Amsterdam where I live….. A great city with lots of beautiful spots and shops.

Just like Sarah, and most of us I think, I love to redecorate my home.

I am at my happiest, with my old jeans full of paint marks on, painting diy-ing or making plans, you know the usual dreaming, for my home.

Unless it is a couch or so I don’t really search for furniture or new things. Most of the time they come on my way and I instantly know if it is the thing for me when I see it. I can almost see the picture in my head and taste the atmosphere it will give to my home.

When wandering around at one of my favourite shops ‘De Weldaad‘  I spotted a little rusty table in the corner. I was not really looking for tables and already had a garden table in my living room so why should I need another… these are the moments I can’t come up with a reason, other then I just love it and it has to come home with me!


Once I got home I thought the wooden top was a bit to dark….


I love wood to look a bit bleached as if it has been touched by sun see and wind especially with the rusty blue-ish feet it had to become lighter.

I think the wax with white chalk in it turned it into a table with a nice beachy feeling ;) 

I just love how it turned out!


I filled it with pretty things…

http://vosgesparis.blogspot.com and now it lives happily with me…


Thanks so much for having me Beach Cottage girls…I hope you like it?!

I’d love to hear your thoughts, oh and you are so welcome to stop by and say G’day at my place;-)


Tot ziens!


Desiree x

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25 Responses to “A Visitor from Far Away Lands Comes to Stay at the Beach Cottage!”

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Gorgeous table!

  2. Carla says:

    Wow, thats beautiful! I love it, thanks for the post, Im off to peruse Vosges Paris now….I have a feeling I may be there for some time! Hehe! :o)

  3. Tammi says:

    What a great find!! Love what you did with it.

  4. desiree says:

    Wow two of my favorites in one place! Very beautiful thanks for sharing–I’ll swing by your place next!

  5. Alicia says:

    Welcome to Australia and the beach cottage Desiree, so glad Sarah has got you to do a blog visit! I havent found your blog yet so very pleased to meet you as I do love your style :0) And that is the sweetest little table indeed. Oh and that shop ‘De Weldaad’ AMAZING!!

  6. This is just pure lovely! Thank you so much for sharing this one! I also dream of living near a beach. That’s just complete paradise.

  7. Pearl Maple says:

    Fun post showing our shared love of a cozy home reachs across boundaries and oceans.

  8. Alison Gibbs says:

    Desiree welcome ‘Down Under’
    What a gorgeous table. I am off to check out your blog

  9. Lori says:

    I love that table, and the way you have decorated it. Thanks for visiting Sarah! Now I can’t wait to see what your blog holds!

  10. Paddy says:

    Puts a smile on my dial to see such kindred spirits at work. Can’t wait to feast my eyes on your blog, Desiree, and travel through your world.
    Virtual hugs your way.

  11. That table is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  12. Melissa says:

    As beautiful as your table is, Desiree, I was drawn to the stack of little eye candy in the corner. :) Love your accessorizing!

  13. Tonia says:

    Love the table. Thanks Sarah for having Desiree over. I really enjoyed the post. Stop by to see me sometime

  14. Sarah W. says:

    The wax with the white chalk IS lovely, it makes it look like it too is right along side of your jeans, painting with you. And isn’t it nice to stay with friends?

    And am I the only one in love with those windows(?) in the shop!? The cream coloured ones up against the cabinet? Gorgeous.

  15. R B says:

    Leuk Dees…..ditte…om je hier zo te zien….mooie foto’s…leuk leuk !!! fijne gezellige avond ! lieve groetjes Ria

  16. Have a lovely time with your visit-er !!
    (Is this correct ?)

  17. Jadyn says:

    Desiree, wat leuk om je bij Beach Cottage te zien, aangezien ik al een trouwe volger van jouw blog ben! Ik weet niet of je je het nog herinnert, maar een paar weken geleden vroeg ik om je advies voor woonwinkeltjes in Amsterdam. Ik heb nog even bij de Weldaad naarbinnen gegluurd, maar had helaas geen tijd om naar binnen gegaan! Heel jammer. Ik heb wel jouw raad opgevolgd en heb de route vanaf Amsterdam CS via de Haarlemmerdijk naar de Noordermarkt op maandagochtend en naar de negen straatjes, Sissy Boy Homeland en Zara gevolgd. Heel cool! Ben ook nog bij Juffrouw Splinter naar binnen gestapt en heb een porceleinen deurknopje op de kop geslagen. Oh ja, en omdat ik in Zaandam zat, ben ik ook naar Loods 5 geweest. Echt geweldig! Anyway, bedankt voor je goede tips! En mooie post hier bij Beach Cottagae!


  18. Cindy S says:

    What a delicious little table you have fixed up there. I love it!
    Thanks. Sarah, for having Desiree on your blog, and thanks for introducing me to a new (to me) cottagey type blog. Those are my faves!!!
    Hugs, cindy S

  19. Vale says:

    What a nice idea hosting Desiree on your blog! Very beatiful post and gorgeous table!!!

  20. Hi, I am current reader of the oldpainted cottage blog. I love everything cottage and am in the process of buying a bungalow in Pittsburgh PA. This is a very nice blog with a lot of inspiration pictures.

  21. Desiree welcome and I love the table. Wax with white chalk in it, I had not heard of. Looks wonderful. I am off to check your blog.

  22. Love the table and love you blog – am a new follower!

  23. Melinda says:

    Thanks for sharing – love the look. I will be checking out your blog!

  24. Hi desiree, flying here with you. I was in need of beach and sand. Say hello to Sarah.

  25. Great work, Desiree! Congratulation with this visit:-) Love, Laila