The Vintage Pie Safe – Dressed Up Beach Cottage Style + GIVEAWAY TIME

Mon 1st, Mar, 2010

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G’day girls, sorry I didn’t get to make it here at the weekend, life was just simply too busy.

We headed to the beach on Sunday morning for some R & R but sadly never made it on the sand as here in Australia there was a tsunami warning in light of the awful disaster in Chile…sometimes I wonder what is going on with the world lately.

Anyway, being at home on Sunday arvo, a couple of roast chickens in the oven, doing some gardening and Sunday things, I took the opportunity to get those Beach Cottage males to shift the old pie safe around.  And around.  And around.  From room to room.  Trying to find a place that she could comfortably stay in peace.

Ending up in the Sitting Room after trying the Dining Room, the Family Room, the Breakfast Room (in place of the old pink scruffy dresser) and we even tried the deck.


So this magically moving Pie Safe, for now resides here, but it’s so packed in here that this baby is needing a new cottage to go live in…

As I distressed her, with a big old sandpaper attack, and later as I was dressing her up to show you, I thought just how much I love the *whole process of this little hobby of mine (and go see A Soft Place for more DIY endeavours).


I have to say, this blew my mind… I think it turned out beautifully but acknowledged just how easily it could have ended up on the scrap heap.  And I wonder how we got to that mentality where things like this are often discarded, piled out on the street for Council Clean Up and new cheap, throw-away furniture bought in it’s place.

I think there are words in DIY that automatically make people think re-inventing a piece of furniture is not for them.  Primer, multiple coats, removing hardware are some such words that once conjured up for me not only some kinda DIY fear but more, I couldn’t be bothered with such ridiculous make-do-and-mend unknown things from another time.  I think there was this underlying worry that these steps would be boring..

spending time priming?  boring

removing hardware?  boring

lots of coats for a nice smooth finish…borrr-rring.


This little baby played her part to the hilt…and behaved herself all the way along…sure her doors have just a bit of a stick to them, there is an ever-so-slight wobble and the shelves have that grittiness under the new layers of Beach Cottage White paint that shows she had a busy former life..

There was a time in this vintage furniture journey that I still wanted the instant modern gratification of the throw-away world we’ve come to live in today.  But through trial and error I’ve come to the conclusion that it is fairly time consuming to re-invent a piece of furniture but certainly not difficult and a wonderfully mind-numbing way to fluff around in the garage. 

Now it seems, I embrace those proper steps of furniture re-invention...I have to hold my hands up and say in the early days of doing this I was much more slapdash, much more eager for the quick-fix..

These days I enjoy the process every step of the way, I love the thrill of the vintage furniture chase, the awakening of the clean up, the preparation of the primer, the soothing strokes of the new colour, the dress-up partay at the end ;-)

201003-Vintage-Pie-05 201003-Vintage-Pie-06

But that all just kinda adds to the charm

Here’s the lowdown on the process I took her through to get her here ;-)…(you can see the WIP here)

removal of hardware

one disinfectant clean

two coats of primer

three coats of oil-based enamel (hand-mixed BC White)

one serious heavy-grit sandpaper attack

one smooothing all over fine sandpaper rub-down

one big-girl Beach Cottage Dress Up Session


Righto, I am off painting again, (yep really, remember that shelf I started?  I didn’t like the Beach White on it, so I tried a new very coooool white and I’m half way through and it’s looking hot!)

Oh and just before I go as I mentioned on Friday, it’s Beach Cottage Giveaway Time again this week..(those lovely sponsors up there on my sidebar mean there’s gonna be more giveaways round here)…

and this week we have got a ROCKING offer for Beach Cottage readers courtesy of Australian Country Style, a fabulous Aussie country magazine that knocks my socks off just about every month

…there’s more than one prize, full giveaway details in the next post, but you can start commenting, tweeting or Facebook mentioning from now ;-)) 


So long lovelies, I’d love to hear your views on Polly Pie Safe 


you can read more about the Pie Safe including before pics here


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112 Responses to “The Vintage Pie Safe – Dressed Up Beach Cottage Style + GIVEAWAY TIME”

  1. I so love how this turned out! I too find re-doing a piece of furniture into something satisfying to my soul. Breathing new life and loving it…I always try to see the possibilities of what could be instead of what is in front of me. Love your blog, your style, writing…your just amazing! Tweeted this!

    Have a wonderful weekend and look forward to your next post!


  2. Kat says:

    Sarah, it was beautiful before, but now that you have some lovelies in it, she’s truly stunning!

    And like you, I can’t understand people chucking out perfectly wonderful pieces of furniture and then buying reproductions of the same lovely things they let go of.

    Kat :)

  3. Felicis says:

    I think I’ve just about read every page on your blog now. lol I’m loving this because I have wanted to decorate this way for the longest time and being a transplanted american in Australian has had its challenges in terms of knowing where to start looking for things and how to do things so your blog has been extremely helpful. I LURVE your style and so admire your lovely pictures. You have inspired me in so many ways!
    The pie safe is GORG by the way!

  4. Julie-Ann says:

    I love Polly Pie Safe and now desperately want one. She is a masterpiece and to think she might have been thrown in the bin:( One of your best makeovers.

  5. Mary says:

    Hey girl, Polly pie safe looks really spiffy even with a wonky leg and a sticky door – another great makeover! Love how you’ve done minimal displays on the shelves.

    I’m beginning to wonder where you are going to put all these treasures as, like me, sounds like you’re running out of space in the beach cottage! Bet Mr. BC and the kiddoes just loved hauling Polly from pillar to post…….but that’s OK as long as you keep ‘em off the beach and away from any tsunamis that come calling. Poor Chile, such devastation once again, it does make one wonder what’s happening to our planet.

    See ya tomorrow!!

  6. She’s gorgeous! I love the process, too. There’s nothing like bringing an old piece back to life.

  7. michelle says:

    Wow that looks awesome Sarah , once again you have done a beautiful job. See ya Michelle x

  8. donna says:

    polly is a lucky lady! how can people be so cruel.Her wonkiness makes her just like anyone of us. Perfectly imperfect! Like you I used to rush through and now love each step. I really love the starfish tassel. As always you rock!

  9. I want to know more about that tassel? Lamp cord? Something intriguing hanging down the corner. Where does it go? What does it do? It looks crumple-y, I like it.

  10. Brismod says:

    Sarah, you did a cracker of a job. It’s a lovely piece of furniture.

  11. Jo says:

    hmmm maybe an ebay shop would help you find a new home for all the gorgeous things you do and don’t have room for..

  12. alikaye01 says:

    love the pie safe! Painted my first peice of furniture white last week and looking forward to reserecting an old window frame this week…to hang on my wall. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  13. I LOVE the starfish tassel myself. So cute!!!!

  14. DeAna says:

    I’m in love.
    Ok, I was just going to leave it at that, but that might be just a tad weird.
    I love the pie safe. I love that there were cabinets built back in the day to keep pie safe. I love pie.
    I love that you name your pieces.
    I absolutely love how she turned out! I can only hope to aspire to your transformabilityness someday.

  15. Debbie Koperski says:

    just beautiful Sarah!!! Love the sanding job you did…just loaded an old table into the back of the truck today for a make-over. Hope it turns out as nice as your pie safe.

  16. Vanessa says:

    Wow Sarah! It looks amazing!! You’ve done a great job! Sounds like you had a pretty busy weekend! Have a wonderful week! Best! Vanessa

  17. Alicia says:

    Just gorgeous Sarah as I knew it would be, you know I am a big fan of pressed tin from my last email! Lucky you to get to move it all over the house for the perfect spot too, that way you know its just right. BTW I have added your button to my blog, hope that gets me an extra entry in the giveaway lol ;0)

  18. Sherri S. says:

    I think you did a rockstar job! You definitely have a knack for making old things look beautiful again. You lucky girl!

  19. DeAna says:

    P.S. What does arvo mean?
    And what ever came of the tsunami warning?

  20. Kristi says:

    I love your pie safe. Beautiful job.
    I hope to slow down and enjoy the process of giving beautiful furniture a new life, instead of my old slap dash affect. This is (you are) inspiration.

  21. Tina says:

    Sarah, all I can say is it turned out beautifully and I love it!!! You are amazing!! ~ Tina xx

  22. Narelle Schultz says:

    Polly really came up a treat. I also enjoy transforming the council cleanup throwouts into special pieces. You are a woman after my own heart, love white,white, white and occassionally a touch of colour. Enjoy reading your progression through your aussie life and of course the beach cottage makeovers.

  23. Kimberly Atkins says:

    The pie safe is soooo pretty and for some reason happy looking… It just looks very crisp and clean. I never know exactly where to sand paper when I try to distress furniture. Oh well, guess I need more practice.

    I’m really excited about your next giveaway!

  24. Dream Mom says:

    Sarah, it turned out really pretty! I love the old hardware on it too. It looks great in that room too. I can’t help but thinking that I might like to see some nice white towels in there. What that has to do with a sitting room is beyond me, lol, but it looks like it would look nice in there.

    As for refinishing old pieces versus buying new, I think many people just don’t always have the time, especially if you have kiddos and are working full time. That being said, not everyone can do it as beautifully as you!

  25. Tardevil says:

    Polly is most awesome! I wish people threw out trash like that where I live. I have a pie safe too, but it’s not nearly as lovely as yours. The hardware isn’t as pretty, and the tin has a different pattern. It turned out great!

  26. Kim Michael says:

    Simply Lovely! I enjoy your blog always~Kim

  27. Julie says:

    Hey Sarah
    You can send the Pie Safe over this way.. I’m sure she feel happy in my teeny apartment!! haha.. You know I haven’t been able to get my hands on Country Style since I’ve been off work… need to got to a different newsagency i think!! having withdrawals…

  28. cherrie says:

    It would have been super sad to see this wonderful piece end up in the scrap heap. Unbelievable that people don’t know value. Cherrie
    PS I think I’m in the slapdash stage at the moment because I haven’t the money or stamina to do the whole proper job but I am still happy to be inspired to spread the white. Thanks for the inspiration.

  29. Maria says:

    I LOVE it. You did a beautiful job! I just love how it looks in that room. My husband won’t help me move furniture anymore, so I have resorted to putting towels under all my furniture and away I go. Since blogging I am happy to see that I am not alone on moving furniture.
    I LOVE what you do. YOU are so talented. I promise I will figure out how to add your button to my blog. I am so challenged. I have even asked a couple of other bloggers. The problem is I have a Mac & don’t have a right click on my mouse, so I can’t figure out how to save your picture to my computer. I am going into the Mac store with my computer & taking a few classes. I do have you in my blog roll though. Can’t wait to get that button.
    Take Care,

  30. Alison Gibbs says:

    Sarah, she has turned out fabulous.
    Love the whole look.

  31. debbie says:

    Fran the fan and polly the pie safe! I love it. Polly is a beauty! I reckon Fran would be a good name for a chook. I can imagine calling “here Fran, here Franny Fran”
    I wonder if my husband would like to begin planning a fancy fran chookpen???

  32. cindy says:

    Pretty sure that pie safe was to be mine. Don’t know why as I’m half way round the world but, I just KNOW it was!

  33. Tricia Rose says:

    Sarah, this afternoon in the Hayes Valley in SF I saw a faux bamboo dresser on legs, a darling round gateleg table with coltlike sticky-out legs (turned wood), and a dear little beaten-up chair all out of the street for the first taker – BUT I HAD NO ROOM FOR THEM!

    I feel as if I abandoned a lost puppy. On the other hand, I had to choose between them and my husband. I can only hope they were snapped up by someone who needed them and would love them back into beauty.

  34. Julienne says:

    Sarah If you suggest that people not put their ‘junk’ out on cleanup day and they listen…Where am I going to make my great finds?!!!!!!Throw it away, throw it away, throw it away….please!

  35. Tiff says:

    Wow Sarah! It looks soooooo good. Love the distressing job. You are making me itchy to do my own stuff . . .

  36. Angie says:

    LOVE Miss Polly Pie Safe. I have just the thing to go in her drawers (not panties!!).

  37. *Alex* says:

    She looks just beautiful! Love it :)

  38. Mandy says:

    Hey Sarah, I just love love love the finished pie safe, I’m so pleased you used those handles, suit it perfectly.
    Ok, confession time, I too have been lurking, reading my way through from the very first post till now, and can I just say a huge thank you for all your inspiration, your style, bargain savvy ways… you’re truly an inspiration.
    You go girl…

  39. It’s just gorgeous. I so love white on white on white too! The room is divine. Would slowly love to see my house turn into something similar.

    I also love the process of doing up a bargain. I recently bought five tas hardwood dining chairs for $40, sanded them back and painted them white. They came up well and I didn’t spend a fortune for them!

  40. Sandi says:

    Polly looks beautiful! You must keep her, she looks fab right where she is!! Thanks for sharing!

  41. What a sad idea that you have to give her away. But what a happy day for the lucky receiver. She is looking beautiful (and I still have no idea what a pie safe is, except a closet to keep pies safe).

  42. Lori says:

    Polly Pie Safe is beautiful. Wish I lived on that side of the earth so I could try to buy her from you!

  43. Hi Sarah, I have only just found your blog and I love it! I love how you genuinly do things on a budget and with things you already have or have found for nothing, very inspiring. I have just set up my own blog and have listed your blog as one of my faves!

  44. Megan says:

    A discarded piece of furniture, a can of white paint and Sarah–put them together and what do you get. A wonderful new Beach Cottage addition. Sarah–you continue to amaze me what you can do with a can of white paint. I love the starfish–adds just the right amount of whimsy. Will those of us in the USA have a chance at your giveaway. Might be exciting to receive a magazine from Australia.

  45. lululiz says:

    She looks just perfect and very much at home in that spot, surely you can’t part with her???
    I just can’t believe that people would want to get rid of a lovely piece of furniture like this. I know it didn’t look quite like this when you got it, lol, by why are there so few people who can see the potential of something like this?

  46. Ginger says:

    Looks like Polly Pie Safe found the perfect place. She turned out just lovely. I have NEVER seen a piece of furniture like that and I am in love. She isn’t all heavy looking with those skinny little gams. Just love her.

  47. Carole says:

    Wow, nice work! You really have an eye for beauty….

  48. Suzann says:

    I LOVE this pie safe.
    We live in a disposable society. Scary, isn’t it?
    In the past 18 months my mind has really given this some thought.
    Everything is not disposable. Everything doesn’t have to be brand new
    and perfect.
    Thanks for making me think and smile this morning.
    Happy Monday!!!

  49. Tovah says:

    Wow! The pie safe, she is beautiful again:) I’ve been on a big kick lately of downsizing the random stuff that accumulates in a house and just enjoying the remaining lovely things I have. I too don’t understand society just throwing away things that are perfectly good or just need a little fix up. I love the thrift store and “trash day treasures.” :)

  50. Christy says:

    ooh I love the pie safe. Awesome transformation!

  51. Anita says:

    Polly looks just perfect! I love her tall skinny legs. She is simple yet is a touch fancy with her embossed tin doors. She would look lovely in my not yet sewing room to house all my fabrics. Did you pick her up as in found in the trash or as in thrifting and cheap as mud?

  52. Leslie says:

    Personally, I find placement of kitchen furniture in the living room (and vice versa) a bit jarring. If I have a dish cupboard or pie safe that’s recognizeable as such I don’t want to see it in a living room — for me, that smacks of “oh look at this cute [boot? pencil sharpener? stomach pump?] — let’s make a lamp out of it. Ditto decking out shelves with “stuff,” just because it matches. Move that pie safe into a kitche/dining room/pantry area and put appropriate (kitchen-related, really useful) stuff on its shelves and I’ll lead the pack shouting, “Oh, you BEAUTY!”

  53. Linda Jacobs says:

    I love the poetry of your words! It’s always a treat to visit.

  54. bj says:

    I love how this old beauty turned out..is that punched tin in the doors?
    I also just saw Holly’s old metal box…I am dying to do something with numbers but I could never do all this she did. It sure does look awesome!!
    xo bj

  55. Shar Yates says:

    It is so beautiful. If I lived around the corner, I would try to buy it from you :) You have a gift; and I bet you can turn it into a business if you would like; that is if you don’t think it would take away the fun part!

  56. Kathleen H of Indiana says:

    Polly is perfect. What an awesome job Sarah! Perhaps opening a shop in your garage down under is next! If I had a shop I would have a hard time parting with anything. Thought of you when they mentioned tsunami. Glad all is well in your part of the world.
    PS You are keeping Polly, right?

  57. michelle says:

    heh sarah, you had me for a minute…a long minute….i read pie safe and giveaway and i haven’t finished my first cuppa coffee so i am a little off, and then i read, this baby needs a new cottage to live in…..so my mind scheming, my hubby is working in your country right now, thinking, heh, i could win and save you shipping costs and scott could just bring it back with him on the plane, back to canada on a 14 hour flight….wow…you had me….i do so want that pie safe. it is amazing!!!


  58. Vicki K. says:

    Sarah! This may be my favorite re-do of yours so far – it is gorgeous. At first, I wasn’t sure about the darker pulls & hardware but they are perfect.

    So will there come a time when you will have to start selling your pieces? Is there a market for it in your area? Wish I was in your market area!

  59. I just absolutely luv visiting here when I need to relax and de-stress! Everything about your blog is so beautiful, and the beach is my favorite place to be. I could never live far from the coast; glad to live in New England, but like to visit other places, even if vicariously!

    Thanks for sharing!

  60. I think Polly Pie safe is just gorgeous! And you did such a lovely job giving her a makeover!I too love to refinish furniture! Older furniture was made with such better quality and character, not to mention nicer on the wallet. I have a solid wood pine armoire to finish this summer so its helpful to see how you did your pie safe!

  61. Melinda says:

    Love Miss Polly and even more love the process that brought her back to life. Such beauty can be found with a little tender loving care and a bit of elbow grease!

    I am excited to hear more about the lovely Australian magazine – what fun would that be?!!

  62. kathi says:

    she’s beautiful! you did a fab job on her.

  63. annie says:

    Polly Pie Safe is Perfectly Pragmatically Pretty and Peachy!!
    She rocks!!:)

  64. shari nicsevic says:

    My, my ~ Polly sure is purdy… and Aussie Country Mag as well! Sure would love to have either! Alas, I guess it is just the magazine up for giveaway! Count me in… Shari

  65. Cheryl says:

    I love it. Looks so lovely. I love to paint, my husband and I are thinking of renting a garage and painting pieces and transforming them back to life, then selling them. I have been so amazed at pieces I see that get painted, I love the look

  66. Laurie says:

    Beeeautiful, Sarah, as usual! Love the way you distressed it. I’m headed for my newly painted pie safe right this minute with a piece of sandpaper…I just love having an Aussie friend who is so very talented! And I would luv to receive Australian Country Style mag! :) Hugs!

  67. This is a really beautiful piece. I really love the pieces that stand high like this one. Very nice job.

  68. Su says:

    I really love your pie safe – her transformation is wonderful and she looks perfect where you have or should I say the ‘boys’ have placed her.

  69. Laura says:

    You have once again outdone yourself! Polly pie safe looks amazing! (and right at home) ;)

    I have to ask…what is in the corner of the room in pic #1 that goes from floor to ceiling? Looks like a string of shells?? If so, you SO have gained like 100 million cool points in my book!

    Take care!

  70. Kristen says:

    Had an equally lovely weekend — I’m decorating a new apartment and found a fabulous old armoire painted aqua for my beachy bedroom, a small black gorgeously detailed table to use as my new desk, and a fantastic farmhouse table to use out on the screened porch. All throwaways, all beautiful and incredibly functional. Can’t wait to get them into my new space!

  71. Looks amazing. Great job!

  72. Polly Pie Safe is absolutely lovely!! What an inspiration your blog is, I just love it!


  73. Betty Jo says:

    I love, love, love your pie safe. You did a wonderful job of redoing it. ?

  74. Rachel says:

    Sigh….oh how I adore her! ;) She looks SO incredibly lovely! I really like the black hardware on her.


  75. Bella Casa says:

    It appears that you birthed a new beauty!

    Now wanna see a beutiful sunset?

  76. Donna says:

    I have a wardrobe that needs ‘the process’. Will I do it? Hmmmm…..

  77. Pat@BPM says:

    Beautiful makeover, Sarah!

  78. Sally says:

    Sarah…your posts keep getting better and better. How I wish I could find such fabulous treasures in my area. You inspire me like no one else. I always look forward to your email updates and the beautiful new things you are doing. I’ve looked at so many of your pictures and want to try and see what I can do to make my home as cozy as yours. You’re a delight and a joy to my day Sarah!! As always thank you for the gift of your blog.


  79. Allison says:

    Beautiful pie safe. I always see them with the tin still silver. I like it painted.

  80. Pearl Maple says:

    Polly Pie Safe is darling and finished beautifully with the little star fish trim.

    Always enjoy seeing what you have been bringing to life with a fresh coat of white paint.

  81. That piece is so gorgeous painted in white. I love that you took a piece that is generally in a natural wood state and showed how light and airy it can look in a white coat of paint. Lovely!

  82. What a gorgeous piece – You did a great job!

  83. Kirsty says:

    I love this pie safe. I would much rather have a piece that has some history…a little bit of stickiness, a little paint showing, doors not matching, legs wobbling… it gives it character.

    I love it. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE!

  84. Sharon says:

    Polly Pie safe is now truely a beauty after her BC transformation.

    And Sarah you are so inspirational…..I have been a lurker now for about six months and now that I have worked out how to comment and have “come out” of lurk-land I will feel a it more worthy of reading your wonderful blog.

    I too have started sanding back, priming and painting white old pieces of furniture around our house that I had planned on replacing. Now I like them more and they will get to stay around a bit longer.

  85. Christa says:

    You make me want to paint something. I’ve just spent all day cleaning out the garage so I can start a project of my own.

  86. Lena Roles says:

    You did a great job, it’s beautiful! old pieces are the best in my book, wish I could find them where I live now but I don’t think thats gonna happen :)

  87. Frannie says:

    The job is fantastic but it was the eye that spotted her beautiful shape that has made all the difference….thanks for continued inspiration!

  88. Sarah says:

    Ahh! Angels are singing! I am head over heels for this lovely old pie safe and what a beautiful job you did bringing it back to life! There is something about those black lacy knobs on the doors that just makes my toes curl in delight! I wish I lived in Australia so i could offer to buy it from you!

  89. Bev says:

    Polly is a beauty…. inside and out . Lovely :-)

  90. Patti Suttle says:

    She is soooo pretty…I love the white! I am going to paint something white…don’t know what yet..but I’m just gonna!

  91. Andi says:

    The pie safe is lovely. Although I wouldn’t have known it was a pie safe. I would have assumed it was a tall boy. I think I’m still in the ‘quick fix’ stage, but with the help of the wonderful blogs I read (yours included of course) I will learn to take my time.
    As for throwing things away – I remember back in the sixties when everyone was throwing out their pianos. There were ‘piano bashing’ competitions at village fetes and Boy Scount events. Then of course, there was always the brass bedstead thrown into a pond or lake. Such treasures. Where are they now? xx

  92. Kim says:

    good morning beach girl! looks like a great mag! and love the table top accessories on your beachy sofa table. I would love tio be entered in the give away! have a beachy day!!!

  93. Elisabeth says:

    Adorable! So are you keeping it, or are you going to go into business selling your stuff? I’ll bet you could, and be very successful at it!

  94. Krista says:

    I also feel the exact same way about refinishing furniture.. my hobby/obsession actually… and I love looking at other people’s shabby white vintage furniture fix-ups almost as much as my own! Which is how I have come to follow/stalk your lovely blog every day. lol. Your pie safe is beautiful.
    xo krista

  95. Frau Mayer says:

    So, have u actually ever though of offering shabby chic classes? It might spruce up your budget AND be fun :)

  96. Scribbler says:

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I really wish you weren’t on the other side of the world! I would buy this from you in a heartbeat (if you wanted to sell it that is!)


  97. Stacy says:

    what a beauty!!

  98. Victoria says:

    That is so beautiful! I have to admit I’m still in the slapdash phase when it comes to my re-do projects but, with each one, I’m learning to be more patient and not rush it. I love your blog:)

  99. Bethany says:

    This is just gorgeous!!! If you ever want to get rid of her you can send her to California and I will make her a special spot hehe! Great job!!

  100. You are one extremely lucky lady having that adorable piece in your home – I LOVE the pressed metal – rocking all right!

  101. cassie says:

    that pie safe is to die for! i LOVE it!!! i love your whole house- do you have room for another family of 4?

  102. Gayle Palmer says:

    Polly Pie Safe found the perfect home! She really came out great. You are so inspiring. I love your vintage style.

  103. One of my favorite projects so far! Stunning, Sarah!

  104. Renee says:

    Hi Sarah, any idea what a jumbo mortgage is?

  105. Wilma says:

    Oh, Polly is beautiful! I also love the re-do process (especially the end!), but I admit the cleaning is one part of the process that I probably don’t do as well as I should some times. But it doesn’t LOOK dirty… :)

  106. Jacqui says:

    I know what you mean about wanting that special find to be redone overnight! I am very impatient with all the preparation steps…even though I know they’re so important, I don’t always do them every time.

  107. Cathy says:

    Beautiful! I want to come live it that space! :) So peaceful and lovely.

  108. anna says:

    my momma has a pie safe like this, white & all. i love love love it!!

  109. tania mara says:


  110. Poppy says:

    Love Polly Pie Safe. If she does not want to go to California for her holidays, she could come to the Cotswolds………
    Beautifully complimented by her contents.