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Tue 23rd, Mar, 2010

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When I first moved to Australia I couldn’t quite believe my luck to be honest.

There were a lot of things that weren’t going the way I wanted though, it wasn’t all rosey posy, in particular I wasn’t happy where we ended up – just wasn’t the laid-back wooden floors, sandy feet on the deck, old fig tree in the yard kinda suburb I had pictured in my mind…I wasn’t happy with the kids’ school either and lots of other things were trickier than I thought.  Looking back, I guess that’s nigh-on pretty normal when one moves to the other side of the world.


But despite those teething troubles, there was always the sea, the light, the air and the colour.


All the time.


At first I couldn’t quite get my head ’round that.  It was almost like I had to drink it in and store it up in case someone took it away.  Just like being on a holiday.

Only every day.

Mr Beach Cottage and I had these three words we would say when we had one of those telepathic moments where we thought the same thing, when we looked at each other when we couldn’t believe our luck and one of us would say

We live here..

So four years later and we still live here for real, only now it’s starting to feel more day-to-day, more routine, more part of life.

I don’t have to store it up any more.


…it’s just there….on the way to school…in the evening…out for lunch…exercising…just part of everyday.


And I was sitting by the beach, with a group of girls the other day, backs to the ocean chatting with a takeaway coffee after a walk and someone said you could tell we were locals as we were sitting facing away from the sea.

And we all sort of laughed. A  little wry laugh.  A little knowing laugh.

But believe me I really wasn’t in it with them.  

‘Cos it might be their everyday. 

 But it still takes my breath away.


I’ll show you more soon kiddos, let me know what you think of my beach…

 & stop by tomorrow, I’ve someone I’d like you to meet ;-)



 ANTHROPOLOLGIE + Real Living to A Cottage Muse  copies to Marianne at Songbird Nesting & Kathleen H 


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56 Responses to “A Beach Cottage ~ blogging by the sea”

  1. ChrisC says:

    The same thing is said about people who live on the Gulf coast of Florida.We’re the ones with out the tans.
    Any day at the beach is a good day.And I’m still not tired of looking at the water.

  2. flick says:

    Beautiful pics mate, this surely is the lucky country! Not everyone who moves here is as appreciative as you, so to me, you are a breath of fresh air my friend! Keep on loving it, and I reckon we are lucky to have you!

  3. I do exactly the same thing here in Vancouver..pinch myself, even after 31 years….amazing!

  4. Julie-Ann says:

    It is an amazing place that we often take for granted.
    When we travel I notice that when I come home my shoulders just drop a little. I don’t feel crowded in. It is just a feeling of complete relaxation to have space & beautiful light:)
    I’m glad you love living here.

  5. Total beach envy here!
    But I have won the giveaway! Yoehooe!! Thank you very much, you made my day!

  6. The Moerks says:

    It’s a beautiful beach Sarah. You are lucky. I feel calm and relaxed just looking at the photos. And, maybe just a tad envious. Great thrift hunting a great beach, lovely home and family, you have hit the jackpot!

  7. mccarthysdesigns says:

    It is great to hear that your still appreciate it and enjoy it. We often dream about living by the beach (particularly when we are on holiday there) and we always end up thinking that if we lived there we probably wouldn’t enjoy it or appreciate it as much! You are very fortunate! xx

  8. Alison Gibbs says:

    Just home after sitting at our beach- Mount Martha, Victoria, Australia having a drink and watching the sun go down. 5 minutes drive from home – heaven on earth.

  9. Sandi says:

    Could it possibly be me at my new little blog that won the giveaway!! Pinch me! Sarah, you were one of the biggest inspirations to start my own blog so thank you…it’s been such a rewarding experience and now I’ve won a prize too!! Thank you, thank you!! Love your beach…it would be a nice place to celebrate!!

  10. Jojo says:

    It is so wonderful that you wake up and recognize that you are in a great place. So many people in our world have so much to be thankful for but aren’t able to recognize a good thing. It has to be the sea…it’s magic!

  11. Hey Sarah….

    Yep!! we are a Great Country…

    great beaches..people…food…lifestyle…

    I AINT goin nowhere!

    like the song…”I AM AUSTRALIAN”…..

    (but you need to kind of put the right emphasis on “australian” to “oz stray li anne”?? if ya get me drift??)….to make it sound right in your thinking/reading process…

    but more NOT to make me sound like a GONZO!!! in what i am trying to articulate.

    xxx andrea

  12. Lori says:

    I could never turn my back to that gorgeous water! Thanks for sharing the lovely pictures.

  13. cherrie says:

    I’ve been on the coast for three years now and, although I only swim once a year (what a waste of good waves!) I still think how lucky I am. Every view of the sparkles, or the deep blue of a miserable day or the aegean blue of perfect sunshine is treasured. Every wiff of salt belongs to me because I live here. I love the mountains but the sea is my natural home.

  14. I so know what you mean Sarah. We have recently moved to an Island in Queensland that has access from the Mainland by a bridge..the highlight of any trip away from the Island is coming home and looking out for that first glimpse of the bridge at which point everyone yells out ‘I SEE THE BRIDGE’. The children have then added a chant as we drive over the bridge that goes…’ WE LIVE HERE, WE LIVE HERE NA NA NA NA NA, WE LIVE HERE WE LIVE HERE NA NA NA NA NAR ETC’ it is directed at the people having to leave the Island to go home and I have to say often I hear that little chant going around in my head as I go about my everyday…

    Lucky are we that we can enjoy it everyday.
    Kiss Noises Linda (we live here we live here)

  15. Jennifer says:

    My family moved from New Mexico to Maine, oh, about 12 years ago, and still every day we all are so thankful to live here. It’s like perma-vacation; we know more of the state than the true locals, I think, because we can appreciate the intense beauty (and the fact that there is water everywhere!)
    More amazing pics today, thanks for sharing!

  16. Rachael says:

    There’s nothing like a view where the ocean meets the sky. How wonderful to wake up to that every morning. Just beautiful..Rachaelxx

  17. bec says:

    I’d love to live near a beach.

  18. What a blessing! I would love to live somewhere that felt like that! I have to admit, sometimes I come home after teaching and sit on the couch with one of my dogs or cats and look around and feel so thankful for my quiet little home that is all my own. Thanks for another great post :).

  19. Rabenfrau says:

    I still so miss the sea and the flat land, since we came here to South Germany 30 Years ago! Yes, we have mountains here, they are allright and look beautiful, but walking about there is mostly exhausting and not so easy and wonderful as walking at a beach!
    Rabenfrau from Germany

  20. Ginger says:

    Considering I have yet to ever even see the ocean, I think yours is stunning. I cannot imagine being able to see that every single day. Being able to run there would be a day maker in my book. Funny though, how long it can take for change to sink in isn’t it? Maybe it helps you to really appreciate it and enjoy it.

  21. Alicia says:

    You know, It is easy to take what you have for granted. we have lived on this mountain for many years now and the scenery is truly stunning all around us yet I think we may take it a little for granted. The daily school runs, broken washing machines etc etc take your attention away. Thanks for the re-focus Sarah, I’m going for a walk to the lookout tomorrow and breath it all in!
    ps. your photos are really great, especially the jogging couple very good that one!

  22. Felicia says:

    I know exactly what you mean. I grew up in Southern California and was never more than 5 min from a beach. I moved to Alabam and lived there up until 3 months ago where the nearest beach was 6 hrs away. Never Again. Now that I’ve moved to NSW I realized that the Sea, this beachy, laid back, sand in my toes, ocean breeze, ocean mist wonderland is in my soul and I never want to be far away from it again. Sometimes it takes a long journey before you realize where you’re meant to be. Australia is home.

  23. anita says:

    Love your beach. It’s so different from ours. Ours has white powdery sand. I dragged hubby and son #3 to the beach the other day. We’re just over the bridge. Not a good day, just needed a sniff of salt air. Still cold and windy here. Hoping for better weather this week as son #2 is home on spring break.

  24. Miss Sew & So says:

    ahhhhh…you know how i feel about those views you keep spoon feeding us…especially we ones who are desperately beginning to crave it as the spring ever so sloooowly starts to arrive…

    thanks for the eyecandy…dont think i’ll be turning my back when i get home


  25. Julienne says:

    I miss the beach and the sea and the amazing sunsets…but I love the view up the valley..the greens, reds, browns and citrines of the paddocks, the sight of the foals and the lambs at play as we drive past. I love the sound of the magpie at dawn the barking owl each night as he teases the dogs. The walks in the park where two rivers meet, the swish of the leaves of the old willow trees and the smell of the pepper tree as it rubs against your arm….I miss the sea…I am Pisces!!!!

  26. Janice says:

    Hi Sarah
    Just looking at these pictures makes me feel warm! You are very lucky to live in such a beautiful place, I’m glad you can still truly appreciate it.

  27. Diane says:

    Just beautiful! I live an hour from the beach and don’t go nearly enough, but these great photos make me feel I’m there, thanks!

  28. Kim says:

    Just discovered your blog, but YES! I know EXACTLY how you feel. My DH (aka Burly Surf Dude) and I lived in Hawaii for 5 years and that is EXACTLY how we felt. Like we were on vacation every day and please pinch me that I really do LIVE here.

    ahhh…the good ole days. Bravo to you for living your dream!

  29. Janey says:

    Great post! I know what you mean. I spent every school holiday on the Sunshine Coast when growing up, and oh how I wish I lived there. I’m in Cairns, far North Queensland now, not a shabby place to call home (except in the monsoons), but nothing beats that noise of pounding surf, and the lovely salty sea smell.

  30. sue austin says:

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful beach and your life on that beach. Sue, in landlocked Missouri . . . ;-(

  31. Debbie says:

    As I type this I can see out my window..the sun sparkling off the water like diamonds…ducks going back and forth past the dock. I don’t live by the sea, but being on the water is such a blessing. It doesn’t compare to an ocean, but feels like Heaven all the same.
    Thank you for the beautiful pics, Sarah! and your appreciation of what you have is very inspirational.

  32. Jeannie says:

    I admire you both for taking the bold step to move so far away to the kind of life you want. I didn’t have the nerve when I was younger and now circumstances prevent it. So I decorate my home as if I DO live on the beach. Seeing the sea outside your door everyday has to be the Best!

  33. Megan says:

    I know what you mean. I’ve lived on this 1 mile wide stretch of island between the ocean and river for over 40 years and I still say “We live here!” It’s changed alot over the years but you can always spot the locals. We live in the little beach houses in the laid back neighborhoods–terrazzo floors, sandy shoes at the door and the windows open to the ocean breezes.(BTW–sometimes being a “local” is all about attitude!) Your beach is beautiful–hopefully I’ll get around to posting some of my beach soon.

  34. Beth West says:

    I’m another one who escaped the south (Texas) to move to Maine. We got here in 99 and it was years before I stopped driving around everywhere thinking “this looks like a postcard”. I still have the occasional nightmare about moving back down south (Sorry southerners, I’m just a northern girl.)

    Mostly though we just drive the winding, narrow highways here very thankful for the blessings of being in Maine.

    Your ocean is lovely Sarah. Your photos are also!

  35. DeAna says:

    That couldn’t have been one bit more beautiful.

  36. Kathleen H in Indiana says:

    I love your beach and appreciate the lovely pictures, stories and thoughts you give to us each day. It’s nice you don’t take the surroundings for granted. Oh how I want to visit Australia and some day I will get there. Did I really see my name as a winner?!!! I have never won anything ever, I am so excited! Thank you Sarah.

  37. donna says:

    I love living near the ocean and can’t help but feel for people who have never been to one. I’m glad for them that you take the most awesome pictures. It’s just very early spring here in Jersey but I can’t wait to sink my toes in the sand and complain about the amount of towels I have to wash every day! <3

  38. Sherri S. says:

    What do I think of your beach? I’m terribly, terribly jealous! I’ve had the absolute pleasure of sitting on a beach in Australia, somewhere near Runaway Bay, I believe. Is there such a place? I can’t quite remember the name. But I sure do remember the trip! I had a blast and will carry those memories with me forever! You are so lucky to have been able to follow your dreams!

  39. oh man, I want to come live with you down under Sarah! What a dream! The pictures are just beautiful!

    Be sure & come by to see my final bedroom reveal!! And enter my fabulous giveaway!!

    Take care & have a great day!


  40. annie says:

    Your beach is wonderful!!
    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the beach—-most any beach—-if it’s on a LARGE body of water.
    I feel fully content at the beach and listening to the surf, feeling the breeze.
    I think that even after living for years in that environment, I would still be the one facing the water…

  41. megs says:

    I know exactly what you mean when you describe the need to drink/store something wonderful out of a semi-irrational fear of losing it!

  42. bobbie howder says:

    Too funny! That’s exactly what my hubby & I used to say when we lived on the California coast!!

  43. melissa says:

    My lake is finally starting to THAW. I would give just about anything to have that as a daily view, but my husband reminds me about the creatures that live “Down Under”, knowing that’ll shut me up, for a bit, anyway. :)

    Continue to enjoy every warm, sunny moment!

  44. So So So beautiful! Maybe I should move there?!

  45. Quinn says:

    It must be rough on your families, though, having you so far away.

  46. cheryl says:

    thanks for making me appreciate sydney even more!

  47. Cindy S says:

    I too love the sea. I was born right on the coast of the state of Washington, USA, and I have it in my blood, I’m sure. I yearn for the salty smell, the squeal of seagulls and the whoosh of the water. I love the river that I live near and I go to look at it and walk along it almost every day. I adore your photos, they are TDF!

  48. Denise says:

    You are so fortunate to live so close to the beach! Here the beach is an hour and a half to two hours drive.

    The most wonderful thing is that you and your family continue to “face the ocean” and recognize how special it is to live where you do. On my many trips to the mountains over the years I’m always amazed at the scenery. I’ve often wondered if the locals truly absorb and appreciate what they have.

    I always enjoy your photos of the beach, and it makes me want to visit the sea. Whenever we have a warm day this time of year I have a desire to take a day trip to the ocean, (before the crowds arrive), to enjoy the peace and contentment that the ocean provides me. Unfortunately, that usually doesn’t happen. I arrive in the summer with the rest of the vacationers to compete for a wee bit of beach to call home for a few hours each day. Even then it still feels good to be there. :)

  49. SarahBHawaii says:

    I can completely relate!

    Our stories are very similar, except I moved to Hawaii.

    I did grow up in a beach town and took it for granted but now I go home and can’t believe the beauty in which I used to live.

    And I can honestly say, not a day goes by here in Hawaii (even if we sometimes don’t like our neighborhood (the damn loud scooters!) and I have a problem with the educational system in HI) that I don’t say to myself, “wow, I live here?!”

    Love your site, I’m subscribing and will be back! Great to meet you!
    Sarah, The Ohana Mama

  50. You live in such a beautiful spot. When I used to live in Sydney many years ago I lived accross the road from Maroubra Beach and having grown up in the New England district in NSW ( no where near the beach) it was like a holiday every day. I loved it. Now I love the mountains, Im only 20 mins from the beach and am down on the coast several times a week theres nothing like a walk or a swim at the beach it seems to energise you.

  51. I totally echo everything you have said in this post Sarah. I love living by the sea and I’ll never turn my back to it because I never get bored with that amazing outlook. Lie is a beach!!

  52. Ooooops… me again. Don’t you wish we had spell check?

    Should read: LIFE IS A BEACH!!!!

  53. Lisa B. says:

    I think you’re about the luckiest person alive!

  54. lana says:

    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my visit here this morning, especially the beach photos! I live in Tennessee, USA which is nowhere near a beach. What few times I’ve visited a beach, I have absolutley loved it.

  55. Bella Casa says:

    My, my what absolutely beautiful beach photos. The water, the sand..makes me feel warm all over. We are still having chilly days…it is Spring on our side of the world. And if you are looking to see some beautiful flowers…please visit my site today @ BellaCasa to view the “Tulip Roundup”.


  56. Ute says:

    Dear Sarah, i was following your posts since i started blogging. I love your pictures and my biggest whish is to live at the sea at one time. Our last summer holidays we spent in the mountains and i was very unsatisfied. It was so beautiful you wrote about your life and your feelings. Thank you and take care of you and your family!