Easter Giveaway & Beach Cottage Anniversary

Wed 31st, Mar, 2010

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G’day all.  Thanks for the comments on me & Vron, we rock ya know.

This started off very much as a rambling post, in my usual style, where I witter on about inconsequential stuff, more often than not throw in the odd Grumpy Old Beach Cottage comment and try, and usually fail, to intersperse humour into something as serious as home decor ;-)


So, rather than ramble on like that I cut much of it out and instead give you the scaled down version…culminating in what is essentially, hopefully, eye candy for Easter and giving away stuff.


 You see, recently I realised that I have come along here over 400 times to post about my tatty old cottage on the beaches of Sydney


 along the way there have been over 16,000 comments on my escapades in my new life in the Lucky Country, the place I now call home, one of the best places on this old planet

I’ve shared more than a few times :-) just why I love it so much


there’ve been some interesting things…

I never thought I’d be in The Washington Post.  Twice

or be in magazines.  More than twice.

or make some fantastic new friends

or think that perhaps my beach vintage speak was not quite so crazy after all


So I thought well what shall I do for a Over Four Hundred Post Beach Cottage Easter giveaway?

And what came up, as I thought about it some more, was what I constantly get asked about.

And that would be one of my favourite books (of course the inspo for today’s post)


one of my favourite flowers


one of my favourite magazines and one of my favourite things to throw around in abandon to make this old place look pretty.


Together with that was my recent urge to go shopping


whereupon I stumbled upon dahlias


glass things


just happened across an old vintage weathered ladder


and a few fishing floats


So I put it all together


 and wrapped it up in a Beach Cottage package just for you


if you leave me a little celebratory comment, I might send you

a thriftychic by Liz Bauwens

a Coastal Living subscription

a shell sphere

a glass fishing float

(and I’d really like to send you a vintage ladder)


I will leave it at that and wish you a

 Happy Easter

and thank you for being on this journey with me

I don’t know where it’s going or if there’ll be another 400

but I do know it’s been fun playing Beach Cottages

…with you joining in


201003-Easter-Giveaway-18 201003-Easter-Giveaway-19

blogged for Cindy’s Friday Show and Tell Event

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433 Responses to “Easter Giveaway & Beach Cottage Anniversary”

  1. flick says:

    First of all.. OMG 400! That is an amazing achievement Sarah! I always love your ramblings, and you never fail to make me chuckle…
    The photos are beautiful, and you have chosen some lovely gifts for your giveaway.
    I have so enjoyed getting to know you a little through your blog, and really look forward to reading more about your gorgeous cottage and life on the other side of Aus!
    xo Flick

  2. Alison says:

    Oh, oh, oh this is your best yet and I have very much enjoyed being on the journey with you.

    I would die to get this wrapped up Beach Cottage package

  3. Catherine says:

    Happy Anniversary Sarah. I love the pink Dahlias against the beach cottage white.

  4. siggie says:

    Wow, the first to comment, I’m all excited! Well first of all, as always I love your pictures…second, congradulations on the longevity of your blog, it is fantastic and I visit often even if I don’t comment often…third, wishing you also a Happy Easter! May your bunny bring you lot’s of eggs!

  5. Bec says:

    Wow what a generous giveaway! Congratulations on all you achievements along the way.

    Tweeted it too http://twitter.com/bec_g

  6. Robyn says:

    Congratulations, I have enjoyed every post … sometimes I do think ‘this girl is my kind of crazy’ as I’m reading one of your rambling posts but a little crazy makes the reading more enjoyable.

  7. Dianne says:

    Congratulations Sarah!! I really do hope you stick around for another 400. Have a lovely Easter…

  8. Beverly Hotz says:

    I am new to your lovely posts and extraordinarily inspiring images. Although I feel like I’ve just heard a secret, I am glad to be able to catch up with past entries. Thank you for transporting me to the beach and your beautiful home.

  9. Michelle says:

    Of course there will be another 400+ you cant leave us!

    You are egg-strodinary, egg-stra special, egg-zactly what I love to see, read and be inspired by.

    Happy Easter!!
    M xx

  10. Kel Montano says:

    A massive congratulations on the big 4 – Oh – Oh! Add another Oh and who knows what Mr BC might let you purchase/salvage/rebirth?

    Thanks for not only inspiring my home but my juggling skills (kidlets/cooking/doing it all), squatting skills (I can now do 150 full ones in a row) but THANKS THE MOST for waking me up to this BRILLIANT country I was born and raised in and take for granted all too often!

    Life is beautiful, life is for living so why not do it by the beach & surrounded with pretty white (and glass) things!!

    May you inspiration and imagination never cease,

  11. Jackie says:

    Hi Sarah! Such a lovely post/giveaway. Thank you!!!
    You have no idea how much your blog brightens my day and makes me smile!! I’m putting this on f/b also! Have a good one!
    Hugs from florida

  12. Rebecca says:

    Happy Easter Sarah and Beach Cottage Family. i agree with above post – you must continue on for many more than 400 more posts ! And I am amazed how adding that little bit of gorgeous dahlia colour changes the look of your room ! just superb. And i would love to win your very generous beach cottage giveaway – I need all the help I can get (does it matter that a house is cottagey on the inside – but not so cottagey on the outside – don’t think hubby would agree to cladding it all ! still trying to win him over to do a bit of beadboarding !)

  13. Anne-Marie says:

    No you still have to hang around for a while Sarah and inspire me. I’m a relative newby to your whiteness and am oh so not ready to part with you!
    Love this blog cause you are so real and unpretentious.
    I’m enjoying backtracking through the chronicles too.
    Wishing you and yours a safe and chocolatey Easter and congrats on your blogging success. xx

  14. Christa says:

    Your lovely beach cottage is VERY inspiring! Happy Easter!

  15. Ruby says:

    sarah, the photos are beautiful! love the little touches of color. i hope there will be another 400 blogs to read. you have been very generous sharing your talents so i hope you continue to do so. happy easter to you and your family. ruby

  16. alikaye01 says:

    Congratulations on 400 posts…I have worked my wat through most of your archive I think…and eagerly check for new posts (several times) each day!

    Love your give away…but have to get my hands on some of those fish float ball things…they are just divine!!! Love them…just moved to the top of my must have list!

  17. Tiff says:

    I hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend Sarah.
    I’m enjoying not just your vintage beach “stuff” but your photography as well . . . you may have to share your photographic journey with us . . . hint, hint!
    Congrats on your 400th post and may there be more, more, more : )

  18. Tovah says:

    Happy Easter and dang, I picked those fishing floats out of the pictures right away and thought “where did she get those?! I want!” and then I saw that you were giving one away! So Exciting! Have a great weekend, we are getting together with friends for Easter dinner and I am really looking forward to it.

  19. Well I just won your last giveaway, so I am sure I am not eligible. But I couldn’t not comment and wish you happy 400 posts and thank you for 400 posts, I read each and every one of them and probable most multiple times. So thank you for providing me wich so much inspiration, eye candy and beauty. That in itself is enough gift giving!
    Love, Marianne

  20. It’s all beautiful. Great pics and love the decor!

  21. Ginger says:

    Love it all, especially the dahlias. They are simply gorgeous. Wow…400 posts. That’s a lot of stories from the Beach Cottage. You have an ability to write that is unmatched in the blog world. Love it and hope you keep doing it for more than another 400. Happy Easter!

  22. Kare says:

    Congratulations Sarah!! What a fun idea for a fantastic giveaway. You’re so creative & so much fun!!

    Happy Easter!


  23. Megan says:

    Congratulations on 400 wonderfully inspiring, entertaining, and all around enjoyable posts. I’m so glad I found you while wondering around the internet. I especially like today’s post because you’ve shown us some “whole room shots” which I love. Your home is so full of interesting things. Hopefully we all will be able to visit with you at least another 400 times.

    Happy Easter Beach Cottage Family!

  24. Alison Gibbs says:

    Sarah congratulations on 400 posts. I have enjoyed coming along for the ride.
    Have a wonderful Easter at Beach Cottage.

  25. Tara says:

    Happy Anniversary!!! Would love a chance to win!

  26. Congratulations on your 400 posts, you’re the best! And please do go on blogging, I do like your writing, your cottage, your pictures and ofcourse yourself :-)

    Those Dalias are gorgeous, I should try to grow those in my garden, because they are always hard to get in flower shops, do not know why though..

    Happy Easter Weekend to all of you @ the Beach Cottage.

    Bye bye!


  27. Alicia says:

    Well I enjoy your blog immensley Sarah so glad to hear you are going to keep on rambling and shooting some great pics. Pop me in the giveaway and keep on bloggin’!
    Alicia :0)

  28. Kat says:

    Happy Anniversary! Your journey is one of the reasons I’m living happily in bloggieville today! Here’s to many more days at A Beach Cottage and lots more inspiration!

    Kat :)

  29. Beautiful post today…love the vivid pinks splashes against all the dreamy whites. Happy Easter to you and I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed!

  30. Kel Montano says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Where are those floor mats from? I’ve probably seen them in 200 of your 400 posts but for the love of Jeebus I cannot find where you came across them. Our place has ghastly tiles which need covering and the tick my boxes and float my boat.
    Hope you’re enjoying the cuppa prepared for you by Mr BC.

  31. DanielleC says:

    Thanks for sharing all your creative inspiration each and every post…I look forward to reading it each and every time :) Congrats on reaching 400!!! Simply wonderful for you and for your readers…Love, Love the giveaway :)

  32. Mary Harper says:

    Hi Sarah, sitting here in my own little beach cottage (well it’s not a cottage its a caravan with an aluminium annex) and certainly doesn’t look like your lovely beach cottage. I would like to congratulate you on your 400 posts, I love reading your blog and the inspiration it brings to me. This weekend I’m going to paint our deck on side of our annex a lovely white (normally I would go straight for a stain) but on this occasion I’m going white thanks to you. Cross your fingers it looks good once I’m finished. There are also some garage sales on around the Surf Coast this weekend so I may even venture to these to see what treasure I can find. Have a lovely Easter with your family Sarah and I look forward to reading the next 400+ posts.
    Take care & regards, Mary
    ps love the pretty pink dahlias against the white

  33. Pamie G. says:

    Happy Anniversary! When my world is so busy with activities, yard work, busy people, busy work, I slip away to my computer and type in the http://www.abeachcottage.com and I know that on any given day, your blog brings my blood pressure down, gives me peace and the view from my screen is serenity. My final words are simple…thank you! Pamie G.

  34. What a great giveaway!!! Love your blog so please count me in!

    Have a nice day!

  35. Frau Mayer says:

    Just as thought your blog couldn’t really get any better – here you are! Looks like you’ve definitely got what it takes to become a professional and I guess you’re already on your way. Congratulations and don’t even think of giving it all up!

  36. Jill says:

    Congratulations, I love your house and style. Have a wonderful, safe, relaxing Easter


  37. Judy says:

    Hey Sarah
    Congrats on the anniversary. Love the flowers

  38. This is the best giveaway!!!

  39. Fiona Jensen says:

    Congratulations Sarah on the big 400!I discovered you back in January2010 and I have thoroughly enjoyed following you ever since. Keep up the great work! Fiona

  40. Beth says:

    Congratulations…400 posts of awesome information and stunning images…love your blog and I’m hoping there will be 400 more!!!! Thanks for the opportunity to win some fantastic goodies! Beth

  41. Beth says:

    Tweeted too!

  42. Beth says:

    posted on facebook, too

    the tweet :www.twitter.com/RubysUpcycleDes

    the FB http://www.facebook.com/RubysupcycleDesigns

    Thanks again.

  43. Amy says:

    Hi Sarah,
    I am 51 years old and have just discovered the world of bloggs! Yours was the first blog I stumbled upon and have enjoyed following along with you in your daily adventures. Is it because I too have older sons & a nice hubby I dispense favors to, have moved into homes that needed my creative genius to make a lovely space for my kids when I didn’t have a purse with much in it, a habit of picking up old things that I can reinvent and feather my nest with….I’m not sure how I can feel connected with someone on a blog, but you are like a secret sister across the ocean, and it is always fun to see what you are up to and get a little inspired by you and your love of the simple things in life. Thanks!

  44. Beth Miller says:

    Hi Sarah, your pictures always make me happy. Love the posies! A very happy 400 to you and I hope there are many more. Thank you also for taking the time to read my simple posts on my Facebook . :)

  45. Miss Sew & So says:

    400 posts is seriously worth popping those bubbles over- congrats! and…..all of those lovely things from the sydney sandy shores…love them all!
    have a happy salty easter
    hope you got my big thanks via email…


  46. Michelle Torres says:

    Happy Anniversary Sarah,
    You have been such an inspiration to me, and I have been in love with your beach cottage since I first discovered blogland…. Each and everyday, I look foward to seeing what you do next, and I especially enjoy seeing all of the awesome treasures you find to make your cottage even more Beautiful…… Thanks for the Awesome giveaway, I would be soooooo extremly thankful to win… I hope you have a Blessed Easter with your family!

  47. maura says:

    congrats sarah on you anniversary! what a gernerous giveaway! You are too kind. 400 posts- unbelievable!

  48. Joely says:

    Hi Sarah, wow congrats on 400 posts! I’ve really enjoyed reading all your lovely beachy posts and checking out the latest piece of treasure to get a makeover. Here’s to 400 more!!

  49. Congratulations on reaching 400! I always love looking at your delicious photos!

  50. Chrissy says:

    Congrats on 400! I’ve enjoyed your beachy blog and dreaming about living by the ocean! Thanks for the generous giveaway!

  51. Annie says:

    You are like a support group for the vintagely addicted of us and I especially admire your vehement trouser wearing stance in regard to old suitcases. When will they understand, those clutterphobic partners, the deep satisfaction that a gorgeously pre- loved bargain find can instil. Here’s to the next 400…(posts AND finds!)

  52. Est says:

    On cold wet and windy English days like today, it is pure unadulterated escapism to visit your beautiful sunny beach cottage..

  53. Mary says:

    …………..and what a ride this has been for us, learning about life on the beaches of OZ and watching you and Mr. BC regenerate that gorgeous little cottage on a budget. Everything has been so lovely Sarah. Your descriptions of your weekend treasure hunts, complete with fun videos at times, are great…..and then seeing what you do with your finds is amazing.

    Congrats. on reaching 400……here’s to what’s to come, just know it will be fun and creative.

    Happy days, Mary (formerly ACROSS THE POND)

    Sarah, I’ve started a new blog due to Google storage problems – visit me here – A Breath of Fresh Air

  54. mary beth says:

    Congratulations Sarah! Your beautiful blog is like a breathe of fresh aire gto this old Kansas gal…I have been peeking in for a year now and love every visit! thanks for sharing this lovely giveaway with us and for being there for us! don’t stop now!

  55. chania says:

    I don’t know where I have been for the past 390 posts, but now that I have found your blog, I am happy I have. I have been enjoying it thoroughly.


  56. Lara says:

    That book sounds amaaaazing! I sometimes come out of Lurkdom for a good giveaway. Great job on the blog, Sarah. Your pictures are so pretty, and your life down under seems so great!

  57. Lori says:

    Sarah, I love the look of the fishing floats on the ladder. Something I wouldn’t have thought of. Which is why I follow this blog! Well, that and the occaisional pic of a cute Aussie surfer on your yummy ocean! And what a giveaway! Swoon-worthy and just right for the 400 post mark. Looking forward to many more posts.

  58. Ann says:

    From a fellow relocated Brit (Essex girl) – congrats on your success.
    What an awesome giveaway!

  59. Jeannie says:

    Sarah’s passion for puttering in her cottage
    Makes her husband think she’s in her dotage,
    But make no mistake, she has still many years
    To allay Mr. BC of his unfounded fears.
    She’ll continue to enjoy her lifelong fling
    Of breathing new life into lovely old things!

    Amen, Sista!!

  60. paige says:

    what a fabulous giveaway
    congratulations on the big 400!

    & i surely hope there are 400 more visits!

  61. YAY! 400 Posts!! Congrats!!

  62. I’ve had a run of not so good luck… Maybe it’ll change… throw my name in the bucket… Thanks in advance for sharing….

  63. karen davis says:

    what a great way to celebrate all those comments and for hitting 400!! What a life, to live by the shore… I keep dreaming ;) or at least keep living through your blog posts!

  64. picklefork3 says:

    Congratulations and Thank You for taking the time to share.


  65. Bev says:

    Congratulations Sarah . I love your blog ( but you know that ) . I just wish I would stay away sometimes because you give me more ideas than I have time for…… I still love it. Happy Easter to you and your lovely Beach Cottage :-)

  66. Alaina says:

    Your beach cottage is beachy white and very welcoming. I love the finds and your giveaway is awsome.

  67. BarbL says:

    Your decorating style and blog fulfills the need I have to do the feminine touches – love everything you do. I adore the speres and fishing floats. Looking forward to many more posts.

  68. kathi says:

    cheers! to 400 more!

  69. Hi Sarah,
    Loving those pretty flowers! It’s been an a blast reading your adventures and I can’t wait for many more to come! Congrats on all your success!

    Many hugs,

  70. sue austin says:

    Your blog makes my day, every day. Thanks. Congratulations on your great success. I can tell you have had fun all the way.

  71. Alexis says:

    Congratulations on 400 posts! I love the last picture of the dahlia, where you can see the whiteness underneath the purple.

  72. Gina says:

    Happy 400th post!! I so enjoy reading your blog. You keep us laughing with your sense of humor. Love it!

  73. Christy says:

    Congrats! Love all the glasses and the flowers are gorgeous. I’d love those fish floats whoa and the ladder shabby delicious

  74. jan says:

    Happy Anniversary and Happy Easter!

  75. jan says:

    just tweeted too…

  76. Kathy says:

    Congratulations!! I’m certainly looking forward to the next 400! Love, love, love your home. Thanks SO much for sharing your finds and life with us!

  77. Brenda says:

    This is my first time on your blog. You gave me my buzz for the day. I love your white beach cottage and especially the mirrors. I love mirrors. All the furniture is sitting just perfectly. I wish I had your talent. When I look at your cottage, I feel happy! Thanks for making my day! Brenda

  78. Kathy says:

    I tweeted, too!

  79. beq says:

    Wow.. 71 comments in 3 hours. I will make 72. Unless, someone beats me to it. Congrats!!! You must be doing something right!!!

    I am so glad that I stumbled into your site. It is ore inspiring.

    I hope that you go on to do many more posts. I have a lot of catching up to do (with all your old posts in the meantime).

    I can’t wait to see what you are going to do with the flags from the last post…

    cheers Beq

  80. Anita says:

    What beautiful color in those dahlias! And what a great package you have put together! Crossing fingers!

  81. Tami C says:

    Love that you blog. So happy I found the blog! I’m ready to read 400 more. Thanks for a chance to win such a lovely give away.

  82. Lark says:

    Happy Easter to you too!!! I love the dahlias and the glass is timeless. A nice way to start my day.

  83. Julie Hoogenstryd says:

    Beautiful Blog/Site I stumbled upon after linking from Nieniedialogues…to Holiday with Matthew Mead…and now YOU! Gorgeous photos and decorating ideas, love it! I’ll be back for sure…although I don’t live by the sea, I love the simplicity and beauty of your decorating. Gorgeous Dahlias.

  84. Morning T says:

    Yay Sarah! Happy 400 posts and what an amazing giveaway. Thanks for the chance and Happy Easter to you and your sweet family in your fabulous beach cottage!

  85. Claire says:

    Have recently discovered you Sarah and you are turning me into a stalker as I just love visiting to see your posts…..so inspiring – thank you.

  86. Martha says:

    I love what you’ve done with the place! It’s so beautiful. :-)

  87. Tami says:

    Sarah you can ramble all you want your posts are always interesting a chalked full of great photos and stupendous ideas!! Keep them coming girl!

  88. Jackie Holt says:

    how can I be so fascinated with your wonderful beach cottage when I live on the Plains of Texas hundreds and hundreds of miles from any beach nor many bodies of water at all! But can’t wait for a new posting from you! Just love the way you take castoffs and make them darling and beautiful and useful!

  89. bobbie howder says:

    Happy Anniversary!!! LOVE those dahlias!

  90. Suz says:

    Congratulations on the 400 posts and thanks for a fabulously inspired time..new here but looked back and read lots and oggled the wonderful photographs
    What a wonderful give away too..very generous
    Looking forward to the next 400
    Suz x

  91. Erin says:

    Your cottage is so great! I like the color coming from the flowers as well. I’m so excited about finding you!

  92. Becky Hines says:

    Congrat Sarah on your 400th post. What a lovely giveaway. I love your beachy blog. It has given me great ideas. Hugs and Love

  93. Stephenie says:

    Wow – 400 posts?! And to think I only found you just a month ago. Looks like I have a lot of catching up to do! Congratulations on this blogging milestone. I love your site.

  94. Whitney says:

    Love the ladder! Congrats on such a beautiful beach home!

  95. Jennifer says:

    I just recently discovered your blog and am obsessed! Your style is beautiful and I love seeing every new little treasure you find. I am inspired!

  96. welltraveled10 says:

    Hope you keep on keeping on with this wonderful blog

  97. Shar Yates says:

    Congratulations on 400! How you do it, I do not know but it keeps getting better. The dahlias are so gorgeous. Happy Easter! We will be here for you.

  98. Holly Eversgerd says:

    Congratulations!!! And here’s to another 400!
    So are there any special Aussie Easter traditions? My personal Easter tradition, since moving to Arizona six years ago, is to whip up a giant bowl of guacamole and a pitcher of “Amaretto Flirts” (that’s Amaretto, orange juice, Champagne, and a tiny splash of cranberry juice to turn it pink ;), fyi), and then laze around on the front porch all morning. That’s right, guacamole and cocktails for Easter brunch :)

  99. Jo says:

    Thanks for a great giveaway! So the ladder is included??? :p

  100. Wendy says:

    Your blog is so inspiring and fun to visit. Happy Anniversary! I’m a fan on FB too. (???)

  101. Katie says:

    Loving the sprigs of color. Now that I’ve had my break, I will be back to my own continued decrating process. Thank you for sharing your journey and inspiring me in my own.

  102. Kristin says:

    What wonderful accomplishments!! I have enjoyed following you on your journey! What a wonderful giveaway!

  103. Pam says:

    Congrats! Congrats! Congrats!
    I do SO enjoy reading your beachy blog!!
    Here’s to another 400 and more!

  104. First off, I love your cottage and enjoy checking your blog everyday to see what’s new! Second, Happy 400th post! And third, thanks so much for this very generous giveaway! I will be keeping my fingers crossed because I love everything you are offering!

    ~Nichole :)

  105. Jennifer says:

    I do hope there is another 400, congrats on the first 400. Your home always looks so beautiful and these photos are no different.

  106. desiree says:

    Happy Anniversary and Happy Easter! I look forward to another 400

  107. Lovely pics. I love dahlias too, and random glass things. :) Congrats on 400 posts, here’s to 400+ more!

  108. Jackie says:

    400 posts? Wow. That’s amazing. I still remember finding your blog. I swear the heavens opened up and angels sang in my ear that day.

    And the giveaways! It’s insane how a sweet lady in Australia can make me hope and hope for amazing things from so far away! And I’d bet this is your best giveaway ever! If I didn’t adore this blog, I’d think it was evil!

    Seriously. I adore this blog. And this giveaway.

  109. Janna says:

    Congratulations on 400 posts!!!

    I know right where I’ll use the fishing float and I can’t wait to read the book! :)

  110. Roberta says:

    Happy Anniversary Sarah…wow 400…unbelievable :D
    I’m having my second this year and almost reached 200 so I know the joy you are feeling. I moved during my first anniversary so I didn’t get to celebrate and have a giveaway but I intend to this time so watch my blog next month for my giveaway. You are so generous and I’m in awe of you and would love to be able to draw the followers as you have done…a girl can dream :D Thanks again Sarah for the wonderful inspiration, fondly, Roberta

  111. Sue says:

    Way to go Sarah! I love reading your blog and seeing all the eye candy that comes with it. Cheers! Sue

  112. Suzann says:

    Congrats dear lady!
    You have inspired me on my quest to revamp my ugly house.
    Of course, anything to be won from you is a blessing!!! As is your blog.

  113. Congratulations my dear! You know I love your blog!! Keep it coming!!

  114. michelle says:

    while i congratulate you on your success of “400″, thank you also for encouraging us “lurkers” to “come out”. i am fairly new to all the blogs out there and yours was the first one i commented on (it was as though you could see me reading your blog, then x’ing out without commenting!) anyway, here is to another 400 and all the encouragement to try new things and make our tatty houses into homes we love!


  115. Ryan says:

    I love your place! You make me want to live in a tatty old beach cottage :o) Beautiful

  116. Vicki K. says:

    Thank you, Sarah, for 400 posts! So much fun and inspiration and prettiness.

    The most recent Pottery Barn catalog has some oars in their photo styling…

  117. kirsty says:

    OOOH i love your blog! Just the right amout of words, wisdom, prettiness, oh and junk finding!
    love kirsty x

  118. Paula says:

    Congrats on 400 wonderful posts. I have taken a huge inspiration and have been beaching up my house that sits in the U.S. plains. ;-)

  119. Kim says:

    400 posts! That’s fantastic. I don’t think I’ve made it to 100 yet on mine. I love your cottage and all of your finds. What a fabulous giveaway. I’d be so happy with any of the prizes. Thank you!

  120. Cheryl Vieira says:

    Thanks for Blogging. Its nice to have somewhere to come and see beautiful, beachy, things!

  121. Teresa says:

    I absolutely love your beach cottage. I get so many ideas for my home here in landlocked Arkansas to make it feel more like the beach. Congrats on the 400, hopefully there will be 400 more.

  122. Callie Bott says:

    I love your little beach cottage. I am just starting to redo my little home, and I come to your blog daily for inspiration.

  123. Nikki says:

    Congrats! What a great giveaway. I enjoy drooling over your photos.

  124. gabrielle says:

    Count me in!! All of those things will fit perfectly in my Home……come see. Love your style girl.

  125. Beautiful Sarah! Congrats on your 400!!! And what a nice way of celebrating Easter.
    You sure do an amazing way of living and showing to us! Congrats again!!!
    Have a wonderful Easter with your lovely family.
    Warm wishes form across the globe,
    Li :-)

  126. Marcia says:

    Wow, 400 posts, that’s wonderful. I was just checking back the other day on your post about how you made your beach quilt/throw because I’d like to make one. That’s the wonderful part about your blog, we want to come back again and again and recheck the ideas we’ve already seen, to incorporate them into our lives. Congratulations Sarah!
    That last photo of the dahlia is just stunning, and the room looks wonderful. Thanks for 400 posts of inspiration. I look forward to so many more :-)

  127. tracey says:

    Hi Sarah! Your flowers are gorgeous…your pictures are amazing…and your home is truly beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wonderful giveaway too :)

    Hugs ~

    :) T

    p.s. let me know which pillow slip you wanted…

  128. Nickki says:

    Congratulations Sarah! Love the glass things. ; ) I have lots of glass myself, so I must ask, in that last photo, what is the glass thing that looks like a beehive shaped cloche?

  129. Jen says:

    Happy 400! Its been a fantastic journey and here’s to many more ;). When I’ve recovered from my recent brain surgery (sounds gruesome doesn’t it?) I can’t wait to get the paintbrushes out and cover everything WHITE!

    I’m off to tweet about this too… hey, gotta double my chances ;) !!

  130. What an awesome giveaway! Congratulations on all of your achievements. I hope you do post another 400 plus!
    ? Celeste

  131. Nan says:

    Time to celebrate! My day isn’t complete without stopping by….thanks for sharing your life, your home and your goodies!

  132. DeAna says:

    Holy comments bat girl! You do totally rock! I’m at my dad’s in Arizona for Spring break and it’s like a swap meet at his place. He has two vintage tables in his shop. I’ve claimed one. I don’t know how I’m going to get it home in a car with 1000 miles to drive. But you can bet I will somehow. I’m going to paint it white and give new life to it. Can’t wait. Thanks for the inspiration.

  133. GRACE GARLAND says:

    i just love your website because your living a dream i have. not sure if my dream includes australia. :) love the close up of the dahlia picture at the end. you ought to print that out and put up in your cottage. congrats on your success!

  134. cassie says:

    hi sarah! i was going to comment anyhow just to say i love all these photos- love the dashes of pink flowers here and there! gorgeous! congrats on your blog anniversary- i always look forward to reading it! one day my house will look as lovely as yours.

  135. Sharon says:

    400……WOW! Think I have read nearly everyone. Congrats………..have a wonderful Easter.

  136. Rebecca says:

    Love all the white as always with the pops of color! Pink is my fav right now!

  137. Rebecca Ward says:

    Sarah’s life is her cottage by the sea,
    and drinking vast amounts of Australian tea.

    Snapping up beautiful vintage finds,
    and whitewashed objects of all kinds.

    You’ve certainly been an inspiration to me,
    Congratulations on your blog anniversary!

  138. Kay says:

    Congratulations! and love the mirrors and dahlias

  139. Jennifer G says:

    Congratulations on your blogging milestone! I so love reading about all of your bc adventures and I do hope that you keep them coming!!

  140. Becca says:

    congratulations! i love getting my beach fix on your blog. :)

  141. Beautiful, as always. Happy Easter to you and your family as well!

    Congrats on your milestone!

  142. Michelle says:

    Congrats from the California Coast! Love your blog and the ideas I get from it for my bayside apartment. Count me in on the giveaway.

  143. Gaelle says:

    To be honnest with you I’m not a follower since long, maybe 3 months, but I fell in love with your blog. Every morning when I wake up, I get my coffee and sit behind my screen, reading your new post(s).
    You always have interesting stuff to say, with a lot of humor, and beautiful photos and that is just perfect to start the day!
    I have one request for you: NEVER STOP BLOGGING!!

    All the best,
    Gaelle (Gail for the English version;-)

  144. Nicole says:

    I’m so glad I’ve discovered your blog! Congratulations on having such a beautiful house and an amazing sense of style!

  145. Alia says:

    Oh congratulations on four hundred posts! That is quite a few, please keep them coming!

  146. fairmaiden says:

    hAppY beAcH cOttAgE aNNiVerSarY!!! Yes there will be 400 more, ’cause where would you go? You need us as much as we need you, I hope<3 It goes fast…I’m close to my 1000 posts…in 2 short years. Love you sweetie

  147. Herself says:

    Yes, we adore your beach cottage–we do. But that’s not the only reason you’re doing so well. It’s because you’re our friend. How on earth you manage to write and chat and email so many is beyond me! Congratulations! And thanks for everything!

  148. melissa says:

    I know that you don’t do it for this reason, but thanks for being such an inspiration! It is so great to read about someone else’s crazy journey through life!

  149. Hope Evarts says:

    Congratulations! I love this blog — it really has inspired me in my own little home!!! Thank you!

  150. barbara says:

    Congrats on 400 posts! What a thoughtful give away

  151. Tracy says:

    Congratulations on #400! I am always inspired when I read your blog and hear about your adventures with your beach cottage!

  152. Paula says:

    I am a reader and a follower for some time now. I want to try my own beach cottage design even though I live smack dab in the middle of the USA No beaches anywhere. I am starting with seashells and greyish-white paint. I love your site. I want to win. I never win. Please pick me….LOL

  153. Maureen says:

    Love your blog and would love to win your giveaway! Happy Easter!!

  154. Kim says:

    Happy Easter to you too. Love the eye candy today. I love the pop of lavender. Now I want some of those flowers.

  155. natalie says:

    i sure hope you don’t quit blogging! i am so thankful i discovered your blog. your photos are so inspiring! just love it all!

  156. Melissa says:

    I read every entry and love your style

  157. Jody says:

    Your site gives me joy every time I look at it…it’s dreamy, serene & truly sets me on a happier path..thanks so much!

  158. Sarah says:

    Beautiful dahlias, Sarah! Congratulations too!

  159. gretchen says:

    wow, 400, plus all the other great notices. Congratulations and keep on shooting !

  160. Congratulations on achieving over 400 posts but even more congratulations on being someone whose heart, spirit and unique gifts have touched the world in special ways and brought happiness to so many people……

  161. Joanne says:

    Best Wishes Sarah on your anniversary. I have enjoyed your wonderful blog from the beginning and pop in every day to see what you are up to next. Spring has just sprung here in Manitoba and I hope to get out to do some vintage thrifting with all the ideas I have gotten from you. Keep on blogging my friend!

  162. Dharma in the Falls says:

    Happy Easter! The hilarity of seeing my postman try to deliver a vintage tatty old and lovel ladder made me smile today :)

  163. Ah…I love the many varied images of your home. Great anniversary post…congrats on 400+…and it is just the beginning!

  164. No way are the odds on this baby in my favour, but who cares! Your blog was the 2nd one I discovered (sorry, would love to say 1st but who could lie to you!). I don’t live by the beach worse luck but your 400 entries…because yes, I’ve gone back and read every one (completely mental, because honestly who has the time!!) have entertained, inspired and provoked some thought. So congratulations Sarah on all your successes…they don’t happen by accident (well not much) and please, please keep them coming. Have a great Easter.

  165. courtney says:

    Congratulations on reaching 400! I enjoy reading so much – and look forward to 400 more!

  166. Laura says:

    What a lovely giveaway. This is the first time I’ve stumbled upon your blog, and I must say, your cottage is absolutely stunning. What simple beauty! I love it.

  167. tracy x says:

    i dream of my coastal home looking even a tiny bit as gorgeous as yours!
    so glad that you are here :)
    t x

  168. Su says:

    Congrats on your 400 posts and I have so enjoyed seeing your Beach Cottage transformation and reading your posts – Thankyou for ahring with us.

    I would love to be entered into your giveaway too

  169. Aimee says:

    Love these photos! And your blog! It’s just delicious!

  170. Lori says:

    Congrats on reaching 400 posts. I’m sure that the next 400 will be as inspiring as the first!

  171. bigtime congrats, sarah!!! I adore your blog so much that it has totally inspired my latest makeover…on my own master bedroom. I haven’t posted pics yet, but will let you know when I do. It is totally inspired by your lovely beach cottage…and I am living vicariously through you, pretending that I’m close to the beach too. :-)

  172. Kathy says:

    Dear Sarah,
    Congratulations. I feel that even if you don’t have another 400 posts in you, that you’ll have something else exciting up your sleeve. I have recently started the long process of repainting my interior walls white, and I both thank and curse you for this…(joking!!)

  173. Andrea Saunders says:

    Hi Sarah. Love the fishing floats. Where did you find them? Would love to be able to source some for my house in Brissy as I have a fishing mad hubby. I call myself a fishing widow. But I am extremely lucky as he is a builder and able to do whatever I ask (with some payment on my behalf). In fact I have him gutting my laundry over the Easter weekend and cladding it with bead board panelling!! How exciting!!! Look forward to more of your posts, you rock girl.

  174. michelle says:

    Congratulations Sarah on your 400. I love your blog so much …every day I check in to see what you’ve been up to and I do feel like your one of my friends ….its a funny world these days isn’t it . But I love it .

  175. Congratulations! What a fantastic way to celebrate, this is an awesome giveaway and I would love to be your winner! My home is slowly being transformed to reflect the beach cottage style, so these items would be so helpful!

  176. Darlene says:

    I send warm congratulations along with my thanks, as I have enjoyed you and your blog so very much! I love that you and Mr. BC followed your dream to live in the Lucky Country on the beaches of Sydney. Good on ya and thanks for taking me along via your blog! I wish you continued success. You deserve it!

  177. Sandy Bowers says:

    A daily dose of abeachcottage lifts my spirits! I appreciate all the hard work you put into the blog and letting us know that it’s possible to follow a dream!

  178. Bella Casa says:

    First off, congratulations on your 400! That’s gotta feel incredible. That’s a whole lot of dedication and we are all better because of it.

    I’ve lived a completely different lifestyle through your blog and I gotta tell you it has been a fun ride.

    Your giveaway is most generous and I am one who has asked about obtaining at least one of the objects in your giveawy before now. So my heart beat has sped up a bit with the possibility of my chance to win this giveaway and that round object that I can’t seem to locate…anywhere!


  179. elizabeth says:

    CONGRATS! Your blog is a ray of sun and gives us permission and freedom to decorate in a way that pleases US! yAy!

  180. Congratulations of 400! As always, you and your home is amazing, Sarah! And thank you for the Tiffany bracelet tip ;)…love them!! Your blog always warms me up, where here I literally live at 8,500 ft above sea level…hello Rocky Mountains of Colorado!!

  181. Lisa-Marie says:

    I really hope there are more than 400 more posts, your blog is a joy to read!

  182. sadie says:

    I do love your blog! Happy Anniversary. You have made me want to pack up and move my family around the world. Good job on following your heart!!
    I can’t wait for “400″ more!!

  183. tara says:

    Happy 400 posts!! yipee!! that is pretty exciting! And happy Easter…wow time really flies doesn’t it, which really means shoot i am kinda late on getting those eggs filled and baskets bought, eek! enjoy, I hope there are 400 more posts to come!

  184. lise says:

    Congrats to you! You are my oasis in a crazy day.
    Blessings to you.

  185. zaira says:

    Many congratulations Sarah!!! You deserve such a success, I discovered you lately but already fond of your coastal adventure. Wish I coulb brave like you and move to…. England!!

    Hugs from Italy,

  186. Beth Cregan says:

    HI Sarah,
    I stumbled onto your blog just as I left my job, looking for a new work life. We both live my the sea,have limited budgets, old houses and a real desire to live creatively! Well not only have I dragged old ‘stuff’ out of the garage and started working on it, but reading your blog inspired me to start a website and blog about living creatively. I have just started to put ideas together and I love it. Of course, like you, I have to walk the talk so I am trying out the ideas and suggestions about creativity that come my way. It’s a whole new direction and a whole new life and a long way from my office and my desk. All inspired by a vintage chick and a beach cottage! And her blog!

  187. rachel says:

    Congrats on the 400! :) Totally lovin the vintage bottles and flowers….lovely! And the giveaway is awesome…so please throw my name in the hat!


  188. Emma says:

    Happy Anniversary, love reading your blog! Am constantly inspired by gorgeous makeovers and photos. Here’s to a – hopefully not too rainy – long weekend on the beaches!

  189. julie says:

    so glad you have shared!! not only your life but also fab giveways too :0>

  190. karen says:

    Hi Sarah, I’m happy for you and want you to know I love your blog….my next house…I want to do everything in white….your pictures are so pretty, you are very talented in photography! I am not yet a blogger, I like to look at blogs, but I don’t have my own blog…yet! Thank you for sharing your cottage with us! karen….karen_annette_davis@hotmail.com

  191. Angela says:

    Congratulations Sarah!! Im one of your avid fan. You have been such an inspiration to me. Keep up the great work!

    Happy Easter!


  192. Tiffany B says:

    Happy Anniversary!!! I really hope you are around for 400 more!!!

  193. Kacey says:

    Congratulations on 400! (but please don’t send me the lovely package if I win – I’m too far away!)

    Those photos are all gorgeous! I love your house.

  194. Cindy S says:

    YAY!!! Congratulations on 400 posts! I love the fact that it has mainly been about your very own little cottage, too. It is a lot of fun to come over and see what you are up to today, I would love to win this, but if I don’t, I will be back anyway. Happy Easter to you and your family, Hugs, Cindy S

  195. Margaret says:

    Congratulations on 4000 posts, what an incredible journey you have had. Dahlias are beautiful aren’t they, I love the colour of the ones you found. As always, a beautiful room. Hope you have a lovely Easter.

  196. Jen says:

    Since I found your blog I read it every day for ideas, eye candy, tales of life, and always feel better afterwards – so I hope there’ll be many more posts. I admire your commitment to it and the care you take in presenting it so well. Congratulations Sarah.

  197. Jill says:

    What fun! Truly, the ladder would be a little hard to ship across the sea, but everything else in your giveaway is wonderful! Please count me in! ::Jill

  198. Tamara says:

    Hi Sarah, congratulations on your posting anniversary. It is really refreshing to see a lovely blog right here in Australia. I have your bookmarked along with some lovelies from the UK and US, and I check back regularly. I love the fresh and clean feel that your lovely cottage has. We live in NSW in a small town in our own lovely cottage, a 40 minute drive to the sea. I would love to be included in the easter giveaway. Wishing a happy and safe easter to you and your family, Tamara

  199. Karen says:

    Hi Sarah! Happy Anniversary :) Thank you for the entertaining posts. Love the pictures!! They’ve been great sources of inspiration & pick-me-ups as I work on my own project.

  200. Congratulations on 400 and all the related accomplishments! As always, I love the new photos. The dahlias are striking in that beautiful beachy setting. Thanks for the generous giveaway opportunity.

  201. Kathleen H in Indiana says:

    Congratulations on 400 blogs, I have loved each and every one. You are so talented and amusing you must continue on for the sake of all your beachy babes who tune in each morning. Love the pink dahlias. Way to Go!

  202. Angie says:

    Happy Anniversary Sarah!! I love your home so much I am attempting to re-do mine!! Thanks for all the inspiration!!

  203. Happy Anniversary Sarah!! Love your Beach Cottage!

  204. Marta says:

    What a lovely post! I’m enjoying getting to know you and your blog. And I’d love the goodies in this giveaway… the book looks great! Thank you and Happy Anny!

  205. Megan C says:

    I absolutely love your blog and have dreamed of having a home like yours since I was a young girl….and am working to make my home as vintage-beach cottage as I can for a confo in suburban Connecticut! Congrats!

  206. Susan says:

    Guess we should have listened to the teacher when we were in school and they said that writing is good for the soul!! WOW, 400 is awesome, that is some kind of wonderful and your home is some kind of fantastic!!!! Making your house the home you have always wanted with your family by your side has got to be the best feeling in the world and to share it with all of us across the miles and across the waters has truly been a wonderful gift…for that I thank you and always love hearing about your days and your “finds” and most of all knowing that you are like us getting through the day in jammies and unmade beds!!! Tons of hugs and thanx…..Susan

  207. There’s going to have to be another 400 or more posts because I just gave you the Sunshine Award on my blog for being an inspiration. So, the posts must go on! What an amazing giveaway. I can only dream of winning.

  208. stacy says:

    Congratulations! What a beautiful post! Love love the ladder!

  209. sam says:

    Congratulations! Count me in for the giveaway, I would love that shell sphere. At the very least could you tell me how to get one? :)

  210. shari nicsevic says:

    And a Hoppy Easter to you also!!! May the March Hare a vested Rabbit and the Mad Hatter join y’all for a spot of tea!! Does one do an egg hunt in the sand when they live is Aus??

  211. Many Storey says:

    I am enjoying your blog and wonderful coastal style, have put a few ideas into action here in my home as well…Happy Easter..

  212. Tina says:

    Wow, so many comments already! Congratulations Sarah on your 400 fantastic posts, you truly are one of the treasures of this blogging world! Thank you for sharing your wonderful ‘new’ life and your gorgeous cottage with us in such a fun and ever so stylish way!! Thanks also for the many giggles I have had reading your fabulous posts, they always brighten my day, and for my Country Style subscription – you rock!! Wishing you a wonderful long Easter Weekend with your family ~ Tina xx

  213. Paddy says:

    Next step: Oprah ;) I can feel the shared love already.

  214. The Lady says:

    I was so excited about this post when I saw those little glass floaters. My great grandmother had them in her house and I might get some of them! So excited! Anyhow, you know I love those shell spheres! Can’t wait to see who wins! Happy 400th! You’re such a delight. The Lady of the House

  215. Denise says:

    Congratulations on reaching 400 posts! Here’s to 400 more! I love the photos you posted, and especially liked the pops of color that the dahlias brought to your room.

    Thank you for thinking of us with your awesome giveaway. :)

    BTW…I still want to know where you found those shell spheres. I’ve wanted one ever since I saw them in your photos way back when I first began visiting your blog.

    I hope you and your family have a happy Easter Sarah. :)

  216. Anne says:

    Congratulations! It brings me such feelings of peace looking at pictures of your cottage. Hopefully mine will look nearly as peaceful someday!

  217. Amy, Sydney says:

    Congrats on 400 posts – quite an achievement! Thanks for creating this blog and sharing all your adventures, I set aside a few minutes each afternoon to check out your latest updates and find myself thinking it’s like having a chat with a good friend!

  218. Marcy says:

    Congratulations on your Blog Anniversary! Love the flowers, especially the last photo:)

  219. Charlotte says:

    OK – so I am a “lurker”, albeit a daily lurker. But I considered it worth coming out of hiding to thank you for enjoyable and inspiring blog entries. Please don’t go away.

  220. Susan says:

    I am a new follower and can not get enough. I have you on my igoogle homepage. Love your blog. We are building a house and I love to go to Thrift stores and garage sales. Your house is beautiful and such an inspiration. Thanks!!

  221. Angela Ridge says:

    Wow Sarah, so many comments today. Competition aside, I wanted to congratulate you on the beautiful ladder, what a great find, not only beautiful to look at, be practical for “the hubby” to clean the upstairs windows! ah ah!!!
    Keep up the great work and wishing you and your family a Happy Easter!

    Angela x

  222. Diane says:

    Your post is beautiful! The colors are so soothing and inviting. Your blog is fabulous, so congratulations and keep the posts coming! Thanks for this wonderful giveaway!

  223. Congrats! I’m sure we’ll all continue following you and wanting to make our homes look as peaceful and lovely as yours! I’d like to reach through the screen and get a clone of your decor items for myself! I passed up an old banged up, chipped, step ladder once and have been kicking myself ever since!

  224. Polly Walters says:

    Congratulations. I dream of some day living in a beach house. Until then, I brave the cold, snowy winters of the midwest. Hope I win.!!

  225. Louise says:

    Congratulations, Sarah. I have read all 400 and loved each and every one! You have come a long way both literally and metaphorically, and I can’t wait to see what else is in store.
    Happy Easter!
    Hugs from the south coast of NSW

  226. Karen says:

    Happy Anniversary Sarah! I visit your blog fanatically. I dream of having a beach cottage but for now I will live through you! Thanks for the inspiration.

  227. Susan Pipich says:

    Your beachy cottage is the THE perfect dream! Congratulations on 400!! So happy to have discovered you! Thanks for the chance to win your awesome giveaway!

  228. Vickie says:

    Wow…400!! That’s alot. I probably found you about 100 posts ago…ha ha I just absolutely love your blog. It is so inspiring and your cottage is to die for! Those items in your giveaway make me dance a jig in the hallway. And, yahoo….if I win this, I will NOT be able to contain myself. Ha Ha Anyway, thanks for the giveaway opportunity and here’s to 400 more. Cheers!

  229. Suzie Button says:

    It’s amazing how fast the posts can rack up! yeah for hitting 400! I love the giveaway, more than one gift, that’s a treasure trove! suzie

  230. Alison says:

    lovely and congratulations

  231. L. DogsMom says:

    I have to say that you do white better than anyone i have ever seen. just the perfect pop of color.

  232. L. DogsMom says:

    I will share on FaceBook now, and add you to my blogroll so I can easily come back often to visit.

  233. Tanya says:

    C-0-N-G-R-A-T-U-L-A-T-I-O-N-S on 400! Go, girl!
    I love your blog! I love your ladder, too!
    Have a h.a.ppy h.o.ppy Easter, Sarah!

    _Tanya, Queensland.

  234. Christine says:

    I love looking at your pictures…happy blogversary!
    Would be fun to win your giveaway…

  235. alaurajane says:

    Hi Sarah… I am so very happy to have found your wonderful blog,,, I just love to see what you have done with your lovely home. and you never disappoint.
    Such a generous give a way… like the others I hope you stay for another 400…. Happy Easter….


  236. Holly Conner says:

    Happy Easter! LOVE the ladder with the fishing floaty thingys hanging on it. :) I so enjoy reading your blog & seeing such a refreshing looking house.

  237. tbliss says:

    Congratulations Sarah!I’ve enjoyed every post ever since I started “lurking” a few months ago.
    Happy Easter!

  238. Melanie says:

    Oh Sarah… the calm and simplicity that your lovely beach cottage reflects is such an inspiration to peek in on daily! Congrats on 400 and thanks for sharing your journey!!!

  239. Sarah Ann says:

    I’m practically drooling over that ladder! Esp. with the fishing floats hanging off it, I LOVE those things! Oh, and I love that new angle of the ladder and the window you showed us.

  240. Sally says:

    Congratulations on 400 posts my dear friend!!! And you have to know the numbers will keep going and going and going! How I love to celebrate such happy things! Thank you so much for your delightful blog Sarah. You have brought so much joy and inspiration and happy dreams to my days. One of my luckiest days was finding you!! Thank you for the opportunity to win such a fantastic giveaway. You gotta know, I’ll be crossing my toes and fingers for luck. Happy Easter sweet friend!!!


  241. Melinda says:

    Happy Easter Sarah and congratulations on creating a wonderful blog. We too have moved from the trees( rural nsw) to the sea and Im LOVING it.
    Will look forward to more reading more of your adventures. xx

  242. Vintagefokus says:

    WOW !!! 400 posts well done and congrats! I’m inspired…goal to get to 100 posts!

    Tweeted: http://twitter.com/vintagefokus

    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/VintageFokus/198722923724?ref=ts

    Here’s to another 400 posts *cheers*

    VF @ http://www.vintagefokus.blogspot.com

  243. donna says:

    Sarah congrats on your 400 posts. You have inspired an entire world of women to do their own thing. I know thats what you did for me. I wish you a million more(I know you’ll have writers cramp)cause I’d really miss you if you ever decided to stop. So don’t. Your photos get better every day. I’m amazed at the amount of comments I see WOW! Did you know? It couldn’t happen to a sweeter girl. Now you know you’re doing something fantasic.Thank you for all the time it takes and for all the inspiration. You do rock. O and those fishing floats…. gotta have me some like now!!! <3

  244. Kate@That's What Living is to Me says:

    Congrats on 400 and I hope to see another 400! Love the flowers, btw.

  245. Kathy Julian says:

    I’ve so enjoyed your blog- it’s on my homepage when I turn on my computer! What fun it would be to win such a thing! Thanks!
    Kathy Julian

  246. Laura says:

    Happy Anniversary. My dad grows dahlias and they hold a very special place in my heart. I adore how you have made them come alive in the room!
    Here is to another 400!

  247. Melinda says:

    Congratulations! I only wish I had discovered your blog on day one…I certainly hope there are another 400 posts coming with more beach cottage love for us all to admire longingly!

    PS: Love the dahlias – they look fantastic against the white backdrop.

  248. Brigid says:

    Congrats on a successful first year and here’s to the next 400 posts!

  249. brea Attard says:

    I am fairly new to your blog but I love what I see. Happy anniversary and Happy easter to you and your family.

  250. Trish says:

    I love your “Grumpy Old Beach Cottage Comment”(s)!! Your blog is wonderful and I truly wish you another 400 posts and many more good things!

  251. Hello Sarah,
    I come to visit as often as I can! You inspire and delight me constantly! Congratulations and continued success in all you do!
    You share beautiful images everyday! Your giveaway is like icing on the cake! You are too tweet!

  252. Megan says:

    I’m new here (clicked over from Layla’s site) and I can’t wait to dive into your past posts. Congrats on all you have accomplished! I think it sounds truley wonderful!

  253. River-Rose says:

    Happy Beach Cottage Anneversary! Thank goodness you keep coming back to post… Your work is beautiful and inspirational! Congrats!

  254. Michele says:

    love, love, love your blog…sooo lovely!

  255. Patti Suttle says:

    Congratulations on such a great achievement! You have inspired me and so many others with your decorating style that we all LOVE! Keep it up…we need you!! I would love to win any of your giveaways!!
    Wishing you a very Happy and Blessed Easter!

  256. Rachel Wood says:

    Congrats! I love your blog and read it a few times a week. I love the simplicity and style of your home and definitely use your tips in my place as well!

  257. faith says:

    Congratulations! I’m always entranced by the eye candy on your blog.

  258. Sandy - LA 90034 (USA) says:

    Wow – what a lovely giveaway! Your blog is an inspiration to me. I even found a place in Florida where I bought three of the beautiful shell balls (I live in California). They were not very expensive, even with shipping, and I always get wonderful feed back from guests.

  259. Donna says:

    You’ve done well, girl! Keep it up.
    Donna from Brissie
    PS Happy Easter

  260. Brandi says:

    Happy Anniversary! I just found your blog from Decor8 and am now officially in love.

  261. Keep em coming! You don’t think we will let you get away with stopping before the next 400 did you??!!! ;) This giveaway is deliciousness all wrapped up into one & is the epitome of all things beach cottage.

  262. Laura says:

    Congratulations, Sarah. Thanks for all your hard work!

  263. Marina says:

    Hi Sarah
    Firstly congrats on your 400th post … I havent been with you all the way, but stumbled across you a few months ago.
    Being an aussie living in Brittania, your blog is one of the closest things I miss about home … living near the beach! So I love reading the warmth it exudes!

    You have a very beautiful blog and I hope you continue your journey with us.
    Count me in on your generous giveaway … and Happy Easter to you and your family.

  264. jeni says:

    o happy day! congratulations to you!
    love your blog and your happy, dreamy-beach inspirations and i love when you say g’day…my husband says that and it makes me giggle…a texas accent brings a little twang to it :)
    looking forward to many more entries to come! :)

  265. Julie says:

    Congrats on over 400 posts Sarah.. quite an achievement
    Hope you and your family have a wonderful easter.. xx Julie

  266. Andi says:

    Congratulations on over four hundred posts. Your blog was one of the first I found last year when I started blogging. I love the way the atmosphere of the beach comes through in your writing and pics. I envy you living so close to the sea. xx

  267. The Moerks says:

    Great giveaway Sarah. Love the pink dahlias and the ladder and the floats. Happy 400th! May there be many more:)

  268. Patti says:

    I love your blog. I also live by the ocean in Florida and you give me so many ideas and inspiration! Congratulations on the 400 posts!

  269. Adrienne says:

    Congratulations are indeed due! Aren’t those dahlias a fabulous colour, and your last photo of one up close is absolutely stunning.

  270. Elisabeth says:

    pretty pics! I have to admit I’m a little jealous of the vintage ladder! That’s one of the top of my list items for my home and they don’t seem to be just hanging around here like they are there in your part of the woods. You just have some sort of knack for finding these things.
    Anyhoo, so glad I found your blog!!

  271. Those dahlias look gorgeous.

  272. Julie K says:

    Only been reading for a short time, but I start my morning here reading your blog. I’m sure the next 400 will be just as fun and refreshing as the first 400! Congratulations!

  273. Vanessa says:

    Wonderful blooms around your home Sarah! So pretty!

  274. Rebecca Ward says:

    Sarah’s life is her cottage by the sea,
    Drinking vast amounts of Australian tea.

    Snapping up beautiful vintage finds,
    and whitewashed objects of all kinds.

    You’ve certainly been an inspiration to me,
    Congratulations on your blog anniversary!

  275. Lori Odle says:

    Congratulations. I LOVE everything about your blog. MY dream, someday, is to live by the sea. Right now farm fields are my ocean in Iowa. As gorgeous as it is, I still love the sea.

  276. Amanda says:

    Congratulations on reaching this blogging milestone. Your blog is so lovely with the most loveliest styled images of your home and I always look forward to seeing what’s happening in your little part of the world. What a great giveaway x

  277. Ellen says:

    Sarah, I just recently stumbled on your post and cannot stop coming back to it each day. My love for all things beachy keep dragging me back–hook, line, and sinker! Please continue for at least another 400! Put glass, fishing bobs, twine, shells, and an old ladder together…what could be better?! Love, love, love it. Thanks

  278. Rene says:

    Wow, I just stumbled on you today. Happy Anniversary, Easter and all that jazz. Thanks for the giveaway.

  279. Kirsty says:

    Congratulations, here’s to another 400! Just keep doing what you do!

  280. Melissa says:

    Congratulations! I love your decorating style! We’re redecorating our house with a coastal-inspired look, and I just wish we lived closer to the beach!

  281. Cyndi says:

    Sarah, as usual, your cottage looks absolutely lovely. I love dahlias, too, and those are the most luscious color. They compliment the white and neutrals in your home beautifully! Congratulations on 400+ posts and I hope you’ll be around for another 400+…I start every day by reading your blog!

    Happy and Blessed Easter to you and your family!!



  282. Martha Thomas says:

    Oh, I’d just LOVE to win! I love love love your blog. Please don’t ever stop!! :)

    Happy Easter!

    Martha in Waco, TX

  283. Ana Belén says:

    Enter me please! Happy aniversary!

    Tweeted: http://twitter.com/fisiwoman/statuses/11429031463


  284. Tori says:

    Grew up at the beach, but now live far from it. I like your blog because it makes fee feel like I’m not so far from my beloved ocean.

  285. DanaMc says:

    I’ve always found rustic charming. And, antique whites feel so clean. But I have a new love. Dahlias! Each time you have them in your pictures I think to myself I just *have* to get some :)

    Maybe this year I will.
    Nice giveaway!

  286. Kim says:

    G’Day Miss Sarah~I am Giving you a Beautiful Blogger Award if you would like see me @ whitewhispers2u.blogspot.com Enjoy~Kim

  287. Kelsey McCorkle says:

    You are a woman after my own heart – your ideas and photos are beautiful. Congrats on the big 4-0-0: you deserve it!

  288. Lindsy says:

    Congrats! I truly enjoy your blog and admire the life you’ve created in your beach cottage!

  289. Krista says:

    I love the splashes of pink and blue! Lovely & inspiring as always! xo Krista

  290. Caitie says:

    Such beautiful pictures!! Love your home! Awesome giveaway:)

  291. Thanks for all the luscious photos and inspiring beachy decorating. How sweet it must be to live in such a beautiful place!

  292. Congatulations, Sarah!

    Happy Easter to you and your family!

  293. Bonnie says:

    Loving the eye candy!! Thanks so much for sharing and congratulations! 400 hundred, eh?! Not too shabby. :)

    Thanks so much for the lovely opportunity. You rock!
    Happy April Fools Day!!



  294. Dodi says:

    Congrats on your anniversary. I clicked over from Decor8–beauty of a blog!

  295. Mischelle says:

    Aloha Sarah~ new to your postings, and I must catch up. Found you through Lady Vanessa (V&co), I am so enamored with your style ~both home and prose!
    Have a beautiful Easter and Blessed spring, mischelle

  296. Frau Mayer says:

    Yohoo :)
    There’s something lovely coming your way – http://decor8blog.com/2010/04/01/coastal-chic-inspired/#comments

    Congrats again!

  297. Shannon Lynch says:

    I recently came across your blog and it has become an instant favorite of mine. Thanks for letting us stop by and daydream in your beach cottage for a few minutes every day.

  298. Haley Jock says:

    Congratulations on all of your success! Your style is inspirational- it gives me so many ideas. Thanks for everything!

  299. This is a beautiful post !
    Happy Anniversary Sarah. I love the pink Dahlias and the lovely cost colors !
    Love Rini the Netherlands

  300. Brittany says:

    Gorgeous pictures. And happy anniversary!

  301. desiree says:

    oh my how on earth are you gonna post a ladder ;) Lovely give away… I really enjoyed doing mine and am planning to do more of them ;-)
    Wish you a happy Easter weekend

  302. Bonnie says:

    First, congratulations on the big milestone. More than 400 posts, over 16,000 comments… wow. Plain wow. Of course, I can understand it. I love coming here and imagining hanging out in all of your beachy wonderfulness… I had been staying away from giveaways for a while but your last one kind of drew me in (and now I seem to be entering them all over the place again! Need to knock that off) and now this one caught my attention in a big way. I’m keeping my fingers crossed on the fishing float (the other prizes are awesome, too, don’t get me wrong but… the fishing float would be special). Come April 19th we’re pretty sure we’ll be celebrating the news that my mother is now cancer free after battling ovarian cancer (diagnosed in October). She’s wanted an authentic fishing float for years but has never been able to bring herself to buy one so…it’d be fun to give her one all the way from Australia. So…I’m entering. Sorry for the book. I really think I talk too much but haven’t figured out how to shut up yet. :)

  303. Lisa says:

    Congratulations and thank you for the lovely giveaway! I have been checking out your blog more and more as we start to build our own cottage by the sea.

    Thank you for the inspiration

  304. Erika says:

    Congrats on 400! Love your photos!

  305. Dianna says:

    Discovered your blog a few weeks ago and its now bookmarked love it. Love your style and would so love some of those giveaways.

  306. Sarah…happy anniversary….blogversary…..I have so enjoyed your posts and am keeping my fingers crosed (and toes) for 400 more…..

  307. Lisa Kisch says:

    Happy anniversary! Love the flowers – all of them and love your blog too!

  308. Gena says:

    Happy 400 to you! My dream is to live at least NEAR the ocean and your blog is a daily inspiration for me. In fact, my daughter said today that the perfect life would be to live here (in the South, USA) in the summertime, then move to Australia for THEIR summertime, too. I couldn’t agree more. Thank you for your beautiful blog and helping me keep my beachy dreams alive and well.

  309. bethania says:

    Really lovely place you have there. Fresh and cozy at the same time. Congratulations.

  310. Pearl Maple says:

    Congrats on the achievements, you have created a warm and welcoming blog that is a fun place to visit.

    Thrifty Chic & Coastal Living, just sums us up doesn’t it. Have a great long weekend.

  311. Kari says:

    I really love your look its so fresh and beautiful thanks for sharing.

  312. imogen says:

    wow that ladder is divine. i love your style and find so much inspiration from your home

  313. Suzy says:

    Wow, I am in love with those dahlias. I visit your blog everyday and try to figure out how I can get your gorgeous beachy look into an old farmhouse..I’m still working on that!!

  314. Nina says:

    Congratulations! Your blog is one of my biggest sources of inspiration! Thank you making the world more beautiful and for the wonderful giveaway! :)

    I will be starting my own blog soon! searivercottage.blogspot.com

  315. Lisa says:

    Congrats! Love your blog…the beautiful pictures are so inspiring!

  316. Cindy Huntington says:

    This is a fabulus journey… I would love to be a part of it …

  317. Wow, 400 posts. Congratulations. I’ve so enjoyed your beautiful photos.

  318. Jeanne says:

    I just discovered your blog – wow, I have been missing a lot!! I grew up near the beach and now live away and I do miss it.

  319. Gosia says:

    It’s the first time here (coming from Decor8) and I feel like I’m intruding on this giveaway of yours, especially, that you have here so many faithful readers. I decided to leave you a comment anyway, because I absolutely, positively, love and adore the style which you’ve chosen for your cottage. Congratulations on your 400 posts and your year of blogging the coastal living to so many.

  320. karen says:

    I love your blog! It is so inspiring! Congratulations on 400 posts….here’s to 400 more!
    I would love to win any of your wonderful giveaway items! karen…..

  321. Wendy in Montana, USA says:

    I just want to say, first, congratulations on your 400th post! Secondly, OH MY GOODNESS, what beauty you live with and in. I’m envious of your decor and as I have a 3yr old and a 5yr old, I know I couldn’t pull off that look for years to come. Congrats!!

  322. Susan says:

    I love your blog! Congrats on 400 posts! Please keep them coming!

  323. Julieone says:

    Love the Beach Cottage and congratulations on your blog numbers!

  324. Alexa F. says:

    Congratulations on 400! A sweet giveaway for a sweet anniversary!

    I only recently came across your blog so I haven’t yet read back all your entries… although, I’m pretty close at this point.

    I also tweeted this post: http://www.twitter.com/fasdy

  325. kylie hill says:

    Hi Sarah,
    I have only just learnt of your fabulous blog thanks to real living, it has now become part of my day, I have to look at your blog at least once a day, (usually more than that as I am reading through you previous 400 blogs to see what I have missed!)
    Congratulations on such a wonderful milestone.
    Kylie Hill

  326. Joely says:

    Wow, what an awsome giveaway you are having! I have a question about the coastal living mags. can you get them in Australia and where? I asked my local newsagent and they didn’t know what I was talking about. I got onto the coastal living website but it looked like you could only subscribe if you lived in the u.s. any info would be most appreciated as it looks like a great read. Love your beachy blogging goodness too!

  327. Nat says:

    I can feel the sand between my toes and the salt water on my face, you have definitely got that beach-house vibe.

  328. Michelle says:

    Add to your list of achievements that you dragged me out of lurkdom – I had a serious case of “cybershyness”. Have a very Happy Easter and pleeeeease keep the blog going – I love it!

  329. Ness Lockyer says:

    Congratulations on over 400 posts. I enjoyed seeing your gorgeous cottage in Real Living. Your home is amazing.
    Ness xx
    …the giveaway is amazing!

  330. Jean Wethmar says:

    Congrats.. oh I do love to live besides the seaside! Your blog is adictive Sarah.. you inspire me to declutter and find a place near the seaside! Pick me, Pick me please.. I’d love that subscription…oh and have a great Easter break.. ps.. the pink dahlias are stunning!

  331. Cindy says:

    Congratulations!! You’ve come a long way (I was going to put baby but I wasn’t sure what you would think about that!:) I wish you continued success. It’s been fun following you! Your pictures are beautiful! You are too sweet to offer such a great giveaway! Hope you and your family have a great holiday!! ;)
    p.s. I wouldn’t mind the weathered ladder! :)

  332. Denise says:

    Happy 400th! It’s going to take me some time to catch up since I just discovered you today. If Coastal Living is one of your favs, then I am hooked; it’s my fav too. I look forward to continuing on with your blog.

  333. amy says:

    I love your home’s beach cottage style and you have a fabulous blog. Thank you for the generous giveaway and here’s to the next 400 posts!!! Cheers!

  334. Kelly says:

    Yay celebration! Your blog makes me want to move back to NZ but meanwhile I have to contend with redoing my place with this inspiration..

  335. Meghan says:

    Congratulations on 400 posts! That ladder is amazing and looks like it was made for that spot!

  336. Beth Monson says:

    Congrats on the “blogaversary”! :)

    Your decor is simply STUNNING!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  337. Penny Patten says:

    Oh what a marvelous give away. It would be so fantastic to win. Love your home and decorating. Happy Easter and Thank You for the chance to win.

  338. Shari says:

    Your blog is so inspiring. The hubs and I have re-located more than 20 times in 19 years of marriage and each time I face new challenges to decorate our new place to fit our style. Your blog is fresh, inviting, and makes me want to get up and create a beautiful new space for our family. We live in the dessert now, but our dream is to live in a little cottage by the beach-just like yours!
    Keep posting, don’t know what I’d do without my beach fix ;o). ~Shari, Tri-Cities, WA.

  339. Arielle says:

    Congratulations on such a great milestone! Thanks for letting us celebrate with you by hosting such a great giveaway!

  340. Congratulations! I love how the little punch of color from the flowers spices up the room. thanks for sharing you cottage.

  341. Cathy says:

    Awesome giveaway! *sigh* I just love your little cottage and your ramblings…

  342. dtr3 says:

    Hope I’m not too late! Just found your blog and it looks really interesting. Congratulations.

  343. Brooke B says:

    Hi there,
    I really enjoy your blog, you see I’m a Aussie coastal gal, living in the mountains in Canada. I love your refreshing ideas and style, I can almost smell the salty air! I love readying your blog to get my little fix of the ocean.

  344. betty in munich says:

    Congratulations! I found you just a few months ago around the time Apartment Therapy was doing home blog awards. Loved your site since. You have even inspired me to spray paint a black curtain rod white and hang some dreamy beach cottage like curtains in the master bedroom.
    viele liebe Grüße
    from Munich,

  345. Molly says:

    Congrats! And how about you just come decorate my house? Lol. You helped me not fear white. So high five for that. I love reading about and looking at your cottage. And wishing I was in Australia too. loves!

  346. jenny says:

    I just came across your blog and so glad i did. you’re little beach cottage is adorable!!!

  347. julie says:

    Happy 400th! You are a true inspiration…many thanks for sharing :)

  348. TraceyB says:

    Love love love your beachy goodness! Congrats on the 400 posts and for me 400 happy reads.

  349. Elizabeth says:

    Congratulations on 400 posts….each and every one of them full of inspiration and prettiness….

  350. Nancy Comelab says:

    Hi Sarah,
    I was directed here via a post on Decor8 and I am so happy I found your blog! I spent the past half hour browsing through some of your posts and I am in awe and so inspired! I particularly loved your beach cottage story.
    Thank you ever so much for this gorgeous and generous give-away and congratulations on your 400th blogpost! Here’s to the next 400!
    Happy Easter to you and yours!

  351. Congrats! You have really made your mark on the blog world in a fairly short amount of time. Count me among your many fans!

    The photos in this post are gorgeous (as usual). And what a fun giveaway.

    Here’s to 400 more! :)

  352. Helen says:

    Hi Sarah, I am addicted to your blog, and want to say thank you because my house looks all the lovelier for your inspiration.
    Also would love to know where you got the glass fishing floats?
    cheers, Helen

  353. Mary Lemon says:

    Love love love your blog! I have to check in every few days so I can get away from the crazy life of a Realtor and stager and just dream of living in a charming cottage at the beach! You’re amazing!

  354. Kirsten says:

    Congrats and thanks for the wonderful giveaway! My white coffee table would love some gorgeous accessories!

  355. Oh goodness Sarah… with well over 350 comments already you may not even get to read this one, but I still wanted to say that I have enjoyed following your journey in your gorgeous beach cottage. Congratulations on 400 posts – hope there are still many more to come.
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne

  356. Katharina says:

    I do get itchy feet everytime I take a look at your blog…please keep blogging!

  357. DeAna says:

    Seriously, comments-apalooza! You go girl!!!

  358. mary jo says:

    Oh congratulations! Reading about your cottage and life is one of my favorite things to do! Such beautiful photos, dahlias, and I’m just crazy about those glass fishing floats!

    xo Mary Jo

    p.s. I’m tweeting this too :)

  359. AtOneWithHim says:

    Congratulations Girl on such an achievement! So happy to have come along for the ride. Thanks for the adventure and the chance to own some of your favorites!

  360. AtOneWithHim says:

    Tellin all my homies on Twitter! Thanks again and have a blessed Easter.

  361. em bowden says:

    hi sarah
    i am a lurker and ive come out of lurkdom!!! :)

    i adore your blog so you must keep going! its my daily breathe of fresh air, especially when things aren’t going so great in my day.

    keep it up mrs, you are fab, your house is beautiful, and your writing and pics are refreshing

    :) x

  362. Sarah Tozer says:

    Congrats Sarah….I love your blog and not only am i addicted, I now have several friends who are also enjoying your posts and pics, I find your blog so inspiring. I would be so fab to be the lucky reader of your gorgeous wrapped up beach cottage gift….pls pick me!!! p.s. I ended up finding a web that sells you beautiful beach stripe cushions at islandstyleliving.com.au…thanks

  363. Yvonne says:

    Hi Sarah, congratulations on 400, on your beautiful beach house and inspiring website. Makes me want to create this kind of beach cottage in the city of Cologne, Germany, right away :-) I am already busy using the great pictures to convince my boyfriend that the house we are going to purchase shortly needs to breathe this beach style to make a “far away from the real sea” home for the two ex-Northern Germany seaside people that we are. keep on going with your great work! Happy Easter, Yvonne

  364. Tia says:

    This cottage looks absolutely gorgeous. I am in love with the dahlias and glass balls. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  365. Betty Jo says:

    Happy Easter and congrats on your blog anniversary Sarah! The book looks wonderful, but I think the ladder would be a lot to ship!! ?

  366. Donna Matthews says:

    I’ve just arrived here for the first time and am soooo happy to be visiting…thanks for having me to your lovely beach cottage! I’ve just bought a white bed and want a beach cottage vintage feel for my bedroom…I just hit the inspiration jackpot!! Consider yourself bookmarked! :-)

  367. mccarthysdesigns says:

    I always love stopping by and reading your blog! Fancy that, over 400 posts! Congratulations, I am in awe as always. You have a gorgeous house and gorgeous blog. Please keep them posts coming and I hope there are at least 400 more! Happy Easter! xx

  368. simpledaisy says:

    Wow…what a giveaway!!! I love your blog…it’ o happy and so very beachy:)

  369. 400 posts that is something to celebrate. You have done it with remarkable style. Best wishes for 400 plus more.

  370. Johanne says:

    Your blog is truly inspirational and refreshing! Your pictures portray peace and happiness and your words keep life simple and pleasurable. Keep it up! We need you!

  371. JoLynn says:

    Congrats to you! Hope you have a very Happy Easter too and thanks for the giveaway!! :)

  372. aubrey hall says:

    I feel as though I’m back at the beach when I visit your blog! I love your vintage ladder! Still looking for one *sigh* Congratulations on the success of your blog! Happy Easter! ~Aubrey

  373. Charlotte says:

    OK, I confess. I’m a lurker. But, I thought it worth while to come out of my anonimity to say “Happy Anniversity.” Reading your post is a few minutes that I steal for myself everyday. Your style make me feel serene and peaceful when sometimes my surrounding are anything but.

  374. Hello Miss Sarah,
    Oh do I ever love your ladder!! : ))))))))))))
    Hope you are having a wonderful Easter!
    Congratulations! You know how much i love you and your blog!
    Take Care,
    and I would love to be the lucky winner! I need to do some catching up on A Beach Cottage!
    Take Care,

  375. joanne says:

    Congratulations on the 400 posts.Great job.Love coming over to your blog and just relaxing .The colour of the flowers just looks stunning againts the whites.Happy Easter.Joanne.

  376. becky up a hill says:

    I’m giving Dahlia’s another thot this year. Thanks for the chance to win something. Your home is so restful!

  377. Happy anniversary! Such lovely images.

  378. Into Vintage says:

    It snowed here yesterday so your photos are a welcome diversion from my local weather. Congrats on 400 posts and all of your blog-accomplishments. :-) -amy

  379. Alyson says:

    400 posts and you have it down to a fine art and now, thanks to said posts, I can walk into previously dingy little rooms in my house and enjoy their lightness, brightness and be proud that a) I did it myself, b) it was cheap and best of all – c) I can and will continue to do it until I’ve got this place just right! Thanks!

  380. Debbie says:

    Hi Sarah…I just returned home from a visit with my own kiddos in down state Michigan. I went to my favorite antique mall and found a jar of bleached sea shells, and also a vintage medicine cabinet mirror(I seem to have this obsession with these.) The mirror was cut in half, but has the upper decorative design intact. Anyway…I layered a couple other mirrors I found while out “junking” one day, and am sitting here staring at them like a moron.
    My husbands thinks I’m in a coma…with my eyes open. When I awake, I hope to find I’ve won your wonderful giveaway!!!!

  381. Debbie says:

    oooops…I mean husband….I only have the one!!!!

  382. Dianne says:

    Congratulations or your longtivity in blogland. I absolutely love your blog. I don’t usually comment but you inspire me to do better and to reach out and find what is comfortable for me. Thank you for being my “favourite”


  383. Monique says:

    Thanks so much for your generosity with this fabulous givaway and congratulations on 400 posts!
    Monique x

  384. Sherri S. says:

    Happy 400 posts! I haven’t known about your blog for more than a couple of months, but sure have enjoyed all of the posts for that long. Thanks for all of the beautiful pics along the way!

  385. LazyDazy says:

    I love the sea and dream of seaside living, but live in Texas, nearly a days drive from the beach.

    Coastal living and your blog are two of my favorite things. Both are like a sort of holiday or retreat for me.

    I have not visited for awhile, but dropped by today for a respite. Maybe I will post on my own blog again soon, or freshen my home. Either way, I’ve been inspired.
    Thank you and congrats on 400!

  386. *Alex* says:

    Congratulations and what a sweetie you are to do such a lovely little give-away! Reading all the great posts is one of my fave little parts of my day :)

  387. Shannon says:

    I just found your blog and I love your decorating style. Now, I find out that I have hundreds of posts to look through – it’s heaven!

  388. Sharona says:

    Well as I sit here in our little cottage in total mid reno mode and look out over the snow covered ground at the ice covered lake and wish someone would put another log on the fire I am warmed by the photos, notes and comments on your blog – that I am visiting for the first time. I was cruz’n for some decor ideas and happened here – and so glad I did. I love your clean yet cozy look and CONGRATS on your 400+! I am saving your link and will visit often…..

  389. Katie Grant says:

    He is Risen! Christ the Lord is risen today!
    So, about YOU: oooooooooh the very last pic of the beautiful fuscia edges of that flower!!! GORGEOUS! you inspire me, sarah. daily i log on to check you…and my email. daily. keep it coming! =) loves

  390. Linda says:

    Congrats. I just recently found your blog and I love it.

  391. Happy Easter Sarah!!! I love holidays in general, and I love national holidays, but when we share a holiday globally, it is special. Adding to it a milepost of 4oo…well, congrats…I am looking forward to the next 400.
    ?, Susan

  392. Lou Ann says:

    Love your blog. Love the juxtaposition of the dahlias against the white. Love the giveaway.

  393. Susan says:

    What at gorgeous post and lovely giveaway…hubby and I looked into emigrating about 10 years ago…but we were already over the age! How big a bummer is that? So I’ll just read your blog and dream about visiting one day.

    Posting it on FB too!

  394. LiveLikeYou says:

    What a lovely home and lovely blog. To live by the ocean…I can dream maybe one day…

  395. Philippines properties says:

    I love all of the beautiful pictures of your home! Your decorating style is so delightful!

    Deirdre G

  396. Steph says:

    Congratulations! I just stumbled upon your blog a month ago and I am hooked! I love all things “cottagey,” vintage and Australian so how can I resist coming back to your blog day after day to see what you are up to. Thanks for sharing!

  397. Laura says:

    Happy Anniversary!! Great pictures of a great cottage!

  398. Anna says:

    I love your blog.:) Happy Easter to you and thank you for inspiring us all.

  399. Elisabeth says:

    Those dahlias are absolutely fantastic! I must grow some for cuttings…

  400. Michelle Haviland says:

    I’d love to win this lovely little giveaway, provided you were planning to possibly ship to The States!

  401. Michelle says:

    Warmest congrats on your 400, now that’s worth celebrating! Hope you’ve had a wonderful Easter break and enjoy the school hols, I sure will!

  402. Paula says:

    Congrats on 400….and I have read them all! I am inspired by your wonderful cottage by the sea. I am surrounded by land here in the USA but dream of making my home a beach cottage….

  403. Nic says:

    i visit your site every day.It makes me feel closer to a friend of mine who has moved across the oceans to live in Australia. By seeing your site and lovely pictures i sit and imagine that my friend has such an idyllic life as yours. Keep up the good work…it’s addictive

  404. Nadine says:

    Congratulations on your milestone!! I’m a fairly new reader, so haven’t experienced all 400 posts, but I really love your style and have been enjoying your posts, and am looking forward to plenty more!

    Hope you enjoyed the rest of your long weekend!! :)

  405. Oh, Sarah, congrats on your 400th post, being such a hit that you’ve been in lots of publications and thank you for sharing your beauty with all of us bloggers afar. I’ve so enjoyed your blog since stumbling upon it a couple of years ago. Its been fun to watch your talents grow, your photography become top notch, and finally to see your beautiful face come out of hiding. I feel like I know you now, with the addition of a photo to go with the bloggings. You’ve so much talent, and of course your cottage by the sea is to die for now.
    Please enter me into your lovely giveaway, and do be sure to draw my name. :) I’d adore a pkg. from Aussie.

  406. As usual, BEAUTIFUL pics!! I so love your easygoing style! I really hope i win because I love that book you are giving away.

  407. linked you with facebook- so here i am again! Jenny

  408. Wilma says:

    Congratulations on 400 posts, being published, and providing inspiration for all of us who are not fortunate enough to live in a tatty old cottage! :)

  409. Carol Beiler says:

    wow… I love your style of Decor…its so me, I wish I had A beach cottage just so I could have fun working with so much stuff!

  410. Amber S says:

    Beautiful!! Love the pink dahlias! Thanks for the giveaway. :)

  411. janita abbas says:

    love the simple style! Never know where one day will take you.We are blessed by your inspiration. Thank you for the fun giveaway to one sweet lady.hope I’m not too late to enter for a chance to win.

  412. Jacqui says:

    Congratulations Sarah! Your photos are once again just gorgeous. Looking forward to another 400 posts :)

  413. Junita says:

    Love, love what you do with your home. Lots of inspiration! And what a generous giveaway…

  414. Amber S says:

    Linked on facebook. :)

  415. Grace says:

    Not sure if I’m too late, but I love your simple, comfortable, lovely home and would love to be entered in this giveaway.

  416. I am glad to have discovered your blog. Maybe because your seasons are opposite from California, so I can go to the beach vicariously…I love the tatty quality of your furniture the most. I recently painted a table and chairs black, again opposite, and as they have been used the last 6 months some of the paint is rubbed off. And it doesn’t bother me! Thanks for so much inspiration, and helping me get over that fresh from the store perfection attitude!
    Congrats on 400 posts.

  417. Tell me not that I am too late…

    Sarah, I am a fan from across the ocean who only discovered your delicious blog a couple of weeks ago. I have spent days after days going through all your posts -feels a bit like cramming!-, and have enjoyed your ideas and experiences *so* *very* *much!*

    I can somehow relate to your experience, being a city girl who sold everything and fled the noise and pollution of town, just to end up with a splotchy piece of land in the mountains over which my newly acquired Young Husband and I were meant to build up the house of our dreams… or a miniature version, so it could fit the tiny bit of land we owned. Not easy! But the road has been filled with joys as well as challenges.

    Still, my work-in-progress, lame attempt of a house is far from being magazine material, but thanks to my patient husband, a realistic budget, and inspirational people like you, it is slowly acquiring the desired form.

    Anyway, I just wanted to say that your blog is a source of inspiration, both for decoration as well as for life itself. Congratulations on this milestone, and may you have many, many more. Keep sharing, keep inspiring us, keep on enjoying life adjusting real life to your dreams -and not the other way around.

    Thanks for all the positive vibes you spread all over the ‘net. You rock, girl!


    A reader from across the globe.

  418. Congrats Sarah on an amazing 400! Your “tatty” old beach cottage is stunning and always a breath of fresh air. Thanks for this wonderful giveaway opportunity and for letting us enjoy your beautiful journey! Cheers!

  419. Deborah says:

    400? Your posts don’t look a day over 390! It’s always a pleasure visiting you, my Aussie friend. Thank you for including this NJ shore girl in your give away!

  420. What a lovely blog, and a great giveaway…Congrats…Katie

  421. jerikay says:

    congrats! love the splash of color from the beautiful dahlias. so grateful to have stumbled upon your blog. love your style!

  422. Amber Whitehouse says:

    I really, really would love the seashell ball! I love it in every picture!


  423. Lauren says:

    Wow! 400, you must be proud! One of my fave blogs for inspiration. Congratulations and keep them coming!

  424. Lori R. says:

    This is a perfect grouping for a give away! It’s amazing how quickly you reached 400. It took my hsuband 28 years as a baseball coach to reach 400 wins. You work hard and fast!

  425. Martha says:

    I love your blog! You have brought me so much inspiration. :-)

  426. megs says:

    Nice! Congratulations on all of your recent successes.

  427. Happy Anniversary and here’s to 400 MORE!! =-D

    [This is a fabulous giveaway, BTW! I'm excited!!]

  428. Puff says:

    Didn’t think I’d see flowers in bottles and people loving it…..i used soda bottles as flower vases as a kid and my mom would just replace ‘em with store-bought ones! hahahahahahaha ;)

  429. sharon says:

    Like little treasures from the beach on a summers day, your blogs show how making your place beautiful and chic can be so simple and inexpensive for everyone! You truly are a beachy inspiration for us all! Thx soooo much!