Beach Cottage Q & A, Teaser & GIVEAWAY

Mon 15th, Mar, 2010

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So, G’day out there, a sunny slightly cooler day here Down Under, I am checking in with a teaser & a giveaway post, all rolled into one.  Gotta love it when your fave blog does that huh?

I don’t know if I’ve said on this here broadcast to white beach vintage lovers that I have been de-cluttering like crazy in this old cottage.  It started with the garage, moved to my wardrobe, carried over to china and on Saturday we started on furniture.


There is nothing that can be done to keep some of these pieces round here, I just simply and utterly have to accept that it is getting too packed coupled with the fact that a leggy teenager needs some space to sprawl out and trip over…so out has gone a good few things down to the garage ready to be put up for sale (I’ll let you know when and where).

On Saturday then, I spent a good few hours directing males on furniture placment and we moved in a new desk I have been working on for the kiddo’s computer (yes it is Beachy White, but there is a leetle twist)...a desk found on a recent Beach Cottage Treasure Hunting foray and one that has turned out much better than I had hoped.

Oh-so-artfully put together (ahem) above it is this little double layer frame vignette…you already know I am having a love affair with empty frames and I had been looking out for a rustic woody sorta one, with the grain showing, that I could remove the pic from, here’s how I found it, actually more green than it shows in this photo


This one I thought might well be just right for what I was after…it was just waiting to get the Beach Cottage treatment don’t you think?

… it wasn’t until the last minute though, white paint on the brush that I decided to go for the pebble grey instead.

So glad I did.


I am pleased with how it turned out, I’m loving the grey with the rustic, with the layering, with the starfish (from Gail McCormack here), with the white.  There is something gratifying about wall art like this, one that costs you next to nothing, minimum fuss, tiny effort, pretty good impact.

Whaddya think, is it a keeper? 

Now less of empty frames and more of this week’s giveaway, it will be featuring, the Beach Cottage and ummm me (yikes) in an Australian magazine, a very good Australian magazine that came here a few months ago to do a shoot.

To celebrate I thought well how about I giveaway the magazine featuring the Beach Cottage *and an Anthropologie gift card for a double candy whammy (not of course that I was training for the gold in Anthropologie Stalking over the weekend when I was meant to be working, no not at all).

So to win leave a comment asking me anything you want (I’m following Cindy and Kate’s lead and the blogland trend in Q & A)

Sound good to you?

Looking forward to it, please no favours questions :-)



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126 Responses to “Beach Cottage Q & A, Teaser & GIVEAWAY”

  1. Kimberly Knoess says:

    Is this Pebble Grey from your custom stash, or a commercially available color? I would love to see the process used on that beautiful new frame of yours!

  2. Kat says:

    I love the picture and the pebble grey was the perfect choice! I’ve been cleaning out like crazy too, but it’s springtime here…I guess there can be fall cleaning too eh?!

    Congrats on the magazine spread and I’d love a chance to win a copy and of course you know I love Anthro.

    Hmm, now for a question. What is the most meaningful thing in your home, besides your family and any pets of course?

    Kat :)

  3. Kat says:

    Just tweeted it!

    Kat :)

  4. Debbie Koperski says:

    Do you have pictures of your previous house?was it beachy?
    Love the starfish pic….

  5. Melissa says:

    Hey Sarah,
    Wish I didn’t live on the other side of the world! I’d be raiding that garage of yours! ;)
    So my question follows up on that thought: HOW do you decide what stays and what goes?
    Have a great Monday!

  6. Patricia says:

    Now…..with all of the de-cluttering because there is no more room, does this mean there will a stop to your thrifty/treasure hunting?????

    And…..if that is the case, what are you going to do?????

  7. Bec says:

    Have to say I’ve always wondered how do you keep everything lovely and white with people LIVING in your house?

    I’m thinking this much white is pretty incompatible with my kids. I just love the look though!

  8. Denise says:

    The picture turned out great. :) I would love to win a copy of the magazine and be able to read the feature on you and the Beach Cottage.

    Question: How do you keep from getting overwhelmed when you have so many projects going on at the BC at the same time?

  9. Aimee says:

    Love your blog and the giveaway!

    Question: What is your favorite way to relax with your busy life?

    Thanks! :)

  10. Tami C says:

    Please enter me!

    What is the best way to paint wooden deck rocking chairs? Brush? Roller? Spray? Mixture of all 3?


  11. DeAna says:

    I can’t wait to learn the answers to all of the questions.
    I’m gonna ask a great question. I just have to think of one.
    Think, think, think.

  12. Holly Eversgerd says:

    Ok, I’ll play :)

    What is your favorite color to wear?

  13. donna says:

    I love the way the picture came out! I too have a love of empty frames and my mom, well she’s 83 and keeps asking when I’m going to put pictures in them! Hahahahaha ! When I try to explain it starts to not even make sense to me! I just made them all Heirloom White and I love the look on the staircase. The grey you chose really picks up the starfish beautifully. I would love to see you in that mag. I bet it looks beautiful. O and Anthro and I are in mad mad love. I’ve actually been on the website more these days then is probably healthy, but who can stay away? Hmmmmm a question? What”s your biggest pet peeve? <3

  14. Bev says:

    I love the starfish picture. Do you think you will stay in Australia ?

  15. Alison says:

    OK Sarah, I am the one who has to ask you

    are you writing a book?

  16. michelle says:

    Love the giveaway and ofcourse your starfish picture too . Now for the question , I’ve got this old ( not lovely vintage old …just old) timber stained cabinet ( you know that gross orangy colour ) Anyway …am using it to store some blankets but want it to be white instead . So I know i’ve heard you mention a product before called zimmers or something like that ,but when I looked in bunnings found it but there was a few different ones… what do you suggest ? . And then do I just paint over with the white ?

  17. katie says:

    Cant wait to see what u do with your computer desk project i am having a hard time deciding what type of desk to get for my boys and need inspiration!!!

  18. Janna says:

    My question is about your new life in Australia. From what I’ve read, it sounds like you didn’t have any family there when you moved there. So, now that you’ve been there awhile, do you have close friends that you spend Christmas (or other holidays) with or do you go home to England to see your family at Christmas time?

  19. Molly says:

    First of all, I am 100% envious that you live in Australia. My hubby and I are OBSESSED with Australia. My husband is even partners in a business selling Australian reptiles here in the USA. He loves reptiles I love decorating ha ha. SO my question for you is, where do you find most of your furniture treasures? I now you thrift and find stuff in junk heaps like the windows, is that where most of it comes from? loves!

  20. Sarah Ann says:

    Decluttering feels amazing doesn’t it? Ah spring is always the best for that. Please sign me up for your giveaway! You always have the best goodies.

  21. Ginger says:

    Love the frame. Looks beautiful grey. Is there anything you don’t like about the Aussie life?

  22. Diane says:

    This is such a wonderful giveaway! I guess my question would be, can I fly over there and have a cappuccino with you on the wharf and read a bit of that journal you’ve been reading? It sounds so peaceful.

  23. Cat says:

    so what I really want to know is, because they are essential elements to my life, ‘what are you reading at the moment?’ and ‘what are you listening too?’ (and in case you were wondering…reading – Madame Bovary; and listening too – Mumford and Sons)!

  24. Tiff says:

    Thanks for another great giveaway Sarah.
    Oh hey – I finally found a gorgeous old glass bottle at the local recycling market (the locals call it the Dump Shop because it’s in/at the dump!). You’d love the place.
    Q – Did you work your way up to the 350 or just go for it? If you did just go for it one day, how long before you could walk again?!!

  25. *Alex* says:

    I think the frame looks lovely in the pebble grey!

    I am de-cluttering lately too-I think it’s that “Spring Cleaning” my mother instilled in me. Haha, if you weren’t so far away we could swap “junk” ;)

    My question for you is this: what is/are the item(s) that you try to find every time you shop for antiques/vintage finds? For me I always look for blue and/or milk glass items and 1940s dresses. It’s almost a compulsion when I’m on the hunt for a good find-what about you?

  26. Sherri S. says:

    Hello Sarah!
    I have to agree with everyone else…you made the perfect choice in going with the pebble gray on that frame!
    I’m not surprised to hear that you are being featured in a local mag. One only has to look at all of your beautiful pics to see why!
    As for my question, I’ll narrow it down to: “What advice would you give someone who is just starting to move towards the beach cottage decorating theme? Where on earth do you begin?!”
    Thanks for the Q&A session! Can’t wait to see all of the answers!

  27. Kim Said: says:

    Bravo Miss Sarah~Always a job well done.
    ?~What is the name of the Australian magazine you are in? I want to buy it, I am not to lucky ! Thanks~Kim

  28. Shelley says:

    Sarah, my question has to be – how do you find the time to do all this fabulous furniture finding / fixing / blogging / decorating and answering lots of questions – all while maintaining your beautiful house and family??

  29. Robyn says:

    My question: Does your mind every stop thinking of new projects?

  30. Love the grey frame around the white! It’s perfect. If you weren’t doing a beachy white theme (which I just LOVE) – what would be your next decorating style? And, I’ve just gotta ask, how do you keep all that white clean? Are you constantly washing slipcovers and wiping fingerprints!?

  31. Alison Gibbs says:

    Sarah love that frame around Gail’s gorgeous painting.
    What is your favourite piece in the house that you won’t de-clutter!!
    Don’t forget to show us some de-clutter pics.

  32. Kel Montano says:

    Hi Sarah,

    Well as I’m new to ABC (it’s my nickname for you and i think it suits as you like things ‘as simple as ABC(the Jackson 5)) I have some comments and loads of questions but here is just two:

    Like Tiff, I’m wondering about your 350. I started yesterday with 2 lots of 50 followed by a consecutive 100 today. How long does 350 take you and over what time frame did you build up to them?

    We’re building a new home in Vic but I want it to feel like an old beack cottage once we’re done (I’m building new as we’ll be only 800m from the water so that was the compromise with DH). What would be three things you think we could do to age a new home? I’m thinking of bead board & chair railings, framing entry ways and buying some old wicker fishing pots on the weekend.


  33. Michelle says:

    The frame looks fab.

    my question is how do you manage it all? You house looks stunning, your kids are happy, your husband obviously is too :-) and you seem to have got the balance ‘right’ – please share your secret!!!

    Loving your work, as always, M x

  34. Rebecca says:

    Hi Sarah – please enter me too (however I will be buying the mag if I don’t win !) I have lots of questions but will start with this one:
    * How do you start a blog & is it ok to start one just for your own use (ie so I can keep track of the blogs I love etc and the decorating pics I love – is a blog the right way to do this?
    * Also can’t wait to see your desk project as I need inspiration. I have been getting quotes from wardrobe people,carpenters, bunnings etc to try & build a a big linen cupboard that contains an office nook /craft area/toy storage that I can quickly hide behind closed doors – to hide all the mess. Any ideas (queen of beachy decor) to keep this type of ‘cupboard’ looking shabby/beachy??

  35. Alicia says:

    Gails art work is the best, really sets it off with the outer frame, well done, I’m sure Gail will love it too!
    Crikey a question eh?? Hmmm I think I have asked you quite a few already since I found your blog lol.
    ok, now a little birdie has already told me what mag you are in so I wont ask that… hmmm,
    And I’m pretty sure somone else mentioned you are writing a book…
    ok, heres a tricky one, what did you say in French to the guy that gave you a hard time at that lovely old dance hall (now apartments)???
    Bet you thought you’d never get asked that lol!!!
    Alicia ;0)

  36. Sandi says:

    Hi Sarah…doubling up your treasures will let you keep more, great job! My husband does heating and air conditioning…is there a good company for him to get a job with there? Has anyone approached you to be a contributor to their magazine yet?

  37. Brigid says:

    Do you think about opening a Beach Cottage shop?

  38. Rabenfrau says:

    Hallo Sara,
    you did a great job at your whole house! I like all your decorations, and these two frames are wonderful together.
    As for the question: I would like to know, where dou you store your books? I dream of a sort of library of my own, with srumptious vintage bookcases, but since we don’t have room for that, my books are on simple shelfs in our living room.
    Greetings from Germany

  39. joanne says:

    Hi Sarah.Have you ever sold any of your done up furniture?

  40. Donna says:

    OK Which Australian magazine? And is it out yet?
    Well done with your de-cluttering, you must be feeling quite virtuous!
    Isn’t it nice to have the cooler weather? Sooo nice to sleep with a doona again. And we’ll likely have more rain here soon- cyclone coming down the coast. Probs keep it cooler for a bit longer. But knowing Brissie, there’ll be another hot spell before Autumn gets a good look in.
    (It’s so nice to read a blog from Australia- where I don’t have to explain my ‘turns of phrase’!)
    PS I may have missed it but what happened with your Dell?

  41. Cindy says:

    Hi Sarah, the frame looks great! Please enter me in your giveaway! I have always wanted a cream or white colored sofa and am wondering how hard it is to keep it clean? Are you constantly washing? Don’t want to have to fuss on trying not to get it dirty! I too look forward to all the answers! Have a great week!:)

  42. Siggie says:

    Forget the 350, I’m wondering…How do you do it all?! I have amazing respect for how you put your ideas into action. The frame idea is great, it just works with those colors!

    It would be so interesting to read about your cottage in a mag. Even if I don’t win the giveaway, I’d order a backissue if that’s possible.

    Have a great week!

  43. Theresa N says:

    My question: when you’re cleaning out do you find most of the things being cleared out were those you never used?

  44. Kirsten says:

    OOOOOOhhhhhh i think i know which great aussie magazine that might be, my favourite! Cant wait to see the it.
    Love the frames, and the pebble grey. And kicking myself for living in Perth and not in your little city. It will be a garage sale terribly missed.

  45. Suzann says:

    Well that is mighty cute!!! (the frame)
    I am gearing up to weed out more “stuff” around here too.
    UGH. LOL

  46. Frau Mayer says:

    Right. A question. Have you ever tried ordering something from the Universe? If yes – did it work out?
    As for me, I’d like to order a victory in this giveaway, please, as I am probably the most passionate non-Australian reader of Australian mags in the world!

  47. Tovah says:

    Ooohh, I like the new picture. The frame within the frame is something I’ll have to ponder–it would look cool in my house too:)

    So do we get to see the desk? I’d like to see what kind of twist you put on it.

    And another question–how is the beadboarding going in the kitchen? You said you were going to paint it but it was already white–and it was wallpaper–so what was the thinking behind painting it?

  48. Kelly says:

    Spring cleaning has hit me hard this year! I’ve been in my “new” home almost a year and just LOVE cleaning as though it was the day I moved in!

  49. Vintagefokus says:

    Question – Where the heck do you go treasure hunting? Markets, garage sales, ebay, op shops?

    I love love your house & decor!



  50. Julie-Ann says:

    No #favours rofl.
    I thought they were only reserved for Mr Beachcottage. The frames look stunning. And so does the magazine article:)

  51. Sharon Nickel says:

    Wow How ever are you going to answer all these questions..Love your frame… The colour is perfect and really works well.. I am running out of wall space but I too was looking at an empty frame but the idea of putting the picture in the middle is a great idea..
    My question. How did you decide where you were going to settle in Australia?

  52. GRACE GARLAND says:

    love, love, love this idea. so simple, so architectural. one of the reasons i love your blog is because you’re doing something i dream of doing. buying an old fixer upper on a beach somewhere. SO IF YOU HAD IT TO DO ALL OVER AGAIN, WOULD YOU STILL HAVE BOUGHT THE FIXER UPPER IN AUSTRALIA?

  53. Anita says:

    Love the frame. I’m on the hunt for some chunky frames myself to put around smaller ones to give them more of an impact.
    I see you enjoy the occasional beer ;) What is your beer of preference? Myself, I like a Corona with a lime.

  54. Janne says:

    Hi Sarah, just found your blog, it’s really inspiring me to finish my own little beach cottage. I live not too far away from you, so hopefully I’ll make it to your garage sale. My question is : What is your background pre-Australia, as far as your creative gifting goes? Did you work in interior design in the Uk?

  55. Mary says:

    Are you planning a trip home any year soon? If so, would you visit Devon? If so, I’d try to get home to see you! Of course I may just pop over to Sydney in the next year or so…….would be such fun to have a treasure hunting day in your neighborhood!

    Would love a chance to see the magazine article…and find a beachy treat at Anthro. Add my name please Sarah.

  56. Tammy from the River says:

    I LOVE your blog! Can’t afford my own beach getaway, but I’m living vicariously through your experience. Thanks!

    The starfish in frames is a winner, a true keeper. The texture and color of the outer frame so beautifully complement the starfish.

    Your decorating efforts always come across so successfully on your blog. Are you a natural, or do you occasionally end up with a “dud” for all of your efforts?

  57. Nicole says:

    LOVE the frame with the starfish…love starfish! Ok here is my question…I’m new to your blog as well as to refinishing pieces and I’m wondering if you ever get burned out? If so, how do you refuel and regain your motivation?

  58. Alisa D says:

    I just recently found your blog. So beautiful! My question is Where do you find a majority of your treasures? Thanks!

  59. Linda Jacobs says:

    Love the frame within a frame idea!

    What kind of a camera do you use?

  60. I LOVE your style. How do you have time to do all you do??

  61. Miss Sew & So says:

    OK…a question that my husband has asked for years of me…& maybe i just need a new answer to give him! & i think yours would work- or at least buy me a few more ‘junk hauling’ off the side of the road years!! hee hee….
    ‘why do we need all these chairs, tables, this china…and linen when we already have all of it, and it’s all working very well as it is?’..

    my question is- ‘what sarah do you answer to this question’ & i gather you may get it like me, when you are sctreeching ‘stop stop ‘ at a passing skip whilst on an outing with the family!

    Melissa- Miss Sew & So.

  62. Love your blog and your house. Do you have a favorite internet resource you can share? Texas is a long way from Australia but I would love to find some similar things. Thanks!

  63. Beth says:

    Yes, the frame looks great! Q – how did you decide/dare to use so much white in your home? I love it, but I am too scared to do it.

  64. Pamie G. says:

    Did you ever have pink, blue, orange, etc. in your home?

    I come to your blog daily for peace, quiet, tranquility. I am making my studio beachy and you give such inspiration! Pamie G.

  65. Melanie says:

    I’ve dreamed of going to Australia for the past 15 years. Any drawbacks to living there or to life on the beach or do you just love it?

  66. Vanessa says:

    Sarah! Tha is definitely a keeper! It is lovely, great color choice. My question is, How is it to live by the shore and whatch the seasons go by keeping your cottage surround by love and warmth?
    I do have a dream of living by the shore… hopefully it will come true! Hugs, Vanessa

  67. Lark says:

    I’ve been thinking about painting my old wooden patio furniture before summer rolls around here in Southern California and now considering that beautiful shade of gray!!!

  68. Hey, Sarah, I love the framed starfish & the empty frame around it. In fact, I just did this on a salon wall I’ve been working on. Yours is perfect!

    Thanks for joining the party. Which magazine were you in, did I miss it??

  69. Sam says:

    Several people have already asked this, but I’d love to know how you keep your regularly-used white linens white? I have a fairly new white pintuck duvet that I’ve love to keep crisp-looking.

  70. LibraryGirl62 says:

    Hey! Everybody already asked my questions…so I will just ask..How are you doing?

  71. Lee Hawkins says:

    OMG! I just discovered your blog yesterday and am so glad I did – what a ton of fabulous ideas! My question for you:

    Were you lucky enough to have a husband who already loved this decorating style or did you have to win him over?

    My own hubby thinks I’m quite insane but tolerates my bringing “junk” into the house.

  72. Elisabeth says:

    I have a question for you- a while ago you had a glassed in cabinet in a hallway, and I would love to see a picture of what you have in it!

  73. Jeannie says:

    Love it! Leave it!
    My little cottage is very colourful. My question is: Do you ever miss being surrounded by colour?

  74. Gayle Palmer says:

    Any future plans for a Beach Cottage Shop? You have such a keen eye for treasures and a wonderful way of refurbishing them. I would make a trip visit it! I’m on the next plane.

  75. Vicki K. says:

    Love how the wood grain shows on the pebble gray!

    How did you and Mr. BC meet?

  76. megs says:

    I would love to ask – what is your favorite travel destination? What other countries or places have you been to? I just read Eat, Pray, Love and it is making me want to visit so many places.

    Thanks for a chance at this lovely giveaway. :)

  77. Jill says:

    I think decluttering is great – keep doing it, and maybe have some more giveaways of the stuff you get rid of! I imagine all of your things – even the ones you no longer want around – would be welcome gifts to any of us, given your delectable taste!

  78. Martha says:

    My question for you is: How many “projects” do you typically do in a week?

  79. diane says:

    First of all, LOVE the double frame…my wheels are now turning on some ideas for my own castle. Secondly, Anthropology is my addiction…always dreamy. And now for the question…when I was in Melbourne several years back, I became quite hooked on some yummy chocolate/mint cookies that were an Australian original. Any idea of what these are called? I’d love to try and order some online!

  80. Shelle says:

    I love the frame within a frame and the pebble gray is perfect. What paint is that? I’d like to look it up and how I can utilize it.

    Here’s my question, how’d you learn to take pictures like that? I love them!

  81. Shilo says:

    Did you ever dream that following your heart would open so many doors for you?

  82. Merrie says:

    Well Kim beat me to the question, so I’ll ask this instead- Can we buy the magazine here in the US?
    If not then can it be ordered?

    The frame looks great!

  83. Jennifer says:

    Your photos always looks so lovely and fresh, but do you ever miss lots of colour in your home?

  84. Melinda says:

    Your picture looks great! I am also trying to clear out a few things around my house these days which leads me to my question for you: What do you do about sentimental items? Those are the hardest for me to part with…even when I have no place or use for them!

  85. patty says:

    Do you finf something good every time you treasure hunt? I never find good stuff. Especially at flea markets-they seem to be pure junk.

  86. Carol Harlow says:

    Ooh, what a great giveaway, so sweet of you! My question-
    What’s your favorite thing to bake?

  87. Lori says:

    I looove the grey and white! And the starfish are wonderful. I think someone already asked my question, do you have pictures of your last house (England)?

  88. Katrina says:

    Your blog is my absolute favorite! I don’t know how you’ll find time to answer all of these questions. What did you eat for breakfast?

  89. Eryn says:

    Where do you get most of your inspiration?
    Love the blog!

  90. Becca says:

    love the frames!
    my question is how do you keep all the white furniture clean? i can’t keep my tan couch clean to save my life. i have a beautiful antique white cover for it waiting in the wings, but i’m terrified to use it because of the dirt factor. lame, i know.

  91. becky up a hill says:

    What do you miss the most from your Homeland? Really enjoying your blog!

  92. chrissy says:

    question: do u have any sand dollars in your home? if so, have u put those in frames as well??

  93. fairmaiden says:

    Do you still own your home in England? Will you ever show us pics of it? I’d love to see your life there, as well.

    The starfish surrounded by frames looks great. The Grey newer frame really completes it. But I wanna see the new desk!!!! And what magazine is A Beach Cottage featured in? Cause if I don’t win, I want to buy it!

    ox~ Fairmaiden of Sea Cottage

  94. Lou Ann says:

    Love the beach cottage! Where does most of your inspiration come from? Your favorite websites?

  95. Grace says:

    Ooh, I wanna win! Love you decluttering post…I am doing that here too…just too much junk!

    Blessings, Grace

  96. Ange says:

    Hmm – just zipped over. Getting homesick for Aussie so your blog is the best second best I can get. Questions … yep – WHERE do you go for your treasures. When I left Aussie it was pretty hard to find em already. Must have a better look around next time I’m on the Sunshine Coast ;-)

  97. Katherine says:

    Love these colors!

    My question – Where do you get inspiration from? Do you come up with projects mainly from your own ideas or do you get inspiration elsewhere?


  98. Angie says:

    Gorgeous as always!

  99. Mim says:

    How often do you get back to England to see your family?

  100. Judy Yates says:

    Hey Sarah
    IMO it’s a keeper!

  101. Kristin says:

    Love Love Love your blog, your style, your cottage!! Thanks for your inspiration! When would you say you started going with the cottage theme?

  102. annie says:

    Yup!! Double hanging is almost always very, very good!!!
    Who could resist those beachy little starfish???

    A nice de-cluttering is good for the soul…
    My question to you is: Where in England were you born?

  103. kathy says:

    My question is….will we get to see the new desk for your boys soon? I have been on the hunt for desks for awhile and haven’t found anything, so need a little inspiration.


  104. Kim Klippel says:

    I love your blog and your casual, breezy writing style. I’m putting beadboard in my bathroom after seeing it in your kitchen.

    Do you almost always find treasures when you hunt or is it hit and miss? I don’t seem to have the luck you and others have at spotting the fabulous finds.

  105. Sally says:

    The picture turned out fab-u-lous my friend!!
    Love the frames!
    OH my…is that inspiration coming around the corner of my room???
    Why yes I think it is!!
    Gotta go and do a bit more gazing at your beautiful post!!
    Thank you dear friend for taking a really rough day and turning it into a smile!!


  106. Sally says:

    Oh my gosh….oh my golly…I was so taken by the beauty of your new artwork…I completely forgot the giveaway. Just so you know…I’m turning myself into a pretzel ago for luck. Fingers…toes…legs…arms are all crossed.
    Please oh please Sarah!! I would be in the Land of Bliss if I won. The Land of the beauty of the beach…..sunsets….sunrises…the beauty of the ocean!!!!


  107. Would love this giveaway!!
    Does your wardrobe reflect your decorating style?

  108. Jess says:

    half lurker, okay maybe…but i do comment occasionally, see? have been enjoying your blog the past couple of months or so.

    my question for you. where do you shop when you need something specific and fast??

  109. Did you like Batman as a child? Just wondered …*snicker*

    I love the gray frame around the picture…lovely!!

  110. Stephenie says:

    Just discovered your site and I love it. Here is my question. My home decorating style has changed. I am drawn toward more of a cottage feel these days and am trying to transform my home. Do you think chair rail and boxed trim fits into “cottage style?” Why or why not? Also – what would you say truly defines cottage style homes?

    Thanks so much! I can’t wait for your response!

  111. Megan says:

    I really like the grey frame. I like the contrast of the dark against the white wall and inside frame. I’m not sure I’ve seen this before in the beach cottage. Is this a “new direction” for you?

  112. Congrats on being featured in a magazine. Your home is perfect for beach lovers and everyone.

    Love the frames.



  113. Kathleen H in Indiana says:

    I love the pebble gray on the frame. Only wish I could get to your sale. My question: When do we get to see pictures of your garage and the outside of the marvelous cottage?

  114. Just hearing you’re clearing out makes me want to come on over and scoop up all your discards. I would be happy to take every little crumb of whatever you’re parting with! Hey, I do love the frame, that bold bit of color makes a big impact. Nice job as always.

  115. Kay says:

    I may have to evolve and grow a little more before I am able to declutter so am enjoying the vicarious experience of watching you first! My question is similar to Terri’s.. If you weren’t able to, or got tired of your beachy white style.. what other style and colours might you be tempted to have a fling with?

  116. Melissa says:

    I love your home and have subscribed to the blog by email so I don’t miss a thing-would love to get my hands on that Australian mag!

  117. Pearl Maple says:

    Do like the frame with in a frame and the choice of colours are so very beachy.

    You share so much with us already, what about your wish list for future treasure hunts or the oddest purchase that you now wish you didn’t.

  118. Fiona Jensen says:

    Hi Sarah, I know what its like to declutter.Our last two house moves I became ruthless and only took what I really wanted. Anything less was put out on the verge and was snapped up pretty quickly.
    As for the question, Im wondering how much time you have to put into starting a blog and how to get the best pics? Fiona

  119. Nicole says:

    I would love to live near water – any water, but I don’t. What would you suggest I do to get a “beach” feel in a room or two? A corner would do, really. :)

  120. tiffanymro@comcast.net says:

    hey!! So we are moving this JUNE! I cant wait to set everything up and send you some pics :)

    If you get a second, go to this link and vote for me to win a dream wedding from a local radio station here in Maryland :)

    GO TO:


    or http://www.wpoc.com and click or dream weddings, then click on our picture shown above title TIFFANY AND JASON

  121. Cindy Smith says:

    Love the frame…how did you attach the white frame in the pebble grey one?


  122. Nell says:

    I love your blog. Its the first one I check each day.
    I’m wondering what made you decide to pick up and move to Australia.

  123. Erika says:

    If you could live by any Ocean/beach in the world, if money were no object, where would you choose? and why?
    I know 2 question but they tie in together.

  124. The Moerks says:

    Love the pebble grey. How did you come up with the idea? It’s “out there” but works fantastically!