Beach Cottage Bead Boarding & Old Vintage Finds

Mon 1st, Feb, 2010

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You see that beadboarding?  It’s not Skye is it?  It’s not even Castle Grey.

You know what?

Its right on Dulux White on White.

Sorry if I wasted your time, especially all those who left Lurkdom to let me know what they thought.

You see, I blame it all on Tricia my lovely friend from Coastal Cushions who visited me here on the beaches and later sent me some inspiring shots of beading and then I settled down the other day with an old copy of Coastal Living (kindly sent to me courtesy of them, here, every month) and was taken in by a lovely old cottage in New York with beading and white everywhere.

And I lusted after those photos, and looked at my faux panels from the trip to Bunnings and our cock-eyed attempts at getting it on the wall.

And then I looked back at the photos and back at the slices of grey on the walls.

And I hastily opened that tin of White on White, breathed in its heavy aroma of pure, white indulgence, dived on in and started painting….


Here I am then, three coats later and it still is not finished.  It’s been a long time since I’ve had to do more than two coats on anything.  You see it’s always best to take one’s own advice and use Zinsser Primer, one’s tried and tested formula to get things done well and quickly.  But intoxicated by the white I really was too impatient to go out and get it (such a long walk down to the garage) 

After these three coats I wasn’t sure again.  Perhaps yes the Silver Skye with a dollop of white…and so I decided to preview the look I love…old vintage furniture with a faded patina money certainly cannot buy, against a backdrop of white, a hint of coastal, a hint of an old wood clad Queenslander

As I grabbed the old chair and a vintage treasure, recently found, that was lying around, a small stylist happened to be passing by, “I think you need this there” he proclaimed and set the small candle beside that green bottle.  

,,,you know, it’s a funny old life, ‘cos this little guy is often the one that sets the table round here, and if you remember the day the Beach Cottage Witch had a hissy fit and flew off on her broomstick, he was the one in charge of tablescaping

…and he’ll often make me a little vignette and say “whaddya think of that mummy?” and I have to swallow cos I think, he’s the most unlikely character for this but, gawd, h e l l o, that matey is pretty sweet… yesterday I said you know what you’ve got the eye little man, he poohed poohed all such ideas dismissively, eyed me suspiciously and said

“Mum, don’t be ridiculous, you won’t find me wearing a handbag”  

and swiftly left the scene pretty much as quickly as he arrived…

and yes I know where he go the handbag comment from re styling and sugar I nearly peed my pants


…and I think I got it right…yeah I’m telling you I am loving that white…

I need another trip to Bunnings to think about what goes on top…first of all I wanted nothing thinking it would be better suited to my taste left plain and sorta flat, now seeing as I change my mind almost hourly I have decided I want a complete turnaround, more boat-deck-inspired wood around this place and will be searching out the chunkiest, but plainest thing I can find…that I’m sure will be an escapade not for the light of heart…


and so it’s over and out from the Beaches…all is well, it’s Sunday so we are having a roast, think I’ll probably do it on the barbie, I’m just about to start on a list of jobs for that Beach Cottage Crew when they come back from the beach before I self-combust in this place…do you think I could get away with these Pink Jobs on the Boys’ Blue List??

1.  clean oven   2. iron bedding (yep it’s a strange English thing)  3. clean out fridge

Or shall I just put…trip to Bunnings for FLOOR to CEILING bead board for the Sitting Room??


heehee, my life is just SO out there…


catch ya later Beach Chicks


find more Beach Cottage Dining Room musings here, and my tablescaping adventures here


vintage chair :  garage sale 

old tool box : treasure hunting 

white rug :  IKEA

candles & pot: IKEA

white pillar candle :  Freedom

vintage bottle : Vinnies

scruffy old shorts with boy dirt : priceless

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74 Responses to “Beach Cottage Bead Boarding & Old Vintage Finds”

  1. Kimberly Knoess says:

    Even though I didn’t vote for white, I am honestly relieved that I can still count on looking at your beautiful white interiors!

    The last picture with the two little feet is my favorite of the day……….

  2. Sam says:

    ha ha – a set of scruffy shorts with boy dirt on them is most definitely priceless!!! (and that green in the vase does go oh so well against the white!)

  3. Sandy says:

    Sarah the moulding on the wall looks fabulous and was so glad you went with white. Have a great day Sandy

  4. Tina says:

    Hi Sarah – Loving the beadboard, it looks fantastic!! Yay to your little guy – I can see a whole interior design line with his name on it in the future :) Fabulous pics – love your treasures against the backdrop of the white:) Have a lovely day – Tina x

  5. Lori says:

    Your beadboard looks great in white! And I am drooling over the perfect chippy chair, the green bottle and the tool box. Yum. I was looking through your recent post (last day of holidays, I think) with the gorgeous beach/surf photos. Daydreaming because we just got 14 inches of snow this weekend and we spent all day shoveling out the driveway. That hot Aussie sun would feel so good on my aching muscles right now!

  6. Judy says:

    It looks fabulous, although we’ve all come to expect nothing less than that from you!

  7. Kat says:

    I love the white and that chair…oh my it’s the perfect color! I also think your “personal” stylist has quite a future…maybe he’ll do architecture?!

    I would love to sleep on ironed sheets, too bad I’m just too lazy to iron my own…do you have a room available? ;)

    Kat :)

  8. You’ve made me want a White on White laundry room. But as it’s the middle of Winter here, I’m not sure I’m up to it just yet!

    Thanks so much for the inspiration.

  9. Rachael says:

    f’abulous blog!!! like the great beachy decor but more than that love your writing style! A crack up!!! Rachael from over the road…..well over the sea really….!!!

  10. Kathleen H of Indiana says:

    Hello Sarah! I knew it would be your fav color white, which it should! So glad you are happy with the beadboard. I think it looks fabulous. Hold your kiddos close, they are priceless and grow up so fast!
    Kathleen H

  11. Alison Gibbs says:

    Sarah looks fabulous – the little man did a great job too

  12. beth says:

    I am SO glad that you decided to go with the white. It’s perfect! :)

  13. Jackie says:

    The white looks fabulous Sarah! I love the rug from Ikea also….I love that store. I have one 12 1/2 mins away from me!!!

  14. Gina says:

    Luvin’ the beadboard!! I ran across a blog today that I thought you might like….it’s called Dreamy Whites http://www.dreamywhites.blogspot.com It reminded me of you…

  15. Loribeth says:

    I’m glad you went with white.

  16. Ginger says:

    Love love love it. It’s so Sarah & that’s what it’s about…your house bein you. I can’t blame ya though, going with the white….I have it in my bathroom and it’s one of my favorite rooms ever!

  17. Love it white. White is my new favorite color. And despite the fact that I cannot even believe I’m saying that, it is absolutely true.

  18. Allison says:

    Love the white. Your pictures are wonderful. Great looking chair.

  19. Aimee says:

    I love your Blog! Great photos and inspirations…

    Have a great week,

  20. Krista says:

    You have definitly convinced me to try this in my dinning room! I love how yours turned out.

  21. donna says:

    YEA, you stayed true to you!!!! I live how it turned out and I love that priceless child of yours! Not to mention he was spot on. Too cute

  22. donna says:

    Ha I Love how it turned out yea thats what I meant!

  23. Kirsten says:

    HAHA WHITE…… you crack me up. Well thats why we come here hey. To see all your fab treasures in all there white glory, the beading wouldnt have been the same if it were any other color. Great job. :)

  24. Jo says:

    So glad you went with the white, even tho I voted for the Skye. And forget about the work – floor to ceiling beading is the way to go. Your little man could team up with my Ruby. If I put something in her room, she’s bound to re-arrange it ‘just so’.
    Jo x

  25. Michelle says:

    Love it! Knew white would look great . Love the photos of your boys legs , gorgeous !

  26. debbie says:

    Yep, white it is. Looks great. Love the chair!

  27. Bev says:

    White was right !!! People ask me what my favorite color and I say white. They think I’m nuts ! Love the last picture…. priceless :-)

  28. Jennifer says:

    I think it looks great, and how wonderful that you have such a great little helper.

  29. I am loving your wainscotting, beadbord thing! And so glad you went with white, reassuring in a way. What would the world come too if you switched to grey. No let’s keep it wonderful white!
    And congrats on your little helper, a chip from the old block, that’s for sure.
    Love, Marianne

  30. Tricia Rose says:

    You are so funny! Flirting with grey, then back to the arms of your true love white so fast your head must spin…

    Love the kid – what a character!

  31. Kim Michael says:

    Mrs Sarah~ Fantasticly Fabulous My Love.Just Smackin!

  32. Alicia says:

    Hey there Sarah! How did you go with the roast? I dont think I have ever ironed my bedlinen and I am from an English family, maybe I should give it a go! Anyway wanted to share an idea on what to put above the bead boarding. We have the bboarding here throughout a lot of the house and I had a brain wave the other day whilst going through my junk pile out back (and avoiding snakes!) I found some long lengths of old pressed tin cornice which is super chippy white and rather lovely. Not sure if i will have enough to do the job but thought it would make a fabulous border above the bead bording ~ even just for the dining room. I do know you can buy repro pressed tin these days so might be worth checking out :0)
    time worn style

  33. Erika says:

    Hi Sarah…the white is beautiful! on the second thought (my message to you the other day) I don’t even think it would have been YOU if you used gray or any other color for that matter haha.
    Oh, you must have so much “giggle” time with Little Mr. BC around, I know I would! :o) Priceless is right!
    Hugs, Erika

    ps. we also iron bedding over here. My mom was obsessing about it all through my childhood so now even though I would love to escape the trouble, I cannot. Too late for that, I’ve been contaminated :o)

  34. Hi Sarah, I do love your white beadboard, but most of all I love your little stilist; he is sooooo cute ;-)
    Enjoy your Monday.


  35. Of course it all looks great Sarah, but I love the photo of your littlest BC the best. Denim definitely goes well with beach cottage white.
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne

  36. wendy in the Land of The Long White Cloud.....NZ says:

    Hmmmmm i was just thinking could you have thrown in the picture outta that magazine just so we could compare and tell you if you;ve got it right!!!! i wonder????? i am sure you have but hmmmm i like a look at that picture which inspired you……
    Above all watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you, because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don;t believe in magic will never find it!!!!

  37. Brismod says:

    It looks so good. The plainest of the plain wainscoting will complete the look…but you could get away without it with the white on white palette. I’m looking forward to seeing what it will look like if you do decide to add it.

  38. Cindy says:

    Very nice!! I love the last photo…I love little children’s feet and hands… :)

  39. Daphne says:

    I am not at all shocked you stayed with white. I just couldnt see you going even with a hint of colour even though i had hoped you would…but its your beach cottage and im just envious its not mine, thats all…soooo hanging for my sun room to hurry up as mr husband knows its going to be my beach retreat-shack-room etc
    When people ask why we are doing it he replies JUST so the wife can get her beach room he he he…well one reason among about 3 others LOL.
    JOB WELL DONE to you and your clever boy :)

  40. Lorraine says:

    Your posts are just the pick me up I need at the moment Sarah. It is looking great.

  41. Kammy says:

    Hi Sarah !
    Great photo shoot ! Love the beadboard and your finds – toes are the bonus !

  42. Megan says:

    How funny (or maybe not) that you picked white. I use to do that with beige–until my adult daughter said enough!! Now I have a very (for me) colorful little beach house. How nice the litte Mr. Beach Cottage is helping. Hope you are enjoying your beach weather — we are cold and dreary here in FL.

  43. Sngbrd1997 says:

    love the last pic…indeed it is priceless : )


  44. Linda Jacobs says:

    You know, the white looks great!

    Love the pics with your little guy in them!

  45. Hi Sarah, Love the beading and the styling with the boy dirt…:) Just wanted to know though, did you do anything to the floor (yes i saw the ikea rug) as its looks white too?

  46. Tovah says:

    That last picture with your little boy–so amazing. The beadboard looks good! Maybe give it a pop of gray with the trim on top? I’m sure whatever you do will look great.

  47. Jeannie says:

    That candle just makes the whole thing work. The kid has a good eye. My 26 year old son was the same way as a child and I found myself asking his opinion more and more frequently.

    Re: the top molding. You can get those wallpaper borders that are plain white and embossed with shapes…maybe you can find it with shells embossed….or glue your own star fishes to one.

  48. Bella Casa says:

    Well, Sarah, I have to admit…the white is you. Look how well that vignette shows off against your beaded board wall. I mean you could get that look with those pieces if the wall was anything but white. However, painting is great therapy so we can change our mind at any time…or not.


  49. kathi says:

    oooh, i love that last photo. love my boys in their denim with holes.
    LOVE the bead board WHITE! and that chair is the perfect color and perfect chippy-ness. funny too that you mentioned your son setting the table/making the tablescape….i’ve got a blog post about that this week…stay tuned.

  50. Shar Yates says:

    I still have my boy’s denim overalls (toddler sized) and he is 39 yrs old!

    Love the white beading, looks wonderful. A question, water based or oil based paint? Which did you use?

    Loving all the white!

  51. once again you never cease to amaze me! LOVE the beadboard and cant wait to see what you add to the top. You truly have turned me into a lover of all white! and you do it with children at HOME!! WOW!! I have 3 all under the age of 7 and let me tell you my house is a nice shade of dirt :-)

  52. Scruffy shorts boy is the BEST! (even without his handbag)
    Great photo too—isn’t it amazing what white can do?? Of course it doesn’t hurt that you have that glowing sun, sand, water thing going on with it!!

  53. Debra says:

    Ironed sheets are the best!!! My darling hubby does it for us and I love him so much because he does it with such love. Your bead board turned out great, even though I was hoping for the darker color, and your little one is a peach!!!

  54. rachel says:

    I LOVE it, Sarah…and I ADORE the vintage chair! The color and chippiness is simply perfect. ;) Lovely vignette as well.


  55. Hi Sarah

    It looks fabulous, glad you went with the white, will you paint your molding you’re using above the paneling, white too?

    Good to see your little apprentice hard at work!

    Gail xo

  56. DeAna says:

    LOVE the chair! Love the bead board, the white, and that too cute overalled little boy.

  57. Melinda says:

    The beadboard is perfect in white (of course!) as is the partial picture of your little stylist in training – just too cute!

  58. Denise says:

    Sarah, good for you for trusting your instincts and going with the color that felt right to you. As I sat back (okay lurked);)and looked at the color choices you presented, I hoped you would go with white. I have always loved white beadboard in coastal decorating.

    Your little stylist has learned a lot from you, and he’s certainly developing an eye for decorating. You’re teaching him to see things in a whole new way. :)

  59. Sally says:

    Another fabulous post Sarah!! Any chance you’ll be in Arizona and help me with my sweet home??? You inspire me each time I get one of your updates in my emails. LOVE THEM!! And I must admit I sure do look forward to them. Love the green chair. Love the chest and what a neat idea to put white candles in a bucket like you did. Might have to steal that idea!! Wish I had a blog but your’s makes my day!! :) One of these days I’ll try my hand at it. I’d want it to be just like yours!!! :)


  60. Sally says:

    Forgot to mention I love the beadboard. I’m going to have to sweet talk the DH and see if he will do something similar for me!!!


  61. fairmaiden says:

    Y i P p E e!!!!! White on white…my favorite girl! and it looks like straight out of a Coastal or Cottage Living mag. So you did it! You did it!!!! That chair, Oh my, lovin it.

  62. jill says:

    I love it and happy you went with the white! It is perfect!

  63. *Alex* says:

    I love the green in front of the white. Two of my fave colors. It looks perfect! :)

  64. The beadboard is great…yeah of course it is…but that photo of your son moving and placing the candle…I LOVE it!!!! It’s a beautiful photo!!! (Did I mention I come for the images as much as the content??? LOL) You should frame a series of those leg photos…in white frames of course!!

    OK..I also agree that you should put something on the top of the beadboard…soft butter leather boots might look good …ROTF!!! (Sorry everyone else…thats a inside twitter joke)

  65. cindy says:

    The white is great. Am so thinking of painting things white ’round here! I iron my sheets too. And I’ve only been doing it for a year….takes me back to simpler kinder times….slows me down…puts me in the moment.

  66. Lark says:


  67. katie says:

    i too am glad you went w/ white, sarah! (i doubt you’ll read this…how can you read 66+ comments each day?) i was a tad worried that you’d start flirting w/ other colors…and i’ve come to depend on your white! and here i’ve fallen in love w/ it and have painted most all my frames, dabbled in whitewashing (w/ little success so far…was using glossy paint..ugh..have since bought flat for that purpose but haven’t tried it yet)
    You get so much done! you are amazing! everything looks spectacular!!! =) God bless!

  68. Denise says:

    Beautiful posts..Help trying to rehab my decor…any ideas for pine paneling in 1950′s beach cottage..dark I cannot paint am a renter…pleaded with landlords a gazillion times no painting ugh!

  69. megs says:


  70. Mel says:

    I’d rather buy a new oven than clean it ;)

    The boarding looks brilliant, and hey it’s your house so you do what you want! There’s nothing to say you won’t decide to change it a year or two down the line anyway if you fancy something different :)

    Mel xxx

  71. Sarah S-B says:

    The white is definately a hit! good on you for trying something different first though – but as you say nothing beats white in white!!! have you seen the whiteport.com.au website? they have regular sales :)

  72. Julie-Ann says:

    You are so funny. We all knew you would do white lol. And it looks stunning – congrats. Your little one sounds so gorgeous.

  73. Kristin says:

    absolutly stunning, thank you for sharing!