Coastal Living Giveaway, Surfer Dudes & Life By the Sea

Tue 9th, Feb, 2010

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G’day sweet bloggers, how’s it cooking out there?  A beautiful Aussie day here…in fact I’ve had a lovely day all around, started with a coffee with lg, then a run on the beach, then a sit staring out to sea watching the surfer dudes, phew, home and painting things white…simple pleasures.

Oh and a good old disect of Coastal Living magazine, what is a day without a little bit of magazine delving huh?


Just as I spend too much time at home lost in magazines, I often stuff one in my basket to take to the beach…today I took the January issue of Coastal Living to ogle the New York cottage that I told you about that is fueling my bead board obsession.

I love to look at the homes featured in this magazine…though I am not a designer…goodness…or even a trained decorator…but I know what I want to look at when I open a magazine or book.  I want escapism, but not too much, inspiration, but not outta reach and eye candy, but not too precious…

But, for sure though, I don’t want a magazine that fills me with dread and panic and longing for someone else’s perfect…you know those stylist’s spreads where you jaw drops to the floor at a sofa, or lamp, blimey you are hook line and sinker and then you look to the stockists and realise that oh-my-golly-gosh that one lamp is a month’s worth of beans-on-toast-for-dinner for the kids…

I want a magazine to inspire me to try something that might not be too demanding but also just has the right amount of magic to get my backside out into the garage to paint something new or off to the nearest DIY shop to come home with a a roof load of bead board.  Do you know what I mean?

And in Coastal Living I get all those feelings in features like this

love the white, the roof, the lanterns…


love the quilt, the lamps, the frames


love the tub, the floor, the window


love just about all of this…sigh


love the fans, the rocker and the stripes


Now, it seems I am not alone in either my magazine-habit (find more on that here) or my love of Coastal Living…and so I thought well how about we have a giveaway with a coastal feel?  Kinda topical ’round this here blog.

201002-Surfer-Dudes-08 201002-Surfer-Dudes-09

And so lovelies, that is how I’ll say adieu this evening at the Beach Cottage, with a Giveaway, a copy of Coastal Living tucked under my arm, a paint brush up my sleeve, a cold beer in my hand, the wonderful Australian sun going down and dreaming about bead boarding, outdoor porches, and mosquito nets…

See you next time, there are more photos of my morning here


if you’re stuck for a comment you can always lemme know what you think of surfer dudes…

201002-Surfer-Dudes-10 201002-Surfer-Dudes-11

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153 Responses to “Coastal Living Giveaway, Surfer Dudes & Life By the Sea”

  1. Blythe says:

    I have my own surfer dude but am always prepared to “observe” more if need be. OK?!!

  2. Jn says:

    It looks idyllic, what a wonderful place to live, and you do take time to enjoy it, which always reminds me that we can ignore all the chores and head for the beach.

  3. Julienne says:

    Coastal living is my kinda magazine….though I do love drop dead beautiful Veranda even though I know I could not afford anything but the flowers in it…and even then perhaps I couldn’t….and I think the surfer dudes are just grand! I do love your blog

  4. Well Sarah, no surfer dudes over here, it’s below zero, brrrrrr! Too cold.
    What a place for you to life in; shouldn’t there be another cute cottage for us, I would love to spent a day at the beach, do some white painting and drink a beer too hahaha!
    Life is great, enjoy it.


  5. Melissa says:

    The magazine sounds great. Love the pictures you posted. So inspiring…
    I love sitting on the beach with an inspiring magazine…

  6. What a great giveaway! I’m definitely in! And the surf dudes look super hot!! ;)

    I’m hosting an ecological home spa giveaway as well this week! :D

  7. donna says:

    I want it all, the mag and the surfer too! All eye candy that’s for sure! I love the way the blue sky looks at home with the white in the outdoor deck pic! I was thinking of doing that in my bedroom ( painting the ceiling that is ). Not sure tho how long it would last. It would have to be the right shade, really light.So so pretty.Thanks Sarah for bringing the summer here just woke up to the news and another snow ” Warning”…. Yea!

  8. Floss says:

    I like what you look for in a magazine – I personally look for colour too (I know you don’t in the same way!) and that’s why I find French magazines a bit ‘samey’ at times. Just too darn’ tasteful. Give me a bit of German or Portugese colour any day! And we Brits don’t do too badly for colour ourselves. I think this colour craving is winter-related. In the summer I am OK with pale things.

  9. Tina says:

    Hi Sarah ~ great post! What a lovely giveaway and it sounds like you have had a lovely day :) Can’t wait to see what else you have been painting! Enjoy your magazine, your beer, that sunset and sweet dreams! ~Tina x

  10. Jojo says:

    I do love coastal living and have given subscriptions to family and friends. The magazine is a bit like a vacation, especial during our winter. In fact I was distracted by your beach pictures. We are so sick of cold and rain!! Thanks for the “vacation.”

  11. On a morning where I am rudely disturbed in my wonderful state of slumber by an idiot neighbor armed with a noisy snowblower (at 5 a.m. I might add) and looking out the window to a blanket of white, your blog and Coastal Living make my morning warm and wonderful.

  12. Bec says:

    I can’t decide what looks more inviting, the water or the places to sit and relax!

  13. Amanda says:

    Oh i love the look of this Mag, although i am a mag. addict i have never read this one, it looks just my cup of tea, thanks for the opportunity Sarah, Amanda

  14. Pamie G. says:

    Sarah, growing up in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA and now living in the Hill Country of Texas, I long for the ocean breeze, the beautiful sand between my toes and a relaxing day with Coastal Living on the beach. My studio is just finished and I officially named it my “Beach Cottage”, colors of blues and tans and photos of the beach reside in this Hill Country location. Coastal Living would be a reminder of my childhood and ideas to keep that childhood beach scene going in my new cottage! Have a great day! Pamie G.

  15. louise says:

    Love your blog (just discovered it), love the beach,inspired to create the look in suburban Brissie, the mag sounds exactly what I need. Thanks for the inspiration Sarah.

  16. Nancy says:

    With a foot of snow expected tomorrow, I think I may just keep your post open and enjoy your view!

  17. Mel says:

    Oh wow that magazine looks WONDERFUL. I did not even know you could get it here. I would love, love it. Yes have my own surfer too but he gets up way too early for me to observe much of what goes on! Mel xxx

  18. Beth Miller says:

    Oh to be there instead of cold snowey Columbus Ohio! I will be dreaming of surfer dudes and warm sand between my toes!

  19. Ginger says:

    The pictures are gorgeous as usual. I would love to win. I have not had luck finding that mag on the stands here in the Midwest (stateside). I know I would be in love.
    Surfer dude is really easy on the eyes.
    Beautiful chunk of the world you live in down there.

  20. jb says:

    Sarah, love your gorgeous blog and stunning pics!! My teeny, tiny beach shack has had a few small refreshes this week, inspired by your enthiusiasm and lovely results. Thanks…

    It was such a beautiful Aussie Day today wasn’t it! I threw the jobs out the window and opted for early morning coffee overlooking sparkling Pittwater (complete with a rainbow), followed by the hilarity of watching my 4yo and his two little buddies chasing and digging for soldier crabs at low tide. Life doesn’t get much better!

  21. Kirsty says:

    I know exactly where you’re coming from! I skip over the prestine and too posh stuff in magazines – I probably only like about a quarter of it, but sometimes I’ll find a little gem that is perfect for me! x

  22. Margaret says:

    I only recently found your blog, how I wish I had found it earlier. Love those pics, they have definitely made me decide to paint my verandah beams, as those look awesome, (maybe not the green). Can never get enough of surfer dudes, even better in real life, luckily there isn’t a shortage on Queensland beaches.

  23. Lisa B. says:

    Coastal Living, like your blog, brings some sunshine into the dreary February days here in Louisiana. Thanks for the sunshine!!!

  24. Christy says:

    I love coastal living one of my fave mags! I love all the beachy pics, stuck home in the snow!!

  25. Katie says:

    Way back as a single college gal, I used to go to San Diego for vacation with my mom. Loved sitting on the beach on Coronado Island under the towers of the magnificent Coronado Hotel recalling the history of Kennedy and Marylin Mondroe’s trists there and that each room is unique. I loved the dog park right next door and enjoyed watching the dogs bound into the surf with such abandon. One great draw of this particular beach is the Navy Seals train there. Yeah, my on beach dudes. The last time I went was when I was engaged six years ago. I told my hubby I was enjoying watching the seals swim in the water. He wanted pictures ’cause that sounded cool. Yeah, until he eventually figured out what I meant. LOL I will mention this post on my blog and facebook today. Does that count as three points. I’m a Coastal Living junkie myself. :)

  26. bj says:

    Hi, Sarah girl…I haven’t been over in awhile..so busy doing grandmother things..:)
    Things look fine over here so guess you are doing good. Hope all the family is well, too.
    I love all the whites you showed us today…
    Come over to see me when you can..
    xo bj

  27. Kerry Martin says:

    As a magazine junky, I sooo understand. But here in landlocked Canberra, the only ‘Coastal Living’ is vicariously! I love your blog and all the inspiration you provide, even for my townhouse that’s a long way from the beach.

  28. Jackie says:

    Sarah, have you seen the movie The Holiday? With Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz? Want to switch lives like they did? Except… like… permanently? I’ll keep your sweet little cottage company, and you can come freeze your ass off in dreary Western New York!

    Honestly, every time you make a post, I scroll through it thinking, “I want that life. I want that. I want this. I want that room. I want that beach!!!”

  29. Lori says:

    Ahh, everytime I look at your blog it transports me to warmth and sunshine, especially when I look out my window and see snow coming down. I love the beach, but get there only every couple of years since I live in a very land-locked state.

  30. What I would do for some warm weather right now… especially with yet another storm barreling our way. I love your blog – it brightens my day!

  31. sam says:

    As we just received notice that we have another snow day today, I would love to be down by the beach about now. Coastal Living would be a lovely way to go to the beach without leaving the house.

  32. Tamela says:

    Love Coastal Living and pretty much anything coastal! Great giveaway!

  33. Scribbler says:

    The scenery is breathtaking, and I don’t just mean the ocean! I am lobbying hard for a trip to Australia, but it will be a while yet. I love the Frenchy looking piece you showed a few days ago — hope to see it again when it is white.


  34. Linda Jacobs says:

    My kids are paraphrasing Othello; the woods outside my window are gray, gray, and gray. But, I’m in Australia at the beach, enjoying the view! Love it! Thanks!

  35. Melissa says:

    Perfection-the only word I can think of to describe ALL of it! ;)

  36. city girl says:

    What a fantastic blue ocean to sit,gaze,relax and watch surfer dudes.I bet the sky was a beautiful blue too!Very different to our grey overcast,winter skies in a city very far from the sea.Enjoy it all you lucky thing, you!

  37. Jo says:

    I’m happy to oggle pics of surfer dudes, just not the really old surfer dudes in DTs :)

  38. Janice Bruinsma says:

    I love Coastal Living! Please enter me! I totally agree that I much prefer to look at inspiration that I can actually use. That is why I love the beach cottage look so much, it is relatively easy to attain a cohesive look on a budget…just add white paint! Also, we are expecting a snow storm here so it is nice to dream about summer and beaches!

  39. kathi says:

    oh miss sarah, your photos today are beautiful! covered under yet another small dusting of snow here in the midwest, i am longing for those warm summer days. LOVE coastal living magazine…what a great giveaway!

  40. Catherine says:

    Sitting here in my home surrounded by several inches of fluffy white snow, I’m dreaming of Coastal Living!

  41. Pam says:

    I sit and dream of the places in the magazine too! It’s cold here in Kansas and I always pull out Coastal Living to warm me up!

  42. Maureen says:

    The Sunshine, the Beach the water the Guy.
    What more could you want.
    BEAUTY it is.

  43. miss_k_p says:

    Thank you for the lovely description and photos of a warm summer day. Sure needed that this morning…snowing, blowing and COLD here. Oh, and the surfer dudes? BONUS!!!!!!

  44. I LOVE my Coastal Living mag.-I get transported every time it comes in the mail. I LOVE your beach pictures-ahhh. Its 30 degrees & cloudy here so when I pulled up your pictures it was like a mini vacation! great photo skilz too girl!! Your blog in like a magazine to me too- I disect every bit of it. Thanks for sharing!

  45. Teresa says:

    Love,love, love Coastal Living. If I could move my whole family to the beach, I would in a heartbeat even though I love the snow we are having right now. Beach comes first.


  46. Jennifer says:

    It looks like a fantastic magazine, and I just adore your bag, it’s gorgeous. I have been keeping my eye out for one like it and am just not having much luck.

  47. Kathy says:

    LOVE your blog and the surfer dudes aren’t too shabby, either! Can I come stay with you for awhile?? I’ll even do the dishes and laundry.
    Sorry about that Dell. Yuck! If you really get stuck for info on it, my husband does data recovery and he knows a guy who does it there in Australia, too. Good luck!

  48. Jill says:

    A giveaway on your site is like delicious icing on an already fabulous cake. Discovered your blog about a week ago and have been slowly making my through your posts – slowly because I’m trying to stretch it out and enjoy it for as long as possible!
    A beach girl at heart, I recently moved from the city to the coast, to be with the love of my life, who conveniently has a little sea shanty. (currently trying to talk him into some room makeovers, Beach Cottage style, with lots of white!) Your blog has given me tons of ideas and has been a most enjoyable way to spend a lot of my time.

  49. Suzanne says:

    Love the surfer dudes. :)

    Because of your blog, which I shared with my husband, he did some research and even found a job he’d like in Adelaide. It made me laugh, because we live in the States, in Idaho, and we could never leave all of our family, even for a place with perfect weather.

  50. Victoria says:

    Thanks for the sunshine! I love the colors especially the blues of the water! With your inspiration, I too am getting out the white paint! Here in Florida we don’t have the snow, but it is cold and wet and the Aussie sun beckons!

  51. Sarah M. says:

    Those rooms are beautiful!! I am jealous that you are at the beach…we have 4 inches of snow on the ground!!

  52. I’m a big fan of Coastal Living magazine, and have taken many decorating inspiration ideas from their pages. Nothing like flipping through an issue to make you want to head for the nearest body of water.

  53. DesignTies says:

    As if I didn’t want to live by the beach before, now you’ve got me wanting to move this very minute!! :-)

    Beautiful pics — love the blue & white ceiling in the bathroom.

    We’re having a giveaway on our blog too — no surfer dudes involved, but you should come by and check it out anyway :-)


  54. Stephanie S says:

    Love the pictures you posted!

  55. Jennifer says:

    Mmmm I love the colored ceilings too…what beautiful pictures! I’d actually love a subscription; that’s one mag I haven’t gotten yet, although I love to flip through it at the bookstore and dream!
    Have a wonderful day!

  56. Jenna says:

    Looking to redecorate my own coastal cottage/farmhouse, so Coastal Living would be a huge help!

  57. I love Coastal Living! Those photos are absolutely gorgeous.

  58. Sherri S. says:

    Yes, please! I would love a subscription to Coastal Living…please enter me!
    Yes, please! I would love to be able to live the live that you are living! Is there a cottage nearby that needs some TLC? Sign me up for that, too, please! ;)

  59. Liz says:

    What a dreamy post! thanks for sharing :)

  60. annie says:

    As if the sun, surf, and sand aren’t enough—-there are the surfer dudes—talk about icing on the cake!!!
    When we sell the farm, I’m thinking I’d like to move
    down under….and not because of those dudes…..they would just be a little bonus.

  61. mary e says:

    Thanks Sarah. . . .Coastal Living definitely has some “eye candy” in its pages.

  62. sheri howard says:

    Coastal Living could give all of us in the Northern Hemisphere a large dose of cheer! I love how blue your water is….so soothing! Thanks for the great photos!

  63. Frau Mayer says:

    Aaargh! Am I ever going to win something? I’m not even living at the coast *loads of whining*

  64. Morning T says:

    Hi Sarah- Please throw my name in the hat for this fab giveaway!

  65. Hello, Love the look and feel of your blog and the way you write. Our Canadian daughter married to an Aussie, now living in Sri Lanka would of loved your blog and I will send your URL to her to look at…Make us want to come to your beautiful country! I have the same problem as faced by many of my friends, how do we keep,store, or recycle our personal favorite magazines to make room for the new ones!!!A problem indeed!. Thanks for sharing your ideas

  66. Nan says:

    Love the coastal look and feel! I would love to add the magazine to my collection!

  67. Suellen Musewicz says:

    beautiful photography!!! I’d love a subscription!

  68. Sam says:

    I know exactly what you mean about turning to the “you can do this too” page of those magazines only to find that I could only afford this if I was earning pots and pots of money!!! (not possible on the NHS unless you reach the higher echelons!!)

  69. sue in mexico mo says:

    Thanks for the eye candy today!

  70. HeidiRenee says:

    sun, sand, blue, boys – all things we are severely lacking here in New Brunswick – we have a coast – but it looks oh so very different… thanks for the reminder that the whole world is not covered in ice and snow.

  71. Mary says:

    Coastal Living is wonderful – in fact any living where a body a water is visible would suit me! Meanwhile, that lovely magazine would get placed on my coffee table, and be flipped through constantly, until I can get myself down to the shore come Spring – 2-1/2 hours drive from here!

    Meanwhile, looking back through my Torbay pics taken last Spring – it was such a beautiful time and I’m getting homesick again for the bay and the moors!!

    Have a super week at the beach Sarah.

  72. Kay says:

    Love all those summer colours.. wish summer would last forever!

  73. Anna says:

    Coastal living is BY FAR my favorite magazine!! It gives me such inspiration for decorating my home in the snowy and cold hills of West Virginia. My husband and I were married in Hilton Head, SC, and I am always looking for ways to bring “our beach” home! Great blog btw!

  74. Debra says:

    Did you ever see the show Surfing the Menu with Curtis Stone and some other cute Aussie guy, they would travel all over Australia, surf then cook up some amazing meals with local fare. It was the best!!! Love the pops of turquoise in the photos.

  75. Corrie Mackanos says:

    Love the view and all the pictures you posted! So inspiring!!! Would love to win!!

  76. bobbie says:

    :-))) Re: both Coastal Living magazine AND surfer dudes ~

  77. Lark says:

    There are plenty of surfer dudes here in Southern California, but it looks like the weather Down Under is a bit more pleasant than what we have here right now. It’s an El Nino year and we are awaiting our next storm. Instead of working on making our 1960 ranch house more pretty we’ve been trench digging and sandbagging!

  78. Amber Whitehouse says:

    I LOVE your beach tote! I am kicking myself for not buying one VERY similar for myself last summer…..at a thrift store, at that!! I’ll have to go back next summer. It just might still be there!

    Thanks for your posts!

  79. Lorraine says:

    Oh yes please, yes please, yes please, enter me in for your giveaway – I could do with some ‘Coastal Living’ – cold and dreary here today. Sat inside watching Escape to the Country (three episodes – how sad is that) while I finished knitting my jumper vest thingy.


  81. Maureen says:

    Hi Sarah…I live at the beach too…but in New Jersey a few thousand miles away from where you are and by a different ocean…and it’s winter. Funny thing is, our tastes are not separated by those miles. I love Coastal Living too and all those gorgeous interiors make my heart sing! Would love to have a cuppa with you (or a beer!). I’d love to win! Thanks for the giveaway. Maureen

  82. Alyson says:

    If you fling any of your doors open can you catch a glimpse of the beach? I love that idea too…here when I fling open the doors I see the Australian scrub and my naughty misbehaving garden, until my horse walks up onto the veranda and pokes his head in the door. He is very cute, but sometimes I wish it was the beach out there instead…..

  83. Joanne says:

    I wish our ocean was that color! You are making me wish for summer so I can go to the beach for a bit (and check out the surfer dudes).

    Cottage Living was my fave, but Coastal Living could work too!

  84. Alexandra says:

    I grew up on the beach, but I have been living in the city for 11 years! Every day I dream of living by the sea again. I have issues of Coastal Living from 2002-2004 and pick them up every so often to escape our crowded ant hill! Would love a new subscription.

  85. Amanda says:

    I bought Coastal Living when it first came out but it was’t very good. It looks from you pictures like it has really improved though so I might have to add that magazine to my list! How nice it that the sun has come out! It just instantly makes you feel happy again. I thought we were going to have build an Ark at one stage it has rained so much!

  86. michelle says:

    Wow what a beautiful day you had , the weather was devine here too, just south at Bulli( near wollongong)… a great break from that rain . I really need to take a page from your book Sarah and head down the beach more often , I usually just go when I take the boys . Thanks for the idea I might head down today !

  87. cheryl says:

    we actually wouldn’t mind some cooler weather & less humidity in sydney.. summer seems endless.
    love the coastal living pics, the all white with a touch of aqua, and the large mosquito net are beautiful.
    your photos of the surfers and the sparkling ocean make me feel like heading to the beach today!

  88. Michelle says:

    This winter has seemed even longer than usual. Thanks for the glimpse of the lovely weather I look forward to. Hopefully it will arrive sooner rather than later!

  89. ratty says:

    could use some coastal reminders on a dreary day like today :) and surfer dudes…? gnarly!

  90. Alicia says:

    enjoyed the view very much!! No surfer boys up here on our Victorian Mountain (unfortunatley!) We can see a view of the Melbourne and the bay from our road though so thats gotta count. Would love to go in the draw for the mag :0)

  91. Susan says:

    Thank you for such a wonderful giveaway and thank you to Coastal Living also…wouldn’t you just love their job, hunting down the perfect seaside cottages….Just plain outright fun in the sun…..tons of hugs…Susan

  92. Rita says:

    I love your blog and it adds a bit of sunshine to my snowy days here in Indiana. Thank you for sharing your home ideas with us and for the chance of a subscription.

  93. Tovah says:

    Just watched Point Break recently. Now when I see surfers I think about how crazy Patrick Swayze was as a surfer. He was so into it! I think magazines are more my speed than standing on a board in the ocean, thank you very much.

  94. that pic of the open living area onto the beach is just to die for… I could lay there all day with a copy of coastal living…

    I think you should have ‘cut and paste’ that lovely surfer dude and put him just outside that divine living area for the perfect photo!!

  95. vintagefokus says:

    Coastal living is definitely a dream only for me! I’m also living in beautiful Australia but stuck in suburbia BLAH!

  96. Ashley G says:

    Oh my, I have had a desperate crush on surfer dudes since I was 10. In fact, my mom still says she doesn’t know how I didn’t end up in aus married to a famous surfer. haha!

  97. Jenstc2003 says:

    Lovely piccies to look at on a snowy day! Definitely looks like a great day where you are!

  98. Carly says:

    What a great giveaway! I absolutely lovely the blue ceiling in that bathroom…gorgeous.

  99. Wilma says:

    Ahh, to be able to view surfer dudes in person…alas, it’s snowing right now!

  100. Bella Casa says:

    Thanks for sharing. We have sun too today…only it is 40 degrees outdoors. Will have to share our summer photos with you so you when it arrives so you’ll know what it’s like in the good ‘ol US of A.

  101. Stacey says:

    I am always looking for a new magazine to love. Coastal Living looks fantastic. Also fantastic blog, you have made inspired me to paint, and to get to the beach more often.

  102. Sarah M says:

    i wish i could have that view…surfer men included ;)

  103. Melani says:

    Surfer Dudes are sexy.

  104. Sally says:

    How I would love to be sitting in a beach chair by your tote in the first picture thumbing through that issue of Coastal Living Sarah!! Thank you for sharing such a beautiful post! I’m in a happy blissful place after seeing this!! And to have a chance at a Coastal Living subscription??? Total & complete bliss!!! :)


  105. Angela Ridge says:

    Who’s a lucky girl, such eye candy in many senses of the word! Thanks for sharing my fellow Brit now expats of far flung places (you in Aussie land me in Japan) fingers crossed i’ll get a subscription, can never fail to “want – need!” another glossy on my coffee table.

    Angela xoxo

  106. Kim says:

    I’m moving to Australia…

  107. fairmaiden says:

    Sweet sweet Sarah…you are too sweet! You just keep having giveaways. That hot sun must be doing it’s magic. I already have a Coastal Living Subscription, afterall it is my favorite magazine… So don’t enter me into the giveaway. The dreamy pictures you’ve got on this post are some of the ones I’ve been drooling over. Especially the first one! I want that patio!!! Glad to see you are having fun and what a view you’ve got! Makes a girl feel young to sit on the beach and watch the hot surfer dudes, Heh?

  108. Denise says:

    The photos of the ocean were like a breath of fresh air. While I sit here surrounded by two feet of snow from the weekend and anticipate the next storm with about two more feet of snow and high winds expected overnight tonight and through the day tomorrow, I relish the photos of the surf and sand and am able to escape winter for just a bit and think about summer at the beach. Thanks for the mini vacation Sarah. :)

  109. Tiff says:

    I grew up at the beach, moved to the States, back to Australia & into yukky suburbia . . . you are fuelling my desire to get back to my roots & live at the beach once again! But it’s a dream a long way off . . . sigh.
    Thanks for the little escapes you provide : )

  110. mary beth says:

    Thanks for sharing your day at the beach…I am green with envy! I love Coastal Living and drool at the pictures every time I look at one! Thanks for sharing!

  111. christie says:

    Love your beautiful blog!

  112. Katrina says:

    I need to come up there for a holiday! Bliss xx

  113. Theresa Collins says:

    Hi Sarah,
    You are doing two of my favourite things sitting on the beach and reading a decorating mag I’d think I’d died and gone to heaven if I could do both at the same time. I think you should publish your own I’m sure I wouldn’t be the only one to buy it.
    Theresa, little south aussie

  114. Megan says:

    Ahhh…Surfers—Mr. BeachHouse was one of those gorgeous surfer dudes back in his prime! Let me tell you–they are hard to resist. Needless to say I didn’t!!! I like surfers on the beach much better than Men in Kilts with Bagpipes on the Beach. But I really LOVE Coastal Living–I haven’t subscribed yet because I read the ones at the Library on my break–but since I will be “retiring” in 4 short weeks I would really like to have a subscribtion. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  115. Traci says:

    well, how sweet of you. the surfer dudes are hot and all, but i would much rather be looking at that magazine too. especially while sitting on the beach.

  116. michelle says:

    heh sarah, great post! love the pic of the white covered patio – hubs and i are trying to figure out a way to cover our patio for rainy day bbqs…think i found something i really like. thanks for the pics and would love to win the magazine!! enjoy the sun! and surfers!

  117. Frannie says:

    Absolutely fab give away. You may not be trained as you mention but I would watch a rescue home revamp show if you were involved!
    Your web site continues to inspire me at our beach shack/home….might send you some pics of it unfolding. Keep coming with the inspiration,
    Frannie xx

  118. Debra says:

    I love Coastal Living, too. The surfer dude wasn’t bad either. :) Your photos of the beach are so great! Thanks for sharing.

  119. Laura says:

    I love Coastal Living and someday I hope to have a beach cottage of my own. Love your blog.

  120. Cindy says:

    Lovin’ the pictures in the magazine! I am with you – just give me the inspiration to do it myself!:) I didn’t know this magazine had so much to offer – all the more reason for me to win a subscription!:) I love your blog and all that you do with the decorating and painting! You keep me wanting to come back for more!

  121. Heather S says:

    Oh what a wonderful giveaway, my subscription ended recently, so this would be perfect timing!

    And surfer dudes are hot…most of them anyway :)

  122. Cindy S says:

    I have never seen the magazine, but it sounds wonderful! Please enter me in your give away and Thank YOu So Much!

  123. I only live a little over an hour’s drive from the Oregon Coast…oh how do those who don’t live near the sea do it? Would love the magazine!

  124. Betty in Munich says:

    What delightful scenery, the beach the surfers all of it.

  125. Grace P. says:

    I love surfer dudes….Hmmm And I love your beach cool feeling blog!

  126. i’m just thinking we’ve got to be friends. am a kindred spirit of the beach-loving sort though i’m not nearly so creative as you i go in for finds in my own way … and i love my own life by the sea.

    we should guest blog for each other sometime.

    i live in atlantic beach florida and that’s 1,300 feet to my sandy beach and salt air is everywhere.

    (surfer dudes? oh yea, poke around my blog a bit and see the surfers playing football in january sometime (no waves that day!!) )

    love all your DIYs!

  127. Pearl Maple says:

    What could be more perfect, a copy of Coastal Living and a sun filled day at the beach,

    and a quick stop by to see what fun things you have found to blog about

  128. Kathy says:

    Dear Sarah,
    Do you think you could manage to throw in a surfer dude with the giveaway? There is a shortage of them in inner city Melbourne. I would not paint him white but leave him au naturale.

  129. Kathleen H of Indiana says:

    Would love Coastal Living! Love the blues of the ocean and of course the surfer dudes. Especially love your blog (I am full of love this morn huh?) Burrrrrr from Indiana. 50 mph winds today blowing around the snow. Kathleen
    PS Love the snow too.

  130. Daphne says:

    I dont think i can keep coming here Sarah…you are killing me. I am going green with envy…what must i do to con my husband that i want that sea change now he wanted a few years ago, yet i wasnt ready…i dont think a sunroom is going to cut it for me…please help me magically move…LOL


  131. Hattie says:

    All I can say is, “yum!” The water, the sand, the surfers, what’s not to love? Oh, and thanks for your sweet email, that was so nice :-)

  132. Rebecca says:

    We could use some warm beach inspiration here!

  133. erin says:

    thanks for pictures of HOT surfer dudes!! also, looking at pics from your home is my inspiring kick in the bum.

  134. mary jo says:

    I like so much of what you had to say about what you want from a magazine–just enough inspiration, but not so much unattainable beauty that it depresses (paraphrasing). Your photos of the beach are just gorgeous! I’m heading down to my nearby beach this afternoon and can’t wait!

    xo Mary Jo

    p.s. thank you so much again for helping me with that logo craziness! I so appreciate!

  135. Brandi says:

    Aloha Sarah,
    love the pic’s especially the bag…shows your style!
    love those eezy,breezy days on the surf and sand
    aloha wishes from across the sea

  136. Helen says:

    Thanks again Sarah, for making me think I can really achieve something at my place – more white paint here I come! Saw a quote the other day that you may be able to relate to – “Happiness is not having what you love, but loving what you have”

  137. Melissa says:

    I LOVE coastal living. Bought my first house in Ocean City, NJ and trying to slowly transform it into a chic beach bungalow.

    Love your site and your photos!

    Also – where did you get that straw beach bag?? I want it!

  138. debbie says:

    Good surfer dudes and a good magazine and a lovely day, what more could a girl want?

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  142. Stacy Lapinel says:

    So, I’ve been away from the internet for almost two weeks after my Dell laptop and PC both crashed (I am not looking forward to dealing with them after everything you’ve gone through!) and was so excited to see that you’re giving away subscriptions to Coastal Living, my favorite magazine ever! Anyway, I’m glad to be back to reading your blog daily! : )

  143. Alison Gibbs says:

    Sarah what a great giveaway. Coastal Living sounds like a great magazine – anything that inspires us to do things that will not cost us a formtune has to be good.
    Surfer Dudes – hot!!!!

  144. Lisa says:

    Hi Sarah!
    Thanks for those great pictures,i almost felt a ray of sun through my screen;)
    Here in France the snow is everywhere and it’s sooo cold!

  145. fraya says:

    I love your blog and you’ve inspired me to paint many things in my cottage white. Boyfriend thinks I’m mad!

  146. Okay, Sarah, you shared your beach and dudes with all of us. Now it’s time for you to take a look at how beautiful winter snow can look through my eyes at BellaCasa.


  147. If I had to choose between Surfer Dude and a magazine subscription…well surfer dude would win LOL!!!
    But I have my own non-surfer dude so I’ll try for the magazine..LOL
    Those photos of your bag on the beach are beautiful…love them!!!

  148. Amanda says:

    Sarah…Love, love, love your blog and LOVE Coastal Living. I’m coastally living here in Virginia in the U S of A which, right now, is covered in snow so I could definitely use some beachy inspiration. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  149. kathy says:

    I would luv a subscription…not much extra money around here right now, especially with a baby on the way. Thanks!!