Beach Cottage Old Boat Shed Tour

Fri 29th, Jan, 2010

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I wanted you to come on a journey with me, those of you landlocked in the long, dark, days of winter.

On a Beach Cottage Eye Candy Tour, with enough beadboard to make a grown beadboard-loving-gal weep ;-)

Let’s take a walk… one where we amble down an overgrown path, with laden fruit trees to a darling little boathouse right down the end of the garden.


how about a G & T…perhaps a tall glass of chilled bubbly…an ice cold beer…


perhaps a boat ride pootering slowly past these old places in an old rowing boat…endless, wide, blue summer Australian skies stretched beautifully out in front…gentle waves lapping…a need for sunhats…


& pure heaven as the sun goes down…a balmy evening…salt in the air…a soft breeze…


And I leave you with that this lovely Friday afternoon at the Beach Cottage, I am scheming for a project that’s on my mind, though I haven’t even mentioned the chickens to Mr Beach Cottage yet…don’t worry I know how to get what I want ;-)

Oh and don’t forget if you comment I’ll enter you in the Giveaway to win a magazine subsription *and seeing as I’m still in the good books and because there’s still many of you residing in Lurkdom, I’ve decided to make it more than one subscription that’s on offer…so, simply there’s more chances to win haha!

I’ll announce the winners in my next post..hopefully with some other news too…oh and the panelling?  There is a story!

Cheers lovelies, enjoy the weekend, I’m treasure hunting tomorrow

So long…



shot on location on the Peninsula

Camera & Production  { Sarah abeachcottage.com }


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72 Responses to “Beach Cottage Old Boat Shed Tour”

  1. Janelle says:

    I love boat sheds…especially the older ones that have been there forever! I should send you a photo of mine to add to your collection, though mine hasn’t got quite the same character as some of these lovely ones! xo

  2. Julie-Ann says:

    That looks so calm and peaceful. You might even tempt me away from this airconditioning:)

  3. Mary Jo says:

    This looks so lovely–makes me feel like I’m right there about to get in a little rowboat and laze away the day…I wish!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    xo Mary Jo

  4. Irene says:

    Very Romantic! I have a wonderful photo take quite a few years ago of a boat house on a lake not far from where we are. Before we moved too actually. Reminds me very much of that. Lovely post :)
    Irene x

  5. Sandy says:

    HI Sarah please enter me in your giveaway – love these images. Sandy x

  6. Tina says:

    Hi Sarah – I love boatsheds! Have you seen the lovely Beth’s blog Boatshed Chic? Have lots of fun treasure hunting tomorrow, I will be doing the same, as our local thrift store is having a big sale – shhh don’t tell my hubby ;) Gorgeous pics and I can’t wait to see what lovely treasures you find tomorrow – Tina x

  7. Kirsty says:

    Trying hard not to be jealous, but failing miserably! It is so cold in England right now! x

  8. Lisa says:

    Hi Sarah, the boat sheds are lovely…and the water. Reminds me of the absolutely beautiful Clareville in Sydney near Avalon, have you been there?

  9. Lynda says:

    Thank you VERY much, Sarah (that was a sarcastic tone you could hear…)

    I hardly ever get homesick, but those photos today have pushed me over the edge. It is raining and there is still snow on the ground, gray sky and cold here.

    Have you read the book Salvation Creek? I read it last year and it just plunged me into that world of boatsheds and dinghys.

  10. Paddy says:

    Has Country Style or whatever that magazine is called given you a job yet as a photographer?

  11. Tiff says:

    Were you on the water when you took some of those photos? You could start selling prints . . .
    Can’t wait to see your decision regarding the beadboard colour.
    Have a great weekend : )

  12. Floss says:

    Lovely! I’ve just been reading to the boys about the Amazons’ boat shed in the Lake District (‘Swallowdale’). I don’t think it looked as good as this one, though!

  13. Erika says:

    This post, all the lovely photos and the way you put it into words makes me want to pack my bags and not stop until I get there. :o)
    This was pretty much like posting “off the reel” pictures about how chocolate melts…Yes mam’! Lol
    hugs, Erika

  14. Emma Angel says:

    blimey, talk about jealous. i wake up here in the damp and grey uk and then i come across your very lovely images of sunshine and sailing. you sure did make the right decision in moving there. maybe if you had a word with my hubby he would see sense and we could join you. oxo

  15. Bev says:

    Sarah, You are killing me ….. those shed pictures are so lovely. I just woke up and what a great and peaceful way to start my day. Have a fun & relaxing treasure hunting weekend !

  16. Lorraine says:

    Just what I needed a nice littel beachy tour, especially after spending all day in bed yesterday with the dreaded lurgy that instead of getting better seems to be getting worse.

    A nice little pick me up, before I toddle back off to bed again.

  17. I actually have the “Down by the Sea” song from Sweeney Todd running through my head, although is beautifully idyllic!

  18. Lisa B. says:

    I’m going to build a boathouse on the lake and move out of this 3800 sq ft monster!

  19. Daphne says:

    Thanks for the tour Sarah. Whilst i live out in Western Sydney, it didnt affect my mood re this weather but it did my overall mood. Been a bit glum the past few due to one of my kids and well i needed out and de stressing this arvo…you actually provided that for me…thank you :)

  20. Julienne says:

    If you love boat sheds you should check out Melbourne’s bathing huts (if you haven’t already) Both have such cool, charming and romantic connotations.
    Thank you for the paneling info. How did I survive without blogs?! I am having so much fun thank you, thank you, thank you Julienne

  21. With the temps below zero here – these pictures are sooo appreciated.
    I want sunshine and temps above 30 please. (see, I’m not greedy)
    Can’t wait to hear about your plans and panelling.

  22. Sam says:

    You’re making me want to escape this rainy, grey British weather and set up home in Australia!! However, I just can’t afford the Sydney house prices!! ;-)

  23. I just dropped my son at school and it is 5 degrees. Brrrr….. your pics are lovely – what I’d give, right now, to be there!

  24. Sandy says:

    Thank you for the wonderful tour. I am sitting here just South of Buffalo, NY with the thermometer reading 6 degrees F. but I could almost feel the heat beating off the docks and hear the lake water lapping at the shore. I’m afraid our shore is frozen solid right now!

  25. donna says:

    Perfect timing! I sit here in freezing New Jersey and the weather man just said 17 degrees outside and then there’s the windchill brrrr. You always know the right pic to take at the right time. Anyway, I ventured to Ikea yesterday and a good time was had by all. Alot of your sweet gray is seeping in there. I however am still a hardcore white fan! So many things came home with me I couldn’t drive home fast enough! I blame my spending on the deep freeze.Then I rationalized it by telling myself that my bday is next week and I’m allowed to buy myself a gift. Right? Yea I thought so too! <3

  26. Nadine says:

    Oh, that’s so nice. It’s very cold here in England and tonight I’m off to Germany where it’s even colder!! Brrrr…

    Have a nice weekend!

  27. Christy says:

    Such cute boat sheds

  28. Susanne N. says:

    your blog is one of my favorites. i cannot tell you how serene and calm i feel when i read it!

  29. welltraveled10 says:

    Love watching your beach cottage become a lovely home

  30. Elise Speed says:

    We are expecting a winter storm today in the US. I wish I was at that little boat house with my toes in the water. Although, I’ve heard that Australia has some of the most poisonous snakes in the world. I think I would ask around before I stuck my feet in :0)

    Thanks for sharing.

  31. Linda Jacobs says:

    Thank you for this lovely respite!

    I’m sitting here looking out my classroom window at 1 degree F. weather. It’s actually quite beautiful with the sun slicing through the white birches but I wouldn’t want to be out there!

    Thanks for taking me away!

  32. Carolyn says:

    Makes me wish I wasn’t sitting in my office with 20 degree weather outside! So jealous!

  33. Kat says:

    They are calling for snow here today *shakes fist at the sky* and then I come here and see these wonderful pictures and now I don’t even care if it snows! Ok, that was a lie about not caring, but it’s true that the great pictures did make me feel better!

    Have a lovely weekend!

    Kat :)

  34. Pat Freymuth says:

    Beautiful images, Sarah. I’ve always thought it would great to have a boat shed,like one of these. At our lake place, the boat sheds are nothing more than a roof over the docks! No romance!!

  35. Nancy says:

    So, the wind chill here in NY is -2 and the temperature is 15. It makes me so happy to know that you are in summer….Really, your photos are so beautiful- it is very calming to look at them…

  36. jane says:

    there is something that beckons from a boat house. i cannot put my finger on it, but your photos capture it! i love the way the light dances on the water and reflects on the building, uniting the two surfaces. i *need* one in my backyard even tho there isn’t any more water than the hose provides… i love an outbuilding! jkj ps. i would read the magazines if i received them. you could recyle to me. i would be a great cause! wonder how much that would cost?!? we could work it out.

  37. cindy says:

    Lovely photos! Warmed me up a bit…temp here is 19 below zero right now…sitting here in long-underwear wishing I were ‘in’ these photos…Thanks for sharing. ~Cindy

  38. Meg says:

    Oh you’ve made me SO jealous! A gin and tonic and a need for a sunhat… actually it’s quite sunny where I am now. It just happens to also be below 0… (that’s Fahrenheit!) But you’ve given me something to look forward to in just… oh… about 5 more months… Thank god I’m off to Southern CA in just a few weeks!
    You’re always such a wonderful breath of fresh summer air!
    - Meg

  39. Jamie says:

    I cannot wait for winter to be over, and for spring and summer- these pictures were such an amazing tease! I’m in Massachuestts, USA and the windchill is a few degrees below zero outside- ugh!

  40. kathi says:

    you always have such lovely blog posts. i’ll have a G & T please! oh, and i love the soft grey color on the shed in that first photo… is that a hint to the color you picked for your walls? ;)
    cheers! to a relaxing weekend.

  41. Nickki says:

    Did you want to rub it in about my grey winter comment yesterday? ; ) Those spots look lovely right now. (Grey and raining this morning). I pick the little boat and a sunhat!

  42. Kelly says:

    I’m jealous. I’ll take them all. And the magazine subscription. *wink*

  43. Wilma says:

    Oh to sit on a deck in the sun with a g&t! It’s frigid, windy & miserable here. :(

  44. Cindy says:

    Lovely! Need it badly…right now!!

  45. Mike says:

    I love reading your stuff and looking at your photos. It sounds like you have a great life, because you can look at everyday things and see something interesting or beautiful in them. That’s nice.

  46. Melly says:

    Dreamy photos…I can almost imagine being there as I look out on our gray skies and imagine the ocean at my feet…Looking forward to the color choice update and especially if your future will include some chickens. I love to watch them and was thrilled when our neighbors behind us decided to get their own. I could look out into the field behind as as I did the dishes and watch them without any of the work! My favorite was when their little girl picked one up, tucked it under her arm and proceeded to hop into her pink battery powered car and take the poor thing for a spin! Just priceless…

  47. wendy in the Land of The Long White Cloud.....NZ says:

    Hi Sarah
    please enter me into your giveaway……your blog is a delight to read…..has me in fits of laughter at times!!!

  48. fairmaiden says:

    That was fun! Will your garden shed look like a dock house one day? Though we are inland and have wetlands behind us (wish it was the sea or a lake, even a creek would be nice) we have talked about building a dock outside our gate overlooking the field….we would sit in our adirondacks and watch the hawks as they swoop to catch mice while clouds float by. A dock in a sea of grass is better than no dock at all.

  49. Very pretty Sarah! It brings the warm weather here for sure!
    Have an awesome weekend!
    By Li from Creamy White

  50. Tanya says:

    Aah the lazy days of summer. They’ll be here again one day, won’t they?

  51. *Alex* says:

    Beautiful! I love living by the Pacific Ocean now but I really miss boating on the lakes back in Michigan. So peaceful and calm. Napping by the docks. Great photos, thanks for helping me remember some great summer days! :)

  52. Andi says:

    Thanks for the tour. I’ll have the glass of bubbly please as the only beer I’ve ever liked is Banks in Barbados.
    Have a good weekend yourself. Looking forward to reading about your treasure hunt. xx

  53. Jo says:

    hmm wonder if I could get the same effect with a blow up pool and old shed shoved in my back yard?

  54. Your blog is so beautiful and spiritual! These homes are like out of a story! We really love your blog!
    ~Stephanie of Blue Springs Home

  55. Sue says:

    Oh, I am wishing for some sun, and clear sky!

    Can’t wait till the earth rotates back in our direction so we can get some warmth.

    Sarah, I love everything you do. I went to the Goodwill today and I came home with a Bonanza!

    Now I need to study how to strip and paint!

  56. Kathleen H of Indiana says:

    Hi Sarah
    How lovely! It is 2 below wind chill tonight here, burr! Have a great weekend.
    Kathleen H

  57. Just what the doctor ordered!
    Takes me back to my childhood…
    I miss this stuff in frigid, land locked Illinois!

  58. Denise says:

    Sarah, thanks so much for the temporary escape from winter. It’s 24 degrees here, and those photos of the boat houses and the water were a welcome site.

    Can’t wait to hear about your next project and the paneling story too! :)

  59. Amanda says:

    Hi Sarah, Yes, well I’ll admit it…My name is Amanda and I’m a lurker at Beach Cottage Blog. Just love your photos, amazing finds and transformations, very inspiring. I used to live in Sydney, actually I was born in Wollongong, ah the beautiful South Coast, (nice camp spots down that way). That’s why I love Everything Beachy, there is something about being by the water, and I love the feeling after having a day at the beach…all salty and sandy, nothing like coming home washing the beach off and pouring a COLD glass of Bubbles, sitting on a deck waiting for the ‘southerly’ to cool things off. Looking forward to lurking some more, only if you don’t mind ;) Cheers Amanda

  60. cheryl says:

    i’ve always thought i could easily live in a boatshed.. especially on pittwater.
    your photos are beautiful. you are doing a great job promoting australia!

  61. tbliss says:

    Hi Sarah, thanks for the walk along the beach looking at the boat houses,I needed that as it is very cold here in Iowa (15 degrees today).
    Still hoping for chance at the magazine.hehe
    May you have a blissful weekend,

  62. debbie says:

    I want to be there rather than here in the dry, hot rural victorian HEAT. Sign me up for a G&T on the deck of the most loveliest boatshed!

  63. michelle says:

    thanks for the great pics. motivates me to get down to our ocean over here…..not as sunny here, but the ocean is lovely in the sun or rain!

    oh yeah, your previous post about chickens and flowing skirts….i need that too! sent a link to hubby who is out of town working….told him i want to make a chicken tractor in the back yard….well, let’s just say, he isn’t on board….yet ;)

    enjoy the sun this weekend!

  64. Hi sarah….another wonderful gorgeous post..

    Nothing more to say…

    always a delight to read…
    & I am just soo glad you LOVE the land of OZ!!

    we are JUST THE BEST!!! aussie aussie aussie OI OI OI!!!!! (whatever)..

    xx andrea

  65. sophie says:

    i’d love a boatshed and a tinnie!

  66. shari nicsevic says:

    rain, rain go away…..
    hope to have a beachy day!!!
    love the pics! and would enjoy getting some new mags! shari

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  68. Kim says:

    i absolutely love your blog! i have been thinking about starting a cottage blog for some time now…I love anything romantic or beach cotttage shabby…. i too am a big fan of ikea and things painted and chippy and vintage! cant wait to see the bead board
    have a good day mate!

  69. Kim says:

    i too went treasure hunting today and i found a few good things
    a cottage decor book for $1.
    a bh&g decorating weekend decorating book $2.
    an old vintage lantern $3.50
    a huge white starfish a chubby white sandy looking one$.3.00
    and a vintage white chenille throw $8. that was a splurge as i usually find them much cheaper
    just wanted to share dont you love finding alot of treasures for a lil price?!

  70. Alison Gibbs says:

    Fabulous photos Sarah. We sure do live in the lucky country

  71. megs says:

    You need to see the short animation “Vive La Rose”… you would love it.

  72. alison says:

    Oh no Sarah. Just read this old post.How did you know I have a boatshed fetish as well??!! I used to stay in my aunty’s boat shed on Pittwater in the 60′s and 70′s. It was very simple and serene. It has never left the back of my mind to recreate this one day in my life.

    I am currently loving reading “A Life On Pittwater” by Susan Duncan and soaking up the memories.