Anthropologie & A Day in the Beach Cottage Life

Sat 23rd, Jan, 2010

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G’day sweet friends and no-longer-lurking-lurkers!  (though there are still a heap of you out there for sure)

Righto, don’t normally blog on the weekends, I reserve the weekends for getting out and about, normally down the beach, or I like to fulfill my taxi-driving duties…


However, today here on the beaches we have had a severe weather warning…and by that I mean one that means “people it is very very hot, stay inside” and it’s been like that for a few days here so I thought I’d show you the kinda lifestyle my kids have come to expect as part of their ‘regular’ ole days in the school hols…errrm looking pretty good to me..whaddya think?


So I find myself cocooned in the Beach Cottage this evening after a very hot day, the mercury tipping well over 40C, thanks goodness we could go for a swim…certainly was much needed.

Thankfully the Southerly (that’s what those in the know call it anyway – a strong cool wind to me) came in about a half hour ago, and a cool coastal breeze is whipping that forty plus heavy air outta this old cottage…what seems like a very big storm is brewing and I looove those…it’ll be lovely if it’s pouring with rain as we sit on the deck with friends tonight and a few beers…

So, anyway thanks VERY much for the salad recipes, for this evening I’m going on the strawberry theme I think, suggested by many…to be honest I have never tried strawberries in a salad, tonight I will, firstly because I think it sounds a little bit Bill Granger to toss in a few strawberries and secondly they are in season here and kinda go with the weather.

Though if you’re from England, shivering in the chills of winter like my folks in the Old Country are, you will be pleased to know that it might be warm and wonderful here but no-one, I repeat no-one grows a strawberry like they do in the Garden of England (spoken by a true conoisseur who spent one whole summer in the Sixth Form picking strawberries, in the fields of Kent, from dawn to dusk, and probably consuming about the same amount as I produced).

I am going to try and put the recipes together into one place with a link because I dunno about you but there is nothing better than real people, chatting, recommending and sharing when it comes to most things in life…oh so much better than pulling it from a book or the internet, even if it does have a totally unrealistic picture tantalisingly styled beside it…


And how about next we chat about Anthro?  I see there are a lot of competitors for the new Women’s Sport of Anthropologie Shopping then?  And a lot of gals who think they might be able to contest me for that Gold.  I don’t think so baby.  I am the Master of Anthropologie stalking.


What was interesting about that little post though, was a few very pertinent titbits left temptingly in my Inbox for me to share with you.  Oh the power of Social Media.  Mind-boggling.

Firstly, the lovely Laura from Decor to Adorepassed on a former employee secret

Anthro marks down early every Tuesday morning

and secondly it goes on online too…(confirmed by Danielle from BabyMaeCouture who stalked a bedskirt, checking in weekly and got it down from $118 to $30, that’s some decent markdown in my humble little opinion!).

Good points to remember for you girls who are lucky enough to truly shop Anthropologie…


*winner of the Anthro Giftcard is Wendy from Shabby Nest ‘cos she’s about to shop a makeover…

*and seeing as there were so many entries and because I praise the job our underpaid nurses do every day, I decided to throw another one in for Amanda (mandylwarren@gmail.com) & the nurses at Christmas who didn’t get any recognition for their Anthro-winter-window-style-night-shift-snowflake-making-sessions (thank you to our nurses people)

(let me know your addresses so I can go shop Anthro!)


and that’s it from us here, another long, hot Australian day on the beaches…one with some shabbying this morning where I drove home alone witha coffee and a smile…and not one but five new big pieces of furniture to show you girls…you are gonna love it all!

…as I always say, in this sport, you never know just what you will find where.

And today boy did I score!

ok, I have a chicken with a lemon up it’s bottom, dribbled with oil and stuffed with herbs, a strawberry and spinach salad with feta, roast potatoes and a mint, parsley and lentil salad…both from your recommendations…I’ll try to take a photo but domestic goddess duties and photography don’t usually go too well together

and as I heard an old Aussie guy mumble out the side of his mouth to his wife this arvo “I’m so having a beer tonight”

So long kiddos




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28 Responses to “Anthropologie & A Day in the Beach Cottage Life”

  1. Flick says:

    Hi Sarah, It’s been a scorcher here as well, but I love it, and a swim here and there to break the heat up worked a treat! Our ‘breeze’ over here on the WA coast is a south/westerly and blows like the clappers! It’s super refreshing after one of our 40+’s. Your dinner sounds delish…. you made me hungry!!

  2. michelle says:

    ahhhh…isn’t that southerly a blessing…..although it’s get a bit toooooo breezy here , but a lovely break from the heat of today……love your images…fabulous summer holidays !

  3. Julie-Ann says:

    Hi Sarah you seem to have survived the heat in true Aussie style:)I’m so pleased you are going with my salad, well truthfully it is a chain of restaurants in America called Bubba Gump’s salad. Don’t forget to add the toasted pecans. Bubba Gump use toasted walnuts but we prefer pecans.
    I can’t wait to see your latest finds. Have a lovely night.

  4. Silke says:

    Looks like a perfekt day,
    all the best from Germany,

  5. Brandi says:

    really enjoyed you post…fabulous photos!!It is a wonderful blessing to be able to enjoy the ocean…I know I am ….
    Aloha wished from across the sea

  6. Alison Gibbs says:

    Yet another great post Sarah, sounds like a perfect day in your neck of the woods.
    Don’t you have any strawberry farms near you. We have a great one here on the Mornington Peninsula called Sunny Ridge they have the sweetest most yummy strawberries. If you ever come down to Victoria be sure to check them out.

  7. Lorraine says:

    Gorgeous photos Sarah, although does sound a little too hot…

    Dinner has certainly whetted my appetite, I’m sure everyone would have really enjoyed it.

    Looking forward to hearing about your latest scores!

  8. Hello Miss Sarah !
    Looking soooo forward to beach days myself…
    We’re supposed to get into the 80′s tomorrow…I really need some warm weather to lift my spirits these days…

  9. Cindy S says:

    Oh…how I love the beach, the colors are so brilliant! Doesn’t sound like you have central air, so I am glad that the cool winds are blowing your way.

  10. Kat says:

    The beach looks so inviting, too bad it was so hot you couldn’t go!

    Congrats to both the winners and thanks for the inside scoop on how Anthro discounts! With this new knowledge I may just be able to arm wrestle the gold medal from you! ;-)

    I hope you have a lovely dinner, and strawberries are always yummy with spinach and feta! Try mandarin oranges sometimes too, also very yummy!

    Kat :)

  11. Vanessa says:

    Wow Sarah! Those images just wants me to make a living on the shore… amazing!

  12. Jennifer says:

    What a wonderful day, I love storms in the summer. Good luck with your salad. Sounds like a lovely supper.

  13. I love your beach photos.
    Your dinner sounds divine! I love salads. A couple of years ago I had a salad with strawberries from this little coffee/sandwich shop called Panera Bread, and it was quite yummy.

  14. koralee says:

    Just found your lovely blog…so so fun. This post reminds me of our Summer at long beach{Canada}…I am craving those moments back. Off to see what I have been missing by reading some past posts. xo
    Oh lucky one to win an Anthro gift …see I missed that too..shucks.

  15. Lark says:

    Severe weather warning here is Southern California has meant torrential rainfall, flooding, mudslides, and even tornado warnings! Not what most people think of when they think of this part of the world. It’s an El Nino year and after years of very little rain we will get slammed this season. Wishing I was there in Australia!

  16. Isee says:

    Hi Sarah, weren’t those seas wild? That southerly was very welcome. I think the big strawberries that are sold nowadays are nothing like the smaller ones, however, we found wonderfully sweet strawberries last time we were in Queensland.

  17. Hi Sarah! I finally started my blog and I’m still getting used to it!
    I just loved your pictures….they can make my day just by looking at them, specialy because where I live now is quite cold!!!!
    I have a few projects to finish, but soon they be there on my blog.
    Hope to hear from you soon and enjoy the weather!
    Love, Lidice

  18. Spinach, strawberries and feta? Wow! Sounds great! and while I don;t live ON the beach, I am just 4 miles away her in Naples, Florida, so maybe a sunset walk is in order! Enjoy!

  19. Frau Mayer says:

    Right, thank you, dear Sarah for making me browse some crazy website and wanting a bunch of deliriously hot mugs while shipping them to my village would cost 40 stupid euros. Good job, keep writing!

  20. Melly says:

    Your photos of the beach swept me away to another place…thanks for sharing them!

  21. Pearl Maple says:

    Sounds like you have got this summer living sorted with a strawberry and spinach salad for dinner, along with the long awaited cold beer, what could be finer on a warm summer evening.

  22. cheryl says:

    great photos.. i really like the one with the 3 kids holding on the edge of the ocean pool!
    my teenager spends most of his spare time in summer jumping of the rocks into waves with friends at our local beach and i love swimming in ocean pools when the waves are crashing over the side.so refreshing..
    look forward to seeing the new furniture finds.

  23. Hmm, let’s see, if you are the master of stalking then I may well be the master in training. Oh boo~ The link to my blog goes right back to your blog.

  24. bella says:

    Love the pics! Thanks for sharing. I would love to visit an Australian coastline one day. Keep up the entertaining blogs.


  25. debbie says:

    Hello Sarah,
    oh the hot beach days. Lovely crisp salty hair and paper drum tight skin!
    Does anthroplogie have an Australian website??

  26. Kim Michael says:

    Sarah~ Always Fab! Great info passed onto us.Thanks! A Gal who likes her beer, Great minds do think alike.I always hear wine…..wine….wine but I have to say: I love a good Beer.I am a Beer kind of Gal and Berry Beers are the best.Enjoy~Kim

  27. sealaura says:

    these pictures are jawdropping! so gorgeous. I am a blurker I will admit, but I do visit! often in fact. Thanks for the anthro tip and for all the inspiration you provide. There is so much to be inspired by here, that I often have to save your posts for when I can really focus. I like to soak in all the beach cottage goodness.

  28. Dinner sounds divine.

    Are we not in the lucky country?? How perfect are our beaches!!

    Stay cool sweetpea.
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne