A Beach Cottage Anniversary

Thu 1st, Oct, 2009

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Howdy doody lovely blog friends, thanks for the pillow love…I knew you’d like my Coastal Cushions giveaway (btw it’s open til Friday midnight so you can still comment to win).

Guess what?  I’ts a holiday weekend here Down Under..it’s Spring…it’s warm and so we are going away for the weekend camping, and I am getting organised for that…nothing beats camping in Australia but for now in the midst of all of that, and ferrying various kiddos to all sorts of sporting activities, today, I’ve been making cake…which means it must be either an anniversary round here at the Beach Cottage or I must love Mr BC very much.  It’s the former ;-)

Today we hit fifteen years.

And he says he’s gonna start a blog…


And that all your husbands would stop by!

You wouldn’t wanna hear my reply.

Anyway he is out on business tonight and couldn’t make lunch either so we made a date for breakfast this lovely hot Sydney morning – we headed out to the beach and sat right on the sea front, overlooking a beautiful sparkling ocean, ate poached eggs on sourdough and mused our new life by the sea…

When I got home I felt the need to whip up a little something because he simply loves cake, like really loves cake.  He eats cake standing up, straight from the cake tin, which drives me mad.  He eats cake with beer, which drives me mad.  And I’ve seen him sneaking it in for breakfast, which drives me mad.


I so don’t buy into this whole overly-celebrating thing that seems to go on nowadays…I mean what day will Hallmark invent next?  But at the moment I seem to be fervently enjoying all things home, being grateful for just plain old life stuff and so thought I’d celebrate by making cake.  I do realise that for some people there is nothing more restoring and meditative than staying at home and sifting, stirring and measuring, I however am not one of those girls.  You know I love to stay at home and yep sure, I can make a curry with my eyes shut, turn a plain old chicken into a feast and can throw a store cupboard meal without the blink of an eye.  But baking is a very different matter – it all just has to be so very precise and with my errm, how shall we say, slapdash manner, it just doesn’t do it for me.  Baby.

I ended up today with a brownie recipe – one of the few recipes that I know will work.  I have about 4 or 5 of these up my sleeve, just so my kids get home baked Afternoon Tea and know cakes aren’t born in plastic happy wrappers….but that is where my interest ends.  You won’t find me tucked up under a quilt on the deck with a book about baking.

200910-Anniversary-03 200910-Anniversary-04

As I put it in the oven I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best and it turned out just right.  So I wrapped it up, added a little note and put it on the vintage trunk that he had the grace to go-with-the-flow on (yeah yeah I know you all tell me he’s good like that, but then I told you I’m good at favours lol!!!) and while most of the time rolling his eyes and cooking-up a post for LifeWithACrazyWife he didn’t say much at all.

200910-Anniversary-05 200910-Anniversary-06

So tonight where we have our nightly ritual when he asks me if I’d like a bedtime cup of tea, vehemently hoping I will say no, and I nod, and he sighs, at least he will have homemade cake.

That’s love for ya.

That’s fifteen years of life.


p.s.  did you hear about the blogger trying to win a washer/dryer?  if not can you go here and simply leave a comment, she already has over 30,000 comments, yes sirreee that said thirty thousand but needs more by tomorrow so she wins?!

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54 Responses to “A Beach Cottage Anniversary”

  1. Happy Anniversary! Gotta love those men who can fix and junk and love us just like we are.

  2. Lululiz says:

    Awww, 15 blissful years, Happy Anniversary!

  3. Happy Anniversary, Sarah and Husband of Crazy Wife, many more to ya!

  4. Lori H says:

    Happy Anniversary! I would be very interested in seeing some of your tried and true recipes! Esp that curry!
    Also, I would love to win a pillow.
    Love this blog and the beachy eye candy.

  5. Alison Gibbs says:

    Happy Anniverssary to you and Mr BC.
    I think a blog by Mr BC would be fun. He and all the other eye rolling other halves would just love to sharing how crazy we all are.
    Lucky you a long weekend, we don’t have one here in Victoria!!

  6. Congrats on 15 good years!
    And my golly how can you make a messy after-baking-kitchen look this good! It was staged, right? Please tell me it was staged….

  7. Floss says:

    Happy anniversary to the crazy beach cottage couple! Your posts are always such a pleasure to read and to view…

  8. Marianne, errm, shots of what I’ve been doing today…staged…I’ll let you think that *smile xo

  9. Nicole says:

    Happy Anniversary Sarah. A very thoughtful gift – and I love the personal touch.
    Creatively yours,

  10. Marsha - chandeliermagic says:

    Happy Anniversary! Camping, Baking, Brownies & Crazy – works for me.

    Have a great time -


  11. Marsha - chandeliermagic says:

    Sarah -

    Do you know why some Posted bys are highlighted and some are not? Sometimes my name is blue and sometimes it isn’t…I can’t figure it out – Help


  12. Congrats on the anniversary! Fifteen years is a big one!

    That cracked me up that your husband said he was going to start a blog. Mine always says he’s going to start one called http://www.WhatLivingWithLindsayIsReallyLike.com. LOL

  13. Happy anniversary. The package alone for your surprise cake is so cute. Enjoy the day

  14. DesignTies says:

    Happy Anniversary to you and Mr BC :-)

    Love all your baking-brownies shots, especially the last one :-)


  15. Dream Mom says:

    Happy Anniversary!

    That new blog would be too funny…it would however be interesting to read his take on the same things. I can just see the husbands now, reading the blog and figuring out ways to up the ante, so to speak, to get bigger and better favours!

    LOVED the picture of the new chest. I am giving you an A+ for that beautiful photograph. I know I don’t comment very often, but I love your decorating and photography.

  16. Happy Anniversary, Sarah and Mr BC!

  17. Vicki says:

    Happy Anniversary to you both and enjoy your camping weekend. Save a brownie for me! LOL

  18. Vicki K says:

    Happy Anniversary – you both are fortunate!

    The bottom two photos are just over-the-top charming with The Trunk’s lettering and the colors…

    Also, I’m totally in love with that mixing bowl – the shape and the color. Is it a particular brand?

    Happy Day!

  19. Happy Anniversary. We have two more years to go to hit that mark.

  20. Awwww…and your note attached to the brownies is hysterical! :-) And I can’t even talk about the vintage trunk lettering making a little appearance under your fabulous vignette. “Awesome” is all I can say!

    p.s. re, your comment on my blog — I think we should have an exchange program: One week of thrifting at the shorehouse for during US summer, and one week of thrifting for me in Oz during your summer. It’s a perfect program, when you think about it, lol!! xo, Laura

  21. Alison says:

    Aahhh *Happy Anniversary*
    lots of love

  22. Courtney says:

    Happy Anniversary to the Beach Cottage Couple! Also, I am not into the baking either but I am into the eating of baked goods.

  23. Congratulations Sarah and Mr BC! I wish you both a lot of happy years together in your lovely Beach Cottage!

  24. Jennifer R says:

    Happy Anniversary! I love your blog

  25. Lisa-Marie says:

    Happy Anniversary! I only hope I am as happy as you seem to be in 14 years! Your husband is a luck man! xx

  26. What a sweet post, and I don’t just mean the big brownie. Even the cooking pics felt romantic. Happy Anniversary. Sounds like a union made in heaven. cheers, -s

  27. Debra says:

    Happy Anniversary!!

    My husband will surely read your husband’s blog- he would love some one to commiserate with! haha They do realize how lucky they are, I’m sure.

    Have a great day!

  28. Marie says:

    This is just the sweetest post I have ever read. Your entire blog ain’t too shabby either (j’adore it)!

  29. Rachel says:

    Happy Anniversary, Sarah!! Your brownies look yum!


  30. Sarah Ann says:

    Congratulations! And I agree, Hallmark can make anything into a holiday just to make money. It is insane.

  31. cindy says:

    Congratulations! I love your blog…it reinforces my intense desire to decorate in calming neutrals…thank you for the inspiration. :o)

  32. Bonnie says:

    I love the idea of the two of you eating your poached eggs on sourdough while feeling the ocean breeze. You do a lovely job with this blog. Happy anniversary to both of you.

  33. Sarah says:

    Happy anniversary Sarah!!

    You know, I haven’t received the giveaway I won from your blog or I would have thanked you properly by now. Post must be slow between you and me. I hope you haven’t thought me rude for not contacting you yet!

  34. I know Mr. Bird Nest will be visiting your husband’s blog. He sometimes just looks at me when I tell him what I’ve bought or am going to fix up, with a look of pure amazement. And not in a good way.

    Happy Anniversary!!!


  35. fairmaiden says:

    I’m all for the simple celebrating…it’s what love is all about right? Happy Anniversary to the Beach Cottage couple<3

  36. Chrissie says:

    Congratulations on your anniversary. I really enjoy your blog and love your creativeness. The cake looks lovely wrapped up. I’m sure Mr BC will be impressed.


  37. Katrina says:

    Happy Anniversary! My gang have gone off camping too this long weekend. Hope the weather holds up :)

  38. sush says:

    is that large white bowl chipped? If so, i love it. Many happy returns…

  39. Jenn says:

    Happy Anniversary Sarah and Mr B.C.!! Your morning sounds simply devine, again, the way you describe things in your posts are just so relaxing, I feel like I’ve been to the beach and eaten poached eggs and toast ;) Hope you folks enjoyed your tea and adorable wrapped brownies!


  40. Linda says:

    Dear Sarah,
    Happy Annisversary for yesterday – 15 years!!

    Today we have a double celebration – 21 years married and our middle daughters 14th birthday. Always a special day in our family.

    We did the slumber party last night and will all hang out today together and then hubby and I will have romantic dinner out for 2 tonight!!

  41. Layla says:

    Happy Anniversary to you and Mr.BC from me and Mr.LC!


  42. Ann says:

    Oh that was sweet of you.

  43. sara says:

    sweet post, how lovely wrapping cake like that! I want your kitchen.

  44. Leoni says:

    15 years is not to be taken lightly – congratulations! I hope you baked extra brownies for your camping buddies!!!!

  45. Bev says:

    Happy Anniversary !!! Brownies ,look so good. He is a lucky man

  46. Pearl Maple says:

    Congrats on the 15 years
    yes I think the crazy wife blog could be funny

  47. bj says:

    Happiest Anniversary, Sarah..
    Your photos are magazine worthy, girl !!

  48. tara says:

    Happy Anniversary Sarah!! what a wonderful post and those brownies would be a big hit over at my best! Love your photos!

  49. tara says:

    surely I meant to say NEST!! lol… :)

  50. Brenda Kula says:

    Fifteen years, huh? Well, have to say that’s longer than I’ve ever made it. Eight years with two. It’s been 12 with this one. But then I’m not young anymore and not as frivolous and hasty with decision-making. Have to keep reminding myself that the US is “cheap about providing a citizen health care” but perfectly happy to pay for wars. So guess I’ll try to make it last this time round. No, you won’t find me drooling over a cookbook either, Sarah. Just isn’t in me. Now a decorating magazine, sure thing. Happy Anniversary.

  51. janice power says:

    aww Sarah you are so sweet, I am sure Mr BC is so proud to have you as his wife, look what you have done the past 15 years, did you ever think you would have this blog? you have touched many lives with your sweetness and all of your help to make our homes so comfy Happy Anniversy to you both I tip my glass to you both!! CHEERS….

    ox janice power

  52. Happy anniversary to you and Mr BC. What a sweet way to celebrate.
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne

  53. Angela Ridge says:


    I have just come across your blog via ???? Love it, as a Brit now living in Tokyo (very different from your life in Oz) I am missing my Europeanness (did I just make up that word??) Your blog along with countless others, “feed me” what a I need, especially as I am suffering with the flu, not “the flu” but regular flu and have a huge pile of ironing as big as Mt. Fugi and two bathrooms to clean – MAYBE, MAYBE NOT! A cup of coffee, actually this is my first cup of coffee after two cups of tea and it’s only 9.30 am, (I was up at 5.45 to get the family out the door for 6.45!) I find the mornings fly away once I start catching up with my bloggy friends. My husband keeps telling me that I should start my own, I think that would mean that I would be on my laptop ALL DAY LONG!

    Congrats on 15 years, pat on the back, we just celebrated 24, where has the time gone? After starting out in South Yorkshire, then Herefordshire (our daughter born there 14 yrs ago), next Dublin, Ireland, before here Antwerp Belgium (the one place I love, so much so that we bought a beautiful house there) and now Tokyo, Japan.

    Now I have found your blog, expect me on a daily basis Sarah! By the way, where in Britain are you from and how come you are in Oz???

    Angela x