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Christmas Decorating Beach Cottage Style

Originally posted - Tue 18th, Dec, 2012

Beach Cottage Things in Mason Jars

Originally posted - Thu 21st, Jun, 2012

a few Beach Cottage vintage finds

Originally posted - Fri 28th, Dec, 2012

Beach Cottage Decor ~ Coastal White & Layering

Originally posted - Thu 14th, Jun, 2012

5 Ways to Makeover Hallway Entrance Hall

G'day, welcome to Beach Cottage Land, the hallway entrance post ;-) well, I have to say that one thing I get asked a lot, along ...

hunter boots abeachcottage.com

Treasure Hunting A Shutter for Coastal Vintage Beachy Style

Well, I know I have been promising to show you all sorts of stuff on this little corner of the interwebs, there's been a slight ...


How to Grow English Roses in Australia, a hot climate or anywhere

Hellooo, happy Monday and I'm here today, woman with roses in her ears to tell you how to grow English roses in Australia or in a ...


Beach cottage coastal summer house makeover

Well good morning Beach Cottage Beautifuls, here we are in Sydney broadcasting loud and clear today with a shop-the-house, ...


And this is why I heart you Australia

Oh man oh man oh man, Beach Cottage ladies, come on a walk with me why don't you, you so won't be disappointed. So last week I ...


Gluten Free Slow Cooker Crockpot Pea and Parmesan Soup Recipe

Well helloooo lovelies, soup recipe here today, easy Pea Soup with Parmesan, might sound a bit different, but it's very very nice the ...

laundry sink abeachcottage.com

laundry room sink in the house

  Aloha. Popping in today with the Laundry sink.  After a lot of looking, visiting junk yards, searching online and nearly buying a new old sink, I decided on this one. It has a divider which I thought would be handy for when we get back from the beach (although hoping new outdoor ...

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Beach Cottage Laundry Room Update

Well, here we are Beach Cottage ladies, iPhone pis from the laundry room, we have a door, we have a fitted, primed and painted door now too. As I said before, moving this door so it opened outwards instead of inwards was, once we got all the junk out and looked at the room, key to making it work. ...

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how to make easy mushroom soup abeachcottage.com quick simple and few ingredients

Beach Cottage Recipe Quick Easy Mushroom Soup

Well people of the web, I am sitting here on the deck table about to write about a mushroom soup recipe looking out at a beautiful blue Australian sky, the birds are tweeting away and there is good old breeze heading up this hill, down, or is that up, from the ocean. In the last few days I ...

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vintage leadlight window beach decor abeachcottage.com

A Vintage Curvy Beach Cottage Window

Aloha from a sunshiny Sydney, thank goodness the rain has stopped!  I didn't sign up for rainy grey days when I signed those Aussie citizenship papers, that is for sure. So, as you know, one has been doing a rather lot of vintage gathering the last few months and I am still pretty much, on a ...

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sea australia ocean abeachcottage.com

beaches, picnics, baskets and cars

Sponsored Post Ford Helloooo. One of the things I just love about living in Australia is the amazing natural beauty, it's the one thing that still surprises me, even though I've been here for, well, long enough to call myself not only an Australian Citizen but a local now...getting out and ...

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laundry room makeover door abeachcottage.com

beach cottage laundry instagram door

    It's so totally fine to be excited about a laundry door right?  Well, maybe not, but if you've followed my journey with this ratty old cottage then you'd know, to me, it's exciting.  Scrub that it's happy dance making. The old door that was here was awful - you know how you live with ...

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