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from Christmas days gone by

Originally posted - Thu 20th, Dec, 2012

6 Best Easy Salad Recipes

Originally posted - Fri 20th, Dec, 2013

the armoire

Originally posted - Mon 17th, Sep, 2012

went vintage treasure hunting

Originally posted - Mon 26th, Nov, 2012
coastal decorating style vintage white summer renovation abeachcottage.com

beach cottage summer room

Well, beach cottage ladies we are getting there, even though this room isn't finished it's becoming somewhere one can ...

vintage cupboard for sale sydney

vintage French Cupboard

  Vintage French Cupboard from the Seafolly Collection here

vintage shabby coastal style abeachcottage.com

changing up the bedroom beach cottage style

Well good afternoon Beach Cottage ladies, how are you all, ummm I've been moving things around a bit in my bedroom... This ...

summer room hammock coastal vintage style abeachcottage.com

hammock back in beach cottage land

Hello people of the land of things white and beach cottage. There is good news, it is the news of the Gods...this news comes ...

beach coastal shabby decorating abeachcottage.com jute rug, wicker light, vintage door, baskets, white sofa, nautical stripes and bentwood chair

Beach Cottage White Slip Covered Sofa Coastal Beachy Decor

  Beach Cottage White Slip Covered Sofa Coastal Beachy Decor G'day friends :-) are you sitting down? So this ...

old vintage sea chest trunk beach house blog abeachcottage.com

Beach Cottage Vintage Trunk

love a good blue chippy faded coastal sea



Ah, close to the end of the year already.  I definitely missed the middle of the year it seems.  It's hard to believe that the cooler weather is long gone and soon we will be enveloped in the sunshine and heat that is a Sydney Summer.    I'm not sure why it always takes me so long to be ready ...

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Drug of Choice

Oh dear.  I just sat down with a cup of tea (and a bowl of dry Frosties, kill me now) and opened up a blog I have been following for 15 years when the internet was small, blogs were but diaries, Facebook was but the figment of some whipper snapper's imagination and the blogging phenomenon started ...

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beach cottage renovations

Beach Cottage Corners and Renovations

Hello all.  Lovely ladies, how are you? All well here and enjoying Spring and the end of the year rolling out here in Sydney.  I love Spring here.  Currently am sat at the little (white) round table in the kitchen with a cup of tea and some afternoon tea, I'm just back from the hairdressers, ...

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french doonas and sun baking pups

Hello dear Beach Cottage friends, how are you all? June, and we are in the middle of Winter on the beaches.  There is one thing this means and one thing only in my oh so very exciting life.  Wooly tights and the Christmas Boots from the U S of A. Actually make that two things.  Ok three. ...

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  Aloha Beach Cottage ladies, aloha I believe is very topical at the moment as we are soon ready and raring to get on a jet plane to visit the Hawaiian islands...this has been on the bucket list of mr bc and I since we met and this year it's happening.  Yay.  Just a little bit excited for ...

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May Days

Hello Beach Cottage ladies, I hope you are all doing well, I am doing very well thanks. It's been a fairly quiet time for me, I am really making the most of it to be honest, before I start working again.   At the weekend we went up to the Hunter Valley with a group of friends for a ...

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