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beach cottage recipe roasted tomato and red pepper soup

Originally posted - Mon 6th, May, 2013

Beach Cottage Goes to France in Sydney, the fringe & a giveaway

Originally posted - Fri 21st, Jun, 2013

Australia Love, I heart you Aussies…Happy Australia Day

Originally posted - Thu 26th, Jan, 2012
easy clafoutis recipe abeachcottage blog abeachcottage.com peach pie recipe

clafoutis recipe and beach cottage stuff

Beach Cottage ladies, had a lovely day here.  Started off with a walk down by the sea with a friend, she knocked for me, love ...


Beach Cottage Decorating : How to decorate a Coastal Vintage table

Morning, top of the day to you and how to decorate a coastal table for a beachy vintage look today. As you know, I love and ...

a beach cottage coastal vintage style abeachcottage.com blog

beach cottage two loves tulips

couldn't resist these tulips and I'm going back for more... oh and we have grey, pale grey on the house and I don't ...

coastal vintage style abeachcottage.com

a beach cottage vignette

Sharing the French window love...I'm slowly finding little places to partake in a little vignetting...when I should be working ...


Beach cottage coastal summer house makeover

Well good morning Beach Cottage Beautifuls, here we are in Sydney broadcasting loud and clear today with a shop-the-house, ...


And this is why I heart you Australia

Oh man oh man oh man, Beach Cottage ladies, come on a walk with me why don't you, you so won't be disappointed. So last week I ...


Beach Cottage Friday

Hellooo beach cottage ladies, I've had a lovely long week off here and it's continuing over the holiday weekend with very very good weather forecast for Sydney-siders...  I had a tonne of cleaning, sorting and all those sorts of things to do this week (why do I always do that), some got done, most ...

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simple coastal vintage beach cottage style

Howdy beach cottage friends, happy Monday to you, it's been a beeeeyoutifulll day on the beaches of Sydney...our little town has been welcoming the visitors coming in on the ferry, the ice cream shops are full and the sun has been shining all day... This is one from the archives.... I ...

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feta strawberry and green salad recipe abeachcottage.com

yes this is good strawberry salad

  Hello beach cottage peeps, checking in this evening with a Spinach, Rocket, Strawberry and Feta Salad. I've never been huge on fruit with savoury and, have to say, that the first time I ever had fruit in a salad we had not been on the shores of the Lucky Country for very long and I ...

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a beach cottage blossom coastal vintage style

pretty beach cottage corners

Helloooooo beach cottage friends.   Oh I love love love this time of year...the air is suweeeeet here on the beaches of Sydney, laden with spring scents from the many blooms and blossoms at every turn, and it has that feel about it, that little bit of warmth coming up (or in, wherever it comes ...

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a beach cottage

beach cottage cloud art, books and stuff

Afternoon beach cottage friends. I thought you might like to see what I got up to at the weekend....quite a nice little trip around the harbour for High Tea on  quite a nice glass sided vessel...man what did we do before phones...I snapped this with my phone (snapped many many pics as LOVE this city ...

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beach cottage summer room coastal style basket lights

beach cottage baskets

  Allo, allo, allo, how are you all beach cottage ladies? I am so tired I feel drunk, this is a fairly concerning feeling when one is walking down the road on the way to get sushi for lunch and starts to lurch across the pavement... I believe it's known as being punch drunk.  I certainly ...

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