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Beach Cottage Barley

Originally posted - Wed 11th, Sep, 2013

Beach Cottage from the ocean

Originally posted - Sun 12th, May, 2013

Beach cottage coastal summer house makeover

Originally posted - Wed 22nd, May, 2013

Beach Cottage Coastal Bathroom – Here Comes the Bathtub

Originally posted - Tue 6th, Mar, 2012

Shop Our Beach Cottage vintage finds!

  Beach Cottage Coastal Vintage Collections are here our new shop is over here! stop by

coastal vintage beachy decorating store coming soon


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coastal trunk for sale australia

vintage Australian trunk

  gorgeous old and faded tin trunk complete with original travel stickers see our store here for more ...

summer room hammock coastal vintage style abeachcottage.com

hammock back in beach cottage land

Hello people of the land of things white and beach cottage. There is good news, it is the news of the Gods...this news comes ...

vintage oars a beach cottage sydney for sale decor furniture

Beach Cottage Driftwood Collection

    a beautiful pair of original vintage oars from the new Driftwood Collection, more

hunter boots abeachcottage.com

Treasure Hunting A Shutter for Coastal Vintage Beachy Style

Well, I know I have been promising to show you all sorts of stuff on this little corner of the interwebs, there's been a slight ...


a nice deep tub

  It's bath season, not that there is ever a non-bath season for me.  If you're debating a slipper tub, trust me, get a slipper, it's just divine for soaking and reading and drinking and reading.  You can fill it up right to your neck with hot water and bubbles but still be kinda lounging. ...

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A Glut of April

It's so pretty today and oh still so warm, though cool enough now to pull on fave old jeans, a stripy tee and plimsolls.  Love that.  I strolled down to the ocean this morning, stopped in the library with lovely miss bc and had a coffee in a new (to us) cafe.  There was talk of cinnamon ...

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days like these

The first really Autumn-y Saturday of the season.  The sky is a full grey white.  Cold and getting dark already at 4 in the afternoon.  Chilly little birds cheep outside the window.  Much lazing around on white sofas doing not a lot.  A prawn, potato, coconut and red curry bubbles on the hob. ...

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a house like this will do

The lovely houses of Tasmania.  I visited here a couple of weekends ago with some girlfriends...and had an absolutely fabulous time...we flew in from Sydney on a mid-morning flight, dropped off our bags, went to the markets and then headed straight for a pub...with locally crafted beer..and ...

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mats and mountains

We are finally getting some cooler weather here, and, since we last spoke, I have experienced lovely crisp air and trekked 3 hours down the very (hugely) steep side of a mountain.  Oh me oh my, how much do you think one's legs felt it the next day?  And wow, the day after, every single bit of my ...

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a beach cottage blog sun room hyacinths

beach cottage stripes and flowers

  Hellooooo! Happy Saturday, hope all is well.... I am off on an adventure today on a jet plane...back in January when I wrote out my self-improvement goals one was to get out and about more and see things...well, that is one of the goals that I've stuck to and am really enjoying...and ...

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